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G, H, I, J, and K for the period covered by this
issue, with the exception of commercial prints and
labels which, registered in Class K under the sym-
bol KK, are listed in Part 1 IB. An index of names
and titles associated with the work is followed by
the main entries, listed in order by registration num-
ber. Filing of the index is letter by letter, except in
the case of inverted names which are filed up to
the comma or parenthesis, after which letter by let-
ter filing is resumed. Entries beginning with num-
bers which are not spelled out are filed at the end
in numerical sequence.

The main entries include, when applicable, the
following information derived from the work and

1 ) Title, followed by subtitle and/or descriptive
statements. The authorship of the work is
included in this statement, with the nature
of authorship (if available).

2) Edition statement.

3) Country of publication for works registered
as foreign or as ad interim works.




Label name and number for registered
sound recordings.

Physical description of the deposit.
Series statement.

Additional titles associated with the regis-
tered work such as variant titles, alternative
titles, translated titles, etc.
Notes; information is given here which
serves to supplement the data that is given
elsewhere in the entry in order to describe
a work more accurately or identify it more

Statement that the registered work is pub-
lished in or as part of another work, or is
bound with another independent work.
Names of authors given in the application
which do not appear elsewhere in the entry.
Statement of those materials contained in
the registered work on which copyright is
not claimed, when so stated in the

Information contained in the application
which relates to the registration of an earlier
version of the work.

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.

13) Brief statement of the new matter on which
copyright is claimed when so stated in the

14) Copyright symbol © or ®.

15) A statement of limitation of claim if the
application or notice on the work explicitly
limits the claim.

16) Name of the copyright claimant.

1 7 ) Date of publication for published works ; for
unpublished works the date on which the last
of all items required to complete registration
(i.e., copy, application, and fee) was re-
ceived in the Copyright Office.

18) Registration number.

For published works, whenever it is necessary to
indicate a variation between the information given
in the application and in the copy of the work with
respect to the claimant's name or the date of pub-
lication, the data from the application is given first,

followed by the phrase "in notice" and the data
given in the work; e.g., © John Doe; HJul76 (in
notice: 1975).

For renewal registrations the original date of
publication and registration number precede the
name of the claimant of the renewal registration.
Following the name of the renewal claimant is a
statement in parentheses, usually abbreviated, giv-
ing the basis of the renewal claim as supplied by
the application; e.g., "John Doe (A)" indicates
that John Doe has made renewal claim as author.

Works deposited in connection with current copy-
right registrations may be selected for inclusion in
the collections of the Library of Congress. Library
of Congress printed cards are available for many
of the published works so selected. Orders for such
cards or inquiries concerning them should be
addressed to the Catalog Distribution Service
Division, Building No. 159, Navy Yard Annex,
Washington, D.C., 20541.

Registrations July-December 1976

Class G — Domestic published works of art

and designs for works of art . 4, 945

Foreign published works of art

and designs for works of art . 109

Unpublished works of art and

designs for works of art . . 2,091

Class H — Domestic published reproduc-
tions of works of art ... 2, 746
Foreign published reproduc-
tions of works of art . . . 39

Class I — Domestic published drawings or
sculptural works of a scientific
or technk ' character . . 348
Unpublished drawings or sculp-
tural works of a scientific or
technical character . . . 287

Class J — Domestic published photo-
graphs 845

Unpublished photographs . . 245
Class K — Domestic prints and pictorial

illustrations 3,311

Foreign prints and pictorial

illustrations 24

Total 14,999

Renewals: Classes G-K 274

These figures represent the number of registra-
tions for works of art, reproduction of works of art,
scientific and technical drawings, photographs,
prints and pictorial illustrations for July-December
1976, but do not necessarily represent the exact
number of entries in this issue of the Catalog of
Copyright Entries. Registration figures for other
classes of material may be found in the respective

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.

