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By Charles Dickens. 533 p. (With
Reader's guide. By Selma Gross) NM:
reader's guide, e Amsco School Pub-
lications, Inc.; 15Jan75: 4609032.


The Meaning of life. By Gene liberty,
editor: Bilton S. Lesser. 117 p. (Life
science, book 1) C 4msco School
publications. Inc.; 27Jan75; 4609033,

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.

860903U - 6609075


JON. 19'75


The CoEtlnuation of life. By Gene
Liberty, editor: Bilton S. lesser. 210 p.
(Life science, hook 3) e Susco School
Publications, Inc.; 27Jan75: S605C34.


The Support of life. By Gene Liberty,
editor: Hilton S. lesser. 175 p. (Life
science, book 2) C Amsco School
Publications, Inc.; 27jan75; A609C35.


Wide world of words. By Joan D
Berbrlch. 26 3 p. C Amsco School
Publications, Inc.: 27Jan75: A605C36.


Astronomy, a Milliken sound-f ilmstrip
package; teacher's quide. 1 v. in box.
Hith 6 filBstrips. C Hilllken Publishing
Ccmpany; Ucct7«; A609037.


Amspec insulated ceiling system
installation specification. 2 p. Appl.
au: Right Ccwman Abram, Inc. C Amspec,
Inc.; 27Jan75: A60903B.


Amspec masonry, vapor barrier, Thurane
or Styrofoaro SM, Deraspan finish board. 2
p. Appl. au: Right Cowman Abram, Inc.
e Amspec, Inc. ; 20Jan75 (in notice:
1974) : A609039.


Amspec self supporting, plaster,
styrcfoam IB, plaster. 2 p. Appl. au;
Right Cowman Abram, Inc. NM: new copy
matter. 6 Amspec, Inc.; 20Jai'75 (in
notice: 197U) ; A6090ii0.


Amspec masonry, Styrofoam IB, plaster,
2 p. Appl. au; Right Ccwman Abram, Inc.
NH; new copy matter. C Amspec, Tnc;
20Jan75 (in notice; 197U) ; B6090U1.


Amspec fire test data. 2 p. Appl. au;

Kiqht Cowman Ahram, Inc, HH; new ccpy

matter. C Amspec, Inc.; 20 Jan 7 5 (in
notice: 1974) ; A60901I2.


Amspec Deraspan brand panels and liners
design data. Folder. Appl. au; Right
Cowman Abram, Inc. un: new copy matter.
C Amspec, Inc.; 20Jan75 (in notice:
19711) ; A6O901t3.


Amspec recommended temperature reduction
rates. 1 p. Appl, au: Right Cowman
Abram, Inc. NM; new copy matter.
C Amspec, Inc. ; 20Jan75 (in notice;
1971) ; A6090«U.


Amspec how tc apply Styrofoam SB brand
plastic foam insulation in cavity wall
construction. 2 p. Appl, au: Right
Cowman Abram, Inc. C Amspec, Inc. ;
21Jan75 (In notice: 1974); 66O9OI1E.


Amspec self supporting partition to
insulated wall. 1 p. Appl. au; Right
Cowman Abram, Inc. 6 Amspec, Inc.;
20Jan75 (in notice: 197(t) ; A6090U6.


Amspec concrete underdeck — Styrofcam
IB — Portland cement plaster. 1 p. Appl.
au: Right Cowman Abram, Inc. MB: new copy
matter, C3 Amspec, Inc.; 20Jan75 (in
notice: 197«) ; A609047,


Amspec metal overdeck — mineral beard
insulation — Thurane- -mineral board-
-built-up roof, 1 p. Appl, au: Right

Cowman Abram, Inc. NB; new copy matter.
C Amspec, Inc.; 20Jan75 (in notice:
197«) ; A6090118.

A60 90U9.

Amspec overdeck — styrofoam SB — roof
insalation - built-up roof, 1 p. Appl,
au: Right Cowman Abram, Inc. NB: new copy
matter, 6 Amspec, Inc. ; 20Jan75 (in
notice: 1971); A6090U9.

A60 9050.

