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1 81 . Mahlox AV.' Braixard {Ezra Styles Ely'^, Elisha", Stephen^,
Stephen^, Daniel-, DanieP-) of Alganzee, Branch Co.,
Mich.; m., Jan. 16, 1859, Mehepsibeth Dufour, b. Jan. 2(3,
1837, in Brownhelm, Lorain Co., Ohio, dau. of ISToah and
Polly (Bryant) Dufour. He is a merchant in Coldwater,
Mich. Mr. Mahlon W. Brainard d. . Jlrs.

Mehepsibeth (Dufour) Brainard d.

Children :
243. i. Cabrie A., b. Jan. 27, 1866. in Alganzee, Mich.

ii. Arthur M., b. May 8, 1871. in Alganzee, Mich.; d. Aug. 2.

1 82. Caroline L.' Brainard {Ezra Styles Ely'^, EUsha', Stephen'^,

Stephen", Daniel-, Daniel'^) of Alganzee, Branch Co.,
Mich. ; m., Feb. 1, 1866, George Lombard, b. Sept. 20, 1813.
in Hartford, Windsor Co., Yt., son of Albert and Arabella
(Woodward) Lombard. He was a farmer. Mr. George
Lombard d. July 22, 1875, ae. 31 yrs., 9 mos., 12 ds., in
Lapeer. Mich. She afterward lived in Kingston, Mich.
Mrs. Caroline L. (Brainard) Lombard d. .

Lombard child:
i. Ada S., b. April 4, ISGS, in Lapeer, Mich.; m. Feb. 8, 1893.

183. EucESBE Janette' Braikard {Ezra Styles Ely^, EUsha',

Stephen^, Stephen^, Daniel-, DanieV) of Alganzee, Branch
Co., Mich.; m., April 21, 1861, George Q. Eice. b. March
26, 1839, in Alganzee, Mich., son of Herbert and Catharine
(Lemington) Rice. He was a farmer at Alganzee, Mich.
Mr. George Q. Eice d. Mrs. Eucksbe Janette

(Brainard) Eice d.

Rice children :
i. BuTtTON L., b. Kov. 19. 1862, in Alganzee, Mich.; m. June 20.
1886, Rose Kellar, b. April 26, 1864, in Switzerland, dau.
of Mr. and Anne (Meyers) Kellar. Ch.: 1. Ethel Fay,
b. March 10, 1887. 2. Frances Alma, b. July 8, 1888. 3.
Fernie Merl. b. Feb. 7, 1890. 4. Nellie Love, b. Feb. 3,

1892. 5. Fred Lewellyn, b. Oct. 26, 1897. 6. George
Quincy, b. April 14, 1899.

ii. Ely R.. b. Aug. 21, 1866, in Quincy, Mich.; d. March 16.

iii. Pearl L,. b. Jan. 19. 1875. in Alganzee. Mich.: m. -June 26.

1893, Burton Bickford. Ch.: l.'^Orvil Rav. b. Jan. 28, 1894.

Seventh Generation. 148

1 84. Augusta A." Brainaed {Ezra Styles Ehf, Elisha^, Stephen*',

Stephen^, DanieP, Daniel^) of Algauzee, Branch Co..
Mich.; m., July 8, 1873, George CaldwelL b. July 3. 1846.
in Orleans Co.. X. Y., son of James and Margaret (GriSen)
Caldwell. He is a farmer in Alganzee. Mich. Mr. George
Caldwell d. Mrs. Ana'usta A. (Brainard)

Caldwell d.

Caldwell child :
i. Charles M.. b. ilav 7. 1874, in Coldwater, Mich.

185. CoKLAN E.'' Brainabd (Ezra Styles Ely", Elisha^, Stephen*,

Stephen^, DanieP, Daniel'^) of Alganzee, Branch Co., Mich. ;
m.. May 26, 1867, Sarah Drury. b. Feb. 21, 1811, in Huron
Co., Ohio, dau. of Harry and Abigail (Twiss) Drury. He
is a farmer in Alganzee. Mich. Mr. Corlan E. Brainerd d.
Mrs. Sarah (Drury) Brainerd d.