Abbreviations and Symbols

The following list includes abbreviations and
symbols used in this catalog with specific copy-
right or bibliographic meanings.

author (s)

accepted alternative designa-
tion of
also known as




































Administrator (s) cum testa-
mento annexo

Administrator(s) de bonis non
cum testamento annexo


approximate, approximately

arranged, arrangement, ar-
ranged by

author (s)




black and white

Band (German)


copyright symbol

child or children of the de-
ceased author


chapter (s)



doing business as

executor (s) of the author

edition, editor





illustration (s)


inches per second

music, music by



next of kin of the deceased

NM new matter

no. number(s)

nouv. nouveau, nouvelle

op. opus

p. page(s)

® copyright symbol for sound re-


(PCB) proprietor of copyright in a

work copyrighted by a cor-
porate body otherwise than
as assignee or licensee of the
individual author

(PCW) proprietor of copyright in a

composite work

(PPW) proprietor of copyright in a

posthumous work

(PWH) proprietor of copyright in a

work made for hire

prev. previous, previously

print. printing

priv. print. privately printed

pseud. pseudonym

pt. part, parts

pty. proprietary

pub. published, publishing

R, (R) renewal registration

reg. registered, registration

rev. revised

r.p.m. revolutions per minute

s. side(s)

sd. sound

sec. seconds

ser. series

si. silent

suppl. supplement

t. tome, tomo

T., Th. Teil, Theil

t.a. trading as

ti. title (s)

t.p. title page

tr. translator

v., vol. volume, volumes

w words, words by

(W) widow of the author

(VVr) widower of the author

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.


SEE Alvarado, John Paul.

A., R.

SEE Alotta, Ranard.

Aaberqe, C. A .

GU61890 0378

GU61891 0379

Aamco Transmissions, Inc.

IP12803 0170

IP12980 0474

IP130S4 0476

A and B Statlary.

GU61428 0367

G061546 0370

GU61547 0370

GU61548 0370

GU61549 0370

GU61550 0370

G061612 0372

GU61734 037U

A. aid C.

H66559 0431

A and C Import and Export,

G061816 0376

GU61817 0376

AA Sales, Inc.

K119084 0543

K119085 0540

K119086 0540

K119087 0540

K119068 0510

K119089 0540

K119090 0S40

K119091 0540

K119092 0540

K119093 0540

A. A. Horld Services, Inc.
SEE Alcoholics Anonymous
Horld Services, Inc.


SEE Berqer (Alar) Asso-
ciates, Inc.

A.B.A., Inc.

SEE Berqer (Alan) Asso-
ciates, Inc.

A. B.C., Inc.

GP108757 0255

K118151 0516

A-B-C 1iq-saw puzzle.

1017891 0480

ABC's of vending.

K120073 0565

Abiqail Adams bisque doll kit
with separate head, arms,
legs, material and pattern.
GP109079 0262

A-Biq-B creation.

K120222 05S9

K120223 0569

K120224 0569

Abinqdon Press.

K120810 0584

K12 08 1 1 0584

K120812 0564

Abner, Gary Lee.

G061096 0360

The Abominable snowmobile.
GP11068U 0299

Above all thinqs.

GP109804 0279

The Abraham.

IP12796 0469

Abraham Lincoln.

IP12795 04S9

Abraham Lincoln in prayer.
GP112145 0333

Abraham L'ncoln still lives
today, 1776-1976 - 200 years.
K120554 0578

Abrams, Harlece.

G0628S4 nijjo

Abrams, Stephanie.

GP111842 0326

GP111843 0326

GP111844 0326


B6S041 0U66

Absolutely, we must build a
united party.
K118358 0534

Abstract bird.

GP112689 0345

Abstract bracelet.

G062678 0396

Abstra-t cuff bracelet.

G062678 0396

Abstraction on spectrum
(organization, 5)
H65492 0406


GP108395 0247

Abstract symbol incorporating
four stars and lemniscate.
GP108314 0246


GP109208 0265


SEE American Charm

Academy of Applied Science,
JP18823 0490


GP110754 0300

Acanthus leaf patera.

G062874 0401

Acapulco gold.

K120414 0574


B66210 0423

Accents Unlimited.

GP108626 0252

Accents Onllmlted, Inc.

GP108627 0252

GP108628 0252

GP108629 0252

GP108630 0252

GP108631 0252

GP108632 0252

GP108633 0252

GP108634 0252

GP108635 0252

GP108636 0252

GP111267 0312

GP111268 0313

GP111269 0313

GP111270 0313

GP111271 0313

GP111272 0313

GP111341 0314

GP111342 0314

GP111 313 0314

GP111344 0314

GP111345 0314

GP1 11 346 )31«

GP111347 0314

GP11134e 3314

GP111349 0314

Accentuate the positive.

