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The Old homestead: their place in the
evolution of New England rural draia. By
shelton Blake Leach, 2nd. Bicrofiln.
e shelton Blake leach, 2nd; 154pr75;


Development of an instrument to assess
business writing achievement. By lila
Yetive Dean Bruckner. Hicrofilm. e lila
Yetive Dean Bruckner; 15Apr75; 4635727.


The Eelationship of perceived less of
valued c haiacteristiCE , core status of
values, and personal, social and cultural
factors to self-esteem impairment
following physical disability. Ey tarla
Sonkin Silverman. Hicrofilm. C flaila
ScDkin Silverman; 154pr7S; 4635726.


The Anglo-Saxon heroic experience. By
Keith Baymond Boul. Hicrofilm. e Keith
Baymond Boul; 15Apr75; 4635729.


Juan Puiz and the imitators of Ovid: a
study of the medieval Ovidian and
pseudc-Ovidian background cf the Litro de
buen amor. By Richard H. Burkard.
Bicrofilm. 6 Bichard s. Burkard;
154pr75; A635730.


4 Critical study of eastern American

landscape painting from 1817 to 186C. By

Sandra 1. langer. flicrcfilm. C Sandra 1.

langer; 154pr75: A635731.


4n Introduction to the theory of
p-group£, its development and group
theoretic applications. By Bichael
4nthony Schiro. Hicrofilm. 6 Hlchael
Anthony Schiio; 15Apr75: 4635732.


The Dramatic contributions of Aurar.d
Barris to children's theatre in the United
states. By Coleman Alonzo Jennings.
Bicrofilm. C Coleman Alonzo Jennings;
15Apr75; 4635733.


From the top; a novel. Ey Salter David
Eoswell. Hicrofilm. C Walter David
Boswell; 15Apr75; 4635731.


Indonesian foreign policy in Southeast
4aia: a study of the patterns of behavior.
By Donald Grant BcCloud, Bicrofilm.
e Donald Grart Becloud; 154pr75;


Otilizirg mixed-scanning as a strategy
for administrative decision-making. By
Jchn David Deshler. Bicrofilm. C Johc
David Deshler; 15AFr75; 4635736.


The Grotesgue in Holfram von Eschen-
bach'E Parzival. By Bosmarie Thee
Borewedge. Hicrofilm. C Bosmarie Thee
Hcrewedge; 15Apr75; 4635737.


Cooperative socialization and group-
supportive behavior among preschool black
children: a field experiment. By Jackie
Baxine Kimbrough. Hicrofilm. C Jackie
Haxine Kimbrough; 154pr75; 4635738.


4 Comparison of elementary school
paraprofessionals and teachers employed in
minority areas with regard to prefererces
for educational goals and instruction?!
methods. By Joseph Bennett Loewenstein.
Hicrofilm. C Joseph Bennett loewenstein;
154pr75; A635739.


Islam and political attitudes in
Pakistan and Bangla Desh: a thematic and
quantitative approach. By Nasiit Ahmad
Jawed. Hicrofilm. © Nasim Ahmad Jawed;
15Apr75; A63571t0.

463571)1 .

An Inquiry into the directionality of
change: a case study of Chinese society.
Ey Euey-lin Lir. Hicrofilm. 6 Buey-lin
lin; 15Apr75; 4635711.


Personal characteristics, organizational
practices, and managerial effectiveness: a
comparative study of French and English-
speaking chief executives in Cuebec. Ey
Gerald Bobert D'Amboise. Bicrofilm.
e Gerald Bobert D'Amboise; 154pr75;


Tissue graft rejection mechanisms in the
earthworm lumbricus terrestris: specific
induction of coelomocyte proliferation.
Ey Carlos Alberto Emillo Lemmi.
Bicrofilm. f Carlos Alberto Emillo Lemmi;
15Apr75; A635713.