Child :
i. Abbie M., b. Sept. 6, 1872, in Alganzee, Mich.

186. ScovEL Germaine" Brainard (Ezra Styles Ehf, Elishn^,

Stephen*, Stephen^, DanieF, Daniel'^) of Algauzee, Branch
Co., Mich.; m., Nov. 8, 1871, Alice Jane Burch, b. Dec. 28,
1855, in Tuscarora, 111., dau. of Stephen and Jane (Couo-
ver) Burch. He is a farmer in Alganzee. Mrs. Alice Jane
(Burch) Brainerd d. March 5, 1892. He m. (2), April 13,
1893, Lottie L. Carrithers of Alganzee, Mich., b. June 25,
1873, dau. of James and Melvina Evaline (Brown) Car-
rithers. He resided (1902) in Quiney, Mich. Mr. Scovel
Germaine Brainard d.

Children by the first marriage :
i. BuKDiciE B., b. Nov. 26, 1873. in Alganzee. 5Iich.: d. Sept. 17,

ii. Floyd L., b. March 16, 1891, in Alganzee, Mich.

Children by the second marriage :
iii. Gladys B., b. July 11, 1897, in Alganzee, Mich,
iv. Verva Pauline, b. Jan. 8, 1901, in Alganzee, Mich.

187. Laura Ann' Brainerd {Wells'^, Elisliix', Stephen*, Stephen^,

Daniel-, DanieV-) of Gainesville, Wyoming Co.. X. Y. ; m.,
Aiig. 6, 1861, Clarkson A. Hall^ b. July 29, 1839. in Her-
mitage, Wyoming Co., N. Y., son of David and Lucy M.
(Bacon) Hall. He resided many years in Wethersfield,
Wyoming Co., X. Y.. and was then a farmer, afterward a
school teacher. In 1878, he was elected to the office of
County School Commissioner, which office he held for nine
years. In the spring of 1888, he removed to Dakota with
his family and resumed farming. Mr. Clarkson A. Hall
d. Mrs. Laura Ann (Brainerd) Hall d.

Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

Hall children :
i. Berkley Dean, b. May 29, 1865, in Hermitage, N. Y.; d. May

9, 1867.
ii. Jane Belle, b. Feb. 11, 1868, in Chester. Mich,
iii. Dora Dell, b. Aug. 29, 1870, in Knot, Ind.
iv. A child, b. June 15, 1874, in Wethersfield, N. Y.; d. June 29,


. Achsah' Brainkkd {Wells'^, ElishaP, Stephen'^, Stephen^,
Daniel', Daniel^) of Gainesville, Wyoming Co., N. Y.; ni.,
July 3, 1867, Flavel Kingsley, b. March 13, 1846, in Perry,
Wyoming Co., N. Y., son of Elias and Nancy (Howe)
Kingsley. He was a farmer at Perry. Mr. Flavel Kings-
ley d. March 30, 1876, ae. 29 yrs., 11 mos., 18 ds. She m.
(2), March 25, 1886, Eansom" Chaddock, b. Feb. 11, 1842,
in Alexander, Genesee Co., IST. Y., son of Dennis B. and
Polly (Shepard) Chaddock. He is in the real estate, loan
and insurance business in Hornersville,* N. Y. Mrs. Ach-
sah (Brainerd) (Kingsley) Chaddock d.
Mr. Eansom Chaddock d.

Kingsley chidlren by the first marriage :
i. Mamie E., b. Nov. 2, 1870, in Perry, N. Y.: d. April 6, 1876.
ii. Beetie a., b. March 26, 1874, in Perry, N. Y.; d. March 28,

189. Mary^ Brainerd (W ells'', Elisha^, Stephen*, Stephen^, Dan-

iel-, DanieV) of Gainesville, Wyoming Co., N. Y. ; m., Oct.
25, 1864, Eugene Shepard, b. Oct. 30, 1841, in Benning-
ton, N". Y., son of Martin and Elvir.a (Green) Shepard.
He was a farmer for many years in Wethersfield, N. Y.,
but in 1888 had a meat market in Pike, N. Y. Mrs.
Mary (Brainerd) Shepard d. Mr. Eugene

Shepard d.

