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selection of readinqs s oriqinal
introductorv material. 6 Bichard D.
Imin, Inc.; i4Nov7U; J597021.


Forginq and enerqy manaqemep t. 1 v,
(Enerqy manaqement uorkbook, vol. nc.o)
e The East Ohio Gas ComFanv; 251)ov7U;


Lower space heatina cost through
maintenance and heat recovery. 1 v.
(Enerqy manaqement wcrkhook, vol. no. 2)
C The East Ohio Gas Company; 10Oc»7U;


Steam systems. 1 v. (Enerqy manaqement
workbook, vol. no. 3) e The East Ohio Gas
Coopany; 20Nov7lt; A59702't.


The FunaaiectalE. 1 v. (Enerqy
manaqeirent workbook, vol. no.1) C The
East Ohio Gas Company; 10ct7i4: A5S7025.


Honey for my company. 8 p. C Korbel
ccrporation; 3Jan75; A59702e.


Index to Defense lav iournal. 1974
pocket supplement. lU^J p. Appl, au:
Bobert A. Scalf. e The Allen Smith
Comparv: 31Dec70; A597027.


A Guide to qroup psychotherapy for
paraprofessionals. Ey Judith striano. 25
p. e Judith Striano; FJan75; A597028.


Circulation '711 - '75. 13th ed. 912 p.
Add. ti: American Newspaper Markets'
circulation '7« / '75, Appl. au: (Mrs.
Thomas A. Sindinq) Harriet P. Sindiig.
€ American Newspaper Markets, Inc.;
10Auq7l|; AS97029.


Nominee list, 1975. 2Uth ed . 229 p.
Applo au: John s. Black, Jr. C American
Society of Corporate Secretaries, Inc.;
3Jan75; A597030.


Infrared spectroscopy. By Carl D.
slater, Donald G. Nyberq 6 Joseph Vlkin.
56 p. Billard Grant Press; 8Mar7«;


Percy Pencil humor. No.1. 22 p. Appl.
au: Norman Clair clawser. 6 N. Clair
Clawser; 7Jan75; A597032.


The Battle of Biq Bethel, By Earl
William Roqers, 2na. 11 p. e Earl
William Poqers, 2nd; 20Jan75; A597033.


Becyclinq: Alabama style. 52 p. Appl.
au: Nancy Callahan. C Alabama Envi-
ronmental Quality Association (AEOA) ;
ieoct7a; A59703U.


The Three crashes at Marshall Dnlversity
(teachlnq in Appalachia) 20 p. Appl. au:
Harry Earba. 6 Harry Barba; 2UDecTi;


The Days. By Pussell B. Genrich. 16 p.
Add. ti: My days. NM: coirpilation E
additions, e Pussell H. Genrich; 3Jan75;


Bits 1. Editor: Robert Wallace. 1 v.
Portions prev. pub. in The New York
quarterly & others, e Robert Wallace;
ejan75; A597f^37.


Bible club tips. Edited by Gerrit J.
steenwyk. 50 p. Appl. au: christian
Service club. Inc. e christian Service
club. Inc.; 1BDec7l4; A597038.


Speak of love. By Lattice A. Boykin
McKoy, foreword by Vincent Godfrey Burns,
cover desiqn and photos, by Dick Laitinen.
12 p. C Lattice A, Boykin McKoy;
23Eec7«; A597C39.


Op your success. By Josh Noily. 169 p.
e Josh Noily; 5Dec7«; A5970lt0.

A5970lt1 .

Lee Genud's Backgamiron beck, 158 p.
e Lee Genud; 2Dec7U; A5970al.


Droodles. No. 2. By Roger Price. 1 v.
t Roger Price; 16Dec7U; A597012,


Eden 2. By Edd Doerr. 9U p. 6 Edd
Doerr; 30Dec7i4; A597043.


The chiquita banana cookbook. Prepared
by Chiquita Brands, Inc., photos, by Frank
Foster. lit p. Appl, au: Chiquita
Brands, Inc. e Chiquita Brands, Inc. ;
6Eec7q; A5970U14.


