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p. e Keybc
; 1658653.


1 Assoi




computer programming

lement. Ju

ne 1975 suppl. Fold.

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.

A658657 - A658694


A658656 (cot.)

iasert 6 5 v. (Austbach information
]jar.aQ€iiient serisE) e Aoerbach Publishers,
Inc.; 10Jun7f.: Af58fiS6.


Auerbach data processing manaqenient.
June 1975 suppl. folder, insert, card & 5
V. (Auerbach information manaqeuent
series) S Auerbach Publishers. Inc.;
20Jun75; A658657.


Auerbach cuide to facsimile equipment,
June 1975. 81 p. 6 Auerbach publishers.
Inc.: 10Jun75i J658656.


Auerbach quide to computinq equipment
specifications. Mav 1975 ed. 312 p.
£ Auerbach Publishers, Inc.; 11Jun75;


Clean is beautiful. 1 v. Sppl. au:
Sharon C. KcKay. NK: text 6 coopilation
of photos, e Sharon c. McKay; 16Jul75;


poetry uritten in "black". 10 p. flppl.
au; Sharon C. ficKay. NS: text 6
compilation of photos. * Sharon C. McKay;
iajul75; A658661.


Imaoes of you. 1 v. Appl. au: Alan .1.
Eook (Mitch) e Alan M. Book: 13r'.ay75:


Auerbach corporate EDP library C600.
July 1975 suppl. Sheets. Add. ti:
Auerbach computer technclcqy reports.
« Auerbach Publishers, Inc.: 11Jul75:


Do you spea)( Enqlish? By Rolando
Gutierrez. 1C7 P- 6 Eolando Gutierrez;
1Jun75: A6586eK.


Nebraska Continuinq leqal Education,
Inc., presents a three-day Seminar on
Estate PlanTiinq (an in-depth study) , July
17 - 19, 1975, at the University of
Nebraska, Colleqe of Law, Lincoln,
Nebraska. 1 v. Proceedinqs of the 1st
Annual Seminar. ippl. au: August G.
Eckhardt, Eichard B. Covey S John I.
North. e Nebraska Continuinq Legal
Education, Inc.; 17Jul75; A658665.


Thermal conductivity of the elements: a
comprehensive review. By C- Y. He, P. «.
Powell £ P. £. liley. 796 p. (Jcurnal of
physical and chemical reference data,
vcl.3, 1971, suppl. no.1) Appl. au:
Secretary of the United States Department
of Commerce. C Secretary of Commerce on
behalf of the United States Government;
15Mav75; A65e666. Registered under the
Standard reference data act, P. L. 90-936
(15 U.S.C. 290!


Insects, science, and society. Edited
by David Pimentel. 281 p. Proceedings of
a Symposium on Insects, Science, and
Society, held at Cornell University,
Oct. 11 - 15, 1971. e Academic Press,
Inc.; 200un75; A658667.


Gene expression and carcinogenesis in
cultured liver. Edited by L. E.
G'srschenson 6 Edward Bradbridqe Thompson.
195 p. Proceedinqs of an In ternaticnal
Symposium held at the University of
California, Los Aaqeles, nay 8 - 10, 1971.
Appl. states copyriqht is not claimed in

any portion written by Government
employees within the scope of their
employment. € Academic Press, Inc.;
20Jun75; A658668.


Stochastic processes and related topics;
volume 1 of the proceedings of the Summer
Kesearch Institute on Statistical
Inference for Stochastic Processes,
Bloomington, Indiana, July 31 - August 9,
1975. Edited by nadan Lai Puri. 315 p.
c Academic Press, Inc.; 19Jun75;


Anodic oxidation. By Sidney D. Poss,
ranuel Finkelstein £ Eric J. Eudd. 339 p.
(Organic chemistry, vol.32) © Academic
Press, Inc.; 15Jun75; A658670.


