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Cameron Gordon, 169, 51st
Cameron John Mrs. 169, 51st
Cameron John H. 5135 Hibbard av.
Cameron John M. Riverside
Cameron Nancy Mrs. 874, 71st pi.
Cameron Nathaniel, 342 S. Winchester

Cameron P. F. 5748 Washington av.
Cameron Sadie J. Miss, 630 Washington

Cameron William F. 169, 51st
Cameron William H. 832 W. Polk
Camp Arthur B. 272 Jackson boul.
Camp Charles D. Dr. 7020 Butler
Camp Edward N. 178 Dearborn av. C.A.,

Camp Florence A. Mrs. 3155 Wabash av.
Camp William C. 3618 Michigan av. Cal.,

U.L., W.P,
Campbell Alice Mrs. 240, 4^th
Campbell Archibald 323 S. Hermitage av.
Campbell Archibald M. 281 Ashland boul.
Campbell August S. Highland Park
Campbell A. Courtney, 2003 Indiana av.
Campbell A. E. 5219 Madison av.
Campbell Benjamin H. The Ontario, Un.
Campbell Bradley Mrs. 3000 Indiana av.
Campbell Charles P. Longwood
Campbell Charies W. 1940 Deming ct.

Campbell Colin C. La Grange
Campbell David, 1838 Indiana av.
Campbell DeWitt W. Clifton house
Campbell D. C. Longwood
Campbell D. H. Revere house
Campbell Fanny F. Miss, 299, 47th
Campbell Fergus, 81 Warren av.
Campbell Frank W. 3538 Calumet av.
Campbell Frederick Rev. 516 W. Monroe
Campbell George, Evanston
Campbell Geo. H. 223, 29th
Campbell G. A. 5825 Kimbark av.
Campbell G. C. Mrs. 2607 Prairie av.

Sum. res. Forest Lodge, Cable, Wis.
Campbell Harry, Austin
Campbell ^1. S. Miss, Riverside
Campbell James B. 399 W. Adams

Campbell James G. Evanston
Campbell James L. (m DeKalb
Campbell James W. Evanston, C.A.
Cambbell John, 3157 Groveland av.
Campbell John, Hinsdale
Campbell John Allyn, 248, 51st
Campbell John A. 6535 Stewart av.
Campbell John C. Newberry hotel
Campbell John D. La Grange
Campbell John P. Norwood Park
Campbell J. Albert, 286 Ashland boul.
Campbell J. B. 526 Washington boul.
Campbell J. Franklin Dr. 4016 Indiana av.
Campbell J. McDougal, Evanston
Campbell Leonard W. 515 Cleveland av.

Campbell Louis A. Rev. Austin
Campbell Louise J. Mrs. 49 Warren av.
Campbell Martin L. 6418 Minerva av.
Campbell Minnie Miss, 48 Lake Shore

Campbell Murdoch, 286 Ashland boul.
Campbell Nathan W. 2604 Calumet av.
Campbell Ralph R. Dr. 414 Dearborn av.
Campbell Robert R. 377 Ohio, C.A.
Campbell R. A. Prof. 152 N. Clark
Campbell R. S: Chicago Beach hotel
Campbell Samuel H. 6441 Parnell av.
Campbell S. M. Rev. 762 W. 67th
Campbell Treat, Winnetka, Chi., C.A.
Campbell T. Mitchell, 348 Washington

Campbell Walter, Hotel Windermere
Campbell William, 1926 Barry av.
Campbell William B. 2755 N. Robey
Campbell William J. Mrs. Riverside
Campbell William M. Austin
Campbell W. P. 5704 Madison av.
Campe Frank, 77 Maple
Campion R. W. 1534 Diversey
Canaday Lloyd, 2447 N. Hermitage av.
Canary D. J. 4333 Lake av. C.A.
Canavan Austin A. 4512 Indiana av.
CanbyC. Harlan, 5016 Jefferson av. W.P.
Canda C. L. 496 Sunnyside av.
Canda Felix, 496 Sunnyside av.
Candee Fred J. Hinsdale
Candee Frederick G. 5531 Washington av.
Candee G. W. Lieut.-Col. U. S. A. 5531