Point Pleasant, Apple Grove, Leon,
Mason, HV , telephone directory, December
197K. e Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone
Company of Best Virginia; ieD6c7U;


Middlebournc, New Martinsville, Paden
city, sistersville, wv, telephone
directory, December 197U. e Chesapeake
and Potomac Telephone Company of West
Virqinia; 13Dec7ii: A5970U6.


Stained glass and fragments. By Therese
J. Heffernar. 1 v. 6 Therese J.
Heffernan; 18Dec7«; A5970U7.


Revised pages for Facts and comparisons.
Vol. 29, no.1, Jan. 1975. u v. Appl, au:
Erwin K. Kastrup 6 Gene H. Sctwach. Prey,
reg. A6U9731. C Facts and Comparisons,
Inc.; ejan''5: A5970H8.


Tuning electronic ignition systems,
tuning the Mazda engine, 32 p. (Auto
mechanics: diagnostic analysis, lesson no,
DA-8) e National Technical Schools;
2Jan75; A5970ll9.


Regulated ]cw- voltage power supply. 30
p. (Electronics: solid-state TV kit,
lesson no. SSK-33) 6 National Technical
Schools; 2Jan75; A597050.


Assembling and installing audio-video
circuit board. 30 p. (Electronics:
solid-state TV kit, lesson no. SSK-3U)
e National Technical Schools; 2Jan75;

A5970 52.

Three, four and five-speed transiris-
sions. 30 p. (Autc mechanics a" d dies=l
truck drive systems, lesson re. TDS-U)
e National Technical Schcols; 2Ja''7= (i
notice: 197U) ; A597n52.


Sorq to the fathers of my Heed: early
works of Michael D. Simpson. 30 p-
e Michael E. Simpson; 23Dec7e; A597n53.


A rictionary of Bostonese and char-
lestonese. 16 p. Sppl. an: Frank B,
Gilbreth. NM: cove'-s, fcrewerd S illus.
€ Charleston county Bicentennial
Committee, Inc.; 20Dec7U; A59705U.


First steps. Folder, NM: art design,
format f. compilation, e Child Evangelism
Fellowship, Inc.; 23Dec7U; A597055.


Moot point. By Ernie Furtado. 39 p.
e Ernie Eurtado; 27Sep7l|; A55705f.


Selected short poems. By Stanton A,
Coblentz, 96 p, NM: ccmpilatien 6
additional text. C Stanton A. Coblentz;
12Dec7«; A597057.


The Siskiyou pioneer, in fclklcte, fac*
and fiction, and yearbook: upper Klamath
River issue. Vol.u, no, 7, 197U. Editor:
Darlene G. Anderson. 113 p. Appl. au:
Siskiyou County historical Society,
C Siskiyou County Historical Society;
22Noy7U; A59705e.


The Futility God: spiritist power,
occultism, and futility. Ey Jack William
Banrah. 161 p, e jack w, Ra'>nah;
6Jan75; A597059.


Basic shot putting: principles and
techniques for the beginner, for the
experienced, for the inexperienced ceach,
Ey Michael Pendrak, Jr. 36 p. dr.:
vertical bisecting line illus. &
additional text, g Michael Pendrak, Jr.;
6Jan75; A59706O.


Free plan: hew tc raise-funds. Bow ma"
cartoon prints do you want? How much
money can be raised wi+h Famcus Features
cartoon prints? Folder 6 2 p, Appl, au
Carl E. Kohlhoff. e Cai-l H. Kohlhoff;
7JBn75: A597061.


The Men of company H. Bj Victor H.
Hogg. 17 p. (williamston Bicentennial
historical publication series, no. 2)
e Victor R. Hogg; 31Doc7U; A597062.


Mob cooks the family favorites. By Jea
A. Olson. 188 p. e Jean A. Olson;
23Dec7«; A597063.


