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Coloraesii (Pauli) Italia et Hispanta Orientalis — ^a J. C

Wolfio. 4to. Hamb. i7S3

Colonia (Dominique de) Histoire Litt^ire de la YlUe de

Lyon, avec une Biblioth^ue des Auteurs Lyonnois.

Folio. 2 vol. Lymy 1728-^

Colquhoun's (P.) Police of the Metropolis. 8vo.

Lond. 1806




Crfgabwi'sCroPoUMof tbeBifwTlianet. 8vo.


Colaoua (Pr.) HjrpaefotoniaGhia Poliphili: 0|ms Ita->

lica UngufL conscriptum. Folio. Tarv. 1467

Coiutiii Riqptas Hdeme^ Gr. et Lat. reoensait A. M • Ban-*

dinius. 8vo. Fhr. 1765

ColuUii Raptu* H^eoie, Gr. et hoL ex leoens. J. Dan. a

Lenoep. 8?o. Leov* 1747

Combe's (Taylor) Description of the Ancient Tenaoottaa

inthe British Museum. 4to. Land. ISIO

Comber's (W. T.) loquirj into the State of National

Subsistence. 8to. Ijmd. 1808

Combes-Dounous (J. J.) Essai Historique sur Flaton, et

Coup-d*CBii rapide sur I'Hist. du Platonisme depuis

Baton jusqu' k nous. ISmo. S rol. Par. 1809

Cominii (Jo. Paul!) Statutorum'Civitatia Veronae Libri

VI. 4to. S vol in 1. Fen. 1747

Commerce. Bemarka on the Advantages and Disad*

vantages of France and England respecting Commerce.

ISmo. Lmd. 1754

Commerce. Reflexions Politiqucs sur les Finances et le

Commerce. ISmo. S vol. La Haye, 1738

(Amerce. Considerations on the Policy and Commerce

of Gieat Britain. 8vo. Lond. 1771

Coigmerce. A Plan of tlie English Conunerce. 8vo.

Land. 1730
Commerce. An Essay on Trade and Commerce. 8vo.

Lond. 1770
Commerce. Recherches sur le. Commerce. 8vo, 3 voL

uimst. 1778
CkMDmerce. Lettre a la Chambre de Commerce de Nor-

mandie. 8vo. lUmeUy 1788

Commerce. Interdts des Nations de I'Europe ddve-

loppes rdaiivement au Commerce. 4to. 2 vol. in 1.

Leide, 1766




Commmes (Philippe de) M6moires, par N. Lenglet -da
Fresnoy. 4to. 4 vol L. P. Par. n4tl

Comte (Louis Le) Nouveaux Memolres sur I'Etat de la
Chine* ISmo.Svol. Amst. 169%

Ccmiyn's (Samud) Treatise on the Law of Contracts and
Agreements not under Seal. 8vo. S vol. Lond, 1807

Cotnym's (Sir J.) Digest of the Laws of £ngland, by
Samuel Rose. 8vo. 6 vol. ' Land. 1800

Concanen's (J.) and A. Morgan^s Antiquities of St. Sa-
viour's, Southwark. 8vo. Deptford^ 1795

Condamine (C. M. De la) Mesure des Trois Premiers

Degr^ du M^ridien dans TH^misph^re Austral, tir^e

des Observations de MM. de TAcad^mie Royate des

Sciences envoy^s par le Roi sous TEquateur. 4to.

[with " Academie des Sciences:'] Par. 1751

Condeda Ericeyra (Luis de Menezes) Historia de Por-
tugal Restaurado. Folio. Lisb. 1678

Condillac (Etienne Bonnot de) (Euvres Completes. 8vo.
23 vol. Par. 1798

Condivi (Ascanio) Vita di M. Agnolo Buonanroti. FoL

Fk. 1746

Condorcet (Marquis De) Esquisse d'un Tableau Hist,
des Progr^ de i'Esprit Humain. 8vo. Par. 1795

Condorcet's (Marquis de) Outlines of an Historical View
of the Progress of the Human Miud« 8vo.

