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by 554 feet Value .... 20,000

17. Taylor Square, between Third, Washington, Derbignv and Ro-

man streets, no improvements, 276 by 554 feet Value 2,000

18. Vacant Lot in square bounded by Dryadee, Laurent, Jackson

and Josephine, on Josephine, second lot from Dryadee

street, being abandoned by the city when Dryades
street was opened and widened, 32 by 103 feet

Value 500

19. Laftyette Cemetery, between Washington, Sixth, Coliseum

and Prytania streets, 300 by 450 feet Value 3,500

20. New Cemetery, bounded by Washington, Sixth, St Patrick

and St David streeto, 450 by 300 feet Value 10,000

21. Washington, between Prytania and CoUiseum. Value 3/MH)

aty Wharves— Value of the City Wharves $2,500,000

The Powder Magazine, on right bank, about six miles below the

city 5,000

A Tract of Ground, in the parish of St Bernard, one and a hatf
arpents front by eighty in depth, known as the Cbalmette
fortifications 10,000

Value of Ground, paying ten per cent interest as ground rent. . 112,000

Value of Engines, Hose, Apparatus, and in hands of Fire Depart-
ment to be accounted for by them 28,000

Powder Mill, in rear of United SUtes Barracks, built on United
States land »

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First Dwlrict. $2,376,000

Second Difltrict , 2^21.900

Third District 354,950

Fourth District 406,000

Sundry Properties 2,655,000^



Commercial Bank Water Works 500,000

Jackson Railroad 2,000,000

Opelousas Railroad '. 1,500.000

Total Stocks $4,000.000


McDonoush School Fund, amount invested in Confederate Citj

Defence Bonds $334,800

Cash on other assels 362,200


Amount invested in Confederate City Defence Bonds and Confed- •

erate States Bonds 60,500

Cash and other assets 99,432


Under Special care of the Mayor, invested in City Bonds 73^25


Left for the establishment of a Free Dispensary 20,000



Peters, Front, Terpsichore and Henderson streets— Orphan Asy-
lum, four lots 6,000

Peters, Front, Terpsichore and Robin streets—

Polioe Jury, fourteen lots, 35,000

Orphan Asylum, seven lots. . . 17,500

Firemen's Char. Ass., two lots, 5,000

Christ Church, three lots 7,500

Charity Hospital, seven lots . . . 17,500

Shipper^s Press

Peters, Tchoupitoulas, Terpsichore and Henderson streets —

Charity Hospital, thirteen lots, 32,500

Poydras Asylum, ten lots 25,000

Catholic Asylum, six lots 15,000

Police Jury, two lots 5,000

Union Press

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Race, Magazine, Orange and Camp streets, Annnndation Chorcb,

96 by 120 feet, vacant 6,000

Female Orphan Asrlnm, Catholic, Magazine and Race streets, 180

by 170 feet, large cottage with basement 20,000

Danghters of Charity, St Vincent De Paul, Catholic, Magazine

street, 30 by 1 10 feet 3,600

Sonthem Baptist Association, comer Camp and Terpsichore

streets, 91 by 128 feet, large brick, capacity 1200 60.000

New Orleans and Carrollton Railroad Company Felicity, 64 by
130 feet ; Polymina, 64 by 130 feet ; St. CJharles, 37 by 94
feet, large briclc, 3 tables 80,000

German Lutheran Church, Dryades, near Felicity, 64 by 128 feet,

•large brick, capacity 800 80,000

German Protestant Church, Euterpe, near Baronne street, 64 by

100 feet, frame, capacity 600 6,000

St Luke's Church, Episcopal (burnt), Rampart, 96 by 97 feet :

Basin, 32 by 97 feet 5,000

Presbyterian Church, Franklin and Thalia, 60 by 98 feet, flrame,

capacity 600 6,000

Colored Church, Methodist, Melpomene, near Locust, 32 by 112

feet, frame, capacity 600 4,000

Society St Vincent de Paul, Thalia, vacant, 60 by 110 feet , An-
nunciation, 119 by 192 feet, large two-story brick 26,000