Cfficial compilation codes, rules and
regulations of the state of New York,
Suppl, no. 10, Oct. 197U. Sheets. Appl,
au: Department of state, Sta*e of New
York, e Secretary of Sta*e, State of New
York; 3Jan75 (in notice: 197q);


Baking materials. Pt.7. 19 p. (Siebe
Institute of Technology course in
scientific bakino, lessen 21) NM;
editorial revision. C s^etel Institu*e o
Technology; 11Mar69; A597065.

223-503 O - 76 - 6 {Sec. 2)


These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for Information about any additional records that may exist.

A597066 - B597109


JDU. iq-E


Bakirq technology. Pt. 1. 7 p. (Siebel
Institute of Technclcqv course Ir
scientific bakirq, lessen 20) NK:
editorial revision. 6 siebel Institute of
Technoloav: 5Nov68: J597e6e.


Bioloqv. Pt.3 - u. 8 p. (Siebel
Institute cf Technoloqv course in
scientific bakinq, lesson 09) NK:
editorial revision s illus. e Siebel
Institute cf Technolcqv: 3Dec68;


Bakinq materials. Pt.u. 9 p. (Siebel
Institute cf Technology course ii?
scien' - ific bakinq, lesson 16) NH:
editorjal revision. 6 Siebel Institute of
lechnoloqv: 28Jan71: S5970e8.


Bakinq materials. Pt.3. 7 p. (Siebel
Institute of Technclcqy course in
scientific bakinq, lesson 15) KB;
editorial revision, e siebel Institute of
Technolooy: 20Jan71: A597Ce9.


Elementary bakinq mechanics. 12 p.
(Siebel Institute of Technoloqy course in
scientific bakinq, lessen 10) NM;
editorial revision, i siebel Institute of
Technclcqy; 20Jan71; A597070.


Bioloqy. 7 p. (Siebel Institute of
Technoloqy course in scientific bakinq,
lessen 08) NB: editorial revision E
illus. e siebel Institute of Technology;
1N0V72: 4597071.


Bakinq materials. Pt.2. 11 p. (Siebel
Institute cf Technoloqy course in
scientific bakinq, lessen 06) NB:
editorial revision. siebel Institute ef
lechnolcoy; ieAuq70: A597072.


Bakinq technoloqy. Pt.2. 9 p. (Siebel
Institute of Technclcqy course in
scientific bakinq, lessen 22) NB:
editorial revision. € siebel Institute of
Technoloqy: 10ct69: A597073.


The Pole of the sales promotion aaency
in marketinq. 1 v. Bppl. au: Fay
Harriman. C Council of Sales Promotion
Aqencles; 12NOV74: S59707U.


Coacbinq youth leaque baseball. Ey J,
Stanley Bertman. 107 p. C Skip Beitman;
7Jan75: A597075.


A Noise in the closet. By Bichard
Hefter. 1 v. e One Strawberry, Inc.;
10Dec71l; A59707e.


How we can halt inflation and still k-eep
our 1obs. By Hilliau H, Tonque, 237 p.
e Eow-Jores-Irwin, Inc.; UNoy7U;


How to save free enterprise: from
bureaucrats, autocrats, and technocrats.
By Hilliam BcDorald Wallace. 282 p.
C Dow Jotes-Irwln, Inc.; itNoy7i4;


How to write a research paper. By
Mildred G. Taylor. 55 p. 6 Pacific
Books, Publishers; 27Dec7U: B597079.


The Political economy of the space

program. By Bary A, fiolman. 398 p.
e Bary A. Holman; 28Dec7U; S597080.


Barine qeoloay and oceanography of the
Arctic seas. Edited by Yvonne Herman
(Yvonne Eosenberg-Herman) 397 p.
e Springer- Verlag New York, Inc.;
17Dec7lt; A597C81 .


The Big house. By Charles N. Aronson.
290 p. e Charles N. Aronson; 31Cec7U;
A5970 82.