Statistical inference and related
topics; volume 2 of the proceedings of the
Summer Research Institute on Statistical
Inference for Stochastic Processes,
Bloomington, IB, July 31 - August 9, 1975.
Edited by Hadan Lai Puri. 352 p.
C Academic Press, Inc.; 20Jun75;


Advances in communication systems:
theory and applications. Vol.1, 1975.
Series editor: A. V. Balakrishnan, volume
editor: A. J. Viterbi. 312 p. e Academic
Press, inc.: 23Jun75; A658672.


Sequential statistical procedures. By
Z. Govindarajulu. 565 p. (Probability
and mathematical statistics, vol.26)
t: Academic Press, Inc.; 20Jun75;


Transport phenomena. Edited by Ijobert
K. Uillardson 6 Albert C. Beer. 312 p.
(Semiconductors and semimetals, vol.10)
e Academic Press, Inc.; 23Jun75;


Industrial environmental health: the
worker and the community. Edited by
Lester Vincent Cralley £ Patrick B.
Atkins, associate editors: Lewis J.
Cralley S George D. Clayton. 2nd ed. 356
p. Appl. states copyright is not claimed
in any portion written by Government
employees within the scope of their
employment. © Academic Press, Inc.;
23Jun75; A658675.


Kuclear magnetic resonance in bioc-
hemistry: principles and applications. Bf
Ihopas L. James. 11 3 p. e Acads.aic
press. Inc.; 9Jun75; A658676.


Cissent denied: the technocratic
response to protest. By Marlis Krueger R
Frieda Silvert. 191 p. 6 Elsevier
Scientific Publishing Company, Inc. ;
22J1.1175; A659677.


The Computational complexity of
algebraic and numeric problems. By Allan
Borodin £ Ian Munro. 171 p. ^ American
Elsevier Publishing Company, Inc.;
20JU175; A658678.


Street corner conservative. By William
F. Gavin. 152 p. Appl. states all new
except prey. pub. material. 6 Arlington
liouse Publishers; 1Auq75; A658679.


KCK to survive in your liberal school.
By James K. Fitzpatrick. 221 p. Appl.

states all new except prev, pub. material-
e Arlington House Publishers; 1Aug75:


The Retreat from motherhood. By Samuel
L. Blumenfeld. 222 p. Appl. states all
new except prev. pub. material,
e Arlington House Publishers; 1Aug75;


Hail, Columbia. By Eochelle Larkin.
115 p. Appl. states all new except prev.
pub. photos. € on text; Rochelle Larkin:
1Aug75; A658e82.


The Leopard. By Cecil Boedker,
translated by Gunnar Paulsen. 186 p.
'5 on translation; Gunnar Poulsen;
12Mar75; Ae5e6e3.


In the land of the mind. By Karen Eose.
265 p. 9 Karen Eose; 18Apr75; A658681.


Fragrance: how to make natural soaps,
scents and sundries. By Beverly Plummer.
175 p. NH: one recipe." 6 Beverly
Plummer; 27May75; A656635.


Pitching. By Jim Palmar, edited by Joel
H. Cohen. 211 p. e) Jim Palmer £ Joel H.
Cohen; 28Apr75; A658666.


One winter night in August and other
nonsense jingles. By X. J. Kennedy,
illustrated by David McPhail. 58 p.
Appl. states all new except 2 jingles.
K. L. Kennedy (in notice: X. J.
Kennedy); 12Mar75; A658687.


Revenue and taxation code annotated of
the State of California. Vol.2 rep-
lacement. 509 p. (Deering'E California
codes) Add. ti: Deering's revenue and
taxation code annotated of the State of
California. NH: revisions £ additions.
a Bancroft-Hhitney Company; 20Jun75;


Best's Eeproductions of convention
statements, property-liability, 1975:
principal schedules from the 1971 annual
convention statements. 12nd annual ed.
1119 p. e A. M. Best Company, Inc.;
23JU175; A658689.


