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In this biographical history the editorial staflf, as well as the publishers,
have fully realized the magnitude of the task. In the collection of the
material there has been a constant aim to discriminate carefully in regard
to the selection of subjects. Those who have been prominent factors in
the public, social and industrial development of the counties have been
given due recognition as far as it has been possible to secure the requisite
data. Names worthy of perpetuation here, it is true, have in several in-
stances been omitted, either on account of the apathy of those concerned
or the inability of the compilers to secure the information necessary for a
symmetrical sketch; but even more pains have been taken to secure ac-
curacy than were promised in the prospectus. Works of this nature,
therefore, are more reliable and complete than are the "standard" histories
of a country. THE PUBLISHERS.



(i and ii refer respectively to the first and second volumes, and the figures to the pages.)

Abbott. Benjamin T.. i, 158.
Ackley, Coombs, ii, 64.
Acton, Jonathan W.. ii, 334.
Acton, William H., ii, 88.
Adamson, W. J., i, 572.
Alcyon Park, ii, 94.
Alderman, Isaiah S., i. 470.
Allen, Collins B., li, 36.
' Allen, Edward L., i. 72.
Allen, Henry, i, 546.
Allen, Thomas C, ii, 350.
Allen, William C, ii, 585.
Andrews, B. W., ii, 259.
Apgar, Mary, ii, 578.
Applegate, E. Milford. ii, 321.
Applegit, Henry, i, 350.
Armstrong, Charles V., ii, 224.
Armstrong, Edward A., ii, 602.
Ashcraft, John H., ii, 119.
Ashcraft, S. F., i, 397.
Atkinson, Charles P.. i, 229.
Atkinson, Warren, ii, 396.
Avis, William, ii, 252.
Ayars, Benjamine S., ii. 315.
Ayars, John G., ii, 324.
Ayres, Maurice, i, 590.

Bacon, Isaac H., li. 459.
Bacon, Joseph M., ii, 519.
Baird, David, ii, 601.
Baker. Latimer R., ii. 484.

Barber, Augustus S., i, 193.
Barber, Robert L.. ii, 600.
Barker, Charles R., ii, 303.
Barnett, Eli, i, 334.
Baron de Hirsch School, i. 62.
VBarrett, George, ii, 573.
Bassett. Clemence. ii, 60.
Bassett. Walter S.. ii, 506.
Bateman. Stephen, i, 173.
Batten, Charles P., i, 459.
Batten, Raymond W., ii, 117.
Batten, John S., ii, 241.
Beasley, Abner, i, 120: ii, S.
Beckett. H. D.. i. 500.
Beckett, Joseph R., i, S9S-
Beckett, Richard T., ii. 42.
Bendler, Henry C, ii, 48.
Bennett. George L.. ii, 170.
Bennett, Henry, ii, 126.
Bennett, Stephen H., ii, 253.
Bennett, Volney G., ii, S99.
Bennett, William J., ii, 221.
Bilderback, Smith, i, 258.
Bispham, John, ii, 12.
Black. John, i, 323.
Black, Joseph R., i, 280.
Bloomfield, Joseph, ii, 15.
Bodine, E. C, ii, 287.
Bodine, J. Alfred, ii. 302.
Bodines of Williamstown, The, ii, 283.
Boon, Lawrence H., i, 434.
Boon, Robert F., i, 432.
Boon, Sarah, i, 434.
Boone. Joseph H., ii, 123.


Borton, Thomas, i. 387-
Bourgeois. Anderson, ii, 555-
Bourgeois, Edmund A., ii. 41 1-
Bower, Elijah, ii, 220.
Bowles, Harvey E.. ii, 256.
Bradner, John, ii, 20.
Bradshaw, Alfred A., i, 553-
Bradway, Edward, ii, 372-
Bradway Family, The. i, i95-
Brandiff, Robert A., i, 560.

Brenneis. Franklin B., ii. 287.

Brewer, Rufus, ii. 381-

Briar Hill Farm. ii. 438.

Bridgeton, ii. 9.

Bridgeton Court House, etc.. ii. facmg

Bridgeton Evening News, i, 593-

Bridgeton Presbyterian Church, ii. fac

Brown. William B.. ii, 251.

Biowning, W. J., ii. 449-

Buck, R. E.. i. 236.

Buck, William P.. ii, 358.

Budd, S. R., i. 540-
Bugbee, Henry K., ii. 208.
Burt, Benjamin F., ii, 245.
Butcher, James, ii, 365-
Byrnes, R. J., i, 498-

Camden, i, 532.