Washington av.
Candee Henry W. Hinsdale
Candee William B. 3703 Ellis av.
Candee William S. Evanston
Candlish William J. 331 Hampden ct.
Canfield Andrew J. Rev. 3002 Prairie av.
Sun. res. Warren, Mass.
Canfield Charles A., M.D. Highland Park
Canfield Coresta T. Dr. 269 Lincoln av.
Canfield Edward L. 68 Stratford pi.
Canfield E. Miss, 4741 Kenwood av.
Canfield Horace J. Elmhurst
Canfield John B. 3002 Prairie av.
Canfield Lillian Miss, 399 Oak
Canfield Margaret Miss, 409 Oak
Canfield William J. Evanston
Canman Leo, 214 Schiller





Cannell S. Wilmer, 1938 Arling-ton pi. C.

A., Un,
Cannon Thomas H. 2450 Lakewood av.

Cantner John C. 3230 Lake Park av.
Cantrovitz H. S. Sherman house
Cantrovitz S. Sherman house. Lksd.
Cantrovitz S. M. Hyde Park hotel
Cantwell Robert E. 922 W. Monroe
Cantwell Thomas A. 714 W. Adams
Capelle Eugene, 166, 51st. C.A.
Capper Charles W. Longwood
Capper Henry, Longwood
Capper John S. Longwood
Capps Edward Prof. ^428 Monroe av.
Capron A. B. Winnetka
Capron Edward F. Evanston
Capron Frank E. Revere house
Capron Fred S. Evanston
Carbine Thomas, 400 Washington boul
Card Grace B. Miss, 6438 Harvard av.
Card Joseph B. 6438 Harvard av.
Card Joseph P. Mrs. 6438 Harvard av.
Card Mary L. Miss, 18 Bellevue pi.
Card William D. Chicago Athletic Assn.
Carden D. H. 216 Seminary av.
Carder G. H. Dr. 7748 Lowe av.
Carey Charles N. 3933 Grand boul.
Carey James A. 1803 Barry av.
Carey P. H. Revere house
Carey Warren Dr. LaGrange
Carey William P. 3933 Grand boul.
Cargill Charles S. Austin
Carhart Charles C. The Wellington
Carhart David W. Riverside
Carhart George W. Mrs. Clifton house
Carle H. M. 4214 Ellis av.
Carleton E. M. Mrs. 1126 Washington

Carleton Stanley, Oak Park

Sum. res. Windsor, Vt.
Carleton Welbv B. Hinsdale
Carlin M. A. Mrs. .i4';2 Lake av.
Carlisle Addison Alexander, Evanston
Carlisle Alfred W. 657 W. Congress
Carlisle E. G. 4467 Oakenwald av. C.A.
Carlisle Frederick, 657 W. Congress
Carlisle Gertrude Miss, 2926 Indiana av.
Carlisle Henry W. 657 W. Congress
Carlisle Isabel B. Miss, Evanston
Carlisle John Andrew. Evanston
Carlisle Meade Woodson, Evanston
Carlisle William G., 232, 52d (H.P.)
Carlisle William K. Newoerry hotel
Carlisle William W. Evanston.
Carlson Axel, Evanston
Carlson John M. 1055 Pratt av.
Carlson Peter R. 4132 Newgard av.
Carlstein John A. Dr. 549 Wilson av.
Carlton Lewis F. Austin
Carmack Edgar H. 371 Superior. C.A.
Carman A. R. Evanston
Carman Charles L. 3210 Maiden
Carman Geo. L. 6437 Harvard av.
Carman George N. Prof. 610 Jackson boul.
Carman Rufus Mrs. Evanston

Carman S. S. Oak Park

Carman S. S. jr. Oak Park

Carmichael G. S. Mrs. 351 Dearborn av.

Carmichael, T. H. 226 N. State

Carnegie Barbara Mrs. 107, 37th

Carnegie John F. 107, 37th

Carney Thomas, 25 Lincoln av.

Carney Williamj. 4218 Grand boul.

Cams William F. 4423 Vincennes av.

Carpenter Albert, 470 W. Congress

Carpenter Albert J. 728 W. Monroe

Carpenter A. A. 83 Cass

Sum. res. Menominee, Mich. Chi.

Carpenter A. A. jr. 83 Cass, Chi.^ C.A.,
Univ., W.P.

Carpenter A. B. Chicago Beach hotel

Carpenter Benjamin, 1801 Michigan av.
Chi.., Univ.

