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Microfilm, 6 Michael John Meiqhan;
15Feb75 (in notice: 197U): Ae2121l.

A621212. , ^

An Econometric tax forecastmq model for
selected maior qeneral fund receipts in
the State of Mississippi. By Bruce
Carlton Brumfield. Microfilm. la Bruce
Carlton Brumfield; 15Feb75 (ir notice:
197a) : A621212.


An Ethnography of a chiropractic clinic:
definitions of a deviant situation. Ey
James Bremner Cowle. Microfilm, 9 James
Bremner Cowie; 15Feb75 (in notice:
197U) ; A621213.


Social intelligence as a predictor of
secondary student teacher effectiveness.
By niltcn Wright Hatcher, Microfilm,
e Milton Wriqht Hatcher; 15Feb75 (in
notice: 197U); B62121U.


Federal civil service examining boards:
agents for viability, 1799 - 1970. By
Randolph J. Jouno, Microfilm. C Randolph
J. Jouno; 15Feb75 (in notice: 1971);


Edward P, Costiqan: a study of a
proqressive and the New Deal. Ey Bonald
Sidney Brockway, Jr. Microfilm, e Ronald
Sidney Brockway, Jr.; 15Feb75 (in
notice: 197U) ; A621216.


The Nature of man in the works of
Iriedrich Duerrenmatt. By Kay Dnderwager
Herr. Microfilm. 6 Kay Dnderwager Herr;
15Feb75 (in notice: 1971); A621217.


The Effects of declining grcwth rates on
resource allocation in American education
systems. By Mark Edward Rodekohr.
Microfilm. Bark Edward Rodekohr;
15Feb75: A621218.


A survey to identify programs in
selected west coast colleges and
universities designed to minimize illegal
use of drugs by students, Ey George Baker
Bckorn^-y. Microfilm, e George Baker
Bckorney; 15Eeb75 (in notice: 197U) ;


An Analysis of statements made by Indian
college students concerning success or
failure in four-year colleges in Oregon.
Ey Agnes Goes In Center Picotte.
Microfilm, e Agnes Goes In Center
Picotte; 15Feb75 (in notice: 1971);

6621221 .

The Friar estates of the Philippines.
Ey Dennis Morrow Both. Microfilm,
e Dennis Borrow Roth; 15?eb75 (in
notice: 197U) ; A621221,


Social structure and reproductive

behavior in the Argentine gray rhea (Ehea
americana albescens). By Donald Francis

Pruning, Microfilm. 6 Donald Francis

Bruninq; 15Feb75 (in notice: 197U);

Ae21223. . ^^

The Social network of influence m the
adoption of an innovation: community
education at Beb City, 1965 - 1972. Ey
Jule c, McCauley Cobb, Microfilm. f> Jule
C, Cobb; 15Fab75 (in notice: 197U);


Biblical archetypes in the novels of
Dnamuno and Hesse, By Renee Barbara
Horowitz. Microfilm. S Renee Barbara
Horowitz: 15Feb75 (in notice: 19711);


Edward Taylor: the poetry of defiance.
By Michael Duffy Beed, Microfilm.
e Michael Duffy Beed; 15Feb75 (m
notice: 197il) ; A621225.



A Descriptive study of the litera*uTe
for child'-en and adolescents cf Mexico
Ey Isabel Schon. Bicrcfilm. e Isabel
schor; 15Feb75 (in notice: 1971);


A study of the relat'cnshif between
pre-service elementary school teache-
admlssion standards and perceived studen^
teacher success. By Daniel victor
foumagoux. Microfilm, e Daniel vic+or
Boumaooux; 15Feb75 (in notice: 197");


Materiality decisio-'s in accounting: a
study of definitions, decisions, and
decision criteria. By Robert Dale Taylor,
jr. Microfilm, e Robert Dale Taylor,
Jr.; 15Eeb75 (in notice: 197U);

Ae21229. ^ ^

A City manager in politics: a case study
of a city manager i" Greeley, Colorado,
Ey David George Houghton. Microfilm.
C David George Houghton; 15Feb75 (in
notice: 197U); A621229,


Attitudinal predictors of devalua^ic o-f
old age in a young, middle aged, and older
adult sample. By Clara Ionise Collette.
Microfilm, e Clara Louise Ccllette;
15Fet75 (in notice: 1971); 6621230.


