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Handley Hertz; 15Feb75 (in notice:
1971)^ 1619505.


Mannerism in the plays of J. B. Synge.
Ey Andrew James Purdy. Microfilm.
t Andrew James Purdy: 15Feb75 (in
notice: 1971) ; A61 9506,


A Natural history of American virtue;
Melville's critique of the transcendental
hero. By Joseph Paul Alaimo. Microfilm.
( Joseph Paul llaimo; 15F6b75 (in
notice; 1971); 1619507.


An Examination of methodological
problems in a laboratory ccmparison of
learning by discovery and expository
treatments. By Stephen Frank Hirshfeld.
Microfilm, e Stephen Frank Hirshfeld;
15Feb75 (in notice: 1971); A61950e.


A Multiparameter eigenvalue problem in
^,he complex plane. By Tvar Bakken.
Microfilm. Ivar Bakken; 15Feb75 (in
notice: 1971); A619509.


_1 Study of the poetry of Robert Creeley
and Robert Duncan in relation to the
Emerson-whitman tradition. By Dolores
Elise Brien. Microfilm. © Dolores Elise
Brien; 15Feb75 (in notice: 1971);


The visual abstraction process. By
Eleanor Marie Johns. Bicrofilm.
e Eleanor Marie Johns; 15Feb75 (in
notice: 1971) ; A619511.


The Influence of European Dada on
American visual arts and letters, 1913 -
1925. Bv Dickran Levon Tashjian.
Bicrofilm. © Dickran Levon Tash-jian:
15Feb75 (in notice: 1971); 1619512.


Death and the child; an arterospecti ve
test cf the childhood lereavement ?rd
la*er behavior disorder hypothesis. By
Robert Allen Bendiksen . Bicrof<lm.
C Robert Allen Bendiksen: 1'=Feb75 (i"
notice; 1971); A619513.


A Climatological study of atmospheric
ventilation at Binneapolis-Saint Paul. Ey
Allen Bennett Johnson. Bicrofilm.
e Allen Bennett Johnson: 15Feb75 (in
notice: 1971); A619511.


Skepticism and aestheticism; Keat's
humanized religion cf beauty. Ey Ronald
Alan sharp, Bicrofilm, C Pcnald llan
Sharp; 15Feb75 (in notice: 1971);


MBPl differences of male alcoholic
treatment successes and failures, Bv
Lloyd irven crlpe, Bicrofilm. e Ll.-yd
Irven Cripe; 15Feb75 (in notice; 1971);


Needs and sa* isfac* ions cf foreign
students at the Dniversity of Hinnescta.
Ey Beral Dlker Culha. Bicrofilm. e Keral
Ulker culha; 15Feb75 (in notice: 1971):


Role-taking complexity, referential
accuracy, and selected language features
in the communication of first and
third-grade children contrasted on bir*-h
order positions in the family. By Fern
Lois Johnson. Bicrofilm. e Fern Lois
Johnson; 15Feb75 (in notice; I97i);


A Study of multi-age and age-grouped
environments in relation to ievel of play.
By Richard Joseph Aubry, Jr, Bicrotiim.
e Richard Joseph Aubry, Jr.; 15Feh75 (i^
notice: 1970) ; Aei9519.


Passaic, New Jersey, 1855 - 1912;
city-building in post-civil War America.
By Michael Howard Etnei, Bicrofilm.
e Bichael Howard Ebner; 15F6h75 (in
notice; 1971); A619520.


Career decisions of medical students and
attitudes and values toward medical
practice; a sociological analysis. By
George Odin Johnson. Microfilm, e George
Odin Johnson; 15Feb75 (in no* ice: 1971);


children's understanding cf inter-
sentence organization in the recall cf
short descriptive passages. By Frederick
William Banner. Microfilm, e Frederick
William Canner; 15Feh75 (in notice:
1970) ; B615522.