Ihe Computer connection. By Alfred
Bester. 218 p. Prev. pub. as The Indian
giver in Analog science fiction/science
fact. NB: additions £ revisions. 6 The
Conde Nast Publications, Inc.; 30Jun75;


Farewell to yesterday's tomorrow. By
Alexei Fanshin. 181 p. NM: compilation,
revisions £ additional text. 9 Alexei
Panshin; 23Jun75; 3658691.


Best stories from Orbit, volumes 1 - 10.
Edited by Damon Knight. 373 p. NM:
compilation 6 additional text. S Damon
Knight; 21Jun75; A658692.


Reaper: the story of a gang leader. By
Gary Hoenig. 168 p. Gary Hoenig;
23Hay75; 3658693.


Phase 2 in review: the Price Commission
experience. By Eobert Franklin Lan-
zillotti, Mary I. Hamilton 6 R. Blaine

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Cffice record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyrighl Office for information about any additional records that may exist.

A658695 - Ae5e735 BCOKS 6 PABPHLEIS

A658691I (con.) illus.; Bonsta Barnett; 18Jul75; 1968. DM: revisio

Boberts. 209 p. Appi. au: Brockinqs, AC56707. Einehart and

euplover for hire. S The Erookinqs A658722.
Institution; 23Jl!l75; A65S69«. A658708.

Water plants. By Laurence P. Pringle, A658723.

A658b95. illustrated by Kaziie Bizumura. 32 p. Sounds after dark. By Bill Kartir., Jr.,

Settinq national priorities: the 1976 •; on text; Laurence Priagle; 17oul75; in collaboration with Peggy Brogan. 288

budget. By Barry M. Blechman, Edkard a. Afc58708. p. NH: some text £ illus. 6 105

Gramlich £ Robert W. Hartman. 2t2 p. revisions. 6 Holt, ainehart aud Winston,

Atpl. au: Brockina£ Institution, elfloyer A658709. Inc.; 2Jan7it; Ae5e723.
for hire. e The Brookinqs Institution; Hater plants. By Laurence B. Eringle,

29Jun75: At5et95. illustrated by Kazue Bizumura. 32 p. A65872it.

ti on illus.; Kazue Bizumura; 17JU175; Sounds of a pouuou. By Bill Bartin,

f.658e96. f.658709. Jr., in collaboration with Peggy Brogan.

The United States, China, and arms 224 p. NB: some text 6 illus. £ 10%

control. By Salph N. clouqh, A. Leak Jt58710. revisions. e Holt, Sinehart and Hinston,

Barnett, Morton H. Halperin 6 Jercme H. Green, green my valley now. By Richard Inc.; 2Jan7"t; A65S72it.
Kahan, wirh Alton H. Quanbeck £ Earry K. Llewellyn. 236 p. Prev. put. abroad

Blechman. 153 p. Appl. au: Erookinqs, 1975, fl-1i(991. e Richard Llewellyn; A658725.

employer tor hire of Ralph N. Clouqh, A. 25Jal75; A658710. Hollywood and LeVine. By Andrew

Doak Barnett, Morten H. Halperin £ Jerome Bergman. 216 p. Andrew Bergman;

H. Kahan. 6 The Erookinqs Institution; A6S3711. 16Bay75; A658725.
114JU175: A658696. The Toy. By c. Kage Booton. 180 p.

C C. Kage Eooton ; 25JU175; A658''11. A6S8726.

A658D97. The Eagle has landed. By Jack Higgins.

Caveats ana critiques: philosophical A658712. 352 p. © Jack Higgins; 12Bay75;

essays in language, logic and art. By Max When the spider danced; notes from an A658726.
Black. 27(1 p. NB: compilation, pref., African village. By Alexander Alland, Jr.

chap. 3 6 index. 6 Cornell University: 227 p. £ Alexander Alland, Jr.; 25Jul75; J658727.

21JU175: 1656697. A658712. The Fireship. By C. Northcote

Parkinson. 187 p. O c. Northcote

Ae58698. 5658713. Parkinson; 22Apr75; A658727.