Campbell. Duncan, i. 298.

Canfield. F. P.. ii, 380.

Cannon, Father, ii, 186.

Cape May Beach, ii. 19; cut, facing i

Cape May Court-house, etc., ii, facing

Carey, A. W.. Jr.. ii, 472.

Carll, Lewis S., ii, 347-

Carney, William, ii, 121.

Carpenter, Samuel Preston, ii, 187.

Carpenter, William A., ii, 489-

Carpenter, William B., i, 118.

Caipenter, William H., i, 50- '

Cair, George W., ii, 94-
Carr, Henry H., ii, 106.
Caiter. William M.. ii, loi.
Casper. Joseph, i. 86.
Casper Family, The, i, s8i.
Cassaday, Charles, i, 3I3-
Cassaday, Frank L., ii, 583-
Cassaday, ^Nlicajah B.. ii. 369-
Cassese, Antonio, ii. 186.
Cattail, William C. i. 477-
Chamneys, Nathaniel, ii. 4-
Champion, Ira S., i. 314-
Champion. Joseph G.. i. 279.
Cheesman. J. P.. i. 126.
Chester, James M., i. 260.
Chester, Lewis S., i. 263.
Chew. Matthias M.. i, 474-
Chew. Robert C, i. 388.
Chew, Thomas W.. i. 394-
Church, Horatio H.. ii. 183.
Church, William H.. ii. 163.
Clark Family, The, 1, 477-
/ Clark, Henry C, ii. 160.
Clark, Joseph A., ii. 3I3-
Clark, Robert C. i. 367-
Clark, Richard J., ii. 47i-
Cleaver, Thomas, ii, 108.
Clement, Abel B., ii. 590.
Cliver, Amariah F., i, 337-
Clymer, Robert S., ii, 442-
Cobb, Joseph B.. ii, 217.
CofTin, John H.. i. 526.
Cohen. Nathan A., i, 378.
Cold Spring Presbyterian Church, ii, 20;

cut facing 16.
Coles, Ira, ii, 274. ,
Coles, Richman, ii, 95-
Collins, Albert, i, 354-
^ Collins, Charles E., i, 366.
Collins, Jacob P., i, 162.
Collins, Nicholas, i, 277.
Collins, William, i, 237.
Colson, William M.. ii, 202.


Conover, James V., i, 373.

Cook. Joseph, i. 116.

Coombs, Henry, i, 338.

Cooper, Alfred, ii. 82.

Cooper, George B.. ii, 83.

Cooper, John H. B., i, 309.

CornwalHs' Headquarters, ii. facing 12.

Corson, Charles B., i, 156.

Covington, Thomas P., ii. H -

Cox, William, ii. 33^.

Cozens, William H.. ii. 552.

Craft, George H., ii, 233.

Craven, John V., i. 51.

Craven, Thomas J., i. 67.

Cresse, George H.. ii. 316.

Cresse, Lewis M.. ii, 310.

Crowell, Godfrey M., ii, 406.

Cumberland County Buildings, ii. facing 10

Cunningham. Charles, i. 483.

Cunningham. Hugh, ii, gr.

Cunningham, Thomas, ii, 587.

Cunningham, William, ii, 584.


Dare, George, i, loi.
Davidson, James J., li, 22g.
Davidson, Thomas W., ii, 159.
Davis, David, ii, 4.
Davis, David & Joseph, i, 84.
Davis, Jesse C, ii, 308.
Davis, James W., ii, 266.
Davis, John Q., ii, 319.
Davis, Richard M. A., ii, 329,
Dawson, Isaac W., ii. 192.
De Hart, S. P.. i. 278.
Dehner, Paul, ii, 242.
Delaney, Jeremiah P., i, 230.
Dell, Edgar F., i, 587.
Densten, Benjamin L.. ii, 450.
De Rousse, Louis T., ii, 337.
Derrickson, Isaac, ii, 133.
Diament, Walter F., ii, 405.
Dick, Samuel, ii, 22y.

