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I have so recorded their names.

Fifth Generation. it's

126. SiBYL^ Braineed {Cornelius*. Ahijalr, James", Daniel^) of

Haddara Neck, Middlesex Co., Conu. ; m., , Sylves-
ter Smith, b. , son of Captain John and Abigail

(Smith) Smith of Haddam Xeck. Mr. Sylvester Smith
died Sept. 5, 1810, ae. 38 years. She m. (2), Jan. 1, 181.3,

Calvin Thomas, b. -, bapt. June, 1773, son of Eben-

ezer and Aliigail (Brooks) Thomas. He was a farmer in
Haddam Neck. Mr. Calvin Thomas died Sept. 19, 1847,
ae. 75 years. Mrs. Sibyl (Brainerd) (Smith) Thomas
died Oct., 1866, ae. 88 yeai-s.

Smith children b}' the first marriage :

i. Hezekiah Brainerd, b. , in Haddam Neck, Conn.; bapt.

Nov. 6, 1814.
ii. Harriet Wiggins, b. . in Haddara Neck, Conn. : bapt.

Nov. 6, 1814; m. Mr. Chapman of Rhode Island,
iii. Jonathan Wells, b. , in Haddam Neck, Conn. ; bapt.

Nov. 6, 1814.
iv. Erwin White, b. , in Haddam Neck, Conn.; bapt. Nov.

6, 1814.
V. Lucy Ann, b. , in Haddam Neck, Conn.; bapt. Nov. 6,

1814; m. Benjamin Bailev, son of Charles and Polly

(Smith) Bailey.

127. Enos^ Bkainaed {Cornelius*, Abijah', James-, Daniel^) of

Haddam Neck, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m., , Sally

Brainard, b. March 5, 1779, daughter of Simon and Abi-
gail (Hurlburt) Brainerd of Middle Haddam, Conn. He
moved from Middle Haddam to Cleveland, Ohio. He was
living there in 181G, in Brooklyn, Ohio, in 1819, and in
Strongville, Ohio, in 1820-31. He was a cooper. Mrs. Sally
(Brainard) Brainard d. July 2, 1814, in Rockport, Ohio.
Mr. Enos Brainard d. Fel). 4, 1848, in the same place.

Children :

360. i. WlLLAKD, b. , in Middle Haddam, Conn.

.361. ii. Hepzibah, b. , in Middle Haddam. Conn.

362. iii. Hervey Huijdt, b. Aug. 10, 1800, in IMiddle Haddam. Conn.

363. iv. Lydia, b. , in Middle Haddam, Conn.

V. Abigail, b. • , in Middle Haddam, Conn.

vi. Lucbetia, b. June 1. 181.5. in Middle Haddam, Conn.

vii. Daniel, b. . in Middle Haddam. Conn., and died there.

364. viii. Alice, b. May 25, 1819. in Brooklyn, Ohio.

128. M.uiY° or Mercy Brainerd {Cornelius*, Abijah^, James^,

Daniel^) of Middle Haddam, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m.,
Dec. 4, 1804, Newel Brainerd, b. April 6, 1783, son of
Simon and Abigail (Hurllmrt) Brainerd of Middle Had-
dam, Conn. He was a farmer in Middle Haddam. Mr.
Newel Brainerd died Nov. 23, 1853, ae. 70 years, 5 months,
17 days. Mrs. Mary or Mercy (Brainerd) Brainerd died
April 14, 1871, ae. 87 years, 9 months, 23 days.

106 Braifierd-Brainard Genealogy.

Braiuerd cliildreu :

i. Joseph Lauchlaxd, b. ilay 22, 1805, in Middle Haddani.

ii. Abulia Elizabeth, b. Jan. 27, 1808, in Middle Haddam, Conn,
iii. Lucy Axx, b. Dec. 11, 1810, in Middle Haddam, Conn.; d.

Jan. 18, 1890. in Middletown, Conn,
iv. AsAHEL. b. April 28, 1814. in Middle Haddam, Conn.; d. Aug.

