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phen", DanieP, Daniel^) of Poolville. Madison Co., N. Y. ;
m., Jan. 26, 1858 (by Eev. C. E. Hewes), Chas. S. Pierson,
b. Oct. 28, 1830, son of Abele and Ruth (Spencer) Pierson.
He lived in Poolville, N. Y. Mrs. Mary A. (Brainerd)
Pierson d. Feb. 5, 1869, aged 33 yrs., 9 mos., 14 ds. Mr.
Chas. S. Pierson d.

Pierson children:

i. Ernestine M., b. M.av 31, 1S61, in Poolville. X. Y.; d. Dee.

13, 1866.
ii. Fkank M., b. April 25, 1865, in Poolville, N. Y. : d. Dee. 15.

iii. Henry H., b. Dec. 12, 1868, in Poolville, N. Y.

Lines on the death of Francis R. Lyman, Acting Assistant
Surgeon, U. S. A., formerly of Sherburne, N. Y., who died,
while in discharge of his duties, at Harwood Hospital,
Washington, D. C, Nov. 1862.

Gone from thy childhood's home,
The liills and vales around thy place of birth
So loved for home has charm o'er all the earth,
Tlie friends who mingled with thy happy youth.
But more than all, those liearts of changeless truth
Tliy parents, oil! the thought is one of pain
That thou may'st never come to them again.

Beneath this earthly dome.

* The name given to the town clerk was Adna Carrier. The present
name indicates a change of name by the parents, who gave the record.

Seventh Generation. 153

Gone to thy quiet rest —
But not like thousands of our brothers brave,
Cut down by murderous blades to unlaio\vn graves.
Their bodies left to lie 'neath Southern skies.
No kind friend near to catch their parting sighs,
To smooth the locks a mother's hand hath stroked,
And soothe with tender words the heart nigh broke,

At thoughts of home so blest.

But while he sought to bind
The wounds just made by war's strong hand so red
And give the healing balm to those who bled.
Disease had marked him for its victim there
And paled the cheeks and brow so young and fair;
Thus ends the earth life, all his hopes are o'er
But Heaven has welcomed him to that bright shore.

And God is always kind.

Gone from thy cherished one
Whose tears are falliiig for the cruel doom.
That summoned him thus early to the tomb,
For he had chosen her to cheer his way,
Along the varied scenes of Life's young day.
Now God be with her' — heal the breaking heart —
And point her to the home where friends ne'er part

When earthly life is done.

Ah yes, Fi-ank's living still.
Living in hearts that Icnew his virtues well,
Living in memories that ever dwell
To bless us, though our dear ones leave our arras.
And earth seems dark and full of grief's alarms;
Faith points us to the World that never fails.
To mansions where no parting word assails

The heart with grief to fill.

Marv A. (Brainerd) Pierson.
Poolville, Nov. 28th, 1862"

217. HxKAii E.' Be-UNERD (William G.^ Elijah^, William*, Ste-

phen", Daniel-, Daniel'^) of Poolville, Madison Co., ?>r. Y. ;
m. (bv Eev. A. H. Marshall), Jan. 27, 1863, William E.
WebsVer, b. Jan. 18, 1840, son of Madison H. and Harriet
(Wilcox) Webster. He lived in Poolville, N. Y., a number
of years, then moved to Allegan Co., Mich., where he kept
a meat market. Mr. William R. Webster d. July 2, 1880,
ae. 39 yrs., 5 mos., 14 ds. Mrs. Sarah E. (Brainerd)
Webster d.

Webster children:
i. MORDAUNT M., b. Dec. 17, 1868, in Poolville, N. Y. Clerk in

a store.
ii. Melvina M., b. Sept. 10, 1809, in Poolville, N. Y. Clerk in

a store.

