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Than go :iloii,. in lli.^ lisiht: —

I would ratl.n \sa\V uilb Him bv faith.
Than walk nion.' by ^ight.

My heart shrinks back from trials

Which the future may disclose.
Yet I never had a sorrow

But what the dear Lord chose :
So I send the coming tears back.

With the whispered word, •' He knows."


little face of the Long Ago, come back to me once more

As I sit and dream by the fire's soft light.
While the winds roar and rage without,
And the snow is swirlijig in drifts about.

1 shut my eyes till I feel the thrill

Of a " vanished hand " and " a voice that is still."
The fire on my hearth burns high, burns low.
And I see by the light of its fitful glow
A little face of the Long Ago.

A hand into iiiinc ...nliiliiiiilx slips

And a smilo i- i oiirliiii- t lir |,:irted lips

And liuiiii.iu tlu' bcLiuiiiig cvi'.
Kil.-iillv. l.v side we sit,
Aii.l limk tn I ho wind and the clock's low tick
A- it -oiily loll- of the flight of time
And rliiiiic- llic hour with a gentle chime,
Swim;in^ its piinlulnm to and fro
While I am watching tlie happy glow
On till- little fioi' of the Long Ago.

. We need no words in this quiet hour.
The voice of Silence is louder far

Braine rd-Brainard Genealogy.

As we sit and dream by the hearthstone's light.

You and I on this stormy night.

Once more, under shadow of spreading trees

We feel the breath of the summer breeze;

We think our thoughts in some little nook,

Or ramble through woods and beside the brook ;

And ever I'm turning to see if 'tis so —

If you are going the way I go

O fittle face of the Long Ago!

little face where the Aj5ril sky
Of shadow and sunshine go flitting by,
How the cloud is sent to its hiding place
That light maj' shine on another's face,
(O sky of hope, sure thou hast not for me
Worn thy sweet sunset hues — it cannot be !
So steadfast in purpose so brave in woe
Is the little face of the Long Ago.

The wind is softening its rage without,

The fire on my hearth is almost out;

I cover the embers with ashes o'er

And sit me down in the gloom once more.

I gaze on the ashen pile which lies

Where the recent glow met my dreaming eyes ;

Ah me! it is hidden beneath the snow —

That little face of the Long Ago!

77. Joseph Bates" Bkaineed {Noadiah^, Jared*, Noadiah^, DaH'
iel-, Daniel^) of Haddam, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m., May
5, 1833, in Meriden, Conn. Sarah Ann Dimmick, b.

, probably in Xew Loudon, Conn., dau. of Lot and

Hannah (Searles) Dimmick of Meriden, Conn. After his
marriage he moved from Meriden to Bristol, thence to
Ansonia, Conn., where he died. He was a man of more
than ordinary mental capacity, of sterling integrit}', and
was imiversally respected while he lived and lamented
when he died. He was a cabinet maker. Mr. Joseph Bates
Brainerd d. May 8, 1876. ae. 76 yrs., 6 mos., 22 ds. Mrs.
Sarah Ann (Dimmick) Brainerd d. March 30, 1879. ae.
69 yrs.

Child by adoption: 1. Maria Scoville, b. Aug. 15, 1829, in Wat-
" ertown. Conn. Her baptismal name was Maria Scoville
Merriani, dau. of Edward Scoville Merriam, who d. in
Waterbury, Conn., and his wife, Julia (Beecher) Merriam
of Woodbridge, Conn.
• She went to Waterbury, Conn., about 1849. and sang in St.
John's choir under the direction of L. T. Downs and T. L.
Driggs. G. H. Curtiss, an accomplished musician of that
period, hearing her sing, advised her to go to New York
to study. She began work about 1853, with Dr. C. W.
Beams, then organist of the church of the Ascension. She
sang for several years in this church, and nine years in
St. "Bartholomew's, and during this period was constantly

