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Motion Pictures



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Motion Pictures








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Table of Contents

Motion Pictures, 1940-1949


Series List





Motion Pictures, 1940-1949, is a cumulative cata-
log listing works registered in the Copyright
Office in Classes L and M from January 1 , 1 940,
through December 31, 1949. It continues the
series of cumulative catalogs which began in
1951 with Motion Pictures, 1912-1939. A third
volume, Motion Pictures, 1894-1912, is also being
published (though not as a part of the series) ; it
lists works copyrighted prior to 1912 and identi-
fied as motion pictures by Howard Lamarr
Walls. These three volumes, together with the
current issues of the Catalog of Copyright Entries,
Third Series, Parts 12-13, Motion Pictures and Film-
strips, comprise an unbroken record of the copy-
right registration of motion pictures and, also,
an extensive although not complete record of
motion picture production in the United States
through the entire history of the industry.

The information given in the entries for the
period 1940-1946 was obtained from the record
books of the Copyright Office, the original appli-
cations for the registration of the copyright
claims, and the descriptive material deposited
with the applications and films at the time of
registration. For the period 1947-1949, the
information was transcribed (with slight changes
in the order of the material, for the sake of con-
sistency) from card copy previously used in the
preparation of the semiannual issues of the

Catalog of Copyright Entries, Third Series, Parts
12-13, Motion Pictures. Beginning with July 1,
1949, the title of Parts 12-13 was changed to
Motion Pictures and Filmstrips and filmstrips regis-
tered in Class J were listed. These filmstrips,
however, have been omitted from the cumulative
catalog. The card copy was compared with the
record books and the file of original applications
to make certain that all works registered during
the period were recorded in the catalog. At the
same time any errors in the names of the claim-
ants or the dates of publication found in the card
copy were corrected.

Each entry contains information which
describes the film and identifies the copyright
claimant, the date of the beginning of the copy-
right term, and the copyright registration number.
The descriptive portion of the entries varies con-
siderably in fullness depending on the information
available in the sources used.

The entries for unpublished works contain the
date or dates of deposit in the Copyright Office
of the title, description, and required prints.
The entries for published works contain date of
publication as given in the application for
registration. Deposit of published copies has in
every case been made.

In each entry the name of the claimant is that
given in the application. Information relating

to renewal copyrights or to subsequent changes
of ownership recorded in the Copyright Office
can be ascertained upon request and upon pay-
ment to the Register of Copyrights of the fee
specified in the law for the conduct of a search
of the records. In addition, information relating
to renewal copyrights can be secured by referring
to the issue of the Catalog of Copyright Entries
covering renewal registrations for the particular
class of work during the renewal period.

The publication of the Catalog of Copyright
Entries is authorized by sections 210 and 211 of
Title 17 of the United States Code. Section 210
provides in part: "The current catalog of copy-
right entries and the index volumes herein pro-
vided for shall be admitted in any court as prima
facie evidence of the facts stated therein as
regards any copyright registration."

The purpose of the cumulative catalogs is

threefold: 1) to meet the administrative needs of
the Copyright Office; 2) to provide compact
index volumes to the legal profession, publishers,
authors, and others interested in copyright; and
3) to make available, for other research uses, the
information on record in the Copyright Office,
much of which is not available elsewhere.

A description (including price and instructions
for ordering) of each part of the present Third
Series of the Catalog of Copyright Entries and of
other publications of the Copyright Office is
provided at the back of this volume.

The Copyright Office welcomes inquiries, sug-
gestions, and comments on the content and
organization of the Catalog. Such communica-
tions should be addressed to the Chief of the
Cataloging Division, Copyright Office, Library
of Congress, Washington 25, D. C.

Copyright Registrations of Motion Pictures

January 1, 1940-December 31, 1949

Class L, Motion-picture photoplays 7, 122

Class M, Motion pictures other than photoplays 1 1 > 645

Total ^,' 18, 767

Class M contains many animated cartoons and newsreels as well as nontheatrical films. The letter
P following the class symbol in an entry indicates that the film was registered as a published work;
the letter U, an unpublished work.


How To Use This Catalog

This catalog consists of three parts: Motion Pic-
tures, 1940-1949, which is a list of main entries
under title; an Index of names; and a Series List.
Each part is arranged alphabetically.

Motion Pictures, 19401949

The items which constitute each entry in this
section are given below in the order in which
they appear. The title, name of the claimant,
copyright date, and registration number are
always given; other items are included if appli-
cable to the motion picture and available.

