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And little by little we turn aside.

Sin creeps in and leaves her rust
As slowly we ride along with the tide.

Smoothly at first we glide along

And laugh at the seaman's warning cry.

Lured by the mermaid's rippling song

We heed not the sigh of the wind passing by.


A storm in its fury soon darkens the sky,
And the distant roar of the tempest we hear,

Tossed by the waves like a shell thrown high
We tremble with fear for danger is near.

Now upon God we willingly call.

To guard and to guide, to forgive the past.
Without divine help, we must give up all.

On the rocks be cast to perish at last.

How eager we promise to change our ways.
Out of our hearts all evil to thrust,

To live better lives the rest of our days.
For God is just, in him we'll trust.

O, so often our vows are broken

W'hen safely returned to those most dear.
Though at the time so solemnly spoken

They are made from fear that death is near.

Only a little at a time you know,
Perhaps our lives are often misled.

Our mistakes are small, we let them go,
And thus by a thread we follow the web.

'Till deep entangled we might fight the foe
E're he tightens the coils around our feet,

The scars from sin will always show

As the rust from heat that blights the wheat.

But God will warn in many ways

To remind us of sins and vows once made,

And conscience oft our guilt portrays

Till our crimes are weighed in nightly


'Tis thus in the midnight's silent hour
When all are slumbering in peaceful rest,

Our sins loom up like a ghostly tower

To haunt and to test our souls thus im-

Our lives are before us like a map laid bare
And every wrong action, plainly outlined

As others have seen us we see ourselves there
And the heart and mind are clearly defined.

Remorse steps out in the pale moonlight,
And sternly refuses sleep or repose,

'Til regret and pain far in the night
Deadens our woes and our eyelids close.

Where there's a will, there's always a way
And if we wish to succeed in life

We must carefully study God's laws each day
As a slip from the knife may end in strife.

If our lives are unhappy we make them so,
By refusing to follow the golden rule,

Shall we, like the brute give blow for blow,
And act as a tool for man's cesspool ?



Love brings joy for all of us

When with a kindly thought.
The air seems filled with music

Which a loving message brought.
O, the peace and blissful harmony

Which that little dove may carry
Joining thus both hearts and hands

'Til with love they intermarry.

'^Je Sroton Cottage i|ome

Goodbye, old home. T must leave you forever

For the farm has been sold today,
And the crumbling walls I loved so well

Will now be torn away.
All the old buildings are shattered and worn,

They have stood for many long years.
And while I gaze on the brown cottage home

I cannot keep back the tears.

This morning I strolled o'er the meadow and

And list'd to the robin's sweet song.
At the foot of the hill was the same little brook

Sparkling and dancing along.
Many were the hours that I spent when a

With my feet in that rippling stream.
And while I recall those once happy days

It seems like a vision or dream.


In the orchard grove, just west of the house

Was a favored spot to me,
Here with my books I used to sit

In the shade of an old apple tree.
Sometimes I thought my childish grief

Was more than I could bear
Then would I seek my cool shady nook

And find sweet solace there.

Old Father Time hath vanished those days

And they will return no more.
But oft in dreams I recall them again,

And I am a child as of yore.

Mother is gone, worn out with her toil,

And Father is feeble and old,
All of their children are married and gone

And so the old farm has been sold.

Then goodbye, old home,
The parting is hard,

For well have I learned to love you,
But the beautiful truths imparted here

Shall guard life's journey through.


7St BinD to ttit SiQtn

We love to guide and shelter

The innocent in life,
The little tottering babe

We shield from worldly strife.

The youth in strength and beaaty
Receive our loudest praise

For all of future greatness,
These manly boys must raise.

We cherish every maiden

Whose life is pure and sweet.

And much of earthly goodness
We pray that she may meet.

O look upon the aged

With thoughts more tender still,
For now their walls are crumbling

And weak doth seem the will.

Forsake not these old veterans
Though beauty may have fled,

Though they seem only waiting
To lie among the dead.

Why should not death be welcome,

It sets the prisoner free
Gives newer, purer bodies

Than earthly ones can be.


The trembling hand, and tottering form

And wrinkled, kindly face,
The silver threads from these old heads

Doth bring us no disgrace.

They once were young and bithesome

As youths and maidens now,
But God in time his mark hath placed

Upon each withered brow.