Sixth Generation. 97

in demand for concert and oratorios, and unquestionably
ranked as the leading American soprano. After singing for
some eiglit or nine years at Yonkers, N. Y., and for a time
at the Broadway Tabernacle, New York city, and filling
other church engagements, she bccaiiio engaged in teaching
vocal music imder the aus|ii(i>^ ni tlii> Presbyterian Board
of Missions at Oakland Inst it nil', in A-li.viUe, N. C. She was
without doubt the great( -t .nii-t whose career has
originated in Waterbury, and liur sinking in oratorio, espec-
ially in Handel's ' Messiah,' has been praised in the warm-
est terms by leading critics." — From History of Waterbury.
In a New Y'ork paper of Sept. 11, 1892, in a lengthy obituary
notice of the late Mr. Timm, a noted musician in New
Y'ork city, the following anecdote was given by him in his
own words: " It was at the beginning of our Civil War. The
news of the firing upon Fort Sumter had arrived the day
before our last concert that season. We had many thousand
copies of the words of ' The Star-Spangled Banner ' dis-
tributed at the entrance of the Academy of Music on the
evening of the concert, with the request of the audience to
join in the chorus. The audience was very large on that
occasion. After the performance of the last piece on the
programme the largest flag we could procure was let down
from the flies of the stage, forming a background to the
orchestra. I then led Miss Brainerd, who wore a scarf of
the national colors, to the footlights. After a long and
tremendous applause she began to sing with her fine voice
the best of all our patriotic songs, ' The Star-Spangled
Banner.' I shall never forget the almost wild enthusiasm
of the whole audience when the chorus broke in : the wav-
ing of handkerchiefs and hats, the tremendous noise of the
stamping of feet and canes."

78. Mary Axne'^ Br.\.inerd {NoadiaJi-'', Jarcd*, Noadiah^, Dan-
iel-, Daniel^) of Haddam, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m., Nov.
24, 1836 (by Samuel Mills, pastor of the Congregational
Church), Eev. Mark Ives, b. Feb. 10, 1809, son of Cephas
and Nancy (Clark) Ives of Goshen, Conn. He attended
Goshen Academy ; graduated at Union College in 1833 ; at
Andover Theo. Sem. in 1833-3i; at Hartford Theo. Sem.
(then East Windsor) in 1836; ordained at Sharon, Conn.,
Sept._28, 1836. They sailed from Boston Dec. 11, 1836,
as missionaries of the A. B. C. F. M. to the Sandwich
Islands, where ho remained till 1851, a space of 11 years,
6 mos., his wife remaining three years longer. They were
stationed at Hana on the eastern extremity of Maui from
1837 to 1840, a place much exposed to the trade winds,
in company with Mr. and Mrs. Conde, where no missionary
had ever been. They were the first white ladies the natives
had ever seen. As missionaries they were welcomed with
an enthusiasm that was very cheering. " They would come
twenty miles and wake us up in the night totalk with us,
and asked all manner of strange questions. Mrs. Ives
went into school six hours every day and the scholars in a
few months learned to read fluently in the Bible. Wc
commenced life in a house made by planting posts in tlie

Braincrd-Brainard Genealogy.

