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bicentennial 1976

Annual Reports




For The Year Ending

DECEMBER 51st, 1975

University of



of the



For the fiscal year ending
DECEMBER 31, 1975

printed and bound by

Newmarket Press, Inc.

newmarket, n.h.


Town Officers 3

Minutes of Town Meeting — 1975 7

Proceedures for Lee Town Meetings 21

Town Warrant 22

Town Budget 28

Financial Report 32

Schedule of Town Property 39

Summary of Inventory 40

Selectmen's Report on Expenditures 41

Summary of Payments 54

Report of the Treasurer 56

Conservation Commission Financial 60

Escrow Account 61

Report of Revenue Sharing 62

Report of the Tax Collector 63

Report of the Town Clerk 70

Report of the Police Department 71

Report of the Highway Department 73

Report of the Fire Chief 75

Report of the Forest Fire Warden and District Chief 76

Report of the Librarian 78

Report of the Library Trustees 80

Auditor's Certificate 83

Report of the Advisory Budget Committee 84

Report of the Planning Board 86

Report of the Zoning Board of Adjustment 87

Report of the Building Inspector 88

Report of the Lee Conservation Commission 89

Report of the Lee Recreation Commission 90

Report of the Strafford Regional Planning Commission 92
Report of the American Revolution Bicentennial

Commission 93

Report of Trust Funds, 1975 95

1975 Tax Valuations 99

Vital Statistics 109


Everett B. Sackett

Robert L. Keniston, 1976

Elmer K. Fogg, Jr., 1976

WiUiam Boyd, Jr., 1977

Alice Dudley, 1977


Penelope A. Allen, 1976

Joseph F. Issa, Sr., 1976


George Bennett Hazel Walden

Hannah Chadbourn


Francis Walden, 1976 Helen Boyd, 1977

Renata Dodge, 1978


Ann Hatch, 1976 Laura Gund, 1977

Darlene Alonzo, 1978

Helen MacDonald

Lloyd F. Stevens, 1977

Jean Hull


Cynthia Miner Taylor

Thomas A. Brown

Thomas A. Brown


John Cotter

Brian Burke, Chief

Brian MacLean
William Stetson
Lloyd Wood
Nancy Litchford
Clyde Whitehouse

Bruce Birmie
Albert Litchford
Stephen Johnson

Allan Dermis
Darlene Bailey

G. Michael Main, Chief

Roger Comeau
Lawrence Friling
Paul Cathcart

First Captain

G. Michael Main


Roger Comeau
Lawrence Friling
Ralph Granger

Maurice Hatch
Gerald Ouellette

Ralph Granger Roger Comeau

David Minor Oliver Kennard, Jr.


Ralph D. Booth, Jr., Chairman
Everett B. Sackett George Goodridge*

Wallace Dennis, Clerk Lewis Jennison*

W. Scott Gibb Sally Barney



Muriel Jennings, Chairwoman

George Bradford Daniel St. Jean

Elmer K. Fogg, Jr. Maurice Tandy

Brian MacLean

Member, Board of Selectmen, ex officio

C. Anthony Federer, Chairman'
David N. Allan Harvey Johnson

George Bradford Robert L. Keniston

Jean Brown
•Resigned January 7, 1976


Judith Towle, Chairwoman

Charles Howarth Vacancy

Charles Scott Vacancy


Walter Durost, Chairman

W. Scott Gibb Russell L. Valentine

W^illiam R. Jones Richard Weyrick


Charles H. Brady, Chairman

Guy Angell Joseph F. Issa

Joseph Ford Lorraine St. Jean

Ann Hatch

Member, Board of Selectmen, ex officio

Bruce Miller Aaron Chadbourn



Meridel McCabe


MARCH 4, 1975

At 10 A.M. Moderator Everett Sackett opened the meet-
ing by reading the first three articles of the warrant. Mr.
Wellington moved that the polls close at 7:00 P.M. seconded
by Mr. Jenkins, the motion was carried. Mr. Sackett then
declared the polls to be opened. Total Ballots cast, 382, the
results were as follows:

