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iHi-: gp:nealogy





163 3-1 MR


- - _. r-"''

iu:visp:i) and FiMrrn i;y


)F AMlii:i;:sT, MA.

AMlll'.Usr, M.\SS.

J 1


,1AMS. liOOK AM> .l(»r. 1'


Mlirr(l,\.\\\ 1 II.



: CO

£ 9





— si'm; a r


xMaFih Familij llisesiatien %i Hmgriga,

-III; I I) \i

3>T iz tt;/- ^^ le, i^ . :Kr . T .



Commencing Oct. 2, of JO o'clock A. M, and Closing
Oct, 3, at / P. M. 1889.






Col. LUCIL'S I',. MARSH, of H.ston, Mass.

RiVKRius Marsh, of N'rw Hiunswick-, X. J.
John E. Marsh, of Hartford Conn.
Horatio X. Marsh of Joliet, 111.
Edward W. Marsh, of Bridgeport, Conn.
W.M. L. Marsh, of Washington, D. C.
John Edward Marsh, of Rahway, \. I.
Jamfs R. .Marsh, of Lowell, Mass.
Francis E. Marsh, of I'lainficld, X. J.
\V.\i. II. Marsh, of 12 Cortlandt St.. X. Y.
S,< rc/,nv.
J. JOHNSOX, of CreenneUl, Mass.
7"i c\isiii\ r.
r:r)\VARl) p.. MAR.SH. .,f .Xmlu-rst, Mass.
Rkv. D. W. marsh, d. d., Anilicrst, Mas;


Im.uu .M.i - -n;Kliu-rll^ MMiinl.iiii-
I'lom w L"ilcm I'laii ir^ L;iaihl,

I''|.>1|| llnrlllClll IlilKiilc rMllIll.llM-

I'loiii M)iilliei"ii ]iiiic-i-l.iil -.lU'l.

Frnm many a lulliiit; iivii
Ami many a fcililc plain,
With li)\e to all fniL-v^ i,
Wc Mar^hci meet a^'aiii.

Ac. -J.

r.v s. i). M \K>ii.

Tunc- AuM;^ S)uc^

1. \Vc come again, our ficiniK tn ijiv^l ;
Ami converse liy llie w ay
We come fioni di-tant staler !>> meet
(fMir cousin- heie to-da) .

We'll cast ail ciinil)! ini; cares aside,

And gather friemUliip's lloweis,
Along the \ales and meadow s - ide.
And cim them in oui Imiw er-.,

.'. We're gla.l to ^ce the ladies luie —
Their love-lit eye^ -o luiglit ;
I low oft they'\e hnniylil us l(j\c and ( lieei'
And tilled our homes w ith li^ht!

In all the i;ieal enneei n - ol life,

We'll ne'er fnigcl to |'iay
That heaven l>e with n^ in the -.tiifc
And lead Us all the way.

:. rm)i:res and Kingilonisaie lli-owii —
■| hey'ie ever in hi-, sight,
( Uii fathers trusted in Ills arm,
Ihey triumphed hy His might.

Tlio' further down the stream \m' lie.

We'll ever keej) in vieu
■jhe glorious, old " Ancestral tree,'
A lietter never gr'W !

Xow to OUI father's Ciod we pray.

That He j.iolLCt aii>l guide
I's, and the dear ones lar ,r\\ay.
Till all have the tide.

Ac. ::

o 3D in: -

\\\ Rl \. 1). W. .M AKMt.
Tune — A iiu-rit .u

1. I'Tom Knglnnd's sea-girt land,
r>V (iod's high guiding hand.

< )nr fatlu'rs sailed.
Tlle\ l.iu;.;hi d at oixMii'^ |. i.u ,
I hev found a liro.i' lei >!ini,-.
And here fore\er more

They freedom hailed ,

2. lohn Marsh was one of them,
These ancient, stalwait men,

Their ( loil their King :
His Hilile was his ehail.
With w isesl master-.ii I ,
I le |)nl it in his heai I.

