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less and unguarded posture, without ap-
prehension of an assault, the young man
on horseback suddenly wheeled round,
exclaiming *' Your name is Buckingham,
I believe," and coming up behind him,
without asking any more questions, struck
him with a band whip. The blow was
instantly returned by Mr. Buckingham
with several cuts from the buggy whip,
laid on with such effect, as to iuduce tfee
assaulter to drop behind, after which be
said " my name is Darwall." A second
attack was apparently contemplated by
Mr. Darwall, who again advanced from
behind ia the same manner as he had pre-
viously done ; but the parties being now
more guarded, invited his nearer ap-
proach. Mr. Buckingham said, "Do
Jou wish any thing further ? if yon do,
11 give it to you." He replied, "The
sooner the better." Mr. Buckingham re-
joined, " off the course, if yon please ;
follow me," poiuting with his left hand,
to the road below, the parties being then
close to the bottom of the course. To
this Mr. Darwall made no reply. He was
again invited, and even a third time soav

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cited to retire from this scene, and foil our
Mr. B. to a more appropriate one, bat
still remained silent and did not comply.
The panics in the buggy continued the
usual drive, repeating the round of the
course after this, daring all which time
Mr. Darwall was not again seen.

From the tenor of the observations an-
nexed to this ex parte statement, we
gather that Mr. Dar wall had taken offence
at what he conceived to be a substantial
misrepresentation, in the report given in
the Calcutta Journal of the speech de-
livered by him at the meeting. Amid
much obscure verbosity occurs the strange
phrase, **his probationary station m Kfe
as an attorney's clerk," applied to Mr.
IX with an allusion to his extreme youth,
which together may mean that this gen-.
tie is under articles. Many flashes of re-
sentmeat Illuminate the style, from which
it is discoverable that In the scales of ho*'
nour Mr. B. ascends above Mr. D., and
that an action is to be brought for the

Shockf of Earthquake* — A slight shock'
of an earthquake was felt iu Calcutta
about halfyjast eight o'clock p. m. on the
l#ch Non, and two other shocks of great-
er violence at about hatfpast one on the
foHowitt? morning: the direction was
from N.W. to S.E.

Four shocks of earthquake were expe-
rienced at Chittagong, between the 4th
aari 20th of October.

Cholera Morbus. — Fifteen mussulmans,
among whom three children, assembled
in one house to the north of Chan do ea
Chokey, for {he celebration of the Mohur-
ruw, were attacked by the cholera mor-
bus on Saturday last. One of the chil-
ren had already fallen'a victim to the dis-
ease, when a neighbouring gentleman,
having been informed of the dangerous
state they were in, saved them all by
speedy doses of drogue amere.— Calcutta

This medicine (properly drogaamara)
is described in the Asiatic Journal, vol.viii.
p. 340.

By letters from Sobatboo, at the foot of
the Himalaya, dated Oct. 26, we learn
that the cholera morhut prevailed there :
and that throughout the Dhoon it had
committed, and was still committing great
ravages. Among other instances cited, is
the remarkable and melancholy fact, that
out of 1,300 men of the Goorkhali corps,
70 were carried off by this disease, in the
•hort space of two days : and on all those
who were attacked, no medical treatment
bad any effect.

The fVeather and the Crope.— Letters

Asiatic Intelligence*— Calcutta. 68S

from the places specified contain the pas-
sages cited.

Muttra, Nov. 25.— Wheat is selling
here at 18 seers per rupee, other grain in
proportion at a much higher rate than
might be expected from the appearance
of the crops in the vicinity, owing to the
scarcity which prevailed in the lower pro-
vinces. The weather during the greater
part of the present month has been clear
aud cold, but the last two days have been
Cloudy, rather, sultry.