New Orleans Seaman's Friend Society, Peters and Erato, 46 by

110 feet, improvements valueless l/>dO

Sailor's Home, Peters and Erato 126 by 138 feet, large four-story

brick, plastered 23,000

Touro Infirmary, Peten and Calliope, 192 by 192, large two-story

brick 28,000

Archbishop Odin, Catholic, Constance and Poyfiurre, 44 by 164

feet, large four-story brick, school, etc 21,600

Archbishop Odin, Constance, near Poyfiurre, 66 by 121 feet, large

two-story, brick, school, etc 10,000

St Paul's Church, Episcopal, Camp and Gaiennle, 64 by 120,

large brick, capacity 1200 ' 80,000

New Orleans Female Orphan Asylum, (Catholic,) Prytania, large

three-story brick 60,000

St Theresa Church, large, brick, capacity 800 60,000

Presbyterian Church, Prytania and Calliope, 38 by 126, large,

frame, capacity 600 10,000

German Church, Protestant, Clio, near St Charles, 68 by 120,

frame, capacity 600 10,000

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New Orleans and Carrollton Railroad Companj, Calliope, nearSt

Charles, 125 by 160 8,000

Depot on St Charles, 266 by 310 Carondelet street 70,000

Poydras Asylum, Protestant, St Charles and Julia, 223 by 160. 36.000

Julia and Carondelet, 160 by 160 16,000

ImproTements on the above 125.000

Hebrew Congregation, (same square), Carondelet, 150 by 160,

large, brick, capacity 800 80,000

Ground belonging to Poydras Asylum 20,000

St John de Baptist, Catholic Dryades and Clio, 14G by 127, large,

brick, capacity 700, and brick school houses attached. . . . 60,000

Nuns of St Dominic, Catholic, large, brick, partly used for

schools, Dryadesand Calliope, 112 by 127 40,000

Archbishop Blanc, Rampart and Clio, 28 by 127, small frame . . . 2,000

Poydras Asylum, Protestant, Poydras and Peter, 43 by 167, large

ihree-story, brick, and plastered 30,000

Conunerce and Poydras, large two story brick, 42 by 126 feet. . . 30,000

Poydras and Commerce, foar large three-story brick, 33 by 88 fyei 46,000

Foncher and Poydras, fi?e large fonr story brick, 239 by 83 feet. 60,000

Orphan Asylum, Protestant, Poydras near Magazine, three-story

brick, 20 by 63 feet 9,000

St Patrick's Church, Catholic, Camp, near Julia, large brick, ca-
pacity 1,500, 121 by 17 feet 200,000

A«Ai.Kt.K^.« i5i««« J Camp, near Julia, 51 by 170 feet 6,600

Archbishop Blanc, j MagiSiDe, near Girod, 51 by 170 feet 15,000

Odd Fellows' Hall, Camp and Lalayette, large fonr«tory brick,

plastered, 102 by 173 feet 200,000

N. 0., Jackson and G. N. R. R. Co., Camp, near Lafoyette, large

two-story brick, 84 by 170 feet 60,000

Methodist Depository, Camp, near Poydras, large four^tory brick,

21 by 128 feet 13,000

Presbyterian Publishing House, Camp, near Natchez, large brick,

four-story, 30 by 170 feet 20,000

Louisiana State Bank, Branch. Camp, near Common, large brick,

35 by 1 1 9 fee t 40,000

First Presbyterian Church, South and St Mary streets, large brick,

capacity 1,500, 100 by 149 feet 120,000

Southern Bible Society, Ptesbyterian, Camp, near Girod, lai^

three^tory brick, 27 by 153 feet 15,000

Unitarian Church, St Charles, near Julia, large octagon, brick,

capacity 1,000,78 by 163 feet 72,000

Bank of Louisiana, Carondelet. near LafiEiyette, large three-story

brick residence, 26 by 150 feet 10,000

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Graod Lodge, Masonic, St Charles and Perdido, large brick, plas-
tered, 78 by 153 feek 120,000*

N. 0. and Carrollton R. R. Go , Baronne, near Canal, three-story

brick, depot, 21 by 133 feet 13,000

Jesuits* Church, Catholic, Baronne and Common, large brick, ca-
pacity 1,200 80,000

Large brick school house, 70 by 125 feet 40,000

Orphan Asylum, Boys^ Carondelet, near Perdido, large three-
story brick, 26 by 100 feet 15,000

