Lewis Randolph Hamersly.

The records of living officers of the U. S. navy and Marine corps: with a history of naval operations during the rebellion of 1861-5, and a list of the ships and officers participating in the great battles online

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Online LibraryLewis Randolph HamerslyThe records of living officers of the U. S. navy and Marine corps: with a history of naval operations during the rebellion of 1861-5, and a list of the ships and officers participating in the great battles → online text (page 42 of 42)
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Guliok, J. S Paymaster 212

Gunnell, F. M Surgeon 197

Haggerty, F. S Captain 88

Hamilton, Jas. F Paymaster 222

Handy, Robert iCojnmodore 66

Harlan, B Surgeon 191

Harmony, D. B Commander 114

Harrell, A. D Captain 89

Harrington, P. F Lt. Commander 179

Harris, J. Jr Lt. Commander 173

Harris, J. G Paymaster 211

Harris T. C Commander 104

Harrison, N. B Captain 79

Harwood, A. H Rear Admiral 25

Hassler, C. W Paymaster 217

Haswell, G. K Lt. Commander 172

Hatfield, C Lt. Commander 142

Haxtun, M Commander 122

Haycock, S. B 1st Lt. M. C 254

Haywood, G. W Lt. Commander 159

Hebb, CD Captain M. C 244

Heiskell, H. M Paymaster 210

Hendee, George E Paymaster 225

Henderson A Surgeon 194

Henderson, Alex Chief Engineer 232

Hendrickson, W. W Lt. Commander.. ..177

Henry, E. W Commander 137

Heywood, C Captain M. 245

Hibbert, S. D Chief Engineer 232

Higbce, J. H Captain M. C 247

Higginson, F. J Lt. Commander.. ..164

Hiland, Thomas Surgeon 209

Hinman, F. H Paymaster 221

Hitchcock, R. B Commodore 53

Hoebling, A. A Surgeon 208

Hoff, Henry K Rear Admiral 27

HofF, Wm. B Lt. Commander.. ..179

Hooker, E Lt. Commander.. ..184

Hopkins, Alfred Lt. Commander.. ..138

Hopkins, W. E Commander 93

Herd, W. T Surgeon 200

Horwitz, P. J Surgeon 197

Houston, G. P Captain M. C 248

Howell, John A Lt. Commander. ...148

Howell, J. C Captain 67

Howison, H. L Lt. Commander. ...149

Hoy, Jas Paymaster 219

Hudson, A Surgeon 205

Hughes, A. K Captain 81

Hull, Jos. B Commodore 45

Hunt, T. A. Commodore 54

Hunt, W. H Chief Engineer 237

Hunter, Chas Captain 86

Huntington, C. L Lt. Commander.... 163

Huntington, R.W Captain M. C 248

Inch, P Chief Engineer 239

Inman, Wm Commodore 44

Irving, W Paymaster 215

Irwin, John Commander 115

Isherwood, B. F Chief Engineer 227

Jackson, C, C, Paymaster 213

Jackson, C. H Commodore 49

Jackson, S Surgeon 193

Jamesson, Wm Commodore 43

Jarvis, Jos. B Commodore 44

Jeffers, W. N Comm.ander 94

Jenkins, T. A Commodore 33

Jewell, T. F Lt. Commander.. ..187

Johnson, A, W Commander 124

Johnson, G. B Chief Engineer.... 234

Johnson, Henry L Lt. Commander.. ..166

Johnson, J Chief Engineer 239

Johnson, M. L Lt. Commander.. ..173

Johnson, P. C, Jr Commander 124

Johnson, W. B. Jr Surgeon 201

Jones, J. H Lt. Colonel M. C...242

Jones, T.J Chief Eogineer 237

Jouett, James E Commander 108

Kane, T. F Lt. Coramanrler....l51

