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The records of living officers of the U. S. navy and Marine corps: with a history of naval operations during the rebellion of 1861-5, and a list of the ships and officers participating in the great battles online

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Online LibraryLewis Randolph HamerslyThe records of living officers of the U. S. navy and Marine corps: with a history of naval operations during the rebellion of 1861-5, and a list of the ships and officers participating in the great battles → online text (page 38 of 42)
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shield, and G. W. Coffin.

Marine Officer : First Lieutenant, C. F.

Acting Master's Mates, William Charlton,
Jr., E. A. Sibell, William Cooper, and L.

Engineers : Chief, T. J. Jones ; Second As-
sistant, H. H. Barrett; Acting Second
Assistants, R J. Middleton and M. Smith ;
Acting Third Assistants, 0. Baasett, H.
M. Noyes, M. Thaster, and S. J. Hobbs.

Boatswain, H. E. Barnes.

Gunner, Joseph Smith.

Acting Carpenter, M. E. Curley.

Sailmaker, J. C. Herbert.

BKooKLTw, (2d rate.)

Captain, James Alden.
Lieutenant, Thomas L. Swann.



Surgeon, George Mauleby.

Assistant Surgeon, H. S Pitkin.

Paymaster, G. E. Thornton.
-Alarine Officer: Ciipiain, G. P. Houston.

Acting Master, llobert Barstow.

Ensigns, D. R. Cassell, C. H. Pendleton, and
C. D. Sigsbee.

Acting Eusigu, C H. Llttlefield.

Acting Masiei'u Mates, Tliomas Stanfield,
J. W. De Camp, and R. H. Taylor.

Engineers: Chid', Mortimer Kellogg; Second
Assistants, VVm. H. G. West, Thomas
Lynch, George E Tower, and Joel A. Bul-
lard ; Aciing Second Assistant, R. D.
Gibersou ; Acting Third Assistants, John
Matthews, H. U. Arthur, and Timothy

Boatswain, Robert McDonald.

Acting Gunner John Quevedo.

Carpenter, Robert G. Thomas.

Sailmaker, Daniel C. Braytou.

inscAEOEA, (3d rate.)

Commander, James M. Frailey.

liieutenantCommander, Weld N. Allen.

Surgeon, John Y. Taylor.

Acting Assistant Paymaster, F. J. Painter.

Acting Master, Alex. Tillinghast.

Acting Ensigns, Samuel L. Griffin, Charles
H. Carey, Oliver Swain, and S. E. Willits.

Acting Master's Mates, J. A. H. Wilmuth
and Arthur F. Aldrick.

Engineers : Chief, A. J. Kiersted ; Acting
First Assistant, Joseph McEjiight ; Acting
Second Assistants, Wm. H. Andress and
A. N. Gilmore ; Acting Third Assistants,
Alexander Dempster, William B. Snow,
and Jesse H. Chesnew.

Acting Gunner, Thomas Grail.

MONADNOOK, (3d rate.)

Commander, E. G. Parrott.

Lieutenant-Commander, J. N. Miller.

Acting Masters, B. F. MiUikin and S. H.

Acting Ensigns, W. B. Mix, T. W. Swift,
Jr., and P. Davison.

Acting Assistant Surgeon, James Wilton.

Assistant Paymaster, J. S. Woolson.

Engineers : Acting Chief, J. Q. A. Zeigler ;
Acting First Assistants, S. A. Randall
and W. A. Philips ; Acting Second Assist-
ants, B. C. DuPlaine and B. Smith ; Act-
ing Third Assistants, R. Aldrich, W. P.
Wnittemore, John Brice, and X. J. Wilde.

Gunner, P. Barrett.

EHODB ISLAND, (2d rate.)

Commander, Stephen D. Trenchard.
Lieutenant, Frederick R. Smith.
Assistant Surgeon, E. B. Bingham.
Assistant Paymaster, W. L. Darling.

Acting Masters, Charles 0. Niell and Z. L.

Acting Ensigns, Nicholas Pratt, R. 0. Lan-

fare, and Samuel Pope.
Acting Master's Mates, John P. Fisher, E.

E. Bradbury, H. R. Gardner, George H.

Appleton, and R. Wallace.
Engineers : Acting Chief, John F. Mo-

Cutcheou ; Aciing Second Assistants, J.

W. Smith and Charles W. RadiU. Acting

Third Assistants, Charles VV. Piugg, Wm.