Carpenter Benjamin J. LaGrange

Carpenter Edward A. 470 W. Congress

Carpenter Ellen W. Mrs. 544 Washing-
ton boul.

Sum. res. Honey Creek, Wis.

Carpenter E. F. Evanston . C.A.

Carpenter Elliott R. Dr. 4128 Berke-
ley av.

Carpenter Flora Miss, 3226 Groveland

Carpenter F. I. Prof. 5515 Woodlawn av.

Carpenter George A. 49 Delaware pi.
Univ. Sum. res. Lake Geneva,

Carpenter George B. 293 Dearborn av.
U.L. Sum. res. Park Ridge,

Carpenter George B. Mrs. 3222 Lake
Fark av.

Carpenter Gilbert S. Maj. Fort Sheridan

Carpenter Grant, 77 Warren av.

Sum. res. St. Clair, Mich.

Carpenter Harry H. S12 W. 62d pi.

Carpenter Hubbard F. 293 Dearborn av.

Carpenter John A. 293 Dearborn av.

Carpenter J. S. 5125 Cornell av.

Carpenter Lewis B. Oak Park

Carpenter Louis, 474 Elm

Carpenter Marian Miss, 3222 Lake Park

Carpenter Myron J. LaGrahge, Chi.

Carpenter Nellie Mrs. 3226 Groveland av.

Carpenter Newton H. 4319 Champlain av.

Carpenter Orrin F. Evanston

Carpenter William O. 517 W. Adams ///.

Carqueville Alexander, 3127 Beacon

Carqueville Edward, 3127 Beacon, C.A.

Carqueville Edgar H. 3127 Beacon

Carr Adaline >fiss, 4004 Drexel boul.

Carr Calvin, 6939 Perry av.

Carr Charles C. Oak Park

Carr Charles W. 543 W. 6oth

Carr Clyde M. Evanston

Carr Courtland P. Mrs. Evanston

Carr Emily A. Mrs. Austin.

Carr George, 3879 Lake av.

Carr Henry H. 210, 33d. U.L.

Carr Mabelle B. Miss, 210, 33d

Carr Maria G. Mrs. 1316 Washington boul





Carr Mary E. Mrs. 1316 Washington boul.
Carr Racnel H., M.D. 4725 Kenwood av.
Carr Robert F. Austin
Carr Sylvester L. Austin
Carr Thomas, 143 Oakwood boul.
Carr Walter E. ^228 Wentworth av.
Carrall Robert W. Dr. 4700 Grand boul.
Carrier Augustus S. Dr. 1042 N. Halsted
Carrigan Mary J. Miss, 2616 Calumet av.
Carrington G. S. 518 Jackson boul.
Carrington John \V. 16 Groveland Park
Carrington W. T. 200 Lasalle av. Chi.,

C.A., Un., W.P.
Carroll Amanda A. Mrs. 4691 N. Clark
Carroll John C. 190 Pine
Carroll John J. Rev. 5470 Kimbark av.
Carroll John M. 855 W. Monroe
Carroll Lester Scott, 2599 N. Robey
Carroll Margaret Miss, Evanston
Carroll Norman, 4850 Kimbark av. C.A.
Carroll William A. 7046 Yale, C.A.
Carroll Wm. Frederick, 5324 Washington

Carroll W. W. Wilmette
Carruthers James, Austin
Carruthers Robert, Austin
Carry Edward F. 5067 Lake av.
Carry Edward F. jr. 5039 Jefferson av.
Carse David B. 610 Jackson boul.
Carse John Bradley, 217 Ashland boul.
Carse Matilda B. Mrs. 610 Jackson boul.
Carsley Frank E. 6655 Parnell av.
Carsley F. M. 6432 Eggleston av.
Carson Adolphus B. 4400 Berkeley av.
Carson H. F. 4060 Michigan Terrace
Carson John B. Mrs. Lakota hotel
Carson Joseph G. 77 Pine
Carson Louis, 1832 Reta
Carson Oliver, Austin
Carson Oliver M. Evanston
Carson Samuel, 685 W. Adams, C.A.,

Carstens A. J. Park Ridge
Carswell Grace Miss, Hyde Park hotel
Carswell L. R. Hyde Park hotel
Carter A. N. Mrs. 440 W. Adams
Carter Bettie L. Miss, 5461 Washington