Inflation risk and capital asset
pricing. By Chi-cheng Hsla. Bicrofilm.

e Chi-cheng Hsia; 154pr75; 4635711.


Thermal and stress analysis of
ventilated brake discs. By Tom Long-freh
lee. Bicrofilm. e Tom Long-freh lee;
154pr75; 4635715.


Some aspects of braided stream geometry.
Ey Fobert Bruce Boward. Bicrofilm.
e Bobert Bruce Howard; 15Apr75; A635716.


Student anxiety and the academic
environment. Ey Jessie Irene Klinger.
Bicrofilm. « Jessie Irene Klinger;
154pr"5; A635717.


The Effectiveness of transportatlop-
hased environmental models. By Alan Joe"!
Horowitz. Hicrofilm. e Alan Joel
Horowitz; 154pr75; A6357ie.


Somen in the political ecorcmy cf
Argentina. Ey Nancy Caro Ecllander.
Bicrofilm. 6 Nancv Caro Hollander;
154pr75; 4635719.


Gerian influences on French educal-lo-'a 1
theory and practice during *he July
Horarchy and the Second Bepublic. By
Karen King Garver. Bicrofilm. e Kare^
King Garver; 15Spr75: 4635750.


The System of public education and its
function within the chicane communities,
1920 - 1930, Ey Gilbert George Gonzalez.
Hicrcfilm. e Gilbert George Gcnzalez;
15Apr"5: A635751.


Feglonal politics in a unitary system:
colonial Algeria, 1920 - 1951. Ey Bobert
Ceemer Lee. Bicrofilm. e Bcbert Deemer
lee; 154pr75; 4635752.


The Cost of privacy; operational and
financial implicaticns cf databank-
-privacy regulation. Ey Bobert C.
Goldstein, Hicrofilm. e Bobert C,
Goldstein; 15Apr75; 4635753.


The Hen and their rewards i" Elizabethan
diplematic services, 1558 - 1585. Ey Ga-v
Hcclellan Bell. Bicrofilm, e Gary
ecclellan Eell; 154pr75; 4635751.


Interpolation theorems for second crder
positive languages with ccnjunctions and
guantlfications over sete of cardinality
smaller than a strong limit cardinal cf
denum^rable cofinality. By Buogero Eerro
Bicrofilm. 6 Buogero Eerro; 15AEn5;


The Bole of science adviscry urilts ii
the Executive Office of the President. By
Joseph John Karlesky. Bicrofilm.
e Joseph John Karlesky; 15Bpr75;


The Evolu+iop of sleep. Ey Hilllam
Clyde Allen, Jr. Bicrcfilm. C HiiHati
Clyde Allen, Jr.; 154pr75; 4635757.


Honte Carlo method of evaluation of
small sample properties cf scire asymptc'-ic
estimators. Ey Susanta Banjan Guha.
Bicrofilm. C Susanta Fanjan Guha;
15Apr75; Ae35756.


Elannery O'Connor: a rage cf vislc, Ey
Claire Bcse Katz. Hicrofilm. C Claire
Bose Katz; 15Apr75; 4635759.


The Art of Gustave Hcreau: theory, styl^
and content. Ey Julius David Kaplan,
Hicrofilm. C Julius David Kaplan;
15Apr75; A63576'l,


The Impact of disabling health
conditions on family interaction. Ey

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8635762 - 1635801


JBN. - JDN. 19TE

1635761 (ccr.)

Sharon J«an Eeeder. nicrofilm. e Sharon

JeaB Beeder: 15Sfi75: 4635761.


Studies on the biosynthesis of very Ion
density lipoproteins in rat liver using
peroxidase labelled antibodies. By Cheryl
inn Alexander. Hicrofilm. Cheryl Ann
Alexander; 15Apr75; A635762.


Goal proqramniinq and tank liquidity
nanageient: a lexicographic approach. By
Arthur James Keo»n. MicrofilB. C Arthur
Jaues KecKn; 15Apr75; A635763.