JP18T28 0487

Ace of the staff.

GP110931 0304

Achzlger, Johnny.
SEE The tlylos Press

The Acne puncture extra-tor.
IU17970 3482

Across the waters.

GP110650 0298

Action iron-on.

K119627 0554

Action speaks better than
K119238 0540

Actions speak better tha?
K120740 3582

The Activities Council of the
Mansfield Fine Arts Gu< Id,
SEE The Mansfield Fine Arts

Guild, Inc. ActlvL'-ies


Act of deflarce.

GP112026 0330

A 0.

GU62505 0392


IP12871 0471

Adam, S.

SEE Adam, Stephanie.

Adam, Stephanie.

K120924 0587

Adam and Eve.

G061556 0370

R68037 34f6


H65530 0407

K120349 0572

Adams, Alvin Phil' p.

H66422 0428

R66423 0428

Adams, Andrew Frar.k.

G061771 0375

Adams, Beverly.

GU61115 0360

Adams, Bruno.

GP110341 3291

Adams, James Sharland.

GP108737 0255

GP109809 0279

GP109810 0279

Adams, Lavaro B.

G062608 0394

Adams, Lee.

GP110356 0291

GP110357 0291

GP110358 0291

GP110359 0291

GP110360 0291

GP110361 0291

Adams, Margaret 1.

GO61806 03^6

Adams, r.

SEE Adams, Raymond F.

Adams, Raymond P.

K119160 0542

Adams, Wayne w.

R66404 0427

H66405 0427

H66406 0427

H66407 0»27

H66408 0427

Adamson, Harry C.

GP109339 0268

Adamsoft, Harry Curfeux.

GP111668 0321


G062755 0398

Add-a-room kit.

IP12900 0470

Addlego, Joseph 3.

K118192 0517

Addlt'on to Richmond County,
North Carolina courthouse,
Pockloqham, North Carol' "a.
IU17945 0481

Adel El-Alfl.

SEE El-Alfl, Adel.


SEE Adar, Sharon.

Ader, Sharon.

K118146 3516

Adls, Barren.

I017 - '96 0477

Adjustable belt rhalr.

IP13008 04->5


see Adler, Dennis.

Adler, David A.

K120446 0575

Adler, Dennis.

H65494 0406

Adler Planetarium.

JP19194 0500

Adobe cliffs.

GP109966 0283

Adobe planter.

GP108733 0255

Adoma, Afua, psejd.

SEE Robinson, Amorie A.

The Adoration of the Magi.
R649528 060U

Ac Adult alphabet book.

GO61905 0378

Advent are.

GP112965 0350

Adventure Knits, Inc.

K118868 0534

K118869 3534

K118870 0534

K118871 0534

K118872 0534

K118873 0534

K118874 0534

K118875 0534

K118876 0534

K120986 0589

K120987 0589

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.



Adventure Knits, .... (c3fl.| Aerial of pump station number

IC20988... 0589 1, permanent site, in July.

K120989 0589 JP19187 0500

K120990 0589

K120991 .. 0589 Aeroplane 3.

K120992.... 0589 GP109731 0277

K120993 0589

K120991 0589 Aerosmith in con-cert.

K120995... 0589 K118580 0527

K120996 0589

K120997.... ........ .. 0589 Aesop fable folio.

K120998 0589 GU62719 0398

K120999 0589

K121000 0589 Aetna Life and Casualty.

JP19118 01498

The Adventure of Hilly Bonder, JP19119 0198

the fireman. JP19120 0198

GU62662 0396 JP19121 0198

JP19122 0198

Adventures of Benny, the JP19123... 0198

Bookworm. JP19121 0198

K118070 0513 JP19125 01498

JP19126 0198

The Adventures of Flopsie-

doodle and Popo: Flop- Aetna Life and Casualty.

sledoodle's first Christmas. Driver Education Services.

G061650 0372 JP19118 0198

JP19119 0198

The Adventures of Little and JP19120 0198

Biq Whiskers. JP19121 0198

G062051 0382 JP19122 0198

JP19123 0198

The Adventures of Spot. JP19121 0198

GU61691 0373 JP19125 0198

JP19126 0198

The Adventures of Willv

Wonder. A.F.A. Associates, Inc.