Article 1. (Town Officers)

Selectman for three years

* Harry C. Bradshaw 274 Votes
Daniel St. Jean 40 Votes

Selectman for two years

* William Boyd, Jr. 249 Votes
John F. Cotter 107 Votes

Tax Collector for one year

* Penelope Allen 177 Votes
Wallace E. Dennis 144 Votes
Joseph F. Issa 76 Votes

Treasurer for two years

*Alice E. Dudley 363 Votes

Town Clerk for three years

* Ethel H. Hinds 362 Votes

Library Trustee for three years

*Darlene Alonzo 340 Votes

Trustee of Trust Funds for three years

*Renata Dodge 344 Votes

Auditors ( 2 ) for one year

*E. Jeanne Hull 326 Votes

* Cynthia N. Taylor 302 Votes

* Declared Elected


Article 2. (Changes to Zoning Ordinance and Building
Code Regulations)

Petition to enlarge Commercial Zone, Yes 92, No, 250
Zoning Amendment, Article IIC and Article 6B, Yes, 133,

No, 204
Zoning Amendment, Article 8C, Yes, 157, No, 171
"Zoning Amendment, Article 9, Yes, 206, No, 131
"Building Code Amendment, Section 5, Yes, 195, No, 146
"Building Code Amendment, Section 5(i), Yes, 197, No,

"Adoption of National Electrical Code, Yes, 211, No, 125
* Declared Adopted

Article 3. (Empowering the Planning Board under RSA
36:10a) Yes, 166, No, 173

Following the counting of ballots, the Moderator admin-
istered the oath of oflBce to Harry C. Bradshaw, Selectman,
William Boyd, Jr., Selectman, Alice E. Dudley, Treasurer
and Ethel H. Hinds, Town Clerk. Mr. Burke moved that
the meeting be recessed until 7:30 at the Mastway School,
Wednesday evening. Seconded by Mr. Nugent, the motion
was carried.


MARCH 5, 1975

At 7:30 Moderator Everett Sackett reopened the meeting
by announcing the results of Tuesday's balloting, and in-
troducing all the elected oflBcers who were present. Mrs.
Bennett, retiring after 30 years of service to the Town
as Tax Collector, was presented with 31 roses and received
a standing ovation.

Article 4. Mr. Wellington moved that Article 11 and 12
be withdrawn at this time. Seconded by Mr. St. Jean. Mr.



Wellington explained the Legislature has passed Senate
Bill #60, which removed penalties against Towns not us-
ing alternatives to open dump burning prior to July, 1975,
and that the deadline has been extended to July 1, 1976.
There are several other bills pending, one of which would
exempt Towns of less than 2500 people, and it was recom-
mended that small Towns delay acting until these decisions
have been reached. Mr. Federer objected to delaying ac-
tion of these two articles, as the smoke is a very real prob-
lem to those who live in the vicinity of the dump. The mo-
tion to withdraw Article 11, authorizing the Selectmen to
negotiate, and/ or contract for residential trash and gar-
bage removal, and Article 12, to see what sum of money to
raise and appropriate for removal of residential trash and
garbage was carried.

Mr. Keniston asked that each item in this article be acted
upon separately. Mr. Wellington read the Town Charges:
$7,860.00 Town Officers' Salaries —
3,500.00 Town Officers' Expenses —

Mr. Keniston moved this amount be reduced to $3,000.00.
Seconded by Mr. Menter. Mr. Wellington explained some
of the increases. Postage for maihng inventories, as required
by the Tax Commission, computer costs for tax bills on 902
parcels of property, and in general, costs of all suppHes in-
creasing. The Chair was in doubt with the voice vote to
reduce this item to $3,000.00, and called for a standing vote.
Yes, 50, No, 130, the motion was defeated.
2,100 Election and Registration Expenses

Mrs. St. Jean asked for clarification of costs of three din-
ners by the Grange. Miss Dudley explained the Grange
serves dinner to 13-15 election officials and Town officers at
a cost of $40.00. Suppers were also served at the three 1974
elections. Mr. Keniston moved that these expenses be cut
to $1,000.00 where there are no fall elections this year. Sec-
onded by Mr. Menter. Mr. Wellington explained it cost

$1,507.00 for Town Reports this year. Move to cut this item
to $1,000.00 was defeated.