Oqo FoEColo and Didimo chiericc,
translator (E) of Sterne. By Lawrence Joel
Katat. Bicrofilm. 6 Lawrence Joel Rabat;
15Apr75; A63576lt.


resign and analysis of a practical solar
collector. By Edward Kenneth Hensley.
Hlcrofili. e Edward Kenneth Hensley;
15Apr75; A635765.


A paper-and-pencil sioulation stufiy of
the impact of the complex political-
military context on the operation of third
area deterrence. By Bonald Lee Kasch.
nicrofilm. 6 Bonald Lee Easch; 15Ppr75;


In Experiment comparing subject behavior
toward real products and toward an
abstract product model. By John Eussell
Dickinson. nicrofilm. 6 John Eussell
Dickinson; 151pr75; 1635767.


The Metrics of Wallace Stevens. Ey
Bllliam Edward Judd. Bicrofilm.
e Billiam Edward Judd; 151pr75; 1635768.


A classification of musical instrtments
for ccmpaiative study. By Hichael James
Barney. Bicrofilm. C Bichael James Eamey;
15ipr75; A635769.


conservatism and radicalism; Eichard
Becker's dispute with the Puritans. By
Thomas Theodore Steger. Hicrofilm,
e Thomas Theodore Steger: 15Apr75;


Seal time optimal control of industrial
processes; a Bayesian decision theory
approach. By Bobert Scott Collins.
Bicrcfilm. e Bobert Scott Collins;
15Apr75; 1635771.


City planning in Spanish colonial
government; the response of Bexico City to
the problem of floods, 1607 - 1637, By
Louisa Schell Hoterman. Hicrofilm.
e Louisa Schell Hoterman; 15Apr75;


Factors related to entry stress in a
crcss-cultural education program. Ey
William Clayton Prescott. Bicrofilm.
C William Claytcn Prescctt; 151pr75;


Nabokov's novels: art and the literary
imagination. By Stewart Hymers Smith.
Bicrofilm. 6 Stewart Hymers smith;
15Apr75; Ae3577U.


The Ephrata Cloister and its music, 1732
- 1785: the culture, religious and

bibliographical background. By Betty Jean
Bartin. Bicrofilm. Appl. states all new
material except musical examples
throughout. C Betty Jean Bartin;
1EApr75; Ae35775.


Analysis of plane waves in infinite,
laminated, piezoelectric plates. By
Kenneth Eugene Pauley. Bicrofilm.
C Kenneth Eugene Pauley; 151pr75;


Collocations as a measure of stylistic
variety. By Peggy Irene Haskel.
Hicrofilm. C Peggy Irene Baskel;
15Apr75; 1635777.


The Japanese Prime Binister, 1885 -
19'45. By Key Sun Eyang. Hicrofilm.
C Key Sun Byang; 151pr75; A635778.


A Preservice and/or Inservlce training
program for hoard of education members.
Ey Charles Edgar Calloway, Hicrofilm.
e Charles Edgar Calloway; 15Apr75;


Hood and negation in Spanish noun
clauses. By Tito Nelson Oviedo.
Bicrofilm. 6 Tito Nelson Oviedo;
15Apr75; A635780.


The Phonology of nasal vowels in modern
French. Ey Bernard Henri Tranel.
Bicrofilm. e Bernard Henri Tranel;
15Apr75; A635781,


The Spiral staircase and the blank wall:
fantasy and anxiety in three early novels
ty Henry James. Ey Eonald Emery Gwiazda,
Bicrofilm. e Bonald Emery Gwiazda;
15Apr75; A635782.


The Double-function of imagery as a
didactic literary device in Jeremias
Gotthelf'E Die Kaserei in der vehfrende.
By Katherine Bather Littell, Hicrofilm.
e Katherine Bather Littell; 15Apr75;


Poetic technigues and conceptual
elements in Ibn Zaydun's Icve poetry. By
siegllnde Kadhlm, Bicrofilm. 6 slegllnde
Kadhim; 151pr75; 163578U.


