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(BEFORE 1800)










L. C. card, 12-35008

For Sale by the

Superintendent of Documents

Government Printing Office

Washington, D. C.

Price, 60 Cents


l 3 G


The "musical renaissance" movement is placing ever increasing
treasures of olden time music before us in the form of "Denkmaler"
and similar, more or less, monumental publications, edited by com-
petent musical scholars. Thus the old masters, of music are again
accessible to libraries which could not and can not acquire them in
the very costly and scarce original editions, and this remark applies
for obvious reasons to practically all American libraries.

While therefore the evolution of modern music may be fairly well
reconstructed through the medium of these modern editions of old
music, it is entirely different with the old books on music in which
there lies stored such a great wealth of historical suggestion and fact.
They are not accessible in reprint, if we except certain works by
standard authors — I mention at random Altenburg, Agricola, St.
Augustine, Bach, Blankenburgh, Boethius, Diruta, Glarean, Haw-
kins, Mattheson, Parfaict, Praetorius, Quantz, Ramos de Pareja,
Schlick, Virdung, Zacconi. Confronted by this fact, the Library of
Congress, immediately after the reorganization of the Music Division
in 1902, undertook systematically to collect the old books on music
in the original (because practically, only available) editions. In the
short space of ten years it was, of course, impossible to acquire every
rare book of moment and in some instances this was due less to
rarity than to prohibitive cost. Fortunately, a few such books
are available either in modern reprints at the Library of Con-
gress, or they found their way years ago, when prices were less
exasperating, to other American libraries, principally the Boston
Public, the New York Public and the Newberry Library of Chicago.
It would be unsafe to assume that an old book on music is not to be
found in America because it happens to be wanting here in the largest
American collection of the kind.

Possibly, if fortune favors us, certain annoying gaps in our own
collections, annoying because of the otherwise comprehensive character
of the collections, will gradually disappear. But, whether or not
fortune will so favor us, it was felt that the publication of a catalogue
of the old books on music already in the Library of Congress — prob-
ably more than a third of the entire output before 1800 — had become
advisable in the interest of musicology at home and abroad. One
point, however, should not be overlooked. It has not been the
policy of the Library of Congress to collect every or even many edi-



tions of a rare book, much less every known translation. The mat-
ter embodied in the edition usually decided our choice of edition.
Nor did first editions without distinguishing matter tempt us, merely
because they were Jlrst editions. Such a complete representation of
the typographical history of a book may be and is a legitimate desid-
eratum in special collections, but is not necessarily an essential in a
general collection as planned by the Library of Congress.

This catalogue is practically the work of Miss Julia Gregory of the
Catalogue Division, and, with revisions and certain modifications,
represents the catalogue cards prepared since 1902. The adoption of
the Anglo-American code of rules some years later will account for
occasional slight variations in form between earlier and later entries.
Suggestions that would naturally be offered from time to time by the
chief of the Music Division, in whose custody the books are kept,
have not materially affected the character of Miss Gregory's work.
He assumes, however, the full responsibility for the form of this
book, and for a few minor deviations from the code of "Catalogue
rules, compiled by Committees of the American Library Association
and the (British) Library Association," published 1908 with the
modifications in force in the Catalogue Division of the Library of
Congress. In case of doubt as to the meaning of a collation, etc., the
user of the Catalogue is referred to that publication.

To avoid misunderstanding, it may be stated that the entries have
as a rule been restricted to books dealing exclusively or in an essential
degree with music. Many of the latter are not shelved in the Music
Division, but elsewhere, and this accounts for classification symbols
other than M, ML and MT to be found in this catalogue. Books dealing
only incidentally with music, such as Forkel, for instance, enumerates,
have been excluded for practical reasons, though their incidental
musical matter may possess a greater scientific value than treatises
devoted exclusively to music. Finally, a subject index has been
dispensed with after mature reflection, principally because the old
books do not lend themselves satisfactorily to modern subject head-
ings, and because a really useful subject index would have involved
analytical labor of such magnitude as to be clearly out of proportion
to its usefulness for the musicological expert, the person for whom
alone it could possess a practical value. At the end of the volume
will be found an "Index to anonymous works, including references
to special contents" as compiled by me, and entries for books received
too late for insertion in the main alphabet.