Soul's need: a critical study of the
penitential motif in old English poetry.
Ey Robert Charles Rice. Microfilm.
e Robert Charles Rice; 15Fet75 (in
notice: 197U) ; A621231,


A Mathematical model of intrahcspi*al
mobility of mental patients among
treatment modalities. Ey George Richard
Sma'-t. Microfilm. C George Richard
Smart; 15Feb75 (in notice: 197ii) ;


The Alternative school for drnF-ou*s,
reform or retreat: a case study of a
public alternative school. By Richard
David Sagor. Microfilm, e Pichard tavid
saqor; 15Feb75 (in notice: 197U);


Ban and nature in the works of
Konstantin Faustovskij. By Irika N.
Dibahl. BicTofilm. C Erika N. Bibahl;
ISFebIS (in notice: 1970); Ae2123u.

A621235. . ,^

Brewing and boczing: a s*udy of drirki'-c
fat*erns among the Hare Indians, Ey
Edward Charles Durgin. Blcrofilm,
e Fdward Charles Durgin; ifFebT? (in
notice: 197U) ; 6621235,


An Algorithm for the optimal design of
urban public transportation routes. By
Scott christian Iverson, Microfilm,
e Scott Christian Iverson; 15Feb7'^ (in
notice: 197U) ; 6621236.


solvation of pentaaminecobalt (3) ■■ n
acidic aqueous dimethyl sulfoxide
solutions. Ey Russell Bard Johnson,
BicT-o-film. e Russell «ard Johnson;
15Feh75 (in notice: 197U): A621237.


Immediate post-stimulus processing o*
dichC-ically presented tine- com pressed
digits. By Ralph Joseph Tassinari.

These entries a!one may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular^
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for Information about any additional records that may exist.


A62123e (con.)

Hicrofilm. C Ralph Joseph Tassinari;

15Fet75 (in notice: 197ii): A62123e.


The BODiarce of Rcbin Hood. By Billiam
Kenneth 2ellefroii, Sr. Microfilm.
e silliaip Kenneth Zellefrow, sr. ; 15Feb75
(in notice: 197U): A621239.


A Grauirai of Biloxi. By Paula Ferris
Einaudi. fiicrofila. e Paula Ferris
Einaudi: 15Fet75 (in notice: 197U);


A Critical edition of Mary Bollstc-
necraft's A vindication of the rights of
woman: with strictures on political and
Bcral subiects. By nlrich Hermann Hardt.
Hicrofilm. « Olrich Hermann Hardt;
15Feb75 (in notice: 197a); Ae212i41.


Communication and learninq: a proarammed
unit concernina the relationships designed
for use in teacher training progiams. By
Carrel Iryin Parmenter. Hicrofilmo
e Carrol Irvin parmenter; 15Fet'5 (in
notice: 197U) ; A6212H2.


Trace element study in a pulverized-
coal-fired power plant. By John Hilliam
Kaakinen. Microfilm, e John Hilliam
Kaakinen: 15Fet75 (in notice: 197U):


Atomic abscrption of ultra-intense laser
radiation. By Michael Deed Teague.
Microfilm. C Michael Peed Teague;
15Feb75 (in notice: 197l|) ; A6212itll.


A Study of the influence of form on
responses of twelfth-grade students in
college-preparatory classes tc dissimilar
novels, a short story, ^nd a poem. By
Barbara Jear. Biddle Ccrnaby. Microfilm.
€ Barbara Jean Biddle Cornaby; 15Feb75
(in notice: 1974); A621214E.


