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1 V, NM: abridgment, additional text E
compilation of photos. ^ Scholastic
Magazines, Inc.; 19Mar75; A625706,


Your plus reading library and how to use
it. By Priscilla Lynch, Folder,
i Scholastic Magazines, Inc.; 19Mar75;


Pack of puzzl-aSo By Donna Lugg Rape E
Jeanette Grote. 64 p. © Scholastfc
Magazines, Inc, ; 19Mar75: A625708,


Sriff poems: a Scholastic "scratch-
and-sr.iff" book. Illustrated by Lisl
Weil. 1 V, NH: illus. E compilation,
e Scholastic Magazines, Inc.; 19Kar75;


Student power: practice and promise. By
Rlcrianne Hi^tes, Jozr- chesler 6 Dale
Crowfoot. 298 p. NM; compilation 5
additional text, © Glorienne wittes. Dale
Crowfoot 6 Joan Chesler; 19Mar75;


Becky's horse. By Winifred Madison.
152 p. 9 Hrnifred Madison; 19Mar75;
Ae25711 .

Franklin, By Puth

Belov Gross, pictures by J. F. Han del=-m = i
fiO p. e on text; 5u»h Relcv Gros?;
19Mar75; A625712.

Ae257 13.

A Ecok about Benjamin Franklin, Ey Ru*-'
Belov Gross, pic*ures ty J. P. Hardelsma^.
60 p. e on illus.; Scholas*ic Magazi-ies,
Inc.; 19Mar75; A625713.


The Secret soldier: *h<= =*cry cf "ebc-ah
Sampscn. By Ann McGovern, ^'llustrated bv
Harold Goodwin. 63 p. e c text; Jn"
McGovern; 1°Mar7;; A62571U,

A6 257 15.

The Secre* soldier: the =tory of Cebcrah
Sampson. By Ann McGover", i?lu=*r?*e3 tv
Earold Goodwin. 63 p. « on illus.;
Scholastic Magazines, Inc.; 19Mar"'5;


Coit-munications satellites; message
centers in space. By Eernfc: Kchn,
illustrated by Jerome Kuehl. 58 p.
e Bernice Fohn; 19Mar75; A625716,


Huzzies: lit'le word puzzles By
Michael C. Thaler. 1 v," <" Michael C.
Thaler; 19nar75; Ae25717.

Afi257 18.

Contact crime a^d society: the challenge
we face. Editor: Sandra Sanders Rreuer,
48 p. Add. ti: Contac*- logbook, cr5me a^d
society; the challenge we face, Appl au:
Scholastic Magazines, Inc. KM: addi*-!o"al
+ext 6 compilaticn of photos, e Sc-
holastic Magazines, Tnc, ; 19?^ar75;


An Educational reference chart; express
yourself/signs and svmhols, 1 p,
e Scholastic Magazines, Inc.; 19Mar75;


Sprint books: library 3/*eacbing guide:
an action reading program. Editor: Ray
Shepard, 55 p. 'e Scholastic Magazines,
Inc. ; 19Mar75; A62572n,


Young coyote. Photo,; J, VanWormer E
Bruce Cole-nan, Tnc. Poster, Appl. aa:
Scholastic Magaznes, Tnc. E Scholastic
Magazines, Inc.; 19Ma'-75: B62'5721.


Tab crossword puzzle pad. No, 4, Ey
Marjcrie Sums. 1 v. Appl. au:
Scholastic Magazines, Inc, e Scho:'as*ic
Magazines, Inc, ; 19HarT=; S625722,


What am I? a learnin o-and- f un game from
Scholastic, Folder S 2 c, e Scholastic
Magazines, Inc.; 19Mar75; P625"'23.


Rebels: exploring nonconformity ^hrcugh

students' perception of independent man in
life and literature; a campus miniccurse.
Kit. « Scholastic Magazines, Inc.;
lgMar75; A62572".


Faster egg hunt; a scra'^ch and snif^
chart from Scholastic. Ey James Marshall.
Pos'-er, ^ Scholas*ic Magazines, Ire, ;
19Har75; A625725,


Writing skills series 3: expository-
Ki^. e Schnlast^c Mag=zine=, irc.;
19Mar75; A625726.