218. Floyd L.^ Bb-\inekd (Elijah^, Elijah'', William*, Stephen^.

Daniel-, Daniel'^) of East Hamilton, Madison Co., N. Y. ;
ra., Jan. 8, 1868, Clara Sawdy, b. July 20, 1834, dau. of
Frederick and Euth (Waite) Sawdy. He lived in Utica
N. Y. (1891). Mr. Floyd L. Brainerd d.
No children.

D — 11

154 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

219. Everett' Braineed {Elijah''', Elijah^, WilUuin*. Stephen^,

DanieP, Daniel^) of East Hamilton, Madison Co., X. Y. ;
m., Jan. 1, 1863, Emily Wells, b. March 25, 1843, dau. of
Hiram and Lucy Ann (Beach) Wells. He was a farmer iu
Poolville, N. Y. Mr. Everett Brainerd d. Xov. 22, 1880,
ae. 39 yrs., 7 ds. She m. (2), Dec. 14, 1886, Omri Willey,
son of Jeremiah and Hannah (Staples) Willev. Mrs.
Emily (Wells) (Brainerd) Willey d.
No children.

220. Charloise William" Brainerd {Elijah'^, Elijah'', William*,

Stephen^, Daniel^, DanieV) of East Hamilton, Madison
Co., N. Y.; m., Feb. 25, 1874, Letitia Cushman, b. Sept.
20, 1841, dau. of Benjamin and Emily (Emory) Cushman.
He was a merchant and farmer in Poolville, X. Y., after-
ward a merchant in Earlville, X". Y., where he had lived
many years. He had a strong manly nature that was never
marred by lack of integrity or just dealings with all men,
and his death means a loss to tlie business interests of the
place. Mrs. Letitia (Cushman) Brainerd d. Dec. 11,
1896, ae. 55 vrs., 2 mos., 20 ds. Mr. Charloise William
Brainerd d. Mch. 20, 1900, in Earlville.
Xo children.

221. Marcia L.' Brainerd {Oliver Duif, Ezrw', William*, Sle-

phen^, Daniel'^, Daniel^) of East Hamilton, Madison Co..
X. Y.; m., Oct. 21, 1863, Anson C. Brooks, b. Sept. 12,
1842, son of Nelson and Emma (Kansom) Brooks. He is
a farmer in Poolville, N. Y. In his earlier years he was a
successful teacher. Mrs. Marcia L. (Brainerd) Brooks d.
Brooks children:
i. Axsox Newtox. b. May 12, 18UG, in East Hainilloii. X. Y.; d.

April 5, 1872.
ij. Emma Eliza, b. April 3, 1868, in East Hamilton. X. Y.; d.

Xov. 23, 1882, while a student in Sherburne. X. Y.
iii. Anna Louisa, b. Oct. 1, 1873, in East Hamilton, X*. Y.; m.
Dec. 19, 1895, Frank O. Bronson, b. July 4, 1873, son of
Judson and Flora (Williams) Bronson of Poolville, X'. \'.
He is a farmer,
iv. Clarence Brainerd, b. June 22, 1875. in East Hamilton. X.
Y'.; m. Feb. 18, 1901, Agnes Frances McCabe, dau. of John
and CatharjTi McCabe.

222. Ezra Seymour' Br^vinard {Diudatc", Ezra"-, William*, Ste-

phen^, DanieF, Daniel^) of Hubbardsville, Madison Co.,
X. Y.; m., Oct. 25, 1871, in Sangerfield, X. Y., Emma
Jane Berry, b. May 4, 1853, or '54, dau. of Alphonzo Eaton
and Maria (Clark) Berry of New Berlin, X". Y. He was a
farmer and lived at Stockwell, Oneida Co., X". Y. ]Mr.
Ezra Seymour Brainard d. Feb. 24, 1883, or Dec. 10, 1884,
ae. 33 yrs. j\lrs. Emma Jane (Berry) Brainard d.
245. i. Clark M., b. Oct. 28, 1872, in Stockwell, X. Y.