Finite element analysis of the
piezoelectric topographic waveguide. By
William Inthony Oliver, Bicrofilm.
C Billiam Anthcny Oliver; 151pr75;


Nonlinear statistical estimation with
numerical maximum likelihood. By Gerald
Gerard Brown. Hicrofilm. C Gerald Gerard
Erown ; 151pr75; 1635786.


Ispects of moral and political thought
in Sidney's Arcadia. By Norman Levire.
Bicrofilm. 6 Norman Levine; 151pr75;


Two-pion contributions to the nuclecn-
nucleon interaction. By George Hubert
Gillespie, Hicrofilm. 6 George Hubert
Gillespie; 15Apr75; A635788.


An Econometric model for Tunisia: the
use of a growth and development model for
policy simulation and evaluation. By



Nabli. Microfilm,
el Nabli; 15Apr75;


Some pagan writers; a study in late
Victorian literary revolt. Ey Curtis Paul
Eillhymer. Bicrofilm. C Curtis Paul
Blllhymer; 15Apr75 (in notice: 19701;

A635751 .

Glass microelectrode studies on
Intramural papillary muscle cells;
1 - descrlption of preparation and studies
en Ticrnial dog papillary muscle, 2 - effect<=
cf circumflex coronary artery liga*-lcn.
By Lloyd Eugene Solberg. Bicrofilm.
C llovd Eugene Sclberg; 15Apr75 (in
notice: 197I|) ; Ae35791.


A locational analysis cf trade routes of
the northeast Asante frontier network 'n
the nineteenth century. By Charles
William Berberlch, Bicrcfilm, C Charles
William Berberlch; 15Apr75 (in notice:
197m ; A635792,


War and the missing hero; an explciaticn
cf the poetry of Eert^-an De Born through
comparisons with The Aeneid, the chanson
de Ecland, and Beowulf, Ey PatTlcla Lynn-^
Harris Statleln. Microfilm, e Patrici?
lynne Harris stablein; 15ApT75 (in
notice: 197l») ; A635793,


The Eeal rock revolution: sound mixers,
social Ineguallty, and the aesthetics of
popular music production, Ey Edward
Eobert Kealy. Hicrofilm. t Edward Bobert
Kealy; 151pr75 (in notice: 197U) ;


An Analysis cf primary grade teachers'
knowledge of selected map and globe
skills. By Lloyd Armand stjernberg,
Bicrofilm. e Llcyd Armand stjernberg;
15Apr75 (in notice: 197U); S635795.


A Comparison of twc strategies for
develcping teacher Interperscnal
competencies. By Emily Baruch Kirty.
flcrofllm. e Emily Baruch Kirhy; IBAprlS
(in notice; 197U) ; A635796.


The Development of state-level police
activity in Ohio, 1802 - 1928. Ey Stanley
Louis Swart. Blcroflln. 6 Stanley Louis
Swart; 151pr75 (in notice: 1970);


The Political culture of Anglophone
Cameroon; a study of the impact of
environment on ethnic group values and
member political orientations. Ey Nd' va
Kofele-Kale. Hicrofilm. C Ndiva
Kofele-Kale; 15Apr75; A635798.


Sherwood Anderson and painting. By Joh"
Buahes Thissen. Bicrofilm. e Jchn Hughes
Thissen; 15Apr75 (in notice: 1970);


The Effects of occupational Identity and
bureaucratic ccnstraints on iroplementatlcn
of a new educational policy: junior high
teachers and a new policy for reporting to
parents on students' performance. By
Joyce Inn Kozuch, Hicrofilm, e Joyce An"
Kozuch; 15Spr75; 1635800.


