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The Larry lunch buckets. By Kenneth
R. Ford. 78 p. Prev. reg. 14Au^4,
DU91585. NM: additions & revisions.
© Kenneth R. Ford; 290ct74; DU92158.


The Cactus man's amazing grace. By
Jon Jackoway. 120 p. © Jon Jackoway;
290ct74; DU92159.

DU92160 .

Thick and thin. 65 p. Appl. au.:
Harry A. Levy. © Harry A. Levy;
290ct74; DU92160.

DU92161 .

The Walk-in freezer. By Joan Kufrin.
61 p. © Joan Kufrin; 290ct74; DU92161.


Seventy times seven; a religious
drama in three acts. By J. C. Devlne.
61 p. © Revocable Inter Vivos Trust
of J. C. Devine dated July 28, 1972,
J. C. Devine & Dorothy K. Devine,
trustees; 290ct74; DU92162.

DU92165 .

Double exposure. By Jefferson D.
Dlggs, 5rd. Sheets (it4 p.) © Jefferson
D. Diggs, 3rd; 290ct74; DU92165.


Cara Mel; a comedy. By Tom
De Martini. I06 p. English.
© Tom De Martini; 290ct74; DU92164.

DU92165 .

Cheap. By Tom Topor. 121 p.
A version of Moliere ' s L'Avare.
@ Tom Topor; 290ct74; DU92165 .


Comedia Judalca; a dramatized
compilation. By Pnina Amit (Pnina
Amit Singer) II8 p. © Pnina Amit
(Singer); 290ct74; DU92166.

DU92167 .

The Actresses; a screenplay. By
William Sachs. 166 p. © Wllilam
Sachs; 290ct74; DU92167 .


The Only dance. By Dora Janice Konop.
Sheets {50 p.) © Dora Janice Konop;
29001^4; DU92168.


Killers. Written by Donald R.
Boyle. 114 p. © Donald R. Boyle;
290ct74; DU92169.

Dug 2170.

Black galleon; a screenplay. By
Brian Porzak & Naomi Weiss. 120 p.
® A Passing Thing, Inc.; 290ct74;


My culture 'tis of thee; three-act
comedy. By James Brandenburg. Sheets
(77 p.) © James Brandenburg; 290ct74;

DU92172 .

The Fantasies of George Krell; a
multi-media play. By Henry F.
Salerno. 21 p. © Henry P. Salerno;
300ct74; DU92172.


The Hardening of our arteries;
a play in three acts. By Corey
Douglas Garber. 5'* p. © Corey
Douglas Barber; 300ct74; DU92173.


The Dubbing of Sir Saul by King
Benjamum; a fantasy in two acts. By
Mark Larson. 32 p. © Mark Larson;
300c t7 4; DU92I74.

DU92175 .

Empty space blues; a poem play about
women. By Deborah Frances Strickland.
Sheets (38 p.) Prev. reg. 1973j
DU883OI. NM: deletions, additions,
dramatization & editorial revisions.
© Deborah Frances Strickland;
300ct74; DU92I75.


Tom Paine i A screenplay. By Leonard
Lesley, with editorial collaboration
by Leo Kerz. I36 p. Prev. reg.
8Aug7't, DU91326. NM: additional dia-
logue & revisions. © Leonard Lesley;
lNov7't; DU92176.

DU92177 .

Rockspring; screenplay. By Jane C.
Stanton. 74 p. Based on the novel
by R. G. Vliet. Prev. reg. 1973.
NM: dramatization. © Jane C. Stanton;
6Nov7'*; DU92177.


Thank goodness I'm greedy; musical
comedy. By Brian Hevacan. 1 v. Based
on The Alchemist by Ben Jonson. Book
& lyrics only. NM: new dialogue,
revisions & additions. © Brian Hevacan;
4Nov74; DU92178.


The Myth of Sissie Poster. Book &
lyrics by Dora Janice Konop, additional
dialogue & lyrics by Raymond J. Pent-
zell, m William Menacher. 46 p. Book
& lyrics only. Prev. reg. 10Jun7'tj
90472., NM: additions 8: revisions.
© Dora Janice Konop 5: Raymond J. Pent-
zell; 5Nov74; DU92179.


