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1825, ae. 78 years, in Haddam, Conn., where he had lived.

Smith children:

i. Davis, b. April 9. 1708, in Haddam, Conn.; d. Jan. 15, 1798,

ae. 30 years, in Guadaloupe. He m. Abigail . He

was called Captain. Ch.: 4.

ii. HuLDAH, b. Feb. 10, 1770, in Haddam. Conn. ; m. Bezaleel
Shailer. A daughter, Emily Smith, m. George Clark.

iii. George, b. Sept. 29, 1771, in Haddam, Conn. He was Captain
of a vessel, and, it is supposed, was lost in a gale of wind at
sea on April 3, 1799, ae. 28 years. He m. Anna Kelly of
Rhode Island. Ch.: 1. George, d. young. 2. Davis.

Fourth Generation. 65

Eliphalet, b. Sept. 15, 1773, in Haddam, Conn. He m. Han-
nah Hubbard. He died July 16, 1799, ae. 25 years.

Simon, b. July 16, 1770, in Haddam. Conn.; m. Huldah Brain-

LuciNDA. b. ; bapt. 17S1. as the daughter of Lieut.

William Smith.

William, b. , in Haddam. Conn.: bapt. Jan., 1782; m.

Hannah (Hubbard) Smith, widow of hi.s brother Eliphalet.

Maby,* b. .

ix. Samuel, b. .

4i2. Jeptha* BraiNEED {Heher^, James-, DanieV) of Haddam,
Middlesex Co., Conn.; m., Dec. 20, 1770, Anna Fiske, b.
about 1753, dan. of John and Anne (Tyler) Fiske. He
lived in Haddam. He was Lieutenant in the Revolutionary
War and was captured by the enemy and placed on board
of a prison shij) where he died. He was in service in the
8th Ecgt., Huntington's Continental Regiment, 1775- —
enlisted, July 9, 1775 ; discharged, Dec. 17. He was pri-
vate in Captain Higgins' Co., Fifth Battalion, Wadsworth's
Brigade, 1776. (Battalion raised June, 1776, to reinforce
Washington's army at New York. Served in the city and
on the Brooklyn front, being at the right of the line of
works during the battle of Long Island, Aug. 27th. En-
gaged in the retreat to New York, Aug. 29th.) Mr. Jeptha
Brainerd d. . His widow m. (2), Nov., 1781, Lieu-
tenant Thomas Shailer of Haddam, and had five children.
Lieutenant Thomas Shailer died Oct. 22, 1813. Mrs.
Anna (Fiske) (Brainerd) Shailer d. .

Children :

Jonathan, b. May, 1773, in Haddam, Conn.

Sally, b. , in Haddam, Conn.

CoNcuRnENCE, b. , in Haddam. Conn.

43. Zachariah^ Brainerd (Hebcr-, James-, DanieP) of Had-
dam, Middlesex Co., Conn. : m.. May 6, 1777, Dorothy
Thomas, b. Jan. 27, 1758, daughter of Aaron and Ruth
(Bailey) Thomas of Haddam. He was corporal in Cap-
tain Martin Kirtland's Co. and Colonel Erastus Wolcott's
Regt., at New London, Feb. 28, 1777. He was taken pris-
oner by the British and died while in prison on a Jersey
prison ship. Cor]5oral Zachariah Brainerd d. She
m. (2), March 7, 1782, John Church. John Church's first
wife was Jane Park of East Haddam, Conn. Mrs. Doro-
thy (Thomas) (Brainerd) ChiTrch d. .

Children :

143. i. James, b. Feb. 22, 1778. in Haddam. Conn.

144. ii. Huldah. b. , in Haddam, Conn.

• The names Mary and Samuel were given in the manuscript by Elijah
Brainerd, and deposited by J. W. Thornton in the American Antiquarian
Soc, in Worcester, Mass.

