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18T9. Francis Bond Head Bonter*, b. Sept. 25, 1837. in
Belleville. Ontario, Can., son of Jacob and Sarah (Cole)
Bonter, formerly of Prince Edward Co., Can. His first
wife was Lodica Mary Sprage, to whom he was married
March 8, 1865. He resides in Chicago, 111. Mrs. Esther
Cornelia (Brainard) (Hedstrom) Bonter d.

Hedstrom child by the first marriage :

i. Albert Elias, b. Nov. 3, 1869; m. Gertie Dono'jhue. She d.
Dec, 1896. No ch. He m. (2), Eva May Stevens. Ch.: 1.
Warren Waterman, b. April 17. 1899.

Bonter cliildren by the second marriage:
ii. Bella Gertrude, b. .July 9, 1881, in Chicago, 111.; m. James

Curran. Ch.: 1. Helen Eva. b. Dec. 28, 1897. in Chicago,

iii. Bormlet Philo, b. May 14, 1884, in Chicago, 111.
iv. Francis Jacob, b. Jan. 16, 1885, in Chicago, 111.

151. Laura Axx" Braixaed (Jeremiah Gaies^, Daniel', Daniel*,

Daniel^, Daniel", Daniel'-) of ; m.

William Spikeman, b. . He resided in

Detroit, Mich. Mrs. Laura Ann (Brainard) Spikeman d.

Spikeman children:

152. Jerkmiah Gates' Braixard (Jeremiah Gates^, Daniel^,

Daniel*, Daniel^, Daniel-, DanieV) of ; m.,

April 3, 1882, at Dearborn, Mich., Louisa M. DeLorme, b.
March 10, 1862. He had vessels on the lake. He lived
and died at Dearborn, Mich. Mr. Jeremiah Gates Brain-
ard d.

Children :

Olhe Josephine, b. April 6, 1883.
Laura Ethel, b. July 16, 1885.
Arthur Stephen, b. April 18, 1887.
Harry Edward, b. Feb. 11. 1889.
Edna May. b. Aug. 7, 1890; d. Oct.
Wilfred Earl, b. Aug. 28, 1893.
Esther Cornelia, b. Aug. 18, 1894.

*The name was originally Banta; the spelling was changed in Canada.

Seventh Generation. 133

viii. Admerale Dewey, b. April 2. 1897.
ix. Albert Reginold, b. April 8, 1899.
X. A child, b. 1900.

153. Luceetia' Braineed {WiUiain Fowler''-. Jeremiah Gates'^,

Daniel*, Daniel.^, Daniel-, DanieP) of Xew London, Xcw
London Co., Conn.; m., Aug. 1, 18-54. Eoliert Coit. Jr., b.
April 26, 1830, son of Robert and Charlotte (Coit) Coit of
New London, Conn. He graduated at Yale in 1850, studied
law at the Yale Law School and commenced practice in
New London, Conn. ; was appointed judge of probate in
1866; treasurer of New London E. E. Co. in 1867; regis-
ter in bankruptcy in the district court for the district of
Conn., both of which offices he held in 1870. She was
many years superintendent of the primary department of
the Sunday School. Her friends keenly felt her death.
Mr. Eobert Coit, Jr., d. June. 1904. Mrs. Lucretia (Brain-
ard) Coit d. May 6, 1906. in Xew London.

Coit children :

i. Mart Gardiner, b. Jan. 1. 1857, in New London, Conn.; d. Jan.

6, 1S60.
ii. William Brainerd, b. Julv 23. 1862, in New London. Conn.; m.

Oct. 30, 1885, Anna Blanohard Bancroft.

154. Mary E." Brainerd {Ephraim^, Levi^, Stephen*, Stephen^,

Daniel^, DanieV) of Hamilton. Madison Co., N. Y. ; m..
Oct. 10, 1850, Dwight Banning, b. April 8, 1826, in Hamil-
ton, X. Y., son of Joseph and Lucetta (Biddell) Banning,
of Poolville, N. Y. Joseph Banning was son of Marvin
Banning of Connecticut. Lucetta Biddell was from Sara-
toga, X. Y. He is a farmer in Poolville, Madison Co.,
N. Y. Mr. Dwight Banning d. . Mrs.