Defense law lournal. Vol, 23, 197H.
Editor: Eobert A. Scalf. 666 p. e The
Allen Smith Company; 31Dec7ii; A597083.


Providing adeguate retirement income:
pension reform in the Dnlted states and
abroad. Ey James H. Schulz, Guy Carrln,
Hans-Juergen Krupp, Manfred Eeschke,
Elliott Solar 6 Josse Van steenberge. 330
p. e Trustees of Brandeis Dniversity;
18Dec7«; A59708U.


Annual review of genetics. Vol.8, 197U.
Editor: Herschel L. Homan, associate
editors: Allan Campbell 6 Laurence M.
Sandler. «80 p. Appl. states copyright
not claimed in portions of work written by
Government employees within the scope of
their employment, t Annual Reviews, Inc.;
16tec7U; A597085.


Sketches of New Orleans. By Olivia
Wassmer, 2na ed. , enl. , Oct. 197i(. 1 v.
e Saint Clare's Monastery; 290ct7H;
A59708e .


A Civil War diary: the iournal of
Francis A. Kiene, 1861 - 186*; a family
history. Ey Balph E. Klene, Jr. 372 p.

5 Balph Eo Kiene, Jr. ; 16Dec7il; A597087.


The Orfinlshed building. By Henry J.
Ambers. 100 p. 6 Henry J. Ambers;
25NOV7U; A597088,


"Original" Chippewa boots and shoes. In
stock catalog no. 75. 31 p. NB : editorial
revision. C Chippewa Shoe Company;
2Jan75; A597089.

A5970 9C.

How to evaluate and select a data entry
system. 1 v. 6 Entrex, Inc. ; UDec7H;


Project STAB role training program:
caseworker, correctional worker. 1 v.
€ California Commission on Peace Officer
Standards and Training; 28Nov7it;
A597C91 .


Project STAB role training program:
judge, defense attorney, prosecuting
attorney. 1 v. € California Commission
on Peace officer standards and TrainlT'g;
28Nov71t; A597092,


Sleepy Time: develops matching and
ccoperative play. No.im70. Kit.

6 Milton Bradley Company; 1Mar7't;


Come To My House: develops memory and
ccoperative play. No.ua72. Kit.
e Milton Bradley Company; 1Har7K;


Slid life: the wild animal ccnservaticn
game. No.uuni. Kit. e Hilton Bradley
Compaiy; 11Eeb7U; A597095.


Snoopy card game; instructions.
No.i4ii25. EOK top. Wi*h kit. e B^.lten
Bradley Company; IMarTH; 9597096.

A5 97 097.

Connect Four: vertical checkers oame.

No.uUrO. Kit. e Miltcn Bradley Company;

11Eet7U; J597097.


Swiss Cheese: develops color reccgniticn
and ccoperative play. Nc.ulTI. Kit.
e Milton Bradley Company; 1Bar7U;


Pri2e Property: the land development
game. No. UU08. Kit. e BiTton Eradlev
Company; 11Feb7q; A557099.


Berkeley's idealism, Ey Martin louis
Gunderson. Blcrofilm. C fartln louis
Gunderson; 15Nov7l|; A597100.


The Effects of dramatic techniques on
selected learning outcomes. By Beatrice
Theresa Gould Green. Blcrofilm.
C Beatrice Theresa Gould Green; 15Ncv7a;


The Effect of interaction, reading and
organizers on the formation and stability
of concepts of density and pressure in
grade six. By Bndre Caille. Blcrofilm,
e Andre Caille; 15Nov7it; B597102,


Bacism and the materialist artVrepclcgy
of Karl Marx. By Leonard Harris.
Micrcfllm. C Leonard Harris; ISNcvTO;


Tradition, Islam, and rebellion: south
Sulawesi, 1950 - 1965. Ey Barbara Slllars
Harvey. Microfilm, e Earbara Slllars
Harvey; 15Nov7a; A59710U.


