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^ Princeton, N. J./^'^^ $"

«■■■ ^ ^F

From the Rev. W. B. SPRAGUE, D.D. ^ej&?. 1839. ^

|] Cr/N^-, . .-1

I >S7<f'?/; 3gct.on I.

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May lo, II, 12, and 14, ISoi,


-Rev. H. Mends, Plymouth^
Rev. W. Rq^&y, Manchester I
Rev. J, Cooke, Afaidenhead ;
Rev. W. Tyler, Braytoft :







( By Order of the Dirc^ors)

Londoyi :


By G. AuLD, Greville Street, Hatton Garden.

^ fl,v,l:,.,r' (;y4!^.


PATIENCE and perfeverance are efTential in-
gredients in the Miffionary cbarader. Who-
ever attempts to fpread the knowledge of Chrift
among barbarous and idolatrous nations, mud
labour with indefatigable zeal, and exped to
encounter numerous difficulties. But the honour
of being inftrumental to the converfion of Tin-
ners, is a rich reward — a reward to which they
have no reafon to look who refufe to labour or to
wait. *^ Behold, the hufbandman waiteth for
'' the precious fruit of the earth : — be ye alfo
" patient, eftablifh your hearts, for the coming of
*' the Lord dravveth nigh.*'

Confidering the various denominations of which
the Miffionary Society is compofed, the harmony
with which they have co-operated is not eafily to
be paralleled in the modern Hiftory of the Church;
and this is a fad which augurs well to the final
iffi^ie of their defigns; But were their plans for
the converfion of the Heathen to prove wholly
abortive, the great advantages which have already
refuited from their union, in extenfively difFufing
a fpirit of Chriftian love, and exciting more than
ufual attention to the intereft of religion at home,
have abundantly compenfated all their labours
and expences.

• The dire^ objed of the Inditution has, however,
by no means failed; the Society has at this
moment Miffionaries in the South Sea Iflands
^in the Eaft Indies— at Canada— in Newfound-
land— at the Cape-— and in the interior of South
Africa ; in which latter country feveral of the
A z Heathen


Heathen appear to be truly awakened and con-
verted by the inftru mentality of Dr. Vander-
kemp and Mr. Kicherer.

Encouraged and gratified by fuch appearances
of the Divine approbation, the Society held this
year their Seventh Annivcrfary, when the Four
Sermons now prefented to the Public, . were
preached before them with much acceptance.
The meetings for bufincfs were held, as ufual, at
Habcrdafliers Hall : And the whole fervices were
doled as on the preceding year, by the aliemblage
ofa very large company of Minifters and private
Chrillians at Sion Chapel, where, without regard to
the little diftindions of party, they folemnly united
in a participatioh of the Supper of the Lord, and
in a renewed dedication of their perfons and labours
to his fervice.

The number of Minifl:ers and Hearers who at-
tended thefe meetings, was by no means lefs than
on former anniverfarics; their Mifiionary ardoiH"
was undiminifhed ; and when they feparated, each
to depart to his refpedive home, it appeared to be
with invigorated refolutions of promoting the in-
tcrcfh of ihc Redeemer in their re fpedtive circks*





JOSEPH Hardcaflle, Efq.TrezCmer, Duchfoof^

Mr. John AUday, CarU/le-Jireety Soho,
■Mr. W. Alers, Fenchurckjireet.
Henry Boate, Efq. Pall Mall
Rev. Jofeph Brookfbank, Winkworih-hulUrngs^

•* Charles Buck, Tahernacle-row,

Mr. Robert Campbell, Great Ormond-Jireet.

Mr. William Clarke, High-Jireet^ Borough

Mr. David Cook, Trump-Jlreet,

Rev. Wilham Cooper, ithitechapeUroad.

Robert Cowie, Efq. Highbury. .

Henry Cox, Efq. Mile End.

John Dyei*, Efq. Admiralty.

Mr. Emmerfon, White chap el-road.

Rev. John Eyre, Hachiey.