O. G. Sonneck
Chief, Music Division
Herbert Putnam

Librarian of Congress

Washington, D. C, May, 1913


« J.



See Sendschreiben an die herren verfasser der Freyen urtheile,
1750. ♦

A., J. A.

See Keinspeck, M. Liliu musice plane [1506]

ABC Dario musico. Bath, Printed for the authors, and sold at
the rooms; [etc., etc.] 1780.

1 p. I., iii, [5]-51 p. 21} cm .
Critical notices of the principal musicians of the period, resident in England.


Aaron, Pietro.

Compendiolo di molti dvbbi, segreti et sentenze intorno al canto
fermo, et figvrato, da molti eccellenti & consumati musici dichiarate,
raccolte dallo eccellente & scienzato autore frate Pietro Aron del
ordine de Crosachieri & della inclita citta di Firenze. In memoria
eterna erit Aron, et nomen eius nunquam destruetur. In Milano,
Per Io. Antonio da Castelliono stampatore [ca. 1545]

[76] p. 21i cm .'

Printer's mark on t.-p. Signatures: 4 1. unsigned, A-C, A-D in fours, E in


Libri tres de institvtione harmonica editi a Petro Aaron Flor&itino
interprete Io. Antonio Flam. Foro Cornelite. [Colophon: Impressum
Bononiae in aedibus Benedicti Hectoris bibliopolae bononiensis.
Tempore pontificates domini nostri Leonis pape decimi. mcccccxvi]

62 numb. 1. 20i cm .
Title within ornamental border; printer's mark at end. Leaf 39 numbered 38.


Lvcidario in mvsica di alcvne oppenioni antiche, et moderne con
le loro oppositioni, & resolution^ con molti altri secreti appresso, &
questiom da altrui anchora non dichiarati, composto dall' eccellente,
& consumato musico Pietro Aron del ordine de Crosachieri, & della
citta di Firenze. [Colophon: In Vinegia appresso Girolamo Scotto.
Nel m.d.xlv]

12 unnumb. 1., 41 numb. 1. illus. (port.) 21£xl5£ cm .


Toscanello in mvsica di messer Piero Aron . . . nvovamente stam-
pato con laggivnta da lvi fatta et con diligentia corretto . . .
[Colophon: Stampato in Vinegia per maestro Bernardino & maestro
Matheo de Vitali Venitiani el di v. de iulii mille cinquecento. xxix.]

[124] p. illus. 29 cm .

Initials. Signatures: a, A-K in fours, L in six, M-N in fours, O in six. On
verso of [a iiii] is a full page illustration representing Aaron in his lecture room
which appears also in his "Trattato," 1525. In this copy the signature L 6, origi-
nally blank, contains in contemporary (?) hand "Versus de ligaturis I musica "
an^ commentary.



Aaron, Pietro — Continued.

Trattato della natvra et cognitione di tvtti gli tvoni^di canto
figvrato non da altrvi piv scritti, composti per Messer Piero Aaron
mvsico fiorentino canonico in Rimini maestro di casa del reve do et
magnifico cavaliere hierosolimitano Messer Sebastiano Michele priore
di Vinetia. [Colophon: Impresso in Vinegia per Maestro Bernardino
de Vitali Venitiano el di qvarto di agosto. m.ccccc.xxv. Con

[48] p. illus. 30£ cm .

Signatures: 3 1. unsigned, a in three, b-d in twos, e-g in fours.

Title within ornamental border, consisting of an architectural design supported
by columns, with portraits of famous classical authors, and at foot the Muses in two
groups; initials.

Bound with L. of C. copy of the author's Toscanello in musica, is a supplement
to the present work, comprising 12 p., sig. aa-[aa6], with colophon "Stampato in
Vinegia per Bernardino de Vitali Venetiano. m.d.xxxi," but without title.


Abbe lejils.

See Saint-Sevin, Joseph Barnabe.

Abercorn, James Hamilton, 7th earl of, 1685-1744.
See Pepusch, J. C. A short treatise on harmony, 1730.