Self-esteem, sexual standards, and
sexual behavior In a group cf college

These entries alone may not reflect the coniplete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.




theory o1

f Et


■ Ey

James Alan '

schulY. Hicrcl




Blar. Schulz



1 TlCti




4635802 - 8635838 BOOKS 6 F4MPBLITS JBli. - JON, 19-'5

1635801 (COB.) distinguished coo peratin g teacher program study i" Buhaya, Tan2aila, By Peter

freshman nciien. By Constance Williams Van at Chicago State University to determine Bidgnay Schmidt. nicrotilm. e Peter

Der Eb. Microfilm. 6 Constance Hilliams its significance in the teaching of Ridgway Schmidt; 15Afi''S (in notice:

Van Der Eb; 15Apr75 (in notice: 157U): reading and language in the schools. Ey 197U) ; B635825.

A635801. Kitty Kidd Bcbinson. Microfilm, e Kitty

Kidd Koblnson; 15AFr75 (in notice: 5635826.

4635802. 19711); 1635813. E*i]de sur Les Faux-mcnnayeurs d'findre
B. B. Yeats and the emergence of the Gide. By Monigue Canille Polerlinder

Irish Free State, 1918 - 1S3S. Ey Eernard 4e3S81«. Gaumer. Bicrofllit. 6 Monigoe Camllle

G. Krimm. Microfilm. C Bernard G, Krimm; 4 Methodological analysis of twelve true Auberlinder Gaumer; 1!Acr7? (in -no*: ce:

15Jpr75 (in notice: 1 97U) ; 4635802. experimental program evaluations. By Boss 197a); A635826.

Frank Conner. Micrcfilm. 6 Bess Frank

4635803. Conner: 15Apr75 (in notice: 1 97it) ; A€35827.

Culture Ehoclt as a factor affecting the A635814. The Optimal allocation of time over the

academic performance of American students life cycle with ar age-deperdent utili*y

abroad. By Evelyn Sklar Lehrfield. 4635815. function: implications for-the female

Microfilm. 6 Evelyn sklar Lehrfield; The Dses of non-print media in the investment in educatior. By Anr. Virginia

15Spr75 (in notice: 1971); 4635803. learnino process: an annotated bibliog- filler. Microfilm. C Am Virginia

raphy of periodical literature and Miller; 154pr75 (in notice: 197U):

46358011. educational documents from January 1965 to A635827,

4n Intra-cultural test of empiricistic December 1970, with conclusions. By Joan

versus physiological explanations for Gissberg Boloff. Microfilm. 6 Joan 4635858.

cross-cultural differences in geometric Gissberg Eolcff; 154pr75 (in notice: Time-settlement behavior of illled

illusion susceptibility using two 197it) ; 4635815. refuse. By Hen-hsiung Chen. Microfilm,

illusions in Ghana. By Donald Blake 6 Her-hsiung Chen; 15BpT75 (in notice:

Beaver. Microfilm. C Conald Blake 4635816. 19711); 4635828.

leaver; 15Apr75 (in notice: 19711) ; Paul B. Hanna: the evolution of an

4635800. elementary social studies textbook series.

Ey Martin Gill. Microfilm, e Martin

4635805. Gill; 154pr75 (in notice: 197i|);
Giles Fletcher's Christs victcrie, and 4635816.

triumph: a study of Ecme developing

strains of seventeenth-century religious 4635817.

poetry. Ey Faye Kathryn Pauli Bhitaker. The Bole of interaction in spatial 4635e;0.

Microfilm. C Faye Pauli Bhitaker; economic development planning: a case Navajo semantics: the "classif icatcry"

154pr75- 4635805. study from Kenya. Ey Bayne Lloyd McKim. v=rbs. By Edward Palph Garriscn.