Vibrational anharmon icity in cyanogen
fluoride. By Juei-hua Lin, licrofilm.
e Juei-hua Lin; 15Feb75 (in notice:
1971) ; 1619523.


Fixed points and periodic solutions of
generic retarded functional differentia]
eguations. By John Joseph Dcuolas
Mallet-Paret. Microfilm, e John Joseph
Douglas Mallet-Paret; 15Feb75 (in
notice: 1971); A619520.


local incidence, transmission and tissue
culture of sarcocystis. By Ellen Jean

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office tor information about any additional records that may exist.


1619525 (cor.)

Shaffer. Hicrcfilm. 6 Ellen Jean

Shaffer: 15Feb75 (in notice: 197U);



Peter Suchenwirt and heraldic poe^rvo
Bv Stephanie Cain Van D'Elden. Biciofilm.
e Stephanie Cain Van D'Elden: 15Fet75
(in notice: 1971): 6619526.


Anchorage and expertness effects en
opinion chanqe. Bv James Alan Meland.
Microfilm, 6 James Alan Meland: 1 5Feb75
(in notice: 1971): A619527.


Cptimizatlon of the classroom schedulinq
problem. By Aqam Nath Sinha. Micrcfilm.
e Aqam Nath sinha: 15Fsb75 (in notice:
197H): A619528.


The Firm and price uncertainty. Ey
James Leroy Alien. Microfilm. © James
Leroy Allen; 15Feb75 (in notice: 197it) :


An Evaluation of the ability of the
United states railroads to respond to the
loqistics needs of th« shippers. By Alan
Jadson stenqer. Microfilm. 6 Alan Judson
Stenqer; 15Feb75 (in notice: 197141:


Possible mechanisms of the antihy-
pertensive effects of ST-155 (Catapies)
By Bernard Lawrence Hoodhouse. Microfilm.
C Bernard Laurence Woodhouse; 15Fet75
(in notice: 197U) : A615531.


The Effect of varied recovery intervals
followinq moderate warm-up on physical and
physioloqical performance. By Randclph
Sayne Miller. Microfilm. 6 Randolph
Wayne Miller: 15Feb75 (in notice: 197it):


Academic qovernance at the University of
Minnesota: faculty desire for parti-
cipation. By William Bichard Neher, Jr.
Microfilm, 6 William Bichard Deher, Jr.;
15Feb75 (in notice: 197U) ; Aei9533.


Differentiated aspects of the self-
esteeminq process amonq suburban
adolescents and dysfunctional youth. Ey
Ardyth Ann Ncrei-Hebeisen. Microfilm.
e Ardyth Ann Ncrem-Hebeisen; 15Feb75 (in
notice: 19711); A619E3U.


The Concept and theoloqical siqnificance
of ecumenical councils in the Anqlican
tradition. By Charles John Fenner.
Microfilm, e Charles John Fenner;
15Feb75 (in notice: 197(t) ; A619535.


Residential seqreqation by racial -ethnic
baclccround and socioeconomic status in
four standard metropolitan statistical
areas, 1970. By Georqe Edward o'Connell.
Microfilm. 6 Geotqe Edward O'Connell;
15Feb75 (in notice: 19711); AeiS53e.


An Investiqation of two marriaqe
happiness scales and their relationship to
marriaqe behaviors. By Carole Jeanne
Martin Bland. Microfilm. C Carole Jeanne
Martin Bland; 15Feb75 (in notice: 197ii) ;


Eeqional differences in the ranliinq of
SFST crolect critical competencies for

special education supervisors. By Susan
Emalyn Gruber. Microfilm. 6 Susan Fmalyn
Gruber: 15Feb75 (in notice: 197U) ;


Enzyme histochemistry of mechanically
traumatized feline spinal cord. Ey
Rumberto J, Ortiz-Suarez. Microfilm,
e Rumberto J. Ortiz-Suarez; 15Fet75 (in
notice: 1970) ; A61 9539.