The National democratic movement in the
Kingdom cf Poland, 1886 - 1903. By
Hilliam Edward Freeman, Microfilm.
e Hilliam Edward Freeman: 15Feb75 (in
notice: 197U): A6212U6,


The Spirited lady through Nicolete to
Rosalind. By Ruth Howard Harrison.
Microfilm, C Buth Howard Harrison;
15Feb75 (in notice: 197U) ; A6212U7.


The Effects of modeling, behavior
rehearsal, and counselor sex in assertive
counseling with adolescents. By Gerald
Dennis Parr. Microfilm, e Gerald tennis
Parr; 15Feb75 (in notice: 197H);


Contemporary leadership dilemmas in the
West German trade union movement: an
external cress- pressure analysis. By
Thomas Wade Kirkwood. Microfilm.
e Thomas Hade Kirkwood; 15Feb75 (in
notice: 1 97ii) : A6212ii9.


Linear hydrodynamic stability theory for
thin film flow down cones and cylinders.
Ey Richard lee Zollars. Microfilm.
e Richard lee Zollars; 15Feb75 (in
notice: 197ll) ; A62125'D.


Federico Garcia Lorca*s poeta en Nueva
York: the fall cf consciousness. By Betty

Jean Craige. Microfilm, 6 Betty Jean
Craige; 15Feb75 (in notice: 197«);


Analytical and experimental inves-
tigations in linear isotropic micropolar
elasticity. By Richard David Gauthier.
Microfilm. C Richard David Gauthier;
15Feb75 (in notice: 197U); Ae21252.


How adults perceive children: the effect
of behavior tracking and expected deviance
on teachers' impressions of a child. By
Patricia Ann nines. Microfilm.
e Patricia Ann Hines; 15Feb75 (in
notice: 197H) ; A621253.


Analysis of plant ecological systems
through simulation of individual
organisms. By Hilliam Harper Reid.
Microfilm, 6 William Harper feid;
15Feb75 (in notice: 1971l) ; Ae21251i.


A Content analysis of the Mexican
American in elementary basal readers. By
Manuel Geoffrey Rivera Ortega. Microfilm,
e Manuel Geoffrey Rivera Ortega; 1S?eb75
(in notice: 197it) ; A621255.


From reform to resistance: a history of
the civil rights movement in Northern
Ireland. By Vincent Edward Feeney.
Microfilm. C Vincent Edward Feeney;
15Feb75 (in notice: 197U) ; Ae2125e.


A content analysis of competency
statements contained in reguirements for
school graduation in selected innovative
public school districts in Oregon. By
Kenneth Hilliam Bierly. Microfilm,
e Kenneth Hilliam Bierly; 15Feb7'; (in
nctice: 197U) ; A621257.


Substance, mind and the categories; an
Aristotelian theory of language. Ey
Robert Alan Greene, Microfilm, € Robert
Alan Greene; 15Feb75 (in notice; 197H);


Environmental and hormonal control of
flcwerirg in Sedum lanceolatum torr.
(Crassulaceae) . By Dianne Kay Halleck.
Microfilm. 8 Dianne Kay Halleck; 15Feb75
(in notice: 1970| ; A621259.


The sivaistic vision: art and theme in
Robinson Jeffers, By Hilliam Earl
Hotchkiss. Microfilm, a Bill Hotchkiss;
15Feb75 (in notice; 1971i); A621260.


Actual versus expected compatibility in
the problem-solving dyad. By Laurie Lynn
Fisher Lerner, Microfilm. 9 Laurie Lynn
Fisher Lerner; 15Feb75 (in notice:
1971)) ; Ae21261 .


A Reconsideration of the foundations of
monetary theory: a comparison of barter
and monetary economies. Ey Earl Mulkins
Feck. Microfilm, 6 Earl Mulkins Peck;
15Feb7E (in notice: 197t|) ; A621262.


Nikolaj Gogol and blacjt humor. By
Charles Dewitt Pickle. Microfilm,
e Charles Dewitt Pickle: 15Feb75 (in
notice: 197ii); A6212e3.