Jionpoor, Nov.— In consequence of the
rain which fell on the 12tn, 13th, and
14th of this month, all the crops have as-
sumed a very flourishing appearance. The
poor orders of cultivators had been pre-
viously unable to sow their lands, from
inability to purchase seed, the small quan-
tity which the frosts of last season bad
permitted them to reap having been en-
tirely consumed as food, or sold to pay
their rents. Those who had been in ha-
bits of lendiug seed, lost so much last
season, that they had refused to make fur-
ther advances. I have been sowing a few
oats and some lucerne and yellow clover,
by way of experiment, and lands ready
ploughed were offered me iu every direc-
tion, by tenants who were unable to pro-
cure seed to sow them after they bad pre-
pared the soil ; some of which, paying
the expenses of ploughing, I accepted.

The rain however has altered the scene
completely, and at present 1 could not pro-
cure a beegha if I wished it; for the lend-
ers of grain for seed, seeing a strong pro-
bability of their former balances, have
opened their stores, aud not a. patch of
arable land will remain unsown. Grain
rose in price after the rain, but it was on
account of the increased demand for seed ;
it has again' fallen, and is now selling,
wheat 11 seers (of 96 rupees weight) for
the rupee, barley 13 seers, maize 15 «eers,
bajra 16 seers, Ac. &c, being still treble
the price it was four years ago, and nearly
eight times the price it was at the time of
Qjeyt Singh's rebellion.

Bareillw, Nov. 21. — Our crops are pro-
mising, and we have a plentiful khurreef
harvest, but the demaud from the south-
ward prevents grain getting cheap here ;
wheat 14§ seers, coarse rice 18 seer*, be-
jura 26 seers, chunch 12 seers furd,
monge 14 seers, mote 19 seers, muka (In-
dian corn) 28 seers, jewahur 26 seers.
The ruhbee crops are nearly all sown,
and have come op very well. Oil 3§
seers, cotton 2 seers 4 chattacks. Our
seer is ponderous, being 105 rupees, Fur-
ruckabad Sonat, and onr puusahree 525

The unfortunate Shehan.— The fate of
the late Serjeant Major Shehan, of the
7th N.C., formerly of H.M. 22d dragoons,
has excited considerable attention at the
presidency. On the 13th Nov. he was

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found drowned in a small pool in the
northward of Be^apooram, into which it
would appear be bad gone for the pnraote
of bathing. At first some slight suspi-
cions were entertained that be bad been
brought to his untimely end by violence,
but after a minute investigation, both by
tbe coroner and magistrates, there is no
doubt of his baring been drowned by ac-
cident. Though tbe deceased came to
India in tbe humble capacity of a private
in the 22d light dragoons, some papers
found in his possession ascertain the met
that he was of a family of rank and opu-
lence in Ireland. By the draft of a letter
found in his possession, beginning * My
Dear Lord." and written in the manner of
one weQ educated gentleman to another, It
would appear that he got engaged in aduel
at Cork, and though* the met is not stated,
yet as he fled from bis country, there is
reason to presume that his antagonist
must hare fallen* He then proceeds to
state, that bavins spent some thousand

S>unds at that fashionable watering plaee,
ath, he felt he had no alternative but to
embark as a soldier for India. No names
are mentioned by which his relations can
be discovered ; we only know that he had
not changed his name, as he speaks ef
himself to bis friend by the. name of " the
unfortunate Shehan"

Jt is to be feared that the case of the
unfortunate Sbeba* is not elegular, and
that many fine young men arenowexpiat*
ing in exile, perhaps in degradation, their
youthful indiscretions.

Ne*. 30. fort of the ancient palace at
Agra, contisthig ot two balls situated in
the palace-garden, has been appointed
far the purpose of p er fo rmi ng divine ser-

"His lordship, the bishop, Is preparing
for a visitation to Fort St. George and
Prince of Wales' Island. He was expected
at the latter place about the end of Sep-

Muctllanies.—OQ the eveniug of 22d
Dec. a farewell eutertaiument was given to
the hon. Mr. Dowdeswell, member of the
Supreme Council, at the Town-hall, as a
mark of the regard, attachment, aud re-
spect, of a number of gentlemen who had
long been in tbe habits of private and offi-
cial intercourse with him.