Carter Byron B. Hinsdale
Carter Charles S. Mrs. ^35 Belden av.
Carter Edward C. Evanston
Carter Henry W. 120 Park av.
Carter Florence Miss, 438 W. Adams.
Carter George B. 7138 Harvard av.
Carter H. L. Miss, 108 Cass
Carter H. W. Hotel Woodruff
Carter James B. 499 W. Congress
Carter J. S. 2516 Indiana av. C.A.
Carter J. W. Mrs. 4762 Lake av.
Carter Leslie, 108 Cass, Chi., Un.
Carter Lincoln J. 4401 Ellis av.
Carter Merritt T. Wilmette
Carter O. N. 1331 W. Monroe
Carter Philip N. 438 W. Adams
Carter P. F. 2928 Lake Park av.
Carter R. J. Dr. Stamford Hotel

Carter Thomas H. 6113 Woodlawn av.
Carter Wallace,. 438 W. Adams
Carter Will W. 6012 Indiana av.
Carter William J. 5335 Cornell av. Irq.
Carter Zina R. 1441 Ogden av.
Carton Laurence A. 4321 Ellis av.

Sum. res. Lake Geneva, Wis.
Cartwright Harry, 4349 Ellis av.
Caruthers Malcolm Mrs. 37 Banks
Carver F. R. Evanston
Carver Henry C. Mrs. Highland Park
Cary Ellen Mrs. 2935 Indiana av.
Cary Eugene, 2536 Prairie av. Chi., U.L.,

Cary Frank, M.D. 2935 Indiana av. C.A.
Sum. res. Mackinac Island,
Cary Fred A. 196 Goethe
Cary George P. Hinsdale, C.A., Irq.
Cary John W. Mrs. Hinsdale
Cary Paul V. Hinsdale, C.A.
Cary Warner P. Dr. 246, 64th, U.L.
Cary Wilson jr. 507 N. State

Cary Wilson Mrs. 507 N. State

5532 Madison av.
Casanare F. D. Hotel Luzerne.

Caryl A. H. 5532

Case Calvin S. Dr. 5107 Kimbark av.

Case Carl B. 5107 Kimbark av.

Case Charles H. 201 Ashland boul. U.L.

Case Edward B. Evanston. U.L.

Case Edwin R. Austin

Case Elisha W. 1497 Washington boul.

Sum. res. Block Island and Newport, R.I

Case Ehzabeth L. Miss, 5107 Kimbark av.

Case Emma W. Mrs. 425 N. State

Case Florence Miss, 6129 Prairie av.

Case Francis M. 5545 Woodlawn av.

Case George J. Glencoe

Case John E. 201 1 Indiana av.

Case John R. Elmhurst

Case J. R. Hotel Metropole

Case Lafayette W., M.D. 621 Sedgrwick

Case Mary Mrs. 745 North Park av.

Case Minnie Miss 745 North Park av.

Case Munson T. 476, 72d

Case S. M. Mrs. 2011 Indiana av.

Case Theodore G. 338 Warren av.

Case T. L. Revere "house

Case Wm. Warren, Winnetka, Univ.

Casey Edwin A. 3901 Lake av. C.A.

Casey James, 5326 Lexington av.,

Casey James J. 529 Cleveland av.

Casey Robert E. The Tudor

Cashman Helena Miss, 6p8 Jackson boul.

Cashman H. D. 3552 Prairie av.

Cashman Thomas F. Rev. 658 Jackson

Casler George H. 4615 Vincennes av.
Casler Wallace, 1236 Washington boul.
Caspary O. S. 3362 Calumet av. Lksd.
Casper Fannie Miss, River Forest
Casper Orley, Kenilworth
Cass C. E. The Wellington
Cass George W. 2715 Michigan av. Cal.

C.A. , Irq., Univ., W.P.
Cassady H. J. 7137 Euclid av. C.A.
Cassard George C. Evanston





Cassard George C. jr. Evanston

Cassard Gilbert H. 3348 South Park av.

Cassard Morris, 4243 Grand boul. C.A.

Cassard Vernon, 3348 South Park av.

Casselberry William Evans Dr. 1830 Calu-
met av. Univ.

Cassell Ella Miss. 4207 Ellis av.

Cassidy Harry C. 2205 Calumet av. C.A.

