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One Hundred Salads

One Hundred Salads


Linda Hull Larned

New York

Charles Scribner's Sons

Copyright, 1914, by diaries Scrihncr's Sons

Published Febt-nary, 1914





Salad Dressings

Cooked Dressing

Heat 3 tbsps. vinegar with
teasp. each salt, mustard, sugar, and
}4 teasp. paprika; cream J cup
butter; beat 3 yolks until thick, add
slowly the hot vinegar, and cook
slowly, add the butter and 1 beaten
egg white. Beat until cold and place
on ice in covered glass jar. Serve
with vegetables. When ready to
serve, J4 CU P whipped cream may be

French Dressing

Rub a cold bowl with a cut clove of
garlic, or put y of a small onion in the
bowl, in centre of bowl put 1 J^ teasps.
salt in a mound, cover it with black
pepper, then with paprika or cayenne,
add 6 tbsps. oil and 2 of tarragon vine-
gar, with a piece of ice size of an egg,
and with a fork stir the dressing until
it is thick. Mustard or Worcestershire
sauce may be added to suit any par-
ticular salad. A large quantity of this
dressing may be put in a glass jar, and,
if closely covered and kept on ice, it
will keep a long time. Each time it is
used it should be shaken or stirred
well. If the dressing be used for fruit,
use lemon juice or grape-fruit and
orange juice instead of vinegar.

French Dressing with Cheese
and Pimentoes

Add to French dressing 3 tbsps.
Rochefort cheese, softened in 2 of
cream, and same of pimento pressed
through a sieve, and serve on lettuce.
For cabbage add 1 tbsp. each chilli
sauce and Bermuda onion. Garnish
with yolks and whites of hard-cooked
eggs. Mince the onion fine, wrap it
in cheese-cloth and hold it under the
cold-water faucet. Squeeze dry be-
fore using.

French Dressing Chiffonade

Add to French dressing 1 hard-
cooked egg chopped, 1 teasp. chives,
1 tbsp. each beets and red and green
pepper, all minced fine or cut in long,
thin strips, and serve with lettuce or
any green salad.

French Dressing with Chilli


Add to French dressing, made with
1 tbsp. less vinegar, 3 tbsps. chilli
sauce, 1 tbsp. minced chives, 1 teasp.
minced parsley, and J/ teasp. pa-
prika; a little pimento puree may also
be added. Use for fruit or vegetables.
If Oscar sauce be used instead of the
chilli sauce, this dressing is quite like
the specialty of a famous New York

French Dressing with

When making French dressing omit
onion and add drop by drop, alter-
nately with lemon juice or vinegar, 3
tbsps. thick cream, and use at once
on fruits or vegetables. It should be
quite thick. A little whipped cream
may also be added.


French Dressing with Nuts

Add to French dressing 3 tbsps.
of pecans, hazel nuts, or English wal-
nuts, chopped and pounded fine in a
mortar and softened with cream. A
little pimento puree may also be
added. Serve on fresh pears or other


Mayonnaise Dressing

Put 1 yolk in a bowl, add 1 teasp.
of tarragon or plain vinegar, ^ teasp.
salt, J4 teasp. paprika, and beat until
it begins to thicken, then add, drop
by drop, beating constantly, % cup
of oil. When quite thick, add 1 tbsp.
lemon juice, continue beating until all
the oil is used, then add 1 teasp. boil-
ing water, beat for a moment, turn
into a glass jar, cover with paraffin
paper, then with a close-fitting cover,
and keep it in the refrigerator, but
not on ice. If it separates when mak-
ing or afterward, put a fresh yolk in
a bowl, add a few drops of oil w r hile
beating, then add the mayonnaise, a
little at a time, when all will be thick.
This makes 1 full cupful.


