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See then that it be not a mean, unworthy end
you propofe, or motive that a(Jtuates you, either



now or m future. The love of fame has been
caJlccl " the univcrfal pailion ;" difprove the uni-
yerfality of the maxim, to the content and joy of
your own heart, a^id the confufion of gainfayers,
by your future condu6l. What I now propole to
you, God urged upon Abraham — " Walk before
" me, and be thou fmccre" in tliy ends and mo-
tives. And this is what our Lord inculcates on
his difciples, " The light of the body is the eye,
^' if therefore thine eye be lingle, thy whole body
^' fhall be full of light*." Allow the exprelTion,
infincerity in a Miflionary is " death in the pot" —
aMiflionary without fincerity of ends and mo-
tives, is '^ fait without favour."

2. Next to the glory of God, Let the mJlru6iion^
converfion^ and everlajiing happ'mefs of the heathen,
le Jieadily intended, even when you may not think if
expedient openly to avow the defign. This upright-
nefs your prefent folemn engagement requires. It
is almoft incredible what wonders this principle —
fteadinefs of aim-^has produced in every depart-
ment and concern of life ; and God has ever ho-
noured it in his fervants. Prodigies of mental
powers, and the gre^iteft brilliancy of parts, have
failed of fuccefs, when this was wanting; they
promifed vi6lory like Goliah, but ignominioufly
fell; whereas fleadincfs of aim, like David, makes
po fhew and yet fuccecds. In all your traffic and
covenants, in all your intercourfe and public de-
portment, among the untaught natives of the
South-Sea Iflands, bethisyour unvaried, inflexible
aim — their falvation. Be this the aim of your
prayers and praifes^ your joys and cares, your fuf-
ferings and enjoyments. Be this your meat and
drink, becaufe it is our heavenly Father's will.
For this plead continually, as a hungry, naked
beggar for an alms ; even more than a proud and

•^ Matt. vi. 2a.



greedy fycophant for promotion. For this let your
common actions in life be employed ; to this let
your eating and drinking, as well as failing be di-
rected ; to this your fleeping as well as your wake-
ful moments be confecrated ; to this your educa-
titDn of the heathen children, as well as your fet
converfation or difcourfes to their parents; to this
the education of your own children, and the con-
duct of your families; to this all your conne6lions
and engagements with the natives.

Thus principled and employed, you will tread
in the fteps of our common Lord, who laid afide
his own eafe and honour; who, though he was
rich, for our fakes htcamc poor, denied himfelf for
our advantage; took upon him the form of a fer-
vant, and made himfelf of no reputation. In this,
therefore, be ye followers of Chrili as dear children.
But, as lincerity of principle, and iteadinefs of
aim, require an inftrument to work with, there-

3. Cultivate a greater acquainta7tce zvitJi the purity
and fimpli city of the gofpel — God's covenant. — By
this alfo prove the fmcerlty of your profellion.
This is the word he has honoured above all his
name; this is the wifdom and power of God, the
rod of his ilrength, and the fword of his Spirit.
Evangelical truths are the weapons of your war-
fare, let them not be covered with unfightly ruft,
nor blunted by too much polifli — mind chiefly the
edge. Remember alfo, that the word is a two-
edged fword, the law and the gofpel — the one, to
lirike conviction into the confciences of finners;
and the other, to cut off fin from the believer in
Jefus, as well as to lop off and confign to deflruc-
tion all apollates*.

Divine revelation is a bright, pure, wcll-polifhed
mirror ; do not disfigure it with fcratches, made

* See Hcb, ii. 1—3, and chap, iv, 11. 12.



with unholy and foolifh fancie?, though they
fparkle in your eye like cliainonds. The gofpel is
pure wholefome milk; do not adulterate it with
the water of your own fountain, corrupted reafon.
Tlie gofpel is a net ; do not alter the mefhes, to be
cither greater or fmaller than the divine appoint-
ment. But keep in mind, my brethren, that a
growing acquaintance with the purity and fimpli-
city of the gofpel is the elFedl of divine teaching;
feck therefore, with all humble importunity, the
*' unclion from the Holy One_," that ye may
*^ know all things."

