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Marian Morris Ohman. Microfilm.
© Mai'lan Morris Ohman; 15Au^4;
A5 67544.


Effects of dieldrin on reproduction
in raccoons. By John Edward Morris.
Microfilm. © John Edward Morris;
15Au^4; A567545.

A5 67546.

Distance protection of power trans-
mission lines by digital impedance
techniques. By. Ezra Earl Manes, Jr.
Microfilm. © Ezra Earl Manes, Jr.;
15Aug74; A567546.


Late quaternary paleoecology In the
southeastern Great Basin. By David
Brigham Madsen. Microfilm. © David
Brigham Madsen; 15Aug74; A567547.


A Critical edition of MS. Espagnol
507 of the Bibllotheque Nationale
(Paris): Renaissance Spanish poetry.
By Collen Lane McKechnie. Micro-
film. NM: Introd., critical notes,
indices & bibliography. © Collen
Lane McKechnie; 15Aug74; A567548.


An Integrated digital image process-
ing system (IDIPS) By William Donald
McFarland. Microfilm. © William
Donald McFarland; 15Au^4; A567549.

A5 67550.

Tests for normality using a charac-
terization of the normal distribution.
By Kendall Lee McDonald. Microfilm.
© Kendall Lee McDonald; 15Au^4;


Uses of the news media by the Chlcano
movement: a study in minority access.
By Francisco Jose Lewels, Jr. Micro-
film. © Francisco Jose Lewels, Jr.;
15Aug74; A567551-


A Critical edition of MS. Espagnol
371 of the Bibllotheque Nationale
(Paris): Spanish poetry of the
sixteenth century. By Linda Lebowltz
Lesack. Microfilm. © Linda Lebowltz
Lesack; 15Au^4; A567552.


Performance and market valuation of
managerial control. By Robert Bennett
Kerchner. Microfilm. © Robert Bennett
Kerohner; 15Aug74; A567555.


The German element on the urban
frontier: Saint Louis, I83O - i860.
By George Helmuth Kellner. Micro-
film. ® George Helmuth Kellner;
15Augi'4; A567554.

A5 67555.

The Communist issue in Missouri:
1946 - 1956. By Ronald Wayne Johnson.
Microfilm. © Ronald Wayne Johnson;
15Augi'4; A567555-


The Players: Edwin Booth's legacy to
American theatre. By Eugene James
Hooks. Microfilm. © Eugene James
Hooks; 15Au^4; A5e('556.

A5 67557.

Socio-economic patterns of non-
partisan political behavior in the
industrial metropolis: Saint Louis -
1895 to 1916. By Harry Dadlsman
Holmes. Microfilm. © Harry Dadlsman
Holmes; 15Aug?'4; A567557 .


The Teotihuacan ceramic chronology
early Tzacualli to early Tlamimilolpa
phases. By Evelyn Chllds Rattray.
Microfilm. © Evelyn Childs Rattray;
15Aug74; A567558.


Modern cultural orientation and the
adoption of "miracle rice" by the
Filipino farmer. By Guillermo De
Leon Valena. Microfilm. © Guillermo
De Leon Valena; 15Au^4; A567559.

A5 675 60 .

Temporal adjoining as an aspect of
linguistic development. By Donald
Fay Tlbblts. Microfilm. © Donald
Fay Tlbblts; 15Aug74; A567560.


Infusion studies of amino acid
nutrition in the ruminant. By
Robert Chl-mel Tao. Microfilm.
© Robert Chl-mel Tao; 15Aug74;


The Sources and aesthetics of modem
drama. By John Wilmot Somers. Micro-
film. © John Wilmot Somers; 15Au^4;


Republican leadership and the New
Deal coalition: Missouri Republican
politics, 1937 - 1952. By Thomas F.
Soapes. Microfilm. © Thomas F.
Scapes; 15Aug74; A567563.


Abu Bakr Muhammad Ibn Zakariya Al-
Razi on reason and nature. By Chere
Ardine Winnek Shawer. Microfilm.
© Chere Ardine Winnek Shawer; 15Aug74;


Francis Bernard and English imperial
reconstruction. By Aeilt E. Sents.
Microfilm. © Aeilt E. Sents; 15Au^4;


The Schools of the Church of God
(Holiness): a historical survey. By
Noel Wayne Scott. Microfilm. © Noel
Wayne Scott; 15Au^4; A567566.


