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Under the provisions of the. act of Congress approved July 8, 1870, "An act to
revise, consolidate, and amend the statutes relating to patents and copyrights,"
the registration of works in which copyright was claimed was transferred to the
Library of Congress. The first registration under this act was dated July 10, 1870,
and the fu-st registration for a dramatic work was made on July 21 , the same year.
The present catalogue of Dramatic Compositions Copyrighted in the United States
includes all titles for dramatic works registered from July 21, 1870, to December 31,
1916, inclusive; upwards of 60,000 titles. It does not represent, however, a collec-
tion of the same number of deposited works. Under the legislation in force from
July 8, 1870 to July 1, 1909, it was customary to file the title-page of the di-ama in
advance of the deposit of copies and subsequently deposit the required copies. The
result has been that a great many titles were filed for registration which were not
followed by the deposit of copies. This was especially so in the case of dramas, and
it is estimated that in more than 20,000 cases, while the title has been recorded, no
copies have been received. It has been deemed advisable to include in this catalogue
all titles recorded ; and where no copies have been found, the failure to receive them
is indicated by the omission of any date of copies received.

By the copyright act of 1909, the preliminary deposit of the title-page was
abolished and registration has only been possible upon the deposit of the dramatic
work, two copies in the case of a published drama and one manuscript copy in the
case of an unpublished play (where "copies have not been reproduced for sale").

This catalogue it is hoped will speak for itself. The bibliographical form was
adopted after careful consideration of the many questions involved. It is thought
that the arrangement by titles in one alphabet for the whole collection will prove the
most serviceable. The titles in this alphabet are numbered consecutively, and from
the index the citation is to the number following the title of each play, instead of to the
printed page. This direct citation it is believed will be found a distinct advantage.
A supplementary alphabet includes the titles registered while the printing was in
progress, and contains about 3,500 titles.

Because of the great bulk of the work, it has been necessary to make each
entry in a very condensed form and to supply the facts to be recorded, and which
are repeated in relation to each title — name and address of claimant; date of deposit
of title and registration; date of publication (for pubHshed dramas), and date of
deposit, together with class designation and entry number — in an arbitrarily devised
form of abbreviated statement. ^This should be properly understood to prevent
mistakes. Following this prefatory note are printed careful explanations with
examples. The different provisions of the various copjTighted laws should be
clearly borne in mind to correctly interpret the indications found in the cop}Tight
paragraph follo^^^ng each title. From 1870 to June 30, 1909, the date of the regis-
tration of the title-page was the date upon which the term of copyright protection
began to run. From July 1, 1909, this is so only in the case of unpublished dramas
C'not reproduced in copies for sale"); but the beginning of this term of copyright
is indicated by the date of the receipt of one manuscript copy (the deposit of a
title-page having been abrogated). Since July 1, 1909, however, the beginning of


the copyright protection in the case of each dramatic work pubHshed since that
date is the date of 'publication, which is indicated by the arbitrary sign © C' copy-
righted") authorized by the copyright act, followed by such stated date of pubhca-

From 1870 to 1899 all copyi-ight registrations were made without any class
designation of the worlvs in one series of numbered entries for each year. To
indicate such entries the year date is followed by the entry number (e. g., "1875:

Dimng the year 1900 the cop}Tight records were for more convenient use
divided into four classes: "A," "B," ''C," and "D." In this classification dra-
matic compositions were designated "A." From 1901 the class designation *'D"
was used up to July 1, 1909, and after that date also under the express provision of
section 5 of the copyright act which then went into effect. The entries for all classes
of copyright works were given a new series of twentieth centur}^ numbers from Janu-
ary 1, 1901, and the designation briefly indicated (e. g., dramatic compositions,
''xxc, class D, No. 18971").

The main alphabet of the titles of the registered dramas contains cross-references
from aU alternative, or secondary or translated titles; and also from the titles of all
plays contained in any volume or volumes of collected dramas. The alphabet of
titles is followed by an alphabetical index containing references from the names of
aU authors, joint authoi-s, editors, translatoi's, and copyi-ight proprietors; together
with cross-references from pen-names, pseudonyms, etc.