Abguerbe, Quentin Godin d\
See Godin d' Abguerbe, Quentin.

Abhandlung von den pantomimen, historisch und critisch
ausgefuhrt. Hamburg, C. S. Geissler, 1749.

6 p. 1., 81 p. 18i cm .

Preface dated: Hamburg, im jennermonate, 1749.

Attributed to Johann Mattheson by Paul Trommsdorff (Zeitschrift fur biicher-
freunde x 3 beiblatt p. 7) on the authority of the Gesamtkatalog der preussi-
schen bibliotheken. In the British museum catalogue the work is ascribed to
Johann Christoph Strodtmann.


Abreu, Antonio.

Escuela para tocar con perfeccion la guitarra de cinco y seis
ordenes, con reglas generates de mano izquierda y derecha. Trata
de las cantorias y pasos dificiles que se pueden ofrecer, con metodo
facil de executarlas con prontitud y limpieza por una y otra mano.
Compuesta por D. Antonio Abreu . . . Ilustrada y aumentada con
varios divertimientos honestos y utiles para los aficionados a este
instrumento: por el P. F. Victor Prieto ... La da a luz su apa-
sionado N. N. Salamanca, En la imprenta de la Calle del prior, 1799.

107 p. 3 pi. (music) 20 cm .



Academy of ancient music, London.

Letters from the Academy of ancient musick at London, to Sig r
Antonio Lotti of Venice: witn his answers and testimonies. London,
Printed by G. James, 1732.

1 p. 1., 41 p. 20 om .

The letters are given in the original Latin, French or Italian, with English
translation on opposite pages.


R. Accademia filarmonica, Bologna.

Statuti owero costituzioni de' signori accademici filarmonici di
Bologna promulgati sotto gli auspici dell' eminentissimo, e reveren-
dissimo principe il Sig. cardinale rietro Ottoboni*. . . degnissimo
protettore di detta accademia. Bologna, G. B. Bianchi, 1721.

4 p. l.,52p. 23 cm .


Adami da Bolsena, Andrea, 1663-1742.

Osservazioni per ben regolare il coro de i cantori della Cappella
pontificia, tanto nelle funzioni ordinarie, che straordinarie, fatte da
Andrea Adami da Bolsena, tra gl'Arcadi Caricle Piseo, maestro della
medesima cappella . . . Roma, A. de' Rossi, 1711.

10 p. 1., xlvj, 215, [3] p. illus. (ports.) port. 24J x 17 cm .

Title vignette; tail-pieces. Added t.-p., engr.


Adgate, Andrew, d. 1793.

See Introductory lessons, practised by the Uranian society [1785]

Adlung, Jacob, 1699-1762.

M. Jacob Adlungs . . . Anleitung zu der musikalischen gelahrt-
heit; theils vor alle gelehrte, so das band aller wissenschaften
einsehen; theils vor die liebhaber der edlen tonkimst uberhaupt;
theils und sonderlich vor die, so das clavier vorzuglich lieben; theils
vor die orgel- und instrumentmacher. Mit kupfern und einer vorrede
des . . . herrn Johann Ernst Bachs . . . Erfurt, J. D. Jungnicol,

30, 814, [34] p. vm pi. 18 cm .

Pages 551 and 623 numbered 581 and 62 respectively.


M. Jacob Adlungs . . . Anleitung zur musikalischen gelahrt-

heit, worinn von der theorie und praxis der alten und neuen musik,
von den musikalischen instrumenten, besonders der orgel, nachricht
gegeben, und die in jedes fach gehorigen bucher bekannt gemacht
werden. 2. aufl., besorgt von Johann Adam Hiller. Dresden und
Leipzig, Breitkopfische buchhandlung, 1783.

8 p. 1., 976 p. vm pi. 18 cm .
The plates, numbered "tab. I-vTII," are on 4 folding leaves.



Adlung, Jacob — Continued.