,\loie liidil to 1ji in;'.

Ao :{ ii".iiit;i.ii,ii.

i. A nd ( leo'ge ol I I iiiL^li.on > .ime,
.\ lid iii.inv a (|iieenU' chime,

.\iid lovely hri<le :
.\iid .Mai Tie - , as the lea\e-,
( )i golden harvest sheaves,
( )i ihops that di i]) from ea\ e>,
riirv multiplied.

|. rlie \\ oiiKi; loi '(.d .111' I s[)nn.
.\ d.iily ta - k wa-. dom-

r.\ girl and smi.
The M ,11 shes gre\\' .illd spuail,
■| lie .\laishcs love.l ami wed
1 lie M.iislics f.)iight and i'led.
-\ nd fi eedoin w mi

^. Now M;,rsh, he ineniest man,
rii It ever w ilhed or r,in,

(h kis-^'.'d a l.ii'le; Mai>hes mnie he 'pieei',
And none he known to h'ei.
Nil Mar-h niu^t ever sneer,

N'or e\ ei chide.

0, lull utli We live and die
.\s oSJKis .iml nigh,

i"or .Mar-^li is man ,

1 he Mar-hes come .;ii'l g'l.

As come the rain and suow .

'I lie Marshes cM. ami Ihe.v,

./ /////,' >/■,///.

7. We hoasl no nolilei na'ue.
N'o liliK'i I'h lo'l we el.riin,

Le-l piide should l,dl :
N et lo\ (■ w c this on r t lee,
.* nd colli'.- I lom hind and si. a,
( >iie g.illiei ing heie to he,

.\n.l honor all.

■S. Two huii'lied yeais have t.aighl
'I'll, it iwrv oughl

To lis'e for right,
To spi-nd hi-, litl le
1 11 doing \\ he can,
'["o -er\ e his ( iod and Man
With all his iniLiht.

ia:c ^i.

S O InT O- -

\\\ S. 1». M.\l.;sil.

Tunc — AivcrK.i,

Dear friends and cousins all, -
The hroad, the shoit, the tall :

I low gooil to meet
.\nil joiir in social clner.
h'.a' h swiflly^,ing \eai,
.\nil liuihl up friemMiips lure,

I "iidui ing \s (.et !

Thougli epochs come and go.
To all things here lie)o\\ ;

( )n plain and hid
We seek a Inighter day,
I'evmid a twilight gray,
N'l'ei halting hy the w ay.
Hut onw.iid .till.

t ■

Hv Ki V. 1>. W. M \i-ii, I'." .

M, .ir \.\ I'Koi J., UN i; Mai; II.

W.r.I^ ami Millie on S(.-|.ar.ile Slicct

I l■:a^ll alive of Ka-lun Sliou-
Oi Mi.MlL- Wc-t or A-ia'- (I0..1.
I'lum Like an.l ( iiilf, from i.i'Hint ami plain
r,, nnc and all ' Wc nnx-l a-ain.
Come, yc Mai-linicii.

•J (."onic Nha'lowy men of a;4c- l>a^l,
On us )our -jicll and shadow c.i-t,
\'nui names we found in olden books,
Cnn.e show ns here y..urold lime looi.-,
1 fail, ve Marshmen.

3 Come tell the tale of lives \e led,,

The -ills vou lo\ed, llie wives \ou wed,
l-:a.irehild you had and Heeling dead.
■|'ell what you did and what yiai ^a:d,
Speak, ye Mar-hmeii,

4. And had ! ye Marslunen yet to Ik-,
To live .iiui love when yone are we,
I'.iur^ all you can of fairer wives,
Aiidln.tter homes aial i^rander lives.
1 lad, ve Marshmen.

O 33 E -

Tunc— Aula Lan.i; S^ne.