GU62662 0396 K118375 0522

Adventures with Sherlock

K120117..... 0571

K120118 0571

K120119 0571

Afghan hound.

GP110663 0298

K121069 0591

A-frame kit.

IP12817 0170

Adventures 1, 2, 3, and 1.

JP18882 0192 Africa at the equator, trip 1.

G062800 0399

Adventures 1, 5 and 6.

JP18877 0191 African beauties.

GP111911 0328

Adventures 5, 6, 7 and 8.

JP18893 0192 African Cape buffalo head.

GP108188 0219

Adventures 7, 8 and 9.

JP1B879 0192 African elephant.

GP111670 0322

Adventures 9, 10, 11 and 12.

JP18900 0192 African folktales sound

filmstrip set.

Adventures 10, 11 and 12. JP18913 0192

JP18871 0191

African head.

Adventures 13, 11, and 15. GP112790 0317

JP18891 0192

African lion.
Adventures 13, 11, 15, 16 and GU61721 0371


JP18891 0192

African sable antelope head
and shoulders.
GP108187 0219

Adventures 16, 17 and 18.

JP18895 0192

African series, plate 1.

Adventures 18, 19, 20 and 21. H67999 0162

JP18881 0192

African violet.

Adventures 22, 23, 21 and 25. JP19167 0500

JP18897 0192

Africa f s music.

Adverse. K121268 0596

GD62910 0101

Africa's musical gifts to
Advice of the master. America.

H67665 0156 K121266 0596

Aerial of pump station number Afro-American Heritage

1 and Tea Lake durinq July. Bicentennial commemorative

JP19190.... 0500 guilt.

GP111260. . ... 0312

a fro- America? Heritage Ah, September.

Bicentennial Coirmemorative K119061 0539

Quilt Committee.

GP111260. 0312 Aida.

H65528 0107

Afro "dizzy act."

GP112610 3313 AIDS.

SEE Audiovisual Instruc-
After a concert, a womai tiooal Devices, I?c.

rushed up to congratulate
the famed violinist Fr'.tz Sfkens, Hark Stephen.

Kreisler. G062129 3383

K119797.. 0559

Ain't love grand?

After a football game I really GP109159 027'

enjoy a Winston.

JU11681 0508 Aires, March 21-April 19.

GP111115 0317

Afternoon at Sandy Hill.

GD61738 0371 Air freshener, smiling banana

K120676 0581

Afternoon at the Petrea's.

GP109591 0271 Air ff eshener - smil< »o


Afternoon at the ranch. K121096.. 0591

GD61616 0372

Air freshener - s«lllng
Afternoon delicrht. cherries.

K120030 0561 K121091 0591

An Afternoon frolic. Air freshener — smiling grapes
G062715 0398 K121093 0591

After shave lotion appl'cator. Air freshener — smiling

1017973.. 0182 mushroom.

K121095 0591

After the bath.

H68010 0166 Air freshener, smiling pear.

K12067'' 0581

After the laughter.

H67593 0151 Air freshener tree.

K120369. 0573

After the storm.

JP18601..... 0181 Airplane.

GP112527 3311


GP110900 0301 Air pollution banned.

GU62211 0385

Agatha Crutnm.

GU62622 0395 A is for always.

GP108893 0258

Agaves at Laguna Gloria.

H67893.... 0162 A. J. Foyt and George Ham'i,


The Age of mammals. J011771 0510

H67595 0151

Ajmo, Edward.

The Age of reptiles. GU61796 , 3376

H67596 0151

Akaba muse.

Ager, Thomas Phillip. GP110521. 0295

JP19119 0199

Akil, Ajama Jabari-.
Age-related vision and hearing SEE Jabari-Akil, Ajamu.

changes, an empathic

approach. Akin, Harjorle.
JP19261 0502 K118328 0521

Aggie Santa Claus, buckboard, Akron: Bay 31, 1932.

and team of barnyard J011736 0509

animals .

K119119.... 0511 Akron: Sunnyvale, California,

Bay 31, 1932.

Aging. J011736 0509

JP19269 0502


Agri-business. GP109071 0262

JP19213 3501 K120058 3565

K120698 0581

Agri-business and natural

resources. Alabaster and marble on

JP19318 0503 Millard.