It is indeed poffible that, to induce a profeffion of
Chriftianity, fome human mixtures or additions
may be ufeful ; but God does not allow any of his
fervants to be wife above what is written ; he will
not have his bright and precious jewel, the gofpel,
daubed with gaudy paint. Many, like Saul, pre-
tend to offer a facrifice to the Lord, by human ad-
ditions, and God's anfwer to his .plea by Samuel,
is a fufficient reply to all intermeddlers*. " Hath
'^ the Lord as great delight in burnt offerings and
'' facrifices, as in obeying the voice of the Lord ?
" Behold, to obey is better than facrifice, and
" to hearken than the fat of rams." Take for your
example and guide the great Apoftle of the Gen-
tiles : — '^ I determined not to know any thing
*^ among you," fays he to the Corinthians-}^, " fave
'' Jefus Chrift, and him crucified." And to the
Galatians:}:, " God forbid that I fhould glory, Hive
'■ in the crofs of our Lord Jefus Chrift, by whom
" the world is crucified unto mc^ and I unto the
'' world."

The Prophets and Apoflles do not fet thcmfelves
formally to prove the being and perfedions of God,
as learned hypothefis v^ould probably advife; but
the fpirit of prophcfy is theteilimony of Jefus, and

♦ 1 Sam. XY, 22. t I Cor, ii. 2. + Chap. vi. 14.



the glory of the New Teflamcnt Minifters is to
point Him out as " the lamb of God, who taketh
^^ away the fins of the world" — to exhibit him,
from the divine oracles, as God-man — Mediator —
born, to die for our lins, — and dying, to rife and
reign forour juftihcation, and finally our glorifica-
tion. The repeated experience of others has abun-
dantly proved the preference due to this fimplicity
of teaching, before any other method, though more
learned and laboured.

Thus furnifhed, permit me to recommend to

4. ^n alternate 7rgard to private and focial reJ'i^
g'lon. By ncgledling perfonal holinefs you will de-
generate into men of the world ; worldly maxims
will prevail, your zeal will be damped, your minds
become earthly, your religion a lifelefs image, and
your profeflion an unmeaning name; and, by ne-
gledling focial religion, you will not beMiflionaries
but Hermits, you might as well ftay at home, live
in fome lonely Englifh cottage, retire into the
Highlands of Scotland, or Mountains of Wales.
Let therefore converfe with God in folitude be fub-
fervient to public utility. Enter therefore thy
clofet, or penetrate the woods of Otaheite, to con-
verfe with Jefus, to maintain fpirituality, and to
plead for your idolatrous neighbours; and then,
warmed with this holy fire, go and warm others by
focial , intercourfe. Thus your heavenly Father
will reward you openly, and heathens will in time
learn that none but the difciplcs of Jefus can be
thus happy and thus ufcful.

Under this head, let me advife you, not only to
guard againft fiilling out by the way, (which God
prevent !) and to love one another out of a pure heart
fervently, but even let the poor ignorant natives
take knowledge of you, that you do ih love one ano-
tlier, and that with the love of benevolence you
are afFedtionately attached to them. Let them be

E conftrainecl


conftrained to fay, " Behold how thefe new-comers
love one another !" How pleafant it is for brethren
to dwell together in unity ! Some of us of late have
feen delightful fpecimens of this union, we fee it
alfo this day. My brethren, we commiffion you
this morning, in the name of the Lord, to make a
fair report of the lovely fcenes which you have be-
held, to the teachable natives of Otaheite !

Tell them what you have feen, in thebeft man-
ner you arc able, fo as to convey the fentiment into
their inmofl fouls. Affure them by your teftimony
and example, that the religion of Jefus leads to
blifs. Say, have fellowfhip with us, for " truly
" our fellowfhip is with the Father, and with his
fon Jefus Chrift ;" the God we adore, the Saviour
we ferve. In this connexion I would add,

5. Aim at exemplify 'mg the religion of Jefus in all
its parts. There are few human chara6lers but
liave many fpots, and all in our world have fome;
it is therefore our wifdom to difcover and corred:
them in ourfelves and others. But how is this to
be done ? By looking into the glafs of the word,
which will faithfully exhibit each one to himfelf.
One wdio endeavours to walk before God uprightly,
aims more at removing imperfections f.rft, than brilliant exploits. Study therefore your
defects with a view to pardon and amendment;
then you will he better able, when they afl: you.
What meancth your new religion ? to anfwer them.
Come and fee, follow us in every ftep of our walk ;
obferve us in all our private and public, perfonal
and relative concerns. Behold us patient in tribu-
lations, mild and meek when provoked, honell
when it is in our power to impofe, doing to others
as we would be done by, wifliing well and doing
good to our very enemies, enduring all things for
the elc6t fake, that'they may be faved.