Seventh Generation. 155

223. Oliver Day' Braineed {Diodate^, Ezra?, William*, Ste-

phen^, Daniel', DanieV) of Hubbardsville, Madison Co., N.
Y.; m. Feb., 1881, Ettie Lewis, b. July 20, 1857, dau. of
W. E. and Susan (Brown) Lewis of Sherburne, N. Y. He
is a fanner m Hubbardsville, N. Y. Mr. Oliver Day
Brainerd d.

Children :
i. Lewis Ezr.\. b. Sept. 13, 1885. in Hubbardsville. X. Y.
ii. Olive C, b. Feb. 27, 1889, in Hubbardsville, N. Y.

224. Olive Ann' Braineed {Dioclate'', Ezra^, William*, Stephen?,

Daniel-, Daniel^) of Hubbardsville, Madison Co., N. Y. ;
m. Jiine 1, 1876, De Alton Clark, b. Dec. 10, 1853, son of
Franklin and Louisa (Crandall) Clark. Mrs. Olive Ann
(Brainerd) Clark d.

Clark children :

i. C'LABA, b. Oct. 8, 1879; d. Sept. 25, 1890.
ii. Amy, b. Sept. 11,, 1886.

225. M.4RY Lydia' Brainard {Leveretf-, AmaziaJi'% William*,

Stephen^, Daniel-, DanieV-) of Hartford, Hartford Co.,
Conn.; m., June 5, 1894, Charles Cheney, b. June 7, 1866,
in Hartford, Conn., son of Frank Woodbridge and Mary
(Bushnell) Cheney of Manchester, Conn., and grandson
of the late Rev. Dr. Bushnell of Hartford, Conn. He is
a silk manufacturer, living at South Manchester, Conn.
Mrs. Mary Lydia (Brainard) Cheney d. Jan. 11, 1900, ae.
32 yrs., 1 nio., 27 ds. Her gentle life has passed away ere
the shadows of the sunset of life had been permitted to
gather around her, and has overwhelmed those nearest and
dearest to her with inexpressible sorrow and grief. Amia-
ble and lovable in disposition, courteous to all, enthusiastic
and earnest in fulfilling her duties and obligations, a
favorite among her young friends, she was called in early
womanhood to yield up her life and exchange the attrae-
tion.s of her earthly home for the blessedness of her heavenly

The following article by Rev. Dr. E. P. Parker of this city

appeared in The Hartford Courant:
To the Editor of The Courant:
You ask me for a few words concerning the departure of Mrs. Mary

(Brainard) Cheney; I cannot say what should be said, or what I

would say, but it would be ungracious, perhaps, to deny your

" How is the strong staff broken," we said among ourselves But a few

days since ; and now we must add, " and the beautiful rod ! "
Of ^\ard Cheney* and of Mrs. Charles Cheney we may say in the

language of the ancient lamentation, " They were lovely and

pleasant in their lives, and in their death they were not divided."

* Ward Cheney was her brother-in-law, a brother of Charles Cheney.
He died in the Philippines about the same time that Mrs. M. L. Cheney
died, he having gone out there as a soldier in the United States Army.

156 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

He was gentle, faithful, good, and wore the flower of chivalrous man-

She was "gentle, faithful, good, and wore the rose of womanhood."

They have both been taken hence in the flower of life, and upon their
past " hath fallen a light which tempts us to adore."

I am quoting freely, and I must quote further, using choicer words
than I can coin to express these values.

If your readers would have before them a good description of Ward
Cheney, let them find out and read Wordsworth's noble poem en-
titled "Character of the Happy Warrior," beginning:
" Who is the happy warrior ? Who is he ?
That every man in arms would wish to be? "

It is too long to be quoted here, but in it. as in a mirror, are reflected
the characteristics of that dear soul.