Amspec concrete underdeck - styrof oam
IB — latex cement finish. 1 p. Appl. au:
Right Cowman Abram, Inc, NB: new copy
matter, e Amspec, Inc.; 20Jan75 (in
notice; 197it) ; A609050.


Amspec self supporting partition to
exterior wall. 1 p. Appl. au: Right
Cowman Abram, Inc. NB; new copy matter,
e Amspec, Inc.; 20Jan75 (in notice;
197K) ; A609051.


Amspec self supporting partition to
ceiling, 1 p, Appl, au; Right Cowman
Abram, Inc. NB; new copy matter,
e Amspec, Inc.; 20Jan75 (in notice:
197l») ; A609052.


Amspec masonry - Styrofoam IB — plaster.
1 p. Appl. au: Right Cowman Abram, Inc.
NB: new copy matter. C Amspec, Inc.;
20Jar75 (in notice: 1974); A609053,


Amspec masonry - Styrofoam SB - Deraspan
finish board, 1 p, Appl, au: Right
Ccwman Abram, Inc. NB: new copy matter.
e Amspec, Inc.; 20Jan75 (in notice;
197«) ; A60905U.


Amspec self supporting partition to
floor. 1 p. Appl. au: Right Cowman
Abram, Inc, NB: new copy matter.
e Amspec, Inc.; 20Jan75 (in notice:
1970); A609055.


Amspec sub slab-styrof oam SB — wearing
slab, 1 p, Appl, au: Right Cowman Abram,
Inc. NB: new copy matter. O Aftspec,
Inc.; 20Jan75 (in notice: 1970);
A 60 90 56.


Amspec roof panel anchor, 1 p, Rppl,
au: Right Cowman Abram, Inc. NB: new copy
matter, C Amspec, Inc; 20Jan75 (in
notice; 1970) ; A609057,


Amspec intersecting walls. 1 p. Appl.
an: Right Cowman Abram, Inc. NB: new copy
matter. C Amspec, Inc.; 20Jan75 (in
notice: 197ll) ; A609058.


Amspec interior ceiling to wall. 1 p.
Appl, au; Right Cowman Abram, Inc. NB:
new" copy matter, © Amspec, Inc.; 20Jan75
(in notice: 1970) ; A609059.


Amspec liner-floor connection. 1 p.

Appl. au: Right Cowman Abram, Inc. NB;
new copy matter. C Amspec, Inc.; 20Jan75

(in notice: 1970); A609060.


Amspec panel-floor connection. 1 p.
Appl. au: Right Cowman Abram, Inc. NB:
new copy matter. Amspec, Inc.; 20Jan75
(In notice; 1970); A609061.


Amspec metal pan - styrofoam sn-
-film — gypsum board. 1 p. Appl. au:
Right Cowman Abram, Inc. NB: new copy


matter. 6 Amspec, Inc.; 20Jan75 (in
notice: 1970) ; A605062.


Amspec masonry — vapor barrler-
-Thurane — Deraspan finish beard, 1 p,
Appl, au: Right Cowman Abram, Inc, NB;
new ccpy matter, C Amspec, Inc.; 2'^Jar75
(in notice: 1970); A60S063.


Amspec suspended ceiling hanger. 2 p.
Appl. au: Right Cowman Abram, Inc, NB:
new copy master. 6 Amspec, Inc; 20Jan75
(in notice: 1970); A6CSO6O.


Grannaire francaise pour la deuxieire
annee d'unlverslte, pt,1, Ey Jacgueline
Cllivier. 1 v. C Jacqueline olllvier;
7Jan75; A609065.