Though we arc equal as brethren, yet, obferve
us, we know how to fubmit to our fuperiors, we



know how to obferve due fubordination among
ourfelves. And as this exemplification of rehgioa
in all its parts is the bell practical anfwer -to the
queftion^ What is Chrillianity ? fo it is the mofl
likely way to your fuccefs. He who thus aims,
and ftudies, and ftrives to honour God, will be
honoured by him, and fhall be honourably reward-
ed. " Walk before me and be thou perfe6l/' fays
God, *^ and I will multiply thee exceedingly, and
^' thou fhalt be a father of many nations, and I will
'' make thee exceeding fruitful." I now add,

6. Be more attentive to duty than even to fuccefs,
Uprightnefs and fincerity will regard the will and
authority of God, leaving all events to him — to his
adorable and fovereign difpofal. A man of real
faith, in its free exercife, will not obje6l and mur-
mur, though God demand an Ifaac in facrifice.
But fhould we be unconcerned about fuccefs ? By
no means. But every thing in its due order. You
may delire fuccefs much, but fhould Hill more
earneitly defire to walk before God in uprightnefs,
according to the folemn promife you have now
made. And if you have but a little fuccefs, do
not "^ defpife the day of fmall things."

The human mind is bufy in anticipation; you
already pourtray to y ourfelves what fort ®f a voyage
you are likely to have, — what reception at your ar-
rival, — what habitations, manners, and employ-
ments ? Be not over anxious about thefe things,
but mind more prefent duty^ let our text refound
in your ears, and daily recur to your thoughts,
" Walk before me and be thou upright." You
will fee, perhaps, for a feafon, but little, very little
fruit of your labour; but "who hath defpifed the
'' day of fmall things?" Think of the hufband-
man, he cafts into the gi'ound the principal wheat,
and waits for the crop with patience. The gofpel
\% leaven, and it muft have time to operate ; the
gofpel is a preferving fait, it mull have time to
E 2 penetrate;


penetrate ; the gofpel is a grain of muflard feed,
and it mud have time to grow.

The way to fuccefs, even to furprifing fuccefs,
is often intricate. Viewing Jofeph in the pit, in
the prifon, who but the Omnifcicnt could have
thought of his future fuccefs? Who that faw the
danger of Daniel, Shadrach, Mefhac and Abed-
nego, or of Jonah, would have given a pebble for
their lives? — What wonders were wi'ought by-
means of illiterate apoftles, evangelifts, and difci-
ples, when God commanded fuccefs! View, on
the one hand, the Colollean powers of this world,
on the other, the defpifed Nazarcne, as a "ftone
cut out without hands, breaking them to pieces."
(Dan. ii. 34.) " Thou faweft till that a ftone was
" cut out without hands, which fmote the image
^^ upon his feet that were of iron and clay, and
" brake them to pieces." It is added, (vcr. 35.)
''■' and the flone that fmote the image became a
" great mountain, and filled the whole earth." I
afk again, JVJio hath defpifed the day of fmall thhigs?
Who knows not, that the {lately oak was once an-
acorn, that the moft majeftic river begins its courfe
as a fmall rill, that Rome, though time was when
it could boafh fuperiority to all other cities in the
world, was once a fmall village, nay, that Great
Britain itfelf was once a land of ftupid ignorance,
and vile idolatry. He, therefore, who commanded
the North to give up, and it was fo; can alfo {'^xy to
the South keep not back, and it fhall be fo. To
facilitate the performance of thefe duties enjoined,
let me advife you

7 . To contemplate with affidnity a?id affe6flo?i, the
cliaraBer of God, as difplayed in his word, and in
his favourite fervants in all ages. To walk before
God, or with God, as Enoch did, muii imply a
contemplation of, and affection for his true cha-
racter; but what I would now particularly recom«
mend to you, as greatly conducive to the end pro-



pofexl, is/ to read and obferve attentively the felf-
denying characters of thofe men who, bearing
much of the divine image^ have ftood forth pubHcly
to confefs him before men.

In the holy fcriptures you have a " cloud of wit-
nefles," whom you will not fail to contemplate and
to imitate; but above all be aliiduous in looking
untoJefus, the author and finifher of our faith,
who for the joy that was fet before him, endured
tlie crofs, dcfpiling the fliame. Read, with con-
tinual reviews and prayers, the lives of the Patriarchs
and Prophets, the a6ls of the Apoftles, the hiftory
of the firft Chrillians by Enfebius, which if you
have not already I hope you wdll be provided with^
— the moft authentic holy lives and inartyrologiCvS — '
the bed journals ofMiiiionaries — eipecially the life
and journal of jBr<^/Vz^^r<r/, that highly favoured man
of God, written by another w^ho had drank, deep of
the fame fpirit, Mr. Jonathan Edwards, of New

Having thus endeavoured to give you my bell
advice, directions and remarks, in addition to thofe
that have been recommended by my Rev. Brother,
relative to your charadler and condu6i: as Mif-
fionaries, I now proceed

II. To propofe to you fuch encouragements as
your arduous undertaking requires, and which our
all-fufhcient God affords you. I a7n God all-jKJfi-
aent. Under this branch of our fubje6l it would
be improper, on feveral accounts, to detain you
long; briefly then let me fuggeil to you the fol-
lowing j)articulars.