J. Patterson, William H. McCoy, John A.

Hughes, and W. B. Bayley.
Gunner, Henry Hamilton.

CHiooPEE, (3d rate.)

Commander, A. D. Harrell.

Lieutenant E. A. Walker.

Acting Assistant Surgeon, G. L. Simpson.

Acting Assistant Paymaster, J. H. Mulford,

Acting Master, J. D. Wella.
Acting Ensigns, J. A. Crossmau and A. D.

Acting Master's Mates, C. C- Johnson, J.

H. Goodmanson, and J, A. B'ilcLier.
Engineers: First Assistant, P. J. Levering;

Second Assistant, W.Uiam Pollard; Third

Assistants, D. M. Egbert, A. G. Bonsall,

and J. B. Upham. '

Acting Gunner, W. Back.

NEKEUS, (3d rate.)

Commander J. C. Howell.

Lieutenant H. E. MuUan.

Acting Master, £. L. Haines.

Acting Assistant Surgeon, J. K. Walsh.

Acting Assistant Paymaster, B. P. Monroe.

Acting Ensigns, E. G. Dayton, George M.
Smith, and George Anderson.

Acting Master's Mates, William Rushmore.
W. B. Spencer, H. E. Giraud, and Wil-
liam Gromack.

Engineers: Acting First Assistant, Stephen
Henton ; Acting Second Assistants, R. F.
Roswald and J. A. Patterson ; Acting
Third Assistants, T. Tilton, H. J. Allen,
and R. R. Throckmorton.

Acting Gunner, J. McCoffrey.

MOHICAN, (3d rate.)

Commander, Daniel Ammen.

Lieutenant, J. D. Marvin.

Surgeon, Charles Martin.

Acting Assistant Paymaster, J. C. Canning.

Acting Master, Wm. Burdett.

Acting Ensigns, B. F. Blair and H. T. Page.

Acting Master's Mates, J. A. Shaffer, J. G.
Paine, and Charles P. Cape.

Engineers : First Assistant, H. S. Davids ;
Second Assistant, John K. Smedley ; Act-
ing Second Assistants, Enoch George and



Charles Buckelew; Acting Third Assist-
ants, James O'Herron and WUIiam W.

Acting Boatswain, J. B. Aiken.

Acting Gunner, Thomas S. Cassidy.

KEYSTONE STATE, (3d rate.)

Commander, Henry Bolando.

Lieutenant, James P. Robertson.

Acting Masters, L. E. Began and William
T. Buck.

Acting Ensigns, Charles M. Bird, John C.
Murphy, frank E. Ford, and J. T. Eidg-

Acting Assistant Surgeon, A. E. Emery.

Acting Assistant Paymaster, J. W. Fairfield.

Acting Master's Mates, D. G. Conger and
W. H, Howard.

Engineers: Acting First Assistant, Pearson
L. Fry ; Acting Second Assistant, A. B.
Kinney ; Acting Third Assistants, Wil-
liam Brown, Joseph Smith, J. B. Wilbar,
and Charles A. Blake.

Acting Gunner, Daniel L. Briggs.

MENDOTA, (3d rate.)

Commander, Edward T. Nichols.

Acting Masters, Lathrop Wright, Maurice

Digard, and Thomas Smith.
Acting Ensigns, W. B. Barnes, R. B. Pray,

Isaac Thayer, and R. E. Peck.
Acting Master's Mates, E. S. McDonald and

P. Cleary.
Engineers : First Assistant, A. V. Frazer ;

Second Assistants, B. Bunceand D. Jones;

Acting Third Assistants, D. R. MoElroy,

H. S. Rose, and L. M. Poole.
Acting Gunner, James Cornos.

losoo, (3d rate.)

Commander John Guest.

Lieutenant, Charles L. Franklin.

Acting Ensigns, Wm. Jamison, Ulriok Field-
burg, Henry Baker, and Paul Ware.

Acting Assistant Surgeon, Kirk H. Ban-

Acting Assistant Paymaster, LouisL.Scovel.

Acting Master's Mates, Theodore A. Corn-
stock, Halsted Hennans, and Charles Pea-

Engineers : First Assistant, Zephaniah Tal-
bot ; Second Assistant, Elijah Laws ; Act-
ing Third Assistants, Harvey Clapp, Jas.
MoNabb, and Charles M. S. Gerry.

Acting Gunner, Theodore M. Benton.

OSCEOLA, (3d rate.)