Causal explanation and model building in The Nightmare chase. By Evelyn

history, economics, and the new economic Berckman. 229 p. Prev. pub. abroad as A658728.

history. By Peter D. BcClelland. 290 p. Indecent exposure £ rag. AI-150U2. The Poetical works of Byron. Revised K

NB: additions £ revisions, e Cornell 6 Evelyn Berckman; 25JU175; A65fi713. with new introd. by Robert F. Gleckner.

University; 17Jul75: A658698. 1051 p. Appl. au : Houghton Bifflin

Aesa?^. Company, employer for hire. NB: editor's

A658699. The Danger trail. By Robert J. McCaig. note 6 introd. e Houghton Bifflin

The summer starqazer: astronomy for 179 p. H Robert J. BcCaig; 10Jul75; Company; 13May75; A6b8728.
absolute heglnners. fl/ Bcbert Claiborne, A65a714.

star maps fi drasinqs by Jonathan field. A658729.

222 p. t! Robert Claiborne; 16Jur.75; A658715. Cockpit. By Jerzy N. Kosinski. 218 p.

Ae53699. Badam Ambassador. By Ned Calmer. 311 « Jerzy Kosinski; 30Bay75: Ae58729.

p. NB: additional text. I !ied Calmer;

Afc58700. 18JU175; A658715. A658730.

lunaception: a feminine Odyssey into Between Paris and Saint Petersburg;

fertility and contraception. Ey locise A658716. selected diaries of Zinaida Hippius.

Lacey, introd. by Barbara Seaman. 166 p. How to beat fatigue. By Linda Pembrook, Translated B edited by Temira pachauss.

Prev. pub. 6 rog, in condensed form. NB: introd. by Donald T. Fredrickson. 223 p. 328 p. NB: translation f- annotation,

additions. C Louise Lacey; 30Bay75; Some material prev. pub. in How to get -9 The Board of Trustees of the University

A658700. control or your time and your life. NB: of Illinois; 23Jul75; A6S8730.

additional text. e Litda Pembrook;

A658701. 18JU175; A658716. A658731.

People in glass bouses. By Charity Karel Boleslav Jirak: a catalog of his

Blackstock< pseud, of Ursula Icrday. 253 A658717. works. By Alice Tischler. 85 p. Add.

p. 6 Charity Elackstock (whose legal name Head nurse. By Barbara Villet. 201 p. ti: Karel Boleslav Jirak: a bibliography

is Ursula lordayl ; 1 1Jun75; A658701. s Barbara Villet; 18Jul75; A658717. of his works. e Alice Tischler; 7aar75;

A6S3702. A658718.

Liberal parents, radical children. By The Herbal: or. General history of A658732.

Midge Decter. 2it8 p. Appl. states all plants. By John Gerard, the complete 1633 American law reports; ALU 3rd, cases and

new except 2 excerpts prev. pub. £ req. ed. as revised 6 enlarged by Thomas annotations. Vol.611, 3ra. ser. 1326 p.

e Bidqe Decter; 26Jiin75: A658702. Jol:nson. 1630 p. Appl. au: Dover Appl. states copyright is claimed on

editorial staff. NB: publisher's note. entire work except material taken from

A658703. 6 Dover Publications, Inc.; 16Jui75; govt, sources. e The Lawyers Co-operative

The Intruders. By Pat Bontandon. 286 S658718. Publishing Company £ Bancroft-Hhitney

p. S Pat Bontandon; 30Jun75; A658703. Company; 11Jul75; A658732.


A65870«. Country music. By Charles Hilliam A658733.

