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Annual Reports




For The Year Ending

DECEMBER 51st, 1976


!« e^


of the



For the Hscal year ending

DECEMBER 31, 1976

printed and bound by

Newmarket Press, Inc.

newmarket, n.h.

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Town Officers 5

Minutes of Town Meeting — 1976 8

Minutes of Special Town Meeting - Nov. 17, 1976 ... 24

Procedure for Lee Town Meetings 27

Town Warrant 28

Town Budget 35

Financial Report 39

Schedule of Town Property 46

Summary of Inventory 47

Selectmen's Report on Expenditures 48

Summary of Payments 62

Report of the Treasurer 63

Report of Revenue Sharing 66

Report of Audit of Revenue Sharing 67

Conservation Commission Financial 69

Escrow Account 70

Report of the Tax Collector 71

Report of the Town Clerk 76

Report of the Library Trustees 77

Report of Trust Funds, 1976 80

Report of the Highway Department 81

Auditor's Certificate 83

Report of the Librarian 84

Report of the Police Department 86

Report of the Fire Department 92

Report of the Forest Fire Warden and District Chief 94

Report of the Advisory Budget Committee 95

Report of the Planning Board 97

Report of the Lee Board of Adjustment 99

Report of the Solid Waste Disposal Committee 100

Report of the Building Inspector 102

Report of the Health Officer 103

Report of the Lee Conservation Commmission 104

Report of the Lee Recreation Commission 106

Report of the Strafford Regional Planning Commission 108
Report of the Oyster River Home Health Association 112

Town Ordinances 117

Vital Statistics 129

1976 Tax Valuation 135


Everett B. Sackett

Robert L. Keniston, 1977

Karen Curtis, 1978
Shirley M. Clark, Chairman, 1979

Chesley Durgin, Jr., 1977

Penelope Allen, 1979

Joseph F. Issa, Sr., 1978


Constance Rice Hazel Walden

Hannah Chadbourn


Frank Walden, 1979 Helen Boyd, 1977

Renata Dodge, 1978


Ann Hatch, 1979 Laura Gund, 1977

Janet Dauphinais, 1977

Helen MacDonald

Lloyd F. Stevens, 1977

Aaron Chadbourn, 1977 Jean Ouellette, 1977

Gerald Preston

Gerald Preston

John Cotter


Brian Burke, Chief

Bruce Binnie, Cpl. Brian MacLean

Lloyd Wood Allan Dennis

Charles Fuller Stephen Johnson


G. Michael Main, Chief

Roger Comeau First Captain

Lawrence Friling Lieutenant

Paul Cathcart Lieutenant

G. Michael Main

Roger Comeau Maurice Hatch

Lawrence Friling Gerald Ouellette

Ralph Granger

Ralph Granger Roger Comeau

David Minor Oliver Kennard, Jr.

Ralph D. Booth, Jr., Chairman
Everett Sackett George Goodridge*

Wallace Dennis, Clerk Lewis Jennison*

W. Scott Gibb Sally Barney



Muriel Jennings Acting Chairman
Jeffrey FitzGibboni Bruce Miller

Alice MacKinnon, Secretary Jeannette Roberts*

Paul Bishop Shirley Clark, Selectman, ex officio



Robert LeBlanc, Chairman

Jeannette Roberts, Secretary Harvey Johnson

David N. Allan Jean Brown

Robert L. Keniston, Sr.


Judith Towle, Chairman

Betty Poulton Stacey Camire, Secretary

Charles Howarth Inez Bromage


Richard Weyrick, Chairman

W. Scott Gibb Russell L. Valentine

William R. Jones, Secretary Walter Durost

Karen Curtis, Selectman


Charles Brady, Chairman

Joseph F. Issa Lorraine St. Jean

Joseph Ford, Secretary Ann Hatch

Robert L. Keniston, Selectman, ex officio

Aaron Chadbourn Ralph Granger


MARCH 2, 1976

At 10:00 a.m. Moderator Everett B. Sackett opened
the meeting by reading the first three Articles of the
Warrant. Mr. Boyd moved that the polls close at 7:00
p.m. This motion was seconded and the motion was
carried by a voice vote (unanimous). Mr. Boyd moved
that after the results of the day's voting are announc-
ed, the meeting stand adjourned until 10:00 a.m. Satur-
day, March 6, 1976 in the assembly hall of the Mast
Way School. This motion was seconded, and was
carried by a voice vote. Moderator Sackett then declared
the polls to be open.