Mary E. (Brainerd) Banning d.

Banning children:

i. E. Adell, b. March 20, 1852. in Poolville. N. Y.: ni. Oct. 0,
1875, Gates Comstock, M.D., son of Benj. and Cornelia
Hamilton (Booth) Comstock and grandson of Samuel and
Rhoda (Lord) Comstock of Conn. Ch.: 1. Dwight, b.
April- 8, 1881. 2. Clarence, b. April 12, 1883. Both b. in
Norwalk. Conn.

ii. Nellie L., b. March 1, 1857, in Poolville. N. Y.; m. Dec. IS.
1879, Fred S. Dunham, b. Oct. 19, 1856, or March 1, 1857.
in Hamilton. N. Y., son of Alexander L. and Esther (Nash)
Dunham and grandson of Edward Dunham of Coni. Cli. :
Mary Esther, b. Nov., 1880 or ISSl. in Hamilton, N. Y. He
is a farmer.

155. Lyman' Brainerd (Ephraim'^, Levi°, Stephen*, Stephen',

Daniel-, Daniel'-) of Hamilton. Madison Co., N. Y. : m..
Feb. 11, 1863, Marietta Lee, b. Aug. 29, 1835, dan. of Hial
and Lydia (Martin) Lee of Coventry, N. Y. He was a car-
penter living in Oneonta, Otsego Co., N. Y. Mr. Lyman
Brainerd d. April 19, 1898. Mrs. Marietta (Lee) Brain-
erd d.

134 Bminerd-Brainard Gcnealogij.

Children :

238. i. Frank Lee, b. Jan. 23, 1866, in Smyrna, X. Y. He is a car-
penter in Oneonta, N. Y.
ii. 5Ii>'xiE LusEXA, b. Oct. 16, 1872, in Oneonta, N. Y.

156. Lydia C' Bkaixerd {Ephmim^, Levi', Stephen*, Stephen^,

Daniel", Daniel^) of Hamilton, Madison Co., X. Y. ; m.,
Feb. 24, 1867, George H. Bradley, b. Oct. 3, 1841. in Eaton,
X. Y., son of Amos and Sarah (Westcott) Bradley. He
was in the laundry business in Herkimer, X. Y. Mrs.
Lydia C. (Brainerd) Bradley d.

Bradley children:

i. Charlie A., b. Nov. 20, 1867, in Hamilton, N. Y.

ii. Walter E., b. Aug. 28, 1869, in Hamilton. N. Y.

iii. Ada L., b. Aug. 6, 1871, in Hamilton, N. Y.

iv. G. Akthub, b. Aug. 22, 1873, in Hamilton, N. Y.

V. Fred A., b. Aug. 19, 1878, in Hamilton, N. Y.

vi. Floyd E., b. March 26, 1881, in Hamilton, X. Y.

157. PiiEBE Mart' Brainerd {Aniasa Orlando'^, Levi'', Stephen*,

Stephen^, Daniel", DanieV-) of Hamilton, Madison Co..
X. Y.; m., Aug. 24, 1847, Charles Burlingame. b. March
11). 1824. in Madison, N. Y"., son of William and Harriette
(Paddock) Burlingame of the same place. He lives in
Hamilton, X. Y. Mrs. Phebe Mary (Brainerd) Burlin-
game d.

Burlingame children :
i. Dealton, b. Nov. 25, 1848, in Hamilton, N. Y.; m. March 2,

1875, Clara Lamb. He is a farmer in Hamilton. N. Y.
ii. Ella E., b. May 23, 1858, in Hamilton, N. Y.; m. Feb. 8, 1877,

William Lamb. He is a farmer in Hamilton, X. Y.
iii. Etta, b. Jan. 24, 1862, in Hamilton. N. Y.; m. Feb. 24, 1881,

Amos Lamb. He is a farmer in Hamilton, X. Y.

