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cinalis) and their connexion with the Circulatory System. Proc.
Roy. Soc. III. p. 206.


20 NEW

9. On the Structure and Development of the Blood (first series), the
Development of the Blood-corpuscle in Insects and other Inverte-
brata, and its comparison with that of Man and the Vertebrata.
Proc. Roy. Soc. Feb. 184-5, V. p. 54-4. Ann. and Mag. N. H. XV.
p. 281.

10. On the Impregnation of the Ovum in the Amphibia (second series),
and on the nature of the Impregnating Influence. Proc. Roy. Soc.
VI. p. 82.

11. Note on the Impregnation of the Ovum in the Amphibia, in a Letter
to Thomas Bell, Esq., Sec. R.S.Proc. Roy. Soc. VI. p. 171.

12. On the Impregnation of the Ovum in the Amphibia (second series,
revised), and on the direct agency of the Spermatozoon. Proc. Roy.
Soc. VI. p. 214-.

13. Monograph of the Class Myriapoda, Order Chilopoda ; with ob-
servations on the general arrangement of the Articulata. Trans.
Linn. Soc. XIX. pp. 265, 349. Proc. Linn. Soc. I. p. 191. Ann.
and Mag. N. H. XIV. p. 49.

14. On the Aqueous Vapour, and on the dark colour of the Wax, in
Bee-hives. Trans. Linn. Soc. XX. p. 277. Proc. Linn. Soc. I.
p. 288. Ann. and Mag. N. H. XVIII. p. 190.

15. On the Natural History, Anatomy and Development of the Oil
Beetle, Meloe, more especially of Meloe cicatricosus, Leach. Trans.
Linn. Soc. XX. pp. 297, 321 ; XXI. p. .Proc. Linn. Soc. I.
pp. 268-317. Ann. and Mag. N. H. XVII. p. 350 ; XIX. p. 346;
ser. 2, I. p. 377.

16. On the Strepsiptera. Trans. Linn. Soc. XX. p. 330. Proc. Linn.
Soc. I. p. 319.

17. Note on the Generation of Aphides. Trans. Linn. Soc. XX. p. 281.
Proc. Linn. Soc. I. p. 292. Ann. and Mag. N. H. XVIII. p. 192.

18. On Cryptophagus cellaris, Payk. Proc. Linn. Soc. I. p. 327, Apr.
6, 1847. Ann. and Mag. N. H. XIX. p. 458. Trans. Linn. Soc.

XX. p. 351.

19. On the Formation and Use of the Air- Sacs and dilated Tracheae in
Insects. Trans. Linn. Soc. XX. p. 419. Proc. Linn. Soc. I. p. 353.
Ann. and Mag. N. H. ser. 2, 1. p. 383.

20. On the Anatomy and Affinities of Pteronarcys regalis, Newm.,
with descriptions of some American Perlidce. Trans. Linn. Soc. XX.
p. 425 Proc. Linn. Soc. I. p. 370.

21. The Anatomy and Development of certain Chalcididce and Ichneu-
monidcB compared with their special (Economy and Instincts, with
Descriptions of a new genus and species of Bee- Parasites. Trans.
Linn. Soc. XXI. pp. 61-85. Proc. Linn. Soc. II. pp. 23, 34, 54.

22. Further Observations on the genus Anthophorabia. Trans. Linn.
Soc. XXI. p. 79. Proc. Linn. Soc. II. p. 169.

23. Further Observations on the Habits of Monodontomerus, witli some
account of a new Acarus, Heteropus ventricosm. Trans. Linn. Soc.

XXI. p. 93. Proc. Linn. Soc. II. p. 70.

24. Article "!NSECTA." Todd's Cyclopaedia of Anatomy and Physio-
logy, IV.pt. 17, 18, pp. 853-994.

25. Observations on the Anatomy, Habits and (Economy of Athalia
centifolice, the Saw-fly of the Turnip, and on the means which have
been adopted for the prevention of its ravages. (The < Prize Essay '

NIC 21

of the Entomological Society and Agricultural Association of Saffron
Walden for the year 1837.) London, 8. 1838.