'■'6 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

44. AViLLiAM' BiLviNEED {Heler^, James", Daniel^) of Had-

dam, Middlesex Co., Conn.; ni., March, 1782, Susanna
Tyler, b. July 28, 1764, daiT. of Colonel Abraham and
Jedidah (Thomas) Tyler. Mrs. Susanna (Tyler) Brain-
erd d. April 26, 1807, ae. 42 j-ears, 8 months, 28 davs, in
Haddani. He m. (2), July 29, 1810, Mrs. Elizabeth

(Wheedon) Tyler, b. • , in Southington, Conn., and

widow of C!aptain Sjivanus Tyler, who was brother of
Susanna Tyler. He was an extensive farmer, liTing in
Haddam. Mr. William Brainerd d. May 2, 1826, ao. 64
3'ears. Mrs. Elizabeth (Wheedon) (Tyler) Brainerd d.
June 15, 1835, ae. 56 years. She had one child by her
first marriage, called Susan AVlieedon.

Cliildren by the first man-iage :

145. i. EZEA, b. Sept. 12, 1782, in Haildaiii, Conn.

ii. LuciNDA, b. Dec. 19, 17S3, in Haddam, Conn.; d. JIaich 29.
1804, in her 21st year."
140. iii. Susannah, b. Aug. 30. 1785, in Haddani, Conn.

iv. Jedidah. b. May 6, 1787, in Haddam, Conn.; d. .Jan. 26, 1810,
ac. 22 years.

147. V. William, b. Feb. 22, 1789, in Haddam. Conn.

vi. Hestek, b. Xov. 27, 1790. in Haddam. Conn.; d. Jan. 24, 1810,

ae. 19 years,
vii. Amanda, b. June 19, 1792, in Haddam, Conn.; d. Jan. 29, 1881,

ae. 81 years; unni.
viii. .\bigail, b. March 31, 1794. in Haddam, Conn.; d. Feb. 24.

1833. ae. 38 years; unni.
ix. Clabissa D., b. Jan. 16, 1796, in Haddam, Conn.; d. Dec 2!).

1882, ae. 87 years; unm.

148. X. Anna. b. Nov. 27. 1797, in Haddani, Conn.

149. xi. Heber, b. July 12, 1799, in Haddam, Conn.

xii. Jeptha. b. Dec. 26. 1801, in Haddam. Conn.; d. Feb. 19, 1832.
ae. 32 years. He was a farmer.

150. xiii. Blynn T.,' b. JIarch 26. 1803. in Haddam. Connn.

xiv. Sarah, b. Feb., 1806. in Haddani, Conn.; d. .June 20. 1800. ae.
4 months.

Children by the second marriage:

151. .XV. Henby Maddock, b. June 8. 1811, in Haddam, Conn.

152. xvi. Esther M.. b. Dec. 19. 1815, in Haddam, Conn.

45. Prudence* Bkainerd {Heher', James-, DanieV) of Had-

dam, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m., April, 1784, James Kelly
Child,* Jr., b. Aug. 30, 1763, in Warren, E. I., son of James
and Hannah (Kelly) Child of Haddam. Mrs. Prudence
(Brainerd) Child d. June 17. 1821. He m. (2), March
■ 7, 1822, Jane (Spencer) Brainerd. 1). :\ray 9, 1768, dau.

* From The American Monthly Magazine of October, 1900, the following
is taken :

" James K. Child, at the age of 14 years, and Thomas Child, at the age
of 13 years, went privateering during the war of the Revolution; were
taken prisoners and confined on board the old Jersey prison ship, lying
at Wallabout, New York, or Brooklyn; were sent on a cartel to Boston
and there discharged, sick and covered with vermin, and left to walk and
beg their way as best they could back to their home in Connecticut. 1

Fourth Generation. ^'^

of Daniel and Elizabeth (Clark) Spencer, and widow of
John Brainerd. He lived in Haddam. Mrs. Jane
(Spencer) (Brainerd) Child d. March 2, 1826, ae. 5S yrs.
He m. (3) Amelia Crane. Mr. James KeUy Child, Jr.,
d. March 32, 1837, ae. 73 yrs.