There were three hundred sixty-five (365) ballots
cast and the results were as follows:

Article 1. (Town Officers)

Selectman for three years
Jerome Canney, Jr.
♦Shirley M. Clark
Mary H. Ennis
Charles A. Poulin

Selectman for two years
*Karen Curtis
Maurice James Tandy

Tax Collector for three years
*Penelope A. Allen

Treasurer for one year

(to fill the unexpired term of
Alice E. Dudley, resigned)

*Chesley F. Durgin Jr.
Meridel N. McCabe
Alma Jean Nugent

61 Votes

234 Votes

40 Votes

22 Votes

269 Votes
92 Votes

336 Votes

147 Votes

86 Votes

121 Votes


Town Clerk for two years

(to fill the unexpired term of
Ethel H. Hinds, resigned)

* Joseph F. Issa Sr. 348 Votes


♦Declared Elected.

On the proposed changes to the Zoning Ordinance
and Building Code Regualtions ballot, the results were
as follows:

1. Are you in favor of amending Article 1 Zone B of the
Lee Zoning Ordinance as proposed by the Lee
Planning Board to read as follows:
(Recreational Zone) shall comprise all territory
around Wheelwright Pond (or Lake) to a distance of
two hundred (200) feet from the shoreline.

Yes 222 votes: No 122 votes: This amendment was

2. Are you in favor of amending Article 5 Zone B, Item
C, of the Lee Zoning Ordinance as proposed by the
Planning Board, to read as follows:

All lots used for year-round residential structures
shall conform to the lot requirements for Zone A.
Yes 218 votes: No 110 votes: This amendment was

3. Are you in favor of amending Article 8, Item C, of
the Lee Zoning Ordinance as proposed by the Plan-
ning Board, to read as follows:

No industrial business, or recreational building, or
establishment, shall be permitted in Zone A or B,
except on a site approved by the Planning Board.
Such establishment may be authorized by the Board
of Adjustment as a special exception upon proving,
at public hearing, that it will not be detrimental (i.e.
hazardous, injurious, etc.) to adjacent landowners.
Yes 118 votes: No 225 votes: This amendment was

Are you in favor of amending Article 1, Zone C, of
the Lee Zoning Ordinances, as proposed by the
Planning Board, to read as follows:
(Commercial and Industrial Zone) shall comprise
that area North and South of route 4 as outlined
below, and as shown on the Official Zoning Map.
Starting at the junction of routes 4 and 125 running
East for 1,000 feet along route 4, and then North
parallel to route 125 to the Lee-Barrington town
line. Thence running West of the junction of Routes
4 and 125 to the Lee-Barrington town line, and then
running in a Northerly direction following the Lee-
Barrington town line to route 125. Also running
South of the junction of routes 125 and 4 to the Lee-
Epping town line, and extending 1,000 feet to the
East and West of route 125 right-of-way, excluding
Zone B.

Yes 110 votes: No 226 votes. This amendment was

Are you in favor of amending Article 6 Zone C, of
the Lee Zoning Ordinance, as proposed by the
Planning Board to read as follows:
Article 6, Zone C, Commercial and Industrial Zone.

A. (Remains the same)

1. (Remains the same)

2. Any Industrial or Commercial businesses.

B. (Remains the same).

1. No buildings or parking areas except resi-
dental structures, shall be permitted within
50 feet of any right-or-way. This 50 feet is to
be used for landscaping, except entrances and

2. Rear and sides of any building shall not be
less than 25 feet from the rear and side lot
lines and 200 feet when rear or side lot lines
adjoin a residential lot.