I We've f^rathcrcd here from far aii<l near,

We Slarshmen down to date,
T'o hold our eouneil-fue in t;lee,

And merry tales lelate.
TTie promise Cod to Al.ram matle,

As 1)VmUk1U to mind to.dav —
( )f I'll, lie's I'lade a mim'rous rne,

I. ike stars in hrit^l.t array.

For Marsh-men old, to-ilay, my friei <ls,

l'"or Marsh-men hoM,
We brir.L; a lhou^;ht of kindiies- yet,

l'',ir tlm Maish ..f ..hlen time.

We love to talk about the jmsI,

Our fathers old and (May.
Who braved the lou^h and stoimy s,-a

T'o leave oppression's sway.
TTiey helped to found an empire i^raiid.

Al'ld freedom's Wa'^ unluiled,
luiieath wc stand on bloi.d bap^lit laml

T he deaiest in the world.

I'or waniorsiild, the Maish-meii luild,

Now dead and eold
We biiii].; .1 ihouidit of kindiu'ss yel,

I'nr the Marsh of olden time.

l\o i; CToutiiiiiciI

\nd now .1 li d.iile sdll we In m.;.'

1 ,,, all who'se pa -sed .iw.iy.
I ||,- iMil le men ,iiid women I'.u.

\\ hu walked 111 w isdom's way
lluw iiiaiiV left theii maik on Iin-e,

T hat Ioiil; outlived their day ;
And r;tr a -ohl; for e\ oy eliine,

Ibomdit '■ Maityii," 1 on e to -l.iy.

C!,,,ru~ omiiie.l for l! M , MAUn.N.
\\\ S. 1'.. Mai: si I.

4. " le-u-, lover of m)' smil,

Let me to T liy Ijosum lly.
While the billows iieai me roll.

While the tempest still is bii^h,
I J id.e me. C), my .'-^.uiour hide,
Till the ^tniin i,f life i-. i-asi ,
Safe into the haven ^uide,
(.)h, reeei\e my -oul at kisi."

(',nd bles, the " NLndi men" as a el. 111,

And '^'ive them streri^th each ilay.
To li-ht the '■ ups and d.ow ns " ot lite.

And banish sin away.
And m that Loeal and linal day,

WTien nations thion^' His bar,
.M.iy thev be \ iet(jrs in the stiife,

T he '• M.ii-h-nu:n " near and f.^r

Foi " NLli-h men "old to-d,i\ m\ fiiem

l-'iir Mar-h-men bold,
We briiiL; lair .011^' of kindness yet,

Km the .Marsli ,.f olden time.

,\o. 7.

cXjCSi3:<ro- o:jd:

]<,\ S. I>. Mai-sii

Time — -Air eru .e

1 low 11 fioni the p.ast eni
.Mi-hty as the sun,

CJui f.itlier's name,
As on a ineuntain's lieij^ht
It shines a beacon lii^ht.
T'o L^iiide to jiaths ol ii^jht

.\'iid noble fame.

.\nd now we bid adieii,

( )iir genial friends and Hue,

M.";y he.ueli biess
.\nd ioiide us all our d.iy
.\loii.^ life's;;eful 'A ay,
^o w e m.iy never sti.iy

ITom 1 ii;hteoUsne-^. .li/.'i'ii.

im A P P I A r^ c p

'^'■^ t




' I UIIS faiiiil)- l)a\-e miw liL-Ul li\c ;inmial j^athei in<^s. 'I'lic last was
heitl at liridgcpoi t. C(jiin., Sc|.leinl)er stli ami 6tli, i8.SiS. 'IMiese
meetings have been attended by ])ers(jns fiom the Canadian Dominion
and various parts of the United Slates, and have elicited a very witle
and i,'ro\vin;4 interest. A \-erv great amount of iiiformation as to
persons of Marsh descent has been obtained, and still more is sought.

Mr. K. J. .Nfarsh has published a volume of 200 pages, giving
descendants of C.eorge Mar>h, of Hinghani, 1635. Also Col. L. B.
Maish, of I5osloii, has ind)lished an account of the descendants of
John Marsh, of Salem, 163:;, containing much valuable hislor)-.