Child children :

i. Wealthy, b. Oct. 6, 17SC, in Haddam, Conn.; iii. Geo. Willard

Smitli. a soldier in 1812.
ii. William, b. Jan. 7, 1788, in Haddam, Conn. ; m. Ann Clark of

Utiea. N. Y.
iii. Hannah, b. Feb. 4, 1790, in Haddam, Conn.; d. May 30. 17!12.
iv. Chauncet, b. Jan. 17, 1792, in Haddam, Conn.; m. Betsey

V. Cynthl\, b. Jan. 13. 1794, in Haddam, Conn.; unm.
vi. Bedlah. b. April 18, 1796, in Haddam, Conn.; d. 1886, ae. 90

vii. Hezekiah, b. April 10, 1798, in Haddam, Conn.; m. Concur-
rence Seward Wilcox,
viii. DlOD.\TE. b. March 19, 1800, ii
ix. Geokge Gilbert, b. Dec. 2,

Lucinda Child Mitchell.
X. Harvey, b. Aug. 20, 1804, in Haddam, Conn.; unm.
xi. Theodore, b. June 19, 1806, in Haddam. Conn.; m. ilary

Church of Haddam.
xii. A daughter, b. Aug. 10, ISJO, in Haddam, Conn.; d. Aug. 10.


46. DAM-iEis* Brainerd (llchcr'^. James'-, Daniel^) of Haddam,
Middlesex Co., Conn.; m., May 25, 1788, Captain David
Spencer,* b. Feb. 18, 17G6, son of Daniel and Elizabeth
(Clark) Spencer of Haddam. He was a farmer in Had-
dam. He was chosen Corporal, then Sergeant, and pro-
moted to be Lieutenant and then Captain of a company.
He was a pensioner. Mrs. Damaris (Brainerd) Spencer

d. . He m. (2) Mrs. Martha (Doane) Pelton.

Captain David Spencer died before 1853. Mrs. Martha
(Doane) (Pelton) Spencer d. July 30. 1853.

Spencer cliildren :

i. Thomas, b. Dec. 19. 1788, in Haddam, Conn.

ii. Esther, b. Oct, 27. 179U, in Haddam, Conn.; m. George Burr.

iii. Cynthia, b, Feb, 5, 179.3, in Haddam, Conn,; m. Cephas

iv. Jeiiosaphat, b. July 25, 179.5, in Haddam, Conn.; m. Clarissa

Wilcox. Ch. : Seven.
V. David, b. Aug. 21, 1797, in ; m. Pandora .

have heard my father say that he well remembered that one of the senti-
nels said as he was passed over the side of the ship that it would make
but little difference whether that fellow went or not." — -Extract from a
letter written by Hezekiah Child, son of James K. Child, Jan. 6, 1864.

The fatlu'r and grandfather of James Kellj' Child were shipbuilders,
which might accoimt for his being on a privateer at such an early age,
Mr. James Kelley Child lived to build gunboats for the war of 1812."
By birth date .Tames K. Child was but 12 years old.

* He was in a company of minute men at the time of the Saratoga
alarm, and afterwards in the 1st Company of Connecticut Regt, in 1S7.5.

Brainerd-Br dinar d Genealogy.

Damaris, b. March 15, 1799, in Haddam, Conn.

Braineed. 1). June 5. 1802. in Haddam. Conn.

HuLDAH S.. 1). April ]5. 1805, in Haddam, Conn.; m. Gustavua
Wilcox. Cli. : Four.

Atwood, b. Oct. 23. 1808. in Haddam, Conn.; m. Mary Wil-
liams. Cli. : Five.

Albert, b. Deo. 27. 1811. in Haddam, Conn.

Fifth Generation. ^^


47. AsAiiEL^ BiLUNEKD {Benjamin*, Jame^, James', DanieV)

of Haddam Neck or Middle Haddam, Middlesex Co.,
Conn. ; m., March 30, 1763, Experience Ackley, bapt. Dec.