Commander, John M. B. Glitz.
Lieutenant, J. Weidman.
Assistant Surgeon, George F. Winslow.
Assistant Paymaster, Edward Bellows.

Acting Masters, Edward B. Hussey and

Willett Mott.
Acting Ensigns, S. L. LaDieu, J. F. Merry,

and F. C. Warner.
Acting Master's Mates, Thomas Rogers, H.

G. Robinson, and C. S. Hardy.
Engineers : Acting First Assistant, Thomas

MoCausland ; Acting Second Assistant,

Richard Doran ; Acting Third Assistants,

Robert Berryman, Charles J. Cooper, and

E. J. Swords.
Acting Gunner, J. C. Breslyn.

PAWTUXET, (3d rate.)

Commander, James H. Spotts.

Lieutenant, Allen V. Reed.

Acting Ensigns, A. F. West, J. A. Slamm,

J. 0. Winchester, and P. J. Markoe.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Henry Johnson.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, George A. Em-

Acting Master's Mates, C. H. Bellows, F.

Heslerwood, and L. F. Pipanti.
Engineers : Second Assistants, A. H. Able,

MinorN. Knowlton, and James G. Cooper.

Acting Third Assistant, N. G. Vandegrift.
Gunner, J. D. Fletcher.

MACKINAW, (3d rate.)

Commander, J. C. Beaumont.

Acting Master, A. J. Louch.

Acting Ensigns, William H. Penfield, J. T.
Blanchard, and Joseph Estes.

Acting Assistant Surgeon, Joseph T. Cot-

Acting Assistant Paymaster, William T.

Acting Master's Mates, John A. Thomas,
Solomon Barstow, and Ed. K. Green.

Engineers: First Assistant, Jefferson Young;
Second Assistant, Daniel A. Sawyer ;
Third Assistants, K. W. Milligan and
Sylvanus Molntyre ; Acting Third Assist-
ants, Patrick Hagan and J. W. Eeed.

Acting Gunner, Thomas Keer.

SAUQUS, (4th rate.)

Commander, Edmund R. Colhoun.

Lieutenant, Benjamin F. Day.

Acting Master, Basil W. Leary.

Acting Ensigns, Charles A. Henriokeon, Ira

Barsley, and John P. Arnett.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, W. H. Westcott.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, George A.

Engineers : Acting Chief. John L. Peake ;

Acting First Assistants, Andrew Inglisa

and John Carron; Second Assistant, 0. C.

Lewis; Acting Second Assistant, A. F.

Rockefeller ; Acting Third Assistant,

William J. Bradley.



QUAKER CITY, (2d rate.)

Coram and ei'jW. F. Spicer.

Ijieutenant, Silas Casey, Jr.

Acting Master, S. A. Wianerton.

Acting Ensigns, C. J. Hill, Kiohard Wilkin-
son, and F. I). Jaoobson.

Acting Assistant Surgeons, Ira C. Wliite-
head and G. W. Gale.

Acting Assistant Paymaster, L. A. Fraley.

Acting Master's Mates, George E. Sanborne
and J. B. Tew.

Engineers: Acting Chief, G. W. Farrar;
Second Assistant, George J. Burnap; Act-
ing Second Assistants, W. J. Howard, J.
K. Hickey, William Mason, and Joseph
H. Mathews ; Acting Third Assistants,

E. Prest, I. R. Peterson, J. D. Wauklin,
and E. E. Porter.

Acting Gunner, Joseph Furlong.

PONTOOSUC, (3d rate.)

Lieutenant-Commander, Wm. G. Temple.
Acting Masters, B. S. Meeks and C. H.

Acting Ensigns, A. D. Campbell, J. J. Kane,

and L. R. Chester.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, W. H. Pierson.
Assistant Paymaster, G. A. Lyon.
Acting Master's Mates, E. H. Richardson,

F. C. Bailey, Thos. Brown and D. Lewis.
En^neers; First Assistant, Geo. J. Barry,

Second Asdistant, M. T. Sunstron and E.
J. Whittaker; Third Assistant J. H.
Thomas ; Acting Third Assistant, G. C.
Acting Gunner, C. Moran.

A. D. VANCE, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant-Commander, J. H. Upshur.
Acting Masters, G. Cottrell andC. M. Lane.
Acting Ensigns, W. W. Smith, C. F. Ware,

C. E. Clark, and W. J. Eldridge.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, B. F. Howell.
Engineers : Acting First Assistant, D. 0.