1,500.00 Legal Expenses

Mr. Wellington explained the increase in this item was
due primarily to violations to Zoning and Building Ordin-
ances, and the legal expenses incurred in enforcing them.
3,000.00 Town Hall and Other Town Buildings —
5,900.00 Employees Retirement and Social Security

Mr. Wellington explained the increase in this item. The
Racetrack hires Town Police and Firemen. The Town pays
their salary, but is reimbursed by the Racetrack, plus
10 % . The track is no longer covered by NASCAR insurance,
and they do not carry Workmen 's Compensation. Our men
are being protected under the Town of Lee, and the 10%
extra covers this expense. Mr. St. Jean asked was this FICA
in addition to the Police Budget of $20,000.00. Miss Dudley
explained the Town must match all FICA withheld from all
salaries, (5.85%), and Retirement, (7%).
525.00 Building Inspector's Salary and Expenses

Mr. Keniston wondered when the Town voted to give the
Building Inspector a salary. He gets half of the building per-
mit fees. This information was not found. Mr. Keniston
moved that this amount be reduced to $100.00, plus half of
the permit fees. Seconded by Mr. Stoakes. Mr. Wellington
explained the duties and responsibiUties of the Lee Build-
ing Inspector. Mr. Libby said he had to turn down more
permits than he issues, and doesn 't get paid for those. Move
to reduce this amount was defeated.
20,000.00 Police Department —

Mrs. St. Jean was concerned about the Social Security,
Retirement and Insurance being in addition to the
$20,000.00 budgeted. Miss Dudley and Mr. Keniston ex-
plained that Social Security is withheld from oflBcers' sal-
aries, and an equal amount must be paid by the Town.


Mr. Burke explained that a full time Police Officer must
come under a Retirement system, deducted from salary, and
is not eligible for Social Security. A Medical Insurance is
paid by the Town for him. Mr. Cathcart moved to change
the item so that $5,000.00 would be taken from Revenue
Sharing Funds and applied to the Police Budget, the bal-
ance of $15,000.00 to be raised by taxes. There was discus-
sion on the legality of this move, and the Selectmen said it
was acceptable for Safety, Libraries, etc. However they
proposed to apply the Revenue Sharing Funds under Ar-
ticle 15 to specific items of the Town Charges. Mr. Cath-
cart withdrew his motion.

$9,702.00 Fire Department —
$50.00 Conservation Commission —

Mr. Federer explained that most of this $50.00 was used
as a partial scholarship to send a teacher from the Mast-
way School to a Conservation Camp for one week during
the summer, and part to maintain membership in the New
Hampshire Association of Conservation Commissioners.

$4,000.00 Insurance —

$1,550.00 Planning and Zoning —

In explaining the increased cost of this item, the Re-
vised Statutes Annotated of the State of New Hampshire
say that the Planning Board may change the Subdivision
Regulations by holding two public hearings and then pub-
lish their final decisions in a newspaper in general circu-
lation of the area. Printed in their entirety would take one
whole page of Fosters, at a cost of $800.00. These regula-
tion changes do not have to be voted upon by the Town.