C. All commercial buildings constructed in this
Zone shall have a Site Plan, including entrances


and exits, approved by the Planning Board,
whether or not a sub-division is involved.
Yes 200 votes: No 129 votes: This amendment
was adopted.

6. Are you in favor of the Town adopting the provis-
ions of R.S.A. 36:19-a which allows the Planning
Board to review site plans for the development of
tracts for non-residential use whether or not such
development includes a sub-division or re- subdivi-
sion of the site. Recommended by the Planning

Yes 213 votes: No 116 votes. These provisions were

7. Are you in favor of amending the Lee Building
Regulation Ordinances as proposed by the Lee
Planning Board to read as follows:

Section 5 paragraph 2. No person, firm or corpora-
tion shall be issued a building permit requiring the
installation of a Septic Tank System until an "Ap-
plication For Septic Tank Permit" has been filed
with, and the design for such a system approved by
the Building Inspector.

Section 5 paragraph m-5. Construction of the Septic
Tank System must be inspected by the Building
Inspector before covering.

Section 5 paragraph m-6. Approval by the Building
Inspector shall not be construed as a guarantee that
the system will function to the full satisfaction of
the applicant and that the town shall in No way be
liable if the system does not function.
Yes 224 votes: No 101 votes. This amendment was

On the "Advisory Preference Vote For School Board
Member From Town Of Lee" ballot, the results were
as follows: Betsy Booth received 206 votes: Lorraine
St. Jean received 89 votes; Sherry Pattison received
35 votes. There were thirty-five ballots either pro-


testing this vote, or left blank, or contained personal
comments or opinions pertaining to this action.
This was NOT an official ballot for the school board
member. It was a "Straw Vote" (*see letter following)
to determine Lee's preference ONLY; and was so
stated on the ballot. The action stated above was
taken as a result of a letter received by the Board of
Selectmen, a copy of which is attached to this

After announcing the results of all the balloting,
Moderator Everett B. Sackett adjourned the meeting
at 8:55 p.m., to be re-convened on Saturday, March
6, 1976, at 10:00 a.m. at the Assembly Hall of the
Mast Way School.

There was a request for a re-count of the ballots for
the office of Treasurer. An immediate re-count
was conducted, with a number of observers present,
and the results were as follows: Chesley F. Durgin,
Jr. received 148 votes. Meridel N. McCabe received
86 votes and Alma Jean Nugent received 120 votes.
Chesley F. Durgin Jr. being declared elected. The
Oath of Office was administered by the Moderator,
Everett B. Sackett, to the following elected officers.
Karen Curtis, Selectman for 2 years; Penelope A.
Allen, Tax Collector for 3 years; Joseph F. Issa Sr.,
Town Clerk for 2 years; Francis A. Walden, Trustee
of Trust Funds, for 3 years; Aaron W. Chadbourn
and Jean D. Ouellette, Auditors for 1 year.

On March 3, 1976 Shirley M. Clark was sworn in to
office as Selectman for 3 years by Moderator Sackett.

On March 3, 1976, Chesley F. Durgin Jr. was sworn
in to office as Treasurer for 1 year by Joseph F. Issa,
town Clerk of Lee.



414 High Street

Somersworth, N.H. 03878

February 5, 1976

Board of Selectmen
Town of Lee
New Hampshire


In accordance with the decision reached at last
year's annual school district meeting, the Oyster River
Cooperative School District must post the results of
advisory preference votes when taken at the respective
town meetings of the pre-existing districts. Such pre-
ference votes may be taken in the election of school
board members from the pre-existing districts with the
candidate, of course, being a resident of the pre-existing

Should such a vote be taken at your town meeting,
would you please furnish us with the results as soon as
possible following the meeting? Thank you.

If you have any questions, contact me.