Lookiug with regret to the approaching
separation from their commander, tbe
officers and staff of the Sanger field force
have presumed a service of breakfast plate
to Bng.gen. Watson, C.B. Their accom-
panying address, dated Saugor, Nov. 8,
was signed by Lieut.coi. Hetzler, and 49
officers. The distinguished general accept-
ed this token of bis fellow-warriors' re-
gard aud admiration, with interchanged
plaudits, expressions of esteem, and wishes
for their glory and prosperity.

Asiatic InUUigenc$.~Cokutta. . , [Junk,

Article im the Ototomy qveethnnL—
The death of the Rev. J. P. Nugent bavin*
been announced in our Mirror of bast
weeky and scandalous reports having
been since circulated tending to imprest
the public mind with an idea that tarn
death and interment of the above gentle-
man were a mere deception, contrived
for the purpose of concealing bis clan-
destine 1 wdepiitaiw from tbe country,
use consider ft our duty thus publicly
to Invite those who question the fact to
state the grounds upon which their suspi-
cions are founded, as also upon those who
had am pie means of convincing' themselves
of the reality Of Oris melancholy event, to
come forward in vindication ©f the canoe
ofarutb; by which the mmd of the pub-
lic will be set at ease, and the character
of an individual relieved from tbe perse-
cutions Of unrelenting malice.— CaZortfo

Kptoc^eW.—Nov. 23.- Garrison On-
der.— His Excellency the most noble Use
Qoverner-een. is pleased to direct thai n»
future " Velocipedes " shall not be per-
mitted to enter the Respondentia walk.

Launch of Pilot VeeeeU. — Deo— The
Marquis and Marchioness of Hastings)
honoured with their pifnence thelaaaach
of the Government pilot vessels at Kid-
derpore, built by the Messrs. Kyds. The
vessels when launched were completely
rigged. They are called tbe Hattrw
and Atseerghur.

Jffiicting Orcvmstance*— On the Mth
of October, a ball was given on board
the Liverpool Trader, then lying of
Calcutta. The party, including tbe vi-
sitors and the officers of the vessel, con-
sisted of about 50 persons. More than
half Of theae were Seized wftfc a virulent
fever in a few days afterwards. Not leas
than ten of the party died in as many days,
i Deluding the captain* and surgeon of the
ship. Only one officer survives of those
who left England in the ship, and be it
just recovering fu the hospital. AU sorts
of conjectures were made, but it turns out
that there were 17,000 undressed buflUa
horns in the bold, in a complete state of
putrefaction. This Vessel has sailed for
England in (his state without a surgeon.
Annexed are the names and agea of some
of those whom this sudden mortality af-
fected, with the days on which they
died :— Nov. 6th, Miss Maria Boutledge,
aged 20 ; 7th, Capt. Williams, aged 94 j
8th, Mr. James Edo, aged 22 ; 9th, Mr,
William Dale, aged 29; 10th, Misa Ebx.
Ooodall, aged 27 ; 13th, Capt. O. Wood-
ward, Commander of the Bengal, aged
49 ; 13th, Mr. J. Hasselden, aged 20 ;
17th, Mr. John Hay, Surgeon of tbe Ben-
gal, aged 23. — —


Dec. 1.— A few quotations from the
state of the market..


It appears that the supply of cotton con-
tinue* very limited. Cutchora was at 17 12
to 18 8, beiug an advance of about eight
annas. Ginger was abundant, ami found
few purchasers. Saltpetre was lower, and
the price quoted for 1st quality was from
7 to 7 6. Sugar had fallen about eight
annas ; Benares, 1st quality, could he pur-
chased at 10 to 11 4. With regard to
freights, it is stated, that notwithstanding
tlie number of free traders in tbe river was
oufy half of what it was at the.same pe-
riod last year, iliey continued as low and
as difficult to be procured as hud been the
case for some time past, the market being
still completely bare of light goods ; the
rates of freight to London were from
51. 10s. to 61.