$650.00 Dog Care and Salary —
$200.00 Health Officer

This includes salary and expenses.
$30.00 Vital Statistics —


$2,500.00 Town Dump Maintenance
$18,000.00 Highways and Bridges
(Summer and Winter) —

Mrs. Curtis complimented Mr. Stevens on his work as
Road Agent, and on the fine condition he keeps our roads.
There was unanimous agreement.
$3,000.00 General Highway Expenses —
$3,000.00 Library —
** $300.00 Town Poor —
** $700.00 Old Age Assistance

Mr. Wellington moved that the sums of $300.00 and
$700.00 be taken from unexpended balances of $1,670.59,
to carry items of Town Poor and Old Age Assistance.
Seconded by Mr. Dennis, this motion was carried.
$500.00 Recreation —

There was a short explanation of the work done. Paint-
ing tables, mowing, etc.
$500.00 Cemeteries —

Mr. Walden explained they have discovered a number
of graves that do not have perpetual care. These are now
being tended, and mowing costs more.
$2,000.00 Interest on Temporary Loans —
$24,000.00 County Tax —

Mr. Wellington explained they have to more or less guess
what this amount will be. In this instance he is afraid the
figure is too low after attending their Budget hearing.


** 1,000.00 from unexpended balances



Mr. Keniston moved that the Town raise and appropriate
the sum of $114,067.00 for Town Charges and General
Government. Seconded by Mr. Swift, this motion was car-

Mr. Wellington asked that Article 15 be brought for-
ward at this time.

Article 15. Mr. Wellington moved that the Town vote
to distribute their Revenue Sharing funds to reduce specific
Budget Items in Article 4 as follows: ($9,236.96)

$ 4,000.00 Insurance

2,500.00 Town Hall and Buildings

1,500.00 Election and Registration (Town Reports)

1,236.96 Town Officers' Expenses

$ 9,236.96 Total
Seconded by Mr. Nugent, the motion was carried.

Article 5. Mr. Burke moved to raise and appropriate
the sum of $6,500.00 for another full time police officer.
Seconded by Mr. MacLean. This article was discussed in
great detail. Mr. Burke was hired originally to work a 40
hour week, be on call six days of the week, and guard the
school crossing. The seventh was covered by part time of-
ficers. The following year he asked for a budget increase to
hire an officer for school crossing duty, and that he be per-
mitted to work a 40 hour week and be on call five days. He
ran into problems trying to cover the other two days in the
week, and this explains the large number of special officers.
Mr. Stetson has been training under the Public Employment
Fund and working in the Lee Police Department since
October 1st, 1974. Manpower has reimbursed the Town
for his salary, but this runs out the first of April. The
$6,500.00 requested under this article would cover his
salary from April 1 through December, 1975. Mr. Burke
explained the need for another full time police officer, as


the town has grown rapidly these past few years, with a
corresponding work load. He is unable to go back to the 40
hour week and being on call five days due to the Wage and
Hour Act. Mr. Swanson addiessed the meeting, explaining
the Federal Labor Standards act, 1938; amended December
20, 1974. Any Town hiring five or more police officers must
come under the Wage and Hour Act. There is no dis-
tinction between part time and full time. This applies to
appointed Fire Officials also, but not to any elected
officer. Under the modified plan, everything over
60 hours per week must be paid time and a half by
law. However, this act is under a temporary restraining
order. After another long discussion, Mr. Menter moved to
table this article. Move to table was defeated. Mrs. St.
Jean brought out that if the Lee Police force consisted of
four or less men, the F.L.S.A. would not apply, and the
Town could use tlie State Police more. Mr. Cathcart moved
to amend that we eliminate the $6,500.00 but to hire a
second police officer out of the $20,000.00 police budget.
Seconded by Mr. Ouellette, move to amend was defeated.
The original motion to raise $6,500.00 for another full time
police officer was voted upon. The Chair was in doubt with
the voice vote, and called for a standing vote. Yes, 93, No,
91, the floor called for a ballot vote. Results of balloting: 215
ballots cast. Yes, 103, No, 112, this article was defeated.

Article 6. Mr. Saulnier moved that we do not purchase
a new police cruiser this year. Secondel by Mr. St. Jean, and
with very little discussion, this motion was carried.