Dickeson, J. Hildreth, ii, 2!0.
Dickinson. Mahlon D.. i. 170.
Diverty, William, ii, 277.
Donovan, Thomas, i, 238.
Dorrell, Daniel P., ii, 322.
Dorrell, George W., ii, 199.
Douglass, Harry S., i, 130.
Douglass, John S.. ii, 399.
Downer, Arthur, ii, 268.
Downs, Isaac M., ii, 43.
Downs, John L., ii. 375.
Downs. Lorenzo A., ii. 558.
Du Bois, Jerediah, ii, 258.
DuBois, John W., i, 453.
DuBois, Samuel J., ii, 236.
Duer, James, ii, 34, 35.
Dufifell, C. L., i, 143-
Duffield, William D., li, 521.
Duke, Francis K., i. 395.
Dunham, James E.. i, 295.
Dunn. C. Gilmore, ii. 30;.
Dunn. John. ii. 4.
Dunn, John C, ii, 497.
Dunn. John C, Jr.. ii. 493.
Dunn, Samuel W.. ii, 496.

Earmarks for Cows in Early Day, ii, 310.

Edgarton, Warren P.. i, 270.

Edmunds, Downs, Sr., i. 113, 114.

Edwards, Lewis, ii, 304.

Eldredge, Charles P.. li. 487.

Eldredge, Ellis C, ii, 363-

Eldredge, Ephraim, ii, 247.

Eldredge, James W., ii, 537.

Eldredge, Thomas, ii, 195.

Eldridge, J. J., ii, 387.

Eldridge, William H., ii, 136.

Ellis, Job B., i, 382.

Elmer, David P., ii, 308.

Elmer Gazette and Times, ii, 131.

Elmer M. E. Church, ii, 7.

Essler, George, ii, 55.


Evans, David, i, 510.
Evans, Edward F.. ii. 346.
Evans, Mary P., i, 105.
Ewing. John, i, 508.
Ewing. Samuel E., i. 549-

Parr. Edward L.. ii. 90.

Penwick, John, i, 17; ii, 4-

Penwick and the Indians, i, 18.

Perguson, Benjamin M.. i, 488.

Ferrell. Thomas M., i, 252.

Fisher, Robert, ii, 394-

Fisler. Joseph, ii, 135.

Fithian. Alexander R., i, 586.

Fithian, Francis R.. i, 570.

Fithian, Frank S.. ii. 290.

Fithian, J. Hampton, i. 418.

Plitcraft, William Z., ii, 97-

Fogg. Albert S.. ii, 249.

Fogg Family, The. ii, 576.

Fogg, J. Hildreth. i. 543.

Fogg, Robert S.. i. 356.

Fogg. Samuel, i, 476.

Forcum. William E., i. 319.

Ford. Charles C, i, 439.

Ford. Harry T., i. 493.

Ford's Hotel, i, 544.

Fortiner, Ellwood K , ii. 565.

Foster, Edwin D., ii, 166.

Foster, Samuel P., ii, 130.

Fowler, Lewis W., ii, 575.

Fox, Frederick, ii. 428.

Frazier, George W.. ii, 571.

Freas, Henry J., i. 284.

Freas. William J., i. 561.

French. John T., i, 494.

French, Joseph G.^ ii, 100.

Friends' Meeting House, i, facing 17.

Friends' Society, Pioneer, ii, 4.

Fries. H. P., i. 324.

Gardiner. .Asa. i, 343.

Garretson, Luther T., ii. 246.

Garrison, Nelson, i, 131.

Gayner, Edward J., i, 181.

Gayner, Frederick C.. ii. 423.

Gayner, John, i, 176.

GifFord. Thomas P., i, 250.

Gill. John R., ii, 383.

Gillingham, James, i, 87.

Gilman, Uriah, i, 144.

Gilmour, H. L., i, 591.

Gleeson, Joseph S., i, 435.

Gleeson, William, i, 435.

Gloucester County Almshouse, ii, 13.

Goff Family, The, i, 504.

Golder, James W., ii. 162.

Golder, William W., ii, 426.

Goodwin Family, The, i. 46.

Goslin, Thomas S.. ii. 535.

Grace, John W.. i. 192.

Graham, John P.. i, 275.

Green, John, ii, 562.

Green, Joseph M., ii, 354.

Grey, Martin P.. ii. 57.

Grey, Samuel H.. ii. 514.

Grier, Charles B., ii, 357.

Grimshaw, Oliver, ii, 174.

Groff, John H., i, 140.

Guest, Charles B., ii, 138.

Guest, Harry, i. 413.

Guy. Richard, ii, 4.

Gwynne, Robert, i, 89.

Gwynne, Robert, Jr., i, gi.


Haines, David P., i, 478.

Haines (Hanes) Family. The, i, 241.

Hall Family, The, i, 522.

Hall. George M., ii, 279.

Halsey, L. M., ii, 522.

Hamilton, John D., ii, 435.

Hampton, George, ii. 298.

Hancock, Benjamin, i. 436.