Very truly yours,

Superintendent of Schools


Article 4 $164,665.00 To see if the Town will vote to
raise and appropriate such sums of money as may be
necessary to defray the Town Charges, for the ensuing
year, for general government. Mrs. Clark moved that
the Town vote to raise and appropriate the sum of
$171,230 to defray town charges. Mrs. Curtis second-
ed the motion. At this time a motion was made by Mrs.
St. Jean that each item in this Article be acted upon
separately. After some discussion Moderator Sackett
ruled that each item be considered separately, to be
followed by a vote on the original motion.
$8,000.00 Town Officers' Salaries. Approved.
$6,000.00 Town Officers' Expenses. Approved.
$3,500.00 Election & Registration. Approved.
$3,500.00 Town Buildings Expenses. Approved.
$3,000.00 Employees' Retirement & Social Security.

$ 525.00 Building Inspector's Salary. There was a
good deal of dicussion regarding the Building Inspec-
tor's Salary. Some felt that there should be none. Mrs.
Clark suggested it would be wise to continue the
Salary, as it could be difficult to find someone to fill
the job if he received only half the Permit Fees, as
often more Permits were turned down than were issued.
Mr. Cathcart moved to amend the item to read as
follows: It is moved to amend to change the amount of
$1,200. (original motion) for the Building Inspector's
Salary & Fees to read $525.00 Building Inspector's
Salary plus V2 of all Fees. Mr. Jenkins seconded the
motion and the amendment was adopted.

$ 675.00 Mrs. Clark suggested that the Town vote to
authorize the Selectmen to expend this amount as an
estimated amount of Vz the Building Permit Fees. This
motion was approved.

$26,000.00 Police Department. Mr. Dodge moved to
Amend Article 4 so that the appropriation for the


Police Department would total $26,000.00. There was a
considerable amount of discussion on this item. Mr.
Ford of the Advisory Budget Committee explained
why the Budget Committee had recommended $22,000.
rather than $26,000. as originally requested by the
Police Department. Chief Burke explained that the
$4,000. in question would go basically, into the budget
for Special Police, in order to increase coverage of the
Town. Following further discussion, a Ballot Vote was
requested by the following five persons. Lorraine St
Jean, Jerome Canney, Janet Shafer, Joe Shafer, and
Daniel St. Jean. 182 Ballots were cast and the amend-
ment to increase the appropriation from $22,000.00 to
$26,000.00 was adopted by a vote of, YES, 133; NO, 49.

$9,450.00 Fire Department. Mrs. St. Jean asked when
our Volunteer Firemen had started receiving Salaries.
Mr. Hatch explained the various reasons for this
having been put in two years ago as a separate line
item, and being approved without a single dissenting
vote. Mrs. St. Jean moved to Amend that the Fire
Department Budget be reduced to $8,450.00. Motion
seconded by Mr. St. Jean. A Ballot Vote on the Motion
to Amend was requested by the following persons.
Robert Emerson, Benjamin Durgin, Maurice Tandy,
Daniel St. Jean, and Lorraine St. Jean. The results of
the voting were YES, 20; NO, 143. The motion to
amend was defeated.

$ 50.00 Conservation Commission. Approved.
$ 6,500.00 Insurance. Approved
$ 800.00 Planning & Zoning. Approved.
$ 1,500.00 Legal Expenses. Approved
$ 200.00 Health Officer's Salary. Approved.
$ 30.00 Vital Statistics. Approved.
$ 3,000.00 Town Dump. (Mr. Keniston explained that
$3,000.00 in Revenue Sharing would off-set this £imount).



$21,000.00 Town Highway Department. Approved.
$ 5,400.00 Highway Department (General Expenses).

$ 4,200.00 Library. Approved after a short discussion.
$ 1,000.00 Town Poor. Approved.
$ 1,500.00 Old Age Assistance. Approved.
$ 500.00 Recreation. Approved.
$ 3,500.00 Cemeteries. There was some discussion re-
garding Trust Funds and how many Non-Perpetual
Care graves that the Town was caring for. Mrs. Boyd
gave an explanation of the Trust Funds and their
responsibilities. It was estimated that about 50% of the
graves did not have Perpetual Care but were being
cared for by the Town.
$ 1,000.00 Dog Care & Salary. Approved.
$ 3,000.00 Interest on Temporary Loans. Approved.
$50,000.00 County Tax. Approved.
$ 1,500.00 Library (Paint & Shingles). Approved.