John Fenn, Efq. CornhilL

Samuel Foyfter, Efq. Tottenhamjlreet,

George Caviller, Efq. New-road, St. George^ s in

the 'Eqft.
George Gouger^ Efq. Newgate-Jireet.
James Hamilton, M. D. Artillery -place. City-road.
Rev. Dr. Havveis, Spa Fields.
IVIr. Hawkcs, Piccadilly.
Rev. Rowland Hill, Surry Chapel.
■—•George Jerment, IVeJlon-place, Pa?icras.
Mr. G. W. Meriton, Bermondfey-Jlreet.
James Neale, Efq. .9/. Paid's Church-yard.
.VAmeiel Pinder, Efq. Falcon-fquars.



John Rainier, Efq. Hackney.

Rev. John Reynolds, Hoxton-fquare.

Jofeph Reyner, Efq. ShacklewelL

William Shrubfole^ Efq. Old-Jlreet,

Rev. James Steven, 'Thornhaugh-Jireet,

ChriftianSundius, Efq. Fen-court ^Fenchurch-Jire^t^

Rev. John Townfend, Bermondfey,

' John Towers, Barbican,

John Walcot, Efq. Greenivich,

Rev. Alexander Waugh, Salljhury'phce^ Maryhone^

— — Thomas Williams, Stepney,

Matthew Wilks, Old-ftreet,

Captain James Wilfon, Camber-well.
Thomas Wilfon, Efq. Artillery -place, City-roadk
Rev. William Winkworth, 6/. Saviour s. Borough h
George Wolff, Efq. American-fquare^ Minor ies.


Rev. R. P. Allen, Exeter.

' Charles Atkinfon, Ipfwich,

John Alliott, JSIottingham.

John Boden, SlieffieUL

David Bogue, Go/port,

Mr. Brittain, Br'i/iol.

Rev. George Burder, Coventry,

— ' — Jofeph Cockin, Halifax,

John Cooke, Maidenhead.

Mr. William Eaflman, Portfea.
Rev. Mr. Fowler, Sheernefs,

Mr. Gill, Market Harhorough.

Samuel Gfeatheed, Neisoport FagneU

Mr.GrilHn, Portfea,

Mr. Hobbs, Colchefier.

E.D.Jackfon, IVarminfler,

— - — • William Kingfbury, Southampton,

^ Jofeph Kirkpatrick, loulniere^ EJfex^

. George Lambert, Hull^

4 Rev.


Rev. Samuel Lowell, Br'iftoL

: — Robert Lktle, Hanky Green,

George Livius, Efq. Bedford.
Mr. John M'Dowell, Falmouth,
Rev. Herbert Mends, Flymouth,

James Moody, WariiHck,

— Wm. Molely, Long Buckley.

John Newton, Withaniy Ejfex,

Edward Farfons, Leeds.

• John Mead Ray, Sudbury.

' Mr. Sioper, Devizes.

Robert Spear, Efq. Manchejler.
Rev. Jofeph Smith, do.

• George Townfend, Ramfgate.

— — Ifaac Tozer, Taunton.

George Weft, Stoke^ near Guilford^

r - — George Wood, RozvelL


Mr. David Charles, Carmarthen.

Rev. Morgan Jones, Efgurgratg, Card'iganjlnru

Mr. Benjamin Jones, Haverfordweji.


Rev. James Black, Dundee.

John Brown, Whitburn.

John Campbell, Keppingy near Stirling*

' George Cowie, Huntley »

Greville Ewing, Glafgow.

John Findlay, Paijley.

Alexander Frafier, KirkhilL

Robert Hall, Kelfo.

[ Dr. Brice Johnftone, near Dumfries.

William Innes, Dundee.

George Lawfon, Selkirk.

' — ' — James Macklnlay, Kilmarnock.
•^-^ — Dr. Peebles, JSewton upon Ayr,


Rev. Tohn Smart, Stlrlhig.

. Mr. Stewart, Edinlmrgh^

' Mr. Rankin, Pai/lew

Mr. K\xiTd\l Stirling.