158. .Joshua Frederic' Brainerd {Amasa Orlando'^, Levi'". Ste-

phen*, Stephen'', Daniel-, Daniel^) of Hamilton, Madison
Co., X. Y''. ; m., April 7, 1853, Lydia J. Simmons, b. Jan.
16, 1833, dau. of Newman and Elsie (Huntington) Sim-
mons of Lebanon, X. Y. He was a farmer in Hamilton,
X. Y. Mrs. Lydia J. (Simmons) Brainerd d. Xov. 20,
1856. He m. (2), Xov. 9, 1857, Sarah Jennie Simmons,
b. April 30, 1837, sister to his first wife. Mr. Joshua
Frederic Brainerd d. Feb. 13, 1894, aged 67 yrs., 7 mos.,
9 ds. Mrs. Sarah' Jennie (Simmons) Brainerd d.

Child by the first marriage :

i. F. S., b. Xov. 14, 1856, in Hamilton, X. Y.
Child by the second marriage :

ii. W. X., b. July 6, 1861, in Hamilton, X. Y.; d. Oct. 27, 1871.

159. Elizabeth" Brainerd (Amasa Orlando^, Levi^, Stephen*,

Stephen^, Daniel-, Daniel^) of Hamilton, Madison Co.,
X. Y.; m., March 19, 1846, Edward Eichmond, b. July K.

Seventh Generation. 135

183-1:, son of David and Mary (Simmons) Eichmoud. He
lived in Poolville, or Hamilton, X. Y., and was a farmer.
Mrs. Elizabeth (Brainerd) Eichmond d. Aug. 12, 1867,
aged 37 yrs., 9 raos., 22 ds. Mr. Edward Eichmond d.
Xo children.

160. William" Buaineiid {Aniasa Odando'', LavP, Steplieii*, Ste-
phen^, Daniel", Daniel'^) of Hamilton, Madison Co., X. Y. ;
m., 1858, M. J. Davis, b. in 1840, dan. of X. and
(Menzo) Davis. He was a farmer in ilission, Xeosha Co.,

Kans. Mr. William Brainerd d. . Jlrs. il. J. (Davis)

Brainerd d.
Children :

161. Mary Ann' Brainerd {Aina^a Orlando'^, Levv", Stephen*',

Stephen^. Daniel'-, Daniel^) of Hamilton, Madison Co.,
X. Y.; m., Oct. 4, 1853, Sanford Murdock, b. April 13,
1831, in Eaiiville, X. Y., son of Joshua and Enth (Chase)
ilurdock. He is a farmer in Hamilton, X. Y. Mrs. Mary
Ann (Brainerd) Murdock d. . Mr. San-

ford Murdock d.
Murdock child :
i. Willie E., b. Aug. 2, 1874, in Hamilton, N. Y.

162. Menzo' Br.vineed {Amasa Orlando", Levi^, Stephen^, Ste-

phen^, Daniel-, Daniel^) of Hamilton, Madison Co., N. Y. ;
m., , Jennie (Shapley) Burnap, b. Feb. 4,
1839, dau. of Cordon Shapley of Hamilton, X. Y"., and
widow of John Burnap. Mrs. Jennie (Shapley) (Bur-
nap) Brainerd d. Julv 14, 1882. He m. (2), Feb.
16, 1888, Olive (Murdock) Bedient, b. June 22, 1835, in
Lebanon, X. Y., dau. of Joshua and Euth (Chase) Mur-
dock, and widow of Philo Bedient. He enlisted, Sept. 6,
1861, in the 1st Engineer Eegt. of Missouri Vol., Capt.
William G. Patten. He was corporal. Mr. Menzo Brain-
erd d. .

Xo children.

163. Lucy Ann' Braineed (Day''', Elisha^, Stephen*, Stephen'^,

DanieP, Daniel^) of Gainesville, Wyoming Co., X. Y. ; m.,
Xov. 9, 1847, James Eussell, Jr., b. May 11. 1822. son of
James and Eachel (Hammond) Eussell of Gainesville, X.
Y. Mrs. Lucy Ann (Brainerd) Eussell d. June 30, 1861,
ae. 35 yrs. He was a fanner in Gainesville. He has been
twice married since the death of his wife. ilr. James Eus-
sell d.
No children.

