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farmer in Westchester, town of I lialli;n,i, ( ..,111. She was
a tenelier nmnv vears before iiiaiiiaLir, Sliu il. June 16,

Fifth Generation.


60. Bezaleel"' Br.AixEKD {Bczaleel*. BezaleeP, Daniel-, Dan-

iel'-) of East Haddam, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m. Oct. 21,
1787, Lydia Deming, 1). 1758, dau. of Daniel and Sarah
(Tisdale) Deming of Norwich, Conn. They lived at Creek
Kow, East Haddam, Conn. He was a farmer. He was
Adjutant in the home militia in 1791 and '93. He was
afterward chosen Ijieut. and was Capt. in the War of 1812.
He was Capt. of the Sonth Co. of home militia in 181G.
She had a pension granted her in 1840. Capt. Bezaleel
Brainerd d. June 25, 1827, ae. 68 yrs., 5 mos., 21 ds.
Brainerd d. June 25, 1827, ae. 68 yrs., 5 mos., 21 ds. Mrs.
Lydia (Deming) Brainerd d. April 25, 1853, ae. 95 yrs.
Children :

119. i. Laura, b. July 19, 1788, in East Haddam, Conn.

120. ii. Hanjvaii. b. Dee. 4, 1790. in East Haddara, Conn.

121. iii. Lucy. b. July 17, 1793, in East Haddam, Conn.

122. iv. William, b. "Oct. 29, 1795, in East Haddam. Conn.

123. V. Phebe, b. Dee. 11, 1798, in East Haddam, Conn.

61. Maky"' Bi!Aixi:i;n (Bf:aleel*. Bezaleel-', Daniel", DanieP) of

East Had.hiiii, Mi, 1.11. sex Co., Conn.; m., March 12, 1782,
Watrous l!,vk\vitli. 1.. Sept. 18, 1754, son of John and
Elizabeth (Dart) Beckwith of Lyme, Conn. He served in
the Continental Army in 1776. Mrs. Mary (Brainerd)
Beckwith d. April 3, 1783. Mr. Watrous Beckwith d.
Beckwith child:
i. JIary Braixeui). I^ M-.wrU :!. 1783: ni. Nov. 24, 1802, Asa
Smith, son of Matthew Smitli. She d. Dct. 1, 1842, ae. 60
}is. He lived in East Haddam, Conn. Fourteen eh.

62. Darius" Brainerd {Bezaleel*, BezaleeP, DanieP, DanieV)

of East Haddam, Middlesex Co., Conn.; in., Dec. 7, 1828,
Harriet Selden, b. Nov. 8, 1792, dau. of Thomas, 3d, and
Jerusha (Clarke) Selden of Middle Haddam, Conn. He
lived on the place occupied by Daniel Ri-aiiicril. Jr., who
was the first of the name to settle in V.:\~\ llniMam. He
was a farmer. He commanded a c;tvalr\ (_i)iii|iaiiv. Mr.
Darius Braiiiml ,1. Dec. 13, 1841, or Dec. 9, 1842', ae. 74
yrs. She iii. CD. Vv\\. 18, 1852, Amasa Carrier of Marl-
borough, Conn., son of Joseph and Lois (Day) Carrier of
^Marlborough. He was Capt. of the North Co. of home
militia in 1816 while living in Westchester. His first wife
was Sophronia Ackley, who d. Nov. 4, 1847. in Westchester,
Conn. After her death he moved from Wc-tclioter, town
of Chatham, to Marlborough, Conn., and IVoin there he
went to Michigan. He d. Sept. 28, ls;s. at .Mt. Morris,
Mich. Mrs. Harriet (Seldon) (Brainerd) Carrier d. Feb.
11, 188G, ae. 92 years at the same place.
No children.

i6 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

63. Anna Marsh" Braineed {Daniel^, BezaleeF, Daniel", Dan-
ieV-) of East Haddam, Middlesex Co., Conn. ; m. Oct. 6 or
17, or 27, 1799. Darius Gates, b. Aug., 1768, in Chatham.
Conn., son of Stephen and Esther (Fuller) Gates of East
Haddam. He was a farmer living near the Congrega-
tional church in that place. Mr. Darius Gates d. April
20. 1833, ae. QQ vrs.. of consumption. Mrs. Anna Marsh
(Brainerd) Gates d. Feb. 19, 1868, ac. 98 yrs.. 12 ds.