They feel that earth is earthy,

That frames to dust return,
That heaven alone deals heavenly

For which so many yearn.

If sin hath marred their pathway,
And life seems filled with gloom,

Have pity, O ye mortals,
They still await their doom.

Have pity, for they suffer

From sins of other days,
Could they grow young in years again

How changed would be their ways.

Beware, for you may journey

Through life for many years.
Perhaps you, too, may weary,

And your eyes oft dim with tears.

May you not be as helpless

As those whom now you shun,
And long for love and kindness

When life is almost done.


Give thought to those who sheltered

Under their kindly wing
The happy little children

That used to romp and sing.

Our nations were made stronger

For they were heroes brave,
Shall not forsake these soldiers

Because they near the grave.

O shame on ye who falter
To care for those grown old,

These blossoms, though they're withered
The angels wall enfold.

O do not idle away your time.
Golden opportunities will pass
Never to be regained.
The most of our lives are wasted
In thoughtlessness without action.
Shall we lose that which we might gain ?
O the flowers that die from the want of drink.
O the souls that perish o'er Satan's brink.
There is no time to waste in despair
Rise up and work while the morning is fair.
We ask each other what shall we do.
Do your duty today and tomorrow will bring


Her work if you strive to win your way to

Through noble deeds and actions ye certainly
Will find it. 'Tis the little foxes that destroy

the vines,
'Tis the little sins that eat and destroy.
Purify your own soul and then cast her
Pure light into the darkness about you.
You ask for help, help yourself all you can
And then leave the rest to that Unseen Power
You cannot understand nor resist.
O life is a grand awakening.
Fill the precious hours with labor.
Rest comes sure and soon.
Do your best, you will never regret it.
Though it be hard 'tis better farther on.
The beautiful mystery of life will some day

be explained.
Work and wait not. Do not leave for others
That which you can do. Your work is laid

out before you.
Do it well lest the golden opportunity pass.


Conquet Mtticultie^


Yes balmy

Teach us to ride

All billows that hide

On the rough world's side.

Teach us to guide

Our pilots aright,

For out of our sight

Are the rapids to fight.

And we do not care
To journey there
For everywhere
Do snags appear.

Which all should fear
To travel near,
Where danger will come
To everyone.

Beyond are the falls
W'hose rugged walls
Are pierced with the balls
Of Time's echoed halls.

Where the shrieks and wails
Of life's balanced scales
Are lost evermore
At Death's open door.


^int0 to t^e mnt^tul 9^inn

Please to bear in mind

We seek to sow
From the good we find

To deaden woe.

If thought conveyed

To council men
Be never weighed

What matter then?

Why trouble our friends

Who seek to know
How to make amends

When vices grow?

As long as we share

Or aid Hfe's sin
So long shall we bear

Her marks within.

The foundation is laid

And the poor young soul
So must bloom and fade

To reach his goal.

He must live and die

As all men do
In seeking the sky

He must journey through.

To be born anew

He fathoms the deep,
And his young soul grew

In eternal sleep.



In vain I tried to see the wrong

But why denounce the good old song.

Just sing the tunes that you have learned

With all the time worn vigor spurned.

Just as cheerful, just as well

As when a child you learned to spell.

Out on the tide of the ocean

Tossed by the waves of time,

Each tiny bark in motion

Containeth life sublime.

JLitt0 ^ttussU

From the cradle to the grave

Strug.gling to live
And seeking to save

What nature doth give.

Where harmony dwells
With truth and light

All doeth well

With the future bright.


Give me the wings of beautiful time

To cast reflection on my brow
That I may add in words of rhyme

The tender symphonies subhme

My brain is weak, my thoughts seem dull.

I cannot frame my spirit's flow
Let peaceful calm so soothe and lull

That I may with new rapture glow.

Tf every woman with human love

Who suffers through her own disgrace

Would seek for aid from God above
Her stamp of sin she could erase.

Her future light would shine more bright,
The world may look with scornful eye,

But if she fight her battles right
The soul wall forgive her by and by.

No thought's desire is greater

Nor better in my sight
Than hoping for some traitor

A purer ray of light.


The one who sins must suffer
Though the reason be not plain.

For every human bluffer
Hath wisdom yet to gain.