Musica mechanica organoedi. Das ist: Grundlicher unterricht
von der struktur, gebrauch und erhaltung, &c. der orgeln, clavicym-
bel, clavichordien und anderer instrumente, in so fern einem orga-
nisten von solchen sachen etwas zu wissen ndhtig ist. Vorgesteflet
von M. Jakob Adlung . . . Aus der hinterlassenen handschrift des
seel. hrn. verfassers in ordnung gebracht, mit einigen anmerkungen
und einer vorrede versehen, und zum drucke bef 6rdert von M. Johann
Lorenz Albrecht . . . Nebst zwey tabellen und vielen figuren.
Berlin, F. W. Birnstiel, 1768.

2 v. in 1 (v. 1: 3 p. 1., [3]— 291 p.; v. 2: 4 p. 1., xx, 185, [13] p., 1 1.) illue.,
11 diagr. on n pi. 21| x 18 cm .

Title of v. 2 varies slightly.

Contains additions by J. F. Agricola, and an autobiography of Adlung (v.
2, p. ii-xiv)


M. Jakob Adlungs . . . Musikaliscbes siebengestirn. Das ist:
Sieben zu der edlen tonkunst geh6rige fragen, welche derselbe, auf
erhaltenen befehl der Churfurstl. maynzischen akademie niitzlicher
wissenschaften in Erfurt, anfanglich in lateinischer sprache beant-
wortet, nachgehends aber ins deutsche ubersetzet hat. Aus der
hinterlassenen eigenen deutschen handschrift des seel, herrn verfas-
sers mit einer vorrede ans licht gestellet von M. Johann Lorenz
Albrecht . . . Nebst einer noten-tabelle. Berlin, F. W. Birnstiel,

x, [ll]-34 p., 1 1. illus. 22£xl8£ cm .


Affillard, Michel 1'.

See L' Affillard, Michel.

Agricola, Johann Friedrich, 1720-1774.

See Adlung, J. Musica mechanica organoedi, 1768.

Agricola, Johann Friedrich, 1720-1774, translator.
See Tosi, P. F. Anleitung zur singkunst, 1757.

Agricola, Martin, 1486-1556.

Musica || Chora- || lis || Deudsch. || Mart. Agricola. || 1533. [Colo-
pTion: Gedruckt zu Wittemberg durch || Georgen Rhaw]

[96] p. 14£ cm .

Title within historiated border, the sides formed by two figures playing the
flute and drum, with the first notes of a Te Deum for four parts above and below.
Signatures: A-F in eights (Eij and Eiij signed Dij and Diij respectively)


Musica || Figu- || ralis || Deudsch. || Mart. Agricola. [Colophon:
Gedruckt zu Wit || temberg durch || Georgen Rhaw || m..d. xxxij]
[240] p. tables, diagr. 15£ c



Agricola, Martin — Continued.

Title in red and black, within historiated border with printer's mark.

On verso of t.-p.: Musica figuralis mit ihren zugeh6renden exempeln / sampt
einem besunderlichen schonen buchlein von den proportionibus / welch e alien
gemeinen sengern / instrumentisten vnd anhebern dieser kunst / gantz nutz-
barlich zu wissen / auffs einfeltigst vnd vorstentlichst jns deudsche verfasset.

In two parts. The second part has special t.-p. with ornamental border: Von
den || Propor- 1| cionibus. || Wie dieselbigen inn |f die Noten wircken / vnd || wie
sie im figural ge- || sang gebraucht || werden. || Mart. Agricola. [Colophon:
Gedruckt zu Wittemberg || durch Georgen || Rhaw]

Signatures: A-M in eights, N in four, A-B in eights, C in four (for Cii is
printed Bii)


Musica instru- || metalis deudsch jl yrm welcher begrif- || fen ist / wie
man || noch dem gesange auff mancnerley || Pfeiffen lernen sol / Auch
wie auff || die Orgel / Harffen / Lauten / Gei- II gen / vnd allerley
Instrument vnd || Seytenspiel / noch der recht- || gegrundten Tabel-
thur || sey abzusetzen. || Mart. Agricola. [Colophon: Gedruckt zu Wit-
temberg || durch Georgen Rhaw.]

lvi numb. 1., 4 1. illus., 4 fold. pi. 15 cm .

In verse.

Title in red and black. Leaves and first three plates printed on both sides.
Leaves xxxviij, xlvij, liij numbered xxxvi, 47, liiij respectively. Part of plate 2
torn off.