Statement of Shipping in the river
Jfuoglp, Ut Dec. 1819.

Company's ships o

Ditto chartered * 6

Free traders 17

Country ship*, for Great Britain 4
For sale or wanting freight . . 37
Do. employed in country trade 3C

American vessels 9

French 6

Portuguese 5

Danish 2

Arabian ....;..*. 14





Total ...... 144

Free traders, ou Dec. 1, 1818 34


Sept. 10, at Muttra, the lady of Lieut.
C. W. Heriot, of the 4th Bengal L. C.of
a son.. .. 12, at Ghazeepore, the lady of
ft. Bird, Esq. of a son.... 21, at Alla-
habad, the lady of Capt. W. M'Quhaj, of
a daughter.... 22, the lady of M. H.
Tunnbull, Esq. judge and magistrate of
Cuttack, of a son. ... 26, the lady of R.
Turner,Eaq.of a daughter. . . . Same day,at
A Hi pore, the lady of E. Impey, Esq. civil
service, of a «on. . . . 29, tbe lady of Capt.
Showers', major of brigade at Meerut, of
a son. . . . Oct. 1, at Dacca, the lady of A.
Smelt, Esq. of a daughter. . ., 2, Madame
Picard, of a daughter.. ..4, the lady of
G.Vnguon, Esq. of a son. ... 7, Mrs. J. Pe-
reira, of a still-born daughter. ... 8, Mrs.
C. Martin, of a son.. ..9, Mrs. A. Elloy,'
of a daughter. . . . Same day, on board a
budgerow,at Dumdum, uear Deenagepoor,
Mrs. Davidson, widow of the late J. M.
Davidson, Esq. civil surgeon at Purneah,
of a daughter.... 11, the lady of Capt.
W. S* Beatson, assist, adj.-gen. of a son
-....12, at Sooroo), at the bouse of J.
Cheap, Esq. the lady of R, Creighton, Esq.
civil service, of a daughter.. .. 14, at
Diuapore, the lady of Capt. Alexuuder,

dep. paym. of a daughter 16, Mrs. H.

White, of a son.... 18, at Chowringliee,
the lady of Lieut, col. J. A. Paul M'Gre-
Asiatic Journ. — tfo. 54.

Asiatic Intelligence.— Calcutta. 625

gor, act. mil. auditor gen. of a daughter. .
. . 23, tbe lady of R. M. Thomas,Esq. act.
at law, of a sou.. ..Same day, at Bar-
rackpure, the lady of Major Alder, 30th
regt. N. I. of a daughter. ... 24, at the
Presidency, Mrs. Major Taylor, of a son
.... 27, the lady of C. Queiros, E.<q. of a
son. . . . Same day, at Poona, tbe lady of
Major Sutherland, of a son.... Same
day, the lady of Lieut, col. He*sman,
Art. of a daughter. ... 29, tbe lady of R.
Spaukie, Esq. adv. gen. of a daughter. .
..30, at Nattore, the lady of W. R. B.
Itennct, Esq. of the civil service, of a son
.... 31, at Cawupore, the lady of Capt.
E. JB. Craigie, dep.' judge adv. of a
daughter.. .. Xov. 2, at Agra, Mrs.
W. Campbell, of a daughter. . . . Same day,
a' Huntly Ixnlgc, the lady of D. Christie,
tisq. of a son. . . • Same day, at Colaba,
the lady of Major Moles worth, of the 47th
foot, of a daughter.. ..3, at the. Presi-
dency, the lady of James Atkinson, Esq.
of a daughter. ... Same day, at Mrdna-
pore, Mrs. Bel lew, wife of Lieut. F. J.
Bel lew, 18th N.I. o( a son. . . . Sameday,
at Agra, the lady of Capt. H. E. G. Coo-
per, .of a. son. ... 4, at Howrah, Mrs.
Capt. Wise, of a daughter. . . .5, at Agra,
the lady of Lieut. M'Mabon, latbatt. 24th