N. O. and Carrollton R. R. Co., Poydras and Baronne, Ay 90 ft 5,000

Perdido and Baronne, 60 by 220 feet 30,000

Mayhee Church. Methodist, Carondelet, near Girod, large brick,

capacity 1,000, 54 by 176 feet 60,000

N. O. and Carrollton R. R. Co., Baronne. near Perdido, small one-

stoiy brick, three tenements, 84 by 75 feet 10,000

Mechanics' Institute, Dryades, near Common, large brick, 87 by

148 feet 60,000

University of Louisiana, Common and Baronne. large three-story

bnck, 311 by 209 feet « 150,000

Fourth Presbyterian Church, Liberty and Gasquet, large brick,

capacity 1,000, 71 by 100 feet 40,000

Baptist Church, Colored, Howard and Cypress streets, 46 by 125. 2,000

St Joseph Church. Catholic, Common, near Marais street, 96 by

120 feet, large brick, capacity 1,000 60,000

Congregation of the Missions, Catholic, Marais and Common sts.,

126 by 128 feet, large two-story brick, school, Ac 25,000

Charity Hospital, Common and Liberty streets, 437 by 402 feet,

large brick, whole equare 250,000

New Orleans School of Medicine, Common and Villere streets, 91

by 100 feet, large two-story brick 45,000

Hotel Dieu, Catholic, whole square on Common street, 245 by 492

feet, large two-story brick, white plaster 80,000

Marine Hospital, United States, entire square. Common street, 517

by 524 feet, large iron building 500,000

St PauVs Church, Methodist, colored, Liberty, near Perdido st,

72 by 160 feet, frame, capacity 600 12,000


Hebrew, Canal street, 7 lots 7,000

Christ Church, Girod street, 625 by 245 feet 50,000

Fireman-s Charitable Association own ten squares, viz : 786, 787,
790, 791, 794, 795, 796. 797, 800. 801, bounded by new
canal, Canal street and Cypress Grove Cemetery 40,000

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Cufltom Hoose, entire square, Canal street, granite 3,000,000

ClUxens' Bank, Royal and Customhouse, 58 by 89, Urge brick

banking house 50,000

Bank of Louisiana, banking house, Royal and Conti, 75 by 139,

large brick 75,000

State Bank of Louisiana, Royal and Conti, 63 by 128, laige brick

banking h%e 50,000

Mechanics' Institute, Bourbon and Customhouse, 25 by 96, three-
story brick 12,000

Christ Church, Episcopal, Canal and Dauphine, capacity 1,200. . . 120,000

St Anthony's Church, Catholic, Rampart and Conti, 72 by 84,

large brick, capacity 700 15,000

Soule Chapel, colored, Marais, near Conti, frame, capacity 400. . . 5,000

St James Chapel, Methodist, colored, Roman, near Bienyille, 50

by 148, brick, plastered, capacity 600 10,000

St John's Church, German, Courthouse and Prieur, 54 by 110 ;

Johnson, 57 by 133, fhtme, capacity 500 10,000

Hebrew Synagogue, Rampart, near Conti, 63 by 131, large brick,

capacity 800 20,000

Masonic Lodge, Germanla, St Louis, near Roman, 150 by 106,

two-story frame ^,000

French Benevolent Society, St Ann, near Roman, large three-
story brick, 120 by 114, plastered 30,000

St Philip's Church, Catholic, St Philip, near Roman, large brick,

capacity 800 40,000

St Louis Cathedral, Catholic, Chartres, near St Peter, large brick,

capacity 2,000 200,000

Los AngeloB, Masonic, Main, near Yillere, 52 by 127 feet 6,000

St Augustine Church, Catholic, Bayou Road, near Marais, large

brick, capacity 1,000, 150 by 250 feet 50,000

St Andrew's Lodge, Masonic, Conti, near Yillere 5,000

Perfect Union, Masonic, Rampart, near Main, two-etory brick, 110

by 209 feet 15,000

Catholic Cemeteries, square 189, Customhouse, Robinson, Bien-
Tilie and Claiborne streets, 256 by 297 ; square 190, Conti,
Robinson, Bienville and Claiborne, 256 by 325 feet : square
191, Conti, Robinson, St Louis and Claiborne, 256 bv 269 ;
squares 120 and 121, Conti, Basin, St Louis and Liberty,
287 by 279 and 287 by 282 feet 90,000

Hebrew Cemetery, Church, between St Anthony and Helena, 7 lots 7,000

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St Patrick's Cemetery, Canal, Helena, Cnstomhonse and Virginia ;

also squarea 638, 637 and 643, old to new, Metairle 15,000

Odd Fellows' Rest, Metairie, squares 813, 229 and 260 16,000

Charity Hospital Cemetery, squares 640, 638, 642 and 643, old to
new, Metairie, on the line of St Patricia's and Cypress
Grove Cemetery No. 2 15,000

Cypress Grove Cemetery No. 2, squares 641, 644, 642 and 645, old
to new, Metairie and the line between Charity Hospital and
Greenwood Cemeteries 15,000