In the twelfth book of Wordsworth's " Prelude " are^lines which 1
may quote, which seem to me to well describe the beautiful and
lovely woman who has so closely followed her brother-in-law into
the silent Land :

" Her eye was not the mistress of her heart.
Far less did rules prescribed by passive taste.
Of barren intermeddling subtleties.
Perplex her mind; but, wise as women are
When genial circumstance hath favored them.
She welcomed what was given, and craved no more.
\Vhate'er the scene presented to her view.
That was the best, to that she was attuned
By her benign simplicity of life.
Birds in the bower, and lambs in the green field.
Could they have known her, would have loved : . . .
Her very presence such a sweetness breathed.
That flowers, and trees, and even the silent hills.
And everything she looked on, should have had
An intimation how she bore herself
Towards them and to all creatures. God delights
In such a being: for her common thoughts
Are piety, her life is gratitude."

These few words — so much better than any I could frame — I oflter,
in love of her who has gone to make the distant Heaven nearer
and more homelike to us here, and in gratitude to God who feeds
our hearts for his own service, and shows us, in our sorrows, some
" sublime attractions of the grave."

One single thought more I venture to express. In the deep shadow
that has fallen around us. and in the great mystery of the dispen-
sation in which we grope, it becomes us, if only loyal to the
memory of these two dear souls, to consider their departure from
us in the light of that Christian faith and hope in which they both
lived and died, and which crowned the loveliness of their lives.
Edwin P. Parker.

He m. (2), Dec. 23, 1902, in San Francisco, Cal., Mary Elea-
nore de Freyne Bell, dau. of John Stewart Bell, of Los
Alamos, Cal. Mr. Charles Cheney d.

Cheney children :
i. A son, b. June 2, 189.5. in South Manchester, Conn. ; d. ae. a

few hours.
ii. Marion, b. Sept. 18. 1897, in South Manchester, Conn,
iii. Ward, b. Nov. 3, 1899, in South Manchester, Conn.

226. Lucy Morgan'' Brainaed {LevereW, Amaziah^, William*,
Stephen^, Daniel-, DanieV) of Hartford, Hartford Co.,
Conn.; m., Oct. 28, 1903, Lyman Bushnell Brainerd, b.

Seventh Generation. 157

March 27, 1856, in Westchester parish, town of Colchester,
New London Co., Conn., son of Asa and Susan Elizabeth
(Biiell) Brainerd of the same place. He first engaged with
Anson F. Fowler, an insurance agent in Middletown, Conn.,
from March 27, 1876, to March 27, 1877, and till the follow-
ing spring, 1878, he was with J. C. Clark & Co., of Cobalt,
Conn. He then entered the emploj' of the State Mutual
Insurance Co. of Hartford, Conn., remaining one year.
In Ma}', 1879, he entered tlie service of The Jersey City Fire
Insui-ance Co. in Jersey City, N. J., remaining till Aug.,
1886, when he engaged with The Equitable Mortgage Co.
of New York city, continuing there till March 2, 1891:,
when he came to The Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance
Co. of Hartford, Conn., where he was treasurer of the com-
pany. July 13, 1901, he was elected president of The Hart-
ford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Co., retaining
the office of treasurer. He is a director of The Security Co..
a trustee of the Society for Savings, a ti-ustee of Hartford
Theological Seminar}-, and chairman of its executive com-

■ mitteo. Lucy Morgan Brainard finished her education at
Miss Porter's school in Farmington, Conn. Mrs. Lucy
Morgan (Brainard) Brainerd d. Mr. Ljanan Bushnell
Brainerd d.
Brainerd children:

i. Mary Leverett, b. .Jan. 13, 190.5, in Hartford, Conn.

ii. Lyman Bushnell, b. Oct. 15, 1906, in Hartford, Conn.