A pamphlet was j-jublished by the .Vssociation in 1SS6, giving an
outline of the ih'sct'>iJij)ils for four generations of si.\ lines, viz., fiom
John, of Salem, 163;,; John, of Hartford, 1636; Simucl, of New
Haven, 1646; Alexander, of Jkainlree, 1654; J(;hn, of IJoston, 1669;
William, of I'lainfield, 1675. A few copies of this only are left, ($1
constitutes one a life member, and entitles them t(^ said pamphlet until
all are disitosetl of,) and the result has been excellent. We have now
thousands of names of Marsli descent whose line we can e.K ictly trace
for a period of two and a half centuries, and through seven, eight or
nine generations. We wi^ll that all persons of Marsh descent, into
whose hands this leaflet may come, would give us all the dates they
can of the marriage, birth, death, and al'^o items as to residence and
migrations, and emidoynicuts of their ancestors or children, and send to
Col. Lucius 15. Marsh, 6. Cohnubus Ave., Boston, Mass.; Rev. Dr. I).
W. Mari-h, Amher..t, Mass ; or to K, .MarNh, l-:s(j., llartfoid, Conn.

/: A

/'/. f w/ // /<'// ^ ' yf



y, //v/yv//' ^/^///y//v/ - /////////

■ y///:///V/ A/, ' ' / '/ '^ /// //■/'

A.MllllKSI'. MASS.

.1 Iv WILLIAMS. l;()()K AM) .l(»L, LUINII'.K.

\|]H I ri.ww 111.

Kimball, Pycott Si Bennett,

I) i: A 1. 1. It s 1 \

Stocks, Bonds and Gold,

Boston, 1 86

( ir( 1. I' . Kiinb;ill.
TliDs. S. I'scott.
C'liiis. 1 I. Kliuk'U



',/(pi Oq,. //,',■ (Sr.

//. '-o:,^,.„ -'/■ .'/i


Kimball, Pycott & Bennett,

I) i; A I. I. K S 1 \

Stocks, Bonds and Gold,

Boston, 1 86

( iio. I'\ Kiiiil);ill,
Thos. S. Pvcott.
(" I I. IhiiikU.




m(xvM\mm)i\\i 'i

r^ r^ r> Vy r>- r^ r> r^ r^ r^ r.- r^ r^ r.

With Compliments of




1 1 4 W a s h i n If t o n ,


{^/^^M UQ<://^e L&cff //.>,.

/ >/,,vy. ■ '^' • ^//'x-/v^


(§alm 0VV §0!5t, 181, #.^.E.



/■; r- <■> If > ■,,

Needham, Mass.

May 20, 1924.

Sunday, May 25, the members of the Post,
Woman's ReHef Corps and Sons of Veterans,
will assemble at the Post Headquarters at 10
a. m., and together with the American Legion
and Auxiliary, Boy and Girl Scouts and other
patriotic bodies, proceed to the First Parish
Church, Rev. Ben Franklin Allen, pastor, to
attend divine services.

Friday morning, the 30th, Police Detail,
Needham Military Band, Sons of Veterans, the
Post and invited guests, Woman's Relief Corps,
Spanish War Veterans, American Legion, Am-
erican Legion Auxiliary, Boy Scouts, Girl
Scouts and other patriotic organizations, will assemble promptly at
Needham Square, at 9.30 o'clock, and will proceed promptly at 10 o'clock
to the cemetery, where the G. A. R. services will be performed. School
children, with flowers which they have gathered, will assemble in Need-
ham Square at 8.45 a. m., and led by a detail, will march to Needham
Cemetery to decorate the graves of soldiers. Collation will be served in
Kingsbury Hall by the Woman's Relief Corps upon the return from the

Flags will be given to the children, as has been our custom.

All veterans of the Civil War are invited to join with us in all the
above services, and friends and citizens are invited to be present.

By order of LYMAN WILCOX,

Commander and Adjutant.