Baseball vhen the grass was real: Smith. 305 p. S C. ». Smith; 18Jul75; Illinois forms. Sections 17.1 - 27.116:

baseball from the twenties to the forties A65a719. consumer protection to contracts. 71 H p.

told by the men who played it. Ey Donald <S The Lawyers Co-operative publishing

Honia. 320 p. Portions prev. put. in A658720. Company; 21Jul75; ("1658733.
Sports illustrated £ Atlantic mcnthly. Sashington now. By Austin H. Kiplinqer

NB: some text t compilation of illus. with Knight A. Kiplinger. 568 p. Appl. At5873i(.

y Donald Horiq: 12Jun75; A65870'). au: The Kiplinger Bashington Editors, luc. Veterinarians to waterworxs and water

e The Kiplinqer Washington Editors, Inc.; companies. Completely revised 6 rewritten

A658705. 23JU175; A658720. by the editorial staff of the Lawyers

Hidden treasure: what, where and how to Co-opsrative Publishing company E Bancroft

find it. By C. B. Colby. 116 p. NH: text A6d8721. Whitney Company. 1087 p. (American

S additional illus. e C. B. Colby; Computer mathematics. By Clifford L. jurisprudence, second edition, vol.78|

16Jun75: A653705. Conrad, Nancy J. Conrad £ Harry e. Higley. NB: revised £ rewritten. il Jurisprudence

210 p. 3 Hayden Book Company, Inc.; Publishers, Inc.; Ijal75; A65673II.
A6S8706. 23J-o,175; A658721.

Be and Nessie. By Eloise Greenfield, A658735.

illustrated by iioneta Barnett. 1 v. <J on S658722. American law of pro.^ucts liability,

text: iiloise Greenfield; 18JU175; Purpose and change. 1 v. (Concepts in Vol.3. By Robert D. Hursh S Henry J.

A658706. communication. General editor: Albert a. Bailey. 2nd ed. 697 p. S The Lawyers

Kitihaber, by Glen Love fi Annabel Co-operative Publishing Company; 16Jul75;

Kitzhaber, with Bildred Gilbertson, A658735.
Id, Clarence Sloat 6 James Barchek.) Revision
G on of Language/rhetoric, 2, originally pub-



Be and Nessie.

. By Elo;

.s€ Gr.

illustrated by :

loneta E«:

: n et t .

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.

A658736 - f.6;e773 BOOKS £ PiHPKlETS jrjL. - DEC. 1975

A6ie736. 5550750. Ae58759.

Criminoloav ; analvsis and critique of An Atlas of histology. By Jokanues A. Sierra Club wildlife caleadac, 1976.

crime in Anerica. B? Richard Quinnev. G. rhodir.. 152 p. A reprint of the atlai Color separations by Scala Istituto

370 p. Portions prev. pub. in Ihe Social section of Histology: an atlas and text. Fotografico. Appl. aa; Sierra Club. NM:

reality of cliie B others. NB: 1/3 new N»: pref., index 6 arrangement of illus. photos. 6 compilation. & Sierra Club;

material iricludirg new £ rev. text, pref., €. Johannes A. G. Bhodin; 2itJul75; 9Jul75; A658759.

notes 6 indexes. C Little, Brown and A658750.

Company (Inc. I: 25Apr75: A6S8736. A658760.

A6Sa751. Sierra Club trail calendar, 1976. Color

A658737, Atonic physics, t. Editors: G. Zu separations by Scala Iatiti;to Totografico,

Teachers and students: aspects of Putlitz, E. W. Beber £ A. Hinnaeker. 780 illus. by Vincent Pucciarelli. Appl. au:

American higher education. Edited by p. froceedings of the Fourth Inter- Sierra Club. NM: compilation £ additional

Martin A. Trow. 119 p. g The Carnegie national Conference on Atomic Physics, text. e Sierra Club; SJul75 ; i.f;S87eo.

Foundation for rhe Advancement of July 2^ - 26, 1974, Heidelberg, Geroany.

leacninq; 3Jai75: afc58737. Appl. states copyright not claimed in any A658761.

portion of this work by a U. S. Govt. On the move; real estate reminders and

A658738. employee as part of his official duties. speaker's manual. Folder £ 8 p. (J State

Tne Uses of language. General editor £ e plenum Press, a division or Plenum Department of Keal Estate, State of

senior author; Hans P. Guth. 2nd ed. 528 Publishing Corporation; 20Jun75; California; 1€Apr75; a65S76i.

p. (American English today) Prev. pub. A6S8751.

under the nitle: The Structure of Er.qlis>.. A65e762.