164. Chauncey' Brainerd {Day", Elisha^, Stephen^, Stephen^,

Daniel-, Daniel^) of Gainesville, Wyoming Co., X. Y. ; m.,

^36 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

Oct. 24, 1858, Elina or Elvira Johnson, b. March 26, 1839,
in Pike, jST. Y., dan. of Stanton and Eliza (Gilbert) John-
son. He is a farmer living on the homestead where his
father and grandfather lived, which is a portion of the
original homestead obtained from the " Holland Purchase
Co." When a young man he went to California, but
returned to his native place, Gainesville, N. Y., where he
has since remained. Mr. Chauncey Brainerd d.
Mrs. Elina or Elvira (Johnson) Brainerd d.
No children.

165. Mary Jane' Braixerd (Day^, Elisha^, Stephen*, Stephen^,

DanieP, Daniel'-) of Gainesville, Wyoming Co., N. Y.- m.,
Nov. 6, 1855, Levi P. Rider, b. June 30, 1832, in Spring
water, N. Y., son of Eufus and Almira (Grover) Rider.
He was a fanner. He resided in the town of Castile, Wyo-
ming Co., N. Y. Mrs. Marv Jane (Brainerd) Rider d.
Dee. 29, 1903, in Castile, N. Y.

Eider children :

1. Emma Dell. b. April 10, 1860, in Castile. N. Y.; m. March 1,
1882. Walter Samuel Brownell, b. Feb. 5, 1857, in Balti-
more, Md., son of Samuel and Margaret (Ernst) Brownell.
Ch.: 1. Grace Emily, b. Nov. 28, 1882. 2. Willie Rider,
b. Oct. 10, 1884. Both b. in Castile, N. Y.

ii. William Brainard, b. April 29, 1866, in Castile, N. Y.; m.
March 17, 1887, Katherine Julia Ann Altoft, b. Jan. 23.
1864. dau. of John and Mary (Stamp) Altoft. Her parents
came from England. He lives in Gainesville, N. Y.

166. Martha Eliza' Bkainard {Dai/, EUsha^, Stephen*, Ste-

phen^, DanieP, Daniel^) of Gainesville, Wyoming Co., N.
Y.; m., Jan. 31, 1858, Horace Wadsworth, b. Jan. 1, 1833,
son of Horace and Eliza (Johnson) Wadsworth. He was
a farmer in Castile, N. Y., the most of his life, but lived the
last few years in the village of Castile. Mr. Horace Wads-
worth d. . Mrs. Martha Elisa (Brainerd)
Wadsworth d.
Wadsworth children:

i. Augustus, b. Oct. 3, 1865, in Castile, N. Y.; d. June 29, 1868,
from the effects of swallowing phosphorus from matches.

ii. Augusta, b. July 1, 1872, in Castile, N. Y.

167. Julia A.' Brainerd (Day^, Elisha^, Stephen*, Stephen^,

DanieP, DanieV) of Gainesville, Wyoming Co., N. Y.; m.,
April 15, 1863, Edson J. Quigley, b. June 29, 1840, son of
Ashable and Sarah (Jackson) Quigley. He was many
■ years a teacher in Wyoming Co., N. Y. He moved to
Illinois, where he followed the same profession. He re-
turned to Wyoming Co., and engaged in teaching until he
was elected to the office of county school commissioner,
which he held for two terms, a period of six years, when he
accepted the professorship of Pike Seminary, which position
he occupied June, 1888. Mr. Edson J. Quigley d.
i Mrs. Julia A. (Brainerd) Quigley d.

Seventh Generation. 137

Quigley children :

i. Warren Augustus, b. Sept. 22, 1866, in Yorkville, 111.; d.

Feb. 2, 1867, ae. 4 mos., 11 ds.
ii. Lucy Mabia, b. April 17, 1870, in Yorkville, 111.