Cassidy J. A. 2205 Calumet av. Cal.,

Cassoday Eldon J. 4740 Lake av.

Castater Andrew J. 7716 Eggleston av.

Caster H. E. 419, 41st

Castle Alfred M., 882 W. Adams.

Castle Charles S. Austin

Castle C. W. Oak Park

Castle Frank,j482 East End av.

Castle Harry B. Oak Park.

Castle L. Frank, 5482 East End av.

Castle L. B. Mrs. Oak Park

Castle Percy V. Austin

Castle Perley D. Austin

Castle William, 1803 Barry av.

Castner Joseph C. Lieut. Fort Sheridan

Caswell Charles L. 37=;! Vincennes av.

Caswell C. L. jr. 3751 Vincennes av.

Caswell James H. 580 Lasalle av.

Cate Albion, 377 Dearborn av. /rg.

Sum. res. Winchester, Mass.

Cater Jacob S. Mrs. 690 Washington

Catherwood William L. Mrs. 4726 Green-
wood av.

Catlin Charles, Chicago Athletic Assn.

Catlin Charles, 481 Belden av.

Catlin George, 5111 Hibbard av. C.A.

Caton Arthur J. 1910 Calumet av. Cal.,
Chi., C.A., W.P.

Cattell Archibald, 6125 Monroe av.

Caubert Eugene 184 Goethe

Cavanaugh Charles T. 63 Cedar, C.A.

Cavanagn Patrick Mrs. ot, Cedar

Cavanaugh Bernard, 77 Stratford pi.

Cavanaugh Joseph B. 77 Stratford pi.

Cavaroc Charles jr. Chicago club, Un.
Cave Charles R. 3932 Grand boul.
Cave G. E. 5400 Greenwood av.
Cave W. M. 3745 Wabash av.
Cavenaugh John A. 715 W. Adams
Cavey Thomas J. Austin
Caylor Worth E. 5623 Washington av.
Cazier Marion H. Dr. 4116 Lake av.
Cella Andrew, 336; South Park av.
Cella Angelo S. 3363 South Park av.
Cella I. G. 3365 South Park av.
Cella J. G. ir. 3363 South Park av.
Celley F. M. 4808 Prairie av.
Chace Emory B. Austin
Chace Henry T. 5740 Rosalie ct.
Chadbourne Thomas L. jr. 130 Pine,

Chadwick, Charles H. 3027 Vernon av.
Chadwick Oilman T. 716 Warren av.

Chadwick Seneca J. 4812 St. Lawrence

Chadwick William H. 1814 Belmont av.

Chaffee Nellie Miss, 3627 Vernon av.

Chaffee Theodora, Miss, Evanston.

Chaffee Theodore W. Evanston.

Chainey George, 22 Aldine sq.

Chaiser Andrew, 587 Cleveland av.

Chalfant E. J. Wilmette

Chalifoux Joseph, 34 Vernon Park pi.

Challacombe Geo. E. 3353 South Park av.

Challis Charles W. 7745 Lowe av.

Challoner Robert Dr. 4444 Woodlawn av.

Chalmers James, 879, 7ist pi. (H.P.)

Chalmers Thomas, 179 Ashland boul. ///.

Chalmers Thomas jr. 179 Ashland boul.
U.L., W.P.

Chalmers William, 5140 Hibbard av.

Chalmers William J. 234 Ashland boul.
Chi., C.A. ,111. U.L., W.P.

Sum. res. Lake Geneva, Wis.

Chamberlain Alfred E. Oak Park

Chamberlain Alfred F. 6542 Kimbark av.

Chamberlain B. F. Maywood

Chamberlain Charles C. The Tudor

Chamberlain Charles H.1492 Washington

Chamberlain M. J. Mrs. 5112 Madison av.
Sum. res. Hesse, Lake Mich.

Chamberlain O. S. Leland hotel

Chamberlain W. B. Oak Park

Chamberlin A. M. 1481 Lexington

Chamberlin DeWitt W. 1127 Sherwin av.

ChamberlinEdward C.442oGreenwood av.

Chamberlin Elmer J. 627 W. 62d

Chamberlm George M., Dr. 3031 Indi-
ana av. C.A.,U.L., W.P.

Chamberlin George W. 4420 Greenwood
av. U.L.

Sum. res, Lake Beulah, Wis.