Ar*lfice as a species of nature: the
political philosophy of David Hume. By
Bobert Hlllard Hoffert. Microfilm.
e Sobert Hlllard Hoffert; 15Ilcv7it;


Planning ambnlatory health care delivery
systems. By Peter Thomas Ittiq.
Microfilm. C Peter Thcmas Ittig;
15N0V7U; B597106.


Some differential aspects of parti-
cipation In migrant and seasonal farm
worker human services program decisicn-
making. By Ernest Frederick Powers,
Micrcfllm. d Ernest Frederick Powers;
15NOV7U; B597107.


The Nueva corcnlca y buen goblerno of
Don Felipe Guaman Poma de Ayala: a lest
chapter In the history cf Latin-American
letters. By Solena Klahn Adcrno.
Micrcfllm. e Eolena Klahn Adcrno;
15Nov7<l; B59710S.


Bgricultaral and community development
in Hexican ejidos: relatives in conflict.
By Michael Darragh Earinq-Gocld.
Blcrofilm. C Michael Darragh Baring-
Gould; 15Nov71t; 9597109.

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.



Jensen's theory cf intelligence; a
conceptual analysis ana an empirical test.
By Norian Hilliam Becker. Bicrofiln.
e Norman William Becker: 151iov7U;


So you qet out early to plant, vhc are
you ahead cf? - the role of cotton planting
tile in Sukuma agriculture. By Thoias D.
Hankins. Microfilm, e Thomas D. Harkins;
15Uov7a; J597111,


The Beqicnal approach to health services
planning; a conceptual framework with
special reference to the organization and
delivery of health care in rural Thessaly.
By ConstantinoE Efthimios Xanthopoulos.
Microfilm, C Ccnstantinos Efthimios
Xanthopoulos: 15Nov7U; S597112.


Studies on techniques of hybridization
and the inheritance of resistance to
verticllliuir wilt in protepea (cowpea) Bv
William Fred Moore. Microfilm. e Silli am
Fred Moore: 15Jloy71: S597113,


The Ose cf the Bender Gestalt as a
predictor of the reading success of first
grade pupils. By Di Ann Bartee lewis.
Microfilm, C Ci Ann Bartee Lewis:
15NOV711: A59711II.


The Development cf information systems
for planning and controlling the large
dairy farm. By Ronald Cuane Niemeycr.
Microfilr. e Bonald Duane Niemeyer:
15Nov7«: A597115,


An Analysis of the academic status of
senior college students who reverse-
transferred to a Mississippi lunior
college in the 1972 fall term. By Bonald
Lewis Jones. Microfilm. © porald lewis
Jones: 15Nov7t; A597116.


An Investigation of newcomer greeting
used by Memphis banks as a promotional
tool. By Charles William Golden,
Microfilm, e Charles William Golden;
15Noy7ii: A597117.


A Statistical approach to setting
coefficient potentiometers. By Edmurd
Nelson Boots, Jr. Microfilm. C Ednund
Nelscn Foots, Jr.: 15Nov7H; A597118.


Nutriticnal, microbiological and
physiochemical studies on chemically
modified tapioca starch. By Paul Prurs,
MicrcfilBi. e Paul Bruns: 15Nov7U;


Effects of mirex on selected organs of
the channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus) :
a light and electron microscopic study.
By Glor:'a Jeanne Eogillio, Microfilm.
e Gloria Jeanne Rooillic: 15Nov7«;


Planning and operation of urban water
guali*-y management systems. By Mohamed
Mahmoud el-Sahragty. Microfilm.
e Mohamed Mahmoud el-Sahragty; 15Rcv7i4:


Commercial bank liquidity management,
discretionary reserve behavior, and the
allocation of credit, 1863 - 1913. By
John Miltcn Carter. Microfilm, e John
Milter Carter: 15Nov7«; A597122.


The Sarit regime, 1°57 - 1963; the
fcrmative years of modern Thai politics.
By Thak chaloemti arana. Microfilm,
e Thak chaloemtiarana; 15!iov7«: A597123.