Shepard children :
i. Alvin D.. b. June 4, 1868, in Wethersfield, N. Y.
ii. Eva Smith, b. Jan. 17, 1874, in Wethersfield, N. Y.; d. April
26, 1879.

1 90. Ellen^ Brainerd {Wells^, Elisha^, Stephen*, Stephen^, Dan-

iel-, DanieP ) of Gainesville, Wyoming Co., N". Y. ; m., July
1861, in Mich., William Hubbard, b. son of

James and Mary ( ) Hubbard. They moved from

Gainesville to Indiana. Her husband went to California,
since which time he has not been heard from. Mrs. Ellen
(Brainerd) Hubbard d.
Hubbard child:
i. \"\"iLi.iAir, b. 1868 or 1869, in Ind.

191. Francis' Brainerd (Wells", Elisha', Stephen*, Stephen^,

DanieP, DanieV-) of Gainesville, Wyoming Co.. N. Y. ; m.,

* This may have been Hornellsville.

Seventh Generation. l-t»

June -2. 1885. Susan M. Eby, b. May 22, 185-2, in Stark Co.,
Ohio, dau. of Daniel L. and Elizabeth (Winger) Eby. He
is a farmer and resides in Royce, Osceola Co., Mich. Mr.
Francis Brainerd d. Mrs. Susan M. (Eby)

■ Brainerd d.

Child :
i. Homer, b. March 12, 1S8G, in Eoyce, Mich.

192. Adell^ Brainerd {Wells^, EUsha^, Stephen"^, Stephen?, Dan-

iel-, Daniel^) of Gainesville, Wyoming Co., N. Y. ; m., May
25, 1870, John Inglesby, b. June 9, 1844, in Warsaw, N. Y.,
son of Eba and Emily (Norton) Inglesby. Mrs. Adell
(Brainerd) Inglesby d. Mr. John Inglesby d.

Xo children.

193. Walter' Brainerd {Wells'^, Elisha'% Stephen^, Stephen^,

Daniel", Daniel^) of Gainesville, Wyoming Co.. X. Y. ; m.,
ilarch 17, 1881, Minnie M. Munroe", b. June 27, 1865, dau.
of John and Mary (Strevor) Munroe. He is a farmer in
Gainesville, N. Y. Mr. Walter Brainerd d.
Mrs. Minnie M. (Munroe) Brainerd d.
Children :

i. Nellie E., b. March 22, 1883, in Gainesville, N. Y.

ii. Harry, b. Feb. 4, 1886, in Gainesville, N. Y.

194. Jaiies Elisha' Brainerd (Philander", Elisha^, Stephen*,

Stephen^, DanieP, DanieV) of Gainesville, Wyoming Co.,
jST. Y.; m., March 22, 1871, in Gainesville, N. Y., Maria
Olive Wiseman, b. Aug. 18, 1854, in Gainesville, dau. of
Xoah and Helen Maria (Vorhees) Wiseman. He is a
farmer in Gainesville. He is a man whose amiable dispo-
sition and Christian character endears him to all. He has
been president of the Gainesville National Bank since its
organization Aug. 19, 1901. Mr. James Elisha Brainerd
d. Mrs. Maria Olive (Wiseman) Brain-

erd d.
Child :
244. i. ESTELLE Maria, b. Feb. 7, 1872, in Gainesville, N. Y.

195. Eachel Ann' Brainerd {Philander", ElishaP, Stephen*,

Stephen^, Daniel'-, DanicV-) of Gainesville, Wyoming Co.,
N. Y.; m., Jan. 1, 1874, Wm. Garrett Wiseman, b. Jan. 7,
1845. in Gainesville, N. Y., son of Noah and Helen Maria
(Vorhees) Wiseman. He is a farmer in Gainesville. Mrs.
Eachel Ann (Brainerd) Wiseman d. Mr.

Wm. Garrett Wiseman d.
Wiseman children:

i. .JiLiETTE, b. Dec. 20. 1876. in Gainesville, N. Y.

ii. Lexa Berdell, b. March 16, 1878, in Gainesville, N. Y.

