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Aeeueis 2330

Popular periodical index.
A68lt256 2316

Popular photography.

A653729 '. 1569

The Popular Press.

A692656 2520

Popular so"g index.

A68lt951 2333

Population and America' s
A68307-' 2288

Population and development in
Southeast Asia.
A661255 1756

Population and energy; a

system analysis of resource

utilization in the Dominican


A6639811 1821

Popperk, Hans.
SEE Popper, Ha

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.



population and occupied

dw'^llinq units in southeast

Michigan, 197U.

S659931 172H

Population and social
orqanizat ion.
AF42105 27110

Population and the envi-
ronmental crisis.
A656709 16"4«

Population and the social
Ae81378 22U7

Population Association of
A693909 2552

Population Association of
America 19714 directory of
A633909 2552

Population change in small
urban places in Illinois: a
modified model for
metropolitan dominance
Af66373 1881

The Population Council, Inc.
A671595 2010

Population: dynamics, ethics,
and policy.

AesessB 16140

population factors and
ideology in Mexico's
elementary textbooks.
A672137 2023

Population, family and society
in Hinqham, Massachusetts,
1635 - 1880.
A685033 2335

Population growth and
educational planning in
deyelopinq nations.
A6586311 1692

Population growth and

educational policies: an
economic perspective.
A653762 1569

Population reeds.

A655160 1605

Population of California, 1975
to 1985.
A6514679 1839

Population policies in the
Caribbean .
A661259 1756

Population profiles, unit
no. 114.
A687589 2397

Popwell, Shelia.

A672316 2027

Porada, Edith.

R60314140 28142

Porches and terraces.

A656322 16311

Porcupine: the desert's
BEI1SU62 2835

Porfirio Salinas.

A697596 26143

Porqes, Irwin.

A682381 2271

Porisma Editing, Inc.

A6573I414 1660

Pork, lamb, veal.

A665875 1869

Porky Pig in ever-never land.
R620699 2=30

Por nuestrc ninos calculo.
A693738 251"7

Porro, Jeffrey David.

Ae69680 19614

Porsche service, repair
A680005 2213

The Portable Greek reader.
K615133 2888

The Portable Hawthorne.

B610803 2856

Portable hose assembly
A6501478 1190

The Portable Plato.

B615728 2892

Portadino, Norma.

A696030 2605

A6991491 2688

Portales, Chips.

SEE Portales, Roberto.

Portales, Robert.

SEE Portales, Roberto.

Portales, Roberto.

A66143ie 1830

Portal hypertension.

A670338 1980

Portals of reality.

A689032 21431

Port Anoeles School District
Number 121 («A)
A€71110 1999

PortaPit, a division of Ampro
SEE Ampro Corporation.
PortaPit .

Port Arthur, Bridge City,
Nederland, TX, and others,
1975 issue.
A6149822 111711

le Portefeuille d'activites ou
matrice croissance - part de
A6621I26 1784

Porte Publishing Company.

A653199 1556

A66097U 17119

A660975 1''i49

A666669 1889

A666670 1889

A669839 1967

A681231 22ll3

A681232 22113

A686725 2377

Porter, Albert w.

S689172 21434

Porter, Andrew J.

A6971192 2640

Porter, Archie.

A688325 2414

Porter, Barbara Cooney.

A680755 2232

A680756 2232

A682329 2283

A682830 2283

Porter, Brent M.

A673065 2046

Porter, Cedric B., Jr.

A681607 2252

Porter, charlotte Howard.

R611022 2857

Porter, Cole.

A682382 2272

A662383 2272

A6823e4 2272

A682385 2272

A682386 2272

A682387 2272

A682388 2272

A682389 2272

i682390 2272

A682391 2272

A682392 2272

A682393 2272

A682394 22-'2

A682395 2272

S682396 2272

A682397 2272

A682398 2272

A682399 2272

A682400 2272

B682U01 2272

A682402 2272

A682403 2272

A682404 2272

A682405 2272

A682U06 2272

A68240'' 2272

S682408 22"'2

A682409 2272

A682410 2272

A682411 2272

Porter (Colel Musical and
Literary Property Trusts.