Kautz, A Lt. Ciim'.aaii'ler....l60

Kellogg, A. G Lt. Commander.. ..178

Kellogg, E. N Lt. CuuiUiaiider....l70

Kellogg, M Chief Eujiaeer 236

KempfT, L ....Lt. Cuiniuarider....l63

Kennedy, C. W Lt. Cc!mmandcr....lS6

Kennedy, S. D Surgeon 206

Kennett, J. C Lt. CHmm.i.uaer....l88

Kenny, A. J P.aymasler 219

Kidder, B. H Surgeon 208

Kiersted, A. J Cliief Enginetr....236

Kilty, Aug. H Commudore 51

Kimball, J. B Chief Engineer 234

Kimberly, L. A Comm.mder Ill

Kindleberger, D Surgeon 203

King, J. W Chief Eugiofter 228

King, W. W Surgeon 202

Kintzing,M. B Colonel M. C 242

Kirkland, Wm. A Corauiaoder 130

Kitchen, J. S Surgeon 20O

Knight, J. S Suvgt-on 207

Knox, Samuel B CiipLain 87

Kutz, G. F Chief Engineer. ...236

Ijamberton, B. P Lt. Cnmmnnder....l89

Lamdin, W. J Cliief Engineer 234

Lanier, Edmund Captain 87

Lanman, Joseph Rear Admiial 18

Lansdalo, P Surgeon 196




Lardner, Jas, L Rear Admiral 26

Latimer, Wm. K Commodore 43

Law, K. L Commander 120

Lawton, A Chief Engineer 230

Lawton, E Chief Engineer 228

Leaoh, T. "IV Surgeon 202

Lee, S. P Commodore 29

LeBoy, W. E Captain 62

Lewis, James Major M. 244

Lewis, R. P. R Commander 123

Lisle, R.P Paymaster 223

Livingston, J. W Commodore 62

Lockwood, Samuel Commodore 60

Long, J. H Chief Engineer 239

Looker, T. H Paymaster 212

Loring, C. H Chief Engineer 231

Low, W. W Commander 101

LowlDor, W Surgeon 197

Lowndes, Charles Commodore 47

Lowry, Francis Captain 87

Lowry, H. B Captain M. C 249

Lowry, R. B Commander 100

Luce, S. B Commander 106

Ludlow, N Lt. Commander ISO

Lull, E. P Lt. Commander 139

Lynch, D Captain 86

Lyon, a. A Paymaster 220

Maccoun, R T Surgeon 196

Maclay, William W Lt. Commander 175

Macomb, D. B Chief Engineer.,. ...232

Macomb, W. H Captain 61

Madigan, John Commander 97

Maddox,W. A. T Captain M.C 241

Magaw, Samuel Commander 135

Mahan, A. T Commander 160

Manley, H. D. H Lt. Commander.. ..155

MarchanJ, J. B Commodore 34

Maroy, W. G Piiymaster 212

Marin, M.C Captain 88

Martin, Charles Surgeon 197

Martin, G. R Paymaster 221

Marston, John Commodore 47

Marvin, Joseph D Lt. Commander 153

Master, T. C Paymaster 217

Mathews, E. Lt. Commander 139

Mathews, B. S Surgeon 207

Maulsby, G , Surgeon 192

May, E Paymaster 216

Mayo, H. Surgeon 196

Mayo, W, K Commander 107

MoCalla, B. H Lt. Commander 1S6

MoCann, William P Commander 128

McCarty, S. A Lt. Commander 165

McCaulcy, E. Y Commander 121

McCawloy, C. G Lt. Colonel M. C.,.243

McClellan, J Surgeon 193

MoCook, R. S Lt. Commander.. ..162

McCormick, A. H Lt. Commander,. ..166

MeCrea, B. P Commander 129

McDonough, C. S Captain 90

MoDougal, 0. J Lt. Commander 1 13 D. D Commodore 42

MoElmcll, J Chief Engineer 238

McFjrland, John Lt. Commander.. ..104

MoGlensey, John P Lt. Commander.. ..161

McGregor, Charles Lt. Commander.. ..173

McKean, W. B Captain M. C 249

McKiustry, J. P Commodore 67

McMaster, James Surgeon 203

MoNair, A. R Lt. Commander. ,..155

McNair, F. V Lt. Conlmander....l46

Mead, G. L Paymaster. 226