An Empirical study of the relationship
between pcwer, conflict and cooperation on
the intercrqanizaticnal level. By Burton
Perry Halpert. Microfilm. S Burton Perry
Halpert; 15Feb75 (in notice: 197U);


A Study of the relationship between
geoqraphic mobility and changes in leisure
participation patterns. Ey Julie Ann
Hcnnold, Microfilm. C Julie Ann Hcrnold;
1EFeb75 (in notice: 197H) ; A6195141.


Responses of adolescents and librarians
to selected contemporary fiction. By
Patricia Anne Falstad Parlier. Microfilm.
e Patricia Anne Falstad Parker; 15Feb75

(in notice: 1971t); Aei95«2.


Studies on qluconeogenesis in Novikoff

rat hepatoma cells. By Janet Lynn
Scarborough. Microfilm. 6 Janet Lyrr
Scarborough; 15Feb75 (in notice: 197«) ;


Thomas Blackwell: the literary and
historical criticism. Bv Rosamond Lee
Krenis, Microfilm. e Posamond Lee
Kletis; 15Feb75 (in notice: 1970) ;


Application of immunofluorescence to the
study of cellular antigens. By Kern Alan
Pomeroy. Microfilm. © Kern Alan Pomeroy;
15Feb75 (in notice: 197U); Aei95lt5.


The Role of reliqion in society: a study
of patterns in a religious-affiliated
colleqe and a state university. By sister
Marlene Weber, F.S.P.A. Microfilm.
e Sister Marlene Weber, F.S.P.A.; 15Feb75
(in notice: 197U); Aeigsue.


Studies on the fluvial environment
Arctic Coastal Plain Province, northern
Alaska. By Pofcert Irl Lewellen.
Microfilm. 6 Robert Irl Lewellen;
15Feb75 (in notice: 197it); AEIPSU''.


The Effects of children's physical
attractiveness on teachers' evaluations.
Ey Jordcn Howard Rich. Microfilm.
e Jordon Howard Rich; 15Feb75 (in
notice: 197U) ; A6195a8.


Job search, the work-leisure tradeoff,
and secondary labor force behavior. By
Henry Hisao Ito, Microfilm. e Henry
Hisao Ito; i5Feb75 (in notice: 197ii) ;


A Study of self esteem as a two
dimensional construct. By Joseph Angelo
Marolla. Microfilm. e Joseph Angelo
Marolla; 15Feb75 (in notice: 197U) ;


Going under. By Edward F. McShane.

Micrcfilm. e Edward F. McShane; ISFel-"";
(in no+lce: 197U); sei9551.


Didactic techniques in Baldwin's Mirror
for magistrates and other sixteenth-
century poems of the Fall tradition. Ev
Jnlianne Beall. Microfilm, e Jul'anne'
Beall; 15FPb75 (in notice: 19711);


American actors, 1861 - 1910; an
annotated bibliography cf books published
in th= dnited states in English from 166 1
through 1972. By Ronald lef? royer,
Hic-cfili. e Ro-naia Lee Moyer; l-^FehT?
(in notice: 1970); Af 19553.


Fconomic factors influencing migration,
and urban growth and s*ruc*uTe: Accra,
Ghana, By Benjamin Franklin Bobc,
Microfilm. S Eenlamln Franklin Bobo ;
15Fet75 (in notice: 197U); Aei9551l.


Concepts for education in Nigeria and
ether developing countries. By Chris-
topher Akinyele Odebunmi. Microfilm,
e Christopher Akinyele Odebunmi; 15rel75
(in notice: 197U); A619E55.


A Study in social cartography:
corstella*} ons of activities, interests,
opinions, and li*e styles: an extension
and re-appreciation of the sccio-technical
method. By Palph J. Lewis, S-nd.
Microfilm. 6 Faloh J. Lewis, 3rd;
15Fet75 (in notice: 1971t); A619556.