Land. 1795

Condorcet (Marquis De) Essai sur TApplication de
TAnalyse k la Probability des Decisions rendues k la
Huralit^ des Voix. 4to. Par. 1785

Condorcet (Marquis De) (Euvres Completes. 8vo.
81 vol. Par. 1804

Confessional (The) or, A full and free Inquiry into the
Right of establishing systematical Confessions of Faith
and Doctrine in Protestant Churches, (by Archdeacon
Blackbume.) Svo. Land. 1770




Cdofesriooal. Tracts idatbg to << The ConfessionaL'*

8?o. 6 yol. vLz.


1. Rotherforth's (T.) Vindication of the Right of Pro.
testaot Churches to require the Clergy to subscribe
to an established Confession of Faith and Doctrines,

Comb. 1766
9. An Examination of Dr. T. Rutherforth's Argument.

JUmd. 1766

S. Rntherforth's (T.) Second Vindication, in a Letter to

the Examiner of the First. Camb, 1766

4. A Replj to the Second Vindication, bj the Author of

the First Examination. Land. l767

5. Eatherforth's (T.) Defence of a Charge concerning

Subscriptions, in a Letter to the Author of The Con-
fessional. Camb. 1767


1. Letters concerning Confessions of Faith, and Sub-

scriptions 'to Articles of Religion, in Protestant
Churches, occasioned hy perusal of The Confes*
sional. Land. 1768

2. Dawson's (Benj.) Answer to Letters concerning esta-

blished Confessions of Faith. 3 parts. Land. 1760

1. D»wsoi% (Benj.) Exambation of an Essay on Esta-
blishments in Religion. Lond. 1767

3. Observations on National Establishments in Religion

in general, and on the Establishment of Christianity
in particular. Lond, 1767

3. Cirii Establishments in Religion a Ground of Infide-

lity, by Philalethes Londioiensis. Lond. 1767

4. Animadversions upon the Conduct of the Rer. Dr.

Rutherforth, in the Controversy which has followed
the Publication of The ponfessional. Lond. 1768

5. An Antiquarian Doctor's Sermon on an Antiquated

Subject. Lond. 1768


Three Letters to the Anthor of The Confessional.

Lond. 1768

1. Ibbetsoo*s (Jam^) Plea for the Subscription of the
Clergy to the Thirty-nine Articles of Religion.

Lond. 1768
9. A Dialogue between Isaac Walton and Homologistes;





in which the Character of Bishop Sandenoa is de«
feoded agaio8t the Author of The CoofessionaK

Land, 1768
9. Doubts concerning the' Authenticity 'of the last Pub-
lication of The Confessional, and the current Eldi«
tions of certain Books cited in it. Lond, 1767

4. Occasional Remarks upon some late Strictures on The

Confessional, particularly in the abore Pamphlet.

Lond. I76S

5. Defence of the Doubts concerning the Authenticity of

the last Publication of The Confessional, in Ans^wer
to ^< Occasional Remarks.*' LtftuL 1768

VOL. vr.

1, Dawson's (Benj.) Address to the Writer of a Second

Letter to the Author of The Confessional.

Lond. 1768

2. Gwatkin*s Remarks upon the First of Three I^t.

ters against The Confessional. Lond. 1768

9. Gwatkin's Remarks upon the Second and Third of

Three Letters against The Confessional. Lond, 1768

4. AnimadTersions on an' Essay on Religious Establish-

ments, and on Three Letters to the Author of The
Confessional. Lond. 1769

5, A short and seasonable Application to the Public^ in

behalf of an Address to the Parliament, to procure
a legal Redress of notorious religious Grievances.