1^'' Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

iii. Rettie Cajuli.a. h. Aug. 10. 1883, in Gainesville. X. Y. ; m.

Jan. 1, 1892. Mayne Fuller,
iv. Clara Ona, b. Oct. 23, 1884, in Gainesville, N. Y.

196. Augusta Jane' Br.\inerd {Pliilander''', Elisha^, Stephen*',

Stephen^, Daniel^. Daniel^) of Gainesville, Wyoming Co.,
N. Y.; m., Jan. 1, 1874, Edward Stamp, b. May 20, 1853,
in Perry, Wyoming Co., IST. Y., son of William and Sarah
( Pinner) Stamp, of England. He is a merchant in Gaines-
ville. He enlisted in 186—, in the 130th Eegt. of N. Y.
Volunteers, or 1st N. Y. Dragoons, serving three years.
Mrs. Augusta Jane (Brainerd) Stamp d. May 10, 1887, ae.
31 yrs., 4 mos., 16 ds. He m. (2), Feb. 33,"l888, Clarissa
(Michael) Brainerd, widow of Wilbur Elisha Brainerd.
Mrs. Clarissa (Michael) (Brainerd) Stamp d.
Mr. Edward Stamp d.

Stamp children :
i. Myrtie Adell, b. Sept. 18, 187G, in Gainesville, N. Y.
ii. Elmer J.\y, b. May 12, 1879, in Gainesville, N. Y.; d. March

16, 1899.
iii. Irmie, b. Sept. 5, 1883, in Gainesville. N. Y.

197. Nellie Octava" Br-\inerd {Philander^, Elisha^, Stephen'^,

Stephen^, Daniel-, Daniel^) of Gainesville, Wyoming Co.,
N. Y.; m.. Dec. 18, 1878, John Henry Beauniont, b. Dec.
7. 1853, son of AVilliam and Martha (Cockill) Beaumont.
He is a farmer in' Gainesville. Mrs. Nellie Octava (Brain-
erd) Beaumont d. Mr. John Henry Beau-
mont d.

Beaumont child :
i. A child, b. April 8. 1887, in Gainesville, N. Y.; d. April 11,

198. Elizabeth Is.ibelle' Brainerd (David Daif, David^, Ste-

phen*, Stephen", Daniel", Daniel*) of Clarendon, Calhoun
Co., Mich. : m., (bv Elder Harny Limbacker, pastor of the
Baptist Church) Nov. 18, 1876, James M. Hyde, b. Dec.
28, 1853, in Lyneda, Marion Co., Ohio, son of Eussell B.
and Anna B. ( ) Hyde. He was a farmer in

Clarendon. He afterward resided in Newberry Co., Mich.
Mrs. Elizabeth Isabelle (Brainerd) Hyde d.
Mr. James M. Hyde d.
Hyde children:

i. Eva May, b. May 31, 1879, in Clarendon, Mich.

ii. William Evart", b. March 20, 1881, in Clarendon, Mich.; d.
June 24, 1885. ae. 4 yrs.. 3 mos.. 4 ds.. in Ashland, Mich.

iii. Worthy Franklik, b. Dec. 4. 1882. in Litchfield, Mich.

iv. Minnie Elverty. b. Oct. 27, 1884, in Litchfield, Mich.

v. Walter Lewis, b. Au^. 28, 188G, in Ashland, Mich.

vi. Warren, b. 1890, in Ashland, Mich.

199. Eva Clarilla" Br-^inerd {David Day^, David°, Stephen*,

Stephen^, Daniel-, Daniel*) of Clarendon, Calhoun Co.,

Seventh Generation. 1^7

Mich. : m.. Feb. 22, 1871, Edwin Fentou, b.

Mrs. Eva Clarilla (Brainerd) Fenton d. Xov. 14. 1872, in

Clarendon, Mich. Mr. Edwin Fenton d.

Fenton child :
i. Theodore, b. Nov. 1-1, 1872, in Clarendon, Jlicli.