5, 1842, in Middle Haddam.
V. LoviXA JIaria, b. July 12, 1817, in Middle Haddam, Conn.; d,

Aug. 22, 1838, ae. 21 years; unm.
vi. Newel, b. , in Middle Haddam. Conn.

129. Chaelotte^ Bkainerd (Cornelias*, AbijaJi^, James-, Dan-

iel^) of Haddam Neck, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m., Nov. 23,
1806, Kussell Young, b. May 28, i:78, son of Asaph and
Abigail (Brooks) Young. He was a stone cutter and lived
in Haddam Neck. Mrs. Charlotte (Brainerd) Young
died May 17, 1859, or "GO. Mr. Kussell Young died July 8,
1860, ae. 82 years.

Young children :
i. Clarissa, b. Aug. 23. 1807. in Haddam Xeck. Conn.; d. Nov.

25, 1823.
ii. Culver, b. July 19, 1809, in Haddam Xeck, Conn.; d. Sept. 14.

iii. Wealtha M., b. Feb. 4, 1811, in Haddam Neck, Conn.; m.,
March 1, 1846, in New York city, William Mcintosh of
Kast Haddam, Conn. He died. She m. (2), Simeon Beach
of Burlington, Conn. She d. Aug. 10, 1887.

iv. Asaph Brooks, b. Julv 25. 1813, in Haddam Neck, Conn.; m.,
Sept. 13, 1835 or 1838. Eliza Ann Cole, dau. of John and
Sila or Silence (Goff) Cole of Middle Haddam, Conn.
She d. Dec. 17, 1842, ae. 25 years. He m. (2), Oct. 24,
1843. Marv A. Brainerd. Her parentage is not known by
me. He d. in Norwich, Conn., Julv 3. 1879. ae. 06 vrs.
11 mos.

v. Eunice, b. Avi.g. :!1. 181.5. in Haddam Neck. Conn.; d. Sept. 19,

vi. Axx Brai>-erd, b. June 2. 1817. in Haddam Neck, Conn.; m.

Nelson Johnson, son of Elisha Johnson of East Haddam.

vii. Eliz.aletii. b. ilarch 2. 1819. in Haddam Neck. Conn.; m.

Henry Collins of Rocky Hill, Conn. She died March, 1873.

Two children,
viii. Enos Brainerd. b. Feb. 23. 1822, in Haddam Neck, Conn.; m..

Dec. 7. 1845. .Julia A. Collins of Rockv Hill. Conn. He m.

(2), April 0, 1860, Electa S. House, at Haddam Neck,

Conn., formerly of Glastonbury, Conn.
i.K. James, b. Jan. IS. 1824. in Haddam Neck. Conn.; d. Jan. 18.

X. Hezekiah. b. INIarch 1. 1825. in Haddam Neck. Conn.: il. Feb.

2. 1848.
xi. Clarissa Amelia, b. Nov. 24. 1828. in Haddam Neck. Conn.;

d. Aug. 10, 1851.

130. Stattiea^ Beaixeed (Coriieliiis\, Ahijali^, James-, Danie?)

of Haddam Neck, Middlesex Co., Conn.;, m., Nov. 3, 1811.
Porter Smith, b. April 8, 1788. son of Deacon Isaac and
Jeruslia (Brooks) Smith of East Hampton, Conn. He

Fifth Generation. ^^"^

was in the militia for a short time, in the war of 1812. He
was a farmer in Haddam Neck. He was killed bj' the
falling of a tree. Mr. Porter Smith died Dec. 14, 1845.
Mrs. Stattira (Brainerd) Smith died March IG, 1871, ae.

82 years.

Smith children:

i. JvsTiN Malaxcon, b. jMaicli 17. 181:i. in lladdam Neck, Conn.;
in., March or April 15, 1839 or 1840. Abigail Day of Had-
dam Neck. Conn. Three children.

ii. Isaac Urijah, b. , in Haddam Neck, Conn.; m. .

iii. Charity Axn, b. , in Haddam Neck. Conn.; m. Mr.