Greenwood Cemetery, squares 646, 647, 649, 650, 648 and 641, and
all of 645, Canal street. New Canal, new Metairie and Cy-
press Grove No. 2 25,000

UrsuUne Church, 8t Mary's, Catholic, Chartres, near Hospital,

large brick, capacity 1,200, 186 by 150 feet 80,000

Charity School, Catholic, Bayou Road, near Rampart, 25 by 150. 4,000

Lnsitania Portuguese Association, Bayou Road, near Liberty, 27

by 190 feet 12,000

United States Mint, Esplanade and Levee, whole square, large

brick 500,000

Archibishop Odin, Catholic, Ursuline and St Philip, 60 byl20
feet, and on St Philip, church and dwelling, capacity 500,
120 by 100 feet 20,000

Commissioners of Fhrst Draining Section purchased at a sale for
draining, 472 squares, lying between the old and new Ca-
nal, and rear of the City Park, that did belong to the fol-
lowing Asylums : Orphan Boys', 110 squares ; Asylum for
Destitute Orphan Girls, 117 squares ; Asylum for Relief of
Orphan Boys, 110 squares ; Asylum for the Relief of Or-
phan Girls, 135 squares— total 472 squares 160,000


Polar Star Lodge, Masonic, Rampart street, 160 by 180 feet 6,000

Lafhyette Institute, Catholic, Dauphine, near Union street, 106 by

128 feet 3,000

First Presbyterian Church, Royal, near Frenchman street, 118 by

128 ieet, large brick, capacity 800 40,000

Seamen's Chapel, Esplanade, near Levee street, 60 by 127 feet,

old, capacity 500 6,000

St Rosa de Lima, Catholic, Bayou Road, near Broad street, 100

by 160 feet, frame, capacity 500 ^ 7.000

St Peter's Church, Catholic, Marigny, near Royal street, 64 by 150

feet, used as a school, frame, capacity 700 10,000

St Peter's Church, new. Catholic, Craps, near Mandeville street,

120 by 150 feet, large brick, capacity 900 80,000

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GermaQ Chnroh, Methodist, Burgandy, near Mado street, 64 bj

125 feet, large frame, capacity 500 6,000

Franklin Temperance Hall, comer of Rampart and Spain streets,

64 by 100 feet, large three-story brick, used as a school. . . 10,000

Trustees of Baptist Church, comer of Spain and Rampart streets,

61 by 100 feet, frame, capacity 500 10,000

Annunciation Church, Catholic, comer of Marais and Marignysts.,

130 by 145 feet, large brick, capacity 100 40,000

Korean Church, Methodist, comer of Moreau and Lafiftyette sts.,

58 by 100 feet, large brick, capacity 700. . . 20,000

German Congregation, Methodist, comer of Port and Bnrgnody

streets, 58 by 100 feet, large frame, capacity 600 10,000

Trinity Church, Catholic, on St Ferdinand, near Royal street, 65

by 120 f^et, large brick, capacity 1,000 50,060

St. Vincent de Paul, Catholic, on Greatmen, near Clouet street, 70

by 191 feet, fhune, school 6,000

Greraian Church, Methodist, comer of Piety and Greatmen sts., 32

by 120 feet, frame, capacity 600 10,000

Touro Alms House, on Levee, between Piety and Desir^ streets,

whole square, 319 by 539 feet, large iron building 150,000

Society St Croiz. Catholic, Elmiri, Levee and Congress streets,

whole square, 215 by 215 feet 10,000

Male Orphan Asylum. Catholic, Chartres, France, Royal and Mar-
garet streets, 244 by 300 feet 5,000

Convent of the Ursulinee, Catholic, fironts on Levee 4 arpents,
and has a depth of 80 arpents, in all 320 arpents, with ex-
tensive buildings and other valuable improvemeuts 125,000

Louisiana Congregation of the Holy Cross, Catholic, fronts on
Levee 2 arpents, and has a depth of 80 arpents, or 160 ar-
pents, with improvements 25,000

Bishop Blanc's Church, Catholic, on Hancock, between Moreau

and Casacalvo streets, 312 by 117 feet 10,000

Widow and Orphans' Home, colored,, comer of Johnson and La
Harpe streets, 64 by 160 feet, one and two-story, frame

over all, old 4,000

Johnson and LaHarpe, 297 by 128 feet, one and two-story,

frame over all 6,000

Society des Dames de la Providence, Catholic, comer LaHarpe

and Gralvez, 280 by 128, one-story, fhime over all 3,000

Mechanics' Institute Fair Grounds, in the Third District, formerly

the race track 60,0Qo

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ilBPHtlDUC 81

fit Tinoent de Paul, Oatholio, three sqoaree, 526, 627, 603, Vte :
PieW, Urquhitrt, S^ John Baptiat and Louisa, two squares,
682 D J 236 : Desir^, Urquhart, Piety and Girod, one square,
341 by 810 feet 2,000