A682382 2272

A682383 2272

S682384 2272

A682385 2272

A682386 2272

A6823B7 2272

A682388 2272

A682389 2272

Ae82390 2272

A682391 22''2

A682392 2272

A682393 2272

A682394 2272

Ae82395 2272

A682396 2272

A682397 2272

A682398 2272

A682399 2272

A682400 2272

A682401 2272

A682402 2272

A682403 2272

A6824 04 2272

A682405 2272

A632406 2272

• 682407 2272

A682U08 2272

A682409 2272

A682410 2272

A6824n 2272

Porter, Cyrus.

R601951 2840

5611021 2857

R611022 2857

8611023 2857

Porter, Mrs. Cyrus.
SEE Porter, Charlotte

Porter, Dennis.

A65165U 1519

Porter, Donna.

A657292 1658

A657549 1665

Porter, Ellen Jane.

B668555 1935

Porter, Howard.

A695611 2595

Porter, H. T. Lowe-.
SEE Lowe-Porter, H. T.

Porter, Jack L.

A658125 1679

A658130 1680

A658142 1680

Porter, Jack Nusan.

8648158 2802

Porter, James B.

See5811 1867

Porter, James J.

A691377 2489

Porter, John Paul.

A680381 2222

Porter, Katherine Anne.

B621263 2934

Porter, Larry C.

A661953 1"'72

A661954 1772

Porter, Laurence G.

A696026 2604

Porter, Noel, pseud.
SEE Porter, Cole.

Porter, Pat Grant.

A684375 2319

A684376 2319

Porter, Phillip ».

A679400 2199

Porter, Phyllis Evelyn.

A665994 1872

Porter, Euss.

A691963 2503

Porter, Rutherford Burchard.
A6S5425 2345

Porter, Sandra L.

Ae97865 2649

Porter, Wellington.

A660037 1727

Porter, Willard H.

S657505 1664

Porter, William C.

A673352 2052

Porter, William Sydney.

R617295 2904

Porter-Gehrie, Cynthia.

A682131 2265

les Portes de la mort.

K610496 2854

Portfolio, Pascal Douglas.
A650375 1487

Portfolio, P. D.

SEE Portfolio, Pascal

Portfolio decisions as

affected by earnings trends
A684283 2317

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.


portfolio iniDlications of
economic recovery patterns.
Ae8H315 2318

portfolio manaqement and
A697321 2636

A Portfolio of person-ettes.
A69385a 2550

A Portfolio of venture and
expansion capital sources.
A691H51 2190

Portfolio one: We are thy
A651756 1521

Portland and the Pacific
Ae70923 199U

Portland Cement Association.

A651693 1520

A65169l( 1520

A651695 1520

A651696 1520

A651697 1520

A651698 1520

A651699 1520

A651700 1520

A651701 1520

Portland Coimunity College

A665Iie5 1858

A671831t 2016

A671835 2016

A671836 2016

A671837 2016

A676797 2136

A676798 2136

S676799 2136

A6917146 21498

Port Los Anqeles.

A675857 2113

Portman, Hoqer H.

A683532 2301

Porto, Paolo Di.

SEE Di Porto, Paolo.

The Port of Boston handbook,
1975 - 1976.
A675305 2099

Port of call and other poems.
A699825 2696

Port of call and other poems
and Desperate deliqhts.
A699825 2696

Port of Port Arthur Naviqation
District of Jefferson
Coanty, Texas: contract
documents, technical
specifications and plans for
construction of bank
protection and bulkhead
removal at port of Greater
Port Arthur.
A6e065t 2229

Port planninq and development.
A689537 21113


S616256 2895

Le Portrait aux rubis.

AFO-81603 2760

Portrait in blue.

A67131t5 200U

Portrait in moonliqht.

R608919 2815


Portrait maqajine, February
A695370 258

Portrait of a
family: the




Portrait of an unknown
88119555 2837

Portrait of


ortrait photography. Photo
11.1011, course content guide.
A676799 2136

ortraits in the wild:
behavior studies of east
African mammals.
A69117611 25711

ortraits of complexity:


ons of systems
thodologies to societal


The Portraits of T. E.

The Portrayal of women in the
Icelandic family sagas.
A6556511 1617

A6711521 2080

Port Townsend (WA) leader,
summer 1975.