ground and sticks tied across tlicm and the wliole covered
with grass, which resembled a hay stack with a hole for a
door, and three or four smaller holes for windows." Mr.
Ives had a school about two miles distant, of a hundred
scholars, and preached at distant villages. On March 21,
1838, during his absence, their house took fire and burned
to the ground. This left them so much exj^osed to the
elements Mrs. Ives took a severe cold and was threatened
with consumption, and on that account they were removed
to Kcalakekua, on the eastern side of the island of Hawaii,
where Capt. Cook was killed. His field extended 40 miles
along the sea coast. Mr. Forbes occupied the station while
Mr. Ives took an outpost IS miles distant, and took the care
of all the schools, whicli at tlir tinir he left liad increased
to a thousand scholars.
He gathered a church of about two thousand, but liis labors
weri' too arduous. When he had been there nine years, one
Saliliath. liaving taken forty that day into the church, in the
midst of his sermon, he suddenly sank down in his pulpit,
and was not able to preach again. With the advice of the
physicians, and lieing commended by the mission to the
secretary in Boston, he left the Sandwich Islands, Dec. 9,
1850. His health not being restored as was expected, at
the decision of the Board, his family left there Dec. 1, 1843,
to join him in America. They lived in Cornwall, Conn.,
and he became a farmer. He movtd to Danl)ury, Conn.,
Oct., 1883. Those who enjoyed the privilege of per-
sonal acquaintance with JMr. and Mrs. Ives can testify
to their rich Christian experience, the true missionary spirit
not being exhausted by their residence in heathen lands,
but developed and enlarged. Mrs. Mary Anne (Brainerd)
Ives d. March 2. 1882. at Cornwall, 'Conn., ffi. 71 yrs.,
3 mos., 14 ds. Rev. Mark Ives d. March 21, 1885, ae.
1(1 yrs., 1 mo.. 11 ds., in Danbury. Conn. They are both
interred in Cornwall. Conn.

Ives children:
i. .JoSErn Braixerd, b. Oct. 10. 1S37. in the Sandwich Islands; ni.
July 5, 1876, in New Haven, Conn., Mary Morris Tucker. I).
Oct. 8, 1847, in Bristol, Coim., dau. of Edwin and Abby .T.
(Ells) Tucker of New Haven, Conn. She was a teacher. He
grad. at Yale Theological Seminary in New Haven. He is
a Home ilissionary, and has prea'ched in Douglas, Butler
Co., Kansas. He was ( 1890 ) in San Jacinto, San Diego Co.,
Cal. Ch.: 1. Bessie Brainerd, b. Sept. 3, 1877; d. Feb. 13,
1880. 2. Nettie Henderson, b. Oct. 7, 1879; d. Nov. 29,
ii. llARi.AX Page. b. Aug. 18. 1840, in the Sandwich Islands; m.
April 29. 18G3. Elvira Elizabeth Vaill, b. April 28, 1845, dau.
of William and Mary Vaill of Danbury. Conn.; a farmer.
He is superintendent of the Sabbath-school and deacon in the
Conoregational Church in that place. Ch.: 1. William Har-
lan, b. Jan. 20. 1804. 2. .Joseph Mark, b. Jan. 9, 1866. 3.
Rolievt Alhn. b. Nov. 19, 1807. 4. Charles Gulick, b. March

Sixth Generation. ^^

22, 1870. 5. Maiv Braineid, b. Jan. 31, 1872. G. Hattie

Evelyn, b. Jan. 21, 1874. 7. Jesse, b. Jan. 17, 1876. 8.

Nellie Vaille, b. May 20. 1878. All born in Cornwall. Conn.

'J. Herbert Russell, b. Nov. 17, 1884, in Danbury, Conn,
iii. Mary Parnellie, b. Mareli 23, 1847, in Sandwich Islands;

grad. of Mt. Holyoke Sem.: a governess,
iv. Harriet Ei-iZABExn, b. Aug. 14. 1849, in Sandwich Islands; a

tcaclier or governess.

79. Gkoiige B.'- Bkaixeed {Levi'', Stephen*, Stephen^, Daniel'-,

Daniel^) of East Hamilton, Madison Co., N. Y. ; m.,
Lovee Goodell, or Goodwill, b. Oct. 21, 1801, in Hamilton,
N. Y., dau. of . He was a farmer

and lived in Ohio. Mr. George B. Brainerd d. Jan. 28,
1843, ae. 47 yrs., 4 mos., 8 ds. She m. (3), Mr. Blackman,
and lived in Aurora, Portage Co., Ohio. The}' had an
adopted son called Liiman Longlev. Mrs. Lovee (Good-
ell) (Brainerd) Blackman d. Xov. 1. ISfiO, ae. G5 vrs.,
10 ds.