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyrighi Office for information about any additional records that may exist.

S625727 - f.625768



TeachiT>q perf OT-mar.ce: analysis ard
assessnieTi*:. By Alice Levitus. 59 p.
e Alice Levitus; 1Apr75; A625727.


The Jesus o£ the parables. By Charles
Hillia« Frederick Smith. 255 p. Criqinal
ed. req. 19U8. NM: revisiors 6 additions.
e United Church Press: 7Har75: A625728,


The P=EtleES quest. By Julian Norris
Hartt, 189 p. NH: compilation E
additions, a United Church press;
2eFeh75: B625729.


The Van Dean manual: professioial
techniques for cosmetoloqists. By Cean
Barrett, revised by Milady Textbook
Educational Board, art director: t^artin G.
Ventura, editor & format desiqner: Israel
Rubinstein. 512 p. Prey. req. 1962. NH:
revisions t additions. © Milady
publishinq Corporation: 10Jul7i|;


Arena of Sntares. By Alan Burt Akers,
pseud, of H, Kenneth Bulmer, illustrated
by Jack Gauqhan. 207 p. e Daw Books,
Inc. ; 5Dec7«; A625731.


The Fenrds device. Ey Brian n.
Stableford. 156 p. iS Brian n. Stat-
leford; 5Eec7«: A625732.


Two-eyes. By Richard Stuart Gordcn.
210 p. e S*uart Gordon; 70ct7U;


The Mind net. By Herbert B. Fracke,
translated by Christiue Priest, 173 p.
Prey, pub, 1963 in Germany as Das
Gedankennetz. NM: translation. C taw
Books, inc.; 7Cct7U: A62 573U.


Spawn of Laban. By Greqcry Kern, pseud,
of E. C. Tubb. 127 p. (Cap Kennedy,
10.11) e Caw Books, Inc.; 5Sep7ii;


Spacehawk, Inc. By Pen Goulart. 160 p.
e Eon Goulart; 5Dec7ll; A625736,


Triple detente. By Piers Anthony,
Dseud. of Piers Anthony Jacob. 175 p.
e Piers Anthony Jacob; 5Sep7it; A625737.


A Horld aflame. By Greqory Kern, pseud,
of E. C. Tutb. 128 p, (Cap Kennedy,
no. 13) e Daw Books, Inc.; tNovTU;


A Voyaqe to Eari, By Ian Wallace,
pseud, of John H. Pritchard. 239 p.
S Ian Hallace; ltNov7U; A625739,


Imaqinative sex. By John Norman, pseud,
cf John Lanqe. 269 p. e John Norman;
5Dec71t; t6257liO.


The Genetic buccaneer. By Greqory Kern,
pseud. of E. C. Tubb. 125 p. © Daw
Books, Inc.; 70ct71l: se257«1.


Stress pattern. By Neal Barrett, Jr.
160 P. e Meal Barrett, Jr.; UNov""!!;
A62571:2 .


The warricr of world's end. By Lin
Carter. 160 p. e Lin Carter; fiNoy7U;


Bypass: a funtime board game. Kit,
Appl. au: Paul L. Dittrick 6 Catherine n.
Dittrick. © Paul L. Dittrick 6 Catherine
f., Dittrick (in notice: Kitty 6 Paul
Dittrick); 30Dec7U; A6257mi.


The Full color quide to sexual pleasures
from A to z. By Guenther Huncld. 18R p.
Appl, au: Pe?t-tl Books, Inc, Prev, pub.
as Liebe und Sex in Wort und Bild. NM:
translation S revisions. C Pent-R Books,
Inc, ; 7Feb75; A6257115.


Amazing adult fantasies, 1 v, (New
Paltz comix, no. 2) Appl. au: Michael T,
Gilbert, Brian Buniak 6 Vincent Kimszal.
'« Michael T, Gilbert; 1UNov7U; A6257U6.


Boxed out. Editor: Teddy B, Trogdon,
assistant editor: Candy Brandy. 6ii p.
(Sex on sex, vol.6) C Monarch Publi-
cations, Inc.; 20Jan75; A6257U7.