Meade, H. M Paymaster 223

Meade, R. L First Lieut. M. C..251

Meade, R.W Captain 82

Meade, R. W., Jr Commander 130

Meeker, B. P First Lieut. M. C... 253

Merriman, E. C Lt. Commander.. ..161

Messersmith, J. S Surgeon 194

Middleton, B Commodore 41

Miller, J. D Surgeon 192

Miller, Joseph N Lt. Commander 138

Miller, M Lt. Commander 109

Mitchell, A. N Lt. Commander 164

Mitchell, William Commander 134

Moeller, B. J Captain 84

Montgomery, J. B Rear Admiral 22

Moore, J. W, Chief Engineer 235

Morris, P Lt. Commander.. ..182

Morris, G. U Commander Ill

Muldaur, A. W Lt. Coromaniler....lS5, D. W Lt. Commiiiidor....l83

Mullan, H. E Lt. Commander.. ..160

Mullany, J. R. M Captain 63

Munroe, F Captain M. C 247

Murray, A Captain 65

Murray, J. D Paymaster 214

Murray, W. B First Lieut. M. C..255

Muse, William S First Lieut. M. C..264

Naile, F. J Lt. Commander 109

Nelson, H. C Surgeon 204

Newell, H Chief Engineer 230

Nichols, B. T Captain 08

Nichols, S. W Lt. Commander 163

Nicholson, A. S Major M. C 241

Nicholson, J. W. A Captain 73

Nicholson, S Commander 92

Nicholson, Wm. C Commodnre 46

Niles, Marston Lt. Commander 176

Nokes, N. L 1st Lt. M. C 251

Norton, C. S Lt. Commander 140

Oberly, A. S Surgeon... 207

O'Kane, James Lt. Commander 153

O'Niel, Charles Lt. Commander 185

Owen, E. K Commander 115

P.almer,J.C Surgeon 191

Parker, F Paymaster 219

Parker, F. A Captain 70

Parker, Win. H Captain M. C 248

PaiTOtt, K. G Captain 60

Patterson. T Captain 67

Paltison T Commander 94

P.aulding, Hiram Rear Admiral 21

Pearce, Samuel Captain 89

Pearson, P Lt. Commander 169

Peek, George вАЮ. Surgeon 199

Pendergrast, A Commander 127

Pennock, A. M Commodore 39

Perkins, Geo. H Lt. Comm.ander 143

Perry, M. C Captain 89

Perry, Ruger Captain 84

Phelps, Thos. S Commander 96

Phillip, J. W Lt. Commander 159

Pbythian, R.L Lt. Commander 141




Piokering, C. W Captain S3

Picking, H. F Lt. Commander 159

Pinkncy, N Surgeon 191

Poor, C. H Rear Admival...*;. 19

Pope, John Commodore 48

Pope, P. C 1st Lt. IVI. C 250

Porter, D. D Vice Admiral 9

Potter, B. E Commander 1,31

Potter, F. E Surgeon 206

Potter, T. M Surgeon 194

Powell, L.M Eear Admiral 24

Preble, B. E Lt. Commander 172

Preble, G. H Captain 76

Price, Cicero Commodore 57

Pritohard, A. J Paymaster 219

Pritchett, J. M Lt. Commander 144

Purviance, H. Y Commodure 60

Putnam, B Paymaster 220

Quaekenbush, S. P Commander 99

Queen, W. W Commander 109

Radford, William Rear Admiral 15

Ramsay, F. M Commander 120

Ransom, G-. M Commander 91

Read, J.J Lt. Commander 170

Reed, A. V Lt. Commander 148

Reid, G. C 1st Lt. M. C 256

Remey, G. C Lt. Commander 150

Remey, W. B 1st Lt.M. C 251

Rensbaw, E. T Captain 80

Eeynolda, Williams Captain 60

Kbind, A. C Commander 90

Rboades, A. C. Surgeon 205

Ritchie, Robert..... Commodore 47

Rittenhouse, J. B Paymaster 210

Robertson, <I. P Lt. Commander 162

Robeson, H. B Lt. Commander 154

Robie, E. D Chief Engineer 233

Robinson, E. R 1st Lt. M. C 256

Robinson, S Surgeon 204