The Original Motion to Raise and Appropriate
$175,230.00 for General Government was moved by
Mrs. St. Jean. Motion was approved.

Meeting recessed for lunch.

After lunch, Mrs. Clark moved re-consideration of
Article 4. Seconded by Mrs. Curtis. It was noted that
there was an error in addition and a Motion was made
to change the amount for Article 4 from $175,230.00 to
$165,330.00. This motion was adopted.

Article 5 $5,000.00 Fire Department. (Capital Re-
serve). Mrs. Curtis moved and Mr. Keniston seconded
the Article as read. An amendment by Mr. Tandy to
change the words "the sum of five thousand dollars"
to read "The sum of Two Thousand Five Hundred"
was defeated. The motion for $5,000.00 was adopted.

Article 6 $10,000.00 Dump. (Capital Reserve for
meeting expenses attendant with R.S.A. 128:78-95 ban-


ning open-dump burning). Mrs. Clark moved and Mr.
Keniston seconded the Article as read. A motion by
Mr. St. Jean to table the Article was defeated. The
original motion for the sum of $10,000.00 was passed.

Article 7 $619.10 Class V Highways. (TRA). Town
to appropriate $619.10 and the State to contribute
$4,127.35; Mrs. Curtis moved and Mrs. St. Jean
seconded the article as read. Motion to raise and
appropriate $619.10 was adopted.

Article 8 $30,000.00 Snell Road Bridge. Mrs. Clark
moved and Mr. Keniston seconded the Article as read.
Mr. Clark explained that our road agent could re-build
the bridge for much less money that the State. Mr.
Jenkins moved to amend the Article to raise the sum
of $10,900.00. The Town to raise $3,000.00 and remain-
der to come from gas tax returns. This motion to
amend was defeated. The original motion to raise
$30,000.00 was adopted.

Article 9 $1,350.00 Strafford Regional Planning
Commission, Mr. Chadbourn moved, and Mrs. Curtis
seconded the Article as read. Mr. Chadbourn and Mrs.
Jennings explained some of the work that this group
have been doing in the way of booklets, maps, etc.
Motion was adopted.

Article 10 A motion was made (written but not
signed, and also oral motions), that article 10 be
considered after all Articles except Article 36. This
motion was seconded by several voices. This motion
was adopted.

Article 11 $250.00 SoHd Waste Disposal Committee
Expenses. Approved.

Article 12 Approved.


Article 13 Mr. Jones moved and Mrs. Clark
seconded the motion. Mr. Gibb spoke to the motion,
explaining that they had one bid for door-to-door pick
up of garbage at a cost of $36,100.00. A motion at this
time to table the article was defeated. Mr. Weyrick
made a motion to amend the article to add the words
"As a planning concept", and the motion was seconded.
A motion to move the question was passed. The article
was defeated by a show of hands; YES 36: NO 82.

Article 14 $2,000.00 Voluntary Re-Cycling Opera-
tion. (Purchase of Steel Bins). This Article was passed.

Article 15 $5,000.00 Planning (Solid Waste Dispo-
sal Facility). Mr. Jones moved the article with a
change to read "To see if the Town will vote to raise
and appropriate" . . . Motion was seconded by Mr.
Valentine. A motion to table was defeated. This article
was adopted.

Article 16 Adopted.

Article 17 Adopted.

Article 18 $4,045.00 New PoUce Cruiser. Chief Burke
moved and Mr. Reinhold seconded the Article. Mr.
Burke explained the choice for a new cruiser and the
reasons. He also discussed some of the problems with
the present cruisers, and stated the fact that Revenue
Sharing will be used to purchase the new cruiser.
Article adopted.

Article 19 Mr. Keniston moved, and Mr. Reinhold
seconded the Article as read. Chief Burke opposed the
Article, explaining that he planned to use the equip-
ment from the old cruiser, and explaining that he
wished to mark the new cruiser and leave the back-up
cruiser unmarked. There followed a discussion on un-
marked cars and where they could or could not go, and


on the uses that Chief Burke wished to put the un-
marked cruiser. (Investigations etc.). An ammendment
to see if the Town will vote to equip both police cars
with lights was defeated. Mr. Tandy moved the ques-
tion. Article 19 was defeated.