This catalogue was under contemplation and was carefidly planned for many
yeai-s before it became possible to carry out the work. The supervision of the final
preparation of the catalogue was intrusted to Mi*. Henry S. Parsons, Chief of the
Catalogue and Index Division of the Copyi-ight Office, and he has devoted to the
details of the work um-emitting care and attention. The original title cards were
prepared by the indexing and cataloguing force of his division, but the task of
unifying the title entries, making sm'e of absolute accuracy, and the general editing
of the printer's copy from A to Z has been the work of Mrs. Mary Wright Davis.
Faithful and intelligent assistance in this task has been rendered by Dr. Woodbmy
Pulsifer and Mi". Earl M. Jeffrey, and the titles in foreign languages have been care-
fully revised by Dr. George C. Keidel, all members of the Copyi-ight Office force.

The cojjyi-ight act provides that the register of copyi-ights at stated intervals
shall print complete and indexed catalogues for each class of copyi-ight entries, and
expressly provides that such consolidated catalogues and indexes shall be supplied
" to all persons ordering them at such prices as may be determined to be reasonable"
by the Superintendent of Public Documents. In accordance with this provision of
law 1,000 copies of the present work is offered to subscribei-s at a price of $4 for the
set of tAvo volumes, bound in cloth.

Respectfully submitted,

Thorvald Solberg,

Register of Copyriglits.
Herbert Putnam,

Lihrarian of Con/p'ess.



Tlie complete title of the drama is in each case followed by a paragraph con-
taining (1) the name and address of the copyright owner; (2) the date of the entry;
(3) the date of the deposit of copies in the Copyright Office; (4) the date of publi-
cation, for works deposited since July 1, 1909, under the present law; and (5) the
class designation and registration number by which the entry is identified on the
copyright records. Since the provisions of the copyright law have been altered
from time to time during the period covered by this catalogue, the order and sig-
nificance of the copjTight paragraphs show a corresponding variation. For a com-
plete guide to these differences reference should be made to the carefully selected
examples with full explanations and to the list of abbreviations which follow.


The actual samples below are followed by explanations to indicate
the proper reading of the data :

Aaron Burr; or, The kingdom of silver, liistoi-icr.l drama in 4 acts, by C. E, jqqq*^*''^ P"*^'' *°
Stouks. Doylestown, O., George A. Corbus, 1887.

© Cliarles Erastus Stoaks, Doylestown, 0.; 1886; 28114, Dec. 13; 2c.
Dec. 18, 1877. 36

Explanation : The above title was received for copyright registra-
tion in the name of Charles Erastus Stoaks, of Doylestown, Ohio, on
Dec. 13, 1886, from which date the original 28-year period of
copyright protection began ; the title was recorded as entry no. 28114
of that year; two published copies were received to complete the
entry on Dec. 18, 1887.

After the circus; farce in 1 act, by Lawrence Chenoweth. Clyde, O., Ames Entries in 1900.
pub. CO., 1900. 17 p. 12". (Ames's series of standard and minor drama,
no. 422.)

© Ames pub. co., Clyde, O. ; 1900 A : 29671, Dec. 6 ; 2c. Dec. 8. 496

Explanation : Ames pub. co., claimants of copyright, filed title of
work on Dec. 6, 1900, from which date the 28-year term of protec-
tion began; title recorded as entry no. 29671 in Class A of that year;
two published copies were received on Dec. 8, 1900.

Across the desert; drama in 4 acts, by Wayne Campbell. Typewritten. jan°*i*^\90l'^^and
© H. Walter Van Dyke, Baxter. la.; D: 404, Apr. 8, 1901; 2c. May 6, Jufy l,' 1909.'

Explanation: H. W. Van Dyke, of Baxter, Iowa, is the claimant
of copyright; recorded as Class D, no. 404; title received for regis-
tration on Apr. 8, 1901, from which date begins the 28-year term of
protection; two typewritten copies received on May 6, 1901.



Dramas registered after Jan. 1, 1901, were given a consecutive
(century) series of registration numbers as " Class D."

Entries after Admiral Peters; comedy in 1 act, by W. W. Jacobs and Horace Mills, New
fSd^ dSas. ^°"' York, S. French ; London, S. French, ltd. 13 p. 12°.

© Sept. 16, 1909; 2 c. Sept. 17, 1909; D: 16812; Samuel French, ltd.,
London. 301

Explanation: Copyright was secured by publication on Sept. 16,
1909, from which date the 28-year term began; two copies were de-
posited in the Copyright Office on Sept. 17, 1909, and were recorded
as Class D, no. 16812, in the name of the claimant, Samuel French,
ltd., London.

On July 1, 1909, the revised and consolidated copyright act of Mar.
4, 1909, went into effect, under which the copyright term, in the case
of published works, begins from the date of publication with notice
of copyright, instead of from the date of registration in the Copy-
light Office as under previous legislation.