Mr. Albert Bled, Sl'igo.
John Chambers, Efq. Diihlhu
Rev. George Hamilton, Armagh.
Henry Haiion, Efq. Alderman, DuhTm,
Rev. Dr. McDowell, DiLhViru

' Thomas Kelly, Blackrock, near- DiihTin^

' George Maunfell, Coiinfy oj Armagh^

, Mr. Walker, Diihlhu

r*^ — Jof. Stur, Balhgojneri',


KEvc^~^Jf'^i^tiyBiyLiTO0^ to the Sevefith Ge^
nerd I '^Ktee^hgi'ofiih^iA i'ss-ionary Society,
Alay i^thy 1801.

'npHE Diredors of the Miflionary Society, by
the good hand of God upon them, have brought
their labours to another annual termination : and
they noW prefent ^ Report of their proceedings,
during the pad year, to the General Meeting
6f the Society; which, throilgh the fame divine
goodnefs, is again permitted to afiemble for the
purpofe of corifolidating the fhrength and renew-
ing the exertions of this important IniTitution.

To the eye of a general obferver, it may per-
haps have feemed, that, in the paft year, little has
been thought of; and to a mind anxious for new
Operations, nothing may feem to have been done.
Should fuch refiedions be thought to attach to
the condud of the Diredors, or to the ilate of the
Society, the Diredors would obferve, that their
Meetings have been as frequent, and their deli-
berations as ferious and fuitable, as at any former
period ; and they have loft fight of no objed
which has been prefented to their view, or com-
mitted to their execution. But the Miffion which
failed for Oraheite and Tongataboo, about the
time of the Lift General Meeting, having engaged
ahnoft the whole of the Miffionaries then under
the patronage of the Society ; and the afped of
fome preceding Miftions, undertaken on a large
fcale, and including many of the hopes and much
of the ftrength of the Society, appearing to the
public unfavorable and gloomy, few offers have
been received, or perfons accepted, fincethat time.
While the Diredors have thought it their duty to
recommend the moft ferious examination, left,

B though


though a Midionary difpofition fhould prevail,
a fuitable fpirit and appropriate abilities Ihould
yet be wanting ; they have alfo endeavoured, by
every fuitable mean in their power, to remove
the undue influence of unfavourable imprefTions
from the publlfc mind, and again to call fcwth hat
Chriftian philanthropy which animated the hearts
and urged the beneficent labours of fo many of
their brethren. The Direftors recommend this
important fubje^l to the confideration of the pre-
fent Meeting , and efpecially fuggeft, that prayer
be made to the great Head of the Church and
the Lord of the fpiritual harveft, that labourers
may be thru ft forth, equal to the work, and faith-
ful to the defigns, which this Society, with the
divine bleffing, will never ceafe to cherifli and ta

The real ftate of the Society will be beft ap-
preciated, when the Diredlors fliall have detailed
its various concerns in the progrefs of this Report.
It is only neceffary in this place to obferve, that
although in the paft year no new Miflionary
Stations have been formed to extend its operations,
much intelligence has been received to animate
its hopes and to guide its counfels : and it may
reafonably be expedled, that the benefits of ex-
perience, which are on all occafions great, will be
found peculiarly important and ufeful to the Miffi-
onary Society.

The Directors will now proceed to give an ac-
count, in order, ot the Miflions eflablifhed by this

Mission at OrAHEiTEr

Since the laft Annual Meeting, letters have
been received from our brethren at that ifland:



they bring intelligence to the 13th of January,
1800, and are peculiarly cheering, after the me«
iancholy recital of the feparation of their brethren,
which had been previoufly received, and the pain-
ful apprehenfions for their fafety, which in confe-
quence had been felt. If thefe preceding and
feemingly calamitous circumftances are excepted,
the Milfion at Otaheite prcfents views of an hope-
ful and encouraging nature. It has alTumed
confifl-ency and order : it combines integrity of
charader, fortitude of mind, and fixcdnefs of re-
folutlon, with a continued progrefTion of effort,
for the exalted purpofe of prefenting th^ Doc-
trines ot the bleffcd Gofpel to the acceptance of
the perilhing Heathen, and of exhibiting an un-
corrupt example of their tendencies and effeds, in
their own charaders and condudf.