1. Title. Main title, followed by subtitle,
translated title, and alternate title. Cross-
references are made for alternate and trans-
lated titles. When motion pictures are
based on the lives of real persons or when
such persons are mentioned in the titles in
connection with specific episodes in their
lives, such as musical performances or
athletic events, their names are included in
the Index.

2. Production statement. The name of the pro-
ducing company, i.e., the company respon-
sible for the existence of the picture, follows
the title. In some instances two companies
or organizations are concerned with the
production of a film, one with the physical
production, i.e., photographing, editing,
sound recording, etc., the other with plan-
ning, distributing, and sponsoring the mo-
tion picture. In such case the company
concerned with physical production is named
first, followed by the preposition for and the
name of the other company. The name of a
foreign producing company is followed by
the name of the city or country in which it
is located. When the name of a person or
organization is given in the records of the

Copyright Office preceded by the phrase
presented by, the name, together with the
phrase, follows the date (see item 3 below).

3. Date. For published works, the year date of
copyright (see item 10 below) preceded by a
lower case c, (e.g., c!941) follows the pro-
duction statement. If a production date
different from the copyright year date is
given in the records, this information follows
the copyright date. For unpublished works,
no date is given in this position in the entry.

4. Physical description. A full physical descrip-
tion contains information relating to 1) the
length of the film, given in running time,
footage, number of reels or frames; 2) color
or black and white versions; 3) sound or
silent versions; 4) width of the film. Few
of 'the entries in this catalog for the period
prior to 1946 contain full physical descrip-
tions because information on these points
was not included in the records of the
Copyright Office.

5. Motes. Certain information which helps to
identify the motion picture more exactly
is given in the form of notes:

a. The title of the series to which a motion
picture belongs is given immediately
following the physical description.

b. Phrases further identifying persons or
organizations connected with the pro-
duction of a motion picture, such as
Warner Bros. -First National picture, Frank
Capra production, etc., are given in a note
following the series note.

c. Information relating to other titles by
which the motion picture is known, to
other versions, to related material to
be used in connection with the showing
of the motion picture, or to the source
material on which the motion picture
is based, is given in the order named.


6. Summary. A brief statement describing or
characterizing the motion picture is included
whenever it has been printed previously in
an issue of the Catalog of Copyright Entries.

7. Credits. This paragraph contains, when
available, the names of persons associated
with the production of the film in the capac-
ity of producers, directors, writers, narra-
tors, commentators, creators of animation,
composers, music directors and other per-
sons responsible for the music, photogra-
phers or cameramen for travelogs and other
pictures of similar type, and film editors.
In a few instances other credits have been
included. In the case of each person, a
term indicative of the contribution precedes
the name. For films in color, the name of
the process is given, if available, at the end
of the credits statement.

8. Cast. The principal actors are named in
the order of their billing if the information
has been printed previously in an issue of
the Catalog of Copyright Entries.

9. Copyright claimant, date, and registration number.
This paragraph begins with the copyright
symbol . The symbol is followed by:

a. The name of the claimant as it is
given in the application.

b. The date of the beginning of the term
of copyright: for published works, the
date of publication as cited in the
application; for unpublished works, the
date or dates of receipt in the Copy-
right Office of the title, description,
and required prints.

c. The registration number, preceded by
the respective class symbol (L, motion
picture photoplays; M, motion pic-
tures other than photoplays) and, also,
immediately after the class symbol, the
letter P to designate a published work
or U, an unpublished work.

In the case of motion pictures produced as
serials, information relating to the entire serial
precedes that relating to the individual numbers
or episodes in the serial. More than one entry

of a serial is made whenever the descriptive infor-
mation varies for different parts of the serial.
Individual issues of a serial are listed in numerical
sequence or by date; in those cases where the
name or form of name of the claimant has
changed, the issues claimed under a specific
name are listed below it. The copyright symbol
always appears immediately before the name
of the copyright claimant and the copyright date
whenever they are in separate statements. When
duplicate numbers appear in a sequence of
issues, arrangement of the duplicates is by copy-
right date. Omission of an item in a sequence
does not necessarily mean that the item has not
been registered in the Copyright Office, since it
may be included in the catalog under its specific


The second section of this catalog lists the
names of the persons and organizations associated
with the production of the motion pictures de-
scribed in the main section and of the authors of
the novels, dramas, or other works upon which
these motion pictures are based. Also included
are the names of persons on whose lives the motion
pictures are based or whose names appear in the
titles in connection with a musical performance
or athletic event. The names of the persons
listed in the statements of credits in the main
entries are not included. The name of each per-
son or organization is used as a heading, the form
of which is either the one appearing in the Official
Catalog of the Library of Congress or the one
most frequently found in the records of the Copy-
right Office. Similar names have been listed
separately unless it is clear that they identify the
same person or organization. Cross-references
from different forms of the same name and from
pseudonyms are included in the list.