1. Under every trial, hardfliip, or perplexing
difficulty, know affuredly that, while in the way of
duty, you have a covenant interefl in the all-Juffi-
■c'lency of God. In every ftation there are difficulties,
in a Chriftian miffion many and peculiar ones, but
this one thought, if properly realized^ muft ever



prove an adequate remedy, " I am God all-fuffi-

How well adapted this confideration is to anfwer
the end propofed, is evident from the circumltances
that iirft occafioned its application to Abraham.
Promifes were made, but difficulties fo great ap-
peared in the way of their accomplifhment, that
this confideration, and this alone, was equal to the

Brethren, there are different forts of trials —
there are trials and fnarcs even from profperity :
Profperity! fay you, (fhaking your heads, and
your hearts trembling with the expc6lation of the
reverfe) "Who of ?is can expert profperity? But are
you not going to Otaheitc ? for the fake of return-
ing to which ifland of fenfual delights a fhip's
crew mutinied? Ah, remember the hiflory of the
antidiluvian church; ye " fons of God," beware of
the *^ daughters of men." Do not miflake me, I
would not diffiiade any from forming an honour-
able and godly connection ; but fee firfl that it be
honourable and godly. Let not the Chriflian
Miffionary — the Chriftian mechanic — be dazzled
with the profped of alliance with the noblefl fami-
lies of the land, with the prefumptuous hopes of
making them afterwards Chriftians. Are you
wifcr than Solomon? I repeat the queftion, are
you wifer than Solomon ? — Oh cry to God all-fuffi-
cicnt, for he alone can help you in fo great a
temptation, that the daughters of the land do not
bear awaV your hearts, until they are made the
daughters of God. Oh that none of you may be
led in triumph by them, until they are led in
triumph by divine grace!

Do not fay, this branch of the fubje6l is need-
lefs; fori verily believe, and therefore fpeak, that
fome of your greatell trials in procefs of time will
nrife from this quarter, and in nothing will you
have greater need of hLiving rccourfc to God all-



vilghty, God all-fufficient^ than in this cafe. Suffer
therefore the word of exhortation ; you feem to nne,
my young friends, as fo many Jofephs — not that
you are hated by your brethren — not that you are
fold for fiaves — not that you are going to a tyran-
nizing Egypt — but becaufe it is more than pol?iblo
your purity, you chaftity may be tried. May the
God of Jofeph be with you, and help you to do as
he did ! Why did Jofeph prevail and profper ? God
was with him ! and he is all-fufficient for you.
You are going to the lar|d of Gofhen, be not dif-
couraged, God all-fufficient is even there, and
the way thither is by a long voyage; but think.
Who holds the ocean in the hollow of his hand?
Who walked on thefca? If billows rife, ifftorms
break in upon you, call out your anchor — caft the
anchor of your hope within the vail, to Jefus in the
higheft heavens, that you may be fure and ftedfail
in your minds.

2. The Lord Jefus Chrif}:, whofe you are by re-
demption and grace, and to whom you dedicate
i^ourfelves for this blefTcd work, has all power and
authority in heaven, earth, and hell, for your
good; and he hath declared that he " will be with
'' you alway."— Ye arc going, as ye have heard,
as Iambs amiong wolves, but the great fhepherd of
the fheep will be with you; view him holding in
his hand the recompenfe of reward, as he did once
to Mofes, and hear him fay, '' To him that over-
*' cometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna.
^' A fhoit feafon hence and you lliall fee and re-
*^ ceive a crown of life." — Even now he fpeaks in
loud and firm accents; " Be thou faithful unto
*^ death, and I will give thee a crown of life."

3. Take encouragement from the covenant,
office, and promifed influences of the Holy Spirit.
All Chriilians may indeed take encouragement
from this very important confideration, but as none
bave greater aecd, fo none have a greater right



than you. What lifted up Chrift's immecliatc
Miffionaries when caft down? what fupported
them when weak ? direi^led tlieir feet when dark-
nefs and doubts covered their way ? Who, but the
Comforter? He fhall take of mine, faid Jefus, and
fliall Ihew it unto you; lie fhall guide you into all
truth; bv Jiim it fhall be priven you in the hour of
need what to/jpeak, and what to Jo.