Hancock House, i. facing 17.


Hancock, Richkrd, ii, 4-
Hand, Aaron W., ". 270.
Hand, Alex, ii, I07-
Hand. Joseph F., ii. 557-
Hand, Robert E., i, 430.
Hanes, Emily, i, 241-
Hanes, Joseph H., n. 299.
Hannold, John Wood, ii, SU-
Hannold, William H., ii, 205.
Harding, Benjamin, ii, 33i-
Harker, William S., i, 399-
Harmony Glass W^orks, ii, U-
Harned, John F., ii, 232.
Harris, Amos, i, 213.
Harris, Benjamin E., ii. 207.
Harris Family, The, 1, 213.
Harris, Langdon W.. ii. 86.
Harris, Quinton P., 1, 213-
Harris, Sheppard, i, 5I5-
Harris, William H, ii, 460.
Harvey Cedars, i. 65.
Hawn, Charles W.. i, 542.
Hays, Nelson S.. ii. 212.
Hazleton. J. C, i, 565-
Headley, Benjamin A.. 11, 577-
Hebenthal, William, ii, 378-
Hedge, Samuel, ii, 4-
Helms, Hance, i, 458.
Helms, J. Clark, ii, 244.
Helms, William J., i, 473-
Henderson, James, ii, 82.
Hendrickson, Daniel F., ii, 280
Heritage, Albert, i, 423-
Heritage, Benjamin, ii, 454-
Heritage, Charles, i, I94-
Heritage, Charles S., ii, 140.
Heritage, J. Down, i, 141-
Heritage, Walter, ii, 502.
Hewes, Alexander B., i, 447-
Hewes & Mitchell, i, 447-
Higgins, George, ii, 35i
Higgins, Samuel L., ii, 355-
Hildreth. Edmund S.. i. 547-

Hildreth. James M. E.. i. 404-
Hillegass. Eugene Z.. i. 527-
Hilliard, William T., i. 44-
Hires, Charles, i, 380.
Hires, Charles R.. ii. 228.
Hires, George, i, 2C.
Hires. Lucius E., ii, 39i-
Hitchner, Adam, i, 353-
Hitchner, Charles F., i, i33-
Hitchner. George, ii, 367-
Hitchner, Hiram, i, I35-
Hitchner, Jacob. Sr., ii. i75-
Hitchner, John, i, 136.
Hitchner, John J., ii. 345-
Hitchner, R. M., i, I24-
Hitchner, Wilbert B., i, 127.
Horner, George, ii. 152-
House, Jacob, i, 440-
House, Jonathan, ii, 176-
Howey, James S., ii, 338-
Hoyt, Orville E., ii, 578.
Hughes, Ellis, i. 266.
Hulick, George S., ii, 56.
Humphreys, Edward B., i, 21; 11,
Hunter, James, ii, 63.
Hunter, William C, i, 554-
Hurff, Aaron, ii, 66.
Hurff, Thomas W., ii, 465-


Ireland, Edward S., ii, 398-
Ireland, Hammond S., i, i3S-
Iszard, Ira, ii, 633.
Iszard. S. Stanger, i, 472.
Iszard. William, ii, 543-
Ivins, Mahlon F., i, 6o3-

Jackson, Henry, i, 244.
Jackson, Marcellus L., i, 340-
Jackson, William T., ii, 407-
James, Jonathan C, i, i74-
Jaquett, Thomas T., i, 98.
Jaquette, William A., i, 464-



Jessup, Charles C, i, 442.
Jessup, George W., ii. 533.
Jessup, John, i, 442.
Jessup, Joseph, i, 506.
Johnson, Charles A. J., i. ;
Johnson, James S., ii. 73.
Johnson, Louis M., ii, 124.
Johnson, Reuben T., ii, 116.
Jones, Edmund, i. 182.
Jones, Henry, ii, 171.
Jones, James C, i, 372.
Jones, Owen L., i. 57.
Jones, Samuel B., ii. 10.
Jones. Thomas, ii. 5.
Jones, William B.. ii. 376.
Jordan, P. J., ii. 561.
Joslin. William M.. ii, 200.


Kandle, Adam. i. 249.
Kandle. Alfred R., i. 321.
Kean, W. C, ii, 41.
Kelley, James D., ii, 430.
Kelty, Richard, ii. 134.
Kinkle, George J., ii, 289.
KIos, Daniel, ii, 560.
Koch. Alb., Aug., ii. 45.
Krom. John M.. ii, 427.