C McGraw-Hill, Inc.; 3Jul75; A65e738. A658752. On the move; student's guide to real

Eiochemical principles and techniques in astate and instructor's guide. Eolder £ 8

A65a739. neuropharmacology. Edited by Leslie Lars p. e State Department of keal Estate,

Our changing language. General editor £ Iversen, Susan D. Iversen £ Solomon H. State of California; leApr75; A658762.

senior author: Hans Paul Guth. 2nd ed. Snyder. 299 p. (Handbook of psychop-

528 p. (American English today) harmacology, vol.11 Appl. states A658763.

e McGraw-Hill, Inc.; 3JU175; A658739. copyright not claimed in any portion of prime and factor tables 1 to 10SOO0. By

this work by a U. S. Govt, employee as " Harold William King. 50 p. e Harold H.

A65871I0. part of his official duties. 6 Plenum King; 22Jul75; A658763.

The Midniaht flight of Hoose, Bops and Press, a division of Plenum Publishing

flarvin. By Suzanne Wilson Bladow, Corporation; 20Jun75; A658752. A6587b».

illustrated by Joseph Mathieu. 1 v. Test plug-in 11707A; operating and

a Suzanne Wilson Bladow £ Joseph Mathieu: A656753. service manual. Manual pt. no. 11707-

3JU175; At587it0. Optical properties of ions in solids. 90006. 21 p. <5 Hewlett-Packard Company;

Edited by Baldassare Di Bartolo, assistant 25Jun75; A6587614.

A65B7II1. editor: Dennis Pacheco. U93 p. Lectures

Morris and his trave lion. By Helen presented at the 197i| NATO Advanced Study A658765.

Spclman Rogers, illustrated by Glo Institute on Optical Properties of Ions in Crystal detector 423B, 8!|70B; operating

Coalson. 1 V. € Helen Spelman Bcqers £ Solids, held at Erice, Italy, June 6 - 21, and service manual. HP pt. no.00U23-

Glo Ccalson; 3Jun5; b6587iH. 1974. Appl. states copyright not claimed 90016. 9 p. 6 Hewlett-Packard Company;

in any portion of this work ty a U. S. 20Jun75; A658765.

A6587U2. Govt, employee as part of his official

Fodor's Switzerland, 1975 (including duties. 6 Plenum Press, a division of Afc587e6.

Liechtenstein) Editor: Eugene Fodor, Plenum Publishiag Corporation; 5Jur.75; Signal generator 8640A, option 003;

executive editor: Bobert C. Fisher, A658753. manual supplement. Suppl. pt. no. 08640-

associate editor: Betty Glauert, area 90066. 1 v. S Hewlett-Packard Company;

editors: John Hawkes £ Moira Hawkes, A658754. 30Jun75; A65876e.
introd. by Hubert Kulby, main texts The Gangliosidoses. Edited ty Bruno X.

written by John £ Boira Hawkes. 364 p. Volk £ Larry Schneck. 277 p. 6 Plenum A6S8767.

e Fodor's Modern Guides, Inc.; 2eApr75; Press, a division of Plenum Eubiishing Signal generator 8640B, option 003;

A658742. Corporation; 17Jun75; A658754. manual supplement. Suppl. pt. no. 08640-

50068. 1 v. <3 Hewlett-Packard Company;

A658743. A658755. 11Jun75; A658767.

The Politics of pollution in a Cytochromes P-450 and bC non- printable

comparative perspective; ecology and power data]; structure, function and inte- Ae587t8.

in four natiois. By Cynthia H. Enloe. raction. Edited by David I. Cooper, Crto Quality assurance program of the Elwin

342 p. e David McKay Company, Inc.; Sosentaal, Robert Snyder £ Charlotte G. Smith Division, Cyclops Corporation.