Exercises at the
Soldiers' Monument


SINGING BY THP: AUDIENCE "Blest be the Tie that Binds"
Theodore G. Graham, Conductor

DEPARTMENT ORDERS Com. M\gn Kimball, Camp 77, S. of V.


Galen Orr Woman's Relief Corps 85, Ezra N. Fuller
Camp 77, Sons of Veteians, Spanish War Veterans,
Needham Post 14, A. L., American Legion Auxiliary

SINGING BY AUDIENCE " Nearer, My God, to Thee "

Theodore G. Graham, Conductor


PRAYER Chaplain William Douglas, Needham Post 14, A. L.

MEMORIAL ADDRESS Rev. Ben Franklin Allen


Theodore G. Graham, Conductor

BENEDICTION Rev. Ben Franklin Allen




KIM15ALL— At lirookline, J-
29, (ic()i;j;e I'laru ir^ ICiaihall, eldest s.-u
of the lati' Jolin S. iuul Frances ISI.
Kimball. Funoi-al from liis 'ate resi-
ctence, 27 Naples road, Ihuukline,
Wedne>day, Felj. 2, at 1 i>. m.
To the Editor:

The death of Mr. George F. Kimball
asanouiiced above, removes one of the
lir>t, if not the very first of the sum-
mer re'-idents at North Scituate Beach.
For twenty odd ye.irs he with his fam-
ily has been a constant resident during
the summer months, and for some sev-
enteen years his pleasant cottage (on
iJeach l{oad as you enter the village)
lia'^ .itlracted the attention of every one
It is regarded as one of the
most beautiful places at the beach.
In 1SS-, while snendinu the .nnun.r at We shall all miss his pleasant smiles

'■ , ,, ,,^, ,,Mi„.iiu) and warm hearty greetuig.
Marsh called mvattrntinn tea neu^pap. 1 nn -^ - ^^ ^^^

|vuM.elin-,tobelu.ldalI.akel'leM~^aul.> ^^ ^

,,M she UMully ur,ed me , o attend, he m.Hin.. wluch dal

.,„, 1...... attendance, all st,an.e,. " - '"'"^ '•'••''•'' /

l,,,,,i,,stvr, with wlenn I IkM h:nl .on.- I..IM, M ■>.

,,• „„,rnnl. H;;-.r,.wa..he,hen,e. .lohu.Mar.h.d ^aU.m.ot l...i,
,vas nuMdioned bv tluM-.a-'nt. bu, w.s Unown onlv ,.. . w., o,M H-c^^^
persons present. A t.-r tl. n.etin. ,.M e,..ed. and w -le w. Un,
or,,avervre.pec,al.leh,,,Un. lady.-^ wdh 1 L .
Marsh. ma few n.on.ents Mr. Mar.h rennuked ton,e. lln. a U
a.sires to know sonudhin.of h.r ancestor^ ; .he ha.con>e all the
,vav from dackson. for in,^,nnati.n : and you n^

be able to .ive the desired inrormati.n. ' -•<>;-;'- ' - /;
.vasvonr father's nameV She .aid. d<d.nMar.h. 1 then a.ked AN as

• . , .• fl 1- S shio.if War ( he^ai.eake. that was

1„, „neof theerew ol the I . S. ship-d •>. . i ^

,..,H,red bv the Ibiti.h Ship of W ar. Sh.nn.MU .1 une 1 IM-. • nd
;l He carried to St. dohn.N..^. where he, iuMn.dlearnm, ins

,.,aeasmasonV She .ud. Yes. I e„n,inned lie ndnrned u.l s ••

.._, .. .,.V father's house in •''-'^''':>- ^'-^V''' M iid

,nbv dau-h,er a lew montli-^ <.ld. and \ on
,, said. V>'>. 1 ,hen -aid.' fa, her

had with them a

.,,^. that bal>v dau-lder. Sh. • , ,• i l ,,

■l-hishulv was .Mrs. .Sarah J. Seollnrd ul Jaek.on.

on of ,he I're.i-

^vas inv consul.