227. ]MoKGAN BuLKEtET' Brainaed {LevereW, Amaziah^, Wil-
liani^j Stephen^, DcuiieF, DmiieV-) of Hartford, Hartford
Co., Conn.; m., April 27, 1905, Eleanor Stewart Moffat,
b. Oct. 1, 1883, in Scrauton, Pa., dau. of Edward Stew-
art and Anna Eobson (McCartney) Moffat of Scrauton,
Pa. Her ancestors on both sides of the house were of
Scotch descent. He graduated at the Hartford Public
High School in 1896, at Yale College in the class of 1900,
and at the Yale Law School in 1903. He then entered
the law office of Sperry & McLean of Hartford, Conn.,
where he remained two years. He was (1905) treasurer
of the iEtna Life Insurance Company. He resides in
Hartford. ]\Ir. Morgan Bulkeley Brainard d.

Children :
i. Morgan Bulkeley, b. Mcli. 17, 1906, in Hartford, Conn,
ii. Charles Edwin, b. July 17, 1907, in Hartford, Conn.

227 a. Edith Hollister' Bkainaed {LevereW, Amaziah^, ^¥il-
liam*, Stephen?, DanicP, Daniel^) of Hartford, Hartford
Co., Conn.; m., Oct. 30, 1907, John Hem-y Kelso Davis,
b. Sept. 17, 1875, in West Point, N. Y., son of John Moore
Kelso and Fanny (Sawyer) Davis, of New London, N. H.
He is treasurer of the Taylor & Fenn Co.. of Hartford.
He resides in Hartford. Mrs. Edith Hollister (Brainerd)
Davis d.
No children.

158 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

228. William Orein' Brainerd {William'^, Bezdleel', Bezaleel*,

BezaleeP, Daniel-, Daniel^) of East Haddam, Middlesex
Co., Conn. ; m., Oct. 9, 1851, Laura Almira Huntington,
b. Aug. 11, 1826, in Middlefield. N". Y., dau. of Dea. Samuel
and Genette (Gates) Huntington of the same place. He
was a farmer in East Haddam. He was elected deacon
of the Congregational Church in 1871, an office he held dur-
ing life. He was a kind neighbor and a respected citizen.
Mr. William Orrin Brainerd d. Jan. 19, 1896, ae. 66 yrs.,
8 mos., 2-1 ds. Mrs. Laura Almira (Huntington) Brain-
erd d. Nov. 1. 1907. in East Haddam. ae. 81 vrs.. 2 mos.,
17 ds.
Child :
246. i. Mart Almira, b. Jan. 17, 1853, in East Haddam, Conn.

229. Frances C Brainerd {Ira", Daniel Adams^, Daniel'^, Beza-

leel^, DanieP, Daniel^) of East Hamilton, Madison Co.,
N. Y.; m., June 7, 1865, Henry Clay Ackley, b. Nov. 9,
1842, son of Joseph Knelan and Caroline (Wells) Ackley of
East Hamilton, N. Y. He lived in Waterville, N. Y., and
was a hop dealer. He lived (1905) in East Hamilton, N.
Y.. and is an extensive farmer, hop grower, and hop
dealer. Mrs. Frances C. (Brainerd) Ackley d.
Ackley child :
i. Carrie A., b. Dec. 1.5. 1867, in Waterville, X. Y.; d. Dec. 17,

230. Daniel A." Brainerd {Ira''', Daniel Adams'", Daniel*, Bezar

leeP. DanieP, Daniel^) of East Hamilton, Madison Co.,
-N. Y.; m. May 17, 1865, Martha E. Grumman, b. July 11,
1848, in Clinton, N. Y., dau. of Edwin and Jerusha (Gran-
nis) Grumman of the same place. He moved to Fremont,
Neb., and was a fanner. 5Ir. Daniel A. Brainerd d. Oct.
1, 1874, in Fremont, Neli. She m. (2). C. E. Greene, and
lives in TJtica, N. Y. Mrs. Martha E. (Grumman) (Brain-
erd) Greene d.
Children :

i. EiiA L.. b. Sept. 29, 18fi7, in Fremont, Neb.; d. Aug. 12, 1869.

ii. Lofis D., b. April 12, 1870, in Fremont, Neb.