26. An Address delivered at the Anniversary Meeting of the Entomo-
logical Society. London, 8. 1844.

27. An Address delivered at the Adjourned Anniversary Meeting of
the Entomological Society. 8. London, 1845.

28. On the Predaceous Habits of the Common Wasp, Vespa vulgaris,
Linn Trans. Entom. Soc. I. p. 228.

29. On the Use of the Antennae of Insects. Trans. Entom. Soc. II.
p. 229.

30. On the Habits and on the Structure of the Nests of Gregarious
Hymenoptera, particularly those of the Hive Bee and Hornet.
Trans. Entom. Soc. III. p. 183.

31. On the Habits of Megachile centuncularis. Trans. Entom. Soc.
IV. p. 1. Ann. and Mag. N. H. XII. p. 356.

32. On the Honey Bee. Trans. Entom. Soc. IV. p. 57-

33. On the zlnatomy of certain structures in Myriapoda and Arachnida
which have been thought to have belonged to the Nervous System.
Lond. Med. Gaz. 1838, p. 970. Mull. Arch. 1840, p. ccv.

34. On some new genera of the Class Myriapoda. Proc. Zool. Soc. X.
p. 177.

35. lulus Sandvicensis et I. pilosus. Entom. Soc. Lond. 184-2, Apr.
and June. Ann. and Mag. N. H. XI. pp. 68, 316.

36. Note on the parasitic Habits of Nomadce. Entorn. Soc. 1 84-2, Apr.
Ann. and Mag. N. H. XI. p. 69.

37. On some new genera of the Class Myriapoda. Ann. and Mag. N.
H. XL p. 498.

38. On the existence of Branchiae in the perfect state of a Neuropterous
Insect, Pteronarcys regalis, Newm., and other species of the same
genus Ann. and Mag. N. H. XIII. p. 21. Ann. Sc. n. (3 e S.) I.
p. 183.

39. A List of the species of Myriapoda, order Chilopoda, contained in
the Cabinets of the British Museum, with Synoptic Descriptions of
forty-seven new species. Ann. and Mag. N. H. XIII. pp. 94-, 263.

40. On the Reproduction of lost parts in the Articulata. Ann. and
Mag. N. H. XIX. p. 146.

41. On the genus Atya of Leach, with descriptions of four apparently
new species. Ann. and Mag. N. H. XIX. p. 158, fig.

NICATI (Const.).

1. Commentatio de Mure domestico, sylvatico atque arvali. Traj. ad
Rh. 1822, 8. Feruss. Bull. 1824, I. p. 273.


1. On Worms in Animal Bodies. Phil. Trans. XLIX. p. 246.


1. Bohmens Tagfalter. 8. Prag, 1837.

2. Excursion of an Insect-hunter in the Carinthian Highlands Journ.
Ent. Soc. Stettin, 1845. Ann. and Mag. N. H. XVlII. p. 339.


1. On Lamarck's Family of Naiades. Trans. Am. Phil. Soc. ser.2, III.
p. 395.

22 NIC

NICOL (James).

1. Catechism of Geology. Edinb.

2. On the Geology of Peeblesshire. Prize Ess. Highl, Soc. XIV.p. 149.

3. Guide to the Geology of Scotland. 8. Edinb. 184-5. Journ. Geol.
Soc. I. p. 139.

4. On the Geology of Roxburghshire. Prize Essays Highland Soc. XV.

5. On the Geology of the Silurian Rocks in the Valley of the Tweed.
Journ. Geol. Soc. IV. p. 195.

6. On the recent Formations in the vicinity of Edinburgh. Journ.
Geol. Soc. V. p. 20.

7. On the Silurian Strata of the South-east of Scotland. Journ. Geol.
Soc. VI. p. 53.

8. Manual of Mineralogy, or the Natural History of the Mineral King-
dom. 8. Edinburgh, 1849.

9. On the Geology of the Southern Portion of the Peninsula of Can-
tyre, Argyleshire Journ. Geol. Soc. VIII. p. 406. Rep. Brit. Assoc.
1850, Sect. p. 100.