Mayonnaise Cardinal

Add to Mayonnaise Cream, 1 tbsp.
each of chilli sauce, pimento puree,
minced green peppers or chives or
olives, 1 teasp. of any good table sauce,
and J/2 teasp. paprika. Color red and
serve on French endive. Escoffier
sauce is a good table sauce for this


Mayonnaise Cream Dressing

To 1 cup mayonnaise add Y^ more
salt and pepper, 1 tbsp. more of
lemon juice, and ^ cup cream
whipped very stiff. Use at once on a
salad of fruit, or fruit mixed with

Mayonnaise Jelly Dressing

Add to y% cup mayonnaise when
nearly finished, Y^ cup aspic jelly or
1 teasp. gelatine dissolved in ^ cup
of hot consomme and cooled, and
1 tbsp. tarragon vinegar. Whipped
cream may be added when finished,
to give flavor and lightness to the


Mayonnaise Cucumber

To one-half the recipe of Mayon-
naise Jelly add 1 cucumber parboiled
and pressed through a sieve, color
green, and use with fish, meats, or veg-
etables. The cucumber pulp should
be well drained.


Mayonnaise Hollandaise

Mix equal parts of cold Hollandaise
sauce and mayonnaise, add minced
onion or shallot, and chervil or pars-
ley. Serve on cold fish or vegetables.


Mayonnaise Piquante

Add to mayonnaise 2 tbsps. each
minced gherkins, chilli sauce or to-
mato catsup and minced olives, 1 tbsp.
horseradish, and 1 teasp. French
mustard. Serve on cold fish, meat,
or vegetables.


Mayonnaise Raspberry

To mayonnaise add the juice of
half a lemon, 1 tbsp. tarragon vinegar,
plenty of paprika to color it quite
pink, a dash of cayenne, salt if needed,
and 1 teasp. of raspberry vinegar.
Serve with crab meat, lobster, or even
a plain lettuce and cucumbers.


Mayonnaise Ravigote

Cover with }/% cup boiling water, 4
tbsps. watercress, and 1 tbsp. each
of chives, chervil, and parsley, all
minced fine, add 1 tbsp. minced pep-
per grass if obtainable, ^ cup cooked
spinach, and 1 tbsp. capers, cook un-
til reduced one-half, squeeze through
cheese-cloth, and add this liquid to
mayonnaise made with tarragon vine-
gar and a very little mustard. The
pulp may be added to the mayonnaise
instead of the liquid if a very thick
dressing is required.


Mayonnaise with Sardines

Add 6 skinned and boned sardines
to mayonnaise, with 1 tbsp. pimento
puree, and 1 extra teasp. of tarragon
vinegar, and serve with boiled eggs or
fish. The pimentoes are pressed
through a fine sieve to make the


Mayonnaise Tomato

Cook 1 tbsp. each diced celery,
ham, onion, and parsley in butter,
add bit of bay leaf, 2 cloves, 1 tbsp.
flour, and J^ cup tomato puree. Press
through colander, cool, and add %
cup mayonnaise.

Whipped Cream Dressing

Whip 1 cup cream very stiff, and
when ready to use add 2 tbsps. lemon
juice, 1 of tarragon vinegar, 1 teasp.
salt, 1/2 teasp. each of mustard and
sugar, 2 drops Tabasco, or K teasp.
cayenne, and serve on vegetables.
This is a good stuffing for whole to-
matoes when used as a salad. This
dressing may also be used on slices of
tomatoes for canapes.


Alligator Pear Salad

Cut three ripe pears in halves
lengthwise, remove hard centres, scoop
out some of the pulp in cubes, add 1
grape-fruit cut in small pieces to
pulp, mix with French dressing made
with 1 tbsp. less of oil and adding
1 tbsp. of lime juice. Fill the pear
shells with the salad and place on ice
until very cold. Diced tomatoes and
a suspicion of onion, or cucumber
cubes, or cantaloupe cubes may be
used instead of the grape-fruit.

Apple and Grape-Fruit

Mix 2 cups apple dice sprinkled
with lemon juice, with the carpels of
1 grape-fruit, dust with a very little
salt, add 1 teasp. of sugar, place on
ice until very cold and drain through
cheese-cloth. Serve on lettuce, cover
with French dressing with Cream, gar-
nish with Malaga grapes skinned, cut
partly in two, seeds removed, and put
together with bits of pimento.