Improvement of prediction for nonor-
thogonal problems: a cross-validation
study of ridge regression. By Daniel


Emiret Klinger, Microfilm, € Daniel Emmet
Klinger; 15Fet75 (in notice: 1971);


High rate treatment cf raw dcmestic
sewage by lime precipitation and dissolved
ai-i- flotation, Ey Douglas Tilden rerrill
Microfilm, e Douglas Tilden Merrill;
15Feb75 (in notice: 19"'U); Ae21265.

if. 2 1266.

Brain waves: a personnel management
tool? By Robert Eurford Mallard.
Microfilm. C Fobert Burford Ballard;
15Feb75 (in notice: 107ii); A6212f6,


The Development of an instructional
package entitled "Fen'al selection" for
men*ally handicapped adults. Ey Ear d'-a
Lee Smith Bell. M.-icrofilm. e Sandra Lee
Sm?th Bell; 15Feb75 (in notJce: i97U) ;

AS 21 268.

Institutionalized political conflict:
the Tacoma City Council recall election of
1O70. By Richard Hilliam Crccke*t,
Microfilm, 6 Richard Billiam Crccket*;
ISFet'S (in nctice: 197U); Af 21268.


The Map interpretat? en process: its
observation and analysis through the
technigue of eye movement recording. Ey
Alan Anthony DeLucia. Microfilm, C Alan
Snthcny DeLucia; 15Feh75 (in nctice:
197U) ; A621269.


The Primacy of practical reason, Ey
Roger Joseph Sullivan. Microfilm.
e Rooer Joseph Sullivan; 15Feh75 (in
notice: 197U) ; A62127n.


Los Cafeteros: social and economic
development in a Cclcmtian coffee
municipality. By Fichard Loxley Smith.
Hicrofilm, e Richard loxlev Siil*h;
15Feb75 (in not5ce: igTH); A6212T1.


A Study of the effects of Furopea-<

concert performances on the musical
attitudes of the participating students.

Ey Paul Benjamin Noble, Jr, Microfilm.

e Paul Benlamin Nohle, Jr.; ISFelTS (in
notice: ig^U) ; A621272.


Mexican policy toward Central Ame^-ica
and Panama, 1958 to 1971. By Donald
Franklin Mayer, Jr. Microf-'lm. S Dcnai.d
Franklin Mayer, Jr.; 15Feb75 (in notice:
197U) ; Ae21273.


Comedy's play: a metaphysical prelude.
Ey Fontaine Maury Belford, Microfilm.
e Fontaine Maury Pelford; 15Feb75 (in
notice: 197U) ; A62127U.


A Study of the structure and inorganic
composition of t^o cuticle over the irclt
cycle in the spiders, Araneus diadema*us,
Araneus sericatus, Eu'-ypelffa anax, and
Eurypelma sp.; and of the influence cf
ecdysterone on the cuticular structure and
inorganic composition In the tarantula,
Eurvpelma anax. By lo"'a Cvnthia McAdams
Reid. Microfilm, S Icla Cynthia McAdams
Peid; 15Eeb75 (in notice: 197«);


The Marches for wind bard ty Joseph
Franz Hagner in the Austrian National
library. By Ronald Felix Vernon,
Microfilm, f Ronald Felix Vernon;
15Fel75 (in notice: 197U); S621276.

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records tliat may exist.



The Intake of public inebriates ir the
District of Columbia; a policy impact
study. By Michael Craiq Musheno.
Microfilm, 6 Michael Ctaiq Musheno;
15Fet75 (in notice: 1974) ; 1621277.


Techniques for functional simulation in
a fault-handlinq, timG-domain simulation
system. By William Hugh Curd, Jr.
Microfilm, e silliam Huqh Curd, Jr, ;
15Peb75 <ic notice: 197«); 1621278.