Attitudes and behavior; underlying
factors in regional opportunity loss. By
Peter David Clifton Clark, Microfilm,
e Peter David Clifton Clark; 15Nov74;


Towards experimental realization of
backward scattering finite-energy sum
rules. By Larry Kenneth Cohen.
Microfilm, t Larry Kenneth Cohen;
15110V7U; 8597125,


The Newtonian aether; an historical and
critical study of its conceptual
development. By David Walter Corson,
Microfilm. Appl. states all new except
p,it02 - 1113, reg, 1968 - 69. e David
Walter Corson; 15Nov7«: A597126.


The Feasibility of determining success
criteria for educational research and
development projects. By Podney Jack
Ball. Microfilm. e Bodney Jack Ball;
15NOV7U; A597127.


A Question cf authority: reformed
preaching and iconoclasm in the Net-
herlands, 15«3 - 1570. By Phyllis Mack
Crew. Microfilm. e Phyllis Mack Crew;
15NOV7H: A597128.


lucii Annaei Senecae De Providentia; a
commentary. By Earl George Delarue.
Microfilm, e Earl George Delarue:
15NOV7U: A597129.


The Chinese Bed Army in the Kiangsi
Soviet, 1931 - 1931. By Peter Williams
Donovan. Microfilm. C Peter Williams
Donovan; 15Nov7U; A597130.

A597131 .

The Development of Henry Irving's
Shakespearean staging during his early
years at the Lyceum Theatre. By John
Bichard Basehart. Microfilm. C John
Bichard Basehart: 15Nov7U; A597131.


The Effects of pseudo-random noise upon
radar system performance. By David
William Berrie. Microfilm, e David
William Berrie: 15Nov7tt; 8597132.


8 Comparison of the educational and
occupational aspirations and expectations
of black secondary school students in
career education programs with black
secondary school students T>ct in career
education programs. By 8rlington w.
cMsman, Jr. Microfilm. e Arlington w.
Chisman, Jr.; 15Nov7U; A597133.


Correlates of teenage drug use. By Gary
8ustin Crow, Microfilm, e Gary Austin
Crow; 15Nov7lt; A59713U.


Experimenting schools; work toward a
theory of school experimentation. By
Joseph Melvin Davis. Microfilm, e Joseph
Melvin Davis; 15Nov7«; 8597135.


Effects of a season of training and
competition on selected physiological
parameters in female college basketball

players. By Pamela Sue tiehl. Micrcfilm.
e Pamela Sue Diehl; 15Nov7il; A597136,


An Exploration of some associaticns
between student-ccmmun5 ty unrest and the
promotion of black administrators iv.
public schools. By Bosie Nucklcs Doughty,
Microfilm. e Bosie Nucklcs Doughty;
ISNOvTI; 8597137.


Some cycloaddition reactions of a
bi s-k€tenimine. By Cyril John wierergc,
Jr. Microfilm. C Cyril John wierenoo,
Jr. ; 15NOV7U; 8597136,


The Belationshir of four areas of
counselor knowledge to perceived ccunselcr
competence. By Gerald Lamar white.
Microfilm, e Gerald Lamar White;
15Noy71|; A597139.


The Eelationship of haptic perception to
arithmetic achievement of first and second
grade pupils. By David Thomas Wells,
nicrcfilm. e David Thomas "ells;
15NOV711; A597mp,


The Belationsh5p between psycholin-
guistic and creative abili*ies of secoid
grade children, Ey Ka'-herine Gant
Maxwell. Microfilm, e Katherine Gan*
Maxwell; 15Noy7U; A5971111.


Allocation of resources for maxiFuir
economic efficiency on the Mississipp?.
Penitentiary Farm. By Johnnie Sartcr, Jr.
Microfilm, C Johnnie Sartor, Jr.;
15Noy7U; 85971II2.


Design and evaluation of the i'^spired-
air cooling system (a theoretical and
experimental study) By S. sitharama
Iyengar. Microfilm. € s. sitharama
Iyengar; ISNovTU; a5571ii3.