Rip-off Ronnie. Pt.l - 4. By Marie
Kazanchy. 1 v. (Sandford and son)
© Marie Kazanchy; 4NovY4; DU92I80.


Live it up, 80; An original musical.
Play, lyrics & ra Lovera Krupp Slote,
lyrics & m Gertrude Avers. 1 v. Book
& lyrics only, except 3 copyrighted
piano arrangements. ® Lovera Krupp
Slote; 24Sep74; DU92181.


The Five greatest thieves; a play.
By John Krchniak. 1 v. © Sufism
Reoriented, Inc.; 7Nov74; DU92182.


Love has no color. By Sarah Eula
Srams. 157 p. ® Sarah Eula Srams;
4nov74; DU92183.


The Golden bo-tree; a musical comedy.
By John Killinger & Anne Kllllnger.
105 p. © John & Anne Kllllnger;
7Nov74; DU92184.


38 - 24 - 36; 3 act play. By Jay
Folb. 123 p. © Jay Folb; 4Nov74;


The Witch on Broome Street; original
story & screenplay. By Jay Folb.
154 p. © Jay Folb; 4Nov7't; DU921B6.

DU92187 .

Everybody's people; a movie in six
vignettes. By Tony Nable, pseud, of
Anthony E. Nocito, Jr. 1 v. © Anthony
E. Nocito, Jr., whose pseud, is Tony
Nable; lNov74; DU92lSr .

DU92188 .

Black hands play noisy drums.
By Irene Collins Peoples, pseud, of
Ann Jeanette Echols. Sheets (103 p.)
Prev. reg. 29Jul74, DU91230. NM:
editorial revision & additional
material. © Ann J. Echols; 230ct74:


MacKron; screen play. By Samm
Williams. 228 p. Based on stage
play Welcome to Black River, by the
same author. Prev. reg. 2Jul74,
DU90929. NM: additional text &
dramatization. © Samm Williams;
8nov74; DU92189.


Tattered Tom; a musical. By Frederic
Lansing Day. Sheets. Book & lyrics
only; adapted from the play of that
name by Edwin A. Lewis from the stories
by Horatio Alger, Jr. Prev. reg. as a
play 1957. NM: new lyrics, changes in
dialogue & new scenes. © Frederic
Lansing Day; llNov74; DU92190.

DU92191 .

Circus; a new musical, m Jason
McAuliffe, book & lyrics by Martin
Calabrese. 1 v. © Jason McAuliffe
& Martin Calabrese; 220ct74; DU9219I.


La Invasion; original. Escrita por
Adalberto Rodriguez Torres. 65 p.
© Adalberto Rodriguez; 6nov74; DU92192.

DU92193 ■

Parlor games; a one-act play. By
David Victor Loughery. Sheets (26 p.)
in folder. ® David Loughery; 310ct74;
DU92193 .

DU92194 .

Suzanne sings; play in three acts.
By Thelma Mook. 88 p. © Thelma
Mook; 310ct74; DU92194.

DU92195 •

Hell's Kitchen; an original screen-
play. By Sylvester E. Stallone.
94 p. Prev. reg. 12Feb73, DP832I;
lMar74, DP8890. NM: additions.
© Sylvester Stallone; 310ct74; DU92195 •


The Blacker the grass, the sweeter
the life; original screen play. By
Arthur C. Webb. 110 p. © Arthur C.
Webb; 310ot74; DU92196.

DU92197 .

The Wedding; a play in four acts.
By Steven Mauren. 78 p. © Steven
Mauren; 310ct74; DU92197 .


A Familiar face. Written by Karen
M. Dickes. 27 p. © Karen M. Dickes;
310ct74; DU92198.


Sarai James; an original television
screenplay. By Sylvia Kingsbook &
Harold Straus. 66 p. © Sylvia Kings -
book & Harold (Hal) Straus; 310ct74;

DU92201 • , „„

The Griffin; a screenplay. By
qtanlev L. Blakeman. So p. © Stanley
L. Blakeman; 310ct7'i; DU92201.

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.




The Eversons. By Thomas Grimes.
32 p. © Thomas Grimes; 310ct7i;;

Dn92203 .

Trust me: a musical poli-sci-fi.
Songs by Allen B. Ury, book by Allen
B. Ury & J. Richard Norton. 1 v.
© Allen B. Ury & J. Richard Norton;
310ct74; DU92203.