200. Adaline LakPuETTa^ Bbaineed {David Bmf, David^, Ste-

phen*', Stephen^, Daniel^, Daniel^) of Clarendon, Calhoun
Co., Mich. ; m. Nov. 27, 1877, James Troop, Jr., b. Feb. 22,
1859, son of James and Susanna (Frost) Troop. He is a
farmer in Clarendon, Mich. Mrs. Adaline Larretta (Brain-
erd) Troop d. July 13, 1902. Mr. James Troop, Jr., d.

Troop children :
i. Beetiia M., b. July 13, 1879, in Clarendon, Midi.: ni. Sept. 28.

1898, Alva Sweet. Ch. : 1. A son, b. July 30, 1900.
ii. Livonia M., b. Nov. 3. 1881, in Clarendon, Mich.; m. Feb. 10,

1900, Roy Butler,
iii. Dick, b. July 13, 1902, in Clarendon, Mich.

201 . ]\Iyla Malinda' Braineiu) {David Daif, David^, Stephen*,

Stephen^, Daniel", Daniel'-) of Clarendon, Calhoun Co.,
Mich.; m. (bj^ Elder Paddock, pastor of the Methodist
Episcopal Church in Clarendon, Mich.), May 1, 1881,
James Holden, b. Feb. G, 1851. son of Moses and Pollv
(Polley) Holden of Pulaski, Hillsdale Co., Mich. He is a

farmer in Clarendon, Mich. Mr. James Holden d. .

Mrs. Myla Malinda (Brainerd) Holden d.

Holden children :
i. Claud Lester, b. March 20, 1883, in Litchfield, jMich.
ii. IvA Bell, b. Aug. 14, 1887, in Clarendon, Mich.

202. Adelvia Phtlista'' Brainaed (Orrin William^, David',

Stephen* J Stephen^, Daniel-, Daniel') of Clarendon, Cal-
houn Co., Mich.; m. (by Elder Holt, of Hillsdale, Mich.).
April 28, 1869, David Henrj- Janes, b. Sept. 10, 1844, in .
Homer, Mich., son of Piobert and Elmira (Jenkins) Janes
of Homer. Calhoun Co., Mich. He is a farmer in Homer.
Mich. Mrs. Adelvia Phylista (Brainard) Janes d.
Mr. David Henry Janes d.

Janes children:
i. Frank Vernon, b. ilavcli IS, 1877. in Clarendon, Mich.; d.

Jan. 17, 1878.
ii. Clifford Lavebn, b. Jan. 21. 1S79, in Chuendon, Mich.

203. Alice Elnora' Braixard {Orrin William''', David", Ste-

phen*, Stephen^, Daniel-, DanieP) of Clarendon, Calhoun
Co.. Mich.; m. (by Elder Copp, pastor of the Baptist
Church and Professor in the Hillsdale College), Feb. 10,
1875, Chas. John H\imphrey of Eckford, Mich., b. Oct. 6,
1852, son of Mark and Hittie (Henshaw) Humphrey. He

148 Brainercl-Brainard Genealogy.

is a farmer in Homer, Calhoun Co., Mich. Mr. Charles
John Humphrey cl. Mrs. Alice Elnora (Brain-

ard) Humphrey cl.

Humphrey children :

204. Frank Willis" Beainaed {Orrin William'', Davicl^, Ste-

phen*', Stephen^. Daniel-, DanicV) of Clarendon, Calhoun
Co., Mich.; m. March 31, 1878, Lillie Belle Waterman, b.
Feb. 3, 1859, in Homer, Mich., dau. of Bradley and Ann K.
(Wilbur) Waterman of Homer, Mich. He is a mechanic
employed in the Gale Mfg. Co. of Albion, Mich., where he
resided (1891). Mr. Frank AVillis Brainard d.
Mrs. Lillie Belle (Waterman) Brainard d.

Children :

i. Oreix, b. March i. 18S1. in Claieiidon, Mich.

ii. Lena, b. Dec. 10, 18SG, in Clarendon, Mich.; d. April 7. 1887.

iii. Fred, b. July 6, 1888, in Clarendon, Mch.

