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with reference from
Knights templars (Monastic and military order)

2. Modern orders.

Order of the Garter, Legion d'honneur, Elefantordenen, with refer-
ences under the significant words of the name or from other forms.

3. Masonic bodies.

(See the amplified rule for Freemasons, p. 68-71)

4. American secret societies are preferably to be entered under
that part of the name by which they are commonly known.

Elks, Benevolent and protective order of.
Moose, Loyal order of.

8. Alumni associations. Enter alumni associations under the
name of the school, college or university. (A. L. A. 75) *

Yale university. Society of the alumni

with reference from

Society of the alumni of Yale university.
Pennsylvania college, Gettysburg. Alumni association

with reference from

Alumni association of Pennsylvania college.
Smith college. Alumnae association

with reference from
Alumnae association of Smith college.

Paris. Ecole commerciale. Association des anciens cleves

with reference from
Association des anciens eleves de l'cole commerciale de Paris.



9. Local college or university societies. Enter local college so-
cieties under the name of the college. (A. L. A. 76)

Columbia university. Philolexian society

with reference from
Philolexian society, Columbia university.

10. Gilds. Enter gilds under the name of the city, with the
name of the company as subheading. (A. L. A. 77)

London. Merchant taylor's company

with reference from
Merchant taylor's company, London.

Dunfermline, Scot. Weavers' incorporation

7xrt//i reference from
Weavers' incorporation, Dunfermline.
Sheffield, Eng. Cutlers' company

with reference from
Cutlers' company, Sheffield.

11. Learned academies whose names begin with E. K., B., I.,
etc. Enter learned academies under the first word not an article
or an adjective expressing royal privilege, etc. (K. K., R., I., etc.)
Abbreviate at the beginning of the names the words Kaiserlich,
Koniglich, Reale, Imperiale, etc., except where these adjectives
form the distinguishing part of the name, and disregard the ab-
breviations in the arrangement. (A. L. A. 78)

"> The words Royal, Imperial, etc., -in the names of English societies are
not to be abbreviated or disregarded in arrangement. *r f\u* 441^-

K. Akademie der wissenschaften, Berlin* <$- ****-

with references from
Konigliche akademie der wissenschaften, Berlin.
Berlin. K. Akademie der wissenschaften.

In the references, the abbreviations are omitted from the heading re- \ f

ferred to,*V. g. Konigliche akademie der wissenschaften, Berlin, see I 1^

Akademie der wissenschaften, Berlin; Berlin. K. Akademie der wissen- I **

schaften see Akademie der wissenschaften, Berlin (main heading is K. /
Akademie, etc.) ^ /k*e<w*. /'*" ^ fatSJT. '? A*u#*e<tj '.

K. K. Geographische gesellschaft in Wien

with references from

Kaiserlich konigliche geographische gesellschaft in Wien.
Vienna. K. K. Geographische gesellschaft.
I. R. Accademia di scienze, lettere ed arti degli agiati in Rovereto

with references from
Imperiale regia accademia di scienze, lettere ed arti degli agiati in

I. Regia accademia di scienze', lettere ed arti degli agiati in


Rovereto. I. R. Accademia di scienze, lettere ed arti degli agiati.
Royal society of Edinburgh

with reference from
Edinburgh. Royal society.

*Recent changes in the names of many societies came too late to be noted
in the examples quoted.


12. Affiliated societies. Enter locaLbranches of affiliated socie-
ties under the name of the general organization when this forms
part of the name of the local society. On the other hand, local
branches having individual names which do not include the name
of the general organization are to be entered as independent bod-
ies according to the regular rule for societies, with a reference
from the name of the general organization. (A. L. A. 79)

Archaeological institute of America. Washington society
with references from

Archaeological society of Washington.

Washington society of the Archaeological institute of America.
Daughters of the American revolution. Massachusetts. Col. Tim-

othy Bigelow chapter, Worcester.

Norumbega women's club, Charlestown, Mass, (not General fed-

eration of women's clubs. Norumbega women's club, Charlestown,


13. Religious denominations, orders, f Enter the official publi-
cations of a religious denomination or order, i. e. confessions of
faith, creeds, catechisms, liturgies, breviaries, missals, hours, of-
fices, prayer-books, etc., under the name of the denomination or
order. (A. L. A. 80; cf. Eclectic, 195 ; Cutter, 59. cf. also rule
42, Conventions, conferences) , - ,

Church of England. Book of common prayer. ,

Catholic church. Ijiturgy and ritual. Breviary.