The kind providence and the tender mercies
of God have been remarkably experienced and
warmly acknowledged by our brethren at Ota-
heite. The gloomy profpedls and painful trials
which they anticipated, when the feparation of the
Miffion took place, of being plundered and dif-
perfed among the Heathen, have been diffipated
and prevented; and inftead of thefe calamities,
<* they enjoy good health of body, peaceable
habitations, and unmolefted means of Grace."
When thefe circumftances are confidered, it will
appear, that our reduced Miffion at that ifland
(at the date of the laft letters which have been
received) enjoyed as many advantages as can be
expeded In a Heathen land ; and gave as great
profpedof eftabllfhment and fuccefs as, from their
temporary refidence and imperfed proficiency In
the language and habits of the people, can rea^
fonably be cherilhed.

The Miffion that failed In the Royal Admiral,
was prepared in circumftances of comparative

B 2 darknefjj


darknefs and uncertainty. The Dlre6lors en?
dcavoured to a6b with prudence and wifdom in
its equipment and deftination ; and although
fome variation would doubtlefs have been made,
if the laft difpatchcs from Otaheitc and Tongataboo
had been prcvioufly received, yet they hope that
neither the number, the condition, nor the equip-
ment of the Miuionnries will be found incon-
venient, embarraffing, or ufelefs ; and that, under
the continued aufpices of the Heavenly Protector,
they have, before this time, joined their brethren
at Otaheite, to promote with redoubled adlivity
the work of God on that ifland, and to extend
their exertions, at a fuitable opportunity, to other
iflands in its vicinity.

In February laft, the Diredlors received letters
from the Miffionaries in the Royal Admiral, dated
at Rio Janeiro, 27th Auguft 1800. So far, they
had proceeded on their voyage; and, except the
death of Mr. Turner, Surgeon of the fliip, andthe
temporary but fevere illnefs of fome of the Mif-
fionaries, in confequence of a maHgnant fever
among the convids, no circumftances of moment
or of forrow had occurred to them. Their jour-
nal gives a very fatisfadory account of the com-
mendable and profitable manner \y\ which they
employ their time : a great part of it appears to
be fpent in fuch exerciies of devotion and improve-
ment, as eipecially regard their intended MifTion-
ary fervices. The unhappy lltuation and profli-
gate charaders of the convids, had (as in a for-
mer and fmiilar cafe) excited the compaflion of
our brethren ; and an urgent fenfe of duty had
ftimulated them to labour to bring thefe poor fin-
ners to -a convidion of their guilt, and induce
them to look '* to the Lamb of God, that taketh
*^ awny the fm of the world." It is hoped and be-
lieved, that the inftrudions and prayers of our



bi^ethren have not been in vain ; and it well de-
serves to be confidered, that Chriftians, when dor
Ing the will and profecuting the work of God, are
often favoured with opportunities of performing in-
cidental additional fervices in the caufe of their
great Lord and Matter ; and thefe fervices are
the means of exercifing and improving their gifts
and graces, efi:ab)ifhing their purpofes, 'animat-
ing their hopes, and peculiarly fitting them for the
work of their original and fpecial defignation.

Before they leave the fubje6t of the Otaheitcan
Million, the Diredors w.oi)ld obferve, that from
motives of compaffion, from a fenfe of duty, and
from a deiire tp afTift the exertipns of the So-
ciet)'', they fometime lince confented to take two
boys and two men who were brought to this
country from Otaheite and one of the Marquefiaa
iflands, under their patronage. A comfortable
refidcnceand a fuitable courfe of inftrudion were
provided for them ; but it has pleafed the Supreme
Difpofer of events to call away, by death, one
of the boys, and both the men> A youth, who
came from Otaheite when a part of the Miffion-
aries left that ifland, remains under the protedlion
of the Direclors j and he exhibits fuch docility"
and proficiency, under appropriate inftrudlion
and management, as afford hopes of his being ufe-
^ul to the Society in its future operations.