205. Amaziah' Braineed {William'^, ]Yilliani'% William*, Ste-

phen^, Daniel^, Daniel'-) of Hartford, Hartford Co., Conn.;
m., July 10, 1883, Alice Lavon Culverhouse, b. July 9, 1858,
in Rockville, Conn., clau. of S^oah and Fannie Maria
(Wicks) Culverhouse of the same place. Her parents were
born in Trowbridge, AViltshire, England, and with their
parents came to this country when they were but a few years
old. He was several winters a school teacher. He after-
wards published directories of several towns in the vicinity
of Hartford, Conn. He was many 3'ears treasurer of the
Hartford Paper Co.. located in Poquonock, Conn., with
office in Hartford. He is now president and treasurer of
the company, with his office in Poquonock. Mr. Amaziah
Brainerd d.

Children :
i. Cliftox CiLVERHOL'SE. b. J;\n. 12. 188.5. in Hartford, Conn.
He graduated from Trinity College, Hartford, in the class
of 1906. He is a musician, an organist, and a tutor in
ii.' Alice Louise, b. June 21, 1888, in Hartford, Conn. She grad-
uated from the Hartford Public High School in the class
of 1906 and is tutoring.

206. James Xelsox' Beaineed {William'', William^, William*,

Stephen^, Daniel-, Daniel'-) of Westchester Soc, town of
Colchester, New London Co., Conn. ; m., Jan. 3, 1872, Jane
E. White, b. dau. of Charles and Diana (Kel-

logg) AVhite, of Hebron, Conn. He was a fanner in Heb-
ron. He was justice of the peace in 1878 and 1879. Mr.
James Nelson Brainerd d. Dec. 15, 1880, aged 33 years, 2

Seventh Generation. 14*^

ms., 6 dtf. She m. (2). July 10, 1883, Edward Bassett* of
Hebron, where she resides.

No children.

207. Leverett" Beainerd {William''', William^, William^, Ste-

phen^, Daniel", Daniel'^) of Westchester Soc, town of Col-
chester, New London Co., Conn.; m., April 16, 1871, Jennie
Ellen Eogers, b. July 20, 1854, in Westchester, dau. of Sher-
man and Almira (Emmons) Rogers of Westchester, Conn.
He was a farmer in that place. He was on the board of re-
lief in 1885. Mr. Leverett Brainerd d.

Child :
i. William Sherman, b. June 30, 1SS4. in Westchester, Conn.
He was (1905) in Boston, Mass.

208. Leora'' Beainerd {Asa'^, William^, }Yilliam*, Stephen^, Dan-

iel-, Daniel^) of AVestchester Soc, town of Colchester, New
London Co., Conn.; m., Aug. 30, 1870, William Porter
Adams, b. Sept. 4, 1844, in Westchester, son of Dea. Wil-
liam and Jerusha (Strong) Adams of the same place. He
was treasurer of the Colchester Creamery Company
(1890). He was a teacher many years. He is a farmer
and insurance agent living in Westchester. Mrs. Leora
(Brainerd) x^dams d.

^ Adams children :

i. William Edward, b. Sept. 12, 1875, in Westchester, Conn. He
graduated from Wesleyan College, Middletowii, Conn., in
1901. He is in business in Poughkeepsie, N. Y. (1907).
ii. SrSAX Mart, b. April 28, 1877, in Westchester, Conn. She
graduated from Wesleyan College, IMiddletown, Conn., in
1901, and has taught in the High School, Unionville, Conn.,
was (1905) in Westport, Conn. She m. July 11, 1907,
Frederick Henry Wetherby.

209. Corinne' Brainerd (Asa^, WilUam^, William*, Stephen^,

Daniel", Daniel^) of Westchester Soc, town of Colchester.
New London Co., Conn. ; m., Aug. 3, 1887, Eev. Nathaniel
Fellows, pastor of the Methodist Episcopal Church in LjTin.
Mass., b. Nov. 19, 1828, in the town of Stonington, Conn.,
son of Eobert and Hannah (Williams) Fellows. He grad-
uated at Wesleyan College Middletown. He was a teacher,
then principal of Wilbraham Academy, Wilbraham, Mass.,
and served for several years as presiding elder of one of the
Methodist Episcopal conferences of Mass. She was many
years previous to her marriage a successful teacher in Conn,
and Mass. She was his second wife. Mrs. Corinne (Brain-
erd) Fellows d. Aug. , 1888, in Stockbridge, Mass. His
first wife of ]\Iary Antoinette Buell of Westchester. Conn.
Hem. (3) Addie'Reynolds. Eev. Nathaniel Fellows, D.D..