No children.

80. Frederick'' Bkaixeud (Levr\ Stephen*, Stephen^, Daniel-.

Daniel^) of East Hamilton, Madison Co., N. Y. ; m., April
1825, Lncretia Latimer Smith, b. August 17, 1800, in Xew
London, Conn., dau. of Dudley and Anna (Gould) Smith
of Lyme, Conn. In his early life lie was a shoemaker, later
a farmer. They moved to IJist Windsor, now South Wind-
sor, Conn., about 1828 or ]>■■!'.<. i'vnm East Haddam, Conn.
Mr. Frederick Brainerd d. Dec. ;) or 10, 1859, ae. 62 yrs.,
10 mos., 7 ds. Mrs. Lucretia Latimer (Smith) Brainerd
d. Sept. 5, or 31, 1887, in West Hartford, Conn., at the
home of lier neice, IMrs. Ti. X. Francis, moving there in

No children.

81. Ldceetia'' Braixeed (Levi^, Stephen*. Stephen", Daniel",

Daniel^) of Hamilton, Madison Co., N. Y. ; m., July 9,
1814, John Goodwin Webster, b. March 18, 1805, son of
John and Thankful (Eoberts) Webster of Deerfield, Oneida
Co., X. Y., formerly of Glastonbury, Conn. He was a
farmer in Lee Center, Oneida Co., N. Y. Mr. John Good-
win Webster d. Jime 21, 1874, ae. 69 yrs., 2 mos. Mrs.
Lucretia (Brainerd) Webster d. Xov. 4. 1875, ae. 74 yrs.,
2 mos., 6 ds.

Webster children :

i. Charlotte Lucretia. b. JIarcli IS. 1S24. in Dcerlicld. N. Y.; m.
Amaziah Brainerd.

ii. S.\RAn Sophia, b. Julv IS, 1825, in Deerfield. N. Y. ; in. Jan.

30. 1846. Erastus Tiffany, b. July 5, 1824, son of Mr.

and Sally Tiffany of Deerfield. He was a flour dealer, and
supervisor of the fourth ward in Rome, N. Y. Ch.: 1.

100 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

Thankful Arlette, b. Jan. 20, 1854; m. Dec. 24, 1877, Bed-
ding A. Caswell of New York city, son of William and
Harriet Caswell of Rome, N. Y. He is head clerk in a shoe
establishment in New York city. 2. Eva, b. June 15, 1859,
in Lee Center; d. Nov. 21, 1863.

iii. Thankful M., b. Nov. 15, 1826, in Deerfield, N. Y.: d. Sept.
28, 1830.

iv. John Robert, b. Nov. 5, 1828, in Deerfield, N. Y.; m. Jan. 30.
1853. Eliza Jane Schermerhorn, b. Jan. 2, 1833, dau. of
Uriali and Sally Schermerhorn of Deerfield, N. Y. ; res.
Poland, Herkimer Co., N. Y. ; a farmer. Ch.: 1. Allie T.,
b. Aug. 22, 1855. 2. Cora L.. b. Aug. 28, 1857; d. Dec. 5,
1864. 3. Curtis G.. b. Jan. 25, 1860; d. Sept. 12. 1863. 4.
Lottie M., b. Aug. 13, 1862. 5. Eva M., b. May 5, 1865.
6. A dau., b. Aug. 19, 1868; d. Aug. 24, 1868.

v. Phebe Luscina, b. May 30, 1830, in Deerfield, N. Y.; m.
Feb. 18, 1857, Stephen Schermerhorn, b. Nov. 14, 1828,
brother of Eliza Jane; a fanner; res. Lee Town, Oneida
Co., N. Y.

vi. Frederick, b. March 13. 1837, in Deerfield, N. Y.: m. Sept. 18,
1861, Helen Potter, b. Jan. 22, 1841, dau. of George and
Harriet Potter of Poland, N. Y. He was proprietor of a
Temperance Hotel in Poland.

vii. Harriet, b. March 13, 1837, in Deerfield, N. Y.; d. Sept. 13,
1841. in her fifth yr.

viii. Betsey Alzixa. b. Aug. 13. 1842. in Deerfield, N. Y. : res. Lee
Center, N. Y.

