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{142} Omitted in the authorized edition.

{152a} "Into a worse state," in the authorized edition.

{152b} Omitted in the authorized edition.

{154} Omitted in the authorized edition.

{155} Reaumur.

{158} In the Moscow edition (authorized by the Censor), the concluding
paragraph is replaced by the following: - "They say: The action of a
single man is but a drop in the sea. A drop in the sea!

"There is an Indian legend relating how a man dropped a pearl into the
sea, and in order to recover it he took a bucket, and began to bail out,
and to pour the water on the shore. Thus he toiled without intermission,
and on the seventh day the spirit of the sea grew alarmed lest the man
should dip the sea dry, and so he brought him his pearl. If our social
evil of persecuting man were the sea, then that pearl which we have lost
is equivalent to devoting our lives to bailing out the sea of that evil.
The prince of this world will take fright, he will succumb more promptly
than did the spirit of the sea; but this social evil is not the sea, but
a foul cesspool, which we assiduously fill with our own uncleanness. All
that is required is for us to come to our senses, and to comprehend what
we are doing; to fall out of love with our own uncleanness, - in order
that that imaginary sea should dry away, and that we should come into
possession of that priceless pearl, - fraternal, humane life."

{161a} An arshin is twenty-eight inches.

{161b} The fast extends from the 5th to the 30th of June, O.S. (June 27
to July 12, N.S.)

{165} A pood is thirty-six pounds.

{167} Robinson Crusoe.

{168} Here something has been omitted by the Censor, which I am unable
to supply. - TRANS.

{169} An omission by the censor, which I am unable to supply. TRANS.

{178} We designate as organisms the elephant and the bacterian, only
because we assume by analogy in those creatures the same conjunction of
feeling and consciousness that we know to exist in ourselves. But in
human societies and in humanity, this actual sign is absent; and
therefore, however many other signs we may discover in humanity and in
organism, without this substantial token the recognition of humanity as
an organism is incorrect.

{238} _v prikusku_, when a lump of sugar is held in the teeth instead or
being put into the tea.

{252} In English in the text.

{256} An excellent translation of Kriloff's Fables, by Mr. W. R. S.
Ralston, is published in London.

{260} _Burlak_, pl. _burlaki_, is a boatman on the River Volga.


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Online LibraryLeo TolstoyWhat to Do? → online text (page 19 of 19)