Portugal's non-Reds seek
covert aid.
EB119300 2831

Portuqal: the decline and
collapse of an authoritaria
A676828 2137

Portuguese Africa and the
AFal6e2 2729

Portulano, Frances.

SEE Portulano, Francesca.

he Pose of the libertine in
Michael Drayton's Idea.
A656052 1627

Poshkus, Edward J.

A6651 15 18119

A6e5117 18119

A665118 18119

A6937I11 25117

Position, diineiisions and
reproducing speed of four
magnetic sound records on
35-mm motion-picture releas
A6e6118 1875

Position, dimensions and
reproducing speed of four
150-mil magnetic sound
records on 35-mm motion-
picture film.
A676089 2118

Position, dimensions and
reproducing speed of six
magnetic sound records on
70-mm motion-picture releas
A67e092 2118

The positive hero in Russian
A667618 1912

The Positive hero in the
novels of Jose Revueltas.
A655656 1617

A Positive investment program
for today.
A657709 1669

Positively West Uth Street
A688592 21121

Positive safety lock
A659591 1715

Positive staining for electro
Ae751U6 2096

JUL. - DEC. 1975

Positive tumorigenicity
studies in rats will
probably seriously affect
aldactone, aldactazlde and
flagyl (G. D. Searle)
A658607 1691

Poskitt, R. I.

A662030 17711

A662031 177«

Poslusney, Venard.

A662608 1788

A6611169 1826

Posner, George J.

A696665 2621

Posner, Richard.

A670266 1978

Posner, Richard A.

A6751 39 2096

Posner, Ronald.

A658107 1679

Possess and conquer.

A68387-7 2307

The Possessed,

A665021I 18117

Possessed by Satan.

A690779 211711

The Possession of Immanuel
A680288 2220

Possev-Verlag, V. Gorachek,
AF110701 2717

A Possible definition and
descriptor of reality; a
proposed biotic system,
A6-'9078 2192

The Possible dream.

A6658711 1869

Posson, Douglas Richard.

A6519e9 1527

Possot, Francois.

AFO-82556 2785

Possum cookbook: America's
amazing marsupials and
dozens of ways to cook them.
A660525 l^Sg

Post, Eldon n.

A6895211 21142

Post, Elise Hooks.

A685721 2352

Post, Gene 1.

A6861118 2363

Post, Helen wills.

A673326 2052

Post, Howard.

A68059e 2228

Post, Pa Pa.

SEF Post, William A.

Post, Richard s.

A673869 20611

A6''9227 2195

Post, Billiao A.

A67U562 2081

A700122 270U

Post-abortion instructions.
A668556 1935

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.


ft Postal directory: tlie Cross ftFO-82090 2773 Le Pot des ar.ciens. Potsdam ftssociates

County, Arkansas, area, 1 ftFO-81558 2759 A652832 1548

March 1626 - 1 Septenber

1975. 1663755 2304 Poteat, Edwin NcNeill. Pot shots £r

ft667U01 2393 56131115 28711 kitche

B616267 2896 S613876 2878

Postal history pr

^688872 21127 ft699281 2683 Poteat, Haley G. The Pot stirred "round the

Horld: a Bevolutic

Post assassment/leyel 17 to A699283 2683 cookbook.

accompany: Beqinninqs. A69928it 2663 Poteat, William H. A6e860it 2U21

A675026 2092


Lonist pai



, S. N.




The Postman i

always ri'

. 1716

Pott, Gertrud.

Post assessment/level 18 to Potemkin, soldier, statesman, AFO-82020 2771

accompany: Endinqs. Postlewaite, Margaret Mary. lover and consort of

A675026 2092 A677335 2la9 Catherine of Russia. Pottebaum, Gerard A.

A6914133 2557 P611101 2858 A682615 2277

The Postman always rings

Post-assessment/level 28 to twice. Potential for energy A Potted planter's plan.

accompany Wonders. A659637 1716 conservation in the United A671156 2000

A658101 1679 States: 1°79 - 1985.

Postmortem - long-time critic A689603 2ilitU The Potted plant organic care

Post-assessment/level 29 to of U.S. Viet lam policies handbook.

accompany Outlets. looks at Southeast Asia's Potential high-calcium A658810 1696

A658101 1679 future. limestone resources in the

A67it977 2091 Mount Joy area, Lancaster Potter, Beatrix.