Under each heading are listed alphabetically
the titles of the motion pictures associated with it,
together with their respective year dates, or, for
serials, the word serial, enclosed in parentheses,
in lieu of a date. An asterisk preceding the title
indicates that the name appearing in the heading
is that of the copyright claimant.


Series List

The third section of this catalog lists the series
titles which are given in the main entries. These
frequently appear in varying forms. For each
series, therefore, an established form, based on
the one most frequently used, is given in the head-
ing. Following the heading are references to
other series titles which seem to be related be-
cause the names are similar and the claimants are
the same. Listed below the headings are, first,
the names of the claimants, and, second, the

titles of the motion pictures, each followed by
its date. In the case of serials, the word serial,
enclosed in parentheses, is used in lieu of a date.
The lists of titles under each series may be in-
complete for the period covered by this catalog,
becajase only those titles have been included which
are so identified in the sources used in compiling
the catalog. For some motion pictures two
series titles are given, each of which is entered
separately, since the information available makes
it impossible to differentiate between main series
and subseries.

Abbreviations and Symbols

The following list includes abbreviations and symbols used in this catalog with specific copyright
or bibliographic meanings. Definitions are not given for abbreviations in common use.

a.k.a. also known as

b&w -black and white

copyright symbol

d.b.a. doing business as

descr. description

ft. -feet

LP published motion-picture photoplays

LU unpublished motion-picture photoplays

min. minutes

mm millimeters

MP published motion pictures other than

MU unpublished motion pictures other than

pseud . pseudonym
sd. sound
si. silent
t.a. trading as


Motion Pictures

An alphabetical list, under title, of the main entries for
motion pictures which were registered for copyright during
the years 1940-1949. For full information relating to the
contents of these entries, see How To Use This Catalog, p. vu.


Productions, c!946. Presented by General
Motors Corp. 2 reels, color, 16mm.
Walt Disney Productions; 5Feb46;

ABC PIN UP. Universal Pictures Co., Inc.,
C1944. 1 reel, sd. (Person-Oddity, no. 137)

Credits: Producers, Joseph O'Brien,
Thomas Mead; narrator, Ray Morgan.

Universal Pictures Co., Inc.; 6Dec44;

c!949. Presented by the Savings Banks
Association of the State of New York.
1 reel, sd., b&w, 16mm.

Summary: Shows how the Savings banks
provide security to their depositors and
how they contribute to the welfare of the

Credits: Sumner Lyon; director and
photographer, Harry W. Smith; narrator,
John Rooney.

Savings Banks Assn. of the State of New
York; 21Apr49; MP4040.

Pictures Inc., c!949. 9 min., sd., color,
35mm. (Noveltoon)

Credits: Director, Seymour Kneitel;
narrator, Frank Gallop; animation, Myron
Waldman, Irving Dressier.

Paramount Pictures Inc.; 13May49;

Century-Fox Film Corp., c!942. 6,200 ft.,

Credits: Director, Alfred Werker; original
story, Lou Breslow, Stanley Rauh; screen-
play, Lou Breslow; music director, Emil

Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corp.;
7Aug42; LP11773.

sented by Columbia. 661 ft., sd., color.
(Fox and Crow)

Credits: Producer, Dave Fleischer;
director, Bob Wickersham; story. Jack
Cosgriff; animation, Howard Swift, Phil

Duncan; music, Eddie Kilfeather, Leo
Erdody. Technicolor.
Screen Gems, Inc.; 23Aug43; LP12203.

Pictures Corp., c!94p. 2 reels.

Credits: Director, Del Lord; story and
screenplay, Elwood Ullman.

Columbia Pictures Corp.; 14Mar40;

ABANDONED. Universal Pictures Co., Inc.,
c!949. 79 min., sd., b&w, 35mm.

Summary: A melodrama presented in
semi -documentary style exposing the sale
of illegitimate babies by adoption racke-

Credits: Producer, Jerry Bresler;
director, Joe Newman; story and screen-
play, Irwin Gielgud; music, Walter Scharf;
film editor, Edward Curtiss.