New St. Louis Cemetery, GaAolie, on Bsplanade sfreet, 666 feet, '

and containing 62 aeres 50,000


l^resbyterian Church, burnt, on St Thomas, near Adele, 80 by

160 feet 2,000

Poydras Asylum, Protestant, St Thomas, Rousseau, Josephine

and /acksMi, old fhuse, ^6 by 320 feet 20,009

St Thomas, Chippewa, Jackson and Josephine, vacant, 320

by 320 feet,, 20,000

Hebrew Widows' Home, Jacluon and Chippewa, 120 by 187 feet,

tliree-story briclc, plastered 50,000

Hebrew Synagoguci, on 3t Mary and St Thomas streets, 53 by

121 feet^ Sratne, capacity 400; k,000

Hebrew Congregation, Jackson, near Chippewa, 64 by 128 feet.

old frame, used as a school 2,500

German Church, Sixth, near Chippewa, 64 by 129, large frame,

capacity 600 8,000

Qerman Church, Sixth, near Chippewa^ 67 by 127 feet, fruqae,

capacity 600. 7,000

German Clmreh, First, near Chippewa, €0 by 120 feet, frame,

capacity 600 10,000

German Church, Catholic, Jotephine, neftr Constance, 120 by 100,

large brick 90,000

St Joseph's Asylum, Catholic, Laurel and Josephine, 180 by 129,

large three-story brick school 25,000

Redemptionista' Catbolie, Constance and Josephine, St. Andrew,

near Laurel, Taeant, 60 by 209. . . 2,000

Saten of Notre Dame, Catholic, Jos^hhie'and Oenstaace, 160 by

130 feet, frame. ; 8,000

Keener Chapel, Methodist, Laurel and Toledano, 34 by 161 feet,

frame, capadty 500 ..'... 6,000

Bedemptionists' Church, Catholic, Jackson, near Conataooe, 64 by

f20feet,large brick, capadify800 20,000

On Constance, 33 by 120 feet 1,000

OrplUAs' Home, Protestant, owns all the square but two lots, *

large three-story htkk 50,000

German ETangelloikl Ghurfth* Magarins and Sixth, Taoant» 127 by

145 feet. 4,000


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Unt Baptist Church, Maguine Mid Seeond, 96 hj 127 feet, and

OD Second, school house, 32 by 127 feet 4,500

Jeffeiion Hall Association, Odd Fellows, Magaaine and Phillip,

6ft by 128, two-story brick 8,000

8t Siisabeth*s Asylum, Catholic, Magasine and Joaepbine, 863

by 128 feet, large brick 100,000

Society of St Yinoeat de Paul, Catbelic, Josephine, near Coo-
stance, 50 by 128 feet, frame, small 2,500

New Orleans Society of Redemptionists, Catholic, St Andrew,

near Constanpe 165 by 150 Teet, large brick school 66,000

New Orleans Society of Redemptionists, Catholic, Constance,
near Josephine, 108 by 168 feet, and S3 by 64, large brick
church, capacity 1600 90,000

Steele Chapel, Methodist, Felicity and Chestnut, 81 by 180 feet,

large brick^ capacity 800 : 30,000

Trinity Church, Episcopal, Jackson and Coliseum, 142 by 120,

and on Coliseum 80 by 114, large brick, ci^acity 1200. . . « 80,000

St Ann's Aeylum, Protestant, St Maiy and Prytania, 192 by 112,
Felicity and Prytania, 112 by 112, large three-story brick,
"Widows' Home"....,.,, 65,000

Presbyterian Church, Prytania and Josephine, 93 by 107 60,000

Cakary Church, Episcopal, Sixth and Prytania, 33 by 100; Courcy

and Prytaoia^ 101 by 100, large frame, capacity 700 10,000

Winan's Chapel, colored Methodist, First and Dryades, 60 by 123,

frame, capacity 600 6,066

New Orleans and Carrbllton Railroad Company own one-half of
29 squares in rear of Willow, and extending to Broad
street, bounded one ^de by Phillip and on the other by St
Andrew street 10,000

