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OUT of the depths of his mature wisdom Carlyle wrote, "History is the
essence of innumerable biographies." Believing this to be the fact, there
is no necessity of advancing any further reason for the compilation of such
a work as this, if reliable history is to be the ultimate object.

The prominent section of the great Prairie state comprised within the
limits of these volumes has sustained within her confines men who have been
prominent in the history of the state and the nation from the earliest part
of this century. The annals teem with the records of strong and noble man-
hood; and, as Sumner has said, "the true grandeur of nations is in those
qualities wdiich constitute the greatness of the individual." The final causes
which shape the fortunes of individuals and the destinies of states are often
the same. They are usually remote and obscure, and their influence scarcely
perceived until manifestly declared by results. That nation is the greatest
which produces the greatest and most manly men and faithful women; and

A the intrinsic safety depends not so much upon methods as upon that true
and normal development from the deep resources of which proceed all that

Q is precious and permanent in life. But such a result may not consciously be

y contemplated by the actors in the great social drama. Pursuing each his
personal good by exalted means, they work out this as a logical result.

The elements of success in life consist in both innate capacity and

^ determination to excel. Where either is wanting, failure is almost sure to
result. The study of a successful life, therefore, serves both as a source of

r information and as a stimulus and encouragement to those who have the

' capacity. As an important lesson in this connection we may appropriately
quote Longfellow, who said, "We judge ourselves by what we feel capable
of doing, while we judge others by what they have already done." A faithful

V< personal history is an illustration of the truth of this observation.

In this Biographical and Genealogical Record the editorial staff, as well

as the publishers, have fully realized the magnitude of the task. In the

collection of the material there has been a constant aim to discriminate





carefully in regard to the selection of subjects. Those who have been promi-
nent factors in the pubHc, social and industrial development of the county
have been given due recognition as far as it has been possible to secure the
requisite data. Names worthy of perpetuation here, it is true, have in sev-
eral instances been omitted, either on account of the apathy of those con-
cerned or the inabihty of the compilers to secure the information necessary
for a symmetrical sketch; and even more pains have been taken to secure
accuracy than were promised in the prospectus. Works of this nature,
therefore, are more reliable and complete than are the "standard" histories
of a country.


Ackermann, William, 57.
Adams, John Q., 268.
Ames, John C, 304.
Anderson, Andrew N., 589.
Anderson, John H., 178.
Angevine, Peter C., 211.
Annin, William V. S., 34°.
Arentsen, Daniel, 792.
Arentsen, David, 655.
Arentsen, Helia, 621.
Armstrong, Joseph L., 121.
Arntzen, Fridthgof G., 371.
Austin, George L., 725.
Austin, Seneca S., 735.


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Baughman, Robert N., 55.
Bedard, Frank W., 458.
Bedford. William T., 252.
Beem, 1. N., 274.
Bell, Alfred H., 666.
Bennett, George A., 492.
Bennett, Isaac H., 344.
Bennett. William R.. 399.
Birkenbeuel, Anton, 528.
Birtwell, Robert, 646.
Blanchard. Milton E., 584.
Bliss, Frank J., ,390.
Boggs, William F., 765.
Bonar. Barnet L.. 32.
Bond, Joseph E., 343.
Bovard, iVlillard F., 71.
Bo wen. Dan W.. 419.
Bowen, Henry, 375.
Bowen, John, 370.
Bowers. George W., 322.
Boyle. Edward H., 708.
Brandenburg, Christian F., 1 18.
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Brewster. Thernn D.. 401.

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Brown, Charles R., 360.
Brown, G. W., 645.
Brown, James C, 720.
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Cahill, Cornelius J., 294.
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Cahill, John D., 295.
Callagan, William, 586.
Camenisch, George, 470.
Campbell, George A., 639.
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Carter, J. J., 392.
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Parr. Henry K.. 373.
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Patterson, William, 744.
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Piergue, J. L.. 46.
Pinnell, George M., 440.
Pitzer. George W., 483.
Plumb. Levancia, 27.
Plumb. Ralph. 9.
Plumb. Samuel. 26.
Pool. Carlisle M.. 628.
Pool, Isaac H., 777.
Pope, Milton. 600.
Porter, J. E., 740.
Potter, Seymour. 62^.



Powell, James A., 397.
Prichard, William E., 84.
Proelss, Otto T., 411.


Quam, John A., 633.


Rathbun, Charles H.. 288.
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Zwick, Frank B., 556.