N. 1. of a son 6, Mrs. M. Chalke,

widow of the late Mr. J. Chalke, of a
<laugbter. . . . Same day, at Janjemow,
the lady of J. M. Sinclair, Esq. of a son
.... 7, at Juaupoie, tbe lady of R. Da-
vies, Esq. of a sou. . . . Same day, at
Moradabad, the lady of H. Wood, Esq.
civil service, of a son. ... 8, at Dumdum,
the lady of Capt. Pollock, art/ of a son
.... 9, Mrs. Fabian, wile of Mr. Fabian,
pilot service, of a daughter. ... 11, at the
Presidency, the lady of G. J. Siddons,
Esq. civil service, of twins, boys. . . . Same
day, at Saugur, the lady of Capt. Siss-
more, dep. tield paym. of a son ... 13,
at Chtnsurali, Mr.". Philip Barber, of a
daughter.... 15, Mrs. Eaton, wife of
Conductor R. Eaton, of a son. . . . 16, the
lady of Lieut. H. C Barnard, interp. and
quarter mast. Ut ban. 26th regt. N. I. of
a daughter. ... 17, Mrs. R. Gordon, of a
son.... Same day, at Purneah, Mrs. J.
Brandt, of a son.. .. 19, the lady of A.
H. Blechynden, Esq. of a sou.. ..21, at
Garden Beech, the lady of R. W." Poe,

Esq. of a daughter Same day, the

lady of E.Thompson, Esq. of a daughter
.... 23, in Chowringliee, the lady of F.
T. Hall, Esq. of a daughter.-.. 24, at
Baugulpore, the lady of Capt. J.Graham,
adj. to the corps of hill rangers, of a
son.... 26, tbe lady of W. Richardson,
Esq. of a sou. . . . Same day, Mrs. J. T.
Q. Adells, of a son. ... 28, at the house
of her father, Mr. R. Twalling, Mrs. M.
Forshaw, wife of Mr. A. C. Forshaw, of
the H. C. Bengal marine, of a still-born

female child 29, at Calcutta, the lady

Vol. IX. 4 iz L dby gl (


of Capt. Galloway, agent for gunpowder,
of a sou.. .. Dec. 1, at Baacoorab, tbe
lady of H. M- Pigoo, Esq. civil service,
of a daughter. ..,3, Mrs. G. Sheppard,
of a daughter.. ..5, the lady of P. Y.
Lindsay, E»q. civil service, of a son.* ..
Same day, the iady of J. B. B. Inglis, E*q.
of a son.... 10, at I'umeah, Mrs. M.
Suillingfbrd of a son.... 18, at Garden
Reach, Mrs. Sandys, of a son. ... 28, the
iady of A. Mar tier, Esq. of a son. ... 29,
the lady of T. Barlow, Esq* of a son. . . ,
30, tbe lady of Capt. i?.Balsteu, of a son..
. . 31, Mrs. C J. Fox, of a son. . . • Jan.
1, at his residence in Tank-square, tbe
lady of Dr. Macwhirter, of a son.... 2,
at Fort William, the iady of Cant. C.
Coates, H. M. 89th foot, of a daughter.