Big blow-up. Editor: Teddy B. Trogdon,
assistant editor: Candy Brandy, 61 p.
(Sex on sex, vol, 5) 6 Monarch Publi-
cations, Inc.: 250ct7tt; S6257U8.


The Good goodies: recipes for natural
snacks 'n* sweets. Produced by Stan e
Floss Dworkin, 280 p. e Stan 6 Floss
Cworkir; 29Noy7it; A6257U9,

A6 257 50.

Gardening indoors with house plants. By
Baymond P. Poincelot, illus. by Erick
Inqraham, photos by Raymond P. Poincelot,
William H. Hylton 5 the Rodale Press Photo
Lah. 266 p. C Raymond p. poincelot;
310ct7q; A625750.


Terrific tomatoes; all aboat how to grow
and enioy them. By the editors of Organic
qardening and farming magazine, compiled
by Catharine 0. Foster, photos, by Bob
Griffith. 262 p. © Bodale Press, Inc.;
llAor75; A625751.


The People's land: a reader on land
reform in the United States. Edited ty
Peter Barnes for the National Coalition
for Land reform. 260 p, 6 National
coalition for land Beform; 1'4Mar75;


Organic farming yearbook of agriculture.
By the editors of Organic gardening and
farming magazine, edited by Bay Wolf. 96
p. NM: revisions 6 additions. © Bodale
Press, Inc, ; 21Mar75; A625753.

A 6 257 51,

Brother Earth. By Vaseleos Garson ,
pseud, of William J. Carson. 189 p.
e William J, Garson; 28Mar75 (in notice:
19^1) ; A625751.


The Goose from Scarsdale. Ey Clive
Howard, 96 p. e Clive Howard; 1Feb71;


African diary: my search for under-
standing, Ey Helmut Thielicke, tran-
slator: Douglas Crow, 213 p. Translation
of So sah ich Afrika. © or English
translation; Word, Inc.; 9Aug7i;



A Guide for Beform Jews. Ey Frederic A.
Doppelt E David Polish, rev. ed. bv David
Polish. 121 p. BH: i-'^-rod, E additicai
chap+ers. e David Polish; 17May71 (in
notice: 1973) ; B625757.

A6 25 7 58.

Megillat Esther; the Masoretic Hebrew
tex^. With introd,, new transla*icn E
commentary by Robert Gcrdis, lOi p. Add
ti; The Book of Esther, Hebrew E English
NM: translation, ccmmenta-y E introd.
« Robert Gordis: 15Dec7i; A625758,


Understanding rabbinic Judaism; frcm
Talmudic to modern times. Ed'ted by Jacob
Neusner, 122 p. NM; introductions.
e Jacob Neusner; 18Ju''71; A625759,


Media and symbols: the fcrms of
expression, communication, and education;
the seventy-third yearbook of *he »}a*icnai
Society for the Study cf Education. Pt.1.
By *h€ Yearbook Commi'-tee, edi'-ed by David
B, Olson, editor for "-he Society: Herman
G. Richey. 506 p, C Kenneth J, Rehage,
Secretary, National Society for *he S*udv
of Education; 21Feb7ii; A6257eo.


nses of the sociology of education: the
seventy-third yearbook of the National
Society for the study of Education, Pt 2
By «-he Yearbook Committee, edited hy C.
Wayne Gordon, editor fcr the Society:
Herman G. Richey, 518 p, e Kenneth J,
Behaoe, Secretary, National Society for
the Study of Education; 2UFeb7l ;


Francois X. Aubry: trader, trailmaker
and vcyageur in the Southwest, 1816 -
1851. By Donald Chaput. 2i<; p. (KesteTT<
frc'-lersman series, no, 16) 6 The Arthur
H. Clark Company; 3Apr75; A625762.


Hunting the American wild ^urkey, Ey
Dave Harbour. 256 p. e Dave Harbour;
11Mar75; A625763,


The Bourbon cookbook. By Tom Hoq=. 2 PR
p. C Tom Hoge; 11Mar"5; A62576U.