Article 7. Mr. Main moved that the sum of $39,386.00 be
raised and appropriated for the construction of a new fire
station. Seconded by Mr. Barney. Mr. Miner explained this
would be a four bay building, constructed of cement blocks
and wood, and to be located on land granted the Fire De-
partment at the 1974 Town Meeting under Article 20A.
During discussion it was brought out that the Fire Depart-
ment would clear the land, and excavation would come out



of this sum. No sewer system has been provided for at pres-
ent. Mr. Cathcart moved to amend that we make this a
Bond Issue, $10,000.00 per year over a four year period.
Seconded by Mr. Walden. Mr. Chadboum spoke of the
FHA as having available funds at lower interest rates. Mr.
Hatch explained that Lee now has a Recognized Fire De-
partment, and residents living within a three road-mile
radius of the fire station are entitled to a rebate on their fire
insurance this year and a reduction in rates for next year.
He spoke in favor of a new building. Bonding requires a
2/3 majority; borrowing by tax anticipation notes, serial
notes Or through the FHA requires a simple majority. On
the motion to\amend, the Chair was in doubt with the voice
vote and called for a standing vote. Yes, 47, No, 123, the
motion to amend was lost. Mr. Bliss spoke of a ( considered )
second ambulance for the Durham Ambulance Corp being
housed in the new fire station. The original motion to raise
and appropriate the the sum of $39,386.00 for construction
of a new fire station was carried.

Article 8. Mr. Wellington moved that this article be
withdrawn. Seconded by Mrs. St. Jean and with no discus-
sion, motion to withdraw Article was carried. (This Ar-
ticle dealt with raising money for a Capital Reserve Fund
for the new fire station.)

Article 9. Mr. Jenkins moved that the sum of $5,000.00
be raised and deposited with the Trustees of Trust Funds
as Capital Reserve for Fire Department equipment.
Seconded by Mr. Stoakes. It was disclosed that all funds
have been withdrawn, with the exception of $34.00 in in-
terest. There was discussion on the need of raising this
money this year. That was explained as building up the
Fund for future expenditures or replacements. The Chair
was in doubt with the voice vote, and called for a stand-
ing vote. Yes, 71, No, 35, this motion was carried.

Article 10. Mr. Bradshaw moved that the Town raise



the sum of $10,000.00 to be deposited with Trustees of
Trust Funds as Capital Reserve for meeting expenses at-
tendant with RSA 128:78-94, banning open dump burning.
Seconded by Mr. St. Jean. Since we have a one year re-
prieve on the dump problem, some thought we should
skip this year's appropriation, particularly where there is
presently over $38,000.00 in the Fund. Others thought we
might be facing huge sums to solve problems perhaps
next year, and a little put aside each year is prudent.
Again, alternatives to our present system were explained;
regional incinerator, private truckers ,etc. The motion was
brought to a vote and carried.

Article 11. (Withdrawn under Article 4.)

Article 12. (Withdrawn under Article 4.)

Article 13. Mr. Bradshaw moved that the sum of
$622.38 be raised and appropriated for construction of Class
V Highways under the provisions of TRA so-called. The
State will contribute the sum of $4,149.77. Seconded by
Mr. Burke, and with no discussion, this motion was carried.

Article 14. Mrs. Jenkins moved that the Town raise and
appropriate the sum of $1,000.00 for the Lee Historical So-
ciety. Seconded by Mr. Allan. Mrs. Jenkins explained this
money will be used for the Bicentennial Celebration, and
there are supposed to be up to $1,000.00 in matching funds
available. There are three divisions in the Celebration. Her-
itage (dealing with our past). Festival (Parades, etc.), and
Horizons (our future). Under Horizons, the Lee Historical
Society hopes to complete the old freight house as a Mus-
eum for the Town of Lee. Mr. Hunter spoke on the article.
Motion to raise and appropriate the sum of $1,000.00 for
Lee's Bicentennial Celebration was carried.