1. On the Anatomical Structure of Recent and Fossil Woods. Rep.
Brit. Assoc. 1834, p. 660.

2. On the Fossil Trees of Van Diemen's Land. Edinb. New Phil.
Journ. X. p. 361.

3. On Fossil Woods from Newcastle, New South Wales. Edinb. New
Phil. Journ. XIV. p. 155.

4. On the Structure of some Fossil Woods found in the Island of Mull,
in Northern Africa, and on the Karoo Ground, to the north-east of
the Cape of Good Hope. .EdinJ). New Phil. Journ. XVIII. p. 335.

5. On the Formation of Coal. Edinb. New Phil. Journ. XL VI. p. 174.


1. Untersuchungen uber die Harnwerkzeuge einiger Amphibien. Isis,
1826, V.p. 527.


1. Dissert, inaug. Coleopterorum species agri Hallensis. Halae, 1822,
8. Eis. Insect, p. L80. Feruss. Bull. 1823, II. p. 462.


1. Die Wander- oder Prozessions-Raupe (Borribyx processioned) in
naturhistorisch-landespolizeilicher und rnedicinischer Hinsicht ge-
schildert. Berl. 1833, 8. fig.Engelm. Bibl. p. 308. N. Act. Nat.
Cur. XVI. p. xvm.

2. Untersuchungen iiber den Verlauf und die Vertheilung der Venen
bey einigen Vogeln, Amphibien und Fischen, etc. Isis, 1826, IV.
p. 404. Ftruss. Bull. 1827, X. p. 278.


1. Methode de preparer et conserver les Animaux de toutes les classes,
etc. Paris, 1801, 8. fig.

2. Observations sur quelques varietes dans les Oiseaux. Rozier,
Journ. de Phys. 1779, XIII. p. 228.

3. Memoire sur la maniere d'elever les Larves des Papilions, les pre-
cautions qu'il faut prendre a 1'egard des Chrysalides, et sur la me-
thode employee pour se procurer des metifs en ce genre, Roziw,
Journ. de Phys. 1774, IV. p. 482.

NIE 23


1. Recherches pour servir a 1'histoire des Podurelles. Neucli. 1841,
4.%. N. Mem. Soc. Helv. VI. Val Repert. VII. p. 38.

2. Sur la Circulation du Sang chez les Insectes. Rev. et Mag. de
Zool. 1849, p. 190.


1. Description particuliere du Duche d'Aoste, suivie d'un Essai sur
deux Minieres des anciens Remains, etd'un Supplement a la theorie
des Montagnes et des Mines. Mem. Accad. Tor. III. p. 245.

2. Essai geographique suivi d'une Topographic souterraine, mine*ra-
logique, et d'une Docimasie des etats de S. M. en terre ferine. Mem.
Ace. Tor. I. p. 191.

3. Description mineralogique des Montagnes du Canavois. Mem.
Ace. Tor. I. p. 341.


1. On the Geology of Upper Missouri. Assoc. Amer. Geol. Sill.
Amer. J. XLI. p. 180.


1. Essai sur 1'Histoire naturelle de 1'Ile de St. Domingue. Paris, 1776,
8. fig. Bohm. Bibl. I. 1, p. 764. Mod. B. Helm.


1 . Sull' sistema nervoso et circolatorio della Salamandra acquaiuola.
8. Napoli, 1842. (Engl.) Ann. and Mag. N. H. XI. p. 290.

NIEBUHR (Carsten).

1. Reise nach Arabien und andern umliegenden Landern. Kopenh.
1774-78, 2 vols. 4. fig. (Gall.) Voyage en Arable et tfautres Pays
circonvoisins. Par. et Amst. 1776-80, 2 vols. 4. Berne, 1780,
2 vols. 8. Bohm. Bibl. I. 1, p. 684 Biogr. Un. XXXI. p. 271.

2. Beschreibung von Arabien, aus eigenen Beobachtungen und im
Lande selbst gesammelten Nachrichten. Kopenh. 1772, 4. tig.
(Gall. Mourier): Description de I' Arable, etc. Copenh. 1773.
Amst. et Utr. 1774. Par. 1779. Biogr. Un. XXXI. p. 271.
Bohm. Bibl. I. 1, p. 684.