Manual of the Legislature of dew Jersey:
One Hundred and Ninety-sixth legisla'-ure
(second session) 1975; by authority of *he
Legislature, State of New Jersey.
Editors: J, Joseph Grilbins 6 Fdwa'-d J.
Mullin, 950 p. Add, ti: New Jersey
legislative manual, 1975; Fi'-zgerald ' s
legislative manual: State of New Jersey,
1975. e Edward J, Mullin; 1ApT75;


Broadening horizons: a history of *-he
College of Business Ad minist-ration , the
University of South Carolina. By c,
BcFerron Gittinger. 205 n. C c. BcFerrcn
Gittinger; 26Sep7i; A625766,


Collection: aes grav^ ita?igue monnaies
Bomaines consulalres. Ey Edward A,
Syndenham, 1 v. Reprint of auction
catalogue compiled by Rodol-f'o Ra*-*o,
original publica*ion: 1927. e A*:tic Book,
Inc.; 25Dec71; A625767,


The Symphony and *'he symphonic posm:
analytical and descriptive charts c' ■'■he
standard symphonic repertory. By Fajri v
Bonre S Theodore E, Hege-^, fi'-h rev, ed.
287 p. e Theodore E. Beger S Earl V.
Moore; eFeb75; A625768.

These esUries alone may not reflect the compiete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.



Showdown; Western qunfiqhters 5.n nonents
of truth, Ev flerman Toepperwein, drawings
by Charles Shaw. 101 p. Text, except
introd,. serialized in 1960's in Texas
parade, NH; drawings E introd. © Madrona
Press, Tnc. ; 15NovTU; Ae257e9.


The Eunninq backs: stars of the NFL, By
Charle= & Ann Morse, photos. ; VernoT: J,
Biever S Jchn E. Biever. 07 p.
& creative Fducational Society, Inc ;
28Feb75: Se25770.


The Defensive linemen; stars of the NFL.
By Jay H. Smith, photos,; Vernon J, Eiever
6 John E. Biever. "47 p. e creative
Educational Society, Inc.; 28Feb75:


The Ouarterbacks; stars of the NFL. By
Sam Haseqawa, photcs. : Vernon J. Biever G
Jchn E, Biever, 07 p. 6 Creative
Educational Society, Inc.: 28Feb75:


The linebackers; stars of the NFL. By
Sam Haseqawa, photos,: Vernon J, Biever 6
Jchn F. Eiever. ig p. e Creative
Educaticral Society, Inc.: 28Feb75 ;


Jacketing bottles and other containers.
By Viva J. Cooke. 87 p. C Viva J. Cooke;
21May7U; A62577U.


Yesodei smochcs; a compilation of Jewish
laws and traditions dealing wl*-h death and
mourning, with the addition of detailed
studies of related problems arising from
modern life situations. By Aaron Folder.
156 p. English 6 Hebrew. KM: compilation
£ additions. 6 Aaron Felder; 27Feb75
(in notice: 197U): A625775.


The Tasks of teaching reading. Ey James
E^ Kerher. 250 p. 6 Wadsworth Publishing
Company, Inc.; 2Jan75 ; A625776,


The Suqar mirror. Oriqinal story by
Carolyn Alexander 6 Saundra Euglow, illus.
by Carolyn Alexander. 18 p. J Carolyn
Alexander S Saundra Euqlow; 10Dec7ii;


The Christmas train. Original stcry by
Saundra Euglow, illustrated by Carolyn
Alexander. 31 p. e Carolyn Alexander 6
Saundra Euglow; 10Dec7U; A625778.


Haqic Christinas tears, oriqinal story S
illus. by Carolyn Alexander. 31 p.
e Carolyn Alexander; 10Dec7ii; A625779.


Christmas Star, a pony, oriqinal story
6 illus. by Carolyn Alexander. 28 p.
e Carolyn Alexander; inDec7U; A62E780.