Isolation and characterization of
tropoelastin from the copper deficient
chick aorta. By Louis Frederick
Roensch. Microfilm. © Louis
Frederick Roensch; 15Au^4; A567567.


Classifying dropouts using the
college autobiographical inventory.
By Linda Lou Robinson. Mlorofilra.
© Linda Lou Robinson; 15Aug74;


Education and society in ante-bellum
Missouri. By Ralph Edward Glauert.
Microfilm. © Ralph Edward Glauert;
15Aug74; A567569.


Transfer loss as experienced by
junior transfer students. By Donald
Allen Oatzke. Microfilm. © Donald
Allen Gatzke; 15Au^4; A56757O.

A5 67571.

The Fairness doctrine and product
advertising: the Banzhaf case. By
Dale Allen Gadd. Microfilm. © Dale
Allen Gadd; 15Au^4; A567571.


The Structural functions of rake
characters In Restoration comedy.
By David Michael Perrell. Micro-
film. © David Michael Ferrell;
15Au^4; A567572.

A5 67573.

The Effect of lease data on
predictive ability. By Al Richards
Elam. Microfilm. © Al Richards
Elam; 15Au^4; A567573 .


Griffins in post-Mlnoan Cretan art.
By Nancy Reed Eals . Microfilm.
© Nancy Reed Eals; 15Au^4; A567574.

A567575 ■

A Conflict of world views: the
United States, the Soviet Union and
peace with Hitler's former allies.
By Keith A. Dunn. Microfilm. © Keith
A. Dunn; 15Aug74; A5 67575 .


The Responses of secondary school
students to passages of contemporary
fiction focusing on violent incidents.
By James Samuel Davis. Microfilm.
© James Samuel Davis; 15Au^4; A567576.

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a
particular work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional

records that may exist.



Self perception of age among the
small town elderly. By Elfriede
Massler Coppinger. Microfilm.
© Elfriede Massler Coppinger; 15Aug/'4;
A567577 .


The Effects of competency-based
teacher education on student teaching.
By John Patrick McCarthy. Microfilm.
© John Patrick McCarthy; 15Aug74;
A5 67578.


The Levels of importance and pro-
ficiency of mechanical design tech-
nology competency elements. By
Tsan-hsiang Chen. Microfilm.
8 Tsan-hsiang Chen; 15Au^4; A567579.


Defending a way of life: the develop-
ment of industrial market society and
the transformation of social relation-
ships in Sedalia, Missouri, 185O - 189O.
By Michael James Cassity. Microfilm.
© Michael James Cassity; l^Augfki


Modes of coping with death concern.
By William Judson Carson, Jr. Micro-
film. © William Judson Carson, Jr.;
15Aug74; A567581.


Digital simulation of switching
transistors in thyrlstors. By Thomas
Joseph Browne. Microfilm. © Thomas
Joseph Browne; 15Au^4; A557582.

A5 67583.

Women's attitudes about motherhood.
By Tonette Kowalskl Brougher. Micro-
film. © Tonette Kowalskl Brougher;
15Au^4; A567583.

A5 67584.

Productivity of ambulatory care
delivery systems. By John Kenneth
Glenn. Microfilm. ® John Kenneth
Glenn; 15Aug74; A567584.

A567585 .
i The Effect of constructional activity
I upon achievement at the third grade

level. By Noah Logan. Microfilm.
I © Noah Logan; 15Au^4; A567585.

I A567586.

I Structural components of American
kinship as opposing principles in
relations with relatives . By William

I Claude Hays. Microfilm. © William

I Claude Hays; 15Augr4; A567586.

; A56758i'.

' The Antl smoke crusades: early

attempts to reform the urban environ-
I ment, I893 - I918. By Robert Dale
I Grinder. Microfilm. © Robert Dale
i Grinder; 15Au^4; A5675a7.

I A567588.

I The Role of lymphotoxin in cell-
' mediated immunity. By Sandra Lee
( Kramer. Microfilm. © Sandra Lee
i Kramer; 15Au^4;

'1 A567589.

' The Friendship of art and science:
I an inquiry into Nietzsche's writings
] before Zarathustra. By Charles Senn
'' Taylor. i-Iicrofilm. ® Charles Senn
i Taylor; 15Au^4; A567589.

A567590. . ^ ^

> A Semantic formalism and associated

> semantic process for the specification
I and translation of programming lan-
guages. By Marsha Drapkin Hopwood.