Post-assessment/level 30 to County, Pennsylvania. >6ii9923 1ii76

accompany The Moonball. The Post office, a oiemoir of 16921172 2516 5613910 28''9

A6581C1 1679 his father.

A690606 21170 The Potential of scopoletln, a Potter, Bessie Arvis.

Post-assessment/level 31 to biotic root exudate of oats A670805 1992

accompany Awakening. Post office kit. (Avena sativa L.> for

A658099 1679 A6505e3 11193 biological weed control. Potter, Donald J.

A670010 1972 A681612 2253

Post-assessment/level 32 to The Postoffices of South

accompany Journeys. Dakota, 1661 - 1930. The Potentials for grass-roots Potter, Dorothy Hilliams.

A658099 1679 A676373 2126 democracy in postwar Japan: A656738 16116

the anti-pollution movement A695909 2602

Post-assessment/level 33 to Poston, Ada. as a case study in political

accompany Dialogues. A700630 2716 activism. potter, Edward Hesley.

A658059 1679 A685566 23118 A655376 1610

Poston, William Roger, 2nd.

Post-assessment/level 3ii to A660356 2221 Potential theory on locally Potter, Fred T.

accompany Inroads. compact Abellan groups. A667267 1902

A658100 1679 Postpartum hemorrhage. AFO-82002 2770

A658158 1680 Potter, Greg.

Post-assessment/level 35 to The Potentiometer handbook. SEE Po+ter, Gregory P.

accompany Expressions. Postscript for Malpas. 1675155 2096

A658100 1679 AFl)1776 2731 Potter, Gregory P.

Potenza, Betty Markley. BBit9176 '. 2828

Post-assessment/level 36 to Post-secondarv vocational- S659161 1705

accompany A Horse came technical education in Potter, Mabel Harrinaton.

running. Pennsylvania: a case stidy Poth, Pill. A681667 22511

6658100 1679 of the conflict between 1698920 2675

community colleges and area Potter, Marc I.

Posted missing. vocational-technical Potholders and variations. A672516 2032

A663e26 1618 schools. Ae81106 22110 1689016 21131

A678976 2189

Posters of Mucha. Pot luck. Potter, Merle C.

A6S9299 1708 Post's 1976 pulp and paper A691157 2183 A6785I40 2179


Postglacial qeomorpholoqy and 169U801 2575 Potok, Chaim. Potter, Nancv Dutton.

environments of the Warner 1690851* 2U76 IfeBOUU 1923

Valley — Hart Mountain area. Postwar Period.

Oregon. A657536 1665 Potomac Appalachian. Potter, Robert p.

A666380 1881 1658790 1696 1673183 2018

Poswillo, D. E.

Post-graduate course in AFO-821ii0 277U Potomac Appalachian Trail Potter, Russell.

Federal securities law, AI-152e8 2798 club, Washington, DC. E6121175 2867

University of Colorado A658790 1696

School of Law, Boulder, July Potassium-sparing diuretics: Potter and clay.

6 - 18, 1975. the basic differences. The Potomac, the stadium and 168011111 2320

16311799 2329 A670819 1992 the South.

1693558 25113 F61<"i61 2921 Potter Hazlehiirst, Inc.

Potatoes. 16701197 19SU

Postgraduate course in 1671170 2007 Potpourri: a categories game.

internal medicine. A653586 1565 The PCery jewels of Joseph

A650738 1196 Potato processing. lonewolf.

A669290 19511 A671203 200 1 Potpourri: an occidental A68e762 2378

A669291 1951 odyssey.

1669292 195U Potato race. 1683737 2303 Pottery on the wheel.

A693559 2513 A681397 2217 1665370 1356

Potpourri Enterprise. A665371 1856

Postharvest biology and Le Pot au feu. A653S86 1565

handling of fruits and A650639 1191 Pottiez, Jean-Marc.

vegetables. Potpourri for high school lFO-81589 2760

1676130 2127 Potawatomi Indian summer. journalists.

A6e2311 2270 1671771 2086 Pottle, Judith Coleman.

Postif, Louis. 1666331 2357

AFO-B138U 2751 Potchen, E. James. pots and pans, etc.

lFO-81806 2765 1681555 2251 A677161 2152 Potts, Jean.