Hachman, res. Middletown, Conn.

iv. Lucinda Maeiette, b. , in Haddam Neck, Conn. ; ni. .

V. George Newell, b. , in Haddam Neck, Conn.; ni. Mary

Ann Parsons or Pierson of Lyme. Conn. Four children.

131. Epaphroditus^ Brainerd {Cornelius*, Abijah'^, James",

Daniel^) of Haddam Neck, Middlesex Co.. Conn.; m., July
20, 1824, Harriet Cole, b. Feb. 9 or 29, 1802, daughter of
Hendrick and Phebe (Griffith) Cole of Middle Haddam,
Conn. Mr. Epaphroditus Brainerd died July 1, 1849.
He was a fanner in Haddam Xeck. She m. (2), April 15,
1862, as his second wife, Danforth Turner, b. Jan. 3, 1795,
in Killingworth, Conn., son of John and Elizabeth (Chat-
field) Turner. He lived in Middle Haddam, Conn. Mr.
Danforth Turner died Nov. 30, 1875. Mrs. Harriet
(Cole) (Brainerd) Turner died .

Children :

i. Albert J., b. Nov. 28, 1S2G. in lladdam Neck. Conn.; d. Oct.
28, 1827.
36.5. ii. Cordelia Lydia, b. Dec. 31, 1829, in Haddam Neck, Conn.

iii. Francis L., b. April 4, 1831, in Haddam Neck. Conn.; d. April
14, 1837, ae. 6 years.

366. iv. Lyman Waterman, b. Sept. 9. 1833, in Haddam Neck, Conn.

367. V. Julia E., b. Dec. 29, 1835, in Haddam Neck, Conn.

368. vi. Miriam Ursul.\, b. Jan. 14, 1838, in Haddam Neck, Conn.

369. vii. ,SoPHiA Abigail, b. Julv 13, 1840. in Haddam Neck, Conn.

370. viii. Albert Seabury, b. Feb. 9, 1844 or 1849, in Haddam Neck,


132. Mary" Brainerp {Daniel*, Daniel", James-, Daniel^) of

Middle Haddam, Middlesex Co., Conn. ; m., Jan. 2, 1792,
Isaac Ackley*. Mr. Isaac Ackley died Dec. 17, 1798, ae.
77 years. Mrs. Mary (Brainerd) Ackley died .

Ackley children :

133. Zechariah^ Braixerd {Daniel*, DanieP, James-, Daniel^)

of Middle Haddam, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m., perhaps,

, Deborah (Clark) Spencer, b. , daughter

of Hezekiah and ( ) Clark, and widow of

Abner Spencer. ^Mr. Zechariah Brainerd d. .

Children :

■ Records say he married a sister of Seth Brainerd.

108 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

134. Seth^ Braineed {Daniel*, DanieP, James", DanieF) of Mid-

dle Haddam, Middlesex Co., Conn. ; m., about 1790, Azubah
Arnold, bapt. Sept. 12, 17G2, daughter of John and Mercy

( ) Arnold. He died in Haddam, Conn., before

Dec. 29, 1795, as his will was then probated. She m. (2),
July 25, 1799, Ebenezer Thomas, bapt. Sept., 1765, son of
Ebenezer and Abigail (Brooks) Thomas. He died April
28, 1805, ae. 77 years. She m. (3), Simeon Penfield of

Portland. Conu. He died . Mrs. Azubah (Arnold)

(Brainerd) (Thomas) Penfield died Aug. 28, 1849, ae.
84 years, 6 months.