Mich." The next year. lSS';,a, the ur-en, .Cnalat,
d.M.tof the Marsh A>.uriata.n, 1 deliverr,
whi.'li tlie historical poiHuu wa. c.rre.
truth and tictiou. nr lather roman<

the principal addi'ess


ii:d ihe ie>, was composed
•oiindcd on faCs. 1 soon


,an,e verv much interested in,he history of n,v ama-slors. and

now Tins CKNIvMJXiV ()!■■ -lollN MAKSll OF SALKM
CA.MK TO lil'. WKll TKN.

ill issf), while s|nMi(linu the siiiniiHT mI l-'ranroiiia, N. II., Mrs.
iMursli called iiiv alleiilinn U> .a iicw-|ia imt ii(.li(a> nf Ihr x'coinl Mar>li

1 '■ainily meeting, le) lie licM al i,ak<' I'lcasaiil . .Mi.nta-nr. Mass., in .Iiilv :
;:ii(l slie kilidlv U| - .m1 iiic Im all. ■11(1 llir iiireliiiL;. w liirli 1 did. 'I'licie
\/as a larii,.' aUeiidaiier, all straiejeis Id inc. r\c( iiliie^ I'".. .1 . Mai-li of
i>e('iiriiister, with uliMin 1 liad hail sdinc .■, inr.>i)()nilriicf. .Inlin .Mai>h
■, if Ilartfoi-d, I (;;;<■,, w a- llif Ihriiav .loliii Mai-hnr Salcin,uf Hi.".;i.
was iiuMitidiied hv llu' lui'sidciit . Init wa^ kn.iwii only Id t '.m > (if ihrec
piTsoiis presriit. AI'Um- Ihr iiicctiiiL: had ehiscd. and u hilc uailinu
I'.M- the ears, a vei-y rcs|ii-elalih' Idnkin- lady,>|M,ke wilh .Mr. I-^. .1.
Marsh. In u few nionicnls .Mi'. Marsh leinaikcd In me, 'This lady
desires to know some! hiiigdr her aneeslois; she has come all the
wav from Jaekson. Michi<jaii, for information ; and |iei-liaiis yon may
he aide to uivc the desii'ed information. I said to the lady, \\'hat
was vonr father's name? She said, .lohn Marsh. I then asked, Was
lie one of the crew of the [ . S. Shi|i of War, ( 'hesa|ieake, that was
captured hv the nrilish Ship of War. Sha nnon. .1 une I.;;? and
was he cari-ied to St. .lohn, X. I!., where he fini-jied learninu' his
trade as mason? Shi' said, \'cs. I continued. He relurimd in LS-J,"),
,.;,iiic to mv father's house in I'"aiilield. .Maine, he and his wift'
li;,,l with them a hahy dau;_:htcr a few months old. and \'ou

■ are that haliy dauLihter. She said. Ves. 1 then said, Your father

. w:is my cousin. This lady was Mrs. Sarah .) . Seoifoid of .lacksoii,
Mich. The next veai-. INN''., al the iir-i-nt solicitation of the Presi-
dent of the Marsh Association, I deli\cred the principal address; of
which the historical portion was correct, and the resi was composed
,,f t,ruth and liclion. or rather romance founded on fads. 1 soon