Martinez; monologue in one act with
dialogues. By Leopoldo M. Hernandez,
song by Federico Garcia Lorca. 46 p.
© Leopoldo M. Hernandez; 310ct74;

DU92205 .

Landlords; a drama in one act. By
T. J. Couzzo, pseud, of Thomas J.
Cuozzo. 14 p. © Thomas J. Cuozzo;
310ct74; DU92205.


Odds and ends; a satirical revue.
By Richard Pried. 1 v. Prev. reg.
13Jun73, DU87287. NM: additional
text. © Richard Pried; 310ot74;

DU922Crr .

Two gardenias; screenplay. By
Alberto R. Kerr. 307 p. © Alberto
R. Kerr; 310ct74; DU922a7 .


The Chauvinist; a screenplay. By
Stan Papell. 124 p. © Stan Papell;
310ct74; DU92208.

The Kew star: the story of a new
breed of Jewish young people whose
Messiah is Jesus Christl By Katherin
Blackwood. 48 p. © Katherin Black-
wood; 510ct7'i; DU92209.

DU92210 .

The Lieutenant. 1 v. Appl. au. :
Charles G. Strand (Chuck Strand),
Eugene P. Curty (Gene Curty) 8c Nltra
Scharfman. © Charles G. Strand, Eugene
P. Curty & Nitra Scharfman; lNov74;

DU92211 .

Every thirty seconds; an original
screenplay. By Richard John Jantz.
10 p. © Richard John Jantz; lNov74;
DU92211 .


Blood palace; a play in two acts.
By Graham Hayes Marlette. 58 p.
® Graham Hayes Marlette; lNov74;

DU92213 .

Five minutes to air; a screen play.
By James Nisbet Clark & Bernard Joseph
Kant. 92 p. 9 James Nisbet Clark &
Bernard Joseph Kant; lNov74; DU92'213 .

DU92214 .

Freedman; a play in three acts about
the Jewish immigrant experience. By
David Libman. I08 p. © David Llbman;
lNov74; DU92214.

DU92215 .

Powerhouse; a new play. By George
Sklar. 1 V. © George Sklar; lNov74;
DU92215 •


A Kiss. By Ronald Louis Joler.
29 p. © Ronald Louis Joler; lNo-v74;

DU92217 .

The Piano man; a comedy in two acts.
By Roberta Gibson. 99 p. © Roberta
Gibson; lNov74; DU92217 .


The Diplomat. By Eva Vanessa Boos.
104 p. © Eva Vanessa Boos; lNov74;


Coapanions on the way; a puppet play
in three acts. By charlotte Baiter
(Charlotte Baker Hontgomery) 38 p.
Charlotte Baker MontqoBery (Hrs. Boqer
Hontqoaery) ; UVovTl; DD92219.


The Merry-go-go-round; a one act
play. By Albert Tallman. 4l p.
© Albert Tallman; 4Nov7'4-; DU92220.

DU92221 .

The Magic man; a musical comedy.
By Barbara S. D'Amato, lyrics:
Barbara S. D'Amato, lyrics & m Anthony
D'Amato. Sheets. Prev. reg. 29Aiig7't,
DU91527. NM: additions & revisions.
© Anthony D'Amato; 4Nov74; DU92221.

DU92222 .

The Choirmaster; a comedy in three
acts. By Kathryn Poppino. 1 v.
© Kathryn Poppino; 4Nov74; DU92222.

DU92223. ^ ,

The Jazz clarinetist; a one act play.
By Jim Risdon. Sheets (30 p.)
© Jim Risdon; 4NovY4; DU92223.


Francesco: vida y milagros de los
Cencl; una obra en dos actos. Ee
Manuel Martin, traducida del Ingles
por Ana Maria Slmo. Sheets (87 p.) In
folder. Prev. reg. 2Aug74, DU91268.
NM: translation. © Ana Maria Simo;
4Nov74; DU9222't.


Costa moving and storage. By Jerome
A. Lucido, 52 p. © Jerome A. Lucido;
4Nov74; DU92225.

DU92226 .

The Eoselawn Park Invitational. By
Randall B. Krueger. Sheets (95 p.)
© Randall B. ftrueger; 4Nov74; DU92226.

DU92227 .