3. Descriptiones Animalium, Avium, Amphibiorum, Piscium, Insec-
torum, Vermium, quae in Itinere orientali observavit P. Forskal.
Hafn. 1775, 4. fig. Bohm. Bibl. I. 1, p. 677.

4. Icones Rerum naturalium quas in Itinere orientali depingi curavit
P. Forskal. Hafn. 1776, 4 Cat. Bibl. Turic.


1. Abriss einer Naturbeschreibung der Herzogthiimer Schleswig und
Holstein. 8. Altona, 1821.


1. Thierkunde. Magdeb. 1838,8.

2. Zoologisch-technologischer Leitfaden. Magd. 1838, 8.

NIEMECSKY (Dan. Math.).

1. Ueber die Entstehung, Fortpflanzung und Tilgung der Insekten
und derjenigen Wurmer, die in den Eingeweiden der Menschen
wohnen. 4. Strassburg, 1807.

24 NIL

NIEMEYER (W. Herni.).

1. De Origine Paris quinti Nervorum Cerebri Monographia. Halae,
1812, 8. ftg.Engelm. Bibl. p. 309.


1. Observations pour servir a 1'Histoire de la formation de la Croute
terrestre. Ballenst. \\.Kriig. Arch. 1824, p. 91. Feruss. Bull. 1826,
VIII. p. 419.


1. Historia Naturae, maxime peregrinaa, librisXVI distincta, in quibus
rarissima Naturae Arcana, et ignota Indiarum Animalia, etc. descri-
buntur, ac plura S. Scripturae enodantur, etc. Antwerp, 1635, fol.
fig. Tr. Linn. Soc. Lond. VII. pp. 217, SM. Bohm. Bibl. I. 1,
p. 241. Mod. B. Helm.

2. Curiosa Filosophia, y Tesoro de Maraviglias de la Natura. Parte
I. et II. Barcell. et Madr. 1644, 8 (vel 1637). Bohm. Bibl. 1. 1,
p. 241.

1. Naturgeschichte der Kohlraupe. 8. Mannheim, 1768.


1. Leitfaden zum Unterricht in der Naturbeschreibung und Natur-
geschichte, durch Tabellen und deren Erlauterung. 8. Hanau.


1. Voyages par mer et par terre a differens lieux des Indes orien tales.
Amst. 1682 et 1693, fol. fig Cuv. et Vol. I. p. 61. Biogr. Un.
XXXI. p. 276. (Angl.) Churchill's Collection of Voyages and
Travels. 4 vols. fol. Lond. 1704, II. p. 354.

NIEUWENTYT (Bern. v.).

1. Het recht Gebruik der Waerelt beschouwingen, Amst. 1716 ; 1717 ;
1720; 1725, 4. (Germ.) Die Erkenntniss der Weisheit, Macht
und Giite des gottlichen Wesens, fibers, von W. C. Baumann ; mit
Chr. Wolffens Vorrede. Frankf. u. Leipz. 1732, 4. fig. (Uebers.
von J. A. Segner) Jena, 1747, 4 (Gall.) L Existence de Dieu.
Par. 1725, 4 Amst. 1760, 4. ftg.Bohm. Bibl. I. 1, p. 347.


1. Considerazioni intorno alia Generazione de' Viventi. Ferrar. 1712,
4,.B6/im. Bibl. II. 1, p. 130.

NIHELL ( de).

1. Traite des Eaux minerales de la viile de Rouen, ou Ton etablit la
nature et les principes de ces Eaux, etc. Rouen, 1759, 12. Bo/mi.
Bibl. V. p. 206.


1. Scandinavi^k Fauna. Lund. 1820, 8. (2 e edit.) Lund. 1835, 2 vols.
Wiegm. Arch. 1836, II. p. 261.

2. Illuminerade Figurer till Scandinavisk Fauna, med Beskrifningar.
Stockh. et Lund. 1829 et seq. 4. Isis, 1832, X, p. 1097; 1834, II.
p. 145.

3. Entwurf einer systematischen Eintheilung und speciellen Beschrei-

NIM 25

bung der Phokeu. Aus detn Schwed. iibers. von W. Peters.
Wiegm. Arch. 184-1, 1. p. 301.