Tdecloqy and industrial developmert: the
case of Soviet Central isia. By Arthur
Vincent Goyette, Jr. Microfilm, e Arthur
Vincent Goyette, Jr.; 15Feb75 (in
notice: 19711): A621279.


Eelaticnship between selected envi-
ronmental backqrcund variables and
achievement of educable mentally retarded
and learninq disabled children. By Samuel
Athertoa Saltsman, Jr. Microfilm,
e Samuel Atherton Saltsman, Jr.: 15Feb75
(in nctice: 197H): A621280.


LeniT! versus Bernstein: the Peruvian
case. By Hillard shai:p Eeid. Microfilm.
e Hillard sharp Beid; 15Feb75 (in
nctice: 197(i) ; S621281,


Bomen, letters, and the oriqins of
Enqlish fiction: a study of the early
epistolary novel. By Euth Perry,
Microfilm. ^ Ruth Perry: 15Feb75 (in
notice: 197U) ; 1621282,


structural interactions between
sensitized sheep erythrocyte memtrares and
components of the complement system. By
Bernard Rudensky. Microfilm. 6 Bernard
Rudensky; 15Feb75 (in notice: 197i|);


The Relative effectiveness of forward
chaininq, reverse chaininq and current
teachinq methods in the acquisition,
retention and transfer in spellinq. By
Robert Kenneth Cornell. Microfilm.
e Robert Kenneth Cornell; 15Feb75 (in
notice: 19711); 16212811.


InselB Turmeda: an intellectual
bicqraphy of a medieval apostate,
includinq a translation of the Debate
between the friar and the ass. By Zaida
I. Giraldo. Microfilm. e Zaida I.
Glraldo; 15Fet75 (in notice: 197U):


Missionary intelliqence from China:
Imerican Protestant reports, 1930 - 1950.
By Bruce Stephan Greenawalt. Microfilm.
i Bruce stephan Greenawalt: 15Feb7E (in
notice: 197ii): A621286.


The Dnited States and the Chinese
Republic; profit, power, and the politics
of benevolence. By Daniel Matthew Crane.
Microfilm. 6 Daniel Matthew cr?ne;
15Feb75 (in nctice: 197ii) ; 1621267.


The Use of legends in The Barbie faun
and Hawthorne's other works. Ey Joan
Phillips Samson. Microfilm, e Joan
Phillips Samson: 15Feb75 (in notice:
1971) : 1621283.


Structural ccntent analysis: imperative
lanquaqe analysis. By Frederick Baus,


Behavioralism and its critics: a
reexamination. By Ivraharo Granot.
Microfilm. 6 Ivraham Granot; 15Feb75
(in nctice: 197it) ; A621290.


The Official priests of Rome in the
reigns of Traian and Hadrian, By James
Geraty Harrison, Jr. Microfilm. C James
Geraty Harrison, Jr.; 15Feb75 (in
notice: 1 97i)) ; 1621291.


Richmond during Pres5 dential Recon-
struction, 1865 - 1667. By Leslie Binston
Smith. Microfilm. 6 Leslie sinstcn
Smith; 15Feb75 (in notice: 197U) ;


The Theoretical works and music of
Jchann Georg Ahle (1651 - 1706) By Zay V.
David Sevier, Microfilm, C Zay V, David
Sevier; 15Feb75 (in notice: 197U);


Standards for liberation: a theoretical
synthesis of the organizing principles of
an emerging Third Bcrld development
philosophy. By Jeffrey Joseph Demetrescu,
Microfilm, e Jeffrey Joseph Demetrescu;
15Feb75 (in notice: 19711); A6212911.


The New York city council Igainst
Pcverty: the political dynamics affecting
its poverty policy determinations. By
Martin Hochbaum. Microfilm, 6 Martin
Hochbaum; 15Feb75 (in notice: 197II) ;


Policy evaluation and decision making.
By Richard Culver Brace. Microfilm.
e Richard Culver Brace; 15Feb75 (in
notice: 19711) ; A621296.