14. Political parties. Enter official publications (platforms.
proceedings, manifestoes, campaign books, etc.) of political par-
ties under the name of the party. (A. L. A. 81 ; cf. Eclectic, 195 ;
Cutter, 59. cf. also rule 42, Conventions, conferences)

Democratic party. National convention, Chicago, 1884.

Official proceedings of the National Democratic convention held
in Chicago, 111., July 8th, 9th, 10th and llth, 1884 ...

Republican party. New York (State) 6th congressional district.

Proceedings of the Republican and Union convention for the
Sixth congressional district, held at Bleecker buildings, Oct. 14,
1862 ...

The publications of the Republican and Democratic congressional com-
mittees are to be entered under the names of these committees, not under
the parties.

Republican congressional committee, 1901-1903.

fTh'e recataloguing of class B, pt. 2, Religion and theology, which has
not been begun systematically at ihis date, will probably call for much
specification and some modification in the treatment of the headings repre-
senting religious bodies. Foreign (national) churches not known under an
authorized or generally accepted English equivalent of the name will be
entered under their official vernacular name preferably in its simplest
form. Supplementary rules of practice and illustrations will be issued
when the matter has matured sufficiently.

C/f fV, iA^XUut/ t*v"Kr i*

lu i* Hi


(cf. A. L. A. rules, 1908, 82-99)

Specification. This includes colleges, universities, schools, libra-
ries, mercantile libraries, museums, galleries, observatories, labo-
ratories, churches, cemeteries, monasteries, convents, hospitals,
asylums, prisons, theaters, chambers of commerce, stock ex-
changes, boards of trade, botanical and zoological gardens, build-
ings, etc.

15. General rule. Enter an institution under the name of the

.. /AT A 0-^\

place in which it is located. (A. L. A. oZ)


Boston. Public library.
Manila. Ateneo

with reference from
Ateneo de Manila.
Philadelphia. Children's hospital

with reference from
Children's hospital of Philadelphia.
Paris. Musee national du Louvre

with references from

Musee national du Louvre, Paris. i A

Louvre, Musde national du, Paris. t-tu**^, **vfj_

Exceptions, and special rules for particular classes of institutions.

16. Institutions of the United States or of the British Empire
whose names begin with a proper noun or adjective. Enter an
institution of the United States or of the British Empire, whose
name begins with a proper noun or adjective under the first
word of its name, and refer from the place where it is located.
(ATTTA. 83)

Harvard university

with reference from
Cambridge, Mass. Harvard university.
Corcoran gallery of art, Washington, D. G.

with references from
Corcoran art gallery, Washington. D. C.
Washington, D. C. Corcoran gallery of art.
Enoch Pratt free library, Baltimore

with references from
Baltimore. Enoch Pratt free library,
Pratt free library, Baltimore.
John Crerar library, Chicago

with references from
Chicago. John Crerar library.
Crerar library, Chicago.
Smithsonian institution
with reference from

Washington, D. C. Smithsonian institution.
Boston athenaeum.

39491 29 2


British museum

with reference from
London. British museum.
Norwich castle museum, Norwich, Eng.

with references from
Norwich, Eng. Norwich castle museum.
Norwich, Eng. Castle museum.
Auckland university college.
Bristol museum and art gallery, Bristol, Eng.

with reference from
Bristol, Eng. Museum and art gallery.
Smiley public library, Redlands, Calif.

with references from

A. K. Smiley public library, Redlands, Calif.
Redlands, Calif. A. K. Smiley public library.
Redlands, Calif. Smiley public library.

II II P*C*c JL+4r*i*A*j

Colleges and other institutions named after Luther may be regarded as
a group. The official names vary: Luther college, Martin Luther college,
Dr. Martin Luther college. To the public outside of the community where
they are located the distinction is scarcely known. For practical reasons,
therefore, they may well be entered under the conventional form of name:
Luther college, followed by name of place, with references from the official


Luther college, New Vim, Minn.

ivith references from
Dr. Martin Luther college.
Martin Luther college.
New Ulm, Minn. Dr. Martin Luther college.

17. Foreign institutions whose names begin with a proper noun
or adjective. Enter a foreign institution whose name begins with
a proper noun or adjective under the name of the place where it
is located. (A. L. A. 83) ""

Cologne. Rautenstrauch-Joest museum

with references from
Rautenstrauch-Joest museum, Cologne.
Joest museum, Cologne.