Ms. note on fly-leaf (by A. Wotquenne?): Edition originale, quoiqu'en dise
Eitner, i, 60-61, qui confond toutes ces Editions. <


Rvdimenta || mvsices, qvibvs canen- || di artificivm compen-
diosissime complexum, pue- || ris vna cum Monochor- | di dimensione
traditur, || per || Mar. Agricolam. || Vitebergae apud | Geor. Rhaw.
Anno. || 1539.

[62] p. 14£ cm .

Title within ornamental border.

Signatures: A-C in eights, D in seven (Diiij signed Ciiij) According to
Weckerlin's catalogue of the library of the Conservatoire national, Paris, 1885,
the work should comprise 40 leaves, the last part being a eulogy 1 ^ the science of
music in Latin verse by Johann Spangenberg.


Aiguino, niuminato, o. 1520?

La illvminata de tvtti i tvoni di canto fermo, con alcvni bellissimi
secreti, non d'altrui piu scritti, composta per il reverendo padre frate
Illuminato Aiguino da Bressa . . . venetia, A. Gardano, 1562.

58 numb. 1., [4] p. 22 cm . *

Title vignette (port.) initials; printer's mark at end.


II tesoro illvminato di tvtti i tvoni di canto figvrato, con alcvni
bellissimi secreti, non da altri pitt scritti: nuouamente composto dal
reuerendo padre frate Illuminato Aijguino Bresciano . . . Venetia,
G. Varisco, 1581.

2 p. 1., 88 numb. 1., [8] p. port. 22£ x 17 cm .




Alard, Lambert, 1602-1672.

Lamp. Alardi . . . De veterum musica liber singularis: in fine
accessit Pselli sapientissimi Musica e grseco in latinum sermonem
translata, autore eodem . . . Schleusingae, sumtibus H. Grosii jun.,
excusus typis P. Fabri, 1636.

11 p. 1., 203 p. fold. tab. 12J cm .

"WeXXoo Trjc hooocktjc oOvo<j>cc r^pc^ioKkvi^i]" : p. 177-189. "Pselli De musica
compendium exactissimum. Interprete Lamperto Alardo": p. 189-203.


Albar . . . , Comte d', pseud.

Lettre familiere de M. le comte d'Albar ... a M me . la ducbesse
de L * * * Sur l'opera. [n. p., ca. 1790]

15 p. 21£ cm .
Caption title.

Alberti, J., editor.

See Reichardt, J. F. Geist des Musikaliscben kunstmagazins,

Albrecht, Johann Lorenz, 1732-1773.

M. Johann Lorenz Albrecht. Abhandlung fiber die frage: ob die
musik bey dem gottesdienste der christen zu dulden, oder nicht . . .
Berlin, F. W. Birnstiel, 1764.

32 p. 20* x 17 cm .


Gnindliche einleitung in die anfangslehren der tonkunst. Zum
gebrauche musikalischer lehrstunden nebst einer erklarung der vor-
nehmsten sowohl in der vokal- als instrumentalmusik vorkommenden
kunstw6rter, und einem kurzen abrisse einer musikalischen biblio-
thek, abgefasset von m. Johann Lorenz Albrecht . . . Langensalza,
J. C. Martini, 1761.

8 p. 1., 136 p. 21£ x 17£ em .

Albrecht, Johann Lorenz, 1732-1773, editor.

See Adlting, J. Musica mechanica organoedi, 1768.
Musikalisches siebengestirn, 1768.

Albrecht, Johann Wilhelm, 1703-1736.

Tractatus physicus de effectibus musices in corpus animatum,
authore D. Jo. Wilh. Albrecht . . . Lipsise, apud J. C. Martini,

4 p. 1., 136 p. 15£ cln ,




Albrechtsberger, Johann Georg, 1736-1809.

Johann Georg Albrechtsbergers . . . Griindliche anweisung zur
composition; mit deutlichen und ausfuhrlichen exempeln, zum
selbstunterrichte, erlautert; und mit einem annange: von der be-
schaffenheit und anwendung aller jetzt liblichen musikalischen in-
strumente. Leipzig, J. G. I. Breitkopf, 1790

2 p. 1., 440 p. 24£ x 20 cm .