And folly's ways are nurtured
By pain as well as woe,

For life is ever tortured
By nature's willing foe.

Remember our Creator

Must teach all these unwise,

For thus the foolish traitor
May yet learn how to rise.

Tender and true

Were the words I found
Which the little lad

Threw upon the ground.

Only three words

By this thought conveyed
Like the music from birds

On my heart it laid.

My soul was sought
And so sweet and pure

Was the mission it brought,
God opened the door.

In dreams of flight

A vision I see
Which this paper white

Had carried to me.


This child of need

So thinly clad
Had but dropped the seed

Which I now had.

A sad, sad face

With a fair white brow
That I cannot erase

Comes to me now.

She had been deceived,

But was struggling to live

For the one she believed
Had honor to give.

The hand so small

Still holding the pen
Had summoned the call

From heaven then.

Tender and true

She had always been.
Although she knew

That a life of sin

Would drag her down

Where disgrace would follow
From a height of renown

By one so shallow.

Imprisoned now

And behind the wall
With a stain on his brow

To curse his fall.


There by his side

Through tempest and storm
She had sought to abide

The cold world's scorn.

How could she rise

Above this stain
Where in honor lies

All hopes again.

Her little boy

Must ever remain
In the sunshine and joy

Which happiness gain.

God never forgets

And if we but try
A rainbow he sets
In the dark sky.

That pleading face

With the sad, sad eyes

Had only to place
Her faith in the skies.

Holding in hand

This cycle of truth
Which the riven sand

Had stricken in youth.

The little slip

Of paper I had
Cast a tale from the lip

Of both good and bad.


Her life on earth

Was near its close
And immortal birth

Her maker but chose.

Her soul's desire

Was to here remain
And fight with fire

That sinful stain.

But God had called

Her spirit beyond
Which was here enthralled

And must now respond.

O, who would take care

Of her boy she said
On the streets he would share

A sluggard's bed.

And a life of vice

He would surely live
Just to pay the price

That beggars give.

Then I told her

I would take her child
And thus would shoulder

Her burdens wild.

So peacefully she passed away

With a smile of trust upon her face.

Thus my duty I've tried to obey

And given her boy an honored place.


Morning is slowly drifting away

While daylight is sifting her sparks through
the sky,
Noontide is nearing with colors gay,

Soon evening's shadowy wings will fly.

Night passed away

At the early dawn
Of another day

Her shadows had gone.

Guarded in past

By storm-riven clouds,
We determined at last

To bury all shrouds.

Gently and softly

Time creepeth by.
Silently and loftily

Death peepeth nigh,
And we know not whene he cometh
Or whither goeth.
We sigh

As he passeth by
Or draweth nigh,
For we fear
He cometh here
To await
But our fate,
Ad he giveth
A tomb
For each one's doom.


My little child

Was happy and free,
Not a shadow had

Darkened his life by me.

He knew not the evil

Ways of men.
Nor what the dark clouds

In life were then.

Just skipping along

Like a free butterfly
And chirping his song

With the birds in the sky.

His little soul

Seemed to shrink within
From the touch of one

Who was steeped in sin.

He cherished nature

And loved all flowers,
And often stayed with them

For hours.

One morning I found him

By a little bird's nest
With four little birds

All cuddled to rest.

He had chosen them

As friendly guides
To show him the road

Down the rough world's side.


So struggling to read
Some of nature's gist

And sowing the seed
For human grist.

Gathering full weights
For immortal scales

And recording all rates
Of the dying tales.

Let his character reap

Rewards of merit
And his conscience weep

For what he inherit.

My aim shall be

To let him live
As happy and free

As nature doth give.

Unconscious of sin

He will uplift
And be sure to win

Many gone adrift.

His agel mother

Watches over him now
As never another

Can guard that brow.


And an emblem of love

His example shines forth,
Pure as a dove

This child of true worth.

A noble man

He is sure to be,
Doing the best he can

For humanity.

Ca0t ^^^ ^unbeam^ all ^coutiti

Sow such seeds of goodness

Which angels gladly bless
And the dawning brotherhood

Of passion will grow less.

The crowning joys of motherhood

So often met and known
Are when her boys are good

And their noble deeds are sown.

Let the music of thy soul

Reach the humble and the weak.