Chesters; Acting Second Assistants, C. G.

Stevens, C. S. Servoss, and Geo. Devine ;

Acting Third Assistants, Wm. Madden, G.

H. Whittemore, and C. B. Nichols.

TAKTio, (-Ith rate.)

Lieutenant-Commander, T. C. Harris.

Acting Master, S. C. Macintire.

Acting Ensigns, J. C. Lord, Edw. Winne-

more, J. F. Churchill, and B. B. Soden-

Acting Assistant Surgeon, H. K. Wheeler.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, S. B. Huey.
Engineers : Second Assistants, W. H. Mes-

singer, J. J. Noble, and H. C. Beokwith ;

Third Assistant, H. F. Loveaire ; Aoting

Third Assistant, George Holton.

SASSAOUS, (3d rate.)

Lieutenant-Commander, John L. Davis.

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, A. W. Mul-

Acting Ensigns, Wm. H. Mayer, Jr., Au-
gust Adler, H. W. O'Harra, and David

Acting Assistant Surgeon, George E. Mo-

Acting Assistant Paymaster, G. W. Garth-

Acting Master's Mates, Thomas D. Marble
and John S. O'Brien.

Engineers : Second Assistants, John W.
Haxley, Robert N. Ellis, and 0. W. Alli-
son ; Acting Third Assistants, Wm. Ray-
nor, H. S. Mack, and A. Bigelow.

Acting Gunner, Neil Martin.

TAOONY, (3d rate.)

Lieutenant-Commander, W. T. Truxtun.

Acting Masters, N. S. Morgan, R. Soramers,
and S. Blount.

Acting Ensigns, J. B. Taney, Thos. Geld-
ing, E. L. Bourne, and F. H. Fisher.

Acting Assistant Surgeon, George Hopkins.

ActingAssistant Pay master, W.S. Horsford.

Acting Master's Mates, J. A. Orcutt and F.
W. Worstell.

Engineers: First Assistant, T. M. Dukehart;
Second Assistants, C. E Lee and H. Par-
ker, Jr. ; Acting Third Assistant, A. D.

KANSAS, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant-Commander, P. G. Watmough.
Acting Masters, Samuel Hall and W. S.

Acting Ensigns, George C. Williams, Chas.

D. Thompson, and Charles B. Staples.
Assistant Surgeon, Isaac Poole,
Acting Assistant Paymaster, T. Merritt.
Engineers : Acting Second Assistant, Hugh

Rafferty ; Acting Third Assistants, J. W.

Stole and George L. King.

MARATANZA, (3d rate.)

Lieutenant-Commander, George W. Young.

Acting Masters, D. E. Taylor and J. B.

Acting Ensigns, J. W. Crowell, II. H. CoUa-
more, and E. Lawson.

Acting Master's Mates, W. H. Alger, A. F.
Williamson and C. H. Grossman.

Acting Assistant Surgeon, J. W. Hamilton.

Acting Assistant Paymaster, C. II. Noyes.

Engineers: Second Assistants, W. H. Kil-
patrick and K. L. Webb ; Third Assist-
ants, L. R. Harvey and R. D. Taylor ;
Acting Third Assistants, E. J. Gillespie
and J. L. Starkey.

Acting Gunner, W. W. Bradley.



MACMEE, (4tli rate.)

Lieutenant-Commander, Ralph Chandler.
Noting Master, Eichard Burk.

Acting Ensigns, Ed. R. Power, W. J. Shack-
ford, Charles P. Gifford, and Cjrus B.

Acting Assistant Surgeon, David P. Good-

Acring Assistant Paymaster, John H. Smoot.

Engineers ; Second Assistant, T. J. McK.
Daniels ; Acting Second Assistant, Wm.
Veitch ; Third Assistants, J. M. Clark,
C. R. Mosher, and G. A. Peltz.

PEQDOT, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant-Commander, D. L. Braine.

Acting Masters, L. H. Beattie and Wm. F.

Acting Ensigns, George Lamb, H. W. Lor-
Ing, and A. Smalley.

Acting Assistant Surgeon, H. R. Watts.

Acting Assistant Paymaster, Calvin G.

Engineers : Second Assistants, A. H. Fisher
and G. C. Cook ; Third Assistants, James
Wylie and John W. Gardner ; Acting
Third Assistant, George W. Pi.ymes.

NYAOK, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant-Commander, L. H. Newman.