( Article 15 was taken after Article 4. )

Article 16. Mrs. St. Jean moved to amend Article 16.
At this time Mr. Sackett stepped down and Mr. Nugent, pre-



viously sworn as Deputy Moderator, took over the Chair.
There was a lively and lengthy discussion of the Municipal
Budget Act and how it would affect the Town. Mr. Sackett
spoke against this Budget Act as being too restraining. Mr.
Bradshaw spoke of the present difficulty of closing the
books, preparing the budget, posting the Warrant, getting
the Town Reports to the printer in time, etc., where Town
Meeting comes one week earlier than in previous years. It
would be necessary for a Municipal Budget Committee to
hold all their hearings within this limited time. Mrs. St. Jean
moved her amendment as follows: To rescind present Ar-
ticle 16, and to set up a committee not empowered under
the Municipal Budget Act. Said committee to be appointed
by the Moderator; size and composition to be determined by
the Moderator. Seconded by Mr. Sackett. Motion to amend
was carried, and the amended motion was carried. Mr.
Nugent then returned the Chair to Mr. Sackett.

Article 17. Mr. Federer moved that we pass over this
Article. Seconded by several voices, motion to pass over
was carried. (This Article dealt with adding some more
Scenic Roads.)

Article 18. Mr. Jenkins moved that the Town vote to dis-
continue and make subject to gates and bars, the highways
described as follows:

1. High Road. That portion beginning 150 feet beyond the
footings of the present Francis Pond house to the Not-
tingham town line.

2. Birch Hill Road. That portion beginning 100 feet beyond
the present Andrew house to the Epping town line.

3. Sheep Road. That portion beginning 50 feet beyond the
footings of the old Edgar Hobby house to the junction
of Steppingstone Road.

4. Demerrit Road. That portion from the junction of 155


to the edge of the existing road ( Demerritt Road ) lead-
ing to John and Ida Randall.

5. Cherry Lane. That portion beginning at the driveway
as it now exists to Raymond Miner house to the Mad-
bury Town Line.

6. Tibbetts Road. That portion of the road from Route 4
(Concord Turnpike) to the Barrington town line and
running behind the Hill Farm, so-called.

Seconded by Mr. Nugent. In discussing this motion Mr.
Jenkins pointed out that if we close these three or four
miles of road, the Town will lose an estimated $1,500.00 in
Subsidy money as Mr. Stevens sprays and tends them at
least once every five years. The way it stands now, any
owner or abutter may petition the Selectmen to open and
maintain them. Last year the Planning Board was pressured
by developers for some of these areas in the Town. If closed
subject to gates and bars ,they are still owned by the Town
but no longer maintained. You may use them, but at your
own risk. The Town retains the use of these roads, and if
it so wishes in the future, can reopen them. Any owner or
abutter if he so wishes, may apply to the Selectmen to have
them reopened. The Selectmen may reopen them, providing
the petitioner assumes responsibility of maintaining the
road and gates and bars at their own expense. Mr. Hatch
moved to amend that all reference to the Sheep Road be
deleted from this motion. Mr. Van Osdoll seconded that,
and motion to amend was carried. The amended motion, to
close those portions of High Road, Birch Hill Road, De-
merritt Road, Cherry Lane and the Tibbetts Road as spelled
out in the original motion was carried.

Article 19. (To see what action the Town wishes to
take regarding the publication of the Gross Valuation in
the Town Report.) Mrs. St. Jean moved that no action be
taken on this Article. Seconded by Mr. Nugent. Mrs. St.
Jean stated she wished to be able to compare her assessed


valuation to others. Mr. Nugent stated that not only is the
Inventory of Property Assessment open to view, but the
Property Cards held in the Selectmen's office as well. Mo-
tion to take no action was carried.

Article 20. Mr. Wellington moved that the Town raise
and appropriate the sum of $1,100.00 for the Durham Am-
bulance Corp. Seconded by Mr. Stoakes, motion was car-

Article 21. Mrs. Booth moved that the sum of $750.00
be raised and appropriated for the Oyster River Home
Health Association. Seconded by Mr. Boyd, motion was

Article 22. Mr. Chadboum moved that the Town raise
and appropriate the sum of $50.00 for the Seacoast Regional

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