Let the fleecy clouds unroll

Life's sweet peace which all doth seek.


Play upon the tender heart strings
With thy purest, truest love,

For there somehow always brings
God's great blessings from above.

Man alone can ne'er resist

Though he be by Satan bound,

For such charms as these uplift
Cast thy sunbeams all around.

Crown thy head with roses
For the queen of all is she,

With the gift of love reposes
Her incense of harmony.

Walk in the light of the perfume
Which this flower ever holds.

Within the essence of her bloom
Lies the sweetness she unfolds.

The crown of success

Lies in deepness of thought
And action to guess

What nature hath wrought.


So give but reward

To life giving toil,
And he who strives hard

To succor the soul.

Plant deep in the mind

Where mysteries sprout,
The seed of all kind

When scattered about.

Care should be given

To only accept
Pure thoughts from heaven

Where wisdom is kept.

Such life-giving seeds

Repays for the toil,

From God in the soil.
Supplying man's needs

Can you scarcely read

My upturned thoughts,
So weak and so frail is my brain,

I would sow the seed
So sparingly brought,

To gain new germs again.

I would reap reward

For my efforts here.
Through these little scattering sprouts

Which will ever retard
When evil appear,

But will scatter the good about.


Cj^tmese of ^^ous^t

The rays of light that peer from Heaven,

Are here for us to follow.

The truth which spirits hath,

Shall ever be given to those who have

Every chain hath its link.
Every deed its thought.
All forms of God's creation
Have their parts, their work and station.
What man hath wrought,
Oft comes to naught.

An angel sought relief
From bitter weeping woes,
Her sadness was distressing,
P^or other days transgressing.
For evil grows
Where sin o'erflows.

No ray of light her soul can find
No love or sweet caressing.
No rest for her, nor blessing.
All these her mind
Had cast behind.

God counts us all but fractions
To make a mighty whole.
So in a line we're going
Both high and low not knowing
That every soul
Must reach his goal.


One thing at a time

Is the motto in life.

Step by step learning to walk,

Word by word learning to talk,

In harmony we find

All nature combined.

When the link is broken

The very chain is rent in twain.

God seeks his children's hearts

In ways of better parts.

Come to the arms

Of nature's willing charms.

O dark is the spot

Of sin's cruel blot,

O bright is the ray

That cleanseth the way.

Many in crime

Their spirits enshrine,

But love will reclaim,

E'en those bowed with shame.

The spark that reigneth forever
Is like the tender glow
That falls upon the dew drop
And makes it sparkle so.
It gives all nature color,
And life with which to grow.


The angel who doth suffer
In bitter weeping woes,
Doth see a light far distant
Oh, 'tis God's crystal beam
That doth forever gleam.
Already hope upon her dawns
From the touch of its gentle rays
And while she seeks for comfort
Upon her heart it plays.

^ici{ up t^t %ittlt Ctumb0

O, the little gems of life bread
That we waste or throw away,

For all these seem so trifling
To spare our time each day.

O, the little rays of sunshine
Why did God make them so,

To reach the hidden leaflets
That each of them might grow.

Man cannot use these trifles
He has no time you know,

To save the smaller pieces,
So he will let them go.


Doth God remember only

The great minds he hath made ?

Why, we are but the bread crumbs
That lie within the shade.

Our great Creator hath

His laws so wisely planned

That dust to dust united

Doth make our pleasant land.

That many drops of water
Hath made the ocean great,

And so the little ounces
In union make the weight.

When we cast away the pieces
How can we save the whole

To form our strength in union
Is written on life's scroll.

The thoughts of man united
Have made our nation strong.

Pick up the little bread crumbs
And place where they belong.

O the many deeds of kindness,
The smiles and words of love

All these with songs united
Are blessed by God above.

If in our noble efforts

We could unite in one
With strength from such a union

What evil we might shun.


Pick up the little life crumbs
These help to make us strong.

The trifling deeds of kindness,
We need to fight the wrong.

O father, teach thy children

That great things come from small,

That little crumbs neglected,
May cause us yet to fall.

Si &miU

A smile traveled many a mile
It rose from the lips of a little child.
And fell on the vision of a youth so wild
Which softened his heart for a little while.

His thoughts were changed to a higher plane,
And there he paused in his downward course
Looked once more to a higher source
Till good resolutions were formed again.