Cast: Dennis O'Keefe, Gale Storm, Jeff
Chandler, Meg Randall, Raymond Burr.

Universal Pictures Co., Inc.; 8Sep49;

Encyclopaedia Britannica Films, Inc.,
C1946. 1 reel, sd., 16mm.
Credits: Collaborator, Willem Rudolfs.
Encyclopaedia Britannica Films, Inc.;
29May46; MP731.

Pictures Co., Inc., c!949. 84 min., sd.,
b&w, 35mm.

Summary: A slapstick murder mystery
about disappearing bodies, assorted killers,
bottomless pits, and a phony swami.

Credits: Producer, Robert Arthur; direc-
tor, Charles T. Barton; story, Hugh Wed-
lock, Jr., Howard Snyder; screenplay, Hugh
Wedlock, Jr., Howard Snyder, John Grant;
music, Milton Schwarzwald; film editor,
Edward Curtiss.

Cast: Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Boris
Karloff, Lenore Aubert, Gar Moore.

Universal Pictures Co., Inc.; 8Sep49;

Inc., c!941. Presented by Metro-Goldwyn-
Mayer. 777 ft., sd., color. (An M. G. M.
Cartoon) A Hugh Harman production.

Credits: Technicolor.

Loew's Inc.; 26Feb41; LP10358.

sented by Max Gordon Plays & Pictures
Corp. 110 min., sd. Based on the play
by Robert E. Sherwood.

Credits: Producer, Max Gordon; director,
John Cromwell; screenplay, Robert E.
Sherwood; adaptation, Grover Jones; music
score, Roy Webb; editor, George Hively.

RKO Radio Pictures, Inc.; 22Jan40;

Distributing Corp. of America, Inc., c!941.
1 reel, sd.

Soundies Distributing Corp. of America,
Inc.; 24Nov41; MP11771.

ABIE'S IRISH ROSE. Bing Crosby Pro-
ducers, Inc., C1946. 96 min., sd., b&w,
35mm. Based on Anne Nichol's play.

Credits: Producer and director, A. Ed-
ward Sutherland; screenplay, Anne Nichols;
adaptation, Anne Wigton, Rip Van Ronkel;
music score, John Scott Trotter; film editor,
Harvey Manger.

Cast: Michael Chekhov, Joanne Dru,
Richard Norris, J. M. Kerrigan, George E.

Bing Crosby Producers, Inc.; 27Dec46;

ABILENE TOWN. Guild Productions. Inc.
Released through United Artists Corp.,
C1946. Presented by Jules Levey. 89 min.,
sd. From the novel "Trail Town by
Ernest Haycox.

Credits: Producer, Jules Levey; director,
Edwin L. Marin; screenplay, Harold
Shumate; music director, Nat W. Finston;
film editor, Richard Heermance.

Guild Productions, Inc.; Iljan46;

Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corp., c!949.
11 min., sd., b&w, 35mm.

Cumulative Copyright Catalog

(Movietone Adventures)

Summary: Shows the Flattop Midway on
maneuvers in the Caribbean, and demon-
strates takeoffs and landings of fighter
planes F8F and carrier jets.

Credits: Producer, Edmund Reek;
narrator, Joe King; music score, L. De-
Francesco; cameraman, Jack Painter;
film editor, Arthur Lincer.

Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corp.;
12Oct49; MP4821.

ABOU BEN BOOGIE. C1944. Presented by
Universal. 1 reel, sd., color. (Walt Lantz
Swing Symphony) (A Walt Lantz Cartune)

Credits: Producer, Walt Lantz; director,
James Culhane; story, Ben Hardaway,
Milt Schaffer; animation. Paul Smith;
music, Darrell Calker. Technicolor.

Universal Pictures Co., Inc. and Walter
Lantz Productions; 14Aug44; MP15259.

ABOU BEN BOOGIE. Soundies Distributing
Corp. of America, Inc., c!944. 1 reel, sd.

Soundies Distributing Corp. of America,
Inc.; 17Apr44; MP14728.

ABOUT FACE. Released through United
Artists, C1942. Presented by Hal Roach.
5 reels, sd.

Credits: Producer, Fred Guiol; director,
Kurt Neumann; original screenplay, Eugene
Conrad, Edward E. Seabrook; music score,
Edward Ward; film editor, Bert Jordan.