Acting Master, H. W. Grinnell.

Acting Ensigns, H. B. Colby, Charles Nel-
son, J W. Hopkins, G. H. Barrows, and
James Jordan.

Acting Assistant Surgeon, B. F. Biglow.

Acting Assistant Paymaster, C. S. Halla-

Engiueers : First Assistant, B. C. Bamp-
ton ; Second Assistant, John Fornance ;
Third Assistant, Wm. A. Wiudser; Acting
Third Assistants, W. M. Bartram and J.
C. Veatch.

CANONicns, (3d rate.)

Lieutenant-Commander, George E. Belk-

Lieutenant, R. S. McCook.

Acting Masters, E. S. Goodwin and E. A.

Acting Ensigns, C. W. Seckins, M. W. Weld,
and F. P. Center.

Assistant Surgeon, H. N. Beaumont.

Assistant Paymaster, R. P. Lisle.

Engineers : Chief, D. B. Macomb ; Acting
First Assistant, C. G. Conklin ; Second
Assistants, F. G. McKeen and J. M. Sa-
vi'ile ; Acting Third Assistants, Wm. S.
Brown, Wm. Keenau, and J. A. Chan-

CHIPPEWA, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant-Commander, A. W. Weaver,

Acting Master, J. W. Saunders.

Acting Ensigns, George H. Wood, Edward

Tilghman, W. H. De Gross, and William

A. Taylor.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, J. E. Gregory.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, James M.

Engineers : Second Assistant, Jos. Watters;

Acting Second Assistant, A. A. Winship ;

Acting Third Assistants, E. W. Wilton

and Henry Eomain.

nuADiLLA, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant-Commander, Frank M. Ramsay.

Acting Master, John M. Skilling.s.

Acting Ensigns, John CuUaton, Wm. Field,
Charles Wiedebien, and William Hanson.

Acting Assistant Surgeon, D. C Burleigh.

Acting Assistant Paymaster, J. G. Hobbs.

Acting Master's Mates, Charles H. Smith
and Enoch M. Reed.

Engineers : Acting First Assistant, Benj.
F. Bee; Acting Second Assistant, Lewis
M. Ryfenburgh; Act ing Third A.ssistants,
William D. Kay, James Curran, and John
D. Larkius.

MAHOPAC, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, E. E, Potter.

Acting Masters, C. E. Harris and D. K.

Acting Ensigns, J. E. Jones, W. E. Jones,
and S. C. Hall.

Assistant Surgeon, P. B. A. Lewis.

Acting Assistant Paymaster, Addison Poole.

Eugineers : Acting Chief, M. T. Chevers ;
Acting First Assistant, Charles Dougherty;
Acting Second Assistant, Wesley Ran-
dall ; Acting Third Assistants, J. G.
Brown, C. A. Euggrau, C. 0. Putnam,
and J. W. BuelL

HURON, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant-Commander, Thomas 0. Self-

Acting Master, Benjamin Whitmore.

Acting Ensigns, Robert Sheppard, Samuel
H. Maunder, Wm. H. H. Curtis, and
Andrew MoCleary.

Acting Master's Mate, Eugene Coleman.

Acting Assistant Surgeon, James McMillan.

Acting Assistant Paymaster, Charles D.

Engineers : Acting First Assistant, James
Blinkinsopp ; Acting Second Assistants,
Henry T. Hayden and Matthew Harloc ;
Acting Third Assistants, Theodore F.
Burket and Emory G. IngoUs.

SENECA, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant-Commander, Montgomery Si-



Acting Master, WilUam H. Maig.

Acting Ensigns, William Schutz, Thomas
Mason, William B. Pierce, and LeanJer
C. Owen.

Acting Assistant Surgeon, K. H. Greene.

Acting Assistant Paymaster, M. B. Gush-

Engineers : Acting First Assistant, James
P. Sweet; Acting Second Assistant, A1-.
fred Catchpole ; Acting Third Assistants,
Sanford A. Slater, A. J. Doty, and T. J.

MONTICELLO, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant, W. B. Gushing.

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, D. A. Gamp-

Acting Masters, Gharles A. Petlit and E. A.

Acting Ensigns, William H. Gibson, P. B.
Huntingdon, J. A. Puokett, and J. S.

Acting Assistant Surgeon, J. P. Billard.

Acting Assistant Paymaster, John Turey.

Acting Master's Mates, Charles Croton and
J. S. Clark.

