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Report of the superintending school committee of the Town of Lee, N.H. for the year ending (1896-1897) online

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Annual Report


Trustees of Lee Public Library.

In submitting our annual report we are pleased to note
that there appears to be an increased interest taken by the
citizens of the town, and especially by the young people.
The appropriations for the library have been so limited that
we have not been able to increase the number of volumes
as we would wish, but we have endeavored to make the best
possible use of the money at Our command.

While we may have made some mistakes in the purchas-
ing of books, it has been our aim to procure books of a
high moral standard, by well known authors, and at the
same time interest the patrons of the library. Our friends
have kindly remembered the library by gifts of valuable
books and magazines, for all of which we are very grate-
ful. "We hope that in the near future by having larger
appropriations, and an increased interest among the citi-
zens, that we shall be able to so increase the number of
books and enhance its general usefulness, that it will be a
valuable source of information, and become the pride of

For a detailed account of the receipts and disbursements
for the year ending Feb. 15, 1897, and catalogue of new
books, we would respectfully refer you to the report of the
Librarian which is herewith submitted.

John C. Bartlett,
Susan P. Lane,
Daniel E. Plummer,
Trustees of Lee Public Library.

Librarian's Report.

Number of books Feb. 15, 1896 508

Number of books Feb. 15, 1897 605

Number of books issued during tlie year 761

Average per week 15

Amount of fines S2 80

The following books have been added
during the past year :


Sherburne Cousins A. Douglass

A Sherburne Romance A. Douglass

Trilby G. DuMaurier

Lisbeth Wilson E. N. Hlair

By Woman's Wit Mrs. Alexander

Fettered Yet Free Mrs. Alexander

St. Elmon A.J. Evans

Inez A.J. Evans

The Partners W. O. Stoddard

The Wise Woman C. L. Burnham

Miss Bagg's Secretary C. L. Burnham

No Gentleman C. L. Burnham

The Romneys of Ridgemont J. A. Eastman

The School Days of Beulah Romney. ... J. A. Eastman

As the Wind Blows E. IMerron

Under the Old Elms M. B. Claflin

A Mild Barbarian E. Fawcett

Beside the Bonnie Brier Bush 1. Maclaren

The Manxman H. Came


The Cloister and the Hearth C. Reade

A Mission Flower W. H. Picard

Duchess Duchess

An African Farm O. Schreiner

The Magic of a Voice M. R. Macfarlane

The End of a Coil S. Warner

My Desire » S. Warner

The Little Minister J. Barrie

Faith Gartney's Girlhowl : . . A. D. T. Whitney

East Lynne Mrs. H. Wood

Ivanhoe Scott

Kenilworth Scott

The Last Days of Pompeii Bulwer-Lytton

Harold Bulwer-Lytton

Three Men in a Boat. J. Jerome

Hiram Golf's Religion G. H. Hepworth

Like Lucifer D. Vane

Repented at Leisure


Chilhowee Boys in War Time S. E. Morrison

Kathie's Three Wishes. A. Douglass

Kathie's Aunt Ruth A. Douglass

Kathie's Soldier , . . . . A. Douglass

In the Ranks . . . . , . . . A. Douglass

Kathie's Harvest Days A. Douglass

Kathie's Summer at Oedarwood A. Douglass

Under the Lilacs L. M. Alcott

Chance for Himself J. T. Trowbridge

The Young Colonists G. A. Henty

Jingles and Joys for Girls and Boys.. . .

Zig-zag Journeys in the Occident H. Butterworth

Wonder Book for Boys and Girls N. Hawthorne



Collections of Dover Historical Society.

Vol. II of the American Commonwealth J. Bye

Friends Worth Knowing E. Ingersoll

Sea and Sailor W. Colton

Evolution and Religion H. W. Beecher

10 Vols. Harper's Magazine

12 Vols. Century Magazine

3 Vols. Scribner's Magazine

3 Vols. Cosmopolitan Magazine

4 Vols. St. Nicholas

Atlantic Monthly for 1897


Online LibraryLee (N.H. : Town)Report of the superintending school committee of the Town of Lee, N.H. for the year ending (1896-1897) → online text (page 2 of 2)