Frankfurt am Main. Stadelsches kunstinstitut

with reference from
. Stadelsches kunstinstitut, Frankfurt am Main.

Abo, Finland. Stads historiska museum

with reference from
Abo stads historiska museum.
Nuremberg. Bayerisches gewerbemuseum

with reference from

Bayerisches gewerbemuseum, Nuremberg.
Nuremberg. Germanisches nationalmuseum

with reference from

Germanisches nationalmuseum, Nuremberg.
Vienna. Suppen- und thee anstalt

with references from

Vienna. Wiener stippen- und thee anstalt.
Wiener suppen- und thee anstalt.

Exceptions may be made occasionally in favor of entry under actual


Bergens museum, Bergen, Norway.
Tromsd museum, Tromtt, Norway.


18. Chambers of commerce, stock, produce, and other exchanges,
and boards of trade. Enter national chambers of commerce under
the name. Enter local chambers ^Fcommerce. stock, produce,
and other exchanges, and boards of trade under the place.

Chamber of commerce of the United States of America.
American chamber of commerce in Paris.
Swedish chamber of commerce in New York.
London. Chamber of commerce.
Amsterdam. Kamer van koophandel en fabrieken.
Montreal. Stock exchange.
Washington, D. C. Stock exchange
with reference from

Washington stock exchange, Washington, D. C.
Salt Lake City. Stock and mining exchange
with reference from

Salt Lake stock and mining exchange.
Boston. Board of trade.
Lowell, Mass. Board of trade.
Vienna. Borse.

with references from

Wiener borse.

Vienna. Wiener borse.

19. Colleges or professional schools of a university. Enter the
colleges of a British university and the professional schools which
form an integral part of an American university under the name
of the university, with the name of the college or school as sub-
heading. Refer from the name of the college or school. (A. L. A.

Oxford. University. Balliol college. # *f~ faj+C 1*+
Yale university. Sheffield scientific school. 7

Cornell university. Siblcy college of mechanical engineering andl
the mechanic arts.

professional schools whose names begin with 3 proper nourj or adjective,
maV_B_fl efltered under their own names, particularly if they are situated at
a distance from the university ot which they form a part, have merely a
nominal connection with it, or for other reasons are unlikely to be looked
for under its name. Cases in point are some of the American schools
which, originally independent, have later affiliated with or become depart-
ments of a university.

St. Ignatius college, Chicago

with reference from
St. Louis university.

20. College or university institutions. Enter college and uni-
versity libraries, museums, laboratories, observatories, hospitals,
shops, and similar institutions under the name of the college or
university.* (A. L. A. 85)

Paris. Universite. Bibliotfyeque.

Columbia university. Observatory.

Harvard university. Peabody museum of American archaeology

and ethnology.

Chicago. University. Hull physiological laboratory.
Berlin. Universitat. Institut fiir meereskunde.

v (


21. Public schools. Enter all schools jsupported by taxation un-
der the name of the place and refer from the name of the school.
CA. "L. A. 86)

New York. Morris high school

with reference from
Morris high school, New York.
Minneapolis. Lincoln school

with reference from
Lincoln school, Minneapolis.
Paris. Lycee Janson-de-Sailly

with references from
Lycee Janson-de-Sailly, Paris.
Janson-de-Sailly, Lycee, Paris.
Leipzig. Thomasschule
with reference from
Thomasschule, Leipzig.
Edinburgh. Sciennes school

with reference from
Sciennes school, Edinburgh.

22. Private schools.

a. Enter American and British private schools under the name
when this begins with a proper noun or adjective, otherwise un-
der the place. (A. L,. A. 87)

Balliol school, Utica, N. Y.

Copeland school, Saratoga Springs, N. Y.

Washington, D. C. National cathedral school for girls

with references from

Cathedral school for girls, Washington, D. C.
National cathedral school for girls, Washington, D. C.

When a school is known only by the name of the proprietor,
enter under his name.

Chesborough, A. J., school.

b. Enter foreign private schools under the place where located,
with reference from the name of the school or the proprietor.

Christiania. Nissens skole

with reference from
Nissens skole, Christiania.
Milan. Istituto private Robiati

with reference from _

Robiati, Ambrogio.

23. Indian schools (IT. S.) Enter Indian schools of the U. S.
Indian service and denominational and private schools which re-
ceive government support, under the name of the place where
located. Refer from the name of the school. For information
and lists of schools cf. reports of the commissioner of Indian
affairs. (A. L. A. 88)

Carlisle, Pa. United States Indian school.
Pipestone, Minn. Indian training schooL
Phoenix, Ariz. United States Indian industrial school.
Morris, Minn. Indian school.