Chamberlin G. B. 492, 42d pi.

Chamberlin Joseph H. Austin.

Sum. res. Round Grove. 111.

Chamberlin, Lou Miss, 2613 Indiana av.

Chamberlin Sarah E. E. Mrs. 1113 Wash-
ington boul.

Sum. res. Wentworth, N. H.

Chamberlin Thomas H. 39 Buena Park

Chamberlin T. C. Prof. 3041 Madison av.

Chamberlin Walter H. 1127 Sherwin av.

Chambers Alice F. Mrs. 2308 Michigan av.

Chambers A. E. Mrs. 3760 Lake av.

Chambers Benjamin C. Evanston

Chambers Charles, Riverside

Chambers David, 6=;i7 Ellis av.

Chambers Edward C. 1236 W. Adams

Chambers George Mrs. Riverside

Chambers William E. Evanston

Chamblin Mabel Miss, Evanston.

Chamblin Stella Miss, Evanston.

Champlin Alfred H. Dr. 330 W. 6ist

Champlin Charles P. 4342 Drexel boul.
CA., W.P.





Champlin D. H. 5344 Madison av. C.A.

Sum. res. Westerly, R. I.

Champlin Fred L. The Kenwood, Cal.,

Champlin G. W. 4342 Drexel boul.
Champlin Henry C. 4711 Woodlawn av.
Champlin William R. 4342 Drexel boul.

Cal., C.A., W.P.
Chance t. L. 4400 Ellis av.
Chancellor Justus, 1480 Wellington
Chandler Alice Miss, 2512 Indiana av.
Chandler Charles, 5731 Monroe av.
Chandler Charles H. Evanston
Chandler Charles T. 877 W. Adams
Chandler Charles T. jr. 877 W. Adams.
Chandler Charles W. 2806 N. Lincoln.
Chandler Cornelius L. 3447 Wabash av.
Chandler C. C. 3347 Wabash av.
Chandler C. W. C. Oak Park
Chandler Edwin W. 4415 Lake av.
Chandler E. A. Mrs. Evanston.
Chandler E. Bruce, 2S12 Indiana av. Cal.
Chandler E. E. 5130 Lexington av.
Chandler F. R. 182 Rush, U.L.
Chandler George D. 161 Locust
Chandler George M. 2512 Indiana av.

Chandler G. W. 4451 Champlain av.
Chandler Henry B, 1179 Washington

Chandler Henry E. Evanston
Chandler Homer S. 465 Dearborn av.
Chandler Homer W. 1942 Deming pi.

Chandler H. F. 1179 Washington boul.
Chandler H. H. 4415 Lake av. ///.

Sum. res. Highland Park. 111.
Chandler Joseph B. 25, 34th pi.
Chandler Joseph H. 35 Bel"

Un., W.F
Chandler L. Hamilton 2036 Indiana av.
Chandler Marion L. Miss, 2512 Indiana

Chandler Norborne E. 2036 Indiana av.
Chandler Peyton R. Mrs. 3844 Langley

Chandler R. G. Highland Park, U.L.
Chandler T. E. 161 Locust
Chandler Walter T. 2036 Indiana av.

Chandler W. W. Mrs. 4359 Oakenwald av.
Channer J. Wyndham-Quinn, 1524 Dakin

av. C.A.
Channon Harry, 460 Dearborn av. C.A.
Channon Henry, 571 Lasalle av.
Channon James H. 1927 Deming


Chanute Octave, 413 Huron. Un.
Chapeck Joseph C. f;335 Prairie av.
Chapin Charles O. Lombard
Chapin Edward F. Lake Forest
Chapin Fanny Miss, 425 Lasalle av.
Chapin Frederick S. Evanston
Chapin Henry C. 425 Lasalle av. C.A.,

Chapin Joel B. Mrs. 5212 Washington av.

35 Bellevue pi. Chi.


Chapin Kathryn Miss, 2=^16 Indiana av.
Chapin M. A. Mrs. 3344 Michigan av.
Chapin Q. H. 42, 35th
Chapin Robert L. 793 Warren av.
Chapin Simeon B. 3124 Michigan av.