Kurzgefasste methode den generalbass zu erlernen, von herrn G.
Albrechtsberger . . . Wien und Mainz, Artaria compagnie [1792]

1 p. 1., 36 p. 24£ x 35 em .

Engraved throughout.

"Beispiele iiber alle intervalla " : p. 17-36.


Alembert, Jean Le Rond d\ 1717-1783.

filemens de musique, theorique et pratique, suivant les principes
de M. Rameau. Paris, David l'aine [etc.] 1752.

xvj, 171, [1] p., 1 1. 10 fold. pi. (partly music) 20J cm . (With Gresset, Jean
B. L. Discours sur l'harnionie. Paris, 1737)


Elemens de musique, theorique et pratique, suivant les prin-
cipes de M. Rameau, eclaircis, developpes et simplifies, par M.
d' Alembert . . . Nouv. ed., rev., cor. & considerablement augm.
Lyon, J.-M. Bruyset, 1762.

2 p. 1., xxxvj, 236, [3] p. 10 fold. pi. (partly music) 20 cm .

"Reponse a, une lettre imprimeedeM. Rameau" (p. 211-231) was first pub. in
Le Mercure, March, 1762, as "Lettre a M. Rameau, pour prouver que le corps
sonore ne nous donne et ne peut nous donner par lui-meme aucune idee dea


filemens de musique, theorique et pratique, suivant les prin-
cipes de M. Rameau, eclaircis, developpes et simplifies, par M.
d' Alembert . . . Nouv. efl., rev., cor. & considerablement augm.
Lyon, J.-M. Bruyset, 1766.

2 p. 1., xxxvj, 236, [2] p., 1 1. 10 fold. pi. (partly music) 20 cm .


Elemens de musique, theorique et pratique, suivant les prin-

cipes de M. Rameau, eclaircis, developpes et simplifies, par M.
d'Alembert . . . Nouv. ed., rev., cor. & considerablement augm.
Lyon, J. M. Bruyset, 1772.

2 p. 1., xxxvj, 236, [3] p. 10 fold. pi. (partly music) 20J cm . ( With Kalkbren-
ner, Christian. Histoire de la musique. Paris [etc.] 1802)


Hrn. d' Alembert . . . Systematische einleitun^ in die musi-

calische setzkunst, nach den lehrsatzen des herrn Rameau. Aus
dem franz6sischen ubersetzt und mit anmerkungen vermehret von
Friedr. Wiln. Marpurg. Leipzig, J. G. I. Breitkopf, 1757.
6 p. 1., 136 p. 22£ x 18£ c


See also Baton, C. Examen de la lettre de M. Rousseau, 1753.


[Alexis de Sainte Anne, brother]

Methode du chant ecclesiastique, qui contient les vraies regies de
la bonne modulation, & les premiers elemens de la composition . . .
[Paris] i'mpr. de C. J. F. Ballard, 1752.

iv, 62, [2] p. 17£ cn \

Signed: Frere Alexis de Sainte Anne, religieux carme de la province de


Algarotti, Francesco, conte, 1712-1764.

Saggio sopra l'opera in musica . . . Livomo, M. Coltellini, 1763.

157 p. 18 cm .

Title vignette. The author's name occurs in the caption of the dedication.
Includes the texts of Algarotti's librettos "Enea in Troja" and "Iphigenie
en Aulide."
1st edition 1755.


An essay on the opera. Written in Italian by Count Alga-
rotti . . . Glasgow, R. Une, 1768.
iv, [3]-124, [2], 125-182 p. 16 cin .


Allacci, Leone, 1586-1669.

Drammaturgia di Lione Allacci, accresciuta e continuata fino al-
l'anno mdcclv. Venezia, G. Pasquali, 1755.

4 p. 1., 1016 col. 24 cm .

Rev. and continued by Giovanni Cendoni, Apostolo Zeno and others.
1st edition Rome, 1666.


Allgemeine musikalische zeitung . . . 1.-50. jahrg., oct. 1798-
1848; neue folge 1.-3. jahrg., 1863-65; [3. folge] 1.-17. jahrg.,

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