•!)ecame x'ei'v much inlcrcstci] in the historvof m\ ancestors, and I

Ill 1. M \ KMl 1 A M I l.^

liaxT (U'voti'd iiiosl (if the liiiir lln' p:i>l I wo yc;irs. to dlitniniiiij, iiil'oi'-
lli;ili(Hi. 1 imw liclic\r I ciili ^it :il iiiV dc^k. I .'1 'rrciiioiit 'rrlnlilc.
r><)>li)ii. and (•(MTopiiiid willi all the IniiiL; docciidaiiN of my ^raiid-
I'mIIi'.t. w Ih) \va> 1m Mil iii 1 7 in. j-'./fkicl .M ar>li. I liavc aU(^ cxamiiird
(•\crv (\rc(\ or liond or wiillcii iii-^t in iiiciil on ircoid al llu' lu■^|■a^"s
and I'l-olialf Ollh'c in Sidcin, the n'foi(U al City I lall. Salciii, ihc
iccoi'ds of till' town - of l)an\rr> and I'raliody . and tlu' hi.slory of
niaiiv towns, and 1 liclicvc 1 have a> pcifcct a liislory as can widl he
olilaiiifd of -lolin iMaisli and Siisannali. Ids wile, and licr fallicr,
Ivcv. Saiiiiirl Skcllon. and of llic (li'xa'udanls of .lolm and Snsannali
Marsh. While I ha\-e examined all these records m\s(df personally.
iit/icrs !ia\i' also done so, and to .Mi^s llannah I'"(dloii .Marsh, of
reahodv, I am ereallv iiKh-iiled. — The history of John .Maisli, horn
in 1 VTiO, and his dcseeiidaiils, has liem written eiitir(dy hy Miss
llannah l'\'lloii Marsh. I am al-o under oMii_;ation to Mr. .lames K'.
Marsh (d' Lowidl. who has made dilimail search for the history (d'
his ancestor, .loiia than Marsh, ( son of Zaeliary ) and his descendaiils,
and thanks are also due to the maii\ who ha\c s[kmiI much time, in
perfuctiiit;- the histories of their f.aniilies. and that of 1 heir ancestors,
rromisiiiij, that further el'forts will continue to he made to ascertain
the iiistorv of Mzekirj Marsh, son of dohn, horn i(')|.s. let me say
that any information in regard to him and his descendants will he
^rat(d'llllv received.

Licirs U. M\i;-ii,

Ij (.'oliimhiis S<|Uai'e, iSostoii. Mas.s


As to (1) ablTcviatioiis, (2) sy>UMu -.f it rncnco, ('.',) lial'ililv
|(. inistaki' ill (lati's in .Ian. ami Im'K. and np \n -jrilli nf Mar. Ik'Toi-c
ITfi'i. and ^oint'linics ^liditly aflrr 17.".-J.

'I'lie l.'tlfi- li. ni.'.an- liiilh. m. or lln' >iun - =z uianiaLi.'. d. dcatli.
hap. Iia|iti/.cd. unin. unniariiiMl. picli. pid'alily . alit. alunil. i)ei'.
[)('riiaps, and ? donlit. Small liuni-r> iniinrdialdy ■j\<n\r a iniinc
(Zacliaiy- .loliii' ) nican litMnTations.

Special attcnlion is callfd to tln' .systnn of iffficnrc lirrc u>vi\. as
complelcd hv llif (•(inipilcr, and mad.' >iniplri- and nii>rr easily nndei-
slocid llian an\ otli.T. l''.aeli child and eacli persmi niaiaied into the
Taiiiilv. has a numhci' <j\\ en at liin<' of Itii'lh nr ol' mari-yine- in. placed
:il the left siih' of the pai^e and tlie^e lelt >ide nninlii'i'^ inoceed in
i-eL>iilai- oi'dei- I'rcin heuinniiiL; I" «ii'l. 'I'hr rel'erences -Mr always
from llie middle or riiiht of llie pa'^e and always /o tlie-e left side
uumhers. W heie children are lo he meiilioned a'jain as niari'ied,
Ihe rid'eninu' nnndiei' follows at the ri'jhi. the nieiilicm of the cliild in
inid-pau\' and directs to the si^h- numliei' of the future parlnei-. In
all cases of known maniaue the nuinlKT.> of llu' two paitneis are put
in iniil-p;iue witli the >iuii zr-_ hetween. and the smalhi' numhei- refers
hack to mention of the t-hild now nianied. the laiLicr numlfr to its
duplicate close h\ at the left >ide. As ilecimal- are n.^-ed to a\'oid

repetition of a whole nn ml lei'. t he hi-he -1 li-iiieteJU the nhcr of

all the children ami theii' parlnei>.