Computer operations manual. Prepared by
George A. Olah, Caroline J, Bun* E j.
Glenn Rara. 1 v, Appl, an: Lockheed
Electronics Company, Inc, e Lockheed
Blectlonlcs Company, iT-c; 21Jun7U;


Beyond the chicken scup. Issued by
Temple Isaiah Sisterhood, 218 p. Appl.
au: Temple Isaiah, C Temple Isaiah;
26Sep70; A609067,


Jefferson County mountain area research
project. Vol.1 - 5. Project director:
Gary Schalman, co-pro ject-dlrector;
miliam lee Blackburn. C Gary Schalman,
Hilliam Blackburn, Paul Gesso, Dave
Dowall, Linda Breed, Olena Buczacka, Fred
Dow, Jean Endo, Shirley Fujikawa, Tom
Glese, John Gregory, Bark lowrey. Gene
Rovacs S Rarln Ostlund; 20Sep7U;


Hodel 3805A distance meter; service
manual. 1 v. Appl. au; Kenneth L, Adams
e Bewlett-Packard Company; 10Eec70;


The Lilly digest, 197U; a survey of
community pharmacy operations for 1973,
Editcr; silliam J. Turenne, art editor:
Helen H. Bennett, 7" p, Appl, au: Jli
Lilly and Company. C Fll Lilly and
company; 6Sep70; A609070.


Citicorp employee reaction survey
feedback; leader's handbook. 2 v, E
folder, Appl, au: FNCC Training
Development, e First National City
Corporation; 10ct73; A609n71,


Citicorp employee reaction survey
feedback; training materials. 1 v. Appl.
au: FKCC Training Development, e Firs*
National City corporation; 10ct73;


Science Citation Index, 1970, July -
September. Citation index, source Index,
journal lists S corporate Index. 3 v.
NB: compilation. e Institute for
Scientific Information, Inc.; 18Nov70;


NHFA 1970 merchandise and sales
promotion planning calendar. 00 p.
e National Home Furnishings Association;
17Dec73; A605070.


Community gardening procedural manual-

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.


4609075 (cor.)

1 V. e Gardens for All. Inc.; 10Jul7it;



COEiDunitv qardeninq procedural manual;
profit venture. 1 v. C Gardens for All.
Inc.: 10Jul71t; 4609076.


Police State. Produced by Gameophiles
Onlimited, Inc. Kit. Appl. au: Harley L.
Sachs. NH: additions s revisions.
C Harlev L. Sachs; 25Apr7U; S609077.


The Miraculous escape. By Jim Dirov.
155 p. C Jim Dimov; 10Feb75; AeO?078.


Guide to Texas emigrants. By David
Hoodman, Jr., pref. by Dorman H. Hinfrey.
192 p. N«: pref. 6 Texian Press;
30Dec7<l; J609079,


A Frenchman in Lincoln's America, huit
mois en ftmerique: lettres et notes de
voyaqe, 186U - 1865. Tol.1, By Ernest
Duverqier De Hauranne, translated e edited
ty Ealph H, Bouen, with an introd. t notes
tv Ealph H. Bowen 6 Albert Krebs. 532 p.
(The Lakeside classics) English. Appl.
au: E. E. Donnelley and Sons company. NM:
additions. C E. E. Donnelley and Sons
Company: 12Dec7«; A60S080.


The Giant of Bed Mill Bun. By George De
Merley, pseud, of Georqe Malcolm Morley,
illustrated by the authcr. 190 p.
e Georqe De Merley (pseud, of Georqe
Malcolm Morley) ; «Jan75; A609081.


After the blizzard. Poems by James J.
McAuley. 72 p. NM: neu poems S
compilation of prev. pot. poems, e James
J. McAuley: 17Jan75; A6C9082.


The Danclnq «as lively: Fort Concho,
Texas: a social history, 1867 to 18E2. By
ailliam Elton Green. 1it6 p. Prev, reg.
as Fort Concho: a social history, 1667 -
1882, A2ue5C6, 1971. NM: editorial
revisions 6 additions, C Billiam Elton
Green: 200ct7«: 4609083.


Blac)c neighborhoods: an assessment of
community power. By Donald I. Warren.
191 p. C The Dniversity of Michigan;
17Jan75: A6090eit.


Fran)t Capra: the man and his films.
Edited by Eichard Glat7^r,8 John Eaefcurn,
190 p. NM: introd. , 3 essays, compilation
6 editorial revisicns, C The Dniversity
of Michiqan: 17Jan75: A609085.