Grcundwater pollution in Europe:
proceedinqs of a conference organized by
the Hater Besearch Association in Peadinq,
Enqland, September 1972. Edited by John
A. Cole, 507 p. Proceedinqs of
Conference on Groundwater Pollutior held
at Readinq University, Peadinq, Enqland,
Sept. 25 - 27, 1972. C Rater Information
Center, Inc.; 2UFeb75 (in notice: 1970);

annual supplement to The World book
encyclopedia, a review of the event* of
1970. Editorial director: William H.
Nault 5 other editors, senior artist: Gume
Nunez S others, photography director: Fred
c. Fckhardt-, Jr, 6 others. 6 10 p. Appl.
au: Field Enterprises Educational
Corporation. ^ Field Enterprises
Educational Corporation; 27Feb75;


The Federal census: 185C for Preble
County, Ohio; contains names, age,
occupation and place of birth of every
person living in Preble County the year
1850. Compiled 6 indexed by Pose Shil* f-
Anita Short, 195 p. ApFl. states
copyriqht no* claimed on portions of work
taken from U.S. Gcvt, publications.
e Lida Flint Harshman; 13Jul70; A625783.


Gather around., By Dorothy
ycung Croma-?.. 220 p. NH: revisions S
additions. e Stanwix House, Inc.;
1CSep70; A625780.


Among friends workbook, No.EB-1, Ey
Karen L. Perhacs. 72 p. Nn: additions 6
revisions. C Stanwix House, Inc. ;
19NOV70; A625785.


The Gospels according to Saint Matthew
and Saint Hark; magnatype edition, 390 p.
Appl. au: Frederick Bayer. NB: irt-
reductions & prologues. © stanwix Rouse,
Inc.: 100ct70; A625786.


Selections from Irving, Emerson,
Thoreau; magnatype edition, 303 p. Appl.
au: Stanwix House, Inc. staff. NH:
introductions. ^ Stanwix House, Inc. ;
100ct70; Ae25787.


The Gospels according to Saint Luke and
Saint John; magnatype edition. 072 p.
Appl. au: Frederick Mayer. NM: ir,t-
rcductions. e Stanwix House, Inc.:
10Cct70; A62 5788.


Applied yooa. Ey Jyotir Maya Nanda.
212 p. g Jyotir Maya Nanda; 15Sep71;


12 American women. By Elizabeth
Aaticaglia. 256 p, J Elizabeth
Anticaglia: 2PJan75; 5625790.

Ae25791 .

Crime of passion: murder and the
murderer. By David Lester 6 Gene Lester.
306 p. e David Lester 6 Gene Letter;
20Jan75; A625791.


Eighteenth century English poeTy. Ey
Peter L, Thorpe, 227 p, C Peter L.
Thorpe; 20Jan75; A625792.


Ancestry of William Sperry Eeiiecke,
Compiled by Paul W. Prirdle. 280 p.
Appl. au: Williaip Sperry Beinecke.
e William Sperry Beinecke; 310ct70;
A625793 .


Forqive me. Doctor Johnson, Ey Irene
Patterson. 130 p. C peter M. Paf-erson;
ajul70; A625790,


Poems of love and happiness. By Pobert
L. Davids. 62 p. I Puth A. Davids;
1Jul70; A625795,


American Indian ccntr^ bu^-cs tc Ame^^r = ^
life. Senior author: Jchn M. F'^anco,
wri'-e'-s: Katheri'-e Loqan, Suzanne Shade r
Elizabeth Brown, 1°2 p, f Ber = flc P'-=s=:
1Jan75: A625-Of,


This I can be. By "obe'-'- J. Carter,
Gene ^. Booze, Erma Dnderwood, Hernar F.
Be'*hul, Joan Low^ry Nixcn K Lei" G.
Rogge. 38" p. e Benefic Pr=r=; 1Jan75;

A6 2':7 9n.

People and me. Ey Rrbor* A. Carter,
Ge'^e E, Booze, '^rna nndprwood, Herma- F
Een*hul, Joan lowery Nixcn F- Lois G
Fogoe. 38" p. C Eenefic Pr = ss; Ua"""^;


Revised statutes of Nebra'^ka. 197U

cumula*ive suppl, Fai->ed E a-nota'-ed Iv

Eruce A, Cutshall, 2037 p. fppl. au:

Sta*e of Nebraska, employer for hi'-e.
e George F, Turner, S*ate Librarian for

*he Benefit of *he state of Nebraska:
26Dec70; >6257oq.


The Battle of Minisink: a pevcluti crary
War eT^gagemen* in the Cpcer Ielava~e
Valley. By Verno" Leslie. 21'' p.
e Vernon Leslie: 2U"ar75: A62580",

A6258C1 .