JuF^r mg'^^Um- ^-^^tement (The); drama in 4 acts, by W. B. Carlock. 176 p. obi. 16°. Type-
published dramas. written.

© Ic. Aug. 18, 1913 ; D : 34193 ; Wayne B. Carlock, San Francisco. 46

Explanation: One unpublished typewritten copy of the above
drama was received in the Copyright Office on Aug. 18, 1913, from
which date the copyright term runs ; it was recorded as Class D, no.
34193, in the name of the claimant. Wayne B. Carlock, of San

Should a drama which is entered as unpublished be subsequently
published the law provides for the making of a new entry.

Christus; a mystery in 3 parts, by H. W. liOngfellow. Boston and New York,
Houghton, Mifflin and company, 1886.

© Houghton, Mifflin & co., Boston; 1886: 28719, Dec. 16; 2c. Dec. 20.



© Ernest W. Longfellow, Cambridge, Mass., in renewal for 14 years
from Sept. 30, 1900; 1900 A: 12737, May 21. 727!)e


© Ernest W. Longfellow, Cambridge, Mass., as child of the deceased
author, in extension for 14 years. Renewal no. 5061, Jan. 14, 1914. Ke-
newal entry May 21, 1900, no. A : 12737. 7279 f

Explanation : The above three entries show the registration of an
edition of " Christus " in 1886, a 14-year renewal of the same in 1900,
and a further 14-year extension of the term in 1914.

The present copyright law permits a renewal of an entry, during
the last year of the original term, for a second term of 28 years. If
such an entry has already been renewed for 14 years under the pre-
vious law, it can be extended for a further term of 14 years. This
gives in either case a total of 56 years' protection.


Renewal entries.


© sign to indicate publication or copy-

right registration

Ic. 1 copy deposited

2c. 2 copies deposited

A Class A, Books

A ad int. Class A ad interim, Books published
abroad in English entered for the
ad Interim term

A-Foreign Class A-Foreign, Foi'eign books in a
foreign language

arr. arranged

aufl. auflage

bd. band

bearb. bearbeitet

bros. brothers

O Class C, Musical compositions

cie. compagnie

CO. company

D Class D, Dramatic compositions

ed. edition, edited

exr. executor

front. frontispiece

g. m. b. h. Gesellschaft mit beschrankter haf-

hrsg. herausgegeben

i. e. that is

illus. illustration, illustrations

Impr. imprimerie

Also the customary abbreviations for names of






leaf, leaves






no place of publication







numb. 1.

numbered leaves




page, pages


preliminary leaves





pt, pts.

part, parts



res. no.

reservation number, Books entered

for copyright reservation under

the act of Mar. 3, 1905










translated, translation




volume, volumes



nonths and states.



A chacun son grelot; fantasie en 1 acte, par
Milo de Meyer et Fernand de Rouvray.
Paris, C. Joubert. 18 p. 8".

© Oct. 1, 1912 ; 2c. Dec. 2, 1912 ; D : 31516 ;
Joubert, Paris. 1

A. D. T. no. 1534.

© R. A. Barnet, Boston; 1900, A: 10682,
Apr. 27. 2

A. D. 1; the year one; or. The charioteer, by
Cliarles Barnard.

© Neil Burgess, Highlands, N. J.; 1892:
29042, July 12. 3

A. D. 1813; or, America's triumph, a histori-
cal spectacular naval melodrama in 5 acts,
by A. A. Stone. Typewritten.

© Abbie Anna Stone, Milwaukee ; 1893 :
24544, May 20 ; 2c. June 22. 4

A. D. 1900; or, What we are coming to, an
original comedy in 4 acts, by J. Bradford.

© Joseph Bradford, Boston ; 1879 : 14721,
Nov. 3. 5

A. D. 1912; 1 act comedy, by M. E. Moore. 20
p. 4°. Typewritten.

© Ic. Apr. 24, 1912; D : 29472 ; Marion E.
Moore, Stapleton, N. Y. 6

A. D. 1999; a farce comedy in 3 acts, by M. B.
Moore. 19 p. 4°. Typewritten.

© Ic. Mar. 25, 1912; D: 29167; Marion E.
Moore, Stapleton, N. Y. 7

a farce in 3 acts, by M. E. Moore. 46 p.

4°. Typewritten.

© Ic. Sept. 16, 1912; D: 30937; Marion E.
Moore, Stapleton, N. Y. 8

A, D. 1999, a prophecy; comedy sketch, by J.
Hawkins. 12 p. f". Typewritten.