Rodgers, C. R. P Captain 63

Rodgers, Frederick Lt. Commander 160

Rodgers, John Commodore 27

Rodney, R. B Paymaster 226

Roe, F. A Commander 102

RonckendorfF, AVm Captain 75

Rowan, S. C Rear Admiral 16

Rowland, J. H Lt. Commander.. ..162

Radenstein, J Surgeon 196

Rumsey, H. B Lt. Commander., ..171

Ruschenberger, S. W....Surgeon 190

Russell, A. W Paymaster 214

Russell, J. H Commauder 123

Rutherford, W. H Chief Engineer 236

Ryan, George P Lt. Commander 158

Saltmarsh, B. C 1st Lt. M. C 252

Sampson, Wm.T Lt. Commander.. ..157

Sanders, M. W Lt. Commander.. ..107

Sands, B. F Commodore 35

Sands, James H Lt. Commander.. ..178

Sands, Joshua R Rear Admiral 23

Sarton, L. C Captain 74

Schenck, Caspar Paymaster 218

Sohenok, J. F Commodore 64

Sohermerhom, J Captain M. C 245

Schley, W. S Lt. Commander.. ..157

Schmitz, Charles F Lt. Commander., .,137

Sohofleld, W, K Surgeon 206

Schoonmaker, C. M Lt. Commander.. ,.152

Schoulor, John Lt. Commiinder....l89

Scott, G. H Commodore 41

Seely, H. B Lt. Commander.. ..145

Selfridge, T. Commodore 148

Selfridge, T. Lt. Commander 137

Sommes, A. A Commander 106

Sewell, George Chief Engineer 227

Shaw, T. D Commodore 50

Sheppard, E. M Lt. Commander.. ..173

Sherman, C. L 1st Lt. M. C 253

Shippen, E Surgeon 198

Shirk, James W Commander 119

Shirley, Paul Commander 93

Shock, T. A Chief Engineer 231

Shook, W. H Chief Eogineer 227

Shubrick, Wm. B Rear Admiral 19

Shufeldt, R. W Commander 90,

Sicard, M Lt. Comm.ander 139

Sigsby, Charles D Lt. Commander 182

Simpson, E Commander 94

Skerrett, Joseph S Commander 126

Slack, W. B Major, M. C 240

Smith, B. P Lt. Commander ....152

Smith, F. R Lt. Commander.. ..,162

Smith, Joseph Rear Admiral. 20

Smith, J. A Paymaster..... 217

Smith, Melancthon Commodore 31

Smith, William Commodore 51

Snell, A. T Lt. Commander 157

Spalding, R. C Paymaster 215

Spear, J. C Surgeon 204

Spioer, W. F Commander 92

Spotts, J. H Captain 72

Stamm, W. S Chief Engineer 233

Stanly, F Captain 61

Stanton, 0. F Commander 128

Stedman, B. M Lt. Commander 188

Steedman, C Commodore 35

Stembel, R. N Captain 62

Stevens, .George A Commander 134

Stevens, T. H Captain -. 66

Stevenson, J. H Paymaster 225

Stewart, E .Paymaster 217

Stewart, H.H... Chief Engineer 229

Stewart, W. F Lt. Commander 168

Stillman, Charles A Captain M. C 249

Stirling, T Lt. Commander 178

Stone, E.B Commander 109

Stribling, Corn. K Rear Admiral 22

Stringham, S. H Rear Admiral 20

Strong, J. H Captain 58

Studdards, J Surgeon 198

Sumner, G. W Lt. Commander 165

Swan, F. H Paymaster 223

Swann, T. L Lt. Commander 154

Swift, Jonathan W Commodore 52

Tallman, Henry C Lt. Commander 165

Taylor, Alfred Commodore 37

Taylor, A. S First Lt. M. C 255

Taylor, B. B Commander 128

Taylor, H. C Lt. Commander 176

Taylor, J. W Surgeon 193

Taylor, J. T Surgeon 199

Taylor, William B Surgeon 203

Tayloi-, W. R Commodore 34

Temple, William G Commander 95



Terry, B Lt. Commander 144

Terry. S. W Lt. Commander 168