8, 1745, dau. of Benjamin and Experience ( )

Ackley of East Haddam, Conn. She was received Dec. 3,
1769 into the church in Hartland. He was captain in 7th
Eegt., 2d Brigade, in 1789-1791. He was a farmer and
settled first in Hartland, Conn., he afterward moved to
Litchfield, Herkimer Co., N. Y. He was a member of
Captain Benjamin Hutchins' Co., 18th Eegt. of militia (at
New York in 1776) . Arrived at New York Aug. 18th ; dis-
charged Sept. 25th. Mrs. Experience (Ackley) Brainerd
died Jan. 17, 1815, in her 70th year. Mr. Asahel Brain-
erd died March or May 23, 1822, in his 82d j'ear., in Litch-
field, N. Y.

Children :

153. i. Mary, b. Dec. 15. 1764. in Hartland. Conn.

154. ii. Amasa, b. Jan. 25. 17GS. in Hartland, Conn.

155. ili. Statira, b. April 15, 1770, in Hartland, Conn.

156. iv. Benjamin, b. .June 13. 1772. in Hartland, Conn.

157. V. Candace. b. Aug. 4, 1774, in Hartland, Conn.

158. vi. Asahel, b. June 1, 1777, in Hartland, Conn,

159. vii. Chloett, b. Jan. 6, 1779, in Hartland, Conn.

160. viii. Isaac, b. May 31. 1783, in Hartland, Conn.

161. ix. Susan, b. Sept. 3. 1785, in Hartland, Conn.

162. X. Chackcey, b. March or May 12, 1788, in Hartland, Conn.

163. xi. Hancy, b. April 15, 1791, in Hartland, Conn.

48. Martha^ Brainerd {Benjamin*, James^, James-, DanieV)

of Haddam Neck, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m., May 10, 1780,
Eldad Holcomb of Granville, Mass., b. , in Sims-
bury, Conn., probably son of Eldad and Michal (Church)
Holcomb of the same place. He was a farmer in Granville.

Mr. Eldad Holcomb d. . Mrs. Martha (Brainerd)

Holcomb d. .

Holcomb children :
i. Martha, b. March 9, 1781, In Granville, Mass.; unm.; d. Sept.

3, 1845, ae. 64 years.
ii. Piety, b. June 17, 1783, in Granville, Mass.; m. about Oct.,

1801, Joseph Lanison.

49. Benjamin^ Brainerd {Benjamin*, James^, James", Daniel^)

of Winthrop, Kennebec Co., Me. ; m., Dec. 14, 1779, Euth
Delano, b. April 6, 1755, dau. of Zebedee and Sarah
( ) Delano. He was the first school teacher in the

70 Braiiwrd-Brainard Genealogij.

towu of Wintlirop. In 1779 he represiJnted the town in
what was then termed the General Court, which held its
sessions in Boston, Mass. In 1781 he was chosen moder-
ator of the town meeting, and was one of the committee
chosen for abatement of taxes, Feb. 2, 1781, and constable
in 1782. He was chosen selectman in 1780-83-85-86.
She was a woman of great ability and energy. Mr. Ben-
jamin Brainerd died Dec. 17, 1788, ae. 39 years. Mrs.
Euth (Delano) Brainerd died Aug. 29, 1823.

i. Benjamin, b. Sept. 1, 1780, iu Wintlirop, Me.; d. Sept. 16,
1795, ae. 15 years.

164. ii. James, b. April 17, 1783, in Wintlirop, Me.

165. iii. Moixy, b. Aug. 21 or 24, 1784, in Wintlirop, Me.

166. iv. Sarah, b. April 1, 1786, in Wintlirop, Me.

167. V. Oiiix, b. March 3, 1788, in Wintlirop, Me.

50.^ BrfAiNEiiD {Benjamin*, James'-', James", Daniel^) of

Haddam Neck, Middlesex Co., Conn., afterwards of Mon-
mouth, Me.; m. William Hill. He lived in Monmouth,
Me. Mr. William Hill died . Mrs. Mary (Brain-
erd) Hill died .

One report said she m. (1) Mr. Thomas Stocking and had
two children. He was born in Connecticut about 1766.
I could not prove it.

No children.