© Ic. Jan. 20, 1912; D: 28367; Jack Haw-
kins, Chicago. 9
A. D. 2000; or. The century plants, a comic
opera in 2 acts, by G. H. Kerr, music by
Bowness Briggs. Typewritten.

© G. H. Kerr, Wilmington, Del.; 1894:
12237, Mar. 1 ; 2c. Apr. 20. 10

A. D. 2,000, a mystery. See Anno Domini
2,000, a mystery.

A. D. 2016; comedy of the future in 3 acts,
by Helen Ormsbee. 97 p. 4". Typewritten.
© Ic. :May 17, 1915 ; D : 40682 ; Helen Brad-
bury Ormsbee, Brooklyn. 10a

A fuerza de punos; zarzuela en 1 acto, dividido
en 3 cuadros, en prosa y verso, letra de Emilio
G. del Castillo y Javier de Burgos, mtisica del
maestro Arturo Saco del Valle. Madrid, So-
ciedad de autores espanoles, 1912. 47 p. 12°.

© Mar. 24, 1912; 2c. Mar. 13, 1912; D:
29773; E. G. del Castillo y J. de Burgos,
Madrid. 11

A. G.; lustspiel in 3 aufziigen, von Ricbard
Wilde. Berlin, E. Bloch. 87 p. 8°.

© Ic. Feb. 19, 1913; D: 33328; Eduard
Bloch, Berlin. 12

A gloria; monologo dram^tico en prosa, origi-
nal de A. Diaz Enrich. Madrid, Sociedad de
autores espanoles, 1914. 13 p. 12°.

© Sept. 17, 1914; Ic. Sept. 21, 1914; D:
38254; Angel Diaz Enricb, Madrid. 12a

A la fuerza ahorcan; comedia llrica en 1 acto,
dividido en 2 cuadros en prosa, de C. Merino,
mtisica del maestro Eduardo G. Arderlus.
Madrid, Sociedad de autores espanoles, 1911.
41 p. 12°.

© May 26, 1911; 2c. May 27, 1911; D:
24318; Cecilio Merino, Madrid. 13

A la luz de la luna; paso de comedia, by S. & J.
Alvarez Quintero. Madrid, Sociedad de au-
tores espaiioles, 1908. 19 p. 12°.

© Serafln y Joaquin Alvfirez Quintero, Ma-
drid; D: 13470, July 25, 1908; 2c. July 25,
1908. 14

A la moderna; comedia en 2 actos, por F. Ace-
bal. Madrid, Renacimiento, 1914. 189 p.

© Sept. 17, 1914; Ic. Sept. 21, 1914; D:
.38261; Francisco Acebal, Madrid. 14a

A la orillica del Ebro; juguete en 1 acto y en
prosa, original de A. Mestres, tr. y arr. al
castellano de P. Parellada. Madrid [Sociedad
de autores espanoles] 1913. 20 p. 12°.

© Mar. 28, 1914; Ic. Mar. 30, 1914; D:
36523: Apeles Mestres y Pablo Parellada,
Madrid. 14b

A la pinata! 6 la verdadera natchicha; revista
polltica en 3 cuadros, origina'i. mtisica de los
maestros Hermoso y Calleja. Madrid, Socie-
dad de autores espanoles, 1907. 32 p. 12°.

© Luis de Larra y Ricardo Fernandez
Blanco, Madrid ; D : 10059, May 29, 1907 ; 2c.
May 29, 1907. 15





A la puerta del cafe; entremes en prosa con
un nuniero musicn, original de Angel Torres
del Alnnio y Antonio Asenjo. M.idrid, So-
ciedad de autores espauoles, 1914. 27 p. 12°.
© Mar. 15, 1915; Ic. Mar. 17, 1915; D:
40057 ; Torres del Alamo y Asenjo, Madrid.


A la vera der quere; sainete andaluz en 1 acto,
dividido en 2 cuadros de P. Perez Fernandez
y J. Ganiero. nifisica del maestro Alvarez del
Castillo. Madrid, R. Velasco, 1909. 42 p.