Cal., C. A., W.P.
Chapin Staley N. Dr. 4731 Calumet av.
Chapin W. M. Mrs. Evanston
Chapman Arthur W. Evanston.
Chapman Cass, 1429 Michigan av.
Chapman Charles A. Highland Park.
Chapman Clarence C. Highland Park.
Chapman D. W. 5720 Washington av.
Chapman E. A. Mrs. Evanston
Chapniai. tLuielie A. Mrs. 1239 Wilcox av.
Chapman E. I. Hotel Normandie
Chapman Frederick L. 1918 Arlington pl.
Chapman F. S. The Arizona
Chapman George C. 1112 N. Clark
Chapman Geo. H., M.D. 7510 Greenwood

Chapman George L. Dr. 1112 N. Clark
Chapman Henry A. Park Ridge
Champan James L. 2217 Vernon av.
Chapman James L. 2979 Prairie av.
Chapman James R. $00 The Plaza
Chapman James R. 2705 Indiana av.
Chapman J erome M. 462 Washington


Chapman John A. 150 Pine
Chapman John E. Mrs. iSo
Chapman John H. 1475 W. Adams


Chapman John R. 297 Schiller
Chapman Louise Miss, 2979 Prairie av.
Chapman L. F. The Arizona
Chapman Mary E. Mrs. 4144 Grand boul.
Chapman Robert C. 297 Schiller.
Chapman S. C. Mrs. 582 W. Congress
Chapman Walter A. Highland Park.
Chapman William P. 1331 Wilton av.
Chapman Wilson S. 297 Schiller.
Chappel J. B. Miss, Lexington hotel
Chappel W. H. Lexington hotel
Chanoell C. H. 3657 Michigan av. ///.

Chappell Henry W. 5727 Monroe av.

C happen Howard F. 3020 Prairie av.

Chappell Richard W. Wilmette

Chappelle Grace Miss, 7 Aldine sq.

Chard Thomas S. 534 N. State. U.L.

Charles E. B. Mrs. 437 Seminary av.

Charles Frederick L. Austin

Charles George B. Dr. Austin

Charles G. M. Chicago Athletic Assn.

Charles Harry C. 437 Seminary av.

Charles John T. Evanston

Charles Joseph J. Evanston

Charles Josephine Mrs. 3435 Wabash av.

Charles Oscar, 448 Elm

Charles Robert B. 437 Seminary av.

Charles Thomas, 114 Park av.

Charlton George J. Oak Park. C.A.,

Charlton James, 1155 N. Clark
Charnley Charles M. 309 Schiller
Charnley James, 99 Astor. U.L.





chigran av.
ernon av.

Chase Almira J. Mrs. 3953 Mi

Chase Benjamin F. 3819 Vern(

Chase Benjamin F. 3353 Forest av.

Chase Benjamin F. jr. 3353 Forest av.

Chase Charles A. 6647 Yale

Chase Charles C. Mrs. 1846 Belmont av.

Chase Charles H. Rev. 2175 Sheridan rd.

Chase Dudley, Riverside

ChaseD. J.41. 46th

Chase Edward G. 4460 Oakenwald av.

Chase E. F. Mrs. Hotel Monnett, Evan-

Chase E. S. Mrs. 4725 Lake av.
Chase E. S. L. Miss, 1946 Belmont av.
Chase Frank H. 1514 W. Monroe
Chase Franklin L. 22 Wisconsin
Chase Fred. L. 65^4 Ross av.
Chase G. M. Oak Park
Chase Harry G. 1846 Belmont av. C.A.
Chase Henry I. Riverside
Chase Hollis M. 610 S. Lawndale av.
Chase Horace G. 3401 Michigan av. C.A.
Sum. res. Hopkinton, N. H.
Chase Horace W.Mrs. 3226 South Park av.
Chase H. G. Riverside
Chase Lucy B. Miss, 3401 Michigan av.
Chase L. P. Mrs. 1025 W. Monroe
Chase Martin A. The Tudor
Chase Marvin S. 3251 Wabash av.
Chase M. W. Mrs. 631 W. Monroe
Chase Orrin P. 58 Park av.
Chase Philander F. Riverside
Chase Rodney G. 6448 Harvard av.
Chase Ruth G. Miss, 1946 Belmont av.
Chase Sam B. 396 Garfield av. /rg.
Chase Samuel M. 3401 Michigan av.
Chase Samuel T. 1946 Belmont av.
Chase Wayland J. Prof. Morgan Park
Chase William M. 6618 Lafayette av.
Chase William O. 135 Pine. C.A.
Chatfield Eli P. 2242 Kenmore av.
Chatfield-Taylor Hobart Chatfield, 99 E.