Engineers : Second Assistant, H. Missiner ;
Acting Second Assistant, C. A. JIartine ;
Acting Third Assistants, P. McKiuley,
W. K. Cawl, and J. Macallum.

GBTTTSBtiRG, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant, R. H. Lamson.

Acting Master, G. B. Dahlgren.

Acting Ensigns, A. S. Laighfon, P. P. B.
Sands, P. A. Gross, M. C. Keith, and
Charles Miller.

Acting Assistant Surgeon, George S. Eddy.

Acting Assistant Paymaster, R. H. Gillett.

Acting Master's Mates, H. J. Derbyshire
and T. H. P. Gross.

Engineers : Acting First Assistant, G. S.
Perkins ; Acting Second Assistants, J.
M. Case, E. G. Mayloy, and A. J. Pix-
ley ; Acting Third Assistants, E. B. Car-
ter and J. W. Homans.

ALABAMA, (3d rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, A. R. Laug-

Acting Master, William Bates.

Acting Ensigns, Albert Taylor, Thomas
Williams, and Lewall P. Graves.

Acting Assistant Surgeon, D. D. T. Nestell.

Acting Assistant Paymaster, Ed. E,. Gibson.

Acting Master's Mates, C. F. Elmore, C. S.
Wilcox, and David H. Hall.

Engineers : First Assistant, Edward Far-
mer ; Acting Second Assistants, J. G.
Rossman, J. C. Lewis, and Greenville
Lewis ; Acting Third Assistants, Ezra
Gray and George Corrie.

MONTQOMERT, (3d rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, T. C. Dunn.

Acting Masters, W. N. Wells and A. F.

Acting Ensigns, E. T. Manter, G. G. Whit-
ing, and Robert Wiley.

Acting Assistant Surgeon, John Blackmer.

Acting Assistant Paymaster, J. Watson.

Acting Master's Mates, T. J. Walker and
C. A. Neill.

Engineers : Acting First Assistant, G. H.
Wade ; Acting Second Assistants, John
McEwen, J. Williams, and J. Allen; Act-
ing Third Assistants, G. H. Brown and
A. Tester.


Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, John Mao-

Acting Ensigns, Charles H. Sawyer, L. W.

Smith, D. M. Gaskins, and L. P. Cassan.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, W. S. Parker.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, G. B. Tripp.
Acting Master's Mates, J. W. Gardner, P.

E. Poole, and W. W. Hunter.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, F. E.

Potter ; Acting Second Assistant, Eugene

Mack ; Acting Third Assistants, Thomas

Foley, Owen Kauey, James Fitzpatrick,

and Charles Ward.

CHEROKEE, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, William E.

Acting Ensigns, T. P. De Luce, John Parry,

A. T. Parsons, and Charles B. Dickman.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, E. T. T. Marsh.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, John C. Os-

Engineers: Acting First Assistant, A. W.

Reynolds; Acting Second Assistants, F.

A. Thurber and J. H. Potts ; Acting

Third Assistants, John Gilmore, and A.

J. Sanburn.

HOWQUAH, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, J. W. Balch.
Acting Ensigns, G. P. St. John and John

Acting Assistant Paymasters, E. W. Brooks.
Acting Master's Mates, Robert B. Smith

and F. P. Haskell.
Engineers : Acting Second Assistants, Wm.

G. McLane, David R. Wylie and J. L.

De Mott ; Acting Third Assistants, F. W.

Morris, Jr., and Arthur O'Brien.

EMMA, (4tli rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, J. JI. Wil-



Acting Ensigns, C. Zimmerman, D. S. Bee-
tle, J. S. Sampson, and J. C. TuUer.

Acting Master's Mate, R. P. Herrick.

Acting Assistant Surgeon, George Doig.

Acting Assistant Paymaster, C. H. Ham-

Ensigns: Acting Second Assistant, E.Barry;
Acting Third Assistants, A. L. Churchill,
J. C. Smith, R. H. Ryan, J. W. Grant,
and J. N. Wells.

TRI3TAM SHANDT, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, F. M. Green.
Acting Ensigns, Benjamin Wood, James H.

Nash, Thomas M. Smith, S. T. Deaderer

and John Owens.
Acting Master's Mates, Puobert Clifford,

Maurice Wagg, and Frank T. Baldwin.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, F. R. Stow.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, W. W.

Whiting ; Acting Second Assistants, W.