82. EpHKAiii" Brainerd {Lev'i^, Stcplicn*, Stephen^, DanieF,

Daniel^) of Hamilton, iladison Co., N. Y. ; m., Aug.,
1839, Jerusha Carrier Ftiller, b. Feb. 7, 1807. in Hamilton,
X. Y., dau. of Xewel and Deborah (Carrier) Fuller. He
was a farmer in Hamilton. Mr. Ephraim Brainerd d.
March 17. 1861, ae. 58 yrs., 2 mos., 22 ds. Mrs. Jerusha
Carrier (Fuller) Brainerd d. Nov. 20, 1883, ae. 76 yrs.,
9 mos., 13 ds.

Children :

154. i. M.\Rr E., b. July 18, 1830, in Hamilton, N. Y.

155. ii. Lyman, b. March 2, 1832. in Hamilton, N. Y.

156. iii. Lydlv C, b. Sept. 22, 1841, in Hamilton, N. Y.

83. Amasa Orlando" Braixerd {Levi', Stephen*. Stephen^,

Daniel-, DanieP) of Hamilton, Madison Co., N. Y.; m. Oct.
•27. 18-35, Clarissa Elnora Hopkins, b. Dec. 13, 1808, in
Hamilton, X. Y., dau. of Chillingsworth and Eunice
(Tucker) Hopkins. He was a farmer in Hamilton. Mr.
Amasa Orlando Brainerd d. March 25, 1846, in Madison
and was buried at Hamilton Center, X. Y. Mrs. Clarissa
Elnora (Hopkins) Brainerd d. Oct. 4. 1886, ae. 78 yrs.

Children :

157. i. Phebe ]\Iary, b. March 9. 1823, in Hamilton, N. Y.

158. ii. .JosHrA Frederic, b. July 4. 1826, in Hamilton, N. Y.

159. iii. Elizabeth, b. Oct. 20, 1829. in Hamilton, N. Y.

160. iv. William, b. Nov. 8. 1832. in Hamilton, N. Y.

161. V. :\Iary Ann. b. Dec. 25, 1834. in Hamilton, N. Y.

162. vi. -Menzo. b. March 27. 1837. in Hamilton, N. Y.

Sixth Generation. l"l

84. Samuel Ackley'' Braixeed (Stephen'', Stephen*, Ste-

phen^, Daniel^, Daniel'-) of East Hamilton. Madison Co..
N. Y.; m. Sept. 26, 1832, Abigail Liicinda Brainerd, b
Sept. 27, 1807, dau. of William and Patience (Footc)
Brainerd of Westchester, Conn. He was a farmer in East
Hamilton. Mrs. Abig-ail Lucinda (Brainerd) Brainerd d.
Aug. 30, 1834, ae. 26 yrs.. 11 mos., 3 ds. Mr. Samuel
Acklev Brainerd d. March 26, 1864, ae. 56 vrs.. 10 mos..
16 ds."

No children.

85. Day" Bkaixekd (Elisha'% Stephen*, Steplien", Daniel-, Dan-

iel^) of East Hamilton, Madison Co.. X. Y. : m., Xov. 11.
1824, Emily Smith, b. Sept. 14, 1806, in' Belchertown.
Mass., dau. of Chauncey and Phebe (Buxton) Smith of
Gainesville, N. Y. He was a farmer, living on a portion
of the old Brainerd homestead, which was purchased by his
father. He was an exemplary member and class leader
in the Methodist Episcopal Church for many years. His
wife was a member in high standing in the same church,
Mr. Day Brainerd d. Feb. 7, 1875, ae. 75 3TS., 6 mos.. 10 ds.
Mrs. Emily (Smith) Brainerd d. Dec. 25, 1883. ae. 77 yrs..
3 mos., 13 ds., in Gainesville, N. Y.