Pearson. C/ti., C.A., Un., Lfniv.,

W.P. Sum. res. Lake Forest

Chattell Bertram M. La Grange. C.A.
Chattin John M. Rev. Austin
Chattin Joseph A. Mrs. Austin
Cheaney Price Dr. 442 Jackson boul.
Cheeseman Harry, 4856 Evans av.
Cheeseman W.O. Dr. 4856 Evans av.
Cheetham Edward, 500 Fullerton av.
Cheetham Edward L. 500 Fullerton av.
Chenery Horace, 234, 47th
Cheney A. J. Oak Park
Cheney Charles Edward, Rt. Rev. 2409

Michigan av.

Sum. res. Prouts Neck, Me.
Cheney Clarence C. Highland Park.

CA., U.L.
Cheney Edwin H. Oak Park
Cheney F. S. Dr. 674 W. Monroe
Cheney Harry W. Dr. 6303 Monroe av.
Cheney John Vance, 369 Chicago av.
Cheney Lucian P. 444 Dearborn av. Un.
Cheney Maynard A. 3326 Indiana av.
Cheney M. L. Mrs. 23Marquette Terrace

Cheney William W.436 Washington boul.
Sum. res. Lake Geneva, Wis.
Chenoweth Charles L. Oak Park
Chenoweth W. H. River Forest
Chenoweth W. H. jr. River Forest
Cheppo Wm. Mrs. The Ontario
Cherrie Robert M. 28^3 Kenmore av.
Cherry Cummings, 239 Oakwood boul.
Cherry Robert H. 204 Oakwood boul.
Chesbrough Ellis S. 17 Bellevue pi. Un.
Chesbrough E. A. Mrs. 17 Bellevue pi.
Chesney James B. 85 Rush
Chesney William P. 85 Rush
Chester Harry G. Riverside
Chester Henry W. Evanston
Chetham S. C. Mrs. Irving Park
Chetlain Arthur H. Judge, 40 St. James

Chetlain A. L. Gen. 16 Astor
Chew John H.. M.D. 23 Astor
Chichester Alfred, 463 Bowen av.
Chichester Henry B. 3437 Wabash av.
Child James E., M.D., 5511 Madison av.
Child S. Penny, 381 Superior
Childs Albert H. Evanston
Childs A. S. Dr. Wilmette
Childs E. M. 3135 Vernon av. Lksd.
Childs Frank A. Evanston
Childs Frank Hall, 2241 Calumet av.
Childs Grace Miss, 179 Evanston av.
Childs Henrietta Mrs. 3133 Vernon av.
Childs Henry L. 716 Warren av.
Childs H. K. The Tudor

Winter res. Los Angeles, Cal.
Childs John A. Evanston
Childs Mary A. Mrs. Evanston
Childs Robert A. Hinsdale
Childs William, 3135 Vernon av. Lksd.
Childs William F. 27 Astor
Chipley Gardiner.Chicago Athletic assr.
Chisholm Flora M. Mrs.5;2jackson boul.
Chisholm James, 532 Orchard
Chisholm S. S. 508 N. State. Chi.
Chislett Howard R. Dr. 3o34Michigan a\ .
Chettick C. E. Miss Hotel Del Prado
Chittenden Fred W. 1633 Roscoe
Chittendon George C. Park Ridge
Chittenden George W. 1633 Roscoe
Chittenden Nellie M. Mrs. 1633 Roscoe
Chiville John. 50 Elaine pi.
Christensen Jens L. 410 Ashland boul.

Sum. res. Lake Bluff, III.
Christensen Sophia A. Mrs. Irving Park
Christensen S. J. Irving Park
Christenson August, Austin
Christian Henry W. 4311 Vernon av.

Christian Isabella Mrs. 223 Park av.
Christie Angus C. 420 Center
Christie Edmund, M. D., 495 Ashland

Christie G. B. Auditorium annex. Cal.,

C.A., W.P.
Christie James, Riverside
Christison J. S. Dr. 215 Dearborn av.
Christman John C. Evanston





Christmann George A. Dr. 507 Lasalle av.
Christoph Edward G. 40 Bellevue pi. Un.

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