CM for the general contrac^-or: a guid'^
manual for cons'-^ur' io" n^anagemon* .
Fdi'-ed by Eian Pest, Jack Karne'- S Ed
L-'see. 155 p, g The Assoc'a'-ea General
Cont'-acto'-E of Sie-ica, Inc.: iRNciVl:;


Illustrated histcry rf basketball, Bv
Larrv "ox. 256 p. V".: text E coiup- :=>*-' en
of pVctos. t Larry Fox; 23S=p''0;



Oa'^-docr photcgrathy, Ev Frwin A, Bauer-
2nd ea. , rev. E updated. 103 p.
e Outdoor Life; 22Feb75 (in notice:
1070>; A625803,


The COSIP di-ecto'v, 1975, Prepared for
the COSIP Agency by Standard and Peer's
Corporation, 2 v, Aopl, au: The America"
Ba-^kers; Associa'-ion, e The Ame'^ca-"
EaT-kers Association; 1RMar75; A6 25R"0.


The CUSIP directory, 197'?: corporate
directory. Prepa'-ed fc- '■he COSIP Agency
by S'-anda'-a and Poor's Corpora* ion , '033
p. Appl. au: The American Fankei-s
Association. e The Auerican Panke-r;
Asscriation: 10!«ar75: 5625^5,

se 25806.

Indian a'^d whi*e: self-image a-'d
interaction in a Canadian plains
coinjiu''ity. By Niels Winther Eraroe. 2^5
p, € The Board cf Trustees of *-he Leland
Stanford Junior Oniversity; 2"Mar75;


Bar and revolution in yuocslav-a, i°oi -
1905: the Chetnike, Bv Jozo Ter'aseyich.
508 p. € The Board cf Trustees of * he
leland Stanford Junior Dni versify;
2nwar''5; Ae2580-.


I ■>hunk me a th=ut. ny William 5,
PcCal], preface £ afterword by Helen
rudar. on p. e Teachers Ccllege,
Columbia Unive-^si»y; 31MaT''f: A625806.

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyrighl Office for information about any additional records that may exist.

A625809 - A6258lt5


JAM, - JBN, 1975


Ihe Townsien, Bv the editors of
Tiie-Life Books, nith text by Keith
Bheeler. 2U0 p, (The Old West) Afpl,
au: Time, Inct, , eEnployeT for hire*
« Tils, Inc.: 21Mar75: A625809.


Carlhbean isles. Bv Peter Hood S the
editors of Time-life Books. 1 8U p. (The
American uildercess) Appl, au: Time,
Inc., employer for hire. e Time, Inc.:
21Fet75: S625810.


Han and the orqanizationo By Rafael
Steirbcrq 6 the editors of Time-life
Books, 176 p. (Human behavior) Appl.
au: Time, Inc., employer for hire,
e lin-e. Inc. : 21Jan75: A625811.


The Enqineer. By C. C. Furnas, Joe
KcCartby s the editors of Time-Life Books,
200 p. (Life science library) Appl. au:
Time, Inc., employer for hire. NM:
revisions 6 additions, 6 Time, Inc ;
9Apr75: A625812.


Wheels. By Wilfred o»en, Ezra Brcwn 6
the editors of Time-life Books. 20P p.
(Life science library) Appl, au: Time,
Inc., emplcyer for hire, Nfi: revisions £
additions, e Time, Inc.; 18Feb7S:


The Aqe of chanqe: frcm 19it5. By
William E, leuchtenburq S the editors of
Tiie-Iife Books. 200 p. (The Life
history of the United states, vol.12)
Appl, au: Time, Inc, employer for >,
KB: revisions 6 additions, a Time, Inc. ;
26BOV7U; Ae2581«.