The Imaqination of stability: the
depression films of Frank Capra. Ey
Bobert Sklar. (In Frank Capra: the man
and his films, p. 121 - 138) Appl. au:
Bichard Glatzcr 6 John Baeburn. C Bobert
Sklar: 17Jan75: 4609086.


The 4brasive aqes: a history of
abrasives and the abrasive process with
comments on historical events contemporary
to those aqes. By William G. Pinkstone,
121 p. C Silliam G. pinkstone; 27tec7U:


The Psycholoqy of East-West trade:
illusions and opportunities. By Zygmunt
Naqorski, Jr, , foreword by Jean-Francois

460 9089.

Robespierre: the voice cf virtue, Ey
ctto J. Scott. 266 p. e otto Scott:
1Noy7H; A609089.


The Spirit is a-movin". Editor: B.
Eussell Bixler. 197 p. C Creation House,
Inc.; 17JaE75 (in notice: 197it);
460 90 90.


Proceedings of the National Conference
on Fluid Power, September 13 - in - 15,
1972. Vol.26, 28th annual meeting, 751
p. 4dd. ti: NCFP. Held at Illinois
Institute of Technology, Chicago,
e National Conf erence'on Fluid Power;
230ct7« (in notice: 1972); 4609091.

460 90 92.

Cases and materials on criminal charges,
Ey David E. 4rcher. 117 p. NM:
compilation. C David E. 4rcher; 22Nov7U;


Language, religion and politics in north
India. By Paul B. Brass. U67 p.
e Cambridge Dniversity Press; 250ct7U;


Dress. By Eleanor Jerner Gawne £ Bess
.V. Oerke, uth ed. 672 p. 6 Eleanor
Jerner Gawne K Bess V. Oerke; 13Feb75;


Long ficticn of the American Eenais-
sance: a symposium on genre. Edited by
Paul McCarthy. 1 v. NM: introd.
C Kenneth Walter Cameron; 260ct71;


Life, love, joy: pupil's edition. Ey
Sister Janaan Manternach, 0, S, F, , Carl J,
Pfeifer, revised by Elizabeth McMahon
Jeep. 90 p. Appl. au: General Learning
Corporation, employer for hire. NM:
revisions 6 additions, e General Learning
Corporation; 34pr71: 4609096.


Individualized skills practice book:
teacher's edition. By H. Stewart
Moredock, ill us. : Tad Krumeich for
Mulvey/Crump Associates, Inc., diagrams;
Delos D, Bowe Associates. 80 p. (Silver
Burdett mathematics system) Appl. au;
General Learning Corporation, employer for
hire, e General Learning Corporation;
27NOV71; 4609097.


Lab-cards, No. 01 121 10. Cards in
case. (Silver Bnrdett mathematics system)
€ General Learning corporation; 19Nov71;


Lab-cards. No. 01 123 10. Cards in
case. (Silver Burdett mathematics system)
C General Learning Corporation: 1Dec71;


Spiritualizing thought. 28 p. The 2
articles prev. pub. in tie christian
Science sentinel. NM: compilation G new
art work. e The christian Science
Publishing Society; 12Feb75; A609100.


How to beat the inflation game. By
Henry Schwartz. 159 p. C Books for
Better Living; 7Feb75; A609101.


Every parent's guide *o day care
centers. By Marcine H. Goad. 159 p.
e Books for Better Livlno; 7Feb75;

4619 103.

Dnpcpular planet, Bj Evelyn E, Smith.
335 p. f Evelyn E. Smi*h; 21Jan75;


Making out. By Bichard N. levine, 316
p. e Bichard N, Levine; 19Eec71;


Sixth Dell word search puzzles. Editor:
Kathleen Bafferty, associate editor:
Eosalind Moore. 128 p. 4ppl, au: Dell
Publishing Company, Inc., employer fcr
hire. NM: compilation. C Bell Publishing
company. Inc.; 16Jar75; 4609105.