4. Du Changement de Plumage chez les Oiseaux. Physiogr. Selsk.
Arsber. Lund. 1825, p. 37 Feruss. Bull. 1828, XV. p. 300.

5. Critiska Anmarkningar ofver ] RudbecKs Fogelbok. K. Vetensk.
Acad. I. pp. 21, 128. Isis, 1824, IV. p. 413.

6. Ornithologia Suecica. Hafn. 1817 et 1821, 2 vols. 8. fig Cuv.
R. An. III. p. 395. Isis, 1834, IX. p. 882.

7. Observationes ichthyologies. Par. I. Lund. 1835, 8. Wiegm.
Arch. 1837, II. p. 234.

8. Prodromus Ichthyologies Scandinavicae. Lund. 1832, 8. Wiegm.
Arch. 1835, II. p. 137.

9. Historia Molluscorum Suecire terrestrium et fluviatilium, breviter
delineata. Lund. 1821, 8. Isis, 1826, V. p. 521 ; 1832, X. p. 1099.
Feruss. Bull. 1823, III. p. 257.

10. Ueber die Niveau-Aenderungen in Schweden. Berzel. Jahresb.
No. XVIII. p. 386.Pogff. Ann. XLII. p. 472. L. u. Br. N. Jahrb.
1839, p. 475.

11. Notice sur une formation de Lignite dans le Sud-Est de la Scanie
en Suede. Kongl. Vetensk. Ak. Handl. 1825, II. p. 445. Feruss.
Bull. 1828, XIII. p. 30.

12. Petrificata Suecana Formationis Cretaceae, descripta et iconibus
illustrata. Lond. Goth. 1827, fol. fig. Feruss. Bull. 1828, XIV.
pp. 26, 104-. Bronn, Leth. II. p. 547 Isis, 1832, X. p. 1099.

13. Recherches sur quelques Fossiles trouves dans les Formations de
Houille suedoises. Kongl. Vetensk. Akad. Handl. 1823, I. p. 96.
Feruss. Bull. III. 1824, p. 283.Leonh. Zeitschr. 1827, II. p. 386.

14. Fossile Amphibien in Schoonen gefunden (Plesiosaurus u. Ichthyo-
saurus). Vet. Acad. Handl. 1836, p. 131, fig Isis, 1838, I. p. 15.
L. u. Br. N. Jahrb. 1838, p. 368.

15. Notice sur quelques Vegetaux terrestres fossiles qu'on trouve
joints aux Coquilles marines, dans la Craie chloritee de Scanie.
Kongl. Vetensk. Acad. Handl. 1824, p. 143. Feruss. Bull. 1826,
VIII. pp. 176, 242.

16. Prodromus Faunae Coleopterorum Lundensi. Lundas, 1835, 8.
17- Scandinavisk Herpetologi, eller Beskrifning ofver de Skoldpaddor,

Oldor 4 Ormar och Grodor, som forekomma i Sverige och Norrige,
etc. Lund. 1842.

18. Icones Petrefactorum Sueciae. Fasc. I. Holm. 1836.

19. Beschreibung einer in Schoonen gefundenen fossilen Schildkrote
verglichen mit andern in Schwedischen Boden entdeckten Resten
desselben Geschlechts Vet. Acad. Handl. 1839, p. 194, fig. Isis,
1842, p. 347. . u. Br. N. Jahrb. 1843, p. 123.

20. Le Brattensburgs-penningen (Anomia craniolaris, L., et les especes
analogues), examine sous les rapports zoologique et geologique.
Kongl. Vetensk. Acad. Handl. 1825, p. 324. Feruss. Bull. 1825,
VI. p. ; 1828, XIII. p. 155.

21. On Changes in the Fauna of Sweden. Rep. Brit. Assoc. 1847,
Sect. p. 79.


1. On the Application of the Science of Geology to the purposes of
Practical Navigation. Trans. R. Irish Acad. XIV. p. 39.

26 NOB


1. General History of Stirlingshire, with the Natural History of the
Shire. Edinb. 1777, 8. Lond. 1778, 8.Bohm. Bibl. 1. 1, p. 524.