I Microfilm. © Marsha Drapkin Hopwood;
15Au^4; A56759O.


Dielectric constant, density, and
expansion coefficient of liquid He''
at vapor pressure below H.k Kelvin.
By Craig Tyler Van Degrlft. Microfilm.
© Craig Tyler Van Degrlft; 15Aug7l(;


The Contemporary Peruvian short
story. By David Allison Moore. Micro-
film. ® David Allison Moore; 15Aug7't;


Computers and a liberal education:
using logo and computer art. By Richard
Rubinstein. Microfilm. © Richard
Rubinstein; 15Au^4; A567593.


The Relationship between inside-
outside representation on boards of
directors and selected measures of
economic performance, financial struc-
ture, and business policy. By Richard
Schmidt. Microfilm. © Richard Schmidt;
15Au^4; A56759't.


A Cross sectional analysis of agility
performance of boys and girls ages
five through seventeen. By Jerry
Conard Welch. Microfilm. © Jerry
Conard Welch; 15Aug74; A567595.


Rotating peer supervision: imple-
mentation and evaluation of its effect
on the inner-direction and internal
control constructs of teacher trainees.
By Elizabeth Guether Armstrong. Micro-
film. © Elizabeth Guether Armstrong;
15Aug7't; A567596.


Nonverbal commxmlcation: a comparative
study of counselors and noncounselors.
By Nancy Clare Kehoe. Microfilm.
© Nancy Clare Kehoe; ISAugi'''; A567597.


Attitudes of adult students toward
grades and grading as a function of
level of self-actualization and GPA.
By Anne Marie O'Brien. Microfilm.
© Anne Marie O'Brien; 15Au^4; A567598.


Aristotle's \mderstanding of human
affectivity. By Ronald Mark Polansky.
Microfilm. © Ronald Mark Polansky;
15Au^4; A567599.


A Study of the nature and function of
religious language In relation to
Kierkegaard's theories of subjective
truth and indirect communication. By
Susan Salladay. Microfilm. © Susan
Salladay; 15Aug7''; A567600.


An Analysis of structural complexity
of verbal responses as related to
pausing, socioeconomic status and race.
By Maria Rlzzi Prudhomme. Microfilm.
© Maria Rizzl Prudhomme; 15Au^4;

A567602 .

Redirecting aggression in preschool
children. By Charles Edward Streff.
Microfilm. © Charles Edward Streff;
15Aug7''; A567602.


All the past was gone: four heroic
tales of Joseph Conrad. By Michael
Pusey Jones. Microfilm. © Michael
Pusey Jones; 15Au^4; A567605.


The Realism of Vfilliam James. By
Francis Richard Gendreau, Microfilm.
© Francis Richard Gendreau; 15Au^4;
A5 67604.


The University and its students: a
longitudinal study of the relationship
of cognitive and non-cognitive factors
to academic success, retention and
achievement at one private liberal arts
college. By Jan Marie Evans. Micro-
film. © Jan Marie Evans; 15Au^4;
A567605 .


Growth characteristics and cell cycle
of Shay's chloroma. By Suzanne Dixon.
Microfilm. © Suzanne Dixon; 15Au^4;

A567607 .

Frederick Perls' ideas as rationale
for developing Gestalt art education.
By Katherlne Sayoko Dewey. Microfilm.
© Katherlne Sayoko Dewey; 15Au^4;


The Appropriateness of selected
inservice education practices as
perceived by secondary school educators.
By Dushan Angius . Microfilm. © Dushan
Angius; 15Au^4; A567608.


Towards an Interactional theory of
educational therapy. By Johanna R.
Goldsmith Bauer. Microfilm. ® Johanna
R. Goldsmith Bauer; 15Au^4; A567609.


The Effect of different reinforce-
ments on the self-concept achievement
expectations and learning speed of
educable retarded children. By George
Philip Popper. Microfilm. © George
Philip Popper; 15Au^4; A5676IO.


Rites of initiation in representative
Pentecostal churches in the United
States, 1901 - 1972. By Kevin Mathers
Ranaghan. Microfilm. © Kevin Mathers
Ranaghan; 15Au^4; A567611.

A567612 .

A Study of attitudes of educators
confronted with a proposal for major
undergraduate program change at small.
Independent colleges of engineering.
By Howard Harper Brown. Microfilm.
® Howard Harper Brown; 15Au^4; A567612.