The Cosmic toe; a molar view of the
universe. Appl. au. : Fred E. Canta-
loupe. 27 p. © Fred E. Cantaloupe;
4Nov7'i; DU92227.


Teddy's party; a comic-tragedy in
two acts. By Alfred Louis Reynolds, Jr.
46 p. © Alfred Louis Reynolds, Jr.;
4Nov7't; DU92228.


Colorado; an American epic. By
Peter Muller. 92 p. © Peter Muller;
4Nov74; DU92229.

DU92230 .

The Life machine. By Robert Allen
Patterson. 57 p. © Robert Allen

Patterson; 4Nov7't; DU92230.

DU9223I .

Amana. By Mary Nichols. Sheets
(62 p.) © Mary Nichols; 4nov74;


Dirty hands. By Arlene M. Giblin.
125 p. Based on the play, Les Mains
sales, by Jean-Paul Sartre. Prev. reg.
1948 5c 19^9; prev. pub. 1955. NM:
dramatization, revisions & additions.
© Arlene M. Giblin; 4nov74; DU92232.

DU92233 .

Symphony in four movements. Sheets
(7 p.; Appl. au. : John Sansone.
© John Sansone (middle name, Bernard);
4Nov74; DU92233.


Two in one. 1 v. Appl. au.: John
Sansone. © John Sansone (middle name,
Bernard); 4Nov74; DU92234.


Six. 5 p. Appl. au. : Paul J. Curtis.
© Paul J. Curtis; 4Nov74; DU92235.


The Creature is the aind. Written by
Al Bonadies. 77 p. O il Bonadies;
5!Ioy7il; DD92236.


Soul iconoclast. By Irvin Cornelius
Shelton. 60 p. Irvin C. Shelton;
5!Iov7a; DD92237.


Kufflbered account. By David Stone.
Sheets (79 p.) David stone; 5Sov7ii;


nonkeyqrip. By Thor J. Jensen
p. Thor J. Jensen; 5Kov7a:


Three ring circus; a pantonine. By
Barry Blitstein. 5 p. Barry
Blitstein; 5lIov7il; DD922«0.


One nickel on this wine; a short
play. By Charles Bichael Hoore. 28 p.
O Charles Hichael Moore; 6Nov7H:


Hatch out fo' the feet; a play in one
act. By Charles Hichael Hoore. 21 p.
a Charles Bichael Hoore; 6Nov7il;


Put then all together; comedy in
three acts. By Anthony E. Santaniello.
Sheets, e Anthony S. Santaniello;
6I10V71; DU92213.


The Letters fron Paul; a couedy
thriller in three arts. By Eobbert p.
de Tries. 56 p. Prev. pub. Nov. 1961.
KH: English translation from the Dutch
version. © Bobbert de Vries; 6(lov71;

27 p. Appl.
Richard Dean;

DU92J45 .

Night after night,
au.: Richard Dean.
6Nov74; DU92245.

DU92246 .

Paper babies; a play. By Craig
Implnk. 1 V. © Craig Impink; 6Nov74;

DU92246 .


Power of power; an original play in 2
acts. By Victor Fabish. 11 p. O
Victor Fabish; 6tIov71; DU92217.


Tecun Onan; or, Haya. Britten by
Cynthia Lynes. 135 p. Appl. au:
Podolfo Hishaan K Nalla Bollen. O
Cynthia Lynes, Rodolfo Hishaan 6 Nalla
Hollen; 6Hov71; D092218.


The Edge; one act. By Allyson Lynn
Stoffel. 28 p. Allyson Stoffel;
6tlov71; DD92219.

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyrigli( Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.





HappY October, (lister Scrooqe!
Written bv Norman B. Holden. 15 p.
Based on ? Christaas carol, by Charles
Dickens. C Norman B. Holden; 6No»7U;


A FlOMer for Alvin; coaedy-farce
teleplay. By D. J. nurphy S N. Burphy.
37 p. e D. J. Nurphy 6 N. Murphy;
6NOV7U; DU92251.


The Zurich affair: or. The Saloon
ladder. By Evan B. Geilich. 122 p. e
Evan P!. Geilich: 6fIov7il; DD92252.


Aqainst a stone. By V. Ernestine
noore. Sheets, O V. E. Hoore;
7Ilov7«; D092253.