Microfilm. £ Bayne Lloyd McKim; 15Apr75 Microfilm. 6 Edward Ralph Garr'scn;

4635806. (in notice: 1974) ; 4635817, 154pr75 (in notice: ^°''^ ; Ae3583n.
4 study of personality differences among

drug-usinq and non-drug-using collece 4635818. B635831.

students. By virlyn Herley Leitner. Development of radical identities in a A Cross-cultural analysis of programmed

Micrcfilm. 6 virlyn Herley Leitner; social circle of white Northwestern word attack skills. By David Farl Nelso-

15Apr75 (in notice: 19711); A635806. nniversity students. By Jose Antonio Gil Microfilm, e David Earl Nelson; 15Pfr75

lepes. Microfilm. Jose Antonio Gil (in notice: 197it); A635831.

A635807. Yepes; 15Apr75 (in notice: 197a) ;

Henry Fielding's role as moral arbiter 4635818. 4635832.

and teacher in the Champion: 1739 - 17i)1. Dnsanctioned institutional racism ir *h'?

By 4nthony Paul Bieczorek. Microfilm. 4635819. n.S. Army. Ey Jchnny Sibley Butler.

C Anthony Paul Bieczorek; 15Apr75 (in Attitudes and perceptions of attitudes Microfilm. 6 Johnny Sibley Eutler;

notice: 197II); 4635807. toward the disciplinary behaviors of 154pr75 (in notice: 1?7in; 4635832,

teachers and administrators within a

4635808. selected school. By Bayne Edwin McKlnley. 4635833.

Personality development in deaf children Microfilm. C Hayne Edwin McKinley; The Journals of Mary Bollstorecraft

as measured by the House-Tree-Persor and 154pr75 (in notice: 1974); 4635819. Shelley: an annotated edition. By Paula

Bender-Gestalt tests. By Robert Joseph Eenee Feldman. Bicrcfilu. e Paula Beiee

Donoghue. Microfilm. « Robert Joseph 4635820. Feldman; 15ApT75 (in notice: 1974);

Eonoghue; 154pr75 (in notice: 1974); studies on the in vitro reassembly of 4635833.

4635808. SV40 virus- like particles. By Mary Lucas

christensen. Microfilm. C Mary Lucas 4635834.

4635809. Christensen; 15Apr75 (in notice: 1974); Black Fentecostalism : world v<ew.
The Textual relationships of the Greek 4635820. society and politics. By 4rthur Irne=t

manuscripts of the Johannine epistles: Paris. Microfilm, f Arthur Ernest Pari?;

establishment and classification of the 4635821. 15Apr75 (in notice: 1974); 4635834.

manuscript groupings. By Billiam Larry Feminist attitudes: dimensions and

Richards, Microfilm. « Billiam Larry distribution by gender, '-eligion and A635e35.

Richards; 15Apr75 (in notice: 1974); class. By Margaret Schmid. Microfilm. An Analysis of the leader behavior,

4635809. e Margaret Schmid; 154pr75 (in notice: values and pupil control ideologies of

1574) ; 4635821. school principals. By Thomas Billiai


Expressions of black nationalism among A635822.
black undergraduates at a Northern and Application of limit analysis to certain

predominantly white university. By problems in geotechnical engineering. By

Freddye L. Bill. Microfilm. * Freddye L. Max Wolfgang Giger. Microfilm, e Max

Hill; 15Apr75 (in notice: 1974); Wolfgang Giger; 15Apr75 (in notice:

4635810. 1974) ; A635822.

4635811. 4635823.
The Effects of overt dramatic enactment Sport in 4merican literature (1830 -

en communication effectiveness and role 1930) By christian Karl Messenger,

taking ability. Ey Mary Elizabeth lunz. Microfilm. 6 Christian Karl Messenger;

Microfilm. 6 Mary Elizabeth Lunz; 154pr75 (in notice: 1974); 4635823.
154pr75 (in notice: 1974); 4635811.

A635812. Utopia and the late Victorians: a study

Comparison of communications patterns of popular literature, 1870 - 1900. By

relating to fertility control in four John Michael Christensen. Microfilm. A635838.

health care systems in interior Alaska. e John Michael christensen; 15Apr75 (in Narrative technigues in the texts of

By Mim Harris Dixon. Microfilm. C Mim notice: 1974); 4635824. Thomas and Beroul with special referent

Harris Dixon; 154pr75 (in notice: 1974); to the device of repetition, Ey Barta!