Let not mountains of difficidties affright your
*^ Not by might, nor by power, but by my fpirit,
*^ faith the Lord of Hofts," the fpirituai Temple fs
to be ere6led. O look then to the Spirit of Promife.;
He can make you equally wife and meek — wife Jis
ferpents, but harmlefs as doves; and He cankindi-e
a fire on the altar of your heart, and keep it burn-
ing, which all the floods proceeding from the mouth
of the dragon fhall never never be able to extin-

I add no more. May God add his bleiTmg to
what has been now faid, and to all the fervices iix
which w(? have been engaged^ for Jefus' fake.














Counfels for the Regulation of the Perfonal Condu6i
and Sprit of the Mijfionaries,

ALL counfels of this kind may be fummed up
in this — Live near to God, and walk in love
towards one another. A fenfe of the magnitude,
high importance, and difficulty of the prefent at-
tempt, fhould imprefs the mind of every Mif-
lionary with the abfolute neceffity of continual
nearnefs to God. A Miffionary, who does not
earneflly feek and entertain the moll intimate
communion with the Moil High, is as a handful
of chaff before the whirlwind : he mufl walk with
God ; he muil fet the Lord always before him.

Should any Miffionary walk lightly under fo
great a trull, as though he were equal to the
work, fuch temerity and prefumption would pro-
voke the Lord to jealoufy ; but we hope it will
be far from our Miffionaries. Rather every one
of them will have the fentence of death in him-
felf, from a prcffing fenfe of ignorance, depravity,
and infufficiency ; ea^h one wijl feek to be lower
in the dull before God than another, that all may
" trull not in themfelves but in God, who raifeth
" the dead;*

F 2 The


The idea of the great expenditure of facred
money in this Million, though an inferior con-
fideration, fhould imprefs the confciences of the
Miflionaries ; but when they confider the ex-
pe6i:ationSj anxieties, and hopes of fo many Mi-
niflers of Chrifl^ and of fuch multitudes of fc-
rious Chriftians ; when they think of the obferving
eye of adverfaries ; above all, when they furvey
the hundreds of millions of fouls lying in the dark-
nefs of heathenifm, who may ultimately be afFe6leJ
by the good or ill management, by the failure or
fiiccefs of this Miflion, hoAv ought every Miffio-
iiary to weep and make fupplication, wreftling
with the Great Angel of the Covenant, that he
may be kept pure from the blood of all men, and
may gain the prize of turning many to righteouf-

Every Miflionary fliould fay from the bottom of
his heart, '' Who is fufficient for thefe things ?"
And he will think that it is no time to llruggle
for the little interefh of perfonal pre-eminence^
when fuch things arc at Hake.

The immutable purpofe of the love of Jehovah,
founded not in human goodnefs, but in fovcreign
mercy, muH be the Miflionary 's ftrength. The
iiniflied and infinitely meritorious work of Jefus
jnufl be ever before his eyes ; the voice of his
blood and of his fwcet heavenly intercefiion muft
ever be founding in the Miflionary 's cars. The
triumphs of the day of Pentccoft, of the three firft
ages of Chriftianity, and of the glorious reforma-
tion muft dwell in his memorv.

." Live together in love and union." Ye are
brethren, but being men, are compaffed about with
infirmities. Bear and forbear : holding the unilv
o( the fpirit in the bond of peace. Satan's chief
device will be to divide you. Form no parties,
nor cabals; fupprefs the firft movements of difputc
and divilion ; ever remember the words of the

Lord :


Lord : He is the greatell in bis kingdom^ ^vho is
the ferzvmt of all.

Wc rcqucfl it folemnly, we adjure you in the
Great Mailer's name, " Love one another out of
" a pure heart fervently ;" putting on bowels of
merey, kindnefs, long-fuffering, forbearing one
another, and forgiving one another, even thougli
any man had a real caufe of difpleafure againll his
brother, as God for Chrift's fake hath forgiven you.

Your examples inuft preaeh as powerfully as
your words. But if ever bitter envyings and llrite
arife, you will put an effeetual bar to your own
ufefulnefs, and defeat the great purpofe of vour
Million. Let all your zeal, thereibre, be rofervcd
for your work, and let no felliili pafiions mingle
with it, to corrunt the limplicitv which is in

You will be very differently qualified ; and in
fome things there ean be no competition between
you. The talent one lacks, another pofiedes in a
piore abundant manner, and each is equally valu-
able and necellary for the work of God, and vour
mutual comfort and advantage. Remember al-
ways St. Paul's beautiful allegory of the human
])ody : Every part is alike needful, for its beaut v,
lynnTietry,and prefervation ; and juft fo every mem-
ber of your community fliould have the lame care
one of another.

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