A Cross-sectional analysis of the
static balance performance of boys and
girls ages five" through seventeen years.
By Patricia Jeannette Bobbltt. Micro-
film. © Patricia Jeannette Bobbltt;
15Augr4; A567613.


Career education: a study of socio-
economic status, race, community of
residence and self-concept as deter-
minants of prestige level of occupa-
tional aspirations. By Arlon E. Adams.
Microfilm. © Arlon E. Adams; ViAugfi;
A567614 .

A567615. ^^ .^

Forecasting general aviation activity
at Federal Aviation Administration
facilities : an econometric and time
series analysis. By Arnold Neil
Schwartz. Microfilm. ® Arnold Hell
Schwartz; 15Au^4; A567615.


Analysis and Interpretation of the
gases released from various sites In
rocks and minerals. By Michael
Anthony Sommer, 2nd. Microfilm.
© Michael Anthony Sommer, 2nd; 15Au^4;

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a
particular work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional

records that may exist.



A567517 .

A Statistical representation of the
alpha rhythm in the human electroen-
cephalogram with applications to the
classification and prediction of behav-
ioral states. By Robert Lloyd Lux.
Microfilm. ® Robert Lloyd Lux; 15Au^4;
A567617 .


God's lioness: the poetry of Sylvia
Plath. By Caroline King Barnard.
Microfilm. ® Caroline King Barnard;
15Mat74 (in notice: 1973); A567618.


The Politics of decolonization in
Tunisia: the foreign policy of a new
state. By Carol Mae Barker. Micro-
film. © Carol Mae Barker; 15Jun74;


The Manuscripts of Giovanni Aurispa
(1376 - 1459) By Marlon Amanda
Giannini. Microfilm. © Marion Amanda
Gianninl; 15Jul74; A567620.


Comparative social changes in Flor-
ida, the Southeast and the United
States since I93O. By Stanley A.
Clark. Microfilm. ® Stanley A. Clark;
15Aug74; A567621.


The Runic inscriptions of Oeland.
By Bruce Eugene Nilsson. Microfilm.
© Bruce Eugene Nilsson; 15Jul74;


The Roles of college administrators
relative to compensatory education
programs in selected Florida community
junior colleges. By John Henry Eaves,
Sr, Microfilm. © John Henry Eaves,
Sr.; 15Aug74; A567623.


A Descriptive study of selected
mother and infant behaviors on the
day of delivery. By Mary Elizabeth
Hilliard. Microfilm. © Mary Elizabeth
Hilliard; 15Aug^4; A567624.

A567625 .

Perceptions of selected referent
groups of the higli school principal's
position. By Rayfield Murphy McGhee,
Sr. Microfilm. © Rayfield Murphy
McGhee, Sr.; 15Au^4; A567625.


The Contribution of Emilio Uzcategui
to educational thought and practice in
Ecuador and Latin America. By Annette
Kestell Pizer. Microfilm. © Annette
Kestell Pizer; 15Aug74; A567526.


The Social ecology of Call, Colombia.
By Eric Armin Wagner. Microfilm.
© Eric Armin Wagner; 15Au^4; A567627.


The Military reform in the Viceroyalty
of Peru, 1762 - 1800. By Leon George
Campbell, Jr. Microfilm. © Leon
George Campbell, Jr.; 15Au^4; A567628.


Model for an open stage; a study of
Jean Vilar's theater for the people.
By Philippa C. Wehle. Microfilm.
© Philippa C. Wehle; l^Augrk; A567629.


An Organizational design for house-
plan high schools . By Claire Martha
Appling, Microfilm. ® Claire Martha
Appling; 15Au^4; A567630.

A56763I .

Philosophical anarchism and education.
By John Anthony Bucci. Microfilm.
® John Anthony Bucci; 15Aug74; A56763I.


The Organic matter budget and energy
flow of a tropical lowland aquatic
ecosystem. By Mark McClellan Brinson.
Microfilm. © Mark McClellan Brinson;
15Au^4; A567632.

A567633 .

The Development and evaluation of
exercises to teach character analysis
in literature in grades eleven and
twelve. By Barbara Catharine Finnegan.
Microfilm. ® Barbara Catharine
Finnegan; 15Au^4; A567633.