168. Cornelia Elizabeth' Brainerd (Elisha^j Elisha^, Stephen*,

Stephen^, DanieP, DanieV) of Gainesville, W}'oming Co..
]^. Y. ; m., Jan. 24, 1850, George Fuller, b. Jan. 23, 1824.
son of Solomon and Eunice (Gay) Fuller. They settled
on a farin in Gainesville, but removed to Chesterfield.
McComb Co., Mich., where they resided June, 1888. Mrs.
Cornelia Elizabeth (Brainerd) Fuller d.
Mr. George Fuller d.

Fuller children :
i. Frank Adelbert. b. Nov. 16, 1851, in Gainesville, N. Y.
ii. Albert Palmer, b. Feb. 10, 1855, in Columbus, Mich,
iii. Ev.v Amanda, b. June 1, 1857, in Columbus, Mich.: m. Feb. 29.

1888, William Frank Weston, b. April 16, 1859, son of

Holmes and Hannah P. (Hoyt) Weston,
iv. Ella Emeline, b. Jan. 19, 1859, in Columbus, Mich.
V. Elmer, b. Dec. 10, 1860, in Columbus, Mich.; m. April 3, 1888,

Maude Maurice,
vi. Estelle Mary. b. April 29, 1864, in Columbus, Mich.; m. Dec.

24, 1884, Park Winters Stuart, b. Jan. 28, 1859, son of

John and Alvira (Richards) Stuart. She d. May 9, 1886.

Ch.: 1. Estelle Mary, b. Oct. 25, 1885; d. Sept.' 17, 1886.
vii. Mary Elizabeth, b. May 13, 1866, in Columbus, Mich,
viii. Juliette, b. May 5, 1868, in Columbus, Mich.

169. Julia Emelixe^ Brainerd (Elisha^, Elisha^, Stephen*, Ste-

phen^j Daniel'^, Daniel^) of Gainesville, Wyoming Co., X.
Y. ; m., Oct. 4, 1855, William 0. Fuller, b. March 20, 1832,
son of Solomon and Eunice (Gay) Fuller. He settled in
Columbus, St. Clair Co., Mich. He was a farmer. Mrs.
Julia Emeline (Brainerd) Fuller d. Nov. 16, 1856, ae.
23 yrs., 7 mos., G ds. Mr. William 0. Fuller d.

Puller child :
i. Elton Brainerd, b. July 13, 1856, in Columbus, Mich. ; m. Jan.
24, 1884, Ada C. Black, b, Aug. 8, 1862, dau.'of William and
Alice (Tavlor) Black. Ch.; 1. Myrtle B., b. Nov. 30,

1 70. Mart Adaline' Brainerd (Elisha''', EUshw", Stephen*. Ste-

phen^, Daniel-, Daniel^) of Gainesville, Wyoming Co., N.
Y. ; m., March 30, 1857, Palmer Fuller, b. July 29, 1834,
in Castile, N. Y., son of Solomon and Eunice (Gay) Fuller.
He is a farmer in Columbus, St. Clair Co., Mich. Mrs.
Mary Adaline (Brainerd) Fuller d.
Mr. Palmer Fuller d.

Fuller children:
i. Wilbur Clayton, b. Oct. 17, 1862, in Columbus, Mich.; m.
March 3, 1886, Etta Welding, b. in Richmond, McCourt Co.,
Mich., dau. of Barclay and Emilv {:\lills) Welding.

138 Brainerd-Brainarcl Genealogy.

ii. Eunice Adell. b. April 27, 1864, in Columbus, Mich.; m. July
28. 1882, Will Smith, b. in China, St. Clair Co., Mich., son
of Adolphus and Tamson (Lockwood) Smith. Ch.: 1.
Fay Waldo, b. Feb. 24, 1844. 2. Floyd Stanley, b. April
6. 1845. Both b. in Columbus, Mich. 3. Carrie Pearl, b.
Oct. 3, 1887, in Elk, Mich.