© Nov. 18. 1909; 2c. Nov. 19, 1909; D:
17487 : Pedro Perez Fernandez y Jose Gamero,
Madrid. 16

A. Lanyom; vigjatek 2 felvonfi shan, irta Pasztor
Arpfid. Budapest Rozsavolgyi es tilrsa kiadt'isa,
1913. 84 p. 16°.

© Jan. 23, 1913 ; 2c. Mar. 13, 1913 ; D : 32750 ;
Eozsavcilgyi & co., Budapest, Hungary. 16a

A. Mann; dramatic sketch in 2 acts, by J. H.
Wade. 28 p. 4°. Typewritten.

© Ic. Apr. 13, 1912; D: 29359; Jeannette H.
Wade, La Grange, 111. 17

A-number-one; comedy drama in 4 acts and 6
scenes, by W. F. Crockett. 59 p. f°. Type-

© Ic. Nov. 3, 1913 ; D : 34926 ; Will F. Crock-
ett, Chicago. 18

A oriTlas del Ebro; humorada comico-llrica de
costumbres argonesas en 1 acto, dividido en 3
cuadros, en prosa y verso, original de M. de
LTIotellerie y. L. Navarro Serrano, nifisica del
maestro Emilio Alvarez L6pez. Madrid [So-
ciedad de autores espanoles] 1913. 53 p. 12°.

© Mar, 28, 1914; Ic. Mar. 30, 1914; D:
36563; Mnnuel de L'Hotellerie y Leon Navarro
Serrano, Madrid. 18a

A Roma se va per todo; quisicosa politica en 1
acto, dividido en 3 cuadros y una apoteosis. en
verso y prosa, original de J. Quilis Pastor, mii-
sica del maestro Porras. Madrid, Sociedad de
autores espafioles, 1910. [2], 37 p. 12°.

© Oct. 29, 1910 ; 2c. Oct. 31, 1910 ; D : 22430 ;
Jose Quilis Pastor, Madrid. 19

A. S. ; disparate estilo vaudevillesco en 3 actos y
en prosa, original de M. Caba y J. Alba. Ma-
drid, Sociedad de autores espauoles, 1915. 73
p. 12°.

© Mar. 15, 1915 ; Ic. Mar. 17, 1915 ; D : 40082 ;
Manuel Caba y Jos6 Alba, Madrid. 19a

A (The) string; comedy in 3 acts, by Van Zo
Post. 12 p. 4°. Typewritten.

© Ic. Dec. 6, 1911; D: 25951; Van Zo Post.
New York. 20

A temps; com^die en 2 actes pour jeunes demoi-
selles, par Mme. De Kermen. New York. W.
R. Jenkins company [1914] 23 p. 12°. ([Thea-
tre pour la jeunesse, no. 17] )

© Sept. 28, 1914 ; 2c. Oct. 21, 1914 ; D : 38638 ;
Wm. R. Jenkins co., New York. 20a

• petit drame en 2 actes pour les ^coles de

demoiselles, par Madame de Kermen.

. © Valerie de Kermen, New York; 1896:
17175, Mar. 17. 21

A ... tocar a misa; caso de infidelidad morgnna-
tica, miistico-monAstica, Ifrico y coreografica,
original de Ernesto Tecglen, miisica de Mo-
desto Romero. Madrid, Sociedad de autores
espanoles, 1911. 13, [2] p. 12°.

© Aug. 21, 1911 ; 2c. Aug. 22, 1911 ; D : 25013 ;
E. Tecglen, Madrid. 22

A ver si va a poder ser; revista fantfistica de
actualidad, en 1 acto, divide en un prologo,
5 cuadros y apoteosis, en prosa y verso, origi-
nal de Ernesto Polo. Javier de Burgos y Luis
Linares Becerra, musica de los maestros Can-
dela y Goncerlian. Madrid, Sociedad de au-
tores espafioles, 1910. 55 p. 12°.

© Oct. 29, 1910; 2c. Oct. 30, 1910; D: 22439;
E. Polo, J. de Burgos y L. Linares Becerra,
Madrid. 23

Aar-u-ag-oos; or. An East Indian drug, an en-
tirely original farce in 1 act, by Malcolm S.
Taylar. Clyde, O., A. D. Ames.

© A. D. Ames, Clyde, O. ; 1884 : 25576, Dec.
22 ; 2c. Dec. 22. 24

Aarbert; a drama without stage or scenery,
wrought out through song in many metres,
mostly lyric, by W. Marshall. New York, New
Amsterdam book co.

© William Marshall, England; 1898:16463,
Mar. 11; 2c. Mar. 15. 25

Aaron and Theodosia; or. The fate of the Burrs,
a drama in 5 acts, by B. McCrary. 69 p. 4°.