Sept. 16, at Agra, Mr. R. M'Clay, to
Miss Anne Bavey, eldest daughter of
Mr. W.JBavey. ... 27, J. C. Brown, Esq.
civil service, to Matilda, daughter of G.
Chinnery, Esq. of Calcutta. . . . Oct. 5, at
Chanderuagore,Mons. P.Worlee, only son
of Mods. I. X* Worlee, to MUe. Paltnire,
only daughter of Mons. Darrac, Capt.
French commercial resident at Dacca. . . 9,
at Patau, Mr. J. Boilard, jun. to Miss A.
Boytard...»ll, at Midaapore, at bis
father's house, Lieut. Vaarenea, art., to
Harriet Catherine, eldest daughter of
Adm. D. Campbell, R. N. ... Same time
and place, Lieut. C. Griffiths 18th N. I.
to Anna Grace, second daughter of Lieut*
Col. Vanreneq, com. the station. . . . Nov.
1, at Allahabad, Lieut. J. Borney, H. M.
87th regt. to Miss L. Dickson, third
daughter of W. Dickson, Esq. of High-
bury hill, Middlesex. . . . Same day, at
Masulipatani,/ Mr. C. Barnet, assist,
surveyor, to Miss L. Hudson. ... 2, at
Dumdum, Lieut. F. N. Price, art. to Ann
Helena, daughter of Col. Grace.... Same
day, at Benares, Lieut. A. Pope, 8th L. C.
to Frances, fourth daughter of W. Cra-
cioft, Esq. Westminster. ... 4, at Gbazee-
aone, Capt. R. Browu, H. M, 24th regt.
to Anna, eldest daughter of J. Thomson,
Esq. of Mid Lothian. ... 5, at the cathe-
dral, J. Ross, Esq. of Purneah, to June,
seventh daughter of W. W. Williams, of
Falmouth, Cornwall. ... 10, J. M. Todd,
Esq, surgeon of the civil station of Calpee,
to Catherine, fourth daughter of P. Gool-
let, Esq. of Exeter, Devon. . . . Same day,
at Ber ham pore, Capt. M. S. Hogg, acting
barrack mist, at that station, to Mrs.
Burton.... 13, G. Swintou, Esq* sec to
govt. Persiau department, to Anne Eli-
sabeth, daughter of S. S win ton, Esq. a
member of the board of customs, salt
and opium. ... 16, Capt. T. Waterman,
country service, to Mrs. G. Henderson. .
..29, at St. John's cathedral, Calcutta,
Capt. H. A. F. Hervey, 7th Bombay tf. I.
and barrack mast. N. D. G. to Harriet
.Ann, youngest daughter of W. Bar afield,

A$*&lntdUgmce -Calcutta, {ivm,

Esq. formerly of Fentouvflle., .. ten. 1,
by the Rt. Rev. the Lord Bishop of Cal-
cutta, at the government bouse, Capt. A.
Lindsay, Art. to Mies F. L. M'Kenzie..
..3, Mr. J. Payne, jun. marine board
office, to Miss C. Barose.


Sept. 23, at Nursinghpore, Sophia
Charlotte, aged nearly oue year, youngest
daughter of Lieut. J. Horgan, iuterp. ami
qr. mast. 2d batt. 27th N. 1. Nerbudda
field force. ... 26, near Rajimath, Sophia,
the wife of Ma). Bosi-awen. . . . Same day,
at Comilla, J. Hume, Esq. assist*-surg.
of the civil station of Tipperab.. . . Same
day, at Nusurabad, Capt. C. B. Borlase,
2d L. C ... Some day, Anne Martha, in-
fant daughter of Mr. F. R. Tovey 28,

at Mooltai, upon command about 27
miles from the camp at Teebarr, in Bai-
toot. Lieut. W. D. Mousell, eldest son of
T. Monsell, Esq. of Belleisle io the coan-

ty of Tipperary, barrister at
grandsoo to the late W. Devaynes, Eaq.of
Dover street, London, a celebrated di-
rector of the Hon. Company.
A paragraph, under " Local Occur-
rences," derived from the same pa-
per, alludes to the following.