Mist maiden. By Nancy Gardner, pseud,
of Nancy Bruff. 235 p. C Nancy Gardner;
1UJan75; A609106,


The 4migos. By Pico Fivera, pseud, of
Oscar Saul 5 Harry Essex. Ill p. Eased
on the screenplay Deaf Smi*h and JchrTiy
Ears, e Oscar Saul 8 Harry Essex;
21Jar75; 4609107,


NO signs from heaven: theological
tradition and the modern literary
imagination. Edited 8 with an intrcd, by
John O'Brien S Eichard Flnholt. 317 p.
NM: introd. S compilation. e John 0'Bri6'^
8 Bichard Flnholt; 16Jan75; 46OS108,


House at Fiver's Bend. By Buty Jean
Jensen. 201 p, e Buby Jean Jensen;
9Jan75; 460910°,


Killing Billy, Ey Joe Goldberg, 159 p.
e Joe Goldberg; 11Jan75; 4609110.


Hit woman. By Gary Elumborg. 222 p.
C Gary Blumherg; 7Jan75; 4609111.


4bandonment to divine providence, Ey
Jean-tierre De Caussade, newly translated,
with an introd. by John Eeevers, 119 p,
NM: translation 8 Jntrcd. C John Eeeve'-s:
11Feh75; 4609112.


Signet classic poets of the 17*h
century. Vol.1. Edited by John
Eroadbent. 377 p. C on compilation 8
editing; John Eroadbent; 17Dec7i;


Henry Kissinger: the private and public
story, Ey Falph Blnmenfeld 8 the staff E
editors of The New Ycrk post. 326 p.
4ppl. au: New York Post Corporation,
employer for hire. C The New York Post
Corporation; 290ct7U; A609111.


Narc, number 5: Kill the dragon. By
Bobert Hawkes. 159 p. C Bobert Hawkes;
3Dec71; 4609115.


The Plight of Jenny Eird, Ey Monica
Mugan, 219 p. C Monica Bngan; 3Dec71;


The Strange case of Patty Hearst. By
John Pascal 8 Francine Pascal. 181 p.

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.


J609117 (ccr. )

e Jchn Pascal E Francine


al; 2?Jul7H;


The Psychic power of plantSa By John
Hhitman. 198 p. C John Hhitman; 3Dec7it:


A Casebook on Anais Nin, Editea, with
an introd. by Eobert Zallei. 203 p, C on
compilation, revisions 6 introd. ; robert
Zaller: 1Cct7ii: A609119.

Ae 09120.

The Anatomy of a prostituteo By Jhan
Bobbins, with a psychological analysis by
Barry Robert Berkey. 182 p. e Jhan
Bobbins: 6Auq7U: A6a9120.


Earthquake: the story of a movie. By
Georqe Fox. 128 p. Based on the filn.
Earthquake, by Georqe Fox E Bario Puzo.
Appl. au; MCA Publicat icns, employer for
hire. Nfl: text 6 compilation, e MCA
Publications, a division of BCA, Inc.
(HCA Publishing, a division of BCA, Inc.);
3Dec7II: A609121.


Demon of the darkness. By Dana Pcss.
205 p. e Dana Ross; 1Ieb75; A609122.


Black gold. By Paul Kenyon. 217 p.
C Lyle Kenyon Engel; 1Feb75; Ae09123.


Penny crossword puzzles. No. 25. Edited
by Ned Webster. 1 v. e Paul Bordecai
Rosenberg, Inc.; 1Feb75; A60912H.


Look for fun.
Hebster. 159 p
Rosecberq, Inc.

So. 1. Edited by H(
e Paul Mordecai
1Peb75: Ae09125.


Texas iurisprudence, second edition,
Vol.l - 3, 5 - 73. 1975 pocket parts.
Multiple ycluBes. C Bancroft-shitr €y
Company; 22Nov7lt; A609126.


Seadinq 360/Ginn manaqement systei.
System C. levels 7-8. Multiple volumes
S sheets in box. Appl. au : Theodore
clymer f- Ginn and Company. © Ginn and
company (Xerox Corporation) ; 17S€p73;


The Relationship of reference grocps and
self esteem to women's political
participation. By Elizabethann C'Sul-
livan. Microfilm. 6 Elizabethann
O'Sullivan; 15Dec7U: A609128.