AFO-ei829 2766 B660360 2222

AFO-820e9 2773

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.


Potts, R. G. Pourquoi une fonction Po»e, Bare B, Powell, Terrv.

A657lt68 1663 orqanisation? BBU9671 28U0 A691859 2501

A657lt69 1663 AFO-eie89 2767 A699319 268"4

Powell, Barbara.

Potts, Robert. Pourrat, Annette. A677107 21U'4 Powell, Thomas.

A696lie5 2616 SEE Lauras, Annette Pourrat. A650290 1485

Powell, Bertie Jeffress.

Potzerr.heioi, Julius. Pourrat, Henri. A655905 1623 Powell, Tom.

8620163 2929 S609209 2816 A671818 2015

Powell, Betty.

Pouchert, Charles J. la Poursuite et la mise a mort A650290 1185 Powell, Tom.

A663639 1813 du Bismarck. SEE Powell, Tommie lee.

A6B0923 2236 AFO-82567 2785 Powell, Burt Edwards.

A67823e 2171 Powell, Tommie lee.

Pou-jade, Robert. Pour une autre societe, apres A651211I 1508

AFO-82267 2777 les rapports sociaux du Powell, Charles F.

capital. A667771 1915 Powell, Victor (1.

Poulain, Claude. AFO-82331 2779 A68076ll 2232

AFO-82551 278* Powell, Coreen H.

Pousseur, Suth Elnora Gilg. H615311 2889 Powell, Willie.

Poulet, Virqinia. A655021 1602 A672579 2030

A65062« m9« A655022 1602

Poulidor, Rayiond. Pouty. A687303 2390

AFO-81895 2768 A660921 17'48 Powell, David E.

A650302 1186 Power, J. Tracy.

The Poal Jorqensen trout fly Pouty - " Missy. " A66«278 '. 1829

charts. A699721 26911 Powell, David R.

A687396 2392 A677822 2161 Power and responsibility.

Pouyanne, Besie. A671873 2017

Poulsen, Gunnar. AFII1359 2^20 Powell, Debby.

A658683 1693 A65515I4 1605 Power and society: an

Pouyanne, Resie. introduction to the social

Poulson, Barry Vlarren. SEE Pouyanne, Therese. Powell, Gardiner Bhiton. sciences.

A68S885 21*51 A6914193 2558 A6e52lt6 1853

Power and the allocation of

AFlt2258 27U14 A696027 2604 rights in women in Africa"

AI-15332 2799 Poverty lane. societies.

A675513 210a Powell, Henry M. Aee8876 1913

Pound, Ezra. R616»05 2897

A676171 2121 The Poverty of revolution: a Power ai-d the corporate mind.

A688213 21112 study of social, economic Powell, Henry S. A672885 20U1

E611133 2858 and political inequality in A657202 1656

8611137 2858 a center city area, a A687227 2389 Power and the pulpit in

E611138 2858 squatter settlement and a Puritan New England.

low cost housing project in Powell, Hickman. A67i(890 2089

Pound (Ezra) Literary Property Mexico City. A690725 21473

Trust, Trustees of the. A676637 2132 Powerboatinq.

A676171 2121 Powell, Hxs. Howard. Ae89787 211U9

A688213 2U12 Poverty Press. SEE Powell, Lawrenna nizell

A663526 1811 puckett. Power boilers.

Pound, Joyce. A6832ite 2292

A690101 21156 Povilaitis, David. Powell, Jessie J.

A673250 2050 A6630119 1799 Power boilers, 19711 edition.

Pound, Omar S. A659910 1723

R611133 2858 Powder diffraction file, Powell, John.

H611137 2858 inorganic, PD1S, 25pi. A673211C 2060 Power demand monitoring and

E61113B 2858 A6709211 1990 A6732I11 2050 control for system/7.

A6732lt6 2050 A6500211 11179

Pounds, Dwiqht Bay. Powder diffraction file, A673247 2050

A669716 1964 organic, PD1S, 25po. Power distribution system.

A671200 2001 Powell, Lawrenna Mizell A659e86 1717

Poupard, James A. Puckett.

A656U90 1639 Powder diffraction file search A670841 1992 Powered industrial truck

manual, alphabetical listing safety manual.