DeB were da days! A TV oovie. By
Eddie Curtis, pseud, of nemphis Evans
Curtis, Jr. 1 v. © nemphis Evans
Curtis, Jr. a.k.a. Eddie Curtis;
7Rov7lt; DD9225U.


Lorenzo's blues; a screenplay. By
Levy John Laird. 69 p. Levy John
Laird; 7Nov71|; DU92255.

DU92256 .

The Reunion; a comedy xn three acts.
By Paul Benjamin Sekulich. 91 P-
© Paul Benjamin Sekulich; 7Nov74;
DU 92256.

riU92257 .

Twain 1 A musical. By Gary Koca^
William Kolasinski & Ronald Levitsky.
130 p. Prev. reg. WAugT't, Da91386 .
NM: revision & additions. © Gary
Kooa; JtfoVTk; DU92257 .


Unvexed to the sea; a television
play. By Raleigh Bond. 1 v.
© Raleigh Bond; 7Nov74; DU92258.


Butterflies in the wind. By Billiaii
Diaz. tl p. HilliaB Diaz; 7Nov7«;

DU9226O .

Kill the sea; a play. By Mitchell
Zeftel. 65 p. © Mitchell Zeftel;
7Hov74; DU92260.


Saints; an imaginary history; a
play. By Merle Kessler. Sheets (95 p.)
© Merle Kessler; 7Nov74; DU92261.


The Kraken sleepeth; a drama. By
Edward L. Musto. 60 p. © Edward L.
Musto; 7Nov74; DU92262.


Kropsy. Written by Joseph Giannone,
Jr. Sheets (55 p.) © Joseph Giannone,
Jr.; 50Sep74j DU92253.


Cur non? A playlet. By Robert T.
Sterling. 20 p. English. © Robert
T. Sterling; 7Nov74; DU9226i|-,


You never can tell. Adaptation &
lyrics by Martha Barrett, m Victoria
Vidal. 1 v. Based on a play by the
same name by George Bernard Shaw;
book & lyrics only. © Martha Barrett;
18NovY4; DU92265.


An Evening of excerpts from the plays
of Hroswitha. By Dorothy Schuchman
McCoy. Sheets (49 p.) KM: compilation,
abridgement & additional text.
© Dorothy Schuchman McCoy: 18Nov74-

DU92267 .

Shmucks; screenplay. By Seymour
Slicker. l4o p. Based on the novel,
Shmucks. Prev. pub. 1972. NM: film
script adapted from book. ® Seymour
Blicker; 4Nov74; DU92267.


Joy buzzer; a play In three acts.
By Benjamin Rogner. 1 v. © Ben Rogner;
18Nov74; DU92268.


Escape from the tower; a one act
play. By George R. Crowe. 42 p.
© George R. Crowe; l8NovY't-; DU92269.


Bottles Barton; a play in two acts
(with incidental music) By Wesley
Vordenberg. 1 v. Suggested by
Michael Fessler's short story. That's
what happened to mej book & Ivrlos
only. © Wesley Vordenberg; 18Nov74;


The Ambassadors. By Gene Romeo.

Gene Romeo; 18Nov7'+; DU92271.

76 p


The King of the cats; opera libretto
in one act. By Eleanor B. Keats. 1 v.
From a story by Stephen Vincent Benet.
Story prev. pub. 1929. NM: libretto.
© Eleanor B. Keats; 18Nov74; DU92272.


Not so long ago, Jerome; a musical
play in two acts. By Jay Howard
Andersen. 92 p. Book & lyrics only.
© Jay Howard Andersen; 18Nov74;
DU92273 .


Santa's ho ho ho; a musical play.
By Agnes Salandra Merello. Sheets.
(10 p.) ® Agnes S. Merello; 12Nov74;


Gilbert Stuart and George Washington;
mirror games for ein ageing republic
(a play in three actsT By Michael
Kennedy. 95 p. © Michael Kennedy:
llNov74; DU92275.


The Confidence-man; a television
play. Adapted by William Hollenbach.
Sheets (95 p.) Prom the novel by
Herman Melville. NM: dramatization &
additional text. © William Hollenbach;
11NovY4; DU92276.

DU92277 .

Won't you Join the dance? Written by
Peter A. Flynn. 10 p. Appl. states
copyright not claimed on Carroll poem.
© Peter A. Flynn; llNov74; DU92277.