51. Eeuben^ Beainebd {Benjamin*, James''', James-, Daniel^)

of Winthrop, Kennebec Co., Me.; m., Jan. 12, 1787, Fanny
Allen, dau. of Edmund Allen of Hallowell, Me. His name
stands among those who desired to incorporate themselves
into a religious society by the name of the First Congre-
gational Church in Winthrop, Jle. He settled first in
Monmouth, Me. He, with others, was appointed on a
committee, April 17, 1791, to procure a fish-way around
or over Mr. Gardiner's dam at Cobosse Conte. He was a
farmer in Winthrop. He was a private in the 3d Battalion,
Wadsworth Brigade (Colonel Sage), in 1776, in Connecti-
cut. He was sergeant in Willett Kegt. He was a private
May 1, 1779, for 8 months; discharged Dec. 31, 1779. He
was a private in Van Ness Eegt. He enlisted again about
1781 or 1782. Mr. Eeubon Brainerd d. May, 1825. Mrs.
Fanny (Allen) Brainerd d. July 31, 1831.

Children :

168. i. Susannah, b. Feb. 13, 1789, in Winthrop, Me.

169. ii. Deborah Chatman, b. Nov. 23 or 28, 1791, in Winthrop. .Me.

170. iii. Frances, b. Nov. 28, 1792, or Nov. 23, 1793, in Winthrop,


171. iv. Reuben, b. Jan. 6, 1795, in Winthrop, Me.

172. v. Asahel, b. Feb. 18, 1797, in Winthrop, Me.

173. vi. Isaac, b. Feb. 19, 1799. in Winthrop. Me.

Fifth Generation. ''l

174. vii. Benjamin, b. Nov. 28, 1801, in Winthrop, Me.

175. viii. David Edmund Allen, b. May, 1804, in Winthrop, Me.

ix. Louisa Chatman. b. Sept., 180(3, in Wintiirop, Me.; d. about

1873, in Readfield, Me.
X. Mart Elizabeth, b. April, 1811, in Winthrop, Me.; d. Aug.,

1875, in Readfield, Me.

52. Anna^ Bbaineed {Benjamin'^, James^, James'-, Daniel^) of

Haddam Neck, Middlesex Co., Conn. ; m., Aug. 26, 1781,
in Middle Haddam, Conn, Oliver Emmous, b. Dec. 15,
1759, son of Jonathan and Desire (Harris) Emmons.
He moved to Vermont, ilrs. Anna (Brainerd) Emmons

d. .

Emmons children :

53. Church^ Brainerd {Benjamin*, James^, James-, Daniel^)

of Farmington, Franklin Co., Me.; m., April 16, 1789,
Abigail Hall, dan. of Professor Allen and Maria (Lyons)
Hall. He was an imi^ortant personage among the early
settlers of Farmington, Me., and frequently filled positions
of trust and responsiJoility in the town where he lived.
He was an early pioneer of the Sandy Elver township;
first settled in 1783 on river lot No. 38, east side, and
remained there till about 1797, when he sold, and pur-
chased lot No. 39. He was the friend and pioneer of edu-
cation and took an active part in establishing Farmington
Academy, being one of its charter trustees and the first
treasurer of the corporation. The interest which he mani-
fested at all times for the prosperity of the institution will
ever continue to brighten its annals.
He was a petitioner to the General Assembly or Senate and
House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Massa-
chusetts, in General Court assembled, for a township of
land for the benefit of the Farmington Academy, which had
been established by private individuals. He was a com-
mittee to dispose of lots, on which the dividends had not
been paid. He was chosen a surveyor to oversee the
expenditures of a tax levied for the improvement of roads.
He was elected town treasurer in 1801, and served three
years, and town clerk in 1803 and served eleven years. He
was clerk of a meeting to incorporate the town in 1793.
He was one of the tithing men, and one of a building
committee for a meeting house and to draw up a plan for
it, and was appointed one of the contractors for building
it. The name by which the society was known was " The
First Meeting House Society," located in the center of
Farmington, Me. He was elected deacon of the Baptist
church in 1797. He resided in Farmington, but moved,
in his old age, to Stillwater, Me., and lived with his son
Allen till his death. From the pay-roll of Captain Peter
Rogers Co., of N. H., raised for defense of West Point,
1780, is found the name of Church Brainerd, private, time

72 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

of entry, July 6, 1780; discharged, Oct. 20th; in service,
3 months, 15 days. Mrs. Abigail (Hall) Brainerd died
July 25, 1826, ae. 57 years. Deacon Church Brainerd
died Aug. 27, 1832, ae. 72 years.