* The Kellogg genealogy calls him Edmond B. Bassett.

i"'0 Brain erd-Brainard Genealogy.

d. July 20, 1901, ae. 72 yrs., 8 mos., 1 d. One child by his
first marriage ; died young.

No children.

210. Lyman" Bushnell Brainerd (Asa''', Williain'^, ^Yilliam*,

Stepheti^, Daniel^, Daniel'-) of Hartford, Hartford Co.,
Conn.; m., Oct. 28, 1903. Lucy Morgan Brainard, h. Jan.
22, 1872, in Hartford, Conn., dau. of Leverett and Mary
Jerusha (BuUceley) Brainard of Hartford, Conn. He first
engaged with Anson F. Fowler, an insm-ance agent in ilid-
dletown. Conn., from March 27, 1876, to March 27, 1877,
and till the following spring, 1878, he was with J. C. Clark
& Co. of Cobalt, Conn. He then entered the employ of The
State Mutual Insurance Co. of Hartford, Conn., remaining
one year. In May. 1879, he entered the service of The Jersey
City Fire Insurance Co. in Jersey City, N. J., remaining
till Aug., 1886, when he engaged with The Equitable ^Mort-
gage Co. of New York City, continuing there till March.
1894, when he came to The Steam Boiler Inspection and
Insurance Co. of Hartford, Conn., where he was treasurer
of the company. July 13, 1904, he was elected president of
The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Com-
pany, retaining the office of treasurer. He is a director of
The Security Company, a trustee of The Society for Savings,
trustee of Hartford Theological Seminary, and chairman of
its executive committee. Lucy ^Morgan Brainard finished
her education at Miss Porter's school in Farmington, Cc»in.
He resides in Hartford, Conn. Mr. Lj-man Bushnell
Brainard d. Mrs. Lucy Morgan (Brain-

ard) Brainerd d.

Children :
i. Mart Leverett. b. Jan. 13. 190.5, in Hartford, Conn,
ii. Lyman Bushnell, b. Oct. 15, 1906, in Hartford, Conn.

21 1 . AsA^ Brainard (Asa^, William^, William^, Stephen^, Daniel-,

DanieV-) of Westchester Soc, town of Colchester. New Lon-
don Co., Conn.; m., May 10. 1900, Jennie Iowa Bailey, b.
Nov. 17, 1871, in Essex, Conn., dau. of Eoswell Leander
and Catherine Eebecca (Doane) Bailey of East Haddam.
Conn. He has been a school teacher, but now is a farmer
in Westchester. He has held town offices, and is a much-
respected citizen. He has been grand juror. Mr. A^i
Brainard d.

No children.

212. Charles' BR.\iXAia5 (Asa'^, WiUiant^, William*. Stephen^,

DanieP, Daniel^) of Middletown, Middlesex Co., Conn.;
m., Feb. 28, 1894, Lulu May Bidwell, b. May 4, 1864, in
Middletown, Conn., dau. of Capt. Elisha Fairchilds and

^^w* ^!^^^^H

Pi^^ .^^H


^^^^^^^^^^^■^^- ^^^^




Seventh Generation. 151

Anna Cecilia (Bailey) Bidwell. He is a shoe mercliaut
in Middletown. Mr. Charles Brainard d.

Children :
i. RoBEKT Bidwell, b. Feb. 7, 1896, in Middletown, Conn.
ii. A son, b. June 18, 1897, in Middletown, Conn,
iii. Lyman Btjell, b. Nov. 22, 1899, in Middletown, Conn,
iv. Haeley Edgab, b. March 10, 190.3, in Middletown, Conn.