Mission to Tongataboo.
Since the laft, General Meeting, three of the
Miffionaries who were left at that ifland, have re-
turned to this country ; two have tarried at Port
Jackfon ; one has chofen to remain at Tongataboo
(but in fuch a flate of mind and condud as to
af][brd no expcd:ation of any benefit being de-
rived from his continuance there); and the other
xhreeofour brethren have fallen vidims to the



inteftine commotions of the ifland, and the feroci-
ous difpofitions of fome of its inhabitants. The
Diredors have deeply and ferioufly examined the
brethren who have returned home, on the fubjeifl
of their Miffion. The refult has been, that they
have to lament its unprodudivenefs, as well as its
fatal and fanguinary termination. Still, however,
they think that impreflions favourable to the
charaders and the purpofes of our brethren, have
been made upon many of the natives of Tongata-
boo, which in the event of another benevolent
vifit being made to that ifland, may be found to
have produced fome fruit, though of an inferior
nature and of inconfiderable growth, to his praife
and glory, who has often feemed to make the blood
of his beloved martyrs the feed of a future

South African Mission.

The flate of this Miffion, when the preceding
Annual Report was made to this Society, afforded
the Diredtors abundant matter for gratitude, and
admiration at the goodnefs of God, and at the zeal
and dcvotednefs of the brethren who were then
en?ao;ed in it. Since that time the four brethren,
who failed in May, 1800, have arrived at the
Cape, and have commenced their Miflionary la-
bours in its vicinity ; and three brethren from Hol-
land, who took their pafiage in January laft, have,
it is hoped, reached the firne deftination. The
Miifion to that part of the Heathen world has
been thus continually increafing in its ftrength ;
and the Direftars are happy to cidd, that the laft
letters which have been received from thence, in-
clude a call for additional Miffionaries to labour
in a field of increafing extent, and of encouraging
cxpedations. The fpark of Miflionary zeal which



was wafted from this country to the Cape of Good
Hope, appears to have been kindled into a
flame in the bofom of our Chriftian friends at
that Nation. Already it feems to have taken
hold on the outilcirts of Satan's kingdom ; and
with the continued affiftance of its Almighty in-
fpirer, it bids fair to fpread its holy energies into
fome of the recelTesof the infernal empire. The
Miffionary Society at the Cape, in Auguft iSoo,
had no iefs than 1900 Heathen under their tuition,
nnd fince that time, the number has confiderablf
increafed. Our venerable friend Dr. Vanderkemp,
was, in December laft, ft ill among the Caffrees.
His trials appear to be great, his fafety precarious,
his fituation lonely and cheerlefs, and his en-
couragement not fo great as might be expelled
from his exemplary diligence and zeal. Still,
however, this Miffionary Champion ftrengthens
himfelf in his God, and patiently waits for liberty
to vifit his friends at the Cape ; or for an opening
in providence, that fome of the brethren may be
fent to him. May deliverance and fuccefs be
aftbrded to this valuable and dift:ingui(hed fervant
of our Divine Mafter 1

The brethren Kicherer and Kramer, after hav-
ing laboured with acceptance and fuccefs in the
country of the Bofchemen, have agreed to go eight
days journey toward the Great River, agreeably
to an impreffive and often repeated invitation
which they have received from near a thoufand
Heathen of various tribes, who refide together ;
and who earneftly deiire religious inftru6tion.
The brethren Anderfon and Edwards are intend-
ed to refide among the Bofchemen, to carry on the
-work whch has been fo propitioufly begun. Bro-
thers Lingen and Read are at prefent in Waggon-
makers Valley, affifting the Rev. Mr. Van-Sulk,
whofe miniftry is attended by about 300 Hea-