Children :

176. i. Benjamin, b. March 11, 1790, in Farmington. Me.

177. ii. JosiAH, b. March 11, 1790, in Farmington, Me.

178. iii. WiixiAM, b. Nov. 7, 1792, in Farmington. Me.

iv. Church, b. Sept. 21, 1797, in Farmington, Me.; d. Aug. 28,

1799, or about 1823: unm.
V. Abigail, b. June 6, 1801, in Farmingt/jn, Me.: d. Sept. 15,

1830; unm.

179. vi. Allen Hall. b. June 13, 1803, in Farmington, Me.

180. vii. Esther, b. July 11, 1805. in Farmington, Me.

viii. James Allen, b. May 22, 1807, in Farmington, Me. He went
to New Orleans about 1856-57, and nothing more has been
heard from him.

54. Susannah^ Brainerd {Benjamin*, Jamcs^, James", Daniel})

of Winthrop, Kennebec Co., Me.; m., Sept. 28, 1786 or
■ 1788, Samuel King, b. March 1, 1763, in Ipswich, N". H.,
son of Benjamin King and his wife Sarah Ta3'lor, from
TowTisend. Mass. He lived in Winthrop. He was a
farmer. Mrs. Susannah (Brainerd) King d. April 22,
181-1. Mr. Samuel King d. June 20. 1816.

King children:

i. Samiel, b. Dee. 7, 1789, in Winthrop. Me.; m. Matilda Kice.

Ch.: 1. Samuel R. 2. Eufus. 3. George W. 4. Ma-
tilda. 5. William H. 6. Joseph R.
ii. Ben.iamin, b. March 24. 1791, in Winthrop, Me.: m. Olive

Rice. He m. (2), Mary Jacobs. Ch.: 1. Delia M. 2.

Melvina. 3. Benjamin P. 4. Amanda.

Peleg B. 7. Edward. 8. Samuel R.

iii. Isaac, b. Julv 2, 1792, in Winthrop, Me.; m. Martha Este.

Ch.: 1. Charles H. 2. Isaac N. 3. Susannah B. 4.

Albert H.
iv. Amasa. b. March 8, 1795, in Winthrop, Me.; m. Mehitable

Jacobs. Ch.: 1. Sarah P. 2. Thomas J. 3. Nancy J.

4. Samuel H. 5. Amasa D. 6. Charles E. 7. Edward

D. 8. Joseph.
V. Sabah, b. Jan. 18, 1797, in Winthrop, Me.; d. April 15, 1814;

vi. Susannah, b. Sept. 28, 1798, in Winthrop, Me.; m. Arnold

Sweet. Ch.: 1. Sarah. 2. Arnold. 3. Abel. 4.

Samuel. 5. Fiorina. 6. Susannah,
vii. Polly K., b. Aug'? 9, 1800, in Winthrop, Me.; m. Benjamin C.

Joy. Ch.: 1. Emory. 2. Samuel. 3. Benjamin. 4.

Susannah. 5. Maria,
viii. Stlvestee, b. Slay 6, 1803. in Winthrop, Me., m. Cordelia

Stanley. He lived at Monmouth, :Me. He died in 1888.

Ch.: 1. Lucy A. 2. Samuel H.

55. Nathaniel^ Brainerd* (Benjamin*, James', James-, Dan-

iel^) of Mt. Vernon, Kennebec Co., Me. ; m., June 28, 1790,
by one letter 1792, Eoxanna Austin, b. April 15, 1770, in

Fifth Generation. 73

Mt, Vernon, Me. Mrs. Koxanna (Austin) Brainerd d. Nov.
S, 1808. He m. (3), Aug. 18, 1809, Mary (Pshan) King,
or Ring, b. Sept. 23, 1768, widow of Mr. King, or Eing.
She was a French woman. He settled in North Monmouth
at the outlet of Wilson's Pond, about 1782. He was after-
ward a farmer in Mt. Vernon, Me. Mr. Nathaniel Brain-
erd d. Jan., 1827, at Mt. Vernon, Me. Mrs. Mary (Pshan)
(King or Eing) Brainerd d. 1827.