Article 20 $11,000 for a second full time Police
Officer. Mr. Jenkins moved that the Town postpone
Article 20 indefinitely. Chief Burke seconded the mo-
tion. The motion for postponement was passed.

Article 21 Use of old Fire Station by Police. Chief
Burke moved and Mrs. Wellington seconded the mo-
tion. This motion was passed.

Article 22 $1,000.00 Renovation of old Fire Station
for use as Police Station. Chief Burke moved that the
Town raise and appropriate $1,000. for the re-modeling
of the old Fire Station the rest to come from the Crime
Commission. Motion seconded by Mr. MacLean. After
some discussion the motion was passed.

Article 23 Designate and maintain as a Scenic
Road, Steppingstone Road from Route 155 to the Bar-
rington Town Line. Mrs. Brown moved and Mr. Howarth
seconded. This Article was passed as read.

Article 24 $3,000.00 To see if the Town will vote to
raise and appropriate the sum of $5,000. for the Town
of Lee's Bi-Centennial Celebration. Mrs. Jenkins moved
and Mrs. Clark seconded the motion. Some discussion
followed Mrs. Jenkins' reading of the plans for the
Celebration. The question was moved and a vote was
taken. The result was YES 57, NO 50. At this point a
ballot vote was requested by the following: Lorraine
St. Jean, Benjamin C. Durgin, Jerome Canney Jr, M.
J. Tandy, Joe C. Shafer, Nancy J. Tandy, and Paul
Bishop. The result of the ballot vote was YES 62; NO
74. The Article was defeated. Mr. Tandy moved to


reconsider the question and was seconded by Mr.
Reinhold. Mr. Tandy moved to see if the Town will
vote to raise and appropriate the sum of $3,000. for the
Bi-Centennial Celebration and was seconded by Mrs.
Curtis. This motion was passed.

Article 25 To delete the Gross Valuations from the
Town Report after 1975. Mrs. Clark moved and Mrs.
Curtis seconded. After a short discussion a vote was
taken and the Article was defeated.

Article 26 To see if the Town will vote to adopt the
provisions of the Municipal Budget Law (RSA 32). Mr.
Ford moved that the Lee Advisory Budget Committee
be authorized to serve on a continuing basis until the
end of 1977. All six positions to be filled then by vote.
Mr. Jenkins seconded the motion. There followed a
discussion pertaining to the Advisory Budget Com-
mittee and the Municipal Budget Law. A vote on the
Article as presented in the Warrant resulted in the
Article being defeated. Mr. Ford's motion to continue
the Advisory Budget Committee was passed.

Article 27 $1,500. Conservation Commission: Mrs.
Brown moved and Mr. Chadbourn seconded the motion.
Mrs. Brown explained that the Conservation Commis-
sion wished to build up its funds for possible future
use. The Article was passed as read.

Article 28 $750.00 Oyster River Home Health Asso-
ciation. Mr. Tandy moved and the motion was second-
ed. This Article was passed as read.

Article 29 $900.00 Durham Youth Association. Mr.
Howarth moved that the Article be accepted with the
following change: Substitute the words "Oyster River
Youth Association" for the words "Durham Youth
Association". Mr. Estes seconded the motion. There
followed a discussion as to how many children from


Lee used this program. The figures for last year were:
total 553 children, with 185 of these coming from Lee.
the merits of this program were also discussed. At this
time an amendment was submitted by Daniel St. Jean
that the amount of $900 be increased to $5,400 and be
dispersed in the following manner: Oyster River Youth
Association, $900; Lee Boy Scout Troop, $900; Lee Girl
Scout Troop, $900; Lee 4-H Club, $900; Lee Sno •
Travelers, $900; and Lee Grange, $900. This amend-
ment was defeated. The original Article with the amend-
ed word change and the $900 figure was adopted.

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