I'nfil alit. I7;'>1', tlu' veai- he^an Mai'. -J.") and llie months and
I'\'h. were the 11th and rJth nios, W.' >lill retain >o nnich of the
old usaiic a-^ to call the old 7th uio. Seplenc-1 mt. theSih Oclo-her
and so we have No\ em ( '.I ) her. 1 )ecem ( 1 ' • ) her. ( »f coni>e .Ian.
w<;uld he 11-her and Im'I). 1 •-' her, o!' l-'lh month. 1 f a dal e in .any
old niainiscriiil hetween .Ian. 1 and March •_'.">, of ;iiiy year neai- or
hefore 17.") - ' has heeii i^iveii us, we should .•orrectto the follow ini;
v,.;i|-— (■. c. Feh. Ti., i7r_' would i-cally \'<' 171:'. — ;ind we niii:ht write

171 2-1 :i.

Dull. in W . .Maksii, ('oin^'ilcr.

Amhei'st, Mass., .Iidv. hsss.

llie Marsh Family of Salem, iMass.

1. JOHN >IAKSII, ol Salcin.

Tlie lirst Mnrsli. iccuriU'd as (.■ini<^r:iliii;4 I'l-om l^ii<:l;\ii(l to America,
tool; oath in iMiulaiid just licfoiH' sailing, as 'slolin IMai'slu'. Mai'.
2\ , Id;!;!," which iiicaiis. as \vi' now reckon, Id.'ll. 'V\\v name -lohii
■' iMar.she ai»[>ears on Sah'm reeoid as reeeivinii Iwi-nty aeri's of land
-Ian. 2, ICi.'m, ''2 — 11 mo. 1 »;;>(;■". [iroli. on lurth of his first child,
lie married proh. in Ifl;!,") or early in lii.'id, nnmlter 2.

2. Susanna Skelton, 1». Uil.". or 11, dan. Key. Sanuiel. .lohii
Marsh made his will Mar. 2.s. ](;72 and d. Nov. IC, 1(;74— his will
pi'obated Nov. 2(1, 11)71. Faither account of ,Iolin Marsh, his widow
Susanna, and her father and childi'cn, ft)llows record of her last
l>orn grandchild, No. -11. .lolin and Susanna had 11 children.

.".. /acliary, l)ap. Apr. :'.(). Id;;?; m. 14.

■t. ,1()lui, hap. May It, l(i;!'.> ; m. 21.

r.. Until, 1). ei- hap, Ma_\ f), Kill.

i; Kli/al)(.'th. h..luly .s, ir, IC, hap. Sept. l.'i, liMC.

7. I'i/.L'kicl, 1). or liap. Oct. L'".), ICIS.

S. liethiah, b. or Ijap. Su|)t 1. \u')0 ; iii, L'S.

",). Saiimcl. b, or bap. Oct. 2, MoL'; in. I"!.";.

10. Susanna, b. or l)ap. May 7, Id;")!, jurhajis - ni. .losc])li SibK'V whose M'it'i'

was Susanna.

11. Mary, b.or bap. Stpl. II, ](;.-,(;.

12. .lacol), 1). Auu. t;, ir,:,N-_ba]i. .\])r. 1(1, Iti.'iM.
i:i. IScnjaniin. 1). alit - IdCI or \i\i\-2-

* TliO rocords of Salem ulirai/s \\v\[r llie nairie .Mar-li

n S.\l,i;.M MAl; - !! 1 A. Mil, V.

11=;!. ZACilAKY .MA1JSII-. (.lOllN')

iKip. SiiK'iii, A|)r. .'!<), iTi;;?, ifs. Snlcm. a I'nniicr on wlint is now
I'l'iiliodv, 111. All"', l.'i, IfiC.j, iiiiiiilui- 11. p ■,

II. iM:u-y Sillslu'c. iImii. ilriii'\(>r Lynii.^ Ilcd. 1 (',:);!. .mikI his
willow Ki'.t."). Z;irli;u\ liscd .•iiid died on lii> latlici's t'liiiii oin'dinU'

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