Private Indian schools not a part of the U. S. Indian service
and not receiving government support are to be entered accord-
ing to the general rule for Private schools (22) ts>~i

t i-fi Cf- -.

24. Private collections.

a. Enter catalogues, lists, etc.. of private collections (libraries,
art glHTelrfes^ numismatic cabinets, stamp collections, etc.) under
the name of the owner of the collection, with added entry under
tHe name of the author (compiler) of the work, and under place
when known also by the latter. (A. L. A. 89)

Walters, William Thompson. Oriental collection of W. T. Walters,

65 Mt. Vernon place, Baltimore.
Brinley, George. Catalogue of the American library of the late

George Brinley. (By Dr. James Hammond Trumbullj
Added entry: Trumbull, James Hammond.

b. When a private collection has passed into the possession of
some institution, society, or other body,_entry for all g^bspgnent __

jmblicatipns is to be made under the name of that Ibody, with P$-
erenceTTFom~the name of the collection and the original collector.
Publications issued before the change of ownership are to have
added entry under the name of the institution or other body into
whose possession the collection has passed.

Boston. Public library. Prince collection *

with references from
Prince collection, Boston public library.
Prince, Thomas. :=. /" ., y t * - >

Victoria and Albert museum, South Kensington. Dyce collection

with references from ~. A,

Dyce collection, Victoria and Albert museum. tlc-C+*+*t<**' %J
Dyce, Alexander. - ^//^ *,*"-., *~ Srftc- , **+

25. National institutions. National institutions (often desig-
nated as Imperial, Royal, National, and the like) which include in
their names the name of the country, and therefore tend to be-
come better known by the name of the country than by that of the
place where they are located, are to be entered under the name
of the country. The name of the city or town is to be added in
the heading. In doubtful cases enter under the city or town.
(A. L. A. 90)

Peru. Biblioteca nacional, Lima

with reference from
Lima. Biblioteca nacional del Peru.

Victoria, Australia. Public library, museums and national gallery,

with reference from
Melbourne. Public library, museums and national gallery of

New South Wales. Public library, Sydney

with reference from
Sydney. Public library of New South Wales.

26. American state institutions. Enter American state insti-
tutions (universities, libraries, etc.) under the name of the state.
If the name of the institution begins with the name of the state.



that form is to be used without the insertion of the period ; if not,
the name of the state is to be followed by period, and the next
word is to be capitalized, denoting an inversion. (A. L,. A. 91)

California. University

with references from
University of California.
Berkeley, Calif. University of California.
Ohio state university, Columbus

with reference from
Columbus. Ohio state university.
Massachusetts. State library, Boston

with references from
State library of Massachusetts, Boston.
Boston. State library of Massachusetts.
Illinois. Asylum for insane criminals, Chester

with references from
Asylum for insane criminals, Chester, III.
Chester, 111. Asylum for insane criminals.

There are certain institutions which, although not strictly official, *. e.
maintained and controlled by the state, are, on account of their names,
most frequently looked for under the name of the state. These may best
be entered according to the above rule.

Pennsylvania. University

with reference from
University of Pennsylvania.

27. Agricultural experiment stations (TT. S.) Enter agricul-
tural experiment stations of the United States under the name of
the state or territory in which they are organized. Include in the
heading the name of the place where the station is located. Refer
from the university or college of which the station may form a
department, from the name of the station, if it is at all distinctive,
and from the name of the place where it is located. (A. L. A. 92)

New York. Agricultural experiment station, Geneva

with reference from

Geneva, N. Y. Agricultural experiment station.
New York. Agricultural experiment station, Ithaca

with references from

Cornell university. Agricultural- experiment station.
Ithaca, N. Y. Agricultural experiment station.
Porto Rico. Agricultural experiment station, Mayaguez

with reference from
Mayaguez, Porto Rico. Agricultural experiment station.

28. Universities, galleries, etc., called Imperial, Royal, etc. En-
jef universities, galleries, etc., called Imperial, Royal, National,
and the like, junderjthe name jpj^hg., place. .jyhgrejocated:,. The
adjective denoting royal privilege, etc., is to be abbreviated and
disregarded in arrangement, except in English names. The ad-
jective denoting a national body in Dutch names is not to be ab-
breviated. (A. L. A. 93) cf. 11, Learned academies (A. L. A.