Children by the first marriage :

181. i. Elanok, b. Feb. 22, 1789 by one letter, or 1792 by another

letter, in Mt. Vernon, Me.

182. ii. Hannah, b. June 10, 1793, in Mt. Vernon, Me.

iii. IcHABOD, b. jMarch 13, 1796, in Mt. Vernon, Me.; d. Nov. 8,

183. iv. Nathaniel Chapman, b. Nov. 3, 1799, in Mt. Vernon, Me.

V. Elizabeth, b. Jan. 4 or 7, 1802, in Mt. Vernon, Me.; d. Nov. 8,

184. vi. Susan Kino, b. March 5, 1804, in Mt. Vernon, Me.

185. vii. Isaac Chukch, b. Oct. 7, 1806, in Mt. Vernon, Me.

Child by the second marriage :

viii. George, b. , in Mt. Vernon, Me.; d. young.

56. IsAAC^ Bkaixerd {Bfiijirmin*, James'', James", DanieV) of
Haddani Neck, irnMl. srx Co., Conn.; m., June 25, 1784,
Alice Brainerd, li. .Mareli 18, 1764, dau. of Elijah and
Lucy (Smith) Bramcrd, liis cousin. He moved from
Haddam to Eaadolph, Vt., in 1795. He was a suc-
cessful farmer. Mr. Isaac Brainerd d. Aug. 24, 1825, ae.
61 yrs., 9 mos., 28 ds. One report said he was buried at
Randolph, Vt., another at Lairdsville, N. Y. . It is also
stated that he died at Westmoreland, N. Y., while on a
visit to his son Loudon. Mrs. Alice (Brainerd) Brain-
erd d. Dec. 24, 1850, in her 87th year.

Children :

180. i. Benjamin, b. March 18, 178.5, in Haddam, Conn.

187. ii. Elijah, b. Oct. 29, 1787, in Haddam, Conn.

188. iii. Okin, b. Feb. 21, 1789, in Haddam, Conn.

189. iv. Loudon, b. Jan. 19, 1791, in Haddam, Conn.

190. V. Alanson, b. June 22, 1793, in Haddam, Conn.

191. vi. Maktin, b. June 20, 1796, in Randolph, Vt.

192. vii. Alteed, b. Oct. 28, 1798, in Randolph, Vt.

viii. Austin, b. July 8, 1800, in Randolph, Vt.; d. Sept. 2 or 3,
1SG2, at Beloit, Wis., ae. 62 years. He was a farmer.

193. ix. ALMON.b. Oct. 23, 1802, in Randolph, Vt.

X. Clarissa, b. Oct. 4, 1804 or 1805, in Randolph. Vt.; d. Mch. 7.

1811, ae. 6 yrs., 5 mos.
xi. Philander, b. Jan. 3, 1808, in Randolph, Vt.; d. 1877. He was

a farmer in Beloit, Wis.; unm.

67. Egbert^ Beainekd {Benjamin*, Jamcs^, James"-, Daniel^)
of Haddam Neck, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m., May 24, 1787,
Abigail Spencer, b. Feb. 22, 1763, dau. of Elizur and

74 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

Abigail (Hazleton) Spencer of Haddam, Conu. He lived
some years at Haddam Neck, then moved to Soaith Hadley,
Mass. Mrs. Abigail (Spencer) Brainerd died Feb. 22,
1815, ae. 52 years, at South Hadley, Mass. He m. (2),
May 3, 1818, Olive Brainerd, b. July 5, 176-t, daughter of
Deacon Ezra and Jerusha (Smith) Brainerd of Haddam,
Conn. Mr. Robert Brainerd died June 18, 1831, ae. (36
years. Mrs. Olive (Brainerd) Brainerd died Nov. 16,
1844, ae. 80 years, 4 months, 11 days.