Stephane Mallarme; twentieth-century
criticism (1901 - 1971) By Drewry Hampton
Morris, nth. Microfilm. C Drewry Hampton
Morris, nth; 15Feb75 (in notice: 197U) ;


Phosphatidylcho line-cholesterol single
bilayer vesicles: hydrodynamic and
fluorescent probe binding =tudies. By
George Charles Newman. Microfilm.
t George Charles Newman; 15Feb75 (in
notice: 1974); A621298.


A Cross-national analysis of two
theoretical approaches toward the politics
of ethnic and race relations. Ey David
Jchn H. Grove. Microfilm, e David John
B.. Grove; 15Feb75 (in notice: 197U) ;


Deep structure. By Douglas Frank
Stalker. Microfilm. P Douglas Frank
Stalker; 15Feb75 (in notice: 1974) ;


Job satisfaction and dissatisfaction of
nurse-faculty in B.S.N, programs. Ey
Joann shafer Jamann. Microfilm, e Joann
shafer Jamann; 15Feb75 (in notice:
1574) ; 1621301.


Olfactory communication in Lemur catta.
By Anne sheila Mertl. Microfilm, e Inne
Sheila Mertl; 15Feb75 (in nctice: 1974);

22 63


Learning and attitude differences as
functions of collective and Individual
reinforcement, Ey Michele B, Rubin,
Microfilm, C Hichele B, Putin; 15Feb75
(in notice: 197U); 1621303.


The Time-ccurse or recognition in human
memory. By Adam Victor Peed, Microfilm
e Adam Victor Reed; 1 5Feb75 (in not-ico:
1974) ; 1621304,


The Mississippian-historic transition i^
central Alabama. Ey Craig Turner Sheldon,
Jr. Microfilm. a Craig Turner Sheldon,
Jr.; 15Feb75 (in notice: 1974);
16 213 05.


Rational-emot' ve ♦hecry: a study of
relationship between adjustment and
irrational ideas. By Martin Emanuel
Sandry. Microfilm, 6 Martin Emanuel
Sandry; 15Feb75 (in notice: 1974);


Ben Jonscn and the Inns of Court: the
literary milieu cf Every man out of h:s
humour. By Christopher Paul Baker,
Microfilm, C Christopher Paul Baker;
15Feh75 (in notice: 1974); 16213P7.


L'Erotisme chez Racine. By Dominique
leveau. Microfilm. C Dominique Leveau;
15Feb75 (in notice: 1974); 1621308.


lutcnomy and job satisfaction of family
nurse practitioners and diabetic and
hypertensive patient outcomes. Ey Jessie
Valentine Fe-grin. Hicrcfilm, e Jessie
Valentine Pergrin; 15Feb75 (fn nctice:
1974); 1621309.


The Effect of a performance based
teacher training program on auestioning
strategies of kindergarten teachers. By
Doris Hammer Hulvey. Microfilm. C Dcii?
Hammer Hulvey; 15Ieb75 (in notice:
1974) ; 1621310.


An Investigation of the impac* of
instructional objectives on the reading
achievement of students in the primary
grades. By Barbara McCauley Tapscett,
Microfilm, e Barbara McCauley Tapscett;
15Feh75 (in notice: 1974); A621311.


The Post-romantic drama in Portugal and
Brazil. Ey Colin K. Pierson, Microfilm,
e Colin M. Pierson; 1EFeb75 (in notice:
1974) ; 1621312,

16 21313,

The Black experience in the poe*ry of
Nicolas Guillen, Jacques Roumain, largstcn
Hughes, Ev rar*ha K. Cobb, Microfilm,
C Martha K. Cobb; 15Feb75 (in nctice:
1974) ; 1621313,


In Analysis of the application of the
benefit theory in the financial planning
of state higher education cocrdinating a'^d
governing agencies, Ey Bilmer Lewis
Johnson. Microfilm. 6 Bilmer Lewis
Johnscn; 1 5Feb75 (in nctice; 1974);


Teacher and peer socialization of play
behavior among sixth grade toys. Ey
Sylvia Knopp Polgar. Microfilm. C Sylvia
KnopF Polgar; 15Feh75 (in notice; 1974);

These entries alone may not refiect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.