© Ben McCrary, Salt Lake City; D:1664,
Mar. 29, 1902; 2c. Mar. 29, 1902. 26

Aaron Boggs, freshman; college comedy in 3
acts, by Walter Ben Hare. Chicago, T. S.
Denison & company [1913] 87 p. 12°.

© Oct. 17, 1913 ; 2c. Oct. 20, 1913 ; D : 34766 ;
Eben H. Norris, Chicago. 27

Aaron Burr; by C. M. Holloway.

© Charlotte Molyneux Holloway, New Lon-
don, Conn.; 1900 A: 3793, Feb. 10. 28

a drama, by A. Leach.

© Anna Leach, New York; 1900 A: 14067,
June 6. 29




Aaron Burr — Continued.

a drama in 4 acts, by Defentliy Wriglit (W.


© William Minturn, New York; 1878:6916,
June 8 ; 2c. July 3. 30

a play in 4 acts, by Wm. L. O'Brien. 82 p.


© Emma O. O'Brien, Minneapolis; D : 14280,
Nov. 13, 1908 ; 2c. Nov. 13, 1908. 31

— a revolutionary drama in 1 act, by H.

© Helen Hooker, Chicago ; 1898 : 39113, June
27. 32

— a romantic drama in 4 acts, by L. F. Pierce.

© L. France Pierce, Chicago ; D : 328, Apr. 9,
1901; 2c. Apr. 9, 1901. 33

— a tragedy in 5 acts, by M. E. Thornton.

© Marcellus Eugene Thornton, Hickory,
N. C. ; D : 763, Aug. 15, 1901. 34

01% A dream of empire, a romantic drama

in 5 acts, by L. O'Shaughuessy.

© Louis O'Shaughuessy, Cincinnati; 1881:
8858, June 6. 35

— or. The kingdom of silver, historical

drama in 4 acts, by C. E. Stoaks. Doyles-
town, O., George A. Corbus, 1887.

© Charles Erastus Stoaks, Doylestown, O. ;
1886 : 28114, Dec. 13 ; 2c. Feb. 18, 1887. 36

Aaron Burr, a tale of the Revolution; a drama
in 4 acts, by M. I. Wishaar.

© Marie Ida Wishaar, Oakland, Cal. ; D :
7520, Oct. 19, 1905. 37

Aaron Burr's dupe; by S. Carpenter.

© Sarah Carpenter, Pittsburgh; D : 728,
Aug. 7, 1901. 38

Aase fiskerpike; eventyrkomedie med sange til
norske folkemelodier audet oplag, af Mar-
grethe Munthe. Krlstiania, J. W. Cappelens
forlag. 85 p. 12°.

© Dec. 5, 1912; Ic. Mar. 10, 1913; Ic. May
10, 1913 ; D : 33137 ; J. W. Cappelens- forlag,
Christiania, Norway. 39

Abadiah Squaffles from Squashtown; a new
and original comedy-drama in 4 acts, 4 scenes,
by T. E. Powers.

© Thomas E. Powers, Brooklyn; 1889:
7168, Mar. 6. 40

Abajo la sicalipsis! mon61ogo original de E.
Tecgleu, mfisica de Modesto Romero. Madrid,
Sociedad de autores espauoles, 1911. 13 p.

© Dec. 30. 1911 ; 2c. Jan. 2, 1912 ; D : 28170 ;
Ernesto Tecglen, Madrid. 41

Abandoned (The) bride; a drama in 4 acts, by
L. J. L. Stilwell. 96 p. f. Typewritten,

© Laura Jean Libbey Stilwell, Brooklyn;
D : 12045, Jan. 3, 1908 ; 2c. Jan. 3, 1908. 42

Abandoned, deserted, skipped, jumped, shook,
shaken, or slid.

© William O. Haskell, jr., East Lebanon,
N. H. ; 1880 : 1245, Jan. 21. 43

Abandoned farms; comedy drama.

© Melvin L. Severy, Boston; 1894:35582,
July 25. 44

Abanicos japoneses; humorada en 1 acto, divi-
dido en 3 cuadros en pro'sa, de R. Asensio
Mas, musica del maestro Rafael Calleja.
Madrid, R. Velasco. 41 p. 12°.

© Sept. 23, 1909; 2c. Sept. 24, 1909; D:
16906; Ramon Asensio Mas, Madrid. 45

Abatement (The); drama in 4 acts, by W. B.
Carlock. 176 p. obi. 16°. Typewritten.

© Ic. Aug. 18, 1913; D: 34193; Wayne B.

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