* Lond. 176a

0. An Address to the rational Advocates for the Church

of England, and all who read the Holy Scriptures

in their original Languages. Lond. 1760

Congreve^s (William) Misceflazieous Works. 8vo»

5 vol. Imd. 1710
Gonnelly (Tomas) Diccionario de las Lenguas Espafiola

6 Inglesa. 4to. 4 vci. Mad. 1797-3
Connoissance des Terns, ou des Mouyemens C61estes,

pour les Ann^ 180&-14. Svo. 7 toL Par. I806-I!?
CoDsett's (M.) Tour through Sweden, Lapland, Finland^

and Denmark. 4to. Lofid. 1789

Considerations sur TOrganisation Sociale. Svo. 3 voU

Par. 180a
Considerations on the Policy, Commerce, and Circum*

stances of Great Britain. 8to. Lond. 1771




GxttoiatD (II) ck) M«arc, nel quale si c^miM'endoiio tatd
gU Staiuti et Ordini, disposti da gli Anticbi pet o^
Gosa di Mercantia et di Navigare, Ital. et Holl. 4to.

Leyden, 1704

' Conspiracy. A true Account and Dedaration of the

horrid Conspiracy against Charles II. James 11. and

the Go?eriimept. 8vo. Lond, 1686

Coo^iacy. A Discovery of the unnatural and traito-
rous Conspiracy of Scottish Papists, confessed by Geo.
Ker and Day. Graham in 1591. 4 to. Edin.

Coast's (Francis) Laws relating to the Poor. 8vo. 3 voK

Lond. 1807

Constantin (M. De) Recueil des Voyages qui ont servi k
r£tablis6ement de la Compagnie des Indes Orientates
forniife dans les Proviuces-Unies des Pais-Bas. ISmo.
10 vol. Rouen, 1725

Constantini (Rob.) Lexicon Graeco-Latinum, cura F.
Porti. Folio, bound in 2 vol. Genev, 1592

Coosultatde la Mer, ou Paodectes du Droit Commercial
et Maritime: traduit du Catalan en Francois par P.
B. Boucher. 8vo. 2 vol. Par. 1808

Consultations choisies de plusicurs Medecins c^ldbres de
rUniveisit^ de Montpellier sur des Maladies Aignes et
Chioniqnes. 12mo. 10 vol. Par. 1757-^

Consultation pour les Actionnaires de la Compagnie des
Indes. 4to. Par. 1788

Controverse sur la Libert^ de TEscaut* 12mo.

Lofid. 1781

Conversations on Chemistry. 12mo. 2 vol. in 1.

Lond. 1806

Cook's (James) Three VoyaTges in the Southern Hemi-
sphere and round the Wcnrld. 4to. 8 vol. and Atlas.

Lond. 1773-84

Cook s (James) Life, by And. Kippis. 4to.

LonJ. 1788




Cooke's (John) %nd John Maule's Account of Green-
wich Hospital. 4to. Lond. 1789

Cooke's (William) Bankrupt Laws. 8to. 2 vol.

Lfmd. 1804

Cooke's (William) Medallic Historj of Impmal Rome,
ftom Pompej to Gonstantine the Great. 4to. 9 vol.

Lwtd. 1781

Cooke's (Edmund) Vojage to the South Sea and round
the Worid in 1708-1709-10-11. Syo. Lond. 1712

Cooksey's (Richard) Essay on the Life and Character of
John Lord Somers ; also Sketohes of the Life and Cha-
racter of Philip Earl of Hardwicke. 4to.

Worcester^ 1791

Cooper's (Thomas) Ethical, Theological, and Political
Tracts. 8vo. ' JFarringtm, 1787

Cooper's (J . G.) Life of Socrates. 8ro. Lond. 1771

Cooper's (Samuel) Method of treating the Cataract. Svo.

Lond. 1805

C<k>per's (Astley) Anatomy and Surgical Treatment of
Inguinal and Congenital Hernia. Folio S parts.

Lond. 1804-7

Cope. Report of the Proceedings of the Officers on the
Conduct of Lieut. Gen. Sir John Cope, K. B. and
others, from the breaking out of the Rebellion till the
Action at Preston Pans. 4to. Lond. 1749

Copernici (Nic.) Astronomia Instaumta, notisque illust.
Nic. MuUerii. 4to. Jmst. 1617

Copernici (Nic.) de Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium
Libri vi. Folio. Basil. 1566

Coppier (G.) Histoire ct Voyage des Indcs Occidentales.
12mo. Lyon, 1645

CoquiUe (Guy) Histoire du Pays et Duch£ de Nivernois.
4to. Par. 1612

Cordes (Jean De) Bibliothccie Cordesianae Catalogus.
4to. Par. 1643




Cbidiiiar's (Chftries) Ruins of North Britain. 4to.

Lond. 1788
Coidiner's (James) I>sscription of the Island of Ceylon.
4to. 2 vdL. Lond. 1807

Cork. Aeeonnt of the Green Coat Hospital in the Pa-
rish of St. Maiy Shandon, Cork. 4to. Cork, 1721
Connon (Fran.) Diccionario de las Lenguas Espanola^
Fiancesa j Latina. 4to. 9 vol. in I. jimb. 1789
Com Trade and Com Laws, Tracts on. 8yo. Lond. 1766
Comaro (Luigi) Discorsi della Vita Sobria* ISmo.

Lond. 1768
ComeiBe (Pierre) Le Th6&tre de, arec Ics Commentaires
de Foltaire. 8yo. 12 vol. Par. 1797

I Boiiase's (William) Antiquities of the County of Corn-
wall. Folio. Lond. 1769
Borlase's (William) Natural History of Cornwall.
Folio. Oxford, 1758
Carew's (Richard) Survey of Cornwall. 4to.

Lond. 1723
C!arew's (Richard) Survey of Cornwall, with notes il-
lustrative of its History and Antiquities, by Thomas
Tonkin. 4to. Lond. 1811

Norden's (John) Topographical and Historical De-
scription of CJornwall. 4to. Lond, 1728
Polwhele's (Richard) History of CJornwall. 4to. S vol. '^

Falmouth, 1803

Polwhde^s (R.) History of C!omwall in respect to its

Population. 4to. Truro, 1806

Polwhele's (R.) Civil and Military History of C«m-

wali. 4to. Exeter, 1806

Whitaker^s (John) Ancient Cathedral of Cornwall

historically surveyed. 4to. 2 vol. Lond. lS04t

Pearce*s (Thomas) Stannary Laws of Cornwall. Fd.

2 parts. Lond. 1725



Heath's (Robeit) Aeooaot of tke Uands of SciBy;
8vo. ^ Lonrf. 1730

Borlase^B (William) ObBervatkMis on the anoki^ and
prcsent State of "the Islands of SciUy • 4to.

Land. 1706
Troutbeck s (John) Surrej of the ScOly Isiaods. Svo.

Shsrlmne, 1793

JLipsoomb's (Gkorgc) Journey into Cornwall^ through

Southampton^ Wilts, Donet, Somerset, and Dewoa^

8vo. Warwick, 1799

Warner's (Richard) Tour through Cornwall in the

Autumn of 1808* Svo. JSa/A, 1809

Cornwallis's (Earl) Answer to Sir H. Clinton lespecting

the Campaign in N. America in 1781. 8yo«

lmd.nSS ^

Corpus Poeiarum Latinorum^ k M. Maittaire. Folio.

iy(A. Land. 1713

Corpus Juris Civilis, cum D. Grothofredi et aljorum no-

tis. Folio. 2 vol. Amt. 1663

CJorpus Juris Canonici, ex editione et cum notis P. et F.

. Pitboeorum. Folio. 2 vol. in 1. Par. 1(J67

Corradi (Sebast.) Qusestura, in qu& Ciceronis Vita lefer-

tnr; cumvit J. Aug. £rnesti. 8vo. Lips. 1754

Corradini (P. M.) et Jos. Rocci Yulpii Vetus Latium

Prof, et Sacrum. 4to. 10 vol. in 11. Rom. 1704-45

Corr&pondence d'un Habitant de Paris sur les £v^e-

mens de 1789-90, et 1791. 8vo. Par. 1791

Corr&pondancedes Emigres. 8vo. ^ vol. in 1. Par. 1793

Corrozet (Gilles) Le Thresor des Histoires de France.

12mo. Par. 1613

Corry's (Jos.) Observations upon the Windward Coast

of Africa. 4to. Lond. 1807

Corse. M^moires pour servir a THistoire de Ck>rse. 8vo.

Lond. 1768.
Coreiiii (Ed.) Fasti Attici. 4to. 4 vol. Flor. 1744




CMe (Gir. DaDa) Iflloria ddh Citta di Verona. 4to.
SvdL. Fen. 11^

Cort^. Corr^spondance de Femand Gort^ aveo
Charles y. sur la Conqu^te du Mexiqiie,.trad. par
Dc Flavigny. 12ma. Air. 1778

Cortcma. Saggi di Dissertazioni Accadomiche ncUa Ac-
cadwnia Etrusca di Cortona* 4to. 7 vd. ia 4.

Bofua, 1742-58
Corrisait (J.N.) Essai sur les Maladies du Cceur, par
C. E. Horeau. Svo. Par. 1806

Coiy^s (William) Reflections upon Liberty and Neces-
sity. Svo. Land. 1759
(Joiyaf s (T.) Crudities : Reprinted Jtom the Edition of
1611. Svo. 3 Tol. Lond. 1776
^ Coasigny (C.) Voyage k Canton, suivi d'Observations
sur le Voyage de Lord Macartney, et de Van Braam*
&ro. Par. 1799
(Tossonius. Memoria Cossoniana, k Jac. Gronovio. 4to.
[with " Siephanus de Dodone.'*] L. B. 1695
Coslantini (G. A.) La Veriti del Dilavio Universale
vindicata. 4to. Fen* 1747
Costard's (Geo.) History of Astronomy. 4to. Land. 1767
Coste(Pet.) Histoire de Louis de Bourbon, Prince de
Coade. 4to. La Haye, 1748
Cotesii (R(^.) Harraonia Mensuramm. 4to. Cant. 1728
(}otes's (Roger) Hydrostatical and Pneumatical Lectures,
vith notes, by R. Smith. Svo. Camh. 1747
Cottc (P.) Traits de M^tterologie. 4to. Par. 1774
Cottle's (A. S.) Islandic Poetry, or The Edda of &B.
mund translated into English Veree. Svo.

Bristol, 1797

Cottonian Manuscripts, Catalogue of, in the British Mu- ,

seum, by J. Flanta. Folio. Lond. 1802

Coulomb (M.) Tb&>rie des Machines simples, en ayant

<gard au Frottement de kuss Patties^ et ^ la Roideur

des Ck>rdages. 4to. Par. 1809




Coolon (Loais) Tiaiti Hialorique des Rivitos de Is
France. Svo. Svol. Par. 1644

County TmOsy 4to. and 8vo. 3 toL vk.

1« Letter sent from the Denses in Wiltshire, to a Friend
In Salbburj, showing the Condition of the Towoe^
the Affections of the Inhabitants, and the, Beha-
viour of Sir Edward Bajnton whilest he was there.


% Catalogue of remarkable Mercies conferred upon the
Seven Associated Counties, ?iz. Cambridge, Essex,
Hertford, Huntingdon, Norfolk, Suffolk., and Lin-
coln. Comb. 1643

3. Description of the Lake at Keswick (and the adja-
cent Country) in Cumberland. LontL 1773

4* List of the Divisions, Boroughs, Hundreds, liberties,
Parishes, and Tythings in the Countv of Dorset.

Sherborne, 1775

5. Queries and Reasons offered by Sir Thomas Parkyns
of Banny, Bart, whj the County Hall, Gaol, &c.
should be built in the County of Nottingham, and
on the new purchased Ground for that Purpose, and
not in the Market Place of the Town and Count/
of the Town of Nottingham, and outof theCountj
at large; with an Appendix. Noil, 1724-41

0. Letter from Brigadier Sutton to Sir Thomas Parkyns,
Bart Noti. 17^6

7. Parkyns's (Sir Thomas) Sketch and Design of a Ge-

neral Act of Parliament for the building of Halls,
Gaols, &c. throughout Great Britain ; with Appen-
dix. Noii. 1736

8. Chronological Tables of the High Sheriffs of the

County of Lincoln, and of the Knights of the
Shire, from the earliest Accounts to the present
Time. Lond. 1779

0. Letters addressed to the Corporation of Liverpool re-

specting their Charter.

10. Translation of the Charter of Liverpool, with notes,

by Philodemus.

11. A Parliamentary Reform at West Cowes, in the Isle

of Wight. 4to. Lond. 1784


1. Catalogue of Books in the Librarjat Biedford#

Lond. 1705

2« View of the principal Towns, Seats, Antiquities, and

other remarkable Particulars in Dorset* 1778




1 BakUiocfi's ( W.) Addrws to Ae Svlwcribm fiir the
History and ABtiquiiice of ike County I^latine of
Durham. 1784

4. BrideoalM'B (Ralph) Ptea of the Fellows of Win.
ehester College agalast the Bishop of Wmehester'a
Local aod Ftoai Visitatorial Power over the said
College. 1711

S« Remarks on the Fonndiiif andcariyingon the Baild-
ings of the Royal Hospital at Greeowich, by N.
Hawksmoor. 1728

f • Establishment for adnlttiiig, maintaining, and edocat*
iog of Poor Boys for Seamen in Greenwich Hospi-
taK 1732

7. Rules and Orders for the Royal Military Aeademy at

Woolwich. 17M

8. Rales and Ordinances of the College of Cobham, in

the Coanty of Kent. 1733

9. Ducarel's (A. C.) Repertory of the Endowments of

Vicarages in the Diocese of Canterbury. 1763

10. Remarks on upwards of 100 Portraits of the most

eminent Persons in the Counties of Lancaster and
Chester, particufa&rly in the Neighbourhood of Man*
Chester. 1770

11. Report on the State of the House of Correction at

Manchester. 1783

19. State of Facts in Defence of His Majestj's Right to

certain Fee-farm Rents in the County of Norfolk.

13. List of Subscribers in Suffolk, for the Purpose of

building a Ship of War for the Serrice of the Pul^»

lie. Ipswich, 1782

ITke al'W€ Two Volumes are in Quarlo,^

L Smith's (Sam.) Account of the dreadful Fire at Ti-
verton, in Devonshire, June b^ 1731. Lond, 1739

% The Story of the St. Alban's Ghost^ or the Appari.
tioQ of Mother Haggy. 1712

3. Historical Account of the Antiquities in the Cathedral
Church of St. Mary, Lincoln, 1771

4> Arguments of a Lincolnshire Freeholder irt Support
of a Bridge Intended to be built over the Rirer
Trent, at or near to Gainsborough Ferry.

Gainsb. 178G

5^ History of Pairford Church in Gloacestershire.

Cirenceiiers 1763

C, Description of Alnwick Castle in Northumberland,




f. Detcriptioo of the Pictnfei and oth^ CmrkirillBS la
the £arl of Pembroke*8 House at Wilton.

Salish. 1779

8. Journey from Londoa to Scarborovgh. 1735

9. Paalden's (Capt. Tho.) Account of the Taking of

Pontefract Castle in 1648. Oxford, 1747

10. SaTage*s (James) History of Howden Church.

Hnffden, IfOQ

11. Cumberland's (George) Attempt to describe Hafod^

and the n^eighbourlng Scenes. 1706

1% Statutes for the Government of Northampton County

Hospital. N^ikampton, 1749

13. Paul's (Sir G. O.) Obserrations on the State of the

Gloucester Infirmary. 17M

[The abooe Volume is in Octavo.']

Courajer (P, Fr. Le) Histoire de la RiSforraatioa, <iu
Memoires de Jean Sleidan sur r£tat de la Rdiigioa ^ous
r£nipire de Charles V. 4to. 3 voU La Haye^ 1767

Ckmrtanvaux (Marquis de) Journal d'un Yoya^^ pour la
Verification des In^trum^ns relatif^ k la Longitude,
4to. Par. 1768

Cousin (Louis) Histoire de Constantinople, traduite det
Auteurs Grecs qui OAt ecrit I'Hist. Byzantine. I2mo,
10 vol. Par. 1685

Cousin (J. A. J.) Introduction k TEtade de I'Astrono^
mie Physique. 4to. Par. 1787

Cousin (J. A. J.) Traite de Calcul DifSSientid et de Cal-
cql Int^graU 4to. Par. 1796

Coutinho's (J. J. da Ounba) Political Essay on the Com^
merce of Portugal and her Colonies, particularly Bra-i
zil. 8vo. Land. 1801

Cento (D.) Vida de Paulo de Lima Pereira. 12mo.

lAsb. 1765

Contumier (Le Nouveau) 66n6ral de France. F<4io,
4 vol. Par. 1724

Covarrubias (Jos. dc) Maximas sobre Recursos de Fuerza
y Proteccion, con el Metodo de introducirlos en ]»
Tribun^es. Folio. Ma4* 1785




CbiMrd*s tWm.) Setxmd Thoughtis i^Aternmg the Htt^

man Soul. 8vo. Land. 1702

Coirley *s ( Abraliani) Poetical and Miscellaneous Works*

8vo»3voL Lond. 17 10

Cowper's (WflUara) Anatomical Treatise on the Muscles

of the Human Body. Folid. Lond. 1724

Cowperi (GuiL) Anatomia Corporum. Humanorum.

Folio. Lugd. Bat. 1739

Ckmper's (William) Poetical Works. 8vo. 2 vol.

Lond. 1806
Covpa's (William) Life alid Letters, by W. Hayfey.
8yo. 4 vol. Chichester, 1806

Cox's (Richard) History of Ireland, from the Conquest
thereof by the English to the Death of Charles IL
Folio. Lond. 1689

Cox's (J* M.) Practical Observations on Insanity. 8vo.
lYTiOi^^Hailamim Insanity.''] Lond. 1906
Coze's (Daniel) Description of the Province of Carohma,
by the Spaniards called Florida, and by the French
La Louisiane. 8vo. Lond^ 1722

Case's (William) Travels in Switzerland, and in the
Country of the Orisons, in 1779-85, and 1787. 4to.
2 vol. L. P. Lond. 17M

Coxe's( William) Travdbs in Pbland, Russia, Sweden, and
Denmark, in 177&-81. 4to. 3 vol. Lond. 1784-4)0
Coze's (William) Account of Russian Discoveries be-
tween Asia and America. 4to« Lond. 1780
Coie's ( WflUam) History of the House of Austria. 4to.
3 vol. Land. 1S07
Coxe's (WUliam) Historical Tour in Monmouthshire in
1798. 4to.2vol. inl. Lond. ISOl
Coxe's (William) Monoirs of Sir Robert Walpde. 4to.
Svd. Lond. 1798
Coke's (William) Memoirs (rf* Horatio, Lord Walpde.
4to. Lond. 1802



C<Hle't ( WifliftiH) Aiieodote» af G. F. HaocU wid J. C.

Smith. 4to. LomU 1799

Ckmos's (A«) Tlreatise on Perspective^ '^^aod Rules finr

Shading by Ipventioo. Land, 1765

[wUh « Tracts <m the Fine Arts:"]

GRABBERS (Greorge) Germw and English Gmnuhutn

iSrao. Land. 1799

Giabbe*s (Rev. George) Village and other Poema. 8to.