The Union restored: 1861 - 1676. By T,
Harry Williams B the editors of Time-Life
Books, 176 p. (The Life history of the
United states, vol. 06) Appl. au: Time,
Inc., employer for hire. NH: revisions B
additicns. 6 Time, Inc; 30Nov7«;


What everyone should kno*i about credit
before buyinq or borrowinq aqain. Ey Ira
0. Cobleiqh B the editors of u, s. News and
World Report Books. 255 p. e U.S. Ne»s
and World Beport, Inc; 19Ka-75;


Patterns fcr self-unfoldment . By
Randolph 6 leddy Schmeliq. SOU p. NM :
compilation S editorial revision, t Unity
School of Christianity; 15Feb75;


Thouqhts for a friend. By Foster c.
flcclellan, black 6 white photos, by Tony
Lalona, 169 p. 6 Unity School of
Christianity; 12Har75; A625818.


Edward Stanly: whiqqery's Tarheel
Conqueror. By Norman D. Brown. 365 p.
3 The University of Alabama Press;
20Dec7U; A625819,


Short fiction in the Spectator. Ey
Donald Kay. 1i»5 p. § The Univers-'ty of
Alabaua press; 21Jan75; A625820,


Travel on Southern antebellum railroads,
1828 - 18f0. By Euqene Alvarez. 221 p.
& The University of Alabama Press;
26Cec7H; A625821.


The World and ideas of Frnst Freurd: the
search for general principles of
legislation and administrative law. By
Oscar Kraines, 221 p, © The University
of Alabama Press; 8Jul7U; A625822.


Thine is the kingdom; the trial for
treason of Thomas Bentworth, Earl of
Strafford, first minister to King Charles
1st, and last hope of the English Crown.
Ey John H. Timmis, 3rd. 268 p. t The
University of Alabama Press; 20Dec7il;


Storyville, New Orleans. By Al Pose.
225 p. e The University of Alabama Press;
6Cct7«; A625B2U.


Charles E. Berriam and the study of
politics, BV Barry D. Karl. 337 p,
e The University of Chicago; 26Dec7il;


Letters from the frontiers. By George
Archibald Hccall, with an introd, B index
by John K. nahon. 539 p. Add. ti:
American Revolution Bicentennial, 1776 -
1976, Florida, 6 on introd. 6 index; The
Board of Pegents of the State of Florida;
20l1ar75; A625826.


The Inquisitors and the Jews in the New
World; summaries of procesos, 1500 - 1810
and bibliographical guide. By Seymour B.
liebman. 22U p, e University of niami
Press; 25rlar75 (in notice: 197U);


The Zirids of Granada. By Andrew
Handler. 208 p. e University of Biami
Press; 30Dec7a; A62582B.


Shakespeare's speaking pictures; studies
in iconic imagery. By John Doebler. 236
p, Appl. states all new matter except for
material on p. 172 - 185, 156 - 172, 111 -
117, 161 - 169. portions prev. pub, 1973
in Shakespeare survey 26 B others.
e University of New Mexico Press; 11Bar75
(in notice: 1971|); Ae25829.

A6 258 30.

Ecology in ancient civilizations. By J,
Dcnald Hughes. 181 p. 6 The University
of New Mexico Press; iOApr75; Ae25830.


The Charcoal burner and ciher poems;
original translations from the poetry of
the Chinese, Translated by Henry Hersch
Hart. 226 p. NH: translation of poems
frcm Chinese, © University of Oklahoma,
publishing division of the University (in
notice: University of Oklahoma Press,
publishing division of the University) ;
1-7Dec7«; A625831.


Cowboy life: reconstructing an American
myth. Edited B with an introd, by William
W. Savage, Jr. 208 p. S University of
Oklahoma Press, publishing division of the
university: 3Feb75; A625832.


Snowpack, cloud-seeding, and the
Colorado Piver: a techrology of assessment
of weather modification. By Leo W.
Weisbecker. 86 p. S University of
Oklahoma Press, publishing division of the
University; 2Dec7i); A625833,


Developments in mechanics: proceedings
of the 14th Midwestern Mechanics

Conference held at ♦he University of

Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma, March 2U - '6,

1975, Vol.8. Ccnference co-chairmen: C

W. Bert E B. 1. Pasmussen. 626 p.

e University of Oklahoma Press, publishii-o

division of the University; 2CMar75;



Cn the trail of the Ai-awaks, By Fred
Olsen, with a foreword ty George Kubler 6
an introductory essay by Irvina Pouse,
U08 p. e University of Oklahoma Press,

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