Children :
1G.3. i. Lucy Ann, b. April 0, 1826, in G.iincsville. N. Y.

ii. Oliver, b. Aug. 24, 1828, in Gainesville. N. Y.: d. .June 7. 18.57,
ae. 28 yrs., 8 mos.. 14 ds. : a farmer .and broker; unni.

164. iii. Chauncet, b. April 1.3, 1831. in Gainesville. X. Y.

165. iv. Mart Jane, b. April 14, 1834, in Gainesville. X. Y.

166. V. Martha Eliza, b. Dee. 30, 183(1. in Gainesville, N. Y.

vi. JuLiAETTE. b. May 15, 1839. in Gainesville. X. Y.: d. Oct. IS.
1840, ae. 1 yr.. 5 mos.. 3 ds.

167. vii. Julia A., b. Aug. 9, 1841, in Gainesville, N. 1'.

viii. Augustus F., b. June 19, 1844, in Gainesville, X^. Y.: d. Aug.

11, 1865, ae. 21 yrs.. 1 mo., 23 ds.. at his father's home.
ix. Morris, b. March 10, 1848. in Gainesville. X"'. Y.: d. March 31.

1848, ae. 3 wks.

86. Elish.v" Braixekd (Elisha^, Stephen*, Stepheir, Daniel-.

Daniel'') of East Hamilton, Madison Co., K Y.: m.. Oct.
27, 1825, Hannah Patterson, b. in Tully, Onondaga Co..
N. Y., dau. of William and Hannah (Hoag) Patterson of
Gainesville, N. Y. Mrs. Hannah (Patterson) Brainerd
d. April 25. 1838. in Gainesville. He m. (2), Oct. 25. 1838,
Marv Millen, b. Jan. 2, 1818, in Pelham, Mass., dau. of Ira
and Patty (Jones) Millen. He was a farmer, living on a
portion of the old homestead till his death. Mrs. Marv
(Millen) Brainerd d. Oct. 27, 1872, ae. 54 yrs., 8 mos!,
25 ds. Mr. Elisha Brainerd d. Sept. 24, 1874, ae. 73 yrs.,
2 mos., 10 ds., in Gainesville, N". Y.

Children by the first marriage :

i. Horace Franklin, b. Dec. 16. 1827, in Gainesville. X'. Y.; d.
Dec. 26, 1827, ae. 10 ds.

102 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

ii. Oliver Avgistus, b. Jlay 23. 1829, in Gainesville, X. Y.; d.
May 23, 1829.
168. iii. Cornelia Elizabeth, b. June 29, 1830. in Gainesville, N. Y.
109. iv. Jl'LIA Emelixe, b. April 10. 1833. in Gainesville. N. Y".

170. V. Mart Adaline, b. Feb. 22, 1835. in Gainesville, N. Y.

Children by the second marriage :

171. vi. James Martin, b. Aug. 2, 1842, in Gainesville. X. Y.

172. vii. ^VILB^;R Elisha, b. Oct. 20, 1845. in Gainesville, X. Y.

87. Luke" Braixerd (Elislia^, Stephen*, Stephen^, Daniel-, Dun-

ieP) of East Hamilton, Madison Co., N. Y.; m., Fel). 6,
183-i, Eucksbe Cole, b. Jan. 13, 1812, in Canandaigua,
X. Y., dau. of South worth and Mary (Adams) Cole. He
was a farmer, living in the town of Pike, also a school
teacher and carpenter. He was a liuilder in Gainesville,
X. Y. Mr. Luke Brainerd d. Aug. 11. 1849. ao. 4.5 vs.,
11 mos. She m. (2), Jacob Hiller. wlio d.
Mrs. Eucksbe (Cole) (Brainerd) Hiller d. Feb. 24, 1901.