Comparative anatomy of Hyriophyllum
spicatnm L. from habitats of low and high
salinities. By Harold Ray Seirioh.
Microfilm. 6 Harold Ray Weirich;
15Dec71t: A609129.


Hugh Henry Brackenridge: frontier
commentator. By Hilliam Ellsworth
Vincent. Microfilm. e Billiam Ell Eworth
Vincent; 15Dec7ii: A609130.


An Experimental study of the effec-
tiveness of relaxation training in
reducing the limiting effects of test
anxiety on test performance. By Barbara
silver. Microfilm. Barbara Silver:
15Dec7It; A609131.


The Legal process

olves a description

of the accountant's disclosure obligation-
-an in-depth analysis of the Continental
Vending Machine Corporation case. By
Louis Isaac Rosen. Microfilm, 6 Louis
Isaac Eosen; 15Dec7«; A609132.


Effects of environmental characteristics
upon storm runoff and sediment production
In selected Middle Atlantic watersheds.
By John Ray Patzlaff. Microfilm. C John
Bay Ratzlaff; 15Dec7U; S609133.

46091 3a.

EffectiveresE of instruction in
postpartum care during the prenatal and
postnatal phases of pregnancy. By Dorothy
Dummer Petrowski. Microfilm, 6 Dorothy
Dummer Petrowski; 15Dec7if: Ae0913U.


Elmer Bice: a playwright's vision of
America. By Anthony Francis R. Palmieri.
Microfilm, t Anthony Francis R. Palmier!;
15Dec7U: A609135.


Los Pecados capitales en la llteratura
medieval espanola. By Eliezer Oyola.
Microfilm. © Eliezer Oyola; 15Dec7U;


Pressure group influence on the
Pennsylvania Constitutional Convention,
1967 - 1968. By Robert Emile lamontagne.
Microfilm. € Robert Emile lamontagne;
15Dec7"t; S609137.-


Moment of truth: the hunt in American
fiction. By Vivien Louise Kwiatek.
Microfilm. 6 Vivien Louise Kwiatek;
15Dec7U; A609138.


A Revised edition of the Woodward and
McManaway check list of English plays,
16U1 - 1700. By Norma Joan Kirwan.
Microfilm. C Norma Joan Kirwan; 15Dec7i4;

A60 91U0.

Adolescent identity formation and
attitudes toward women and sex role
equality. By Patricia Ajine Kirsch.
Microfilm. 6 Patricia Anne Kirsch;
15Dec7lt: A6091U0.


"Their names are myth, leqend, dust":
*.he Southern mountaineer in twentieth-
century novels. By Barbara Saunders
Klrkpatrick. Microfilm, e Barbara
Saunders Klrkpatrick; 15Dec7i|; AeP91it1.


Studies on Paleozoic Opbiuroids and the
ancestry of the Asterozoa. By Frederick
Hatfield Clark Hotchkiss, Microfilm.
e Frederick Hatfield Clark Hotchkiss;
15Dec7«: S6091112.


Conjoint family theory: an entree to a
new behavior therapy. By George Stanley
Greenberg. Microfilm. © George Stanley
Greenberg; 15Dec7«; A6n91«3.


Strychnine binding associated with
central nervous system glycine receptors.
By Anne Buckingham young. Microfilm.
C Anne Buckingham Young; 15Dec7il;


The Pathogenesis of rat virus-induced
cerebellar hypoplasia in the Syrian
hamster, Mesocricetus auratus, a light,
Golgi, and electron microscopic study. By
Mary Lou Oster-Granite. Microfilm.


Demand for contraception in Pakistan
dialogue between data and theory. By Hud=5
c. Zurayk. Microfilm. e Huda c, Zuravk;
15Dec7U; 4609m6.


An Fcological analysis cf aborig5nal
Polynesian stratification. By John Gordci
Fox. Microfilm, e John Gordon Fox;
15rec7li; A609147.


Visual sequence analysis in two *o six
month old human infants. By na**-hew Isle
Dobrow. Microfilm. e Matthew Isle
Dotrcw; 15Dec7ll; A609111B.