A Comparison of two me*hodF of teaching
office practice and office machines at »he
collegiate level. Ey James F. Ellzy.
Microfilm, e James E. Fllzy; 15ret75
(in notice: 1970); A619557;


The Interrelationships of need for
achievement, organiza* innal climate and
management by cb1ec*ives and their effect
on managerial work satisfaction. By Kunt
Kourcsh Motamedi. Microfilm, € Fur*-
Kourosh Motamedi; 15Feb75 (in notice:
19711) ; A61955e.


Neoroes in the Army air forces durino
torld War 2: the problem of race
rela*ions. Ey Alan Michael Osur.
Microfilm. 6 Alan Michael Osur; 15Tet75
(in notice:. 197ii) ; A619559.


The Litera»-y mind and the problem cf
history: from Lord Clarendon's History of
the rebellion to *he H^yerley novels of
Sir Walter Scott, By John Joseph Burke,
Jr. Microfilm, e John Joseph Burke, Jr.:
15Feh75 (in notice: 197111; A619560.

Aei95ei .

The Post-Marxian cri'igue of industrial
society. By Sharon Hayes fickel.
Micrcfilm. © Sharon Hayes Nickel;
15Feb75 (in notice: 197it): A619561.


Conflict in an urba"- high !^chool: a case
study. By Marlin Charles Fcxworth.
Microfilm. C Marlin Charles Foxwcrth;
15Feb75 (in notice: iqvil); 6619562.


Developmental factore influencing
children's responses to literature. By
Norma Marian Schlager, Micrcfilm,
e Norma Marian Schlager; 15Feb75 (in
no+ice: 1 97ll) ; A619563.

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyrighl Office for information about any additional records that may exist.

jeisset - sei96.02




A Study of Mexican American and Arqlo
teachers' attitudes and behavicrs tcward
Mexican American children. By Alfredo
Rodriquez Flores. Microfilm, e Alfredo
Rodriquez rlores; 15F6b75 (in notice:
197m ; Ael956U.


Myth and narrative in Elizabethan
poetry. By Shirley Clark Hulse, 3rd.
Microfilm, e Shirley Clark Hulse, 3rd;
i;Feb75 (in notice: 1971); A619565.


Children's speech and communicative
competence. By Samuel C, Piccillo.
Microfilm. C Samuel C. Biccillo; 15Feb75
(in notice: 197i4i : A615566.


The Electrical and optical properties of
thin films of titanium ircncnitride and
carbide. By Petrus Jozef De Maayer,
Microfilm. C Petrus Jozef Ee Maayer;
15Feb75 (in notice: 197i(): A619567.


Order of the selfsame and hermene utical
aspects of decision makinq in -Judicial
hearinqs of petitions for involuntary
mental health care hospitalization. By
Albert Eritton Eobillard. Microfilm.
e Albert Britton Eobillard; IBFebTE (in
notice: 197H) ; A619568,


Attitude-behavior consistency in lacial
discrimination. By Daniel Anthony
Johnscn. Microfilm. <i Daniel Anthony
Johnson: 15Feb75 (in notice: 197m ;



Labor supply and labor force parti-
cipation decisions of the AFDC population-
at-risk. By Eric Jon solberq. Microfilm,
e Eric Jon Solberq; 15Peb75 (in notice:
1971) : A619570.


The Increase of problem- findinq
behaviors in secondary school speed-
education; the enactment-research-reaction
(EEFl method as a unit in persuasior. By
James Martin Harney. Microfilm, e James
Martin Harney: 15Feb75 (in notice:
1971) : A619571.


The Characteristics of the position of
public school district security admi-
nistrator. By Dan Thomas Stewart.
MicrofilE, C Dan Thomas Stewart; 15Feb75
(in notice: 1971); A619572.