Ladd, Benjamin F., i. 93.
Ladd, Samuel H., ii, 572.
Lambert, Harry, ii, 84.
Langley, George B., ii, 480.
Langley, Joel G., i, 487.
Langley, McKendree, i. 342,
Lawrence, Albert W., ii, 426.
Lawrence, Benjamin P., ii, 181.
Lawrence, Edward, ii, 457.
Lawrence, Isaac B., ii, 551.
Lawrence, James, ii, 16.
Leahy, Walter T.. ii. 185.
Leake Family. The, i, 102.

Leaming. Coleman F.. Jr.. i. 454.
Learning, Frank, i. 480.
Learning, Jonathan P., i. 291.
Leaming. J. Spicer. i, 288.
Leaming, Richard S.. i, 454.
Leaming, Walter S., i, 406.
Leap, Sedgwick R.. i. 539.
Le Croy. Samuel, i, 393.
Lefevre, Samuel G., i, 349.
Leonard, J. Hampton, i. 311.
Lindzey, Charles, ii, 137.
Lippincott, Charles D., i. 129.
Lippincott, Franklin, i. 513.
Lippincott, Isaac K.. i, 115.
Lippincott, Nathan W., ii, 524.
Lippincott, Samuel M., ii, 408.
Lloyd, Furman H., ii, 382.
Locke, Adrian P.. ii, 527.
Locke, Howard V., ii, 227.
Locke, Lawrence, i, 448. t
Lodge. S. D., i, 512. , ■■ '

Longacre, Thomas H., ii. 218.
Lord, Charles P., i. 450.
Loudenslager, Henry C. ii, i.
Lounsbury, Jonas H.. i, 277.
Ludham, Jeremiah, ii. 294.
Ludlam, Alexander R., ii, 348.
Ludlam, Furman L., ii, gi.
Ludlam, Jesse D.. i. 166.
Luerssen, Frank, ii. 388.
- Luffbary, M. Jones, ii. 353.


MacFarland. James, ii. 40.

Madden, Christian A., i, 426.

Marcy, V. M. D.. i, 490.
" Marshall, Ellis H., ii, 118.

Marshall, Joseph C, ii, 340.

Marshall, Randolph, ii, 180.

Marts, Henry W., i, 389.

Massey, William E., ii, 292.
■ Mayhew, Joseph N., ii, 425.

Mayhew, J. T.. ii, 429.

■ {^



McClure. John \V.. i 3-^5-
McCollister, Harry, i, 563-
McDermot. John, ii, 186.
McCullough, William H.. ii. 76.
McFarland. Robert E.. ii, 589-
Mecray, James, ii, no.
Mecum, Charles, ii, 4^4-
Mecum. Family, The, ii. 418.
Mendum Family, The. ii. 39i.
Miller, Allen W., i. 4I7-
Miller, Edward G., li. 267.
Miller, Lewis H., ii, 370-
Miller, Josiah, i. 465.
Miller, Richard C, i, 164-
Miller, Richard T., i. 578-
Miller, Samuel T., ii, 61.
Miller, Vincent O., ii. i67-
Miller, William, i. 245.
Miller, Wyatt W., i, 23. 30.
Millet. Thomas W.. ii. .Sn-
MillviUe Baptist Church and Dam, ii,

facing 10.
Minch, Bloomfield H.. i, 580.
Mitchell, Henry W., ii, 535-
Moffett, Isaac, ii, 400.
Moore, D. Wilson, ii, 156.
Moore, Gainer P., i, 346.
Moore, Howard E.. ii. 378.
Moore, John M., i. 329-
Moore, Joshua, i, 4I4-
Moore, R. S., ii. 389
Moore, William J., 1. 424-
More. Robert, ii. 596.
Morris, WiUiam, ii, 240.
Muhlbaier, Matthias, i, 467-
Muller, Adon W., ii, 306.
Myers, C. Fletcher, ii. 120.
Myers, Lewis M., ii. 345-

Newconil). John, li, 545-
Ncwkirk. William B., i. 365-
Newton House, The, i. 503-

NTclTds, Frank R., ii. 363-
Nicholson, James B., ii. 377-
Nicholson. Samuel, ii, 4-
Nixon, Jere H.. ii, 59i-

Nixon, James H., ii, 447-

Nixon, William G., ii, 288.

North, Edward, ii, 196-

Nute, John F. & Co., i, 232,


O'Brien, Richard, ii, 141-
Ocean City, Founders oi, ii. 16.
Ocean City Association, ii, 16.
Ocean City, Central Trust Company's
Bank, ii, facing 16.