Holocaust. By Anthony Cipolla,
m Vincent Gludlce. 1 v. Book &
lyrics only. © Anthony Cipolla;
11NovY4; DU92278.


After Jane; a screenplay. By Orel
Odinov, pseud, of Orel Odinov
Protopopescu. 2 v. © Orel Odinov;
170ct74; DU92279.


The History of Memorial United
Presbyterian Church; a pageant. By
Kenneth Theodore McCrea. 31 p. Appl
states copyright not claimed on words'
to the song. The Ballad of the flood.
«3 Kenneth Theodore McCrea; 13Nov74-
DU92280. '


Backstage; an original screenplay.
By H. C. Slocomb & Leonard W. Riley.
136 p. © H. C. Slocomb & Leonard W.
Riley; 150ct74; DU92281.


The Human passion; a play. By Ellen
Theresa Lumlo & Maria Lumlo Dye. 8 p
© Ellen T. Lumlo & Maria Lumlo Dye;
150ct74; DU92282. ^ '

DU92203 .

Christmas season in Harlem; a
musical. By Willie Jeter. 8 p.
Book only. © Willie Jeter; 28Aug74;
DU92283 •


The Unused past of Max Goralnick; a
play with music. Book, m & lyrics by
Max Rubinchik. 81 p. Book only.
© Max Rubinchik; 18Nov74; DU92284.

DU92285 .

Big Charlotte; or, Charlotte; a movie
for the stage. Book, m & lyrics: John
Wallowitch. Sheets. Book & lyrics
only. Prev. reg. 140ct69, DU75592.
NM: additions & revisions. © Sky Witch
Music Publishing Company, John Wallo-
witch, sole owner; 13Nov74; DU92285 .


Ex; a comedy in three acts . By
Judith Korotkln, pseud, of Gertrude
Korotkln Mende. 1 v. Prev. reg.
5Feb74, DU8941I. NM: revision to
act 1. © Gertrude Korotkln Mende, whose
pseud, is Judith Korotkln; 14Nov74;

DU92287 .

Bridge over the Qulwer River; a
composite drama. By Anne Carter Stone,
pseud, of Annette Fea'therstone Field.
1 V. Portion prev. reg. as Jones-y,
1967, EU94473 & others. NM: book &
new songs. © Annette Feattierstone
Field; 14Nov74; DU92287.


Flying solo tomorrow; a modern
operetta. Lyrics & book by Eva Frost,
m Lawrence Brown. 70 p. Book Sc lyrics
only. Portions prev. reg. EU495764 &
others. NM: dialogue & stage direc-
tions. © Eva Frost & Larry Brown;
110ct74; DU92288.


Hodag script. 5 p. (Folktales,
legends and hoaxes come to life,
episode 2) Appl. au. : Robert J.
De Nitzlo. © Robert J. De Nltzio;
8Nov74; DU92289.


Star of hope; a 3 act, 8 scene play,
musical. By Harriet Lewis, pseud, of
Hattle Lewis. 1 v. ® Harriet Lewis;
8nov74; DU92290.

DU9229I .

The Brothers. Adapted for the stage
by John Kafkaloff. 49 p. © John
Kafkaloff; 8Nov74; DU92291.


Diary of a marriage. By Mildred
Hoffman. Sheets. © Mildred Hoffman;
8Nov74; DU92292.

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.



LU92293 .

Hydro; a play in two acts. By Philip
E. Pennlngroth, Jr. Il6 p. S Phil
Penningroth; SNovYi;; DU92293.


Vinegar Joe. By Joel Wyman. 1 v.
© Joel Wyman; 8nov74; DU92294.

DU92295 .

Gemini; a play in three acts. By
Brian Craig Wilson. 1 v. © Brian
Craig Wilson; 8NovY4; DU92295.


Retreat to the dead lands. Written
by Anthony S. Apicelli. 72 p.
© Anthony S. Apicelli; 8vioVJ k;

DU9229(' .

Sometimes I wish; a one act musical.
By Milton Kerr. Sheets & 2 folders.
© Milton Kerr; 8Nov74; DU92297 .


Papa Fidel and El Franco. Written
hy John Kafkaloff. 109 p. © John
Kafkaloff; 8Nov74; DU92298.