231. Ira Dewane' Brainerd {Ira". Daniel Adams^, Daniel*,

BezaleeV, DanieP. DanieP) of East Hamilton, Madison
Co.. N. Y.; m., Nov. 10, 1870, Mary Genevie Greene, b.
Aug. 21, 1847, in Hubbardsville. N. Y., dau. of Charles
and Jane (Hubbard) Greene of the same place. He was
educated at Clinton Liljeral Institute, Clinton, N. Y. He is
a fanner and hop raiser, and an extensive dealer in hops,
living in Waterville, N. Y. Mr. Ira Dewane Brainerd d.
Children :
247. i. Charles Greene, b. July 31, 1874, in Waterville. X. Y.

ii. George Dewane, b. Oct. 5, 1878, in Waterville, N. Y.; d.

.June 11. 1888.
ill. Daniel Adam.s. b. April 13, 1884, in Waterville, N. Y.; d.
Feb. 28. 189.5.



Seventh Generation. 159

232. Emma Irene' Br.4.inerd (Zra", Daniel Adams'^, DanieP,

Bezaleel^j Daniel'-, DanieP) of East Hamilton, Madisou Co.,
N. Y.; m., Nov. 24, 1870, A. Eugene Hotchkiss, b. May 4,
1846, son of Jary and Fannie (Koberts) Hotchkiss. He
is a photographer in Norwich, N. Y. Mrs. Emma Irene
(Brainerd) Hotchkiss of Norwich, N. Y., d. Sept. 13, 1898.
Mr. A. Eugene Hotchkiss d.
Hotchkiss child:
i. Stella A., b. April 19, 1874, in Waterville, N. y.

233. Charles Nelson" Brainerd {Nelson^, Samuel Dimmicl:^,

Daniel^, BezaleeP, Daniel^, Daniel^) of Addison, Addison
Co., Vt. ; m., May 1, 1871, in San Juan. ( 'al.. Martha Eliza-
beth Misley, b. Feb. 15, 1852, in '\Vis.(.ii<m. ,lau. of Chris-
tian and Frances Ellen (Looey) Misley. He lived (1890)
in Alleghany, Sierra Co., Cal. He is a gold miner. Mr.
Charles Nelson Brainerd d.
Children :

i. Charles Gray.sox, b. May 25, 1872, in Alleghany, Cal.

ii. George Herbert, b. Aug. 17, 1876, in Alleghany, Cal.

234. .Tank ('.■ T.iiaixkimi i\,]s„,r\ Snmurl DnnwuV' . Daniel*,

J!r:rlrrl\ p.nnrl^. Dmiirl') nf A.l.lis,,n Co., vt.;
m.. Aug.. is.-,;. Mar.nii- Lalawttc (in,„l,.. I,. F,!,. v'3, 1837,
son of John and Lucy (Maston) Goode, near Cotoose
Springs, Ga. They went to his father's home in North
Carolina in 1858. He en. in 1861 and was wounded in
the CItII War and d. at Chester Hospital, Pa. She m.
(2), Samuel Young, b. Nov. 2, 1823,

son of James and Elizabeth (Gill) Young of Cleveland
Co., N. C. He lives in Mooresboro, N. C. She lived
with her aiint, Mrs. Granger, in Vermont. She was edu-
cated at Castleton Seminary in Castleton, Vt., graduating in
1856, then went to Georgia as a governess. Mr. Samuel
Young d. Mrs. Jane "C. (Brainerd) (Goode)