Thatcher, H. K Rear Admiral 26

Thomas, Charles Captain 86

Thompson, C. P.. Paymaster 222

Thompson, Egbert Captain , 76

Thompson, Bdw. R Commodore 66

Thompson, Sr. J. W Chief Engineer 237

Thornton, 6. E Paymaster 216

Thornton, J. S Commander 108

TiltoD, MoLane Captain M .C 2i7

Tinkbam, J. A Surgeon 205

ToUree, J. B Paymaster 222

Torhert, William P. A...Paymaster 224

Totten, Benjamin J Commodore 63

Tracy, C. W Lt. Commander 172

Trenchard, S. D Captain 64

Tru-xtun, W. T Commander 107

Tullock, Jr., T. L Paymaster 225

Turner, Peter Commodore 63

Turner, Thomas Rear Admiral 18

Turner, T. J Surgeon 199

Tuttlu, H. P Paymaster 221

Upshur, J. H Commander 101

Van Reypen, W. R Surgeon.


Wadleigh, G. H Lt. Commander 176

Wait, H. L Paymaster 220

Wales, P. S Surgeon 201

Walke, Henry Commodore 32

Walker, E. A Lt. Commander 166

Walker, J. G Commander 119

Wallace, R. R Lt. Commander.. ..142

Wallace, William First Lt. M. C 252

Wallaoh, C. P Paymaster 216

Walton, T. C Surgeon 209

Washburn, J. H First Lt. M. C 254

Washington, R Paymaster 216

Watmough, J. H Paymaster 210

Watmough, W.N Paymaster 221

Watson, J. C Lt. Commander 154

Watson, James M Commodore 52

Watters, John Commander 124

Weaver, A. W Commander 116

Webster, F. D First Lt. M. C 255

Weidman, John Lt. Commander.. ..161

Welles, G. M First Lt. M. C 263

Wells, C. H Commander 98

Wells, H. M Surgeon

Werden, Reed Captain ,

West, N. T Commander

West, William C Commander

Wescott, B. N Commander

Whiirton, B. B. H Chief Engineer

Wheeler W. K Lt. Conanin.nder....

White, George B Lt. Commander....

White, George M Captain

White, H. C Lt. CommiLnder....

Whitehead, William Lt. Coxntnander....

Whiring, W. D Commander

Whiting, William B Captain

Whiting, W. H Lt. Commander....

Whittaker, J. W Chief Engineer

Wilde, G. F. F Lt. Commander....

Wildes, F Lt. Commaudrtr....

Wiley, James Captain M. C '.

Wilkes, Charles Rear Admiral

Williams, C. P First Lt. M. C

Williams, E. P Commander

Williams, L. J Surgeon

Williams, W. W Paymaster

Williamson, J, C Captain

Williamson, T Chief Engineer

Wilson, Byron Lt. Commander

Wilson, Henry Commander

Wilson, J Surgeon

Wiltse, G. C Lt. Commander

Winslow, J. A Commodore

Wise, William C Lt. Commander..,.

Wood, George W Lt. Commander....

Wood, W. M Surgeon

Wood, W. W. W Chief Engineer '

Woodrow, D. C Lt. Commander....!

Woodward, E. T Lt. Commander....!

Woolsey, M. B Captain

Woolverton, T Surgeon '.

Worden, J. L Commodore

Wright, A. H Lt. Commander....!

Wyman, R. H Captain

Yates, A. R Lt. Commander.,,,'

Young, A. B First Lt. M. C :

Young, Jonathan Commander :

Young, John J Commodore

Zeilin, J Bg. Gen. M. C...

Zeller, Theo Chief Engineer..

Zeigler, J. Q. A Chief Engineer..


Online LibraryLewis Randolph HamerslyThe records of living officers of the U. S. navy and Marine corps: with a history of naval operations during the rebellion of 1861-5, and a list of the ships and officers participating in the great battles → online text (page 42 of 42)