Ocean City Cottages and Beach, ii. 18.

Ocean City Daily Reporter, i, 445-6.

Ocean City Sentinel, i, 445-

Ogden Family, The, i, 531-

Ogden, J. T., i, 336.

Ogden, William M.. ii. 46.

O'Neil, John, i, 37i-

Ough, William, ii. 127.

Raiding, M. J., i. 256.
Pancoast. Charles F.. ii. 47-
Pancoast, Henry, i. 449-
Pancoast, Joseph D., 1, 5i-
Pancoast, Louis, i, 83.
Pancoast, Stacy L., i, 398-
Parker, Philip B.. i, 519-
Parker, Samuel M.. i. 469-
Parker, Thomas E., ii, 146.
Parret, William, ii. 5-
Parsons, George L., u, 275.
Paul, Harry B., li, 594-
Paul, Joseph, ii. 458.
Paulin, J. Ellis, ii, 356.
Payne, George W., li. 439-
Pearson, Charles, ii, 588
Pearson, Evan D., ii, 243.
Peltit, Clark, ii. 70.


Peltit. James J., ii. 330.
Philadelphia Sanitarium, ii, 407-
Phillips, Edward H.. i, 264.
Pierson, George E.. li, ii4-
Pierson, John, ii, 482.
Pine, E. Frank, ii, 585.
Pioneering in Wenonah. ii, 473-
Pither. George W.. ii, 568.
Plummer, Loren P.. i, in.
Plummer, William. Jr.. ii. 495.
Plummer, William, Sr., ii. 493-
Porch, Albert, ii, 68.
Porch. James .\., ii. 501-
Potter, James B.. i, 4S4.
Powell, Jeremiah, ii. 4.
Powers, Joseph, ii. 431.
Presbyterian Church of Pittss

Daretown, i, 510.
Pressey, George W., ii, 38.
Price, Nathan C, ii, 172.
Pullen. William H., i, 576.

Rachor. John, i, 502.

Redstrake, John S., ii, 403.

Reed, Boardman, i, 295.

Reed, Charles H.. ii, 54.

Reed, George W.. i. 585.

Reeves, Andrew S., i, 95-

Reeves Family, The. i, 107.

Reeves, George H., i, 246.

Reeves, Henry, ii, 341.

Reeves, John W.. i, 146.

Reeves, Samuel W., i, 112.

Reeves, Swayne S., i, 310.

Reiley, Michael, ii, 12.

Reminiscences, by .\. W. Carey, ii, 476.

Rex, Frederic A., ii, 532.

Rice, Aaron G., i, 286.

Rice, Edward L., ii, 276.

Rice, Harry H., ii, 203.

Rice, J. Lenhart. ii, 317.

Richardson, F. L., ii, 296.

Richardson, George R., i. 409.
Richardson, Horace E., i, 326.
Richardson, J. W., i, 594.
Richman, Joseph L.. ii. 540.
Richman, Charles H.. ii. 142.
Richman, William. Jr., ii, 112.
Richman. William S.. i. 175.
Richmond, Enos, i, 121.
Richmond, S. Luther, ii, 148.
Ridgeway, Isaac, ii, 331.
Ridgway, F. B.. ii, 445.
Ridgway, Samuel A., i, 377.
Righter, J. Charles, i, 520.
Riley, Joseph M.. ii. 410.
Robbins, William, ii. 364.
Roberson, W. K.. ii. 52.
Robinson, R. Curtis, i, 444.
Rode, Andrew C, ii, 219.
Rode, William, ii, 226.
"Rodney Family, The. ii, 439. -
Roe, James M., i, 408.
Roseman, A. Walter, ii, 542.
Ross, Edward Lee, ii, 293.
Rulon, B. Frank, i, 429.
Rulon, John C, ii, 466.
Rumsey, George, i. 589.
Rumsey, Henry M.. i, 26, 29.
Rush, James, ii, 16.
Rutherford. Charles H.. ii. 530.
Ryan, Reuben W., i, 364.

Sabsovitch, H. L., i, 59.
Salem Court-house, etc.. i. facing 17.
Salem Glass Works, i. 69.
Salem Library, ii. 5.

Salem National Banking Company, i. 29.
Salem Young Men's Christian Associa-
tion, i, 575.
Salisbury, Samuel, i. 496.
Sampson, Samuel B.. ii. 262.
Schellinger, Aaron, ii. 452.
Schellinger. J. Henry, ii. 401.



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