Children :

Halsey, b. Dec. 22, 1788, in Haddam Neck, Conn.
Austin, b. .Tan. 25, 1791, in Haddam, Conn.
Sophia, b. .Tan. 19, 1793, in Haddam Neck, Conn.
Aiui.Aii,, li. April 17, 1795, in Haddam Neck, Conn.
i;ni;i:in. b. April 16, 1797, in Haddam Neck, Conn.
Fanny Sisan, b. Oct. 3, 1799, in Haddam Neck, Conn.
Elizur Spexcer, b. April 9, 1802, in Haddam Neck, Conn.
Benjamin Chapjian, b. Ang. 24 or 25, 1804, in Haddam Neck,

58. James^ Brainerd {Benjamin*, James^, James^, Daniel^) of

Haddam Neck, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m., 1787, Dorothy
Spencer, b. Aug. 5, 1765, dau. of Elizur and Abigail
(Hazleton) Spencer of Haddam, Conn. He moved to
South Hadley, and from thence to Barre, Mass. Mrs.
Dorothy (Spencer) Brainerd d. Nov. 0, 1825, in her 61st
year. Mr. James Brainerd d. July 13, 1835, in his 68th

Children :

i. Concordance, b. ilarch 9. 1788, in South Hadley, Mass.; d.
Dec. 5, 1859, at Ware, Mass.

202. ii. James Hazelton, b. Oct. 8, 1789, in South Hadley, Mass.

203. iii. Susan, b. July 20, 1791, in South Hadley, Mass.

204. iv. DoBOTiiT, b. Aug. 5, 1793, in South Hadley, Mass.

V. Feedus, b. Aug. 27. 1795, in South Hadley, Mass.; d. Nov. 10,

1807, at Ware. Mass.
vi. Benjamin, b. Feb. 9. 1798. in South Hadley, Mass.; d. April

5, 1813. He went south ; unni.
vii. Mart C. or E., b. March 17, 1801, in South Hadley, Mass.;

d. Dec. 13, 1817.
viii. DiANTHA, b. Feb. 10, 1803, in South Hadley, Mass.; d. July 11,

1872, at Ware, Mass.

205. ix. Minerva, b. June 20, 1805, in South Hadley, :Mass.

X. Fredus O., b. Sept. 28, 1807, in Ware, Mass.; d. Feb. 18, 1873.

206. xi. Mary C, b. April 20, 1810, in Ware, Mass.

59. OziAS" Brainerd {Jedldiali*, Jamcs^, Jamcs^, DanieV) of

Chatham, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m., , Elizabeth

Young, bapt. Sept. 13, 1747, in Middle Haddam, Conn.,
probably dau. of Samuel and Eebecca (Brainerd) Young
of the same place. He was Lieutenant in 1809-10, and
Captain in 1811-12 in the 23d Regt., 7th Brigade. He
lived in Chatham till 1812, when he moved to Brooklyn,

Fifth Generation.


Ohio, then in his 70th year. Mr. Ozias Brainerd died
. Mrs. Elizabeth (Young) Brainerd died .

Children :

i. Anna. b. , in Chatbara, Conn.; bapt. March 27. 1774,

witli the next four children.

207. ii. .Jemima, b. Dec. 23, 1766, in Chatham, Conn,
iii. Rebekah, b. June 6, 1769, in Chatham, Conn.

208. iv. Ozias, b. April 2G, 1771, in Chatham, Conn.

V. JIiRiAM, b. :\hiv !). 177.1, in Chatham, Conn.; d. July 26, 1776.
vi. Betiiuel. b. A|.r. <;. 177.'., in Chatham, Conn.; d. Aug. 10, 1776,

ae. 10 or 17 in.mllis.
vii. Miriam, b. Krli. 1.!, 1777. in Chatham, Conn.; d. 1828; unni.
viii. Bethuel. b. I'll). lA, 177;i, in Chatham, Conn.; d. 181.5.

209. ix. Ira, b. April l:'., 17S1, in ('Intliam, Conn.

210. X. Timothy, b. Mmv 11, 17,^^:1. in Cliatham, Conn.

211. xi. Elizabeth, b. Julj- 11). 1785, in Chatham. Conn.

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