Young d.
Goodo children by the first marriage :
i. Charles Granger, b. Sept. 4. 1858. in iloilinn Co., Tenn. ; m.
.Jan. 14. 1877. -Jane Beason. b. April 20, 1853, dau. of
Robert and Sally (Rupp) Beason. Ch.: 1. Gertie, b. Nov.
.30, 1877. 2. JNIartha. b. Dec. 21. 1879. 3. Daisy, b. Sept.
27. 1881. 4. Brainerd, b. Dec. 5, 1883. 5. Cora Lee, b.
Oct. 13. 1885. 6. Clarence, b. Oct. 5. 1887.
ii. Clarence Lafayette, b. April 13, 1863, in Rutherford Co.,
N. C.
Young children by the second marriage:
iii. BL.'VNCn E.. b. May 25, 1871. in Mooresboro, N. C.
iv. Molly Cutly, b. April 13, 1878, in IMooresboro, N. C.

235. George' Brainerd (Gmrcjc'''. Eimrh S.^, Enoch*, BezaleeP,

Daniel^, DanieP) of Ch mImihI. Cuyahoga Co., Ohio; m.

, Olive Taiiitdr v\' CoUamee, Ohio, b.
Mr. George Brainerd d. in the army, . Mrs.

Olive (Taintor) Brainerd d. soon after.
No children.

Braine rd-B ra in a rd Genealogy.


236. Alfred Franklin* Braixard (William Augustus', Jere-

miah Gates'^ J DanieV, Daniel^, Daniel^, DanieV, DanieP)
of Omaha, Dakota Co., Neb. ; m., Jan. 23, 1872, Jane
Hess, b. May 1, 1853, near Congress, Ohio, dan. of Reed
and Eliza Anne (Caltrider) Hess. He is a railroad con-
tractor living at Omaha, Xel>. Mr. Alfred Franklin Brain-
ard d.

Children :
24S. i. Effie JIay or JIae, b. Oct. 1, 18V2, near Casey, Iowa,
ii. EsTELLA, b. Sept. 4, 1874. near Casey, Iowa,
iii. LiDA or Eliza Ja>e, b. Jan. 9, 1377, near Casey, Iowa. She is

a teacher,
iv. William Fraxklix. b. April 11. 1S80. near Casev, Iowa.
V. A son, b. July 13, 1887; d. tlie same day.

237. William De Loss* Braineed {William Augustus', Jere-

miah Gates'^, Daniel', Daniel*, Daniel"^, Daniel-, DanieV)

of Adair, Adair Co., Iowa ; m..

He is a farmer. Mr. William De Loss Brainerd d.

Children :

249. i. Chaeles, b. Sept. 28, 1874, i

250. ii. .Auce May, b. Sept. 25, 1S77

n Adair,
, in Ada

ir, low;

238. Fkane Lee* Brainerd {Lymxin' , E'phraim'^, Levi', Stephen*,

Stephen", Daniel-, Daniel^) of Oneonta, Otsego Co., jST. Y.;
m., April 2, 1890, Eva I. Newell, b. Jan. 21, 1870, in
Owego, X. Y., dan. of Orwin L. and Mary P. (Cooley)
Newell. He was a farmer in Hamilton, Madison Co., N.
Y. In 1900, he resided in Poolville, Madison Co., N. Y.
Mr. Franlv Lee Brainerd d.
Child :
i. Mart Lurena, b. Sept. 15, 1894, in Hamilton, X. Y.

239. Cora Emeline* Brainerd {James Martin'' , Elislia^, Elisha^,

Stephen*, Stephen^, Daniel-, Daniel^} of Gainesville, Wyo-
• ming Co., N. Y. ; m., Nov. 28, 1889, Loren Stiles Duggan,
b. Sept. 19, 1868, in No. Parma, N. Y., son of John and
Katherine (Cassidy) Duggan. He is a merchant, residing
in Gainesville, K Y. "Mrs. Cora Emeline (Brainerd)
Duggan d.
Duggan children:
i. CL.4RA Delora. b. Feb. 5, 1891, in Gainesville. X. Y.
ii. Ruth Louise, b. Sept. 25, 1S92, in Gainesville. X. Y.