K118699 0530


K121031.. 0590 Alabaster Dawn.

GP109207 0265

Ahearn, Dyanne Denise.

K118525 0525 A La Main.

GP111232 0312

Ahh! Pagrovia. GP111233 0312

GP112377... ....... ... 3338

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.


JUL. - DEC. 1976

Alaska calendar, 1977.

K121052 059"

Alaska crowr : Matanuska
K120?55 0573

Alaska historical calendar.
K11 9305 0546

Alaskan carnivores, plate 1.
H67067 0442

Alaskan pipeline.

JP19063 0197

Alaska pipeline certificate.
K12037S 0573

Alaska's Kenai Peninsula.
K119986 0563

Alaska • 76.

K119305 0516

Alba House Communications.
JP19065 01497

Alba House Media.

JP19315 0503

JP19316 0503


GF1386 0210

Alberian, Edwin H.

K118526 0525


GP112174 0333

GP112175 0333

GP112176 0333

Albert (Jane) Studio.

H65383 0404

H65384 0404

H65385 0404

H65388 0404


GP110430 0293

Albertson, J. P.

IP12805 0470

Albertson (J. F.) Const-
ruction, Inc.
IP12805 0170

Alcatraz Island, San
GP111107 0309

Alcock, Sue.

K119937 0562

Alcoholics Anonymous.

JP19226 0501

Alcoholics Anonvaous World
Services, Inc.
JP19226 0501

Alcoholics Anonymous World
Services, Inc. General
Service office.
JP19226 0501

Alessandro, pseud.

SEE Gambalonqa, Sante.


GP108301 0245


SEE Alexander, Edwin D.
SEE Alexander, Robert T. ,

Alexander, Anita E.

K118698 0530

K118699 0530

Alexander, Bob.

SEE Alexander, Robert r.,

Alexander, Edwin D.

K120707 0582

Alexander, Gary.

GU61788 0376

Alexander, Robert I., Jr.

GP108874 0258

GP111333 031U

K118965 0537


GP111875 0327


GP109275 0267

Alexandria Olympic Boys Club.
G062395 0389

Alf .

GU61584 0371

Alfi, Adel E1-.

SEE El-Alfi, Adel.

ALF Products, Inc.

IP12965 0474


R636007 0599

Alice Cooper.

GP111287 0313

Alice Cooper in concert.

K118650 0529

Alice series, no. 0-2515.
GF1461 0241

Alice series, no. 0-2547.
GF1460 0241

Alice series, no. 2546.

GF1459 0241

A. Lincoln: circuit rider.
G061654 0373

Ali-Norton, World Heavyweight
Championship fight, alive,
Yankee Stadium, September
28, 1976.
K121304 0597

Ali-Norton 3 logo.

K121304 0597


GP108952 0260

GP108953 0260

GP108954 0260

GP108955 0260

GP108956 0260

GP108957 0260

GP108958 0260

GP108959 0260

GP108960 0260

GP108961 0260


K121304 0597

All about wines.

K118324 0520

All American.

K118584 0527

The All American hot dog.
G061887 0378

All-Aoerica rose selections.
GP112022 0330

Allard, Ida Rose florin.

G061092 0360

GU61093 0360

GU61094 0360

Allard, I. R.

see Allard, Ida Rose Morin.

Allaud, Pierre.

GP108751 0255

All creation testifies ->C Hin
K12056O 0578

All dressed up.

GP111096 0308

Alleghery Airlines quiz.

K118620 0528


GP111918 3327


JP19077 0497

Allemand, Denis.

K118844 0533

Allen, Brent E.

GP112995 0351

Allen, Chris.

GP108930 0259

Allen, Edward F. , Jr.

GP11299S 0351

Allen (Efrom) Enterprises.
K118471 0524

Allen, Robert Stanley.

GU61727 0374

Allen, Sue.

SEE Allen, Susan.

Allen, Susan.

GP111376 0315

GP111569 0319

Allen County Historical
H68051 0466

Allensworth, Evona.

GP109020 0261

IP12739 0468

All good things began as a ne
idea, let's give new iieas
chance to work here!
K120149 0567

Allgor, Edward Thomas.