La Pouponniere. and search section of 'Powell, Linda. A700275 2707

R6189t6 2917 freguently encountered A667713 1914

phases, inorganic, 1975. A667714 1914 Powered truck safety.

Pourade, Richard F. A670918 1994 A700275 2707

A688891 2428 Powell, Linda K.

Powder diffraction file search A667572 1910 Power Electronics Specialists

Poure, Ken. manual. Fink method, A667573 1910 Conference, IEEE.

Ae58401 1686 inorganic, 1975. SEE IEEE Power Electronics

A670920 1994 Powell, Linton Elzie, Jr. Specialists Conference,

Pouring down words. A668168 1926 Culver city, CA, 1975.

A650110 1481 Powder diffraction file search

manual, Hanawalt method, Powell, Peter J. Power Electronics Specialists

Pour le regne de Henri 4. inorganic, 1975. A678559 2179 Conference (1973 - 1974)

B618970 2917 A670917 1994 A688945 2429

Powell, Rex Pocklin.

Pour plate technigue for Powder diffraction tile search Ae84277 2317 Power from the wind.

isolation of pure cultures. manual, organic, 1975. P611407 2859

1649747 1471 A670919 1994 Powell, E. W.

A658666 1693 Powerful third party

Pourquoi ces nations en Powderhorn game. psychology collection

tUBUlte? A672276 2026 Powell, Shirley. techniques that really work!

AFO-82608 2786 A688748 2424 S662095 1775

Powdrill, Ann.

Poarguoi des nations en 6651936 1526 Powell, S. Robert. Power! how to get it, how to

tumulte? E615624 2891 use it.

AFO-82603 2786 A684365 2319

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.


Power Industry Computer Powers, Mrs. Albert. J691160 2U83 Pozefsky, Diane.

Application Conference, New SEE Powers, Helen 3. Aee2022 177U

Orleans, 1975. BcKearir . Power steering.

A67M098 2070 A685310 23U2 Pozek, A.

Powers, Anne. A687it06 2393

Power in families. SEE Schwartz, Anne powers. Power steering hose app-

A68'4393 2319 lications. Pozi*zer, Allan.

Powers, Barbara Feeney. A6593H8 1709 A653it83 1563

Power, influence, and A65it257 1583

responsiveness in a Power steering pumps, 1975. Pozzi, G.

decentralized school Powers, David. A695255 258f SEE Pozzi, Gabrielle.

district. A659361 1709

A677126 21'(1 Power steering units Pozzi, Gabrielle.

Powers, David Guy. confidential jobber prices. AF0-827tl1 2789

Power in marital decision R613867 2878 A697880 2650

making. PPt:: pilot training records.

A668923 igiM Powers, Ed. Power steering units; A6923ie 2512

A657817 1672 suggested dealers prices.

The Power lovers: an intimate A657818 1672 A6979itit 2651 P.P.F.A.

look at politics and A657819 1672 SEE prof essioT-al Picture

marriage. Power study Group of the Framers Association.

A692210 2509 Powers, Ed. American Association for the

SEE Powers, Edward F. Advancement of Science, P.P.F.A. financial management

Power math. Committee on Environmental accounting system.

A7003e8 2710 Powers, Edward F. Alterations. A66518e 1851

A660837 1716 SEE American Association for A665187 1851

Power math answer keys. the Advancement of S665188 1851

A700378 2710 Powers, Eileen. Science. Committee on

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workbook. Powers, J. F. A690673 2U72 PPG Industries, Inc. Chemical

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Power: the inner experience. A693601 2511

The Power of creative Powers, J. F. A688e39 2122 A6°6897 2626

imagination. SEE Powers, James Farl.

AFO-81373 2751 Power: the natural history of PPO (scintillation grade)

Powers, John P. its growth. A695513 2592

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psychology and mental Powers, Julie. Power: the nature and the "originale de mia mano. "

therapeutics. E613867 2878 history of its growth. A681261 2211

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The Power of paradigms: an A682068 2263 Power to the teacher. vedanta Swami.

empirical evaluation of A693311 2538 SEE Bhaktivedanta Swami, A.

international relations

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Powers, Stephen. A679520 2202

The Power of prayer. t689609 2111 Power volleyball.

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Powers, Wanda Chason. SEE Pracht, James M.

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