171. Jajies Martin' Braineed (Elisha^, ElkJia^, Stephen*, Stc-

pheii^j Daniel-, Daniel^) of Gainesville, Wyoming Co., N".
Y. ; m., June 29, 1865, Sarah J. Gibson, b. Aug. 9, 1844,
in Kirton, England, dau. of Job and Sarah (Harrison)
Gibson. Mrs. Sarah J. (Gibson) Brainerd d. Sept. 5,
1875, ae. 31 yrs. She was a member of the Methodist
Episcopal Church. He m. (2), June 21, 1876, Delora Hig-
gins, b. Sept. 33, 1852, at Pedro. Genessee Co., N. y., dau.
of Samuel and Betsey (Comwell) Higgins. When a young
man he went to Michigan and there learned the miller's
trade. He afterwards returned to Gainesville, N. Y., and
engaged in farming. He then had an interest in the Gaines-
ville Mills, grist and sawmill, the firm being known as
Hickey & Brainerd. By his honest and upright dealing
lie gained the confidence and esteem of all with whom he
had intercourse. He was a member of the Methodist Epis-
copal Church, and was a Christian among the few who lived
up to what he professed and believed right. He was a
member of the A. 0. U. W. and of the E. A. U., and of the
Davis Division, S. of P. His loss will be sadly felt in each
of these organizations, in all of which he held prominent
and important offices as long as health permitted. He
served as supervisor and held other town offices. He was
superintendent of the Sabbath School. He was ever ready
for the upbuilding of every religious, temperance, and
moral work. His mission on earth was to do good, and
he was never known to speak ill of any person. He was
an affectionate and kind husband and father, and a person
of whom no man spoke ill, and though he was called after
having traveled life's pathway over, and while the " shadows
still were falling toward the west," his mission on earth was
well done and we trust our loss is his eternal gain. While
on his way to Colorado for the benefit of his health, he
stopped in Quincy, 111., where he d. April 10, 1888. His
remains were brought back to Gainesville for interment.
Mrs. Delora (Higgins) Brainerd d. March 13, 1897.

Children by the first marriage:

239. i. Cora Emeline, b. Oct. 1, 1868, in Gainesville, N. Y.

240. ii. Fred Gibson, b. Feb. 24, 1870, in Gainesville, N. Y.

172. Wilbur Elisha' Brainerd (Elisha^, Elisha^, Stephen*, Ste-

phen^, Daniel", Daniel^) of Gainesville, Wyoming Co., N.
Y. ; m., Nov. 25, 1866, Clarissa Michael, b. Feb. 4, 1844, in
Mt. Morris, Livermore Co., N. Y., dau. of Jacob and Mar-
tha (Lowe) Michael. He lived on the homestead of his

Seventh Generation. 1^9

father, fl-hich was a portion of tlie " Holland Purchase "
made by his grandfather, Elisha Brainerd. In 18G6 he
piirchased an interest in the grocery and hardware business
with Edward Stamp. He enlisted in 186—, in the 130th
Eegt. of N. Y. Vol.. or 1st N". Y. Dragoons, and served 3
vrs. Mr. Wilbur Elisha Brainerd d. April 27, 1886. ae. 40
Vrs.. 6 mos., 7 ds., in Gainesville, N". Y. She m. (2), Feb.
23, 1888, Edward Stamp, b. :\ray 20, 1853, in Perry, N. Y.,
son of William and Sarah (Pinner) Stamp of England.
Mr. Edward Stamp d. . Mrs. Clarissa

(Michael) (Brainerd) Stamp d.

Children :

Bertie Morris, b. Dec. 24, 1867 or 1868, in Gainesville, N. Y.
Xellie Adalixe, b. March 1. 1875. in Gainesville, N. Y.
Gracie, b. Feb. 10, 1880, in Gainesville, N. Y.