213. Rosy Mekoa^ Bkainard {Samuel Newell^, William', ITi'Z-

ZmhiS Stephen'^, Daniel", Daniel^) of Westchester Soc,
town of Colchester, New London Co., Conn. ; m., Ma,y 30,
1877, Lucius Alonzo Carrier, b. March 3, 1850, in West-
chester, Conn., son of Frank and Polly (Jones) Carrier of
the same place. He was a farmer and merchant at the
Iron Works. Westchester. jMr. Lucius Alonzo Carrier d.
Dec. 22, 1878, aged 28 yrs., 9 nios., 9 ds. She m. (2), Dec.
17, 1884:, Manly Horatio Wickwire of Sheffield, Mass., b.
Sept. 1, 1834, in Warren, Litchfield Co., Conn., son of Alvin
Benjamin and Sally Miranda (Humiston) Wickwire. He
was a dealer in all kinds of domestic lumlDei', building and
ship timber, etc. He resided in Westchester, Conn. ; after-
ward in Berlin, Conn. They were divorced. Mrs. Eoxy
Meroa (Brainard) (Carrier) Wickwire d.
Carrier child by the first marriage :
i. LUCIU.S Aloxzo, b. March 11, 1878, in Westchester, Conn. He
was a booklceeper in the Royal Fire Insurance Company of
Hartford, Conn., then bookkeeper in the New Britain Knit-
ting Company of New Britain, Conn., and in 1905 was in the
employ of the American Paper Goods Co., Kensington,
Conn. He m., June 14, 1905, Lillian M. Jost of New
Britain, Conn., dan. of Gustav and Christine (Berg) Jost.
Her parents were German.

214. Samuel Newell' Brainerd (Samuel NeweW, William^ ll'i7-

Ztawi*, Stephen'^, Daniel'', Daniel'^) of Westchester Soc, town
of Colchester, New London Co., Conn. ; m., Nov. 20, 1879,
Nellie Belle Carrier, b. Aug. 28, 1858, in Westchester, dau.
of Frank and Polly (Jones) Carrier of the Iron Works,
Westchester, Conn. He was a merchant, insurance agent,
and farmer in N. Westchester, Conn. He was a member
of the board of relief in Westchester in 1891. He was tax
collector in Colchester three years and assessor and on the
board of relief for the same length of time. He was prin-
cipal of the Union school in East Hampton, Conn., in 1892
and 1893 ; was principal of the graded school in East Hart-
ford for two years. He was in the real estate business in
that place. In 1904 he had an office in Hartford. He
is a member of Patriot Council, No. 45, 0. TJ. A. M., of
East Hampton, having formerly been a member of the
Colchester Lodge, A. 0. U. W. :Mr. Samuel Newell
Brainerd d.

Children :
i. Albert Serexo, b. June 2, 1882, in Westchester, Conn.

152 Brainercl-Brainard Genealogy.

ii. Frank Samuel, b. March 6, 1889, in Westchester, Conn,
iii. Sydnie Carrier,* b. May 17. 1898, in East Hartford. Conn,
iv. Stanley Newell, b. Jan. 30, 1900, in East Hartford.

214 a. Stephen Day' Brainard (Samuel NeweW, William^,
William*, Stephen^, Daniel-, Dan.ieV-) of Westchester Soc,
town of Colchester. New London Co., Conn. ; m., Nov. 9,
1907, Alice Moore (Hefflon) Lycette, b. July 18, 1870, in
East Haddam, Conn., dan. of Henry N. and Elizabeth
(Cooper) Hefflon of the same place, and widow of Willis
Elden Lycette of that place. He is a farmer in West-
chester, Conn. He is six feet and three inches tall, the
tallest one in the Brainard family I know of. Mr. Stephen
Day Brainard d.
No children.

215. Charlotte Fidelia" Braixei!D {Samuel NeweP, William^,

Williatn'', Stephen", Daniel", Daniel^) of Westchester Soc,
town of Colchester, New London Co., Conn.; m., June 15,
1892, Edward Everett Swan, b. Sept. 19, 1855, in Milling-
ton Soc, iovm of East Haddam, Middlesex Co., Conn., son
of Rufus Wheeler and Mary Anderson (Cone) Swan of the
same place. He is a farmer in East Haddam. Mrs. Char-
lotte Fidelia (Brainerd) Swan d.
No children.

216. :\rART A.'^ Brainerd (William G.\ Elijah^ William^ Ste-

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