Artichoke Salad

Cut artichoke fonds (bottoms) into
strips like matches, add shredded
celery and truffles, cover with French
dressing, or with French dressing
with Chilli Sauce, and serve on let-
tuce sprinkled well with paprika, or
serve the fonds whole, covered with
mayonnaise, upon which place aspara-
gus tips, green peas, and string beans.
Artichoke fonds may be bought in

Artichokes in Aspic

Line 1 large or 6 small moulds with
aspic jelly, lay in artichoke fonds,
hard-boiled egg white rings, 3 tbsps.
pate de f oie gras, softened with cream,
and 1 tbsp. capers. Unmould and
serve on bed of lettuce, pour a spoon-
ful of mayonnaise over each, and gar-
nish with the egg yolks and pimento
pressed through a sieve.

Asparagus Salad

Cover 3 small or 1 large bunch of
cold boiled asparagus with French
dressing, and serve them in rings of
green or red pepper, or place them on
lettuce and cover with French Dress-
ing Chiffonade, or with chilli sauce.
Serve ice-cold.

Banana Salad

Peel and split small bananas into
halves, lay the two halves on each
plate on a lettuce leaf, put a spoonful
of Mayonnaise Cream between, sprin-
kle the mayonnaise with finely minced
English walnut or pecan meats, and
the bananas with ground pistachio


Banana Boats

Take a strip from top of each ba-
nana and fill boats with small apple
balls to look like peas in a pod, and
cover with French dressing, or fill
with pineapple, celery, Malaga grapes,
and bits of pimento, and use French
dressing made with lime juice instead
of vinegar.


Bean Salad

Boil lima beans in salted, boiling
water; when tender, drain and chill.
Place on shredded cabbage, cover
with cooked dressing or Mayonnaise
Hollandaise, and sprinkle with minced
parsley and chives or onion. Or use
cold boiled string beans which have
been covered with spiced vinegar an
hour. Drain and chill them, cover
with French dressing or French Dress-
ing Chiffonade and garnish with strips
of pimento and minced chives.

Beet and Apple Salad

(Bleeding Hearts)

Put a spoonful of Mayonnaise Jelly
on leaves of lettuce, and on each
place the bleeding heart. Cut the
apex point of the heart from thin
slices of apple immersed in lemon
juice. Cut the two lobes of the heart
from thin slices of boiled beet and
place them each side of the apple
points, and serve with almond cream
cheese on strips of toast. This is an
appropriate salad for St. Valentine's


Beets Stuffed with Salad

Boil and peel beets of uniform size,
scoop them out into cups, and fill with
any of the following: cucumber, celery,
tomato, parsley, and beets chopped
and mixed with French or mayon-
naise dressing. Cabbage and beets in
French dressing, or apple dice, or
green peas and pecans in mayonnaise
cream dressing. Surmount each with
a small ball of cream cheese, and serve
on lettuce.


Cabbage Salad

Shave fine 2 cups cabbage, soak it
in ice- water 2 hours, drain, and add 1
cup cooked celery dice, 2 drops Ta-
basco or 1 tbsp. tomato catsup, and
cover with Cooked Dressing, and sprin-
kle with minced beets and grated raw


Cabbage Salad, English

Shave cabbage very fine and cover
it with ice-water for 2 hours, drain
and dry, and when very cold mix 3
cups of it with 1 tbsp. horseradish or
fresh tarragon, 1 of shredded green
pepper, and 2 tbsps. each of raw
grated carrot, minced beets, and
capers. Add 1 tbsp. minced onion
held under the cold-water faucet in a
a cloth, then squeezed dry. Pour
French Cream dressing over the salad,
toss lightly, and serve.

Cauliflower Salad with

Cook cauliflower in milk and water,
drain, dust with salt, and cool. Serve
covered with a French dressing mixed
with 1 teasp. curry powder, Y^ teasp.
of French mustard, 2 slices of lemon
chopped, 1 teasp. each chives and
parsley, and a generous sprinkling of
pepper or paprika.


Celery, Apple, and Ham

Mix 1 cup celery cubes with
cup of small, thin slices of sour apple,
and }/2 cup cold boiled ham cut in
very thin slices and then in pieces the
size of a postage stamp. Mix with
Mayonnaise Cream, serve on a bed of
lettuce, and garnish with sweet red
pepper cut in shreds with the scissors
and halves of peeled yellow egg to-
matoes, if the latter are in season.