Children :

i. Lyman, b. May 27. 18:!."). in Gainesville. X. Y.: d. Oct. 22, 1837,
ae. 2 yis., 4 mos., 25 ds.

173. ii. Franklin Augustus, b. May 5. 1837. in Gainesville. X'. Y.

174. iii. Lyman L.. b. Sept. 5, 1844, in Pike. X. Y.

88. Stephen'' Braixerd {Elisha". Stephen*, Stephen"-, Daniel^,

Daniel^) of East Hamilton, iladison Co., X. Y.; m., March
6, 1828, Jemima Helmer, 1). Xov. 23, 1808, dau. of John
and Elizabeth (Elmer) Helmer. He was a fanner, living
on a portion of the old Brainerd homestead in Gainesville,
X. Y. He was for many years deacon in the Congrega-
tional Church, where they were both members. Mr.
Stephen Brainerd d. March 22, 1879, ac. T3 yrs., 11 mos..
5 ds. Mrs. Jemima (Helmer) Brainerd d. Dec. 31, 1886,
ae. 78 yrs., 1 mo.. 8 ds.

Children :

175. i. Lorenzo, b. Feb. 26, 1829, in Gainesville, X^. Y.

ii. Helen Amanda, b. Nov. 23, 1830, in Gainesville, X. Y. : d.
July 30, 1859; a good scholar and e.xemplary Christian

176. iii. .\ddison H., b. July 26. 1834, in Gainesville. X. Y.

177. iv. Julia JfARiA. b. Feb. 16. 1839. in Gainesville. X. Y.

178. v. JAME.S Franklin, b. Sept. 24, 1842, in Gainesville, X. Y.

179. vi. Edgar H.. b. Feb. 16. 1849. in Gaine.sville. X\ Y.

89. EzR.i. Styles Ely'^^ Braixerd {Elisha^, Stephen*, Stephen",

Daniel-, DanieP) of East Hamilton, Madison Co., X. Y. ;
m., Feb. 28, 1830, Sabrina Woodard, b. April 17, 1810.
in Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., X'". Y., dau. of John and Sabrina
(Tucker) Woodard. He was a farmer and removed about
1837 to Alganzee, Branch Co., Mich. He was blind. Mrs.
Sabrina (Woodard) Brainerd d. Sept. 2(5, 1889. Mr.
Ezra Styles Ely Brainerd d. April 21, 1890.













Sixth Generation. l"3

Fkances L., b. July 21, 1831, in Gaiuesville, N. Y.
Mahlon W., b. April 23, 1834, in Cxainesvllle. N. Y.
Caroline L., b. Sept. 28, 1838. in Alpanzee, Mich.
RucKSBE Janette, b. -Tiilv ITi. 1S4IV ill Alaaiizee, Mich.
Augusta A., b. April :^s 'istj. in M.j.iii/., v. Midi.
Corlak E., b. June 2, Istl, in \l.:i n/r. . .\lirli.
SCOVEL Gerhaine, b. Jan. 111. Ill Alj;anzoe, Mich.