4Jun75; A658743. sitmer. 551 p. (Advances in experimental 77, p. e Elwir. G. Smir.h Division, Cyclops

medicine and biology, vol.58) Proceedings Corporation; 7Apr75; Af.58768.

A65871.4. of the Second Philadelphia Conference on

Many sovereign states: a case for Heme Protein p-450, held at the Thomas A658769.

strengthening state government — an Jefferson University, Philadelphia, Examination question booklet for fire

insider's account. By Dan H. tufkin. 253 Pennsylvania, April 5-6, 1974. Appl. lieutenant, Cleveland, Ohio. Book 1 - 2.

p. e Dan a. Lufkin: 29aay75; A658744. statss copyright not claimed in any 4 Forbes E. McCann d.b.a. McCaun

portion of this work by a U. s. Govt. Associates; 26Apr75: A63d769.

A658745. employee as part of his official datias.

The South since 1365. By John Samuel ! Plenum Press, a division of Plenum

Ezell. 2nd ed. 511 p. i John Samuel Publishing Corporation; 18Jun75;

Ezell; 14JU17C; AS58745. A65B755.







.'lattalion chi

ef ,



d. Oh;

-2. 9 For be

5 E

. McCai







5377 0.

A658746. A65e756.

The Taming of Tiger. By Eleanor Frances Siclogy of brain dysfunction. Vol.3.

Lattimore. 127 p. C Billiam Mcrrow and Edited by Gerald E. Gaull. 486 p. Appl. A658771.

Company, Inc.: 7Jul75: A6S8746. states copyright not claimed in any Examination question booklet for fire

portion of this work by a 0. S. Govt. captain, Cleveland, Ohio. Book 1 - 2.

employee as part of his official duties. 6 Forbes E. BcCar.n d.b.a. McCann

« Plenum Press, a division of Pleijum Associates; 26Apr75; a658771.
Publishing Corporation; 23Jun75;

A658756. A658772.

Examj.nation question booklet for

A658757. assistant chief, Cleveland, Ohio. Book

AI filing program. Cards in 34 - 2. e Forbes E. McCatc d.b.a. KcCarn

envelopes. Appl. au : Norman J. Ganser. Associates; 26Apr75; A656772.
€ Random House, Inc.; eFeb75; A658757.


A658758. Property tax data, 1973; New Jersey

Hllderness 1976 Sierra Club engagement taxing districts — tax rates, tax levies

calendar. Color separations by Scala assessment ratios. 26 p. © New Jersey

Istituto Fotoqrafico. Appl. au: Sierra State Chamber of Commerce; 22Jul75;

Club. NM: all photos, except 3 prev. A658773.
put., intrcd., back matter fi compilation.
e Sierra Club; 9Jul75; A658758.



Blue m


5y a.a'

L-y Longstreet




« O)

n exi

:ansion of



lary «^


;e: 28jun5:







am Parker Bocd. 163

P. <d Mi




11 Jul

l75; 'A6E8743.



V pel


:: the

experience of


in Ai



By 1

inthony Brandt.

350 p.

t, Anthoi

,V Brai




These entries alone may not reflect the conipSete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyrigljt Office for information about any additional records that may exist.



proposal for the construction of an
earth station and the provision of
telecojuunj.catjons services by Ecuestic
Sai:ellite corporation in Hawaii. 1 v.
ippl. au: jaties D. Hillier. NM: some new
text & compilation of material,
a Domestic Satellite Corporation;
23Hav75: htbSTTt.


A Smashinq 1976 tetnis calenda'r. By
Shirley V. Cavsi. 1 v. fi Shirley V.
Caves: 3Jul75; S658775.


Hail order booklets. 7 p. (Thompson's
program for financial independence^ Appl.
au: Alan T. Thompson. t Alan I. Thompson;
22feb75: AtE>b776.


How to write classified ads that sell.

a p. (Thoirpson's crcuram for financial

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