Celery and Artichoke Salad

Cut into strips like matches 2 cups
celery, mix with 1 cup artichoke strips

-canned artichokes may be used-
cover with French dressing or mayon-
naise, and garnish with bits of beet or
red apple with skin on, and a few
grape-fruit carpels.


Celery Salad with Nuts and


Mix 2 cups of diced celery with 3
peeled and minced radishes, }/% cup of
minced pimolas (olives stuffed with
sweet red pepper), and 1 cup of
minced nuts. Cover with mayon-
naise and garnish with minced boiled
beets and grated raw carrot.


Celeriac Salad

Celery hearts or knobs are called
celeriac, and they should be chopped
in dice and mixed with minced truffles
and chervil and French dressing, and
garnished with sweet red peppers.
Apple dice and Malaga grapes may
be added.


Cheese Jelly Salad

Whip J/2 cup cream, add J/ cup
aspic jelly and Y% cup grated cheese,
Parmesan or Stilton, add salt and
pepper, and turn into a round, wet
mould, and put on ice until very cold
and hard. Cut in slices and serve on
slices of tomato or artichoke fonds on
lettuce, and cover with French dress-
ing with Pimento, omitting the cheese.
A cup of minced nuts may be added
to mixture.

Cheese and Vegetable Salad

Beat a perfectly fresh cream cheese
with cream until soft, then add minced
beets, green peas, and chopped olives
until the cheese will hold no more.
Form into round, flat cakes, and place
on ice. When thoroughly chilled
place on lettuce, and serve with May-
onnaise Cream on top.


Cherry Salad

Stone large ox-heart cherries, fill
with blanched hazelnuts or filberts,
add same amount shredded celery,
place on ice until very cold, drain, and
serve on escarole covered with French
dressing, and sprinkled with minced
chervil. Serve with game.


Cherry and Pineapple Salad

Stone large white cherries, or use
the canned cherries, fill with hazel-
nuts or pecans, pile them on slices of
pineapple arranged on blanched let-
tuce leaves and pour over them a
Mayonnaise Cream dressing.


Chestnut and Fruit Salad

Blanch J^ Ib. of chestnuts and boil
them with a celery root, bit of bay
leaf, and small bit of mace. When
tender drain and cool, and cut in
slices, add y% the amount of shredded
or diced celery and same of thinly
sliced apple, and mix with Mayon-
naise Cream or French Cream dress-
ing. Arrange on lettuce, and garnish
with slices of red apple with the skin


Chicken Salad

Cut well-seasoned cold boiled chick-
en in cubes. Cover them with a
French dressing for an hour, then to
1^2 cups chicken add 1 cup of celery
dice, or, if celery be out of season, use
same amount of fresh green peas
cooked and cooled, and crisp cucum-
ber dice. Add part of the mayon-
naise, toss with a fork, turn lightly in
a bowl lined with lettuce, cover with
the remainder, and garnish with any
of the following: capers, olives, ripe
olives, pickled cucumbers, beets, pi-
mentoes, nasturtium pods, green peas,
or grated orange rind and fresh cocoa-
nut. Capon or turkey may be used
for the salad.

Chicken Salad Blanche

Cook young chickens until tender in
boiling water, seasoned with a bit of
bay leaf and a piece of red pepper;
also add a small piece of salt pork.
Cool chicken in the liquid, cut in
small pieces using the white meat only.
Add to 2 cups of the chicken 2 cups
of the following materials combined:
celery, shredded almonds, cooked and
diced egg white, slices of blanched
Brazil nuts and mix, and cover with
Mayonnaise Cream dressing.


Chicken Salad Ravigote

Saute % cup English walnut meats,
broken in bits, until brown, in butter,
cool, and add 2 cups diced chicken,
marinate in French dressing, and add
1 cup celery. Cover with mayonnaise
ravigote, and serve on lettuce.


Chiffonade Salad

Shred in julienne strips lettuce,
celery, beets, green and sweet red
pepper, add small French beans and
peas cooked, minced chives, fresh
tarragon, and pepper-grass, and mix
with French dressing. Place large
slices of tomato on well-bleached let-
tuce, and cover with the chiffonade.