^0 children :

135. JoEL^ Beaixekd (Daniel*, Daniel^, James", Daniel'^) of Mid-

dle Haddam. Middlesex Co., Conn.; m.. May 24, 1787,
Eunice Brooks, b. July 16, 1767, daughter of Captain

Daniel and (Hurlburt) Brooks of Haddam Neck,

Conn. He was a farmer in Haddam Neck. Mr. Joel
Brainerd died Jan. 13, 1835, in Chatham, Conn. Mrs.
Eunice (Brooks) Brainerd died June 10, 1840, ae. 72 years,
10 months, 24 days, in Ohio.

Children :

371. i. Leicester, b. Aug. 11. 1788, in Haddam Xeck. Conn.

ii. Faxny. b. March 4. 1790. in Haddam Neck. Conn.; d. Jan. 5,
1861, ae. 71 years.

372. iii. Seth, b. Jan. 9, 1792, in Haddam Neck, Conn.

iv. Lucy Lavinia, b. Dee. 19, 1795, in Haddam Neck, Conn. ; d.

July 15, 1870, ae. 76 years.
V. ASEL, i). April 28, 1797. in Haddam Neck, Conn.; d. April 26,

1798, in Chatham, Conn.

373. vi. Akistarchtjs, b. Jan. 13, 1801, in Haddam Neck, Conn.

374. vii. Wellman A., b. April 18, 1807. in Haddam Neck, Conn.

136. Daniel-' Bkaixerd (Daniel*. DanieP, James", Daniel^) of

Middle Haddam, Middlesex Co.. Conn. ; m., July 33, 1787,

Hannah ( ) Carey of Middle Haddam, b. ,

dau. of . and probably widow of Josiah' Carey, Jr.,

who died Sept. 24, 1784. Mr. Daniel Brainerd d. .

Children :

137. Elijah^ Braixerd (Daniel*, DanieV, James", Daniel^) of

Middle Haddam, Middlesex Co., Conn. ; m., July 27, 1807,
Asenath Plumb, b. April 10, 1792, in New Baltimore, N. Y.
He lived in Albany, N. Y., and was a ship builder. He
owned the first dry dock in that city. Mr. Elijah Brainerd
died, July 23. 1840. ae. 56 rears. 1 month, in Albany. Mrs.
Asenath '(Plumb) Brainerd died May 14, 1876.

Children :

i. Edwin, b. June 30. 1808, in Albany, N. Y.; d. Oct. 4 or 14,
1808, ae. 3 months.

375. ii. George, b. Nov. 17, 1809, in Albany, N. Y.

376. iii. Julia Ann, b. Dec. 10 or 11, ]81l", in Albany, N. Y.

Fifth Generation. lo9

iv. Louisa, b. Jan. 24, 1814, in Albany, X. Y. ; d. Jan. 18, 1886,

ae. 72 yrs.. 2 mos.
V. ASENATH, b. Oct. 15, 1815, in Albany, N. Y.; d. Feb. 16 or

17, 1816, ae. 4 months.

377. vi. Emeline, b. Jan. 17, 1817-18, in Albany, N. Y".

vii. Clakissa, b. April 5, 1819, in Albany, N. Y.; d. March 29,
1821, ae. 1 vr., 11 mos.

378. viii. Elijah H., b. Dec. 30, 1820, in Albany. X. Y".

ix. Edwin, b. Jan. 17, 1825, in Albany, N. Y.; d. Feb. 1 or 2, 1831,
ae. 6 yrs., 1 mo.

379. X. Leonakd,* b. Feb. 27, 1827. in Albany. N. Y.

380. xi. Albert, b. March 8, 1829, in Albany, N. Y.

xii. Charlotte Emilv, b. Nov. 24, 1831, in Albany, N. Y.; d. July
25, 1832, ae. 8 months.

381. xiii. Marietta, b. Oct. 11, 1833, in Albany, N. Y.