Hal Roach Studios, Inc.; HMay42;

ABOVE SUSPICION. Loew's Inc., c!943.
Presented by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.
9 reels, sd., b&w. Based on the novel
by Helen Maclnnes.

Credits: Producer, Victor Saville; direc-
tor, Richard Thorpe; screenplay, Keith
Winter, Melville Baker, Patricia Coleman;
music score, Bronislau Kaper; film editor,
George Hively.
Loew's Inc.; 21May43; LP12090.

ABRAHAM'S FAITH. Church-Craft Pictures,
Inc., c!948. 16 min., sd., b&w, 16mm.
Based on the 22d chapter of Genesis.

Summary: Abraham demonstrates his
faith in God, as he obeys His directions
concerning the sacrifice of his son Isaac.

Credits: Screenplay, Ralph Jester.

Church-Craft Pictures, Inc.; 20Oct48;

ABRIGO. Encyclopaedia Britannica Films,
Inc., in collaboration with Wallace W. At-
wood, c!947. 1 reel, sd., b&w, 16mm.
Portuguese version of "Shelter."

Encyclopaedia Britannica Films, Inc.;
24Jan47; MP1623.

ABROAD AT HOME. Columbia Pictures
Corp., C1941. 851 ft., sd. (New York
Parade, series 1, no. 2)

Credits: Director, Edmund L. Dorfman;
story and narration, Hershfield; photog-
raphers, Edward Horton, Daniel Cavelli;
editor. Marc S. Asch.

Columbia Pictures Corp.; 27Mar41;

Small Productions, Inc. Released through
United Artists, c!944. 86 min., sd. Based
on an original story by Fred Guiol.

Credits: Director, Allan Dwan; screen-
play, Charles Rogers, Wilkie Mahoney,
Ted Sills; adaptation, Edward E. Seabrook,
Tedwell Chapman; music director, Lud
Gluskin; film editor, Richard Heermance.

Edward Small Productions, Inc.;
10Jul44; LP12862.

ABUSEMENT PARK. Paramount Pictures
Inc., c!947. 7 min., sd., color, 35mm.
(Popeye the Sailor Cartoon)

Credits: Director, I. Sparber; story, Joe
Stultz, Carl Meyer.

Paramount Pictures Inc.; 25Apr47;

Encyclopaedia Britannica Films, Inc.,
c!946. 1 reel, sd., 16mm.

Credits: Collaborator: Carey Croneis.

Encyclopaedia Britannica Films, Inc.;
6Jun46; MP724.

paedia Britannica Films, Inc., c!946.
1 reel, sd., 16mm.

Credits: Collaborator, Carey Croneis.

Encyclopaedia Britannica Films, Inc.;
24Jun46; MP833.

ACCENT ON COURAGE. Twentieth Century-
Fox Film Corp., c!943. 1 reel, sd.
(The World Today)

Credits: Producer, Edmund Reek;
described by Hugh James; music score,
L. de Francesco; film editor, Russ Sheilds.

Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corp.;
30Apr43; MP14789.

ACCENT ON LOVE. Twentieth Century-Fox
Film Corp., c!941. 5,560 ft., sd.

Credits: Director, Ray McCarey; original
story, Dalton Trumbo; screenplay, John
Larkin; music director, Emil Newman.

Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corp.;
llJul41; LP10588.

ACCESSORY ASSEMBLY; tools and pro-
cedures. Loucks & Norling Studios, c!944-
45. Loucks & Norling Studios.

1. Hand Soldering. 1 reel. Appl. author:
Jack Norling. Uan45; MP15822.

2. High Frequency Soldering. 2 reels.
Appl. author: Dana Noyes. 23Jun44;

ACCOMPLICE. c!946. 7 reels, sd., 35mm.
From the novel "Simon Lash, Private
Detective" by Frank Gruber.

Credits: Producer, John K. Teaford;
director, Walter Colmes; screenplay,
Irving Elman, Frank Gruber; music score,
Alexander Laszlo; photographer. Jockey
Feindel; film editor, Robert Jahns.

Appl. author: P. R. C. Pictures, Inc.

Pathe Industries, Inc.; 12Sep46; LP597.

Book Co., Inc., c!947. 9 min., sd., b&w,
16mm. (Engineering Drawing, film 1)

Summary: A film designed to develop in
beginning students of engineering drawing
the feeling that the subject is interesting
and important, and that modern production,
which requires the work of many people on
a single project, needs a common language,
that of engineering drawing, to co-ordinate

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