Cucumber Salad

Peel cucumbers with a fluted cut-
ter, cut nearly through in thin slices,
and leave them in ice-water until re-
quired; then arrange them in half-
circles, and cover with French dress-
ing, and serve, or put them in a glass
jar in the dressing, pack the jar in
ice, and when nearly frozen serve
them surrounded with ice. Or cut
the peeled cucumbers in inch lengths
and into strips, rejecting the seedy
parts, and serve as above. When
serving sprinkle with minced chives.


Cucumber Cream Salad

Peel, slice, and boil 3 cucumbers in
strained white stock until tender,
with a sliced onion, 1 tbsp. meat ex-
tract, and 1 of Parmesan cheese.
Press through sieve, add J^ oz. or 1
tbsp. granulated gelatine, softened
in a little water, to 2 cups of the pulp
and liquid, cook and cool, and add 1
cup cream. Line mould or moulds
with aspic, garnish with beets and
cold cooked eggs, and fill with the
cucumber cream. It may be colored
a pale green. Serve on lettuce, and
pipe mayonnaise around it.

Cucumber Salad in

Remove a strip from top of each
small unpeeled cucumber, scoop out,
and when filled replace lid with a long-
stemmed flower between, flower at one
end and stem at the other, with which
to lift the lid. Fill with lobster or fish
or oysters mixed with celery and may-
onnaise, or fill them with any of the
following: Shredded lettuce, minced
onion, celery, some of the cucumber
and French dressing; or Spanish onion
and tomato chopped, minced parsley,
and French dressing, and cover with
unpeeled grated radishes and horse-
radish; or minced cucumber, water-
cress, celery, chives, capers, parsley,
and French dressing.


Cucumber Salad in Green

Peel and chop 2 cucumbers, add a
little salt, and drain. Add % teasp.
minced onion or the juice, ^ cup
minced celery, and }/% cup broken
pecans. Mix with Cooked Dressing,
or with mayonnaise, fill pepper shells,
put a spoonful of dressing on top, and
serve on lettuce.


Cucumber Jelly Salad

Peel and cut in slices 3 cucumbers,
add 1 slice onion, 1 tbsp. each minced
green pepper, nasturtium pods, and
tarragon vinegar, cover with 2 cups
cold water, and simmer until tender,
add y% oz. gelatine softened in little
water, color leaf green, add salt,
pepper, and cayenne, and strain
through double cheese-cloth in a ring
mould. Serve on lettuce with mayon-
naise salad of any kind in centre,
garnish with fresh slices of cucumber
and bits of sweet red pepper. To-
mato in French dressing is also good
to put in centre.

Crab Meat Salad

Remove meat from freshly boiled
crabs, flake with a fork, and serve in
any of the following methods:

Add to crab meat shaved cabbage
and chilli sauce, French dressing or
mayonnaise, and serve in green pep-

Add cucumbers and tomatoes and
mayonnaise, and serve in tomato cups.

Add caviar, lemon juice, minced
pimentoes, and mix with a Mayon-
naise Ravigote Dressing, serve in let-
tuce hearts, and garnish with ripe
olives and green pepper strips. Canned
crab meat may be used if necessary.

Egg Salad

Mash yolks of 6 hard-boiled eggs
with 2 tbsps. minced chicken, veal,
lamb, or tongue, 1 tbsp. melted
butter, 2 tbsps. cream, J4 teasp. salt,
same of French mustard, and dash
cayenne. Form into small balls with
butter paddles, pile in centre of a bed
of blanched lettuce, surround with
the whites -cut in rings, pour over
French dressing, and garnish with
nasturtium blossoms or pimentoes.


Egg Daisy Salad

Arrange artichoke fonds on shredded
lettuce, cover them with Mayonnaise
Tomato, and then with grated egg
yolks, arrange the whites cut in
eighths lengthwise around these to
represent a daisy petal, and serve one
to each person.