R.P.M.; a musical about the record
industry. Book, m & lyrics by Robert
W. Preston. Sheets in folders (2 v.)
© Robert W. Preston; 8Nov74; DU92299.


A.M.; a play in two acts for one
actor. By Benjamin Rogner. 1 v.
S Ben Rogner; 8Nov74; DU92300.

DU923OI .

And now a word from our sponsor; a
consumer education play for children.
By Scott A. Samuels. op. © Scott A.
Samuels; llNov7'+; DU9230I.


Jack the fatalist; a paradox seen
as a double helix. By Sylvia Gassel.
71 p. Add. ti.: Pieces '7'*. © Sylvia
Gassel (Gassell); llNov7'^; DU92302.

The Walk} a screenplay. By John L.
Allman. 11 p. © John L. Allman;
llNov?'*; DU92303.

DU92504 .

Sidonie Castleton; or. Divertissement
on the gold trail. By Judith Ferree.
51 p. © Judith Ferree; 11NovY4;
DU92504 .


Roderick Wallenstein; or. The Terror
and the transgression. By Judith
Ferree. 32 p. © Judith Ferree;
11NOV74; DU92305.

DU92306 .

A Thing called color. By Vivian A.
Edwards. 5 p. © Vivian A. Edwards;
11NOV74; DU92306.

DU92307 .

Bury me not; or. May the grass grow
green above you. By Judith Ferree &:
Joan Nold (Joan Nold Midyette) 4l p.
© Judith Ferree; llNov74; DU92307.


The Red, white and blues; a burla in
two acts. By Earl Conrad. 132 p.
© Earl Conrad; llNov7't; DU92308.


Pepsi threnodies; a play. By Eric
L. Anderson. 82 p. © Eric L. Ander-
son; 11NOV74; DU92309.


Mike and Gloria become sort-of
parents. Written by Annie Caroline
Sohuler. 53 p. (All in the family)
© Annie Caroline Sohuler; llNov74;


Dummies; a one act play, written oy
Leo Brodie. The New 197"+ abridged
collegiate Random dictionary showl
A play on words, written by & m Leo
Brodie, m Alan Seigel. 1 v. (Dummies
and dictionaries) © Leo Brodie;
11NOV74; DU923II.


The Winscott name; or. Hidden calumny.
By Judith Ferree. 49 p. © Judith
Ferree; llNov74; DU92312.


Government; a farce in three acts.
By Harold Stem. 80 p. © Harold Stern;
llNov7't; DU92313.


The Gravity of love. By Edith L.
Taylor. Sheets (83 p.) ©Edith L.
Taylor; llNov74; DU92314.


The Lost piano player mine; or. The
Ghostly treasure. By Judith Ferree.
Sheets (38 p.) © Judith Ferree;
llNov74; DU92315.


The Phonies; a play in one act.
By John W. Klplinger, Jr. 21 p.
© John W. Klplinger, Jr.; llNov7'*;


Dream driven. By Joyce E. Lobner.
42 p. © Joyce E. Lobner; llNov74;
DU92317 .


You can't fool Mommy I A new farce.
By Leslie H. Magermsm. 1 v. © Leslie
H. Magerman; llNov74; DU92318.


Awake Maa Goose — your rhymes are
loose; a children's play. Written by
Catherine Rose Passerl & Anita Kaye
Stilley. 29 p. © Kitty R. Passeri
& Anita K. Stilley; llNov74; DU92319.


The Great top shelf. By Joseph
Dolphin. 1 V. © Joseph Dolphin;
11NOV74; DU92320.


You're too tall, but come back in
two weeks. By Richard Venture. 98 p.
© Richard Venture; 12Nov74; DU92321.


Cap'n Thorwaite. Sheets (39 p.)
Appl. au. : Stanley B. Dianey (Stanley
Disney) © Stanley E. Disney; 12Nov74;

DU92323 .

God works in a hurry. By Herbert B.
Jones. Sheets (17 p.) © Herbert B.
Jones; 12NovY4; DU92323.

Many happy returns; a comedy in
three acts. By Eric Meredith Lord,
pseud, of Robert Glenn Hafferkamp.
1 v. © Eric Meredith Lord; 12Nov74;


Play number one. By Louise Sari

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