Florence. R. Galleria degli Uffizi

with references from
Reale galleria degli Uffizi, Florence.
Uffizi, R. Galleria degli, Florence.


London. National gallery

with reference from
National gallery, London.

Amsterdam. K. Paleis

with references from
Koninklijk paleis, Amsterdam.
Amsterdam. Koninklijk paleis.


Leyden. Rijks museum van natuurlijke historic.
Leyden. Rijks universiteit.

The full corporate names of the universities of continental Europe are
little used even in official literature, and are hence practically unknown.
Entry is therefore made under the place followed by the simple form of
name in current use.

Christiania. Universitet
with, reference from

Kongelige Frederiks universitet, Christiania.
Heidelberg. Universitat
with reference from
Grossherzogliche Ruprecht-Karls universitat zu Heidelberg.

Kief. Universitet

with reference from
Imperatorsku universitet Sviatago Vladimira.

29. Observatories. ^Jjn|er observatories under the riame.of^the

place unless they form a part of a university, college, or other
institution, in which case they are to be treated according to rule
20. (A. L. A. 94, 85)

Greenwich, Eng. Royal observatory

with reference from
Royal observatory, Greenwich.

Paris. Observatoire

with references from
Observatoire de Paris.
Observatoire royal de Paris.
Observatoire imperial de Paris.
Kalocsa, Hungary. Haynald observatorium

with reference from
Haynald observatorium, Kalocsa, Hungary.

Wisconsin. University. Washburn observatory

with references from
Washburn observatory, Madison, Wis.
Madison, Wis. Washburn observatory.
Michigan. University. Detroit observatory

with references from
Detroit observatory, Ann Arbor, Mich.
Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit observatory.
Observatory of the University of Michigan.

Carnegie institution of Washington. Solar observatory, Mt. Wil-
son, Calif.

with references from

Solar observatory, Mt. Wilson, Calif. ^^f /* i ,-/

Wilson, Mt., Calif. Solar observatory. /

Exception may be made in case the observatory is much more likely to
be looked for under its own name than under that of the place or of the
institution of which it forms a part.


Lick observatory

with reference from

California. University. Lick observatory.
Allegheny observatory

with reference from
Allegheny, Pa. Western university of Pennsylvania. Allegheny

Yerkes observatory

with reference from
Chicago. University. Yerkes observatory.

30. Botanical and zoological gardens. JEnter botanical and zoo-
logical gardens under the name of the place where located, with
llic following exceptions:

1. When distinctly a part of some university or school enter
under the name of the university or school.

2. When owned or controlled by a society and constantly re-
ferred to by its name, enter under the society.

3. When private property, enter under the name of the owner
of the estate.

Botanical and zoological gardens whose names are preceded by
the titular designations Imperial, Royal, National, etc., are to be
entered according to this rule, even when supported wholly or in
part by public funds. (A. L. A: 95)

General rule.

Cincinnati. Zoological garden. I '

Brussels. Jardin botanique <Ttat. JtA, O
Eew. Royal gardens.

Exception 1.

Cambridge. University. Botanic garden.
Miinden. Forstakademie. Botanitcher garten.

Exception 2.

Royal society of Tasmania, Hobart. Garden*.
Zoological society of Philadelphia. Garden.
Zoological society of London. Gardens.

Exception 3.

Aksakov botanic garden.
Croome Court botanical garden.

31. Churches. Enter all churches under the name of the place.
(A. L. A. 96)

London. St. Paul's cathedral

with reference from
St. Paul's cathedral, London.
Paris. Notre-Dame (Cathedral)

with reference from
Notre-Dame de Paris.

Boston. Trinity church

with reference from
Trinity church, Boston.

32. Cemeteries. ..Enter local cemeteries under place. ity cem-
eteries located at a distance from the city, under the name of the


cemetery, adding the name of the city. Reports issued by ceme-
tery associations are to be entered under the name of the ceme-
tery, with reference from the name of the association.

Boston. South burying ground.

New York. Calvary cemetery.

New York cemetery of New Jersey, Hackensack.

Arlington, Va. National cemetery.

Fort Monroe, Va. National cemetery.

Mt. Auburn cemetery, Cambridge, Mass.

33. Hospitals and charitable institutions. (Supplementing
rules 15, 16, 31, and 34) Enter hospitals and charitable institu-
tions under the name of the place and refer from the name of trie
institution. (For exceptions cf. rules 25, National institutions;
26, American state institutions; 20, College or university institu-

Clinton, S. C. Thornwell orphanage

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