90. Augustus Ferdin-ind" Beainerd {Elisha^, Stephen*, Ste-

phen^, Daniel-, Daniel^) of East Hamilton, Madison Co..
N. Y. ; m., June 9, 1847, Helen Maria Cary, b. in Alexan-
der, N. Y., Dee. 21, 1830, daii. of Abigence Waldo and
Caroline (Tracy) Cary of Broekport, N. Y. The heavy
and laborious work of clearing the farm not being in har-
mony with his idea of life, he left home at the age of 15
years, and soon was employed by Abigence Waldo Cary,
whose son-in-law he afterwards became, as w'ell as partner
in business. After his father-in-law's death he l^ecame
sole proprietor of the hardware store and of the pump fac-
After living at Mr. Cary's (i or T yrs., a dan. Avas born to
A. W. Cary and Caroline his wife. While she was yet
being rocked in the cradle Augustus declared his intention
of waiting for her and making her his wife. He worked
and w^aited, and waited and worked until June 9. 1847.
when she became his wife, lli' \v.\<\ a sti-dkc nf ]iaralysis
which rendered him helpless iiiaii\ \rai< 1m I'oiv hi- death
He lived and died at Brockpurl, Muiuue Cu., >;. Y. ilrs.
Helen Maria (Cary) Brainerd d. July 10, 18Go, ae. 34 yrs.,
6 mos., 19 ds. Mr. Augustus Ferdinand Brainerd d. Jan.
■38, 1881. ac. 73 yrs., 1 mo., 27 ds.

Children :

i. Hei.ex Caroline, b. Marcli 24, 1854. in Broekport, N. Y. ; d.
Dec. 4, 1854, ae. 18 mos.

ii. Jexxie Cecilia, b. Nov. 4, 1855 or 1856, in Broekport, N. Y. ; d.
Oct. 1. 1880, ae. 24 yrs., 10 mos.. 27 ds,

iii. Waldo Ellsha, b. March 16. 1863. in Broekport, N. Y. ; d. Sept.
19, 1883, ae. 20 yrs., 6 mos.. 3 ds.. in Rochester, N. Y. He
was an honest and industrious young man. of good habits
and good business qualifications, lie was a clerk in a hard-
ware store.

91. Wells'' Br.uxekd {Elishcv', Stephen*, Stephen^, Daniel-,

DaiiieP) of East Hamilton, Madison Co., X. Y. ; ni.. Xov.
15. 1838, Phebe Smith, b. April 4, 1830, in Onuiuwille.
Wyoming Co., X. Y., dau. of Channcey and riielie (I'.u.x-
ton) Smith. Mrs. Phebe (Smith) Brainerd d. March 18,
1855, in her 35th yr., in Gainesville, X. Y. He m. (2),
Oct. 28, 1855, Jerusha Webster, b. Dec. 4, 1820, dau. of
Amos and ( ) Webster of Warsaw,

N. Y. He w'as a farmer in Gainesville till 1857, when he
moved to Wcthersfield, Wyoming Co., X. Y. He sold his

1"-^ Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

farm and returned to Gainesville Creek, N. Y., where he
lived till his death. While on his way east, in 1881, he
stopped at a hotel in Eochester, N. Y., and was found nearly
suffocated with gas. He revived and returned to his home.
He was an active, energetic man, and was a carpenter as
well as a farmer, and a man of great decision of character,
prompt and reliable in business as well as in church mat-
ters, in which he showed great interest and where his help-
ing hand and energy of character will be greatly missed.
He and his wife were members of the Methodist Episcopal
Church. His sudden death brought sorrow to the hearts
of stricken children and relatives and to the church of
which he was so zealous a member, and where he had been
so well and favorablv known. Mrs. Jerusha (Webster)
Brainerd d. Sept. 19, 1881. ae. 60 yrs., 9 mos., 15 ds.
Mr. Wells Brainerd d. Dec. 26, 1881,' ae. 67 vrs., 7 mos.,
19 ds.

Children by the first marriage:

Lauk.\ Ann, b. Xov. 23, 1840, in Gainesville, X. Y.
AcHSAH, b. March 16, 1842, in Gainesville, jS". Y.
i. Mary. b. July 3. 1844. in Gainesville, N. Y.

190. iv. Ellen, b. Sept. 20. 1846, in Gainesville, N. Y.

191. V. Francis, b. Nov. 14, 1848. in Gainesville. N. Y.
i. Adell, b. Oct. 23. 1854, in Gainesville, N. Y.

Child by the second marriage:

19:3. rii. Waltkh. b. Jan. 2. 1S(12. in Wethcrsfield. X. Y.

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