That sunny smile brightened the road
Of that wayward lad steeped in sin
The innocent love shed within
A ray of hope which lightened his load.

In a smile or a word or a deed
O the good that we may sow
We can never, never know
'Till "tis ripened in the seed.


O give us, heavenly Father
A touch of wisdom's worth ^

That we may be more patient
While dwelling here on earth.

O Father, Father, Father,

I plead and be,g you spare
And settle all these troubles

Which greet me everywhere.

These little bits of trinkets

Which are to me so great
Are but the smaller trifles

Of human price or fate.

My little waxy leaflet

Hath nought but human skill.
Just spare my human judgment

That I may reason still.

O God, with thine infinite wisdom

Teach us how to live
That we may accomplish every day

What thou hast ordained us to give.

We watch the little seedling

As it bursts its tiny shell
And the tvv^o little leaves and bud shoot forth

Beginning their life's work well.


We see the grand old oak

Which was once a seedhng. too,
In its branches and leaves and majestic form

God's law is perfect and true.

From the busy ant and humble bee

A lesson we may con ;
Though both are small and helpless too,

Their work is wisely done.

Each one of God's creation

Has its mission to perform,
From the noblest king of all the beasts

To the smallest grain of corn.

He who is endowed with reason

Alone forsakes the plan ;
And sin and sorrow, with remorse and pain

Is the just retribution of man.

Then why should we scorn God's law.

And ever his will disobey?
Shun the path of the pure
And crush the truth

To follow the sinful way.

Let reason and judgment teach us,

And observation too.
That peace and contentment
Can only be found

Ry obeying God's law thmugh.


UlXtlcomt t^e (Minn ano &noU)

O welcome the snow,
And welcome the blow

Of the wind from the far north east;
For all must know,
'Tis better so.

For man as well as beast.

And though the ground freeze
From the cold, wintry breeze,

'Tis better for all, we know;
For he who is just.
In whom we must trust.

Doth send us the wind and snow.

So cool down your ire
And keep up the fire

Then welcome the beautiful snow;
And when comes the night,
Just think that 'tis right

For the cold north winds to blow.


O beautiful snow,
O beautiful snow.

Sent o'er all from on high ;
O'er just and unjust,
God's spirit doth glow,

With the wind which passeth by.


Toil on then, turn thy tired eye

To a higher plane of joy.
Thy precepts show the clear blue sky

To many a younger boy.

These little deeds which thou canst do
Will better thought^ awaken,

For all the way thy journey through
Life's record here is taken.

Sin but approves of evil pleasure,
Thus Satan rules by wilful measure.

Rolling waves of tide turn high

When God's wind goes whirling by.

The weak must lean upon the strong;

The poor upon the rich recline.
Just and unjust here belong,

While God's sun o'er all doth shine.

^^om Call ^t Btabtf

Whom call ye brave?

The one you see
Who loves to wave

His colors free?


Whom call ye brave?

The Mother pale
Who seeks to save

From the savage gale.

Whom call ye brave?

He who must fight
That he may save

His Country's right.

Whom call ye brave?

Those who desire
A war to save

Their homes from fire?

Whom call ye brave?

He who will strive
By work to save

And keep alive?

Whom call ye brave?

All who uplift
His fellow knave,

Just gone adrift?

Whom call ye brave?

All those who love
An honored grave

And a home above?


The harvest time hath come,

The gladdest of the year,
When busy flies and beetles drum

Their music in each ear.

When fancied dreams are filled with heat

Beside the cooling stream,
When faithful gnats and spiders' feet

Oft in our visions seem.

When everything we eat

All insects want as well,
And seek the best of every treat

Which human eyes can tell.

The sunny side of life

These little workers seek.
Though wakening such a human strife

Between both strong and weak.

Sttat il5ot

Fear not, for I am with you,

My rod and my staff shall comfort you.

I am a messenger of peace

And will restore thy soul :

Walk in the light of thy music.


tile Wiite, 9^ot^ttt anti вВђitmn

A woman's heart is filled with love
For duty to her God above
To think, to care for those most dear
Her willing soul doth struggle here.

Plunged in the darkest depths of hell
Such misery that no tongue can tell
She lives and works with desperate will
For human ties which bind her still.

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