HecataeuE of Abdera: a new historical
approach. By Frances Henderson Diamond.
Microfilm, e Frances Henderson Diamond;
15Feb75 (in notice: 1971); Ael9573.


The Doneqal mafia: an Irish political
machine. By Paul Martin Sacks.
Microfilm, e Paul Martin Sacks: i;Feb75
(in notice: 1971); A619571.


Irteqrative and dysfunctional factors in
the formation of the Armenian nation. By
Onnik K. Keshishian, Microfilm. € onnik
K. Keshishian; 15Feb75 (in notice:
1971): Aei9575.


Adolescent and pubescent self-disclosure
patterns: phenomenal ratinqs of the
privacy and importance of topics. Ey
Boqer Lyle White. Microfilm. Eoqer
Lyle Hhite; 15Feb75 (in notice: 1971);


A Study of large D. S. ccmmercial banks
to determine preferred undergraduate
academic preparation for initial
employment in loan officer training
programs. By Eugene P. Lebrenz.
Microfilm. C Eugene F. lebrenz; 15Feb75
(in notice: 1971); A619S77.


A Program for comprehensive health care
in California. Ey Curtis M. King.
Microfilm. e Curtis M. (Cy) Kino;
15Feb75 (in notice: 1971); A619578.


The Municipal police department: a
comparative study. By Jack Edward
Bhitehouse. Microfilm. 6 Jack Edward
Rhitehouse; 15Feb75 (in notice: 1971);


Group process and outcome: a study of
interaction patterns and changes in
self-actualization among three marathon
encounter groups varying in levels of
self-actualization. By H. laury Le Page.
Microfilm. 6 H. Laury Le Page; ISFefS
(in notice: 1971^; A619580.


An Exploration of C. G. Jung's
psychological types as predictors of
creativity and self-actualization. By
Mary Caroline Tuttle. Microfilm. 5 Mary
Caroline Tuttle; 15Feb75 (in notice:
1971) ; A619581.


A Health knowledge and attitude
inventory for minority students. By
Shirley Graham Evans. Microfilm,
e Shirley Graham Evans; 15Fet75 (in
notice: 1971); A619582.


Tung Chung-shu's system of thought. Its
sources and its influence on Han scholars.
By Tzey-yueh Tain. Microfilm.
e Tzey-yueh Tain; 15Feb75 (in notice:
1971) : A619583.


Effects of psychotherapists' ethnicity
and expertise on self-disclosures by
Mexican Americans and Anglo Americans. By
Frank Xavier Acosta. Microfilm, e Frank
Javier Acosta; 15Feb75 (in notice;
1971) ; Aei958U.

A 61 95 85.

Supervision of instruction for deaf
children in California public schools. By
Earry Linden Griffing. Microfilm,
€ Earry Linder Griffing; 15Feb75 (in
notice; 1971) ; Aei 95 85.


Pauline theology as an understanding of
God: the explicit and the implicit. By
Antoinette Clark sire. Microfilm.
e Antoinette Clark wire; 15Eeb75 (in
notice: 1971) ; A619586.

A61 95 87.

Toward a higher consciousness: a study
of the novels of Joyce Carol Oates. Ey
Alice conkriqht Martin. Microfilm.
e Alice Conkright Martin; 15Feb75 (in
notice: 1971) ; A619587.


Brassens. Ey Milan Kovacovlc.

Microfilm. C Milan Kovacovic; 15Fpb75

(in notice: 1971); A619588.


Flections, parties and responsive public
policy: the case of the American county.
By John Robert Bayes. Microfilm. John
Ecbert Bayes: 15Fet75 (in notice: 1971);


Human resource accourtirg and managerial
decision behavior: an experimental study.
By Lawrence Antho^^y Toirassini. nicrcfilm
C Lawrence Anthony Tomassini; 15Feb75
(in rctice: 197"); f61959C.