Egg Lily Salad

Cut cold cooked eggs in lengthwise
strips to the middle, remove yolks,
and mash them with mayonnaise with
sardines, form this into balls, and fill
the white cups. Make tiny balls of
the remainder, place all on lettuce,
and garnish with pimento strips; or
mix yolks with French dressing, put
them in the whites, dust with grated
cheese, and put each egg in a spoon-
ful of mayonnaise on leaves of let-


Eggs and Tomato Salad

Remove yolks from 6 halves of eggs,
fill with shrimps or lobster and May-
onnaise Cucumber, lay each egg on a
slice of tomato sprinkled with minced
pimento, green pepper, shallot, or
onion, dust with the grated yolk
mixed with a very little grated cheese.


Egg-Plant Salad

Peel, slice, salt, and press egg-
plant an hour or more. Drain and
cook in boiling water with salt and
vinegar until tender but not soft.
Drain and cut in sticks, and soak in
ice-water. Parboil celery sticks the
same size, and plunge them in the ice-
water. When cold and crisp drain
and arrange on leaves of lettuce in
a log-cabin square, fill centres with
mayonnaise, place a spiral or cone of
fresh young carrot in centre, dust all
with minced chervil and tarragon or
chives, and serve. A spiral cutter
may be bought to use for any vege-


Endive Salad

This is the white, French endive
which is imported. It should be
pulled apart, washed, dried, wrapped
in a damp cloth and thoroughly
chilled before using. Serve w r ith any
of the French dressings and garnish
with pinientoes, truffles, pickled wal-
nuts, or grape-fruit carpels.

Grape Salad

Skin and seed 1 Ib. of Malaga or
Tokay grapes, fill them with blanched
almonds or pecans, place on ice until
very cold, drain, and cover them with
Mayonnaise Cream, and garnish with
blood-orange carpels, and serve with


Grape-Fruit and Peach

Mix grape-fruit carpels, fresh
peaches cut in slices, and a few
shredded almonds with a French
dressing, arrange them on blanched
leaves of lettuce, pour over a French
dressing with Cream, and dust with
finely minced water-cress. Or omit
the water-cress and use French dress-
ing with Nuts.


Grape-Fruit and Pineapple


Cut pineapple in slices, or use best
quality of canned fruit. Chill and
drain. Cover with mayonnaise cream
or French Cream dressing, lay grape-
fruit sections across, garnish with bits
of blood orange and Malaga or Tokay
grapes peeled and seeded.


Julienne Salad

Shred in long, match-like strips
the white meat of cooked chicken, a
little tongue if at hand, celery, arti-
choke fonds, and truffles. Serve on
lettuce and cover with Mayonnaise
Cardinal. Or omit the meat and
truffles, add carrots and apples, and
serve with French dressing with Chilli


Lemon Jelly and Fruit

Make a lemon jelly after the fol-
lowing recipe: Soak half a package
of gelatine in 1 cup cold water for an
hour, then add Y^ cup lemon juice
and 2 cups boiling water. Turn into
a bowl, and when jelly is set, with
a warm spoon scoop out the jelly,
leaving a shell an inch thick. Fill
this with a mixture of oranges, tart
apples, and celery, which have stood
in a French dressing for a few mo-
ments. Cover with liquid jelly, and
when stiffened and ready to serve
turn out on leaves of lettuce in a
shallow salad bowl. Garnish with
mayonnaise dressing.


Lettuce, Romaine, Endive,
or Escarole Salad

Pull the leaves apart, wash in ice-
water, drain, and shake dry, and serve
covered with any of the French dress-
ings, and garnish with any of the fol-
lowing: minced chives, sorrel, chervil,
tomato, nuts, minced pepper grass,
Parmesan, strips of sweet red pepper
or Chilli Sauce.


Lettuce Hearts, Hotel

Remove all outside leaves from the
solid white hearts of 6 small heads of
lettuce, pull the leaves apart slightly,
stand on stem end, and sprinkle with
shredded celery and minced pecans,
and pour over any of the French
dressings. Garnish with skinned and
seeded hot-house grapes cut in two.


Lobster Salad

Marinate rather large pieces of lob-
ster in French dressing with a few
drops of sherry an hour, drain, add 2
cups diced celery, and mix with may-
onnaise; or flake lobster rather small,
put it in a mould lined with chicken


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