A Multinational interindustry gravity
trade model for the Eurcpean Common
Market. By Hllfried E. Frewc. Microfilm,
e Bllfried E. Prewo; 15Dec7U; A6091U9,


Vector invariants for the classical
groups. By Robert lipford Snyder.
Microfilm, e Robert Lipford Snyder;
15Dec7H; A6C9150.


Amedeo Avogadro: a reassessment of his
research and its place in early nine^eentv
century science. By Jchn Kirkwocd Ecnn^r.
Microfilm. e John Kirkwood Bonner;
15Dec7U; A609151,


S*udles in the chronicle tradition of
Saint-Denis. By Gabrielle M. Spiegel.
Microfilm. C Gabrielle M. Spiegel;
15Dec7U; A609152.


nu?_tivariate estimatlcn in finite
populations under least sguares models.
By Pi chard L, Greenstreet. Bicrcfllm.
€ Richard L, Greenstreet; 15Dec7i4;


The Hnifylng concept: an approach to the
structure of Cervantes' Comedias, By
Edward Herbert Friedman. Microfilm.
e Edward Herbert Friedman; 15Dec7U;

A609 155.

The Pastorallsm of Cervantes' Galatea.
By Louis Edward Cox, Jr. Microfilm,
e Louis Edward Cox, Jr.; 15tec7U;



De his qui foris sunt: the teachings of
the medieval canon and civil lawyers
concerning the Jews. By Halter Jay
Pakter. Microfilm, e Baiter Jay Fak*e'-;
15DecTU; A609156.


The Literary relationship of George
Eliot and Harriet Beecher Stowe, By Keiny
Ralph Marotta. Microfilm. C Kenny Ralph
Marotta; 15Dec7Ii; 4609157.


Cn the Eigenfunctions of the Laplaoian
on certain Blemannian coverings. By
Adeniran Adsboye. Microfilm, e Adeniran
Adeboye; 15D9c7It; A609158.


The Role of bulk traps and surface
states in the contac* charging of
insulators. By Arun Chowdry. MicTofilir.
C Arun Chowdry; 15Dec7ii; A609159.


Family patterns and genetic analypis of

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office tor information about any additional records that may exist.


J609160 (C0T>. )

specific reading disability. By Joan
Bartha Finucci. Hicrofllm. e Joan Bartha
Finucci: 15Dec7ii; S609ieo.


Sn Optical study of the metal-insolator
transition in disordered mercury-aqron
solids. By Konald Fdsard Pyle.
Microfilm. C Eonald Edward Pyle;
15Cec7«: 1609161.


Inclusion, control, affection change in
a three-day T-group experience. By James
Verne Batkins. Microfilm. James Verne
Hatkins: 15Dec7«: A609162.


The Commercial architecture of John
Butler Snook. By Mary Bnn Clegg Smith.
Microfilm. 6 Mary Jnn Clegg Smith;
15Dec71t: 8609163.


Opinions of secondary school learners in
the central city about teacher charac-
teristics in the classrcom. By Jaret
Huntington Olson Philips. Microfilm.
e Janet Huntington Olscn Philips;
15Dec7il: S60916I1.


Identification of procedures and factors
involved in college and university faculty
retention/reduction decisions. By Joanne
Marie Sprenger. Microfilm. C Joanne
Marie Sprenger: 15Dec7U; A609165.


Heroic vision: a study of Byron's verse
tales. By Douglas Denham Rich.
Microfilm, 6 Douglas Denham Fich;
15Eec7U: A609166.


Pricing for reduction of domestic trunk
airline excess capacity. By Donald James
Ossald. Microfilm. 6 Donald James
Oswald; 15Dec7U; A609167.


A New mind: changing black conscious-
ness, 1950 - 1970. By S. Rudolph Martin,
Jr. Microfilm. C S. Rudolph Martin, Jr.;
15Dec70: A609168.


Eecent merger activity of the largest
firms in the forest products industries.
By Dennis Clyde Le Master. Microfilm.
e Dennis Clyde le Master; 15Dec7U;


Creativity and body awareness. By Gail

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