Colonial Yucatan: towTt and region in *he
seventeenth century. By Parta Espejc-
Fonce Runt. Microfilm, C Marta
Espejc-Pcnce Hunt; 15Feb75 (in notice:
1971) ; A619591.


Slavery in the Chesapeake iron indi^stry,
1716 - 1865. Ey Ronald LoraT> Lewis.
Microfilm. 6 Ronald Loran Lewis; ISFebT^
(in notice: 1971); Aei9?92.


The Household choice problem, in a
spatial context: a study of the re'^a-
tionship between local collective qocds
and residential property values. By
Gerald Sanford McBougali. Microfilm,
e Gerald Sanford McDcugall; 15Feb75 (i'
noti ce: 1971) ; A619593.


Purpose in life as related to invol-
vement in organized groups a^d certain
Eociocultural variables, Py Richard
Eugene Matteson, Microfilm, e Richard
Eugene Matteson; 15Feb75 (in not'ce:
1971) ; A619591,


Symptom sensitivity and utilization of

pediatric servi.ces in a prepaid child

heal*h care plan. By Eugene Richard

Boostrom. Microfilm, e Eugene Richard

Boostrom; 15Feb75 (in no+ice: 1971);


Adaptive H estimation with independent
nonidentically distributed data. By
Stuart 1. Beal. Microfilm. C Stuart I.
Beal; 15Eeb75 (in notice: 1971);


Bole in*erexpectation and role
satisfaction in a drug abuse program in a
traditional setting. Ey Jean P, Lacour.
Microfilm, e Jean P. lacour; 15Feb75
(in notice: 1971); A619597.



Gecrqe Washington: seeds of states-
manship, 1753 - 1758. By James D, Mcsley
Microfilm. g James D. Mosley; 15Feb75
(in notice: 1971); 6619598.


A Comparative assessment of career
information between O.B.F, students usi^g
either a counselor-based versus a
computer-based vocational information
system. By Joseph F, "aola. Microfilm
C Joseph F. Maola; 15Feh75 (in nct-^ce:
1971) ; A61 9599.

A6 19600.

Padmore's role in the African liberaticn
movement. By Eukudzo Murapa, Microfilm.
e Bukudzo Murapa; 15F6b75 (in notice:
1971) ; 6619600.


Self-esteem and school environment. By
Barbara lyddane Heel (Barbara Louise Heel)
Microfilm, e. Barbara Lyddane Heel;
15Feb75 (in notice: 1=71); A6196P1.

A6 19602.

The Development of an inservice
education design placing first prior^'^y ot>
the person. By Emily Carol Alford.
Microfilm, e Emily Carol Alford; 15Feh7'^
(in notice: 1971); A619602.


These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.


S61960 3.

The Growth of multinational tanking:
since the 1958 return to currency
convertibilitYo By Sivavudh Devahastinr.
Microfilm. e sivavudh Eevahastin;
15Feb75 (in notice: 197U) ; Aeige03.


The Effectiveness of a remedial proqram
on the academic low-achiever in a
coirmunitv colleqe. By John Michael
Papandrea. Microfilm. C John Hicheel
papandrea: 15Feb75 (in notice: 1971) ;


Leqislative change and output change: a

time-series analysis of the Canadian

system. By David J. Falcone. Hicrcfilm.

€ David J, Falccne: 15Feb75 (in nctice:
19711) : A61°605.


Social movement radicalization : a North
Irish case study. By Stephen Holf Eeach.
Microfilm. 6 Stephen Wolf Eeach; i5Feb75
(in notice: 19 7lt) ; A61S606.


Contributions of Howard F. BilEon to
education for citizenship and inter-
national understanding. By Stephen Hray
Comer. Microfilm. 6 Stephen «ray Comer;
15Feb75 (in notice: 1971); AeiSe07.


The Archive of Laches: prosperous
farmers of the Fayum in the second
century. By Bhitnev Scofield Eagnall.
Microfilm, e Hhitney Scofield Bagnall;
15Feb75 (in notice: 197m; Af1960e.