382. xiv. William Henry Harrison, b. May 13, 1836, in Albany, N. Y^

138. Eunice^ Bkainerd {Daniel*, DanieP, James-, Daniel^) of

Middle Haddam, Middlesex Co., Conn. ; m., Jime 18, 1795,
in Middletown, Conn., Benjamin Bowers, bapt. April 19,
1767, in Middle Haddam, son of Benjamin and Hepzibah
(Savage) Bowers, of Middle Haddam and of Blandford,
Mass. He lived in Albany, N". Y. Mrs. Eunice (Brain-
erd) Bowers d. Mch. 3, 1813. Mr. Benjamin Bowers
d. .

Bowers child :

i. Benjamin, b. 1796. in Albany, N. Y.; m. Dorcas . He

died Jan. 14. 1852, ae. 56 years. Ch.; David W., b.

; m. Mary Ann Gould. He was killed Sept. 5,

1852, in the explosion of the steamer Reindeer on the
North River. She d. Sept. 4. 1852, ae. 31 years. Ch.:
Eunice B., b. 1823; d. May 5, 1842, ae. 19 years.

139. AsAHEL^ Braineed (Daniel*, DanieP, James-, Daniel^) of

Middle Haddam, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m., Jan. 4, 1798,
Lncretia Whitmore, b. Sept. 12, 1783, in Haddam, Conn.
He moved to Baltimore in 1804, and to Albany in 1807,
where he died before 1828. He sailed a vessel of his owa
and was probably captain of it. Mr. Asahel Brainerd d.
about 1829. Mrs. Lncretia (Whitmore) Brainerd d. Jan.
6, 1852, in Sturgis, Mich.

Children :

Lucretia, b. , in Middle Haddam, Conn.

Leonard Whitmore, b. Aug. 27, 1802, in Eastbury, N. Y.
i. Gilbert, b. Feb. 24, 1805, in Greene Co., N. Y.

Asahel, bi .

Benjamin C, b. Feb. 20, 1807, in Baltimore, Md.

i. Daniel, b. , in Baltimore, Md.

i. Sarah Jane, b. Sept. 21, 1811, in Albany, N. Y.
390. viii. Julius, b. May 14. 1814, in Albany, N. Y.

:. Elizabeth A., b. Jul}', 1815, in Albany, N. Y.

Luther, b. .

393. xi. Mary, b. March 13, 1822, in Albany, N. Y.

record sent by Bruce M. Gallien, Leonard was born Feb. 4, 1827

IK' Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

140. Lucy'^ Beaixerd (Daniel*, DanieP,Janies-, DanieV) of Mid-
dle Haddam, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m., after March 1,
1804, Mr. Hanna. Mrs. Lucy (Brainerd) Hanna died
. Mr. Hanna died .

Hanna children:
i. Andrew, b. —

Her descendants live in New

141. Jonathan^ Bkainekd {Jepiha*, Eehei^, James-, Daniel'^)

of Haddam, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m., , Eunice

Brainerd, b. Aug. 6, 1772, dau. of Deacon Eliakim and
Lucj- (Smith) Brainerd. He left Haddam about 1794
or 1796 and settled in Rome, I^T. Y. The first jail in that
place was erected under his supervision. He also laid out
the present Floyd road in the town and built the old bridge
across the ]\Iohawk Eiver, known as Fish's bridge, near the
present location of the Oneida County fair grounds. In
1805 he was in Fort Stanwix. He built several factories
and mills. He was also a farmer. He was Captain of a
militia company. Mrs. Eunice (Brainerd) Brainerd died
in 1845. Mr. Jonathan Brainerd died Aug., 1850. ae. 79
or 80 years.

Children :

394. i. Joanna, b. 1797, in Rome, N. Y.

ii. .Jaeed. b. 1800, in Rome, N. Y.; d. ae. 63 vears; unm.

395. iii. Lucy, b. 1803, in Rome, N. Y.

396. iv. ROXANNA, b. 1805, in Rome, N. Y.

397. V. Jeptha, b. jNIarch 10, 1808, in Rome, N. Y.

398. vi. Eunice E., b. 1811, in Rome, N. Y.