THIRD of a century has passed since this gentleman arrived in Streator,
and he is justly numbered among her leading citizens, his labors having
contributed largely to her upbuilding and prosperity. His is an honorable
record of a conscientious man, who by his upright life has won the confi-
dence of all with whom he has come in contact. He has reached the age
of more than four-score years, but though a long and busy life has whitened
his hair he has the vigor of a much younger man, and in spirit and interests
seems yet in his prime. Old age is not necessarily a synonym of weakness
or inactivity. It need not suggest, as a matter of course, want of occupation
or helplessness. There is an old age that is a benediction to all that comes
in contact with it, that gives out of its rich stores of learning and experience,
and grows stronger intellectually and spiritually as the years pass. Such
is the life of Colonel Ralph Plumb, an encouragement to his associates and
an example well worthy of emulation to the young.

It is always interesting in biographical research to note something of
the ancestry from which one springs and to take cognizance of the charac-
teristics of the family, watching the continuous display of certain traits of
character through many generations. A most complete history of the Plumb
ancestry is obtainable, the line being traced back in England to the year
1500, and in this country to 1635. Back of these records Plumbs are found —
mostly through their wills — through all the centuries to 1180, A. D., in the
great rolls of Normandy, thus showing Norman ancestry in the time of
Henry II., the great-grandson of William the Conqueror. The first repre-
sentative of the family in America was John Plumb, who crossed the Atlantic
from England in 1635, locating in Wethersfield, Connecticut. He served
in Captain Mason's command during the Pequod war, and received a grant
of land for his services. Only one of his children was born in America, and
no record of any exists except that his son Samuel lived with him in Branford
when he died, in 1648. It was from this John Plumb and another who came
in 1660 and left descendants that the American branch of the Plumb family



sprang, and they have been prominent in the civil and miHtary Hfe of the
country ever since. They have been a race of warriors and statesmen, and
have been notable and forceful in all the emergencies of their several gener-
ations. There were forty representatives of the name in naval and military
service during the war of the Revolution. This family was also worthily repre-
sented in the war of the Rebellion, and in times of peace has served its
country in a most creditable manner. Ebenezer Plumb, the grandfather of
the Colonel, was a native of Massachusetts, and fought for the liberty of the
colonies. Taking a very prominent part in church work, he was familiarly
known as Deacon Plumb, on account of holding the office of deacon for
many years in the old church at Stockbridge, Berkshire county, Massachu-
setts. Theron Plumb, the father of our subject, was born in Berkshire
county, Massachusetts, August 17, 1783, and having arrived at years of
maturity he married Miss Harriet, daughter of Samuel Merry, of Herkimer
county, New York.

Colonel Plumb of this review is a native of the Empire state, his birth
having occurred in Busti, Chautauqua county, March 29, 1816. In 1820 he
was taken by his parents to Plartford, Ohio, where he spent his boyhood
days, attending the common schools until fourteen years of age, when neces-
sity demanded that he earn his own livelihood, and he put aside his text-
books. He entered upon his business career, being employed as a gardener,
receiving the small sum of eighteen and three-fourths cents per day in com-
pensation for his services. However, he applied himself diligently to his
work and won the good will and confidence of his employer, Seth Playes,
who gave him a position in his store, conducted under the firm name of
Richard Hayes & Company. Mr. Plumb remained there until he had
attained his majority, and in the meantime he improved his education as
opportunity offered, devoting much of his leisure time to study.

When he had reached man's estate Mr. Plumb entered into partnership
with his employer, under the firm name of Hayes & Plumb, and an extensive
trade was enjoyed by them. They extended their business by establishing
branch stores, and Mr. Plumb gave evidence of his superior business ability
by personally superintending three stores in a successful manner. Thus with
the passing years he grew in influence and in affluence, and his fellow towns-
men, appreciating his worth, called him to public office. In 1854 he was
elected to the Ohio legislature, where he served for three sessions. About
that time he disposed of his business interests in Hartford and removed to
Oberlin, in order to provide his children with better educational privileges.

In 1858 he was an active factor in an episode that has become historical
and that clearly proved his position in regard to the slavery question. A
fugitive slave, John Price by name, had gone to Oberlin and secured work.


His master, learning- of his whereabouts, sent a slave-catcher to capture him
and take him back to \\'ellington. a place nine miles away, where an officer
with papers for his arrest awaited him. Fearing that Price might recognize
the slave-catcher, two strange men were sent and told him that a gentleman
wished to hire him. With the trusting disposition of the negro, fearing no
treachery. Price accompanied the men. Oberlin then became the scene of
wild excitement, the anti-slavery people being greatly roused by the injustice
of the methods that had been pursued. Five hundred strong, they rescued
the slave and sent him ofif to Canada. Mr. Plumb, with thirty-six others of
the party, was arrested and thrown into jail. For eighty-four days they
were incarcerated, during which time Mr. Plumb, with the assistance of
two of his fellow prisoners, established and edited The Rescuer, an anti-
slavery paper, even printing the same in the jail, where one of the party,
owning a press and being a printer, did the work. This paper had a wide
circulation and the arrest and imprisonment of those thirty-seven men caused

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