The Effects of race, sex, and testing
method and reading ability on systematic
errors in paired-associate learning in
beginning reading. By Barbara J.
Griffith, Microfilm. € Barbara J,
Griffith; 15Feb75 (in notice: 197li);


The Effects of visual and auditory
acuity losses and dental caries on
academic achievement among disadvantaged
third grade children. By Alonzo Dubois
Gaston. Microfilm. 6 Alonzo Dubois
Gaston: 1EFeb75 (in nctice: 197!));


Entretien de Pascal et Sacy sur Fpictete
et Montaigne: Montaigne's influence on the
Pascal of 1655. By Judith Pfau Cochran.
Microfilm. C Judith pfau Cochran;
15Feb75 (in notice: 197U) ; A619611.

A6 19612.

A Survey and analysis of special police
services in large public school districts
of the United States. By James Fdward
Surratt. Microfilm, e James Edward
Surratt; 15Feb75 (in notice: 197it);

A619f 13.

Bealing and wholeness: Helen Flanders
Dunbar (19C2 - 59) and an extra-medical
origin of the American psychosomatic
Bovement, 1906 - 36. By Kobert Charles
Powell. Microfilm. « Bobert Charles
Powell; 15Feb75 (in notice: 197U);


"A Soldier is also a citizen": the
controversy over military lustice in the
u. s. Army, 1917 - 1920. By John Mason
Lindlev. Microfilm. 6 John Mason
lindley; 15Feb75 (in notice: 197U);


An Assessment of the effects of a
reading workshop on job satisfaction of
elementary school teachers. By Nina
Preston Boss. Microfilm. C Nina Preston
boss; 15reb75 (in notice: 197U);


The Effect of saccadic rccalibration
upon the visual perception of extent. By
Saulo Siriqatti. Microfilm, e Saulo
sirigatti; 15Feb75 (in notice; 197ii) ;


The 35s FNR subunits of transforming and
nontrensf ormirg avian R NA tumor viruses.
By Marie Powers stone. Microfilm.
e Marie powers stone; i5Feb75 (in
nctice: 19714) ; A619617,


The Impact of trade unionism on labor

productivity and its rate cf growth. By

Ecbert Louis Clark. Microfilm. C Robert

louis Clark; 15Feb75 (in notice: 197(i) ;


The Political socialization of the
Yugoslav university student: a preliminary
study of some causes of disaffection. By
Ralph Frederick pervar. Microfilm.
C Ralph Frederick Pervar; 15Feb75 (in
nctice: 1 97U) ; S619619.


Children in the literary work of Stephen
Crane. By Lyle Dean Linder. Microfilm.
€ Lyle Dean Linder; 15Feb75 (in notice:
197m ; A619f20.

A619621 .

Development and application cf a
classification model for public service in
institutions of higher education. Ey
Peter Joseph Pere. Microfilm. ^ Peter
Joseph Pere; 15Eeb75 (in notice: 197U) ;


Dnited states policy toward the Greek
war of independence. By Samuel J.
Raphalides. Microfilm. C Samuel J.
Eaphalides; 15Feb75 (in notice: 197U1;


Quaker characters in selected American
novels, 1823 - 1899. By Betty Jean
Steele. Microfilm. e Betty Jean Steele;
15Feb75 (in notice: 197U); A619623.


John Shethamstede: a neglected historian
of fifteenth-century England, By Winifred
Joy Mulligan. Microfilm. C sinifred Joy
Mulligan; 15Feb75 (in notice: 197m ;


ft Study of the gual if ications and duties
of directors of instruction identified by
the superintendents in North Carolina. By
Tryon Delano Lancaster, Sr. Microfilm,
e Tryos Delano Lancaster, Sr. ; 15Eeb75
(in notice: 197ll) ; A619625.


The United States Railroad Adminis-

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