J Critique cf criticism: the nature
caintinqs of Mark Bcthko, By Fober*
Fulton Porter. Bicrofilm. e Robert
Fulton Porter: 15Feb75 (in notice:
1971) : S621316.


ccinparinq courts and legislatures: value
allccations in state political systems.
By Robert lee Rainey, Microfilir.
e Robert lee Rainey; 15Feb75 (in notice:
1971) : 4621317.

462131 8.

Political warfare: the Chinese
Nationalist uodel. Ey Joseph J. Heinlein,
Jr. Microfilm, e Joseph J. Heinlein,
Jr.: 15Feb75 (in notice: 197U):


The Papacy and the implementation of the
Council of Trent: 156U - 1588. By John
Butler Tomaro. Microfilm. 8 Jchn Butler
Tomaro: 15Feb75 (in notice: 197U);


4n 4ppraisal of the role cf coorselinq
versus administrative skills used ty the
chief student personnel administratcr in
1ob performance. By Joseph I. Gerbsr.
Microfilm. « Joseph 1. Gerber ; 15Ieb75
(in notice: 19714); 4621320.


4 Praqmatic analysis of science
instruction in the State of 4rizona. Ey
Walter ludwiq Klatt, Jr. Microfilm,
e Baiter ludwiq Klatt, Jr.; 15Feb75 (in
notice: 197U) ; 4621321.


Bomen in the writinq of Charles Erockden
Erowr: a study in the development of an
author's thcuqht. By David Otis
Tomlinson, Microfilm, e David Otis
Tomlinson; 15Feb75 (ia notice: 197«);


one-industry towns: their location,
development and economic character. Ralph
E. Triplette, Jr. Microfilm. C Ralph R.
Trlplette, Jr. ; 15Feb75 (in notice:
19711) ; 4621323.


Radiation danaqe in Ge (Li) detectors.
By Joseph McKee Graf. I^icrofilm.
e Joseph McKee Graf: 15Feb75 (in rotice:
197a): S62132U.


The Planning and setting up of f ^ ve
humanities seminars for practitioners in
law and medicine. By Julian F. MacFonald.
Microfilm. e Julian F. MacDonald;
15Feb75 (in notice: 1 97it) ; 462132!.


Responsibilities of presidents and
boards of trustees in Dnited Methodist
colleqes: their importance and approp-
riateness as perceived by presidents and
chairmen of boards of trustees. By
Theodore G. Berq. Microfilm. C Theodore
G. Berq; 15Feb75 (in notice: 197U);


Finite element analysis of anchored
bulkhead behavior. By Robert Lund Soqge.
Microfilm. C Robert Lund Sogge; 15Feb75
(in notice: 197«) : 4621327.


Fluorescent-antibody reagents for
identification of commonly isolated
bacteroides and f usobacterium species. Ey
Gilda lynn Jones. Microfilm, C Gilda

Lynn Jones; 15Feb75 (in notice: 197U) ;


Effect of role playing variations on
assessing assertive behavior. By Herna
Dee Poster Galassi. Microfilm, e Bema
nee Posner Galassi; 15Feb75 (in notice:
19714) ; 4621329,


The Harrowing of hell in the English
mystery cycles: perspectives on the Corpus
Christi drama. By Karl Tamburr.
Microfilm. C Karl Tamburr; 15Feb75 (in
notice: 197U); 4621330.


The Development and testing of a model
for short-term professional development.
Ey John Michael Middleton. Microfilm,
e John Michael Middleton: 15reb75 (in
notice: 1971) ; 4621331.


O.S. policy formulation: a case study of
fisheries jurisdiction. By Janice
Churchill. Microfilm. Janice
Churchill; 15Feb75 (in notice: 19714);


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