Small-group Instruction for develop-
ing speaking proficiency in Spanish.
By Norma Ann Gamett. Microfilm.
© Norma Ann Gamett; 15Aug74; A567634.

A567635 .

Becquer: su temperamento (visto a
traves de su creacion llteraria) By
Helen G. Ivanyshyn (Helen Ivanyshyn
Trlantafillou) Microfilm. © Helen G.
Ivanyshyn; 15Au^4; A567635.


Ethnic Identity and boundary mainte-
nance in three Oneida communities. By
Jack Camplsi. Microfilm. © Jack
Campisl; 15Aug74; A567636.


Skeletal muscle relaxation learned
with augmenting electromyographic feed-
back and self-control procedures. By
James Fillmore Fames. Microfilm.
O James Fillmore Fames; 15Aup74;
A567637. " "


John Heal: American romantic. By
Gerald Robert Grove, Sr. Microfilm.
© Gerald Robert Grove, Sr.; 15Au^4;


The Analytics of multibank holding
company behavior. By Gregory Edward
Boczar. Microfilm. © Gregory Edward
Boczar; 15Au^4; A557639.


The Population of Mexico: its compo-
sition and changes. By Julian C.
Bridges. Microfilm. © Julian C.
Bridges; 15Au^4: A567640.


Children's understanding of the
geometric transformation of rotation
about a point . By Virginia Elizabeth
McGlone. Microfilm. ©Virginia
Elizabeth McGlone; 15Aug74 ; A567641.


Definitions comprising a concept
analysis and theoretical model of
"good musical taste." By Robert Irwin
Mellem. Microfilm. © Robert Irwin
Mellem; 15Aug74 ; A567642.

A567643 .

Advanced placement calculus as a
factor in the study of college mathe-
matics . By Richard Charles Pocock.
Microfilm. 3 Richard Charles Pocock;
15Aug74; A567643.

A567544 .

A Clientele analysis of participants
and non-participants in synagogue
adult Jewish education. By Isaac
Bertram Rose. Microfilm. S Isaac
Bertram Rose; 15Aug74 ; A567644 .


Clinical teaching of physical thera-
py students in clinical education. By
Rosemary Margaret Scully. Microfilm.
© Rosemary Margaret Scully; 15Aug74 ;


The Relationship between abortion
attitudes and abortion knowledge among

college students. By Stanley Snegroff.
Microfilm. © Stanley Snegroff; 15Aug74 ;


The Restless women of Edith Wharton.
By Robert Francis Wolfe. Microfilm.
© Robert Francis Wolfe; 15Aug74 ;


The Effect of direct Instruction in
comprehension through listening on
reading comprehension. By Patricia J.
Binzer, Microfilm. S Patricia J.
Blnzer; 15Aug74 ; A567648.


Utilization of library resources by
students in selected non-residential
degree programs ; implications for edu-
cational administrators . By James
John Groark. Microfilm. © James John
Groark; 15Aug74 ; A567649.


The Teaching and learning of virtue.
By Edwin Leroy Goff. Microfilm.
© Edwin Leroy Goff; 15Aug74 ; A56765O.


Experimental and education deter-
minants affecting attitudes of admin-
istrators of special education toward
exceptional children. By Paul Willis
Prescott. Microfilm. © Paul Willis
Prescott; 15Aug74; A56765I.


Collagen biosynthesis by normal and
inflamed mouse synovial cells. By
Bert Peter Austin. Microfilm. ® Bert
Peter Austin; 15Aug74 ; A567652.

A567653 .

Shakespeare's Roman tragedies: self-
glorification and the incomplete
polity. By John Edward Alvis . Micro-
film. ® John Edward Alvis; 15Aug74 :
A567653 .

A567654 .

The Politics of James Madison. By
Alexander R. Landi. Microfilm.
9 Alexander R. Landi; 15Aug74; A567654 .


The Private and public thought of
Ezra Stiles, 1760 - 1795. By William
Venting My res . Microfilm. © William
Venting Myres; 15Aug74; A567655.


The Language conspiracy: lexical
styles and social status. By Tora Kay
Bikson. Microfilm. © Tora Kay Blkson;
15Aug74; A567656.

A567657 .

Drug use patterns in a Chicano com-
munity. By Bruce Hale Bullington,
Microfilm. D Bruce Hale Bullington;
15Aug74; A567657.