G061329 0365

Allied Brass.
see s and F Hanufscturing
Company, Inc. AllieJ
Brass Manufacturing

Allied Brass Manufacturing
Company, division of S and I
Manufacturing Company, Inc.
SEE S and F Manufacturing
Company, Inc. Allied
Brass Manufacturing

Alligator bookeods.

H65392 0404

Alligator whose body is
composed of letters
G061656 0373

Alligator with tracks.

G062412 0390

All I need is love.

GP109456 0271

All <i> fun.

GH62047 0382

Allisor, George E., 3rd.

JP19225 0501

Allis Press Division of
Smith-Grieves Company.
SEE Smith-Grieves Company.
Allis Press DlTlsioa.

Allota wiodex.

JU14792 0510

All out.

K119143 0542

Ail out for sport.

P.650074 Ot-05

All part of the serv'ce wher
you go with us, s' r .
K118604 0528

All purpose, fully collap-
sible, folding, expaldab'.e,
adjustable, regular ba k
grizzly, etc., type sails.
IU17771 CJ77

All pussies are equal.

K118488 0525

All snug in their bed.

GP109974 0280

Allstar Heat Tra»sfer

K119631 0554

K119632 0554

K119847 0560

K119848 0560

K119849 0560

K11°950 0560

K119851 0560

K119952 0560

K119B53 0560

K119854 0560

K119855 0560

K119856 0560

K119857 0560

K119858 0560

K119859 0560

K119860 0560

K120483 0576

K120484 0576

K120485 0576

K120486 0576

K120487 0576

K120488 0576

K12048? 0576

K120490 0576

K120931 0597

K120932 0587

K120933 0587

K120934 0587

K120935 0597

K120936 0587

K120937 0587

K120938 0587

K121347 0598

K121348 0598

K121349 0598

K121350 0598

All that love is.

K121341 0598

All the world's a stage.

K121291 0597

All this and World War 2.
G062058 0382

All those years down the
drain .
K118129 0515


SEE Allumbaugh, lames.

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.




"SSK*. .?""'. 0362 S1 ^i36^:: 0,08 ' "ISSlSSi 0377 "gU^O 0391

SOS"" 0362 H65510 0108 spider-Han. America, her best product.

GU61208 0362 K119781 0558 GP111033 0307

0061209 0362 Alpha. K119781

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ilf.::-.::::::::::- "SS&. «■ S ::::::::: llll ,.„,.,.„„.

GU62521 0393 GP111765 0321

Alphabet art, 200 years of

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Alma Hater earth and spirit Alpha-dorables. %\^\\\\ Y.Y.YY. YY. 0336 Americana bowl.

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11» «ater Spirit, a bit of "S' °"I a ° ri9inalS ' "268 ^GPIlfoOS 0351 Americana Graphics, Inc.

Howard Diversity spirit of GP109322 U2bb 1,r " , ™ : H65676 0111

K1lll9l?!!: 0513 Alphaventure. Ambassador Stamp and Coin H65677 0J11

JP18615 0181 commemoratives. R °! 6 Z? ;!

Almes. John Richard, Sr. » 6 0185 K121053 0590 l^Y/.Y.YY.Y.YYYY. Till

K119129 0511 JP18718 0188

JP18719 0188 Amber glow.

1-L, French. ^ "18750 0138 K119375 0518 l.^lc... p *«. ^

JP18702 0187 JP18751 0188

JP18753 0188 Amberlea. ■

A-L« French, level 1. JP18751 0188 1018027 0183 "^J"^" *" le P ' e

JP18698 °* ai sriS«I:::::::::::::: SS??,*t, greets «*.: cat ™y":::;::::::::: ""

A-LM German. kiip-i^ .. 0516 GP108317 021

JP18700 nuR7 lloine buds. nllBIO/ ""

A-LS German, level 01.

JP18700 0187 Alpine bu

GO61503 0369

Ambiguity areeting cards: The American Apple Pie

sm.n::.:::::..-,:. oi 87 **~™* f ] : 0369 *£>.; 05. S::::'::::::::: llll

Online LibraryLibrary of Congress. Copyright OfficeCatalog of Copyright Entries 1976 Works of Art Jan-Dec 3D Ser Vol 30 Pts 7-11A (Volume Catalog of copyright entries 3D Ser Vol 30 Pts 7-11A) → online text (page 145 of 304)