Eighth Generation. 161

240. Feed Gibson^ Br.\ineed {James Martin', Elisha'^, Elislia^,

Stephen'^, Stephen^, DanieP, DaiiieV) of Gainesville, Wyo-
ming Co., N. y.; m., Jan. 16. 1900, Mary Ash, in San
Francisco, Cal., b. . Mr. Fred Gibson Brainerd d.

Children :

i. Fred Gibso.\, b. Jan.. 1901. in San Francisco. Cel.
ii. .John' Martin, b. Feb. S, 1904, in San Francisco, Cal.

241 . Bertie iloREis' Brainerd (Wilbur Eiisha', Elislia'^, Elislia^,

Stcplien*. Stephen^, Daniel-, Daniel'^) of Gainesville, Wyo-
ming Co., N_ Y. ; m., March 29, 18S8, Emma Shader," b.
, dau. of Gilbert and Sarah (Secor) Shader.
He lives in Des Arc, Mo., and is a clerk in a store. Mr.
Bertie Morris Brainerd d.
Child :

i. Bektii.\ H.. b. Jan. 12, 1890, in Gainesville, K. Y.; d. Sept. 15,

242. Fred^ Brainaed {James Franklin', Stephen^, Elisha°, Ste-

phen*, Stephen^, Daniel-, Daniel'^) of Gainesville, Wyo-
ming Co., N. Y.; m., Feb. 18, 1891, Miss Crane,
b. in Cass, Jones Co., Iowa, , dau. of Carso and
Electa (Glidden) Crane. He is a farmer in Cass, la. Mr.
Fred Brainard d.

i. Asa C, b. Jan. 1, 1892, in Cass, Iowa.

243. Caeeie A.^ Beainaed {Mahlon WJ, Ezra Styles Ehf, Eiisha^,

Stephen^ Stephen', DanieP, DanicV-) of Coldwater,
Branch Co., Mich.; m., Feb. 13, 1883, George A. Nettle-
man, b. Xov. 23, 1860, in Coldwater, son of John B. and
Georgie (Eubley) Nettleman. John B. Nettleman was b.
:\ray 19, 1819, in Prussia, and his wife was b. Oct. 15, 1828,
in Switzerland. He is cashier in the U. S. Express office
in Toledo, Ohio. Mrs. Carrie A. (Brainard) Nettleman d.
March 26, 1900, in her 37th year. ilr. George A. Nettle-
man d.

No children.

244. EsTELLE Maria* Braixerd {James Eiisha', Philander^,

Eiisha', Stephen*, Stephen^, Daniel", Daniel^) of Gaines-
ville, Wyoming Co., N. Y. ; m., Sept. 4, 1889, Joseph Leon-
ard Beaumont, b. Sept. 2-4, 1860, son of William and
Martha (Cockill) Beaumont. Ees. Gainesville, N. Y. He
is a farmer. Mrs. Estelle Maria (Brainerd) Beau-
mont d.

Beaumont children :


Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

245. Clark M.' Braineed (Ezra Seymour', Diodate'^, Ezra^. Wil-

liam*, Stephen^, Daniel-, Daniel^) of Stockwell, Oneida Co.,
N. Y.; m., Dec. 33, 1896, Albertina Wilson, b. Feb. 14,
1873, in Jersey City, N. J., dau. of Albert and Anna
(Ariceson) Wilson. He is a farmer residing in Stockwell,
N. Y. She was the adopted dau. of Le Grande and Louise
(Eaton) Colburn. Mr. Clark M. Brainerd d.

Child :
i. Emma Louise, b. June 4. 1S08, in Stockwell. X. Y. •

246. ilARY Almira^ Brainerd (William Orriiv. William^, Beza-

leeP, Bezaleel*, BezalrcP, Daniel-, Daniel) of East Had-
dam, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m., April 1, 1883, Samuel B.
Bowne, b. . He lived

in Brooklyn, X. Y.. and was in the X. Y. post-office, hav-

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