Effect of Earth movements on slope
and drainage characteristics, western
San Gabriel Mountains, California. By
Vinston Burton, Jr. Microfilm.
© Vinston Burton, Jr.; 15Aug74 ;


Henry James and his father's ideas:
a study of The American. By Judith
Carol Collas. Microfilm. © Judith
Carol Collas; 15Aug74; A567659.


A Study of the Nihonkoku genpo zen-
aku ryoiki (a record of the miraculous
exhibition of virtue and vice in the
present life of Japan) By Yoshiko
Kurata Dykstra. Microfilm. B Yoshiko
Kurata Dykstra; 15Aug74 ; A567660.

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a
particular work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional

records that may exist.



Labor turnover In hospitals: comiruni-
ty and organization determinants. By
Lois O'Brien Friss . Microfilm. © Lois
O'Brien Friss; I'iAugJh ; A56766I.


La Raza hispano amerlcano: the
emergence of an urban culture among
the Spanish speaking of Los Angeles,
1850 - 1880. By Richard Allan Gris-
wold Del Castillo. Microfilm.
S Richard Allan Griswold Del Castillo;
ISAugT't; A567662.

A567663 .

The American Missionary Association
in Louisiana during Reconstruction.
By Jacquelyn Slaughter Haywood.
Microfilm. © Jacquelyn Slaughter
Haywood; 15Aug74; A567663 .

A56765't .

A New approach to psychometric
Rorschach interpretation. By Marvin
Saunders Jacques. Microfilm. ©Marvin
Saunders Jacques; 15Aug7't ; A56766't .

A567665 .

Creep, cracking, shrinkage and
temperature effects in reinforced
concrete; a mathematical model. By
Peter Alexander Kerr. Microfilm.
© Peter Ale.xander Kerr; 15Aug74 ;


Packet switching in a multi-access
broadcast channel with application to
satellite communication in a computer
network. By Simon Sin-Sing Lara.
Microfilm. ^ Simon Sin- Sing Lam;
15Aug74; A567666.


Patients' pretherapy expectations
and their relation to early experience
on treatment by beginning psycho-
therapists. By Jane Borin. Microfilm.
S Jane Borin; 15Aue7't ; A567567.


El Desarro]lo estetico de la novelo
de Unamuno. By Ricardo Diez . Micro-
film. D Ricardo Diez; 15Aug7t ;
A56766e .


The Complaint of the poet: the
Parnassus plays: a critical study of
the trilogy performed at Saint John's
College, Cambridge, 1598/99 - I601/02,
authors anonymous. By Paula Rosenfeld
Glatzer. Microfilm. © Paula Rosen-
feld Glatzer; 15Aug74 ; A567669.


Effects of locus of control and
situational differences on risky
decision making. By Margot B. Nadien.
Microfilm, ij Margot B. Nadien;
15Aug7't; A567670.


The Relationships between therapists
and patient's perceptions of one
another during their therapy encount-
ers and the perceptions of observing
patients and therapists. By James
Williajn Louy. Microfilm. © James
William Louy; 15Aug7t ; A56767I.


Personality characteristics of pros-
pective students selected by the group
interview method. By Nancy Kendig

Montagna. Microfilm. © Nancy Kendig

Montagna; 15Aug74; A567672.

A567673 .

Curricular change : a study of the
relationship between a university and
three selected secondary schools teach-
ing East Asian studies. By Timothy
Joseph Abraham. Microfilm. © Timothy
Joseph Abraham; 15Aug7't; A557673 .

A56767I* .

The All year school model and the
costs of public education in Panama.
By Stanley Ainslie Applegate . Micro-
film. © Stanley Ainslie Applegate;
15Aug74; A567674.


A Study of the historical develop-
ment and contemporary use of arguments
in the birth control controversy with-
in the Roman Catholic Church. By
James Warren Baker. Microfilm.
© James Warren Baker; 15Aug7it ; A567675 .


Power and participation in the
modernization of rural Hausa communi-
ties. By Robert Barry Charlick.
Microfilm. © Robert Barry Charlick;
15Aug74; A557676.

A567677 .

The Social dimensions of student
educational aspiration: an empirical
application of social organization
and social interaction perspectives.
By Allan Joseph MacDonnell. Micro-
film. Allan Joseph MacDonnell;
15Aug74; A567677.


Anti-Semitism in imperial Germany,
1871 - 1914: selected documents. By
George Bernstein. Microfilm.
© George Bernstein; 15Aug74; A567678.

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