St?ke-in conformity as related to 'he
utilization of neutralization techricues
among juvenile delinquents. By Frederick
Ctice Jones. Micrcfilir, e Frederick
Otice Jones; IfNovTU; a59''iuu.


Studies of the effec* cf different
insecticide programs, narrow-rcw culture
and okra-leaf type or Helicthis spp. in
cotton. By Flernoy Glenn Jcres,
Microfilm. 6 Flernoy Glenn Jones;
15NOV71; A597115.


An Economic model for estimating the
cost cf detoxifying pes*icide containers,
Ey Lawrence Eugene Johnson. Microfilm,
e Lawrence Eugene Johnson; i5Nov7i;


Development and evaluation of chemical
ex+ractarts for available sell zinc. Ey
Douglas Wayne Houston, Hicrcfllip,
e Douolas Wayne Houston; 1'=Iioy7i;
8597 117,


Comparison of BM and FB modulaticn
techniques with Walsh equivalents. Ey
Jimmy Donald Akers, Microfilm, e Jimmy
Donald Akers; 15Ncv7a; A597118,


Walter De Gray, Archbishop of York, 1205
- 1255, By lee Tully Wyatt, 3rd.
Microfilm. C Lee Tully Hya»t, 3rd;
15Noy71; 8597119.

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.

A59715C - B5971£



Fcundations for the a<;testa^icn of
budqet disclosure. Eu Eddie Biley levis.
Microfilm. © Eddie Biley Lewis; 15Nov7U;


EuhaLcinq the testability of synchronous
sequential machines with emphasis or larqe
scale inteqrated circuits. By John Kent
Oners. Microfilm. © Jchn Kent evens:
1511ov7a; S597151.


Characters of F1 hybrid tadpoles and
adults between six species of Hyla
(Hylidae, Snura) By Jon Eichey Fortmar.
Micrcfilc. C Jon Bichey Fortman;
15NOV7U: S597152.


A Comparison cf pupil achievement in a
team teachinq proqram aid a traditional
program in the lower elementary schcol
qrades in Indianola, Mississippi. Ey
Douqlas Barcroft Floyd, Jr. Microfilm,
S Douqlas Earcroft Floyd, Jr. : 15Kcv7U;


Effective citizen participation
strateqies for educational leaders. By
Daniel Maxfield Barber. Microfilm.
e Daniel Maxfield Barbel; 15Noy7«;


Character in Senecan traqedy. By John
Gordon Fitch. Microfilm. © John Gordon
Fitch: 15NOV7U; A597155.


The Structural determinants of public
policies: a multi-vairia<-e analysis cf 300
Arrerican communities. Ey John William
Foley. Microfilm. © John William Foley:
15NOV7U: A597156.


The Structure of intcnation; a first
approximation. By Diana Crone Franl<.
Microfilm, © Diana Crone Frank; 1fNov7a;


Southern Hestcheste'-, NY, address
telephone directory, December 6, 19714.
© New York Telephone (in notice; New York
Telephone company): 6Dec7ii; A597158.


Sta*-en Island, NY, address telephone
directory, December 23, 197i(. © New York
Telephone Company; 23Dec7«; A597159.


Manhattan, NY, address telephone
directory, December 11, 197i(. © New York
Telephone Ccmpacy; 11Eec7«: A5971F0.

A5S7161 .

P.O.B. executive information service,
weekly letter — utilities. No. 2136, Dec.
5, 197U, Editor in chief: Francis X,
Belch. Folder. 6 Public Utilities
Becorts, Inc.: 5Dec7«; A597161.


P.U.P. executive information service,
weekly letter - utili* ies. No. 2137, Dec.
12, 197U. Editor In chief; Francis X.
Welch, Folder. © Public Utilities
Reports, Inc.; 12Dec7H; A597162.


P.U.B. executive information service,
weekly letter-'Utilities. No. 2138, Dec.
19, 1974. Editor in chief: Francis X.
Belch. Folder. © Public Utilities

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