4635812. 4635825. Kay Fatchen. Microfilm, e Barbara Kaj

An Investigation of early and late Iron Patchen; 15Apr75 (in notice: 197U);
Age cultures through oral tradition and A635838.

valuation of the archaeology: an interdisciplinary case




m. e

Thom=is Billiaip




notice: 1974) ;



The PS

linted deco


ns of the town


of Amste

■rdam. By

Barbara Joyce Euc-


■Green. Mi


Im. e Barbara

Joyce Buchbinder-G





Financial interm


ion and econoii



the Tunis!

an ca

se. By Bechir




, e

Bechir El Ycuns


(in notic

e: 1974); Ae35837.

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyrighl Office for information about any additional records that may exist.

S635839 - J635877



Psycbo-sccial factors of the abortion
experience. By Lisa Ellen Foseman
ShOEternan. nicrofilm. C Lisa Ellen
Roseinan Shusterman: 15Apr75 (in notice:
1971); J63S839.


An Examination of the nature of
conscience and its claiiD to freedom. By
Ccnrad Gretcl Brunk. hicrcfilm. C Conrad
Grebel Erunk; 15spr75 <in notice: 197«);

463581* 1.

£ Comparative study of the political
socialization of black and nhite
elementary school children. By Glenn
Allen DoEton. Microfilm. C Glenn Allen
Boston: 1EApr75 <in notice: 197i();


Influence of race, socioeconomic status,
sex, stimulus presentation mode, and race
of clinician on preschcclers' phonological
and qrammatical encoding. By David Leroy
Eatusnik. Bicrofilm. 6 David Leroy
Eatusnik; 15Afr75; A6358a2.


Death is for all: death and death
related teliefg of rural Spanish-
Americans. By Juli Ellen skansie.
Hicrofilm. C Juli Ellen Skansie: 15Apr75
(in notice: 197«) ; A635e«3.


Skill-criented risk-taking in disad-
vantaged preschcclers: a link in a
behavior pattern. Ey Celia Rose Fubrer.
Hicrofilm. Celia Rose Fubrer; 1EApr75;



Intellectual functioning of hospitalized
cirrhotic and non-cirrhctic chronic
alcohclicE. By Harold Henkel Smith, Jr.
Hicrcfilm. C Harold Henkel Smith, Jr.;
15Spr75; Ae358«5.


The Implementation of social policies in
commercial banks. Ey Edwin Archibald
Murray, Jr. Microfilm. 6 Edwin Archibald
Hurray, Jr.; 15Apr75; A6358"t6.


A Description of the decision-making
process in a selected county in Mis-
sissippi. Ey Charles Edward Felder,
Hicrofilm. e Charles Edward Felder;
15Apr75; A6358t7.


fin Evaluation of peer-staffing as a
microtraininq paradigm in prepracticum
counselor education. By shelstone Ballace
Carr. Hicrofilm. e shelstone Ballace
Carr; 15Atr75: A6358it8.


Through tc the white: initiation and
creation in the poetry cf Kenneth Hhite.
Ey Lynn Taylor Novak. Hicrofilm. e Lynn
Taylor Novak; l«Har75 (in notice: 1971);


Racially differentiated student
withdrawal from the baccalaureate nursing
ma1or as related tc faculty empathy, 1971
- 72. By Audrey Lawson Burgess.
Hiciofilm. © Audrey Lawson Burgess;
15fipr75; A635850.


The oboe in the nineteenth century: a
study of the instrument and selected
published sclo literature. By Joyce Ann
Sidorfsky. Hicrofilm. C Joyce Ann
Sidorfsky; 15Apr75; A635851.


fin Analysis of earnings per share

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