H. Pratt, and H. W. Miller ; Acting Third

Assistants, Richard Wareham, Thomas

Peuting, William Glading, and Thomas


MOTJNT VERNON, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, James Fra-

Acting Master, E. W. White.

Acting Ensigns, Francis M. Paine, Charles
G. Walstrom, Henry F. Clevirly and
Jason Ryon.

Acting Assistant Surgeon, William H. Ben-

Acting Assistant Paymaster, Henry B

Acting Master's Mate, Henry Rogers.

Engineers : Acting Second Assistants, Jas.
PI. Horseford and Hugh S. Short ; Acting
Third Assistants, George Ducker and
William H. Smith.

BKiTTANiA, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Samuel Huse.
Acting Masters, J. S. Coney and S. J. White.
Acting Ensigns, A. J. Lowell and W. H.

Acting Assistant Surgeon, F. Niekerson.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, C. B. Culver.
Acting Master's Mates, R. L. M. Jones and

W. W. Reed.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistants, J.

Fernald and J. M. Barron ; Acting Third

Assistants, Wm. D. Butts, Samuel Dale,
and F. S. Andrews.

CEKES, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, H. H. Foster.

Acting Ensigns, T. S. Russell and Samuel

Acting Master's Mate, James R. Hopkins.
Engineers : Acting Third Assistants, John

A. Franks, William H. Touohton, and
Richard Fowler.

LITTLE ADA, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, S. P. Crafts.
Acting Ensign, J. T. Atkins.
Acting Master's Mates, W. H. Joseph and

G. W. Lade.
Engineers : Acting Second Assistant, W. H.

Johnson ; Acting Third Assistants, B.

Converse and J. R. Peterson.

WILDERNESS, (4th Tate.)

Acting Master, H. Arey.

Acting Ensigns, B. 0. Low, C. F. Hull, C.
E. P. Noyes, and E. S. McKeever.

Acting Assistant Paymaster, H. M. PiOgers.

Acting Master's Mate, William Phyffe.

Engineers : Acting Second Assistant, Pilch-
ard Anderson ; Acting Third Assistants,
E. A. Robinson, Walter Taylor, and
David Bodden.

NANSEMOND, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, James H. Porter.

Acting Ensigns, James B. Henderson, Wil-
liam Hunter, and Henry Waring.

Acting Assistant Paymaster, George Hud-
son, Jr.

Acting Master's Mate, Arthur K.. Brown.

Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, Ed-
ward Aspold; Acting Third Assistants,
Charles W. Goodwin, John T. Earle, and
Ed. A. Reilly.

MOCCASIN, (4th rate.)

Acting Ensign, James Brown.

Acting Master's Mates, Joseph Fuller, John

Foster, and John S. Sinclair.
Engineers : Acting Second Assistant, T. F.

Archer; Acting Third Assistants, C. H.

Wilson, William H. Garrecht, and William

B. Boyd.




Flag-officer, Samuel F. Du Pont.

Fleet Captain, Charles H. Davis.

Commander, C. P. R. Rodgers.

Lieutenants, Thomas G. Corben, John H.
Upshur, Stephen B. Luce, and E. 0. Mat-

Acting Lieutenant, John S. Barnes.

Acting Masters, S. W. Preston, R. H. Lam-
son, Louis KempfF, J. H. Rowland, J. P.
Robertson, T. Stiles, J. E. Rockwell, G.
W. Palmer, H. M. Gregory, William H.
West, and William A. West.

Surgeon, George Clymer.

Assistant Surgeons, James J. Magee, Ed-
ward M. Stiles, and James H. Hears.

Paymaster, John S. Gulick.

Chaplain, G. W. Dorrence.

Secretory, Alexander McKinley.

Chief Engineer, J. W. King.

First Assistant Engineer, R. W. MoCleery.

Second Assistant Engineers, F. J. Loveriiig
and T. A. Stevens.

Third Assistant Engineers, P. H. Voor-
hees, H. H. Molony, William C. William-
eon, and Hillery Missiner.

Midshipmen, James Wallace, M. L. John-
son, P. W. Lowry, and Frederick Pear-

Flag Officer's Clerk, L. C. Styles.

Captain's Clerk, L. B. Blydenberg.

Online LibraryLewis Randolph HamerslyThe records of living officers of the U. S. navy and Marine corps: with a history of naval operations during the rebellion of 1861-5, and a list of the ships and officers participating in the great battles → online text (page 38 of 42)