then, among whom there are, it is faid, " many
flroHcT believers," and many others on whom the'
work of God appears favingly to be begun*
At a fuitable time thefe brethren are intended to
aiTifl Dr. Vanderkemp, in his labour among the
CatTrees. Brother Tromp pcrfever^s, with moft
commendable zeal, to inftrud both Heaihens and
Chriftians. The efforts of our Miflionaries appear
to be well fupported by the kindnefs and genero-
fity of the Chrifliian friends at the Cape and its
vicinity : and the Dutch Minifters at feveral of
the fettleinents, arc labouring with diligence and
fuccels among their countrymen, and in the in-
lirudion of the furrounding (laves and Hot-
tentots. With fuch encouraging profpedts, and
in compliance with an earneft requeft from the
Society at the Cape for additional Miffionaries,
the Diredors have determined to accept of three
German brethren, who have offered themfelves tor
the w^ork of God in Africa ^'who are well re-
commended by the Rev. Mr. Strache, of Hats-
haufen in Eaft Friefland, and who, at prefent,
are receiving appropriate inftruclions under the
Rev. Mr. Jaenicke, at Berlin. The Directors
were authorized by a Refolution of the laft Gene-
ral Meeting, to " enlarge the Miffions in Africa^
and to eftablilh fuch new ones as circumflances
jfhould render expedient." They have adted in
the fpirit of this refolution, and truft, that the
provilion of Miffionaries which they have made
will not be thought to exceed the extent and im-
portance of the work which the Providence of
God appears to fet before this Society, for its par-
tronage and execution.

East Indies.
A Letter, dated 5th Auguft, 1800, has lately
been received from Mr. Forfyth, the Society's



Miffionary in India. At that time he was well
in health ; had made confiderable proficiency in
the language of the country, and was about to
begin a Ichool for the inftrudlion of the children
of the natives. Mr. Forfyth appears to polfefs
a true Miffionary Spirit ; and he exhibits fidehty
and cifintereftednefs of charader and condud.
The Diredors have long fince been authorized to
increafe the Miffion to that part of the world ;
but circumftances have occurred to fruflrate their
delires and intentions. It is an objeft, however,
which they think by far too important to be for-
gotten or negleded ; they are, therefore, continu-
ing their enquiries and their correfpondence for
the purpofe of obtaining fuitable perfons to afiifl
Mr. Forfyth, or to labour in any preferable parts
of India.

TwillingAte, in Newfoundland.

Since the lafl General Meeting, two Letters
have been received from the Rev. Mr. Hillyard,
who is flationed at that place, under the patronage
of this Society. Mr. Hillyard*s account is pleaf-
ing, encouraging, and fatisfadory. He appears
to labour with diligence in the work of his mi-
niftry, in the inftrudtion of youth, and in cate-
chizing children. Having vifited fome of the ad-
jacent iflandsi he has recommended to the Direc-
tors, that another Miffionary be fent from this
Society, to preach the Gofpel at Fogo, Bonavifla,
and Green-Pond Ifland. This meafure has been
maturely confidered ; and it has been refolved to
comply with Mr. Hillyard*s recommendation,
whenever a fuitable perfon (hall be accepted and
qualified for the propofed ftation.

C Mission


Mission to Canada.

The Diredlors reported to the lafi: General
Meeting, that two Miflionaries had been fent to
Quebec, in comphance with feveral applications
which had been received from refpedable perfons
united in Chridian Society at that city > and
which reprefented the province of Canada to be
in a deplorable Hate., from the almoft total want
of Religious Inftitutions. Mr. Benrom and Mr.
Mitchell, on their arrival at Quebec, met with
kind reception and fuitable encouragement ; and
after preaching alternately in a pkce hired for the
purpofe, it was fetded, that Mr. Bentom ftiould
continue -his labours there, and that Mr. Mit-
chell Ihould proceed to Montreal, in profecutioa
of fimilar fervices. By letters from Mr. Bentom,
it appears that fome circumftances occurred
which, for a time, feemcd to preient an obflaclc
to his continued acceptance and ufefulnefs , but
his lad letter, dated 4th November, 1 800, is
more fatisfadory and encouraging, as it ftates
that the Hearers and Subfcribers at Quebec are
on the increafe, and that the caufe of God is pa-
tronized by fome very refpedable inhabitants.
On account of the Subfcription which has been
raifed for Mr. Bentom^s (upporr, it is prefumed
that his refidence at Quebec will occafion little or
110 expence to this Society.

The Diredors are forry to report, that Mr.

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