Commercia] Water Wbrks Companr, Tchoupitoulas and Richard

streets, 195 by 383, large brick building, engine, Ac 76,000

St Thomas, Keligious, Richard and Market, reservoir 320
, by 320.- 100,000



Hebrew-*- White, Franklin, Jackson and Phillip, entire square, 406

by2t4 15,600

St Joseph's Asylum, Wa^hingion, Sixth, St David and Liberty,

entire square^ 406 by 274. .v . . . 16,000

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Olrardies ^ $ 1»271,0M

iBCorpovfttod Oomftiiiat. 32,226,7M

Ainrlams 1,130^00

8ocietie8 1,081,000

TlDlted Statet 4,260,000

State of LoiilaUiM 160,000

City of New OrloMis 8,030,850

GemeterieB -..-. 861,000

Bisbop Odin, Tacant 10,000

Siind^ small properties 409^00

OoBunltrioiim Isl DrainlBg Section 160,000


In connection with the subject of increasing the Revenne of the State, I
am indnced to suggest some ideas of a comprehensiTe general character,
having an obvious bearing on the general prosperltj and future resources of
the State.

Louisiana comprises an immense area of the richest alluvial soil th^ sun
ever shone upon — caj>able of producing in boundless proftision the great
staples, cotton, sugar, rice, indigo, tobacco, Ac, and at the same time capa-
ble of Buppljing food enough to sustain a population of many millions.

But we are lacking in the first great element of publio wealth, popala-
tion, to develop the latent riches now hidden in our prolific soil.

Centuries oi cultivation cannot exhaust the productive powers of the
rich alluvial sdU of the delta of the Mississippi

Let it be remembered that only a small fhustion of about two million
acres (less than a twelfth part) of our arable land has ever been cultivated,
#nd that, too, only by the rude and unsklllftil process known to the barba-
rian system of enforoed, unintelligent slave labor.

Even with that limited and imperfect cnltivmtion, the agricultural products
of the State had, in the year 1860, reached the following amounts:

Cotton 659,100 bales.

Sugar 203,246 hogsheads.

MolasKS 847,276 barreto.

Com 14,266,973 bushels.

Rice 20,856 barrels.

From these data compute the vast amount of these rich semi-tropical i^ro-
Aicts, which could be annually produced by the more skilUtil onlttvation of
even one-half our area of arable lands.

With an abundant supply of labor, LoulBiana oould, in a short time, pro-
duce larger crops of cotton, sugar, rice and com than have ever yet been
ptodnoed in the Southern Stages.

It is capable of easy demonrtration tfasA the sUHftil e«)thfttlo& of efwn

Digitized byLjOOQlC


Ikw millions of acres in cane and cotton, hj the band of Iret intelligent labor

would yield an anonal contribution ot moro than $8(MMN)0,00a worth to the

wealth of the State,

. In this inexhaustible fertility of our alluvial soil and genial climate, we

i»Te elements of wealth more abundant and certain than all the mines of

Hetlco and California.

Give us an abundant supply of sklllftil, free, agricultural labor, in any
4egree proportioned to our immense area' of fertile land which now wastes
Us productive powers in wUd and useless loxarianee of tropioal vegeMoo,
and in twenty-flve years this will beoome the richest State in the valley of
the Mississippi, and New Orleans the mart of a commerce amounting yeariy
to a thousand millions of dollars.

Our true policy would seem to be, to encourage the distribu^on of our
i^ioccupled lands into the hands of a multitude of small planters and &rm-
ers, rather than to create a comparatively small number of great estates.

Qannot something be done by the Legislature-— some plan deviMd, that will
tend to attract to our soil a large population of sklllfi&l and industrious cul-
tivators t For the purpose indicated, I respectfully recommend to the
Legislature to establish a board or commission to be <^led the


to consist of one or more commissioners, with power to employ such agents
as may be necessary to the design, the duties of which shall ^e to assist and
encourage the immigration to this State of skillful and industrious agricultural
laborers, farmers and mechaniqf fh>m European countries, firom the Northern
States and fh>m Canada.

As means to this end, it should be the duty of this Board, or Bureau, t»
acquire accurate information of the location, character and condition of all
tiie unoccupied lands within the State ; Uie meaiDS of aooess to, and of drain-
ing and improving the same ; prepare and publish maps and dwcriptloas of
the same, with fUll details of information as to climate, soil, production, cost
and methods of clearing, draining and preparing for. culdvaUon ; markets,
means of transportation, ^:o. This Bureau should have an agency in New
York, to ftimish emigrants with all necessary information and pecuniary

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