173. Fkaxklix Augustus' Bkaineed {Luhe^, Elisha^, Stephen^,
Stephen^, Daniel^, Daniel^) of Gainesville, Wyoming Co.,
X. Y. ; m., March 4, 1870, Grace Bryant, b. Feb. 11, 1852,
in Gainesville, T^. Y., dau. of John and Mary (Parker)
Bryant. He left his home when a boy and sought his for-
tune in the west, settling near Silver City, Owyhee Co.,
Idaho Ter. He returned to Xew York in 1870.
The following is from the Silver City paper: "When about
21 yrs. of age, he came across the plains to California as a
teamster with the expedition of General Hancock. Arriv-
ing in California, he resided awhile in Marysville, he then
took the Idaho gold fever and in 1862, or '63, came to Lew-
iston, where he engaged in placer mining until the gold
fields of the Owyhee country were discovered, when he left
that place and arrived in Silver City in 1863, with E. H.
Tregaskis, stopping at Boonville, where he was engaged as
a clerk for a short time. He subsequently came to this
cit}^, where, in 1864, he opened a livery stable, which he
conducted aliout one year, when he sold and took iip a ranch
in Pleasant Valley in company with a man named Killings-
worth, and became a farmer. The Indians being on the
war path at that time prevented their doing much farming
and in the course of a couple of years, Killingsworth sold
out to Mr. S. ]Sr. Smith, who, in company with Mr. Brain-
erd, did a. good business, ilr. Smith subsequently sold his
interest in the ranch to him."
He was a man of more than average intelligence, honest and
industrious. He made many friends, who were always
cordially welcomed to his home. His ranch contained a
good house, barn, and corrals, well stocked with several
hundred horses and cattle.
He was buried in the Masonic Cemetery at Hot Springs, Ark.,
he having been a Mason in good standing at the time of his

1 death.

140 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

His wife so mourned his death, and overcome with the care
and responsibility of the large ranch, in a fit of despon-
dency and grief, she took her life. She was universally be-
loved by all her friends. The Masonic fraternity, of which
her husband was a memljer, took charge of the remains and
laid them by the side of her husband.

Mr. Franklin Augustus Brainerd d. April 15, 1887, at Hot
Springs, Ark. Mrs. Grace (Brvant) Brainerd d. July 15,
1887, in Gainesville, X. Y.

jvTo children.

174. Lyman L.^ Brainard {Luhe^, Elisha^, Stephen*' j Stephen^,

Daniel'-, Daniel^) of Gainesville, Wvoming Co., N. Y. ; m.,
Dec. 20, 1867, Olivia Van Klack,"b. April 28, 1848, in
Monday, Livingstone Co., N. Y'., dau. of Baltus and Eme-
line (Vail) Van Klack. He was a farmer in Pike for a
number of years. He sold his farm, and removed to Cas-
tile, N. Y^., where he engaged in farming and peach raising.
Mr. Lyman L. Brainard d. . Mrs.

Olivia (Van Klack) Brainard d.

i. Gertrude, b. Oct. 19, 1871, in Pike, N. Y.

175. Lorenzo" Brainard {Stephen'^, Elisha^, Stephen*, Stephen^,

DanieP, DanieV-) of Gainesville, Wyoming Co., IST. Y. ; m.,
Feb. 3, 1870, Mary Avaline Pelton of Castile, N. Y., b.
Feb. 13, 1840, in Weston, N. Y., dau. of Luther E. and
Eunice (Dodge) Pelton of Buckland, Franklin Co., Mass.
He served three years in the army, and was honorably dis-
charged. He is engaged in farming at Castile, N. Y.
Mr. Lorenzo Brainerd d. . Mrs. Mary

AvaUne (Pelton) Brainard d.
No children.

176. Addison H.'^ Bilunard {Stephen^, Elisha^, Stephen*, Ste-

phen^, DanieV, Daniel^) of Gainesville, Wyoming Co., K.
Y.; m., March 3, 1864, Ellen Munger, b. April 16, 1845,
in Warsaw, Wyoming Co., N. Y., dau. of Eobert E. and
Eliza (Johnson) Munger. He was for a number of years
a farmer in Warsaw, N. Y., but in 1888 lived at Armada,
McComb Co., Mich. Mr. Addison H. Brainerd d. Sept. 8,
1902. Mrs. Ellen (Munger) Brainerd d.

ISTo children.