142. Concurrence^ Brainerd {Jeptha*, Heher', James-, DanieV)

of Haddam, Middlesex Co., Conn. ; m., Dec. 28, 1793, Eos-
well Sheldon, b. June 20, 1763, son of Asher and Wealthean
(Steel) Sheldon of Branford, Conn. Mr. Eoswell Sheldon
died . ilrs. Concurrence (Brainerd) Sheldon died

Sheldon children;

Jambs'^ Brainerd (Zachariah*, Heher^, James", Daniel^) of
Haddam, Middlesex Co., Conn. ; m. Susannah Shay-
lor, bapt. Dec., 1779, dau. of Bezaleel and Susannah
(Bailev) ShaA'lor of Haddam, Conn. Mrs. Susannah
(Shayior) Brainerd died Dec. 12. 1825, ae. 46 years. He
m. (2) (by Zebulon Crocker of Upper Middletown, Conn.).
Feb. 17, 1827, Fanny Bowditdge Shayior, sister of his
first wife. He was a carpenter and farmer, and helped to
biiild some of the first houses in Utica, N". Y. During his
last illness he manifested great patience and Christian

Fifth Generation.


resignation. Altl;ougli his speech was greatly affected, yet,
to those who stood by his bedside, he would say, " My con-
fidence is in Christ"; and again he would say, "All is
peace and Joy."
He expressed no wish to live ; his only regret was that he could
not see his boys. Out of six, he had only one to follow him
to his last resting place, the rest living at a distance. Al-
though they were absent from home and were not here to
smooth his dying pillow, there were those who took care
of him and loved him, he having won their affections by
endeavoring in e\-ery possible way to show them his grati-
tude for all their kindness. Mrs. Fanny Bowditdge (Shay-
lor) Brainerd died April 29, 1842, ae. 50 years. Mr. James
Brainerd died Jan. 22, 1860, ae. 82 years.

Children by the first marriage:

399. i. Hezekiah, b. .

ii. Epaphroditus. b. Jan. :!. 1803. in Haddain, Conn. ; d. July 3.

1868. ae. 65 years; nnni.
iii. Shaylor, b. May, 1807, in Haddam. Coun. : d. April 20, 1828,

ae. 21 year.s; umn.
iv. Mary S.. b. Nov., 1809. in Haddam. Conn.: d. Dec. 21, 1826,

ae. 17 years.

400. V. Cephas, b. Dec. 3, 1812, in Haddam, Conn.

vi. A daughter, b. , in Haddam, Conn.; d. soon.

411]. vii. Zachariah, b. May 16, 1820, in Haddam, Conn.

viii. Wir-LiAM, b. Aug. 29. 1822. in Haddam. Conn.; d. .June 13.

ix. SusAN-NAii. b. Aug.. 182.1. in Haddam, Conn.: d. Sept. 1. 182.5.
ae. 1 month.

Children by the second marriage :
402. X. Shaylor, b. Dee, 24, 1829, in Haddam, Conn.

xi. Susan S.. b. May 29. 1831, in Haddam. Conn.: d. Aug. 10.
1833. ae. 2 yrs., 3 mos.

144. Huldah" Braixeed (Zachariah*. Hebe)", James", Daniel^)

of Haddam, Middlesex Co.. Conn.; m., Oct. 19, 1807, David
Smith Clarke, son of Sylvanus and Dorothy (Smith)
Clarke. He lived in Haddam and in Upper Middlotown,
Conu. Mrs. Huldah (Brainerd) Clarke died 1828 or 1830.
Mr. David Smith Clarke died June 7, 1830, in Haddam.

Clark children:

i. Israel, b. . in Haddam. Conn.; d. young.

ii. Elizabeth, b. , in Haddam, Conn."; m. Samuel Bidwell

of Jliddletown, Conn. She died March, 1889, ae, 78 years.
Five children. A dau. Josephine, m. John R. Reynolds;
res. Hartford. Coun.

iii. Hezekiah, b. , in Haddam, Conn,; m. Martha D.

145. EzRA= Beaixerