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The Reader will readily fee the propriety of giving
the Life of the Author at the end of thofe pieces
w.hich have never yet appeared in print, it being a de-
firable matter for the Family to colledl all the informa-
tion poflible for its improvement.

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Subfcriptions iq this fine Edition, received by Dr.

RoMAiNK, at his Houle, Reading, Berks; and by

T. Chapman, 131, Fleet-Street.






The JJlands of the South Sea.





July 28, 1796, <• ''■'

On Occafion of the Defignation of



I/lands of the South Sea,

Minifter of the Scots Church, London Wall,


Minirter at Rotherham, Yorkfhire.




FiihViJJied at the Reqiicjl of the Directors of the
Mijfondry Society.



phinted and sold by t. chapman,
fleet street.




THE Dlredors of the Miffionary Societj
having determined, that as many as
had devoted themfelves to the fervice of the
Heathen, fhould receive a folemn defignatioa
to the Work, they agreed to appoint one
Minifter of each denomination for this bleffed
fervice, and to exhibit that fpirit of Union,
which it hath been their firft defire to culti-
vate, and hope to be the happy means of in-

The Miffionaries are compofed of men al-
ready ordained, of others in the habit of ex-
pounding and praying in focial worfhip, and
the reft men of tried Chriftian fidelity ; all
filled with holy zeal to ferve the beft inte-
refts of the natives in the South-Sea Iflands,

a by


by introducing the principles of ufeful know-
ledge, and true religion among them.

The Direftors wifhed to fend them forth
with their Chriftian benedidtion, commend-
ing them 'to the care and teaching of the
great head of the Church, to pour out upon
them the abundance of his grace, to qualify
them for the work to which they truft, God,
the Holy Ghoft, has been pleafed to call

In confequence of the refolution taken,
Thurfday, the 28th of Auguft, was fixed
upon, and the following plan agreed to be
purfued by a Committee appointed for that
purpofe, and confirmed by the Diredors.

The moft fpacious place of worfhip they
apprehended would fcarccly contain the num-
bers that would affemble on this occafion ;
therefore Zion Chapel was preferred, in order
to afford to as many as could be admitted,



ihe fatisfaftlon of witnefling a fcene fo fiii-
eular and bleffed.


The place was early crowded ; and after
fevcn or eight thoufand had filled the Chapel
to the doors, multitudes were reluftantly
obliged to depart difappointed, whilft others
crowded the windows without.

The fervice began with an invocation to
the Holy Spirit : '* Come Holy Spirit, hea-
venly dove, &c." and was fung with the
moft enlivened devotion. The Rev. Mr. Eyre,
of Hackney, then read the prayers of the
Church with great folemnity. Three vcrfes
of " Salvation, O the joyful found, &c."
followed. When the Rev. Mr. Brookfbank
prayed before the Sermon in a manner fo
heart- felt and afFeiling, as every hearer wit-
nefled. Dr. Hunter then, in his ufual ftrain
of eloquence, and, animated by the prefent
occafion, delivered a moft impreffive Dlf-
courfe on Luke x. i — 20.

a 2 '' O'er


" O'er the gloomy hills of darknefs, &c.
was next fung, and every heart feemed to
feel the flame of vehement defire for the
completion of the great and precious pro-

The twenty-nine Miffionaries * then ftand-
ing round the Communion Table, the
Rev, Dr. Haweis, in a fhort, but pathetic
and folemn prayer, addrefTed to Jehovah
Jefus, the great Head of his Church and
People, commended the Miffionaries and their
Work to his almighty care, wifdom, and
love : to direfl, fupport, blefs, and give the
fuccefs, which he alone can command.

The five Miniflers chofen by the Dire6lor$
for this fervice ftanding together, (the Rev.
Dr. Haweis, of Spa-Fields, the Rev. Mr.
Reynolds, of Camomile-Street, the Rev. Mr.
Love, of Artillery- Street, the Rev. Mr.
Waugh, of Wells-Street, Oxford-Road, and

* Their names are contained in the fubjoined lift.



the Rev. Mr. Wilks, of the Tabernacle)
each of them took a Bible from the Com-
munion Table, where they had been pre-
vioufly placed, and five of the Miffionaries
approaching the communion rails, kneeled
down, when the Minifters, with the Bibles
in their hands, advanced, and each in fuccef-
fion addreffed to the perfon kneeling before
him the following words : '' Go, our be-
*' loved Brother, live agreeably to this blefied
*' Word, (putting the Bible ^ into his hands)
*' and publiih the Gofpel to the Heathen,
*' according to your calling, gifts, and abi-*
*' lities." To which the Miffionary replied
in words to this effefl : ''I will, the
*' Lord being my helper." Five others
then knelt down, and the fame ceremo-
nial was repeated, till the entire Miffion
received their defignation. The whole was a
fcene of fuch impreflive folemnity, as has

* The Bibles were beautifully bpund, and the gift of
Mr. Bailey, of Hackney, a Member of Mr. Eyre'«
congregation, with that Scripture written by him on ths
^lank leaf. Math, xxviii. 19, 20.



hardly ever been witneffed ; the Minifters
and the Miffionaries feemed ahke fo deeply
afFefted with the awfulnefs of the Work be-
fore them, whihT: the Congregation expreffed
the fenfations of their fouls in filence, tears,
and fecret prayer.

The hymn " Lord make them faithful/'
was fung with the moft fervent fpirit of
prayer by the whole congregation.

The Rev. Dr. Williams, of Rotherham,
then, from the pulpit, addreffed the Mif-
fionaries, {landing round the communion rails
before him, in a moft able and judicious
Charge, refpeding their tempers and con-
du61:, from Gen. xvii. i. which was heard
with deep attention.

The Rev. Mr. Walker, one of the fenior
Fellows of Trinity College, Dublin, clofed
the Solemnity v^ith a moft fcriptural prayer,
and full of animated devotion, fuited to the
occafion, finiihing with the ufual benediilion,

*' The


*' The peace of God, &c." The Congrega- I

tion then rofe, and united m fuch a fong of
praife as, perhaps, was never before heard,
«« Captain of thine enUfted hoft, &c."

The whole departed from this folemn
fcene full of joy and hope ; thanking God
for what they had feen and heard, and crying
mightily to him, that he would accompUflx
the number of his eled:, and haften his king-



Rev. Thomas Lewis

James GDver

John Eyre

John Jefferfon
Mr. David Bowel 1

John Buchanan

Henry Bicknell

Benjamin Broomhall

James Cooper

William Crook

John Cock

Samuel Clode

John Allan Gillham

William Henry

John Harris

Samuel Harper

Rowland Haiiell

Peter Hodges

Seth Kelfo

Edw^ard Main

Ilaac Nobbs

Francis Oaks

James Puckey

William Puckey

William Shelley

William Smith

James Wilkinfoa

N. B. Mr. George Veefon was fincc added to
the above liift. — Mrs. Cover, with her fon, Mrs.
HaiUcll, with her two children^ Mrs. Eyre, Mrs.
Henry, and Mrs. Hodges, accompany their huf-
bands. — But Mr. Hudden, with his Wife, was put
on ihorc at Portfmouth, her refolution failing her
^Yhilc on board the vcHcl.





LUKE X. 1 to 11. 16 to 20.

After thefe thmgs the Lord appointed other /evenly
alfo^ and fent them two and two before his face into
every city and place whither he himfelf woidd come.
Therefore faid he unto them^ The harvefi truly is
great ^ hut the labourers are few : pray ye there-
fore the Lord of the harvefi, that he would fend
forth labourers into his harvefi. Go your ways:
behold, I fend you forth as laynbs among wolves.
Carry neither purfe , nor f crip,, nor flioes: andfahue
no 7nan by the zvay. And into ivhatfoever houfeye
enter, firfl fay. Peace be to this hoife. And if the
Jon of peace be there, your peace Jhall refl upon it:
if not, it Jhall turn to you again. And 171 the fame
houfe remain, eating and drinking fuch things as
they give: for the labourer is worthy of his hire.
Go not from hoije to hoije. And into ivhatjoever
city ye enter, and they receive you, eat Juch things
as are Jet before you; A?id heal the fick that are
tJierein ; and fay imto them, The kingdom of God is
come nigh unto you. But into whafjoever city ye
enter, a?id they receive you not, go your ways out
into thejtreets of the fame, and fay. Even the very
difl of your city, which cleaveth o?i us, we do
wipe off agamfl you: notwithflunding^ be ye fur e of
this, that the kingdom of God is come nigh unto
j'ou. ' H e that hear eth you, hearethwe-; and he



tliat defplfelh you, defpijeth me ; and he that de-
Jpifeth me, defpijeth him that Jent me. And the
Je^centy returned again with joy^ fayitig. Lord, even
the devils are jubjc6l imto us through thy name.
And he faid unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning
fall from heaven. Behold, I give unto you povcer
to tread 071 ferpents andfcorpions, and over all the
power of the enemy ; and nothing Jhall hy any means
hurt you, Notwithjlanding in this rejoice not, that
the fpirits arefidjetl unto you ; but rather rejoice,
hecaufe your names are vcritten in heaven.

'^ thoufa

ELOVED, be not ignorant of this one
thing, that one day is with the Lord as a

ifand years, and a thoufand years as one day.
^' The Lord is not flack concerning his promife, as
^^ fome men count ilacknefs.*" In the prefence
of Jehovah the meafurements of time and fpace
jQirink into nothing. To his eye, not only the in-
conckiiive reafonings of men, but the fagacity and
penetration of "angels ftand chargeable with folly."
With emphatical foiemnity he pronounces concern-
ing himfelf: "I am God, and there is none elfe;
" lam God and there is none like me: declaring
" the end from the beginning, and from ancient
" times the things that are not yet done, faying,
" My counfcl fliall ftand, and I will do all my plea-
^' fure-}^. The eighteenth century is hal'tening to
its expiration, lince the primitive miffionary in-
itrudtions, which I have now rehearfed, were iifucd
in perfon by the great King and Head of the
Chriftian Church. More than threefcorc times has
the revolving globe, lince then, changed its inha-
bitants. Mighty empires have crumbled into ruin.
A new world has emerged out of the valt ocean.
Nati(^ns then oblcure, imknown, have acquired ce-
lebrity and impoilance. Britain was, at that period,
what the iflands of the Pacific Ocean are now ; it was

» z Pet. iii. 8. 9. f If. xlvi. 9. 10.



arifing into light, prefenting an obje6l of curiofity
to the Geographer, of cupidity to the Merchant,
of ambition to the Conqueror. And in the wifdom
and goodnefs of God, the curiofity of the Geo-
grapher, the cupidity of the Merchant, the ambi-
tion of the Conqueror, became '^ the preparation of
" the Gofpel of Peace," and '^ the wrath of man
" praifed God." And what may not the iflands of
the South-Sea, through the wifdom and goodnefs
of God, in a few years become !

Empires have been formed, and have fallen ; the
name of Pontiff has fwallowed up that of Emperor;
new worlds have been difcovered ; the whole Globe
'^ groneth and travaileth in pain together" at this
eventful hour; the beam of the balance quivers on
its axis ; but amidft all the Revolutions which have
fucceffively affedlcd the Globe, fince Chriftianity
was iirfl planted in it, certain objeds have never-
thelefs unvaryingly preferved their charadler, and
exhibit to this day appearances exadlly fimilar.
Human nature is the fame perverfe, degraded, de-
filed, wretched thing it was. The laws of the
moil high God maintain their priltine force and
authority. The word of the Lord is " the fame
'^ yefterday, and to day, and for ever;" and the
grace that is in Chriit Jefus overflows in the fame
inexhaufled fulnefs. The commifiion of the Lord
Jefus to his difciples, to " preach among the Gen •
" tiles the unfearchable riches" of their divine Maf-
ter, prefervesthe fame validity; and the execution
of it fhall, through the blefiing of Heaven, be
crowned w^ith fimilar fuccefs.

The fingularity, and newnefs, of this day's fer-
vice would have induced me to decline taking
any part in it. I have been frequently called upon,
in the courfe of my miniftry, to addrefs a Paflor
folcmnly fct apart to the charge of a particular
department of the Church ofChriR; and frequently
to addrefs a Chriftian congregation in behalf of the


l6 JESUS Christ's ixsTnucTroxs

Paftor fet over thcni in the Lord. But the people
this (lay to be aclnionifliccl, are innumerable, un-
known myriads of Jiuinan beings, fcattered over the
yet unexplored regions of the Southern hemifphere.
How fhall a voice that can fcarcely fill this fmall
circle penetrate through the diameter of the folid
earth? and could it be heard fo far, would not
the founds which it utters, and the meaning which
it conveys, be unintelligible jargon to men of
a flrange fpcech ? Ah, what fcas are to be
croifed, what promontories to be doubled, how
many moons muft wax and wane, how many dif-
ficulties and dangers mufl be furmounted, before
an imprclTion can bemade on untutored minds,
before a fmgle ray of heavenly light can difpel the
awful gloom 1 Our addrefs here, therefore, nmft be
direcSled to the great Father of all, who has imme-
diate accefs to the ear, to the heart, to the con-
fcience of each of his intelligent creatures; that
it may pleafe him, who has put it into the hearts
of his fervants in the Britifli iflands, to extend an
arm of mercy towards their brethren perilliing for
lack of knowledge, that it may pleafe him to dif-
pofe their hearts to receive with gladnefs the mef-
{'oo^c of peace and falvation: mav it ])leafe him to
conduC?t our little miiTionary bark to the defired
haven; let the *^ valleys be exalted, and every
" mountain and hill be made low, and the crooked
*' be made ftraigl^t, and the rough places plain ?
*' that the glory of the Lord may be revealed, and
*' all tlelh fee it together, as the mouth of the Lord
'^ hath fpoken it*."

But though wc can thus with confidence " caft
'• \h\s burthen upon the Lord," a delicate and a
dilHcult part of the talk yet remains. How various
are the views, characters and difpofitions of the per-
fons who have let this million afloat ! How va-

* ir. xi. 4. 5.



rious the views, chara6lei*s and difpofitions of the
perfons who compofe it! What prudence is re-
quifite to fpcak a word fuitably, and in fcafon, to
each of thefe! I Hioukl even at this late hour
llirink fiom the office affigned me, were not the
labour to be divided, and were I not furnifhed with
an example of conveying in(tru6lion which all
mull refpciSt, and fupplicd with topics of addrefs
from the ftores of perfecl wifdom, even from Him
who made the heart of man, who knows what is in
it, and who has all power over it. While I endea-
vour, therefore, from the diredVions given to the
feventy by the Lord Jefus himfelf, to fuggeft ge-
neral inftru6lions to all my brethren in the miniftry,
though not to the excLuiion of our friends of the
Miffion, I joyfully leave it to the Miniiler wdio
fhall come after me, to addrefs a more particular
charge to them, iuch as the folemnity of the day,
and their peculiar circumftances may require.

At the time when our bleiled Lord fent out the
Seventy, by two and two, he was preparing to
follow them in the laft circuit which he made
through Galilee, being within the laft fix months
of his abode upon earth. What He addreffed to
them on that memorable occaiion, may, with the
change of a few circumUances, ferve to admonifli,
vv^arn and inftrudt us all, and efpccially thofe whom
we are fending out in his name, on a progrefs much
more extenfive, but prccifely in the fame view. I
truft all w^ill liften to then}, therefore, with that
attention, deference and humility which are due,
]^ot to the words of a^njcre man like thcmfelves,
but of Him who '^ fpake as never man fpake."

1. Chrift fent out the feventy /^ ^<r/in^, feeming
to fay with Jofeph to his brethren, " See that ye
'' fall not out by the way." The little diftridt of
Galilee was thus parcelled out into thirty-five fub-
divifions, and thereby the labour and danger were
diminifhed by being equalized. Bcfides, each
Miffionary was thus pro\ided with a known and

18 JESUS Christ's instructions '

tried friend, embarked in the fame caufewith
fclf, vvhofe con verfatlon would relieve the tedioufnefft
of the wav, mutual confidence would be infpired
to the difcharge of their important truft, and credit
would be fecured to a mcHage delivered under the
concurrin<> teilimony oftwo witnefles. If God fhall
be e;racioufly pleafed to convey our Miflionaries
to the place of their deftination, they too muft be
under the necelTity of feparating, and of profecuting
the obje6l of their million in little fub-divifions,
perhaps lingly. Lcfs than half the number of the
feventv are' to be fcattered over a field, compared
to which Galilee, Judea, are but a fpcck. But
wherever there are two, there, we are confident,
will be found brothers and friends in the deareft
bonds, kindred flames of love to God, to each
other, and to the fouls of men. They will relieve
the languor of exile from their native land by an in-
terchange of kind affe6lions; and as they " walk
by the way," they w^ill realize the prefencc of an
nnfcen, but wxll-known Redeemer, and "their »

'• hearts will burn within them," as they hold 1

communion with him and with each other, and M

while " he opencth to them the Scriptures." How ™

powerful will be their addrefs to the heathen,
when they are found to be living and fpeaking the
fame things, and " loving each other v/ith a pure
^'beart fervently 1"

The arrangement made by our bleflcd Lord
adminifters inlLuc^iion, reproof and encourage-
ment to us who are to remain at liome. Coupled
together in the work of the thriflian miniftry, we
have not always, as we ought, drawn in the yoke
kindly together. By pulling in oppofite directions
we have wearied and wafted each other; too often
turned to each other in anger, to tear^ and bite,
and devour. The common enemy has triumphed
in this, the common caufe has fulicrcvi, and '* the
*' hearts" of mnny of God's people " have bcer\
'' made fad." Wc are, bleffed be God, beginning



it> get lomewhat more gracioufly afTorted; the
fcowling eye of fufpicion is exchanged for the finile
of cordiahty, and the enemy of the Gofpel is drip-
ped of one of his topics of reproach, lb union in
miffionary views we 'are indebted for this happy
and honourable change. May it become more and
more viiible every day in hearty converfation^ and
life !

2. Our blefTed Lord fairly and faithfully warned
the feventy of the difficulty and danger of the
charge which they were undertaking. Tht Jal^ou?'
arid drfficulty he reprefents under the idea of an am-
ple harvefi: to he reaped by the hands of a few la-
bourers. That man has conceived very abfurdly
of the Chriftian miniftry who confiders it as a com-
fortable and commodious iituation, in which he
may live at his eafe^ eat and drink, and rife up to
play. The harvefi: field is a fcene of more than
ordinary exertion, toil and fatigue, even v/hen la-
bourers are abundant; it calls for unremitting appli-
cation through the whole day, and frequently-
through the night ; it demands emulous yet friendly
energy. In this hive every drone is a complicated,
evil, he fets a moll: pernicious example, he fiands
in the way of the bufy, and he devours the honey
which he had not afiifted in Itoring up. But the
induftrious labourer is encouraged by the confedera-
tion that the eye of the Lord of the harvefi is upoi;i
him, that his toil is not overlooked, \\\A not be
driven to excefs, will not pals unapproved, unre-
warded; that additional fellow-labourers will be
fupplied, at his requefl, as the exigencies of the
harvefi: may require.

The danger of the enterprize, is reprefented in
the character here given of human nature: " be-
'^ hold I fend you as lambs among wolves," ^^ Be-
" w^are of menr When the Ibldiers of this world
beat up for recruits, they decoy the unwary by a
flattering reprefentation of the fervice; thqy hold

B 2 out


out ideas of profit, of advancement, of glory: thcj
keep carefully out of fight all that is difgufting and
painful in theprofeflion, exhaufting marches, con-
tagious diforders, '' garments rolled in blood."
Not fo the Captain of our falvation. He faithfully
declares the worft of his fcrvice, from the beginning.
"Ifanv man will come after me, let him deny
" himfelf and follow me.'*'* " Ye fhall be hated of
" all men for my name's fake, men fhall revile you,
*' and pcrfecute you, and fhall fay all manner of
" evil againfl you falfely for my fakef-;" and in the
text, " I fend you as lambs among wolves." Mor-
tifying view of human nature! and alas, it is not
the exaggerated account of a difcontented, irritable
cynic, inflamed with hatred againft mankind, but
a true reprefentation of the cafe from one who knew
it well, and who bitterly deplored that depravity
which he was conftrained to expofe. Man a wolf
to man I to his brother, his bcnefadorl Man a
victim to the fury of him whom he fought to fave I
" Beware of" — what? the roaring lion, the ra-
vening T.olf, the ^' bear bereaved of her whelps, the
adder in the path, the fiery flying ferpent ?" no,
beware of men ; you are in greateft danger where
you arc difpofcd to deem yourfelves moft fecure;
reckon not on the ties of humanity, of confangui-
nity, ofjuflice, of gratitude; the innocence of the
lamb, the harmlc<r,nefs of the dove are no defence.

No fmall degree of fagacity has been employed
in felecting the fpot and the people on which our
firft imprefflon is to be attempted. A genial cli-
mate and gentle manners have greatly contributed
to determine the choice. But, O ye Miffionarics,
truft not 16 either. Remember the words of the
Lord Jcfns, '' Beware of men." Arc there no
dangers, think ye, but thofe which arife from
boifl:crous elements, and ferocious fpirits } are thcr&

* Mat. xvi. 24. t Mat. V. 11.


no dangers lurking under clement ikies, and fra-
grant bovvers, and alluring fmiles, and a comteons
demeanour. '* Beware of men." " Watch and
*^ pray that ye enter not into temptation."
. 3. Our Lord cautions his Mifiionarics againft an
over curious and minute regard to accommoda-
tion, preparatory to their entering on their miiiion,
and while employed in Executing the bufinefs of it:
becaufe he would inculcate on them an unbounded
confidence in the care of Providence, and perfect
contentment with fuch proviiion as the hofpitahtj
of thofe whom they vilited might, from time to
time, fupply. They are enjoined to difregard
fom,e particulars which mod men would deem e{-
fentially neceflary to a journey: ^' carry neither
'' purfe, nor fcrip, nor Ihoes." An anxious foli-
ritude about conveniencies, much more about
fantaftical gratification and indulgence, betrays &
mind unfubdued to the authority, and unin-
fluenced by the example of the Lord Jefu?, betrays
the fickly appetite of a fpoilt child, which muft be
tempted and pampered with delicacies, not the
manly fpirit of the intrepid youth vvho cares not
how hard he lies, and how coarfely he fares, pro-
vided he gets forward. He who expeds between
the decks of a fmall vefiel, on a long voyage, all
the eafe and comfort of an enlarged, iinreftraine<i
fituation, had much better continue on fhore.

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