NITZSCH (Chr. L.).

J. Coramentatio de Respiratione Animalium. Witteb. 1808, 4.
Dum. et Bib. L p. 329 Wiegm. Arch. 1835, I. p. 51.

2. Sur la Pneumaticite et quelques autres proprietes remarquables du
Squelette des Calaos. Arch. f. Anat. u. Phys. 1826, IV. p. 618.
Feruss. Bull. 1828, XIII. p. 356.

3. Osteographische Beitrage zur Naturgeschichte der Vogel. 1811.
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Feruss. Bull. 1829, XIX. p. 353.

5. PterylographiaB Pars prior. Halae, 1833. Mull. Arch. 1835, p. 96.

6. Pterylographie, nach seinen handschriftlich aufbewahrten Unter-
suchungen verfasst von H. Burmeister. Halle, 1 840, 4. Vol. Re-
pert. VI. p. 27. Rev. Zool. 1841, p. 81.

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1818, 8 Germ. Mag. Entom. Ill Isis, 1818, IX. p. 1563.

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12. Note sur un Corps enigmatique qui se forme pendant le temps de
1'accouplement dans les parties ge"nitales de \Helix Arbustorum et
sur le dard de ce Mollusque Arch. f. Anat. u. Physiol. 1826, IV.
p. 629 Feruss. Bull. 1827, XII. p. 283.

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rien und Bazillarien. Halle, 1817, 8. fig. N. Schr. Naturf. zu
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biotus Hufelandii als Art derselben. Wiegm. Arch. 1835, I. p. 374.

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Vespertilio murinus. Voigt's Mag. 1803, VI. p. 365, fig.

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XII. p. 397.

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Archiv, 1816, II. pp. 361, 470; III. p. 384.

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Archiv, 1815, I. p. 321.


1 . Heights of some of the principal Beds of Ingleborough Hill and
Moughton Fell, Yorkshire Phil. Mag. ser. 2, III. p. 1 1 .Feruss.
Bull. 1828, XV. p. 343.

NOBLE ( ).

1. Notice sur les Sangsues. Mem. Soc. Agric. S. et Oise, 1822.
Journ. Un. Sc. Med. Avr. 1823, p. 120. Feruss. Bull. 1824, II.
p. 104.

NOG 27


1. Sur 1'ascension des Araignees et 1'Aiguillon de la queue du Lion.
Feruss. Bull. XXI. p. 187,

1. Histoire naturelle des Animaux. 6 vols. 12. Paris, 1756, 1757.


1. Bibliographic entomologique, ou Catalogue raisonne des Ouvrages
relatifs a 1'Entomologie et aux Insectes, avec des notes critiques et
1'exposition des Methodes. Paris, 1801, 12. Eis. Insect, p. 123.

2. Examen critique des Lettres a Julie sur 1'Entomologie, par E. Mul-
sant. Par. et Lyon, 1833, 8.


1. Ueber die Meteorsteine im Kayserlichen Museum zu Wien. Journ.
Roy.Inst. XIV. Isis, 1818, VIII. p. 1323.

NOEL (Alex.).

1. Collection entomologique, ou Histoire naturelle des Insectes, peints
d'apres nature par 1'Auteur, et graves sur acier sous la direction de
M. Pauquet. I. Lepidopteres d' Europe. Paris, 1830, 8. fig. col.
Feruss. Bull. XXIII. p. 34-9.

NOEL (S. B. J.).

1. Memoire sur la Clupee peinte ( Clupea Alosa picta). Berl. Mag.
1810, IV. p. 310. Isis, 1818, IX. p. 1468.

2. Histoire naturelle de 1'Eperlan dela Seine inferieure. Rouen, 1798,
8. Cat. Bibl. Turic.

3. Histoire generale des Peches anciennes et modernes, dans les Mers
et les Fleuves des deux Continens. Paris, 1815, 4. Cat. Bibl.


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geologischen Phanomenen. Karst. u. Deck. Arch. XIV. p. 210.
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dans les Pays-Bas et les Provinces rhenanes prussiennes. Schweigg.
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p. 359.

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