Ctabbe'fl (Rev. G.) Borough, a Poem. Svo. Lond. 1810
Cragii (Nic) de BepuUica LaoediemoDionim Libri it.

Lugd. Bat. 1670

&agii (ThoBi.) Jus Feodale, tribus Libris oompiehai*

sum, edidii Jac. Baillie. Fdio. Edin. 1733

Craig's (Sir Thomas) Scotland's Sovereignty asserted,

by GecHTge Ridpatb. Svo. Lond. 1695

Craig (Joh.) de Calculo Flomtium et de Optica Ana-

lytica. 4to. Lond. 1718

Crameri (Joan. Andr*) Elementa Artis DooimBstiae. 8vo.

S vol. iMgd.Bai. 17M

Cramer (Gab.) Inteoduetion a T Analyse dcs Lignes

Courbes Alg^raiqucs. 4to. Genev. 1750

Cranz (David) Historic von Grordand. Svo. 2 vol.

Lips. 1770
Crashaw 8 (Ric.) Steps to the Temple^ the Delights of the
. Muses, aad Carmm Deo Nostro. 8vo. Lond. 1670
Crastoni (Joh.) Dictionarium Ghnsco-Latmum. Small
Folio. sine anno vel kco.

[with " Munsten Lexicon.*^
Craven's (Lady) Journey through the Crimea. 4to«

Lond. 1789
Crawford's (William) HtsUxy of Irdand. 8vo. 9 vol. *

Strabane^ 1783
Crawford's (A.) Experimaits and Observations on Ani-
mal Heat, and the Inflammation of C!ombustible Bo-
dies. 8vo. Lond. 1788




Giftwfitfd. DiBBertazioiie lopra la Teoria di Ciawjbid
mtorna al Galore Animate e alia Combustione, dal
GioT. Camdoii. 8\ro. Firem^^ 1784

Cmwfiiid's (George) Peerage of Scotland. Folio.

Edin. 1716

Cnwfiiid's (George) hires of the Officers of tire Crown

•nd of the State in Scotland, from the Reign of Da-

nd L to the Union. Folio. 2 toI. in 1 . Edin. 17S6

Crawfiiid's (George) Histor j of the Shire of Renfrew ;

eoDtinned by WiUiam Semite. 4to. Paisley ^ 1782

Camfatd'9 (Thomas) Hisitory of the Univemty of Edin-

bnrgfa, from 1580 to 1646. 8to. Edin. 1808

CMbiUon (Proep. Joiyot de) (Eovres de. 4to. S yol.

Par. 1750
CSremi (Thorn.) CommentationeB in varioe Auctores. 4to.

Sait. 1683

CieBcimbeni (Oioy. Mar.) Istoria della Yolgar Poesia*

4to. 6 vol. Fen. 1731-30

Cnmxii (Franc.) Hist. Canadensis sen Novae Francia

Libri x. ad annnm 1656. 4to. Par. 1661

Oeveona. CSatalogae raisonne des Livres de P. A. Gre-

Tenna. 4to. 6 vol. in 3. Amst. 1775-6

Crmer (J. B. L.) Histoiie de TUniversit^ de Paris

jusqu'i 1600. 12mo. 7 vol. Par. 1761

Cmer's (J. B. L.) History dt the Roman Emperors

from Augustus to Constantine, translated by John

Mills. 8vo. 10 vol. Lond. 1755-61

Criiittii (Christ.) Gymnasiom Syriacnm. 4to.

Wittebergce^ 1611
[with << Waseri Elemeniak Ckaldaicum.*'']
Oitical Review, frcmi its Commencement in 1756 to the

pieseot time. 8vo.

Cnce (Giol. Cses.) Bertoldo Bertoldin e Cacasseno, trad.

dtl Toican in Leng. Venesiana. 8vo. Pad. 1747

Cnxse (insneo Ddla) Historia Antica e JMfodema di

Trieste. Fdio. Fen.lQDS

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