29, at the Presidency, the Rev. J. P.
Nugent, one of the chaplains belonging to
this establishment, and attached to tbe
military station of Dinapore. Ue arrived
some weeks- ago in a state of great mental
depression, tormented with the dreadful
idea that he had swallowed a slow poison,
which was gradually consuming his en-
trails. From this notion, which could
have proceeded only from the morbid state
of a system naturally inclined to irritation,
and lately overpowered by a series of do-
mestic uubapniness, he could never
thoroughly divest himself; and in his
frequent assertions that his existence was
drawing rapidly to a conclusion, be
proved the sad prophet of an event which,
however it might startle his friends from
its apparent suddenness, had to him for
some time been an object of daily expo

Oct. 1, on board the Prince Blucber,
Mr. J. A. Greebe, late chief officer of the
Aurora. ... 2, at Mrs. Bean's, Chowriog-
bee. Miss F. Morrell, eldest daughter of
Lieut, col. R. Morrell, commanding the
Moonhedabad provincial batt. .«. Sane
day, at Fort William, C. Maria, infant
daughter of Capt. Hare, H. M. 21st L. D..
..3, Capt. J. Cuthhertaon, late of the
Bengal, of Liverpool. ... Same day, at
Berhampore, Capt. Mandeville, of H. M.
58th foot.... 7, Mr. T. Hatfield, of aa
inflammation in the bowels. ... 9, Capt
H. Sartorius, country service. ... 10, at
Allipore, Miss B. Botalt. . . . 1 1, Mr. G.
Rodrigues, late of Ruagpore. . . . 12, at
Dinapore, aged 74, Capt. T. Long, of

Digitized by



tfcrEnr.iov.. . .13, J. B.Hudson,tt«q.. ..

14, CapC J. Claridgc, of the Barton. . . .

15, at Serampore, Col. J. F. Miselbacb
....16, Mr. J. Murray, of the pilot
service. . . . Saute day, Mr. W. Short, aged
78 years. ... 17, at Sindewarrtt* Nagpore,
Capt. W. T. Saunders, 1st batt. lltb N. I.
. ... 16, of a jaogle fever, at Hazai-erbaug,
the cantonments of the Ramgbur corps,
Lieut. W.VUlette. . . . Same day, at Mbow,
W. C. Mark, Esq. assist, surg. 1st batt.
*ttk Bombay N. I. ... 19, at the residence
Jo fiottaconaa road, J. Corbett, Esq. of
she commercial bank. . . Same day, at Cal-
cutta, in the 25th year of bis age, R. G.
Morris, Esq. civil service of tbia et tab.,
eldest sou of J. Morris, Esq. of Baker
street. ... 21 , Alice, daughter of Capt. J.
Cooke, marine registry office.. ..Same
day, atFuttyghur, Arthur, youngest sou
of J. Doooitborue, Esq..;. 26, at Ma-
aagoo, Mr* J. Anderson.. . . Same day, at
MaUganm, Isabella, wife of Mr. Con-
ductor J. GantrUl, of that station

Same day, at Callogpatam, Capt.E. Dal.
by, master atlettdanr of that port. ... 27,
infant daughter of Capt. W> Tudor, eoun-
try scr rise. . . . Some day, at Secundrabad,
A* CooneU, Esq. staff aurg. at that station
....28, at Baugulpore, J. Battye, Esq.
civil service, w. 29, Capt. W. G. Smith,
of the brig Liou. . i . Same day, at Peoree,
near Cuttack, Lieut. L. Da rack, '22d reg.
N. L . .6ame day, at Bank* pore, the infant
son of W. Lambert, Esq. civil service. .
..Nov. 5, at Deegab, near Dinapore,
Thomas, only sen of T. Bdwards, Esq.
.. .v6, at the residence of Mrs. Arnold,
Bow Batar, Maria, second daughter of the
late Col. Ratiedge. . . . 7, At the house
of Joseph Quehros, Esq. at Luckuow,
the infant son of Capt. W. R. Pogsou,
1st batt. 24th reg. N. I.... Same
day, Capt. A. Williams, of the free
trader Windermere. ... 8, At Dinapore,
G, Thomas, infant son of Capt. Boltou,
European reg.... 9, Catherine wife of
J. Herbert, Esq. of this city, and eldest
daughter of the late Sir J. Meredytb, of
the county of Meattt.. . . 11, At the pre-
sidency, J. M.Ree», Esq. second judge of
the provincial courts of appeal and cir-

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