177. Julia Maria'' Brainard (Stephen'^, Elisha°, Stephen*, Ste-

phen^, DanieP, Daniel'-) of Gainesville. Wvoming Co., N.
Y^; m., Dec. 17, 1857, George E. Fuller, b. Sept. 22.
1832. in Shaftsburv. Vt., son of Joseph and Sarah (Blake-
lee) Fuller. IMr. George E. Fuller d. Sept. 20, 1868. She
m. (2). Oct. 21. 1869,''Abram Fuller, b. July 2, 1828, in

Seventh Generation. u^i

Gainesville, X. Y.. son of William and L'auclace (Yates)
Fuller. His second marriage. Her first husband was a
farmer living in Gainesville, X. Y. Her second husband
is a farmer at Gurnee, Lake Co., Ill, where they resided
(June, 18S8). Mr. Abram Fuller had two eh. by his
first wife. Mr. Abram Fuller d. . Mrs.

Julia Maria (Brainard) (Fuller) Fuller d.

Xo children.

178. James FraxKLix' Braixard {Stephen'^, Elisha^, Stephen*,

Stephen'', Daniel'-, Daniel^) of Gainesville, Wyoming Co.,
X. Y.; m., Oct. 31, 1866, Martha Price, b. July 15, 1838, in
Gainesville, X. Y., dau. of Thomas and Eliza (Bills) Price.
He was a farmer in Gainesville for a number of years, when
he moved to Anamosa, Jones Co., Iowa, and settled on a
farm. He raised cattle and swine for the Chicago market.
Mr. James Franklin Brainard d. March 12, 1902. Mrs.
Martha (Price) Brainard d.

Children :
242. i. Fred. b. May 12. 18CS. in Gainesville, N. Y.

ii. Gbace Mary, b. Oct. 19, 1871, in Gainesville, N. Y.; d. Oct.

7, 1879.
iii. W.iLTER, b. July i. 1873, in Gainesville, N. Y.; d. Sept. 25,

iv. Warren, b. .July -1, 1873, in Gainesville, X. Y. ; d. Sept. 26,

v. George Mortox, b. April 26, 1880.

1 79. Edgar H." Brainard (Stephen^, Elislia^, Stephen^, Stephen^,

Daniel-, Daniel^) of Gainesville, Wyoming Co., IST. Y.;
m., January 20, 1870, Mary Hawley, b. Feb. 16, 1852, in
Gainesville, X. Y., dau. of Marvin and Lucy (Foster)
Hawley. Mrs. Mary (Hawley) Brainerd d. Xov. 17, 1873,
ae. 21 yrs., 9 mos., 1 d. He m. (2), Dec. 23, 1874, Cornelia
C. Lawson, b. Dec. 24, 1852, m Warren, Lake Co., 111.,
dau. of Thomas V. and Sarah (Tuttle) Lawson. After
the death of his first wife he moved to Gurnee, 111. ; after
his second marriage to Xeb. He was a farmer. He lived
in Waukegan, 111. (1888), and was a manufacturer. Mr.
Edgar H. Brainard d. . Mrs. Cornelia C.

(Lawson) Brainard d.

Children by the second marriage:
i. Frank E.. b. March 29, 1883. in Xeb.; d. Dec. 4, 1886.
ii. Ray, b. July 21. 1888. in Waukegan, 111.; d. Aug. 8, 1888.
iii. .Julia M.^y, b. Julv 21. 1888. in Waukegan, 111.; d. Oct. 14,


180. Frances L." Braixard (Ezra Stijles Ehf, EUsha^, Stephen*,

Stephen^, Daniel-, Daniel^) of Alganzee, Branch Co.,
Mich.; m., July 3, 1861, John S. Wood, b. Feb. 24, 1829,

142 Brainerd-Brainarcl Genealogy.

in ^ilattesoiij Branch Co., Mich., son of Job and
( ) Wood. He resided in Coldwater, Mich.,

and ran a sawmill. Mr. John S. AYood d. Dec. 13, 1888,
ae. 59 jts., 9 nios., 18 ds. Mrs. Frances L. (Brainard)
Wood d. Feb. 17, or March 5, 1892, at Coldwater, Mich.

Wood children :
i. Lincoln E., b. April 19. 18G9. in Alganzee. Midi,
ii. .\DDIE S., b. April 21, 1870, in Flint, Ind.
iii. Russell G., b. Aug. 31. 1872, in Alganzee. ilich.
iv. CoRLAN H., b. Dec. 5, 1876, in JIatteson, Mich.

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