Xo children.

•64. Daniel Adams" Braineed {Daniel*, BezaleeF, Daniel-, Dan-
icP) of East Haddam, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m., about
1802, Irena Brainerd. b. Aug. 12, 1782, dau. of William
and Lucy (Day) Brainerd of Westchester, Conn. They
moved to East Hamilton, X. Y., where they lived and
died. He was a farmer. He taught school one term in
Sangerfield, Herkimer Co., X. Y., and was rewarded for his
services by receiving the sum of six dollars and two-thirds
per montJi. Mrs. Irena (Brainerd) Brainerd d. Mav 10,
1821. :\fr. Daniel Adams Brainerd d. Oct. 28, 1831.

Children :



Lucy Day, h. April 1.5, 1804, in East Hamilton, X. Y.
Anne M.. b. Aug. 23, 180G, in East Hamilton, N. Y. : d.
June 20, 1808.



Daniei, ADAM.S. b. Sept. 17. 1808. in East Hamilton. X. Y.



Ira, b. Aug. 24. 1810, in East Hamilton, N. Y.
Edmund L.. b. Aug. 10. 1812, in Hamilton. N. Y. ; d. April
5, 1813.


Anne, b. Jan. 24. 1814, in East Hamilton. N. Y. ; d. June 17.


Eraste M.\I!I.\. b. Feb. i:>. 1816. in East Hamilton. X. Y. ; d.
March 1. 1800.


Clarissa, b. Julv 7. 1818. in East Hamilton. X. Y.; d. Sept.
14, 1818.

65. Samuel Dimmick^ Braineed (Daniel*, BezaleeP, Daniel-,
Daniel^) of Weybridge, Addison Co., Vt. ; m. (by Samuel
Jewett, justice of the peace), Feb. 24, 1805, Tamar Law-
rence, b. July 16, 1786, in Xew Haven, Vt., dau. of Zimri
and Tamar (Hubbell) Lawrence of Weybridge. Yt. He
was divorced. He m. (2), Feb. 3 or 5, 1829, at Xew Haven.
Addison Co., Vt., Electa (Chalker) Hoisington, b. Sept.
17, 1792, dau. of Samuel and Damaris (Everest) Chalker,
and widow of George Hoisington. He was appointed Capt.
of the militia May 8, 1810, by Jonas Galusha, Governor of
Vermont, He removed from Vermont to Illinois in 1813,
with his wife and two youngest daughters. He was a
farmer. He was skilled with the divining rod, using wild
black cherrv* with forked branches — they would writhe in
his hands, bv means of which he would locate the depth

said witch hazel or an apple branch may be used with similar

Fifth Generation. ^7

necessary to dig to find water. He never failed to be riglit.
He owned a pottery and mills in New Haven and Wey-
bridge, Tt. Mr. Samuel Dimmick Brainerd d. May 7, 1849,
ae. about 70 yrs., in Chesterfield township, Macoupin Co.,
111., at his daughter Louisa Adelia's home. Mrs. Electa
(Chalker) (Hoisington) Brainerd d. Oct. 1. 1865, in Me-
dora. Macoupin Co., 111., at her daughter Maria Electa's
home. ilrs. Tamar (Lawrence) Brainerd married Aug. 1,
ISiS (by Eev. Lyman Prindle), Samuel Shcpard. Mi's.
Tamar (Lawrence) (Brainerd) Shepard d. Aug. 11. 1871,
in Wevbridgc. Vt., at the home of her srandson. Oren K.

Children by the first marriage:

127. i. Mary Axx. b. Oct. 15. 1806, in Wejbiidge. Vt.

128. ii. Nelson, b. Dec. 10, 1808, in Weybridge, Vt.
]2n. iii. LuciXDA, b. March 21, 1813. in Weybridge. Vt.

Children by the second marriage:

i:iO. iv. LoriSA Adelia, b. Aug. 30, 1830. in Xew Haven. Vt.
131. v. :ilARiA Electa, b. .June 11. 1832. in New Haven. Vt.

■66. Prudence^ Beaixekd (Enoch*, BezaheP. Daniel'-. DanieP)
of Millington Soc, East Haddam, Middlesex Co.. Conn. ;
m., Sept. 19, 1798, John Parmelee, b. son of

of Chester, now Saybrook, Conn.
He moved to Clarkson, Monroe Co.. X. Y., after 1815.
Mr. John Parmelee d.
Mrs. Prudence (Brainerd) Parnu'lce d.

Parmelee children :

■67. Phebe° Braixekd (Enoch*, BezalecP, Daniel-, Daniel^) of
Millington Soc, town of East Haddam, Middlesex Co..
Conn. ; m., Nov. 25, 1798, Ambrose Church, b.
son of William and Susannah (Hungerford) Church of
Middlefield, Mass. He was in Canaan, N. Y., Aug. 12,
1816. Mr. Ambrose Church d.
Mrs. Phebo (Brainerd) Church d.

Church children :
i. Azubah, b. March 23. 1800: d. Sept. 13. 1812.
ii. Emelixe, b. Feb. 20, 1804.
iii., b. Jan. 1, 1807.
iv. AforsTUS Mather, b. Nov. 1. 1809.

•68. Azubah^ Brainerd (Enoch*, BezaleeP, Daniel-, Daniel^) of
Millington Soc, town of East Haddam, Middlesex Co.,
Conn.; m.. May 1, 1796, Aaron Cone Palmer, b. Feb. 5,

!8 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

1773, in Baslian, son of Lfvi and Elizalx'tli (Cone) Palmer
of East Haddani, Conn. He was a fanner in Bashan dis-
trict. East Haddam. ^fr. Aaron Cone Palmer d. Jan. 5.
1855, ae. 82 yrs. Mrs. Azubali (Brainei'd) Palmer, d. Sept.
12, 1869, ae."76 yrs., 5 mos.. -^ii ds.

Palmer children :
i. Braixerd. b. April 27, 1797. in East Hadilaiii. Conn.; ra. Jan.

19, 1820. Eunice Aveiy Fox. He d. Feb. 7. 1887, ae. 89 yrs.,

10 mos. His dau. Ca'therine m., Oct. 22, 1862, Julius Att-

wood. b. Feb. 23, 1824. Ch.: 1. Bertha, b. Aug. 24, 1864.
ii. Eliza, b. Nov. 10, 1800, in East Haddani. Conn. ; m. about Jan.

3, 1827. Asa Hungerford, son of Robert and Olive (Ely)

Hungerford of Hadlyme, Conn. He d. Hay. 1874. She d.

April 10, 1900, ae. 99 yrs.. 5 mos.
iii. Harriet E., b. Jan. 22. 18"06. in East Haddani. Conn.: in. W il

lard E. Bliss,
iv. Fheiikkk \rc;i sri s. b. Xov. 21, 1811, in East Haddani, Conn.:

iiii\,.l I.. I'aiiicsville, Ohio, but returned to Jlillington.

(■.mil, II.- .1. .lulv 10. 1835. ae. 33 yrs.
V.; Ann. Il .Ian. 3, 1815, in East Haddam. Conn.; ni.

George \V. Smith of Hartford, Conn., then of Norwich. Conn,
vi. Levi, b. March 15. 1818. in East Haddani, Conn.; ni. Aug. 8.

1838, Eliza Ann Flood. He d. June 23. 1845. Two ch.

69. RoxANNA" Braineed {Enoch*, BezaleeF, Daniel", Daniel'-)
of East Haddam, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m.. May 17, 1804,
George Palmer, b. May 22, 1781, son of Levi and Elizabeth
(Cone) Palmer of East Haddam. He was a tanner and
currier living in East Haddam. Mrs. Roxanna (Brain-
erd) Palmer d. Xov. 10, or 19, 1811, ae. 28 yrs. He m.
(2), Catherine Chauncey Rawson, dau. of Rev. Mr. Raw-
son of Hadlvme, Conn. She d. and he m. (3). Louisa
C. Brooks of 'Ea,st Haddam. :Mr. (ieor.ire Palmer d. June,
1844, ae. 63 yrs.

Palmer children :
i. George, b. Feb. 1 or 2. 1805. in East Ihuldam, Conn.; iii. in

1827, Jane Mitchell. He d. in 1885 or 1886. Ch.: 1. Har^
riet, b. 1828; m. 1848, Wade Hampton Gilbert. She d. leav-
ing a son, Wade Hampton, who is married and lives in Don-
alasonville. La. 2. Jane, b. 1835: in. about 1855, Mr. Shratt
in New Orleans, La. She m. ( 2 ) , 1865, Arthur JI. Waeker-
batli. res. New Orleans, La. Ch. by first marriage : i. Jano.
ii. Alice. 3. George, b. 1848; d. young.

ii. Ann Goodspeed. b. Oct. 8, 1806. in East Haddam, Conn.: in.

1828. Frederick Allen. He d. 1830. She m. (2), 1833.
Jonathan B. Parsons. She d. 1886. Ch.: 1. A son I).
1834; d. 1834, ae. 2 ds. 2. Mary Ann, b. Sept. 27, 1836:

in New Brunswick, N. J., Olivt

'V I,

, Munsell, wh

o d. in 1888.

3. Henry Holmes, b. Jan. _'l.


:; : limn.

Edmund JI.. b. Aug. 27. Isiis. i

■:;,~i Haddam

. Conn.; ni.

1834. Helena F. AVebstiM. SI,

V .1

. isil-. Ch.:

1. Geor-e

H.. b. Aug. 8. 183.5. 2. i!iai.


. b. Julv 9,

1838; unm.:

a druggist at Atlanta. Ga.


VirgiAia, 1

). April 27.

1841; m. a^id lives in or near Athens, Ga. 4, Edmund,
June 3, 1845: d. 1845. 5. Henrv P., b. .Tune 2. 1848; liv
in or near Athens, Ga. 6. .Tospph Rawson. b. Feb. .".. H.V.

Fifth Generation. 89

m. and lives in or near Athens. Ga. 7. A dau., b. 1355; d.

70. Harriet" Brainerd {Enoch*, BezaleeP, Daniel-, Daniel ) of
East Haddam, Middlesex Co., Conu. : m.. Aug. 20, 1807,
Capt. Hezekiah Canfield, b. Oct. 35, 1778. son of
of Cliester, Conn. He was a seafaring man and lived at
Chester, in the town of Saybrook, Conu. He afterward
moved to New York city. Capt. Hezekiah Canfield d. Sept.
17, 1830, in New York city, ae. 53 yrs., 12 ds. Mrs. Har-
riet (Brainerd) Canfield Vl. Xov. 19, 1840. ae. 53 yrs.,
8 mos. Both were buried in Cliester.

Canfield children : ,

i. C.\ROi.iNE X.. b. Dec. 25, 1808, in Chester. Conn.: lives in Xew

York city.
ii. Frederick Brainerd, b. Oct. 15. 1810. in Chester. Conn. He d.

Dee. 31. 1833, ae. 23 vrs.. 1 mo.. 16 ds.
iii. Adelia E.. b. Dec. 31, 1811. in Chester. Conn.: m. Edward

Barlow. She d. Feb. 24. 1881, ae. GO yrs. All are buried

in Taunton Hill Cemetery, Deep River. Conn.

71. Enoch S.= Brainard (Enoch^, BezalceP, Daniel-, Daniel'-)
of Lebanon, New London Co., Conn.; m., Aug. 17, 1820,
Abigail Brainerd, b. June 22, 1797, dau. of Silas and
Lucinda (Brainerd) Brainerd of East Haddam, Conn. He
lived in Middle Haddam, Portland, and Glastonbury,
Conn., and in Newburgh, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio. Mr. Enoch
S. Brainerd d. Nov. 5, 1881, in Newburgh, Ohio. Mrs.
Abigail (Brainerd) Brainerd d. Feb. 1. 1882. in Stowe.
Summit Co., Ohio.

Children :

132. i. Eliz.\beth R.. b. July 18, 1821.
ii. Abba, b. ; d. Oct., 1834.

133. iii. George, b. ; bapt. 1831.

134. iv. .Joseph Leach^ b. • .

v. Abba Lucinda, b. ; d. Feb. 20, 1848 or 1849. ae. 10 vrs.

vi. John Williams, b. ; bapt. Sept. 2, 1832: d. Oct." 16,

1848 or 1849, ae. 16 yrs.

135. vii. Enoch Southworth, b! .

viii. Henry, b. .

ix. A child, b. : d. .

90 Braincrd-Brainard Genealogy.


72. Daniel'' Braixerd {DanleV', Daniel^, DaiiieF, DanieP, Dan-
iel^) of Eiehmond, Berkshire Co., Mass., m., in 1818, in
Buflfalo, ¥. Y., Marcia Fox, b. March 25, 1801, in Chester,
Va., dau. of James and Nancy (Landon) Fox. He was
subjected to great difficulty in obtaining liis early educa-
tion, from the reduced circumstances of his father, l)ut
commenced the study of medicine before he was twenty
years of age, at St. John, Lower Canada, in the same prov-
ince, but the war of 1812 compelled him to come to the
United States. He then went to Vermont and studicil with
Prof. John Pomeroy, and graduated at the .Medical (Ullfge
in Burlington, Vt., early in 1812. He reiiuiMd to Canan-
daigua, N. Y., and entered into partnership with Dr. Wells,
which continued for seven years. Six months of that time,
in 1812, he was assistant .surgeon in the American army
(Peter Allen's Eegt.) but was obliged to resign on account
of sickness. In 1816 he moved farther west, and in 1819,
to Lower Sandusk}', Fremont, Ohio, where he practiced
medicine about 20 j'ears, then, owing to failing health,
declined all professional business.

He was once elected sheriff and once mayor of Fremont, Ohio.

He delivered a masonic temperance address before the lodge
in Fremont, Ohio, in Mav, 1853.

Mr. Daniel Brainard d. Jan. 17, 1856, ae. 68 yrs., 4 mos.,
27 ds., in Fi-emont, Ohio. Mrs. Marcia (Fox) Brainard
d. Jan.. 20, 1868, ae. 66 yrs.. 9 mos., 25 ds.

Children :

136. i. Betsey E.. b. Aus;. 9. 1820. in Buffalo. N. Y.

137. ii. Nancy Ann, b. Sept. 29, 1822, in Sandusky,* Ohio.

ii). Daniel Lafayette, b. Dec. 13, 182.5. in Sanduskv. Ohio; d.
Sept. 7, 1833, ae. 8 yrs.

138. iv. Almira Adaline, b. April 4, 1827, in Sandusky, Ohio.

V. Edwakd Augu.stus. b. Oct. 20, 1828, in Sandusky, Ohio; d.
Jan. 8, 1842. ae. 14 yrs.

139. vi. Esther Marilla. b. .July 8, 1830, in Sandusky, Ohio.

140. vii. Electa Sophia, b. Aug. 17. 1832, in Sandusky, Ohio.

vii. Charles Selden,! b. Mav 15, 1834, in Sanduskv, Ohio; d. Mav

28, 1835, ae. 1 yr.
ix. .Julia Mari.v. b. March 24. 183G. in Sandusky, Ohio: d. Feb.

10, 1837.
X. Mary Fidelia, b. .June 1. 1839, in Sanduskv, Ohio; d. Nov. 19,

xi. Catherine Amelia, b. March 20. 1841, in Sanduskv. Ohio; d.

July 17, 1841.

141. xii. Maryette E., b. Feb. 10, 1843, in Sandusky, Ohio.

* Sandusky is now called Treniont, Ohio.
t His nanie has been called Charles M.

Sixth Generation. 91

73. Esther'', or Hestek Brainaed {Daniel', Daniel^ Daniel?,
Daniel'-, DunieP) of Canandaigua, Ontario Co., N. Y.,
m., . Ira Eoberts of ilichigan. where

she lives. Mrs Esther (Brainard) Eoberts d.

Eoberts chihiren :

74. Electa'^ Braixahd (Daniel^, DanieV, Daniel-', Daniel", Dan-
iel'^) of Canandaigiia, Ontario Co., N. Y., m., ,
Mr. Perrin.* He lived in Pontiae, Mich. Mrs. Electa
(Brainerd) Perrin d. about 1839. Mr. Perrin d.

Perrin children :

ii. Edwakd. 1>. .

iii. JI.\RY. 1). : in. Mr. Gardner.

iv. A chiUl. 1). .

75. Jeremiah Gates'- Brainard {DanieF. Daniel*, Daniel^,
Daniel-, DanieV-) of ; m. Sept. 8, 1816, Mary,

or Pollv, Fox. b. April 7, 1801, dau. of Daniel and Mary
(Landon) Fox. Mrs. Polly (Fox) Brainard d.
He m. (2), Ann (Crnse) Stone, b. in Bath, or Bristol, Eng.,
and widow of Enoch Stone. Mrs. Ann (Cruse) (Stone)
Brainard d. March, 1849. He m. (3), Olive ( )

Anderson, widow of Lewis Anderson. He was a farmer
in Dearborn. Mich. Her res. (1900) was Plymonth, Mich.
Mr. Jeremiah Gates Brainard d. • , at

Dearborn, Mich.

Children by the first marriage:

142. i. WiLLlA.M AvGUSTrs, b. Aug. 1.3. 1S19. in .

14.3. ii. Charles Xelson. b. .lune 9. 1821. in Dearborn, Mich.

144. iii. Nancy Amanda, b. .Tuiip 19, 182.3,' in .

14.5. iv. Maky ZliiKilA. b. Dec. in, 1S2.3, in .

V. .Jehemiaii Fra.nkux. b. .lune 4, 182,S; d. at sea letnrning fmm
Ihe Mexican War.

146. vi. AMA.SA Fox. b. April 24, 1830.

147. vii. Comfort Maria, b. Oct. 13. 1832.

148. viii. George Washington, b. July 16. 1835, in Dearborn, Mich.

149. ix. Lewis Scott, b. .Jan. 31. 1840: d. 1863 or 1864. in Scholot. la.

Child by the second marriage :
l.'iO. X. Esther Cornelia, b. Jlay 8, 1848,

Children by the third marriage:

xi. Electa Almira. Ii. (lit. 29, ls,51; d. May 8, 1853.

151. xii. Laura Ann. b. Mnnli 11. IS."i3.

xiii. Electa Ann, b. May 17, 185.5: d. May 19, 1855.

152. xiv. Jeremiah Gates, b. Nov. 3, 1857.

* Mrs. McLaughlin thought Electa m. Mr. Roberts.

92 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

76. William Fowler" Brainaed {Jeremiah Gates^, Daniel'^,
Daniel^, Daniel'-, Daniel^) of New London, New London
Co., Conn.; m., Oct. 10, 1811, Anna Learned, b. June Ifi,
1784, dan. of Hon. Amasa and Grace (Hallam) Learned.
Mrs. Anna (Learned) Braiuard d. Aug. 16, 1817, ae. 33
yrs. He m. (3), March 18, 1833 (by Eev. Mr. A. Mc-
Ewen). Sarah Ann Prentiss, b. Aug. 21. 1801, dau. of John
and Eunice (Frink) Prentiss.

He was fitted for college by Jacob B. Gurley, entered Yale in
1798, and through his college course was one of the best
scholars in his class. He graduated at Yale in 1802, M.A.,
and was made Bachelor of Arts by his Alma Mater the same
year. He studied law with his father and practiced his
profession in New London till his death ; was an able advo-
cate, generally interesting, often very humorous, and not
nnfrequently brilliant. He was also a fine writer. Two
addresses of his, one delivered before a masonic lodge,
and the other at the laying of the cornerstone of the Groton
monument, have been published and excited much atten-
tion. The former passed through three editions. The
latter is evincive of mnch genius and of great care and
felicity of composition. When the disting-uished Eoger
Griswold became Governor of Connecticut he was appointed
aid-de-camp and Capt.-Gen., and Commander, which gave
him the rank of Colonel. He was justice of the peace for
New London Co. for 14 vrs. ; notarv public from 1811 to
1844, inclusive; clerk of the City Court from 1811 to 1828,
inclusive; representative to the General Assembly in 1840;
quartermaster of the 3d Brigade in 1810; attorney for the
Whaling Bank of New London.

He was the subject of some religious exercises in the revival
at college in 1802. and though nothing saving was then
experienced, a conviction was made upon his mind that
experimental religion was indispensable to salvation, that
never left him. He was a constant attendant upon public
worship, a careful and critical hearer of the Word, and for
quite a number of years before his death he maintained
worship in his house from a conviction that it was a duty
he owed his family, and there is good evidence that he
yielded to the conditions of mercy. In Jan., 1843, he was
admitted to membership in the First Congregational
Church, and his friends and acquaintances rejoiced in the
belief that when he died he was received into the joy of his

Mr. William Fowler Brainard d. April 27, 1844, ae. 59 yrs.,
7 mos., 1 d. Mrs. Sarah Ann (Prentiss) Brainard d. Nov.
29, 1882, ae. 81 yrs., 3 mos.. 8 ds.

Child by the first marriage :
i. A dau., b. , in Kew London, Conn.; d. ae. 1 or 2 ds.


Sixth Generation. 93

Childreu b}' the second marriage:

153. ii. LrcRETiA, I.. X..v. 11. 1833, in New London, Conn.

iii. 8arah PisiNii^s. I.. .Inly 13, 1835, in New London. Conn.; d.

June ."). \'Mi\. Ar. (itl yrs.. 4 nios., 22 ds.
iv. ilAKT Gardiner, 1). .June 19, 1837, in New London, Conn.: d.

Nov. 30, 1905.
V. John, b. .June 11. 1841. in Xoxv London, Conn.; d. Juiu' S. 1843.

The following sweet poenis are- from the pen of Mary Gar-
diner Brainard :


Never so chilly and blowy be ilarch,

Robin knows it's Spring:
Tell him, if you can, when it's time to sing;
He comes ^^■ith his calendar under his wing.
He will be ahead of the buds and leaves;
He cannot wait for the mildest days;
His eager spirit its note must raise.
Hear him in mornin,e's du^kinrss.
Loving the stillm - . tlir ^<iiriKif gray,
Plaintively carolir- louli lii- lay.
Till a grand chi.i.i., in to say:
"We are so glad, wr mm' wild with joy;
God is so good thai, lir iim-l. he praised:
We cannot help it \m- caiincit wait;
Spring may be chilly. Imt Suuiiiier is late.
Praise Hiin, high in the tall tree-top,
While people are sleeping and know it not."
Some sleepless, sad one listens and says:
" Oh, that those wild, mad birds would stop."

Over and over, the glad, loud song.

Just touched with the sadness that clings to earth:

Ye are not sinners — why should ye care?

Sing as pure spirits sing; sing and share

None of the sadness, but only the mirth.

Robin seeks not for listeners — no;
This is his full heart's overflow
Unto the trees, and the clouds, and the dew, —
Into the ear of the wakini;- morn. —
Piercing the eailii'-1 twiliuhi through
With the burst ut lii- ■ju-liin- song.
He sings, for ho nnivi ,iH- ; he cannot wait;
Dawn is half darknis.>. but sunrise is late.
Oh, the joy of that shadowed hour!
Bubbling over with hymns of praise;
Never could daylight such music pour;
Never could midday such chorus raise.
Yet is there plaint in the melody,
A thread of giief in the nest of song;
The Spring brings many gladsome things.
But many things are gone!

Here and there, when the sunlight comes.
Robin in singleness warbles his hymn;
Pours out his love and his gladness of heart:
Oh, his own song has no sadness for him.

^■* Braiuerd-Bniinard Genealogy.

Diving deep into April showers.

Sweeter his note when the rain-drops fall:

" I have so much to utter,'" he says,

" My heart is so full that I cannot tell all."

Spring yields to Summer, still Robin sings on;
June lends her ear to his mystical note.
Sometimes he tells a July afternoon
Part of the joy that bounds into his throat:
Farewell outgushings, sweet thoughts left till last.
Tender good-bj'es, for the time glideth fast.
" Summer is lovelj-, make nuich of it, drink
Deeply its cup of joj-. — soon 'twill have past;
Hold 'fast the Spirit of Beauty so fleet.
Listen her harmony — sit at her feet."

Mute grow your voices, yet linger your forms;
True friends to Summer, ye stay while ye may;
Then without utterance, folded your songs.
Silently, stealthily glide ye away.
When will ye come again? winter is long;
Many the days before April and June:
Never asain will ve sing the same song:
Never vour tunc \\ill be just the old lune.




,t wl,i,l,

«,. lu.k ..„ »it

h unselfish



1 tnu- liin

l^lll^. i- -uich

■ iiUi»:


-n a- a 1,

ak.' look- at 1

li.' stars above.


1 make- ^ it-rll a

liravcn of s





ill.' |i
lir tar nil -



Ic cai til liir it-

And call» til.

L' i-aiuliiiht and

the air its


The clouds a

nd dews and di

lops of falli

ng rain



lie spirits to it

. come;


little life has' all it can



th.iu.^li C

■reation were for it alone


f.i til.' mr

ik. tlie wide, «

•ide earth is

i sriven.


. aii.l tllr

Maker too of earth and Hea^ven.


the things that shall befall me there." -

I know not what shall befall me ;
God hangs a mist o'er mv eves.

And thus. ,.a,li|. of 111V onward path.

He niaki- nru -,viir- to li^e.
And eviy jo.v h,. ^nM, ,i„- eoiiies

I see not a step before me.

As I tread on another year:
But the ]inst i~ in God's keejHng.

The fiitiiic Hi- iiiercy shall clear,
And what lo< k- ilaik in the distance,

Mav biiulileii a- 1 draw near.

Sixth Generation. 9^

For perhaps the dreaded future

Is less hittpv Ihnn I think:
The Lord m-Ax -u.c1,.n the waters

Before 1 -l.c|, t,. .Iiiiik.
Or, if Marah iiiu-.t I..' .\larah.

He will stand beside its brink.

It may be He keeps waiting

Till the coming of my feet.
Some gift of such rare blessedness,

Some joy so strangely sweet.
That my lips shall only tremble

With the thanks they cannot speak.

restful, blissful ignorance I
'Tis blessed not to know.

It keeps me still in the mighty arms

Which will not let me go.
And hushes my soul to rest

On the bosom which loves me so I

So I go on not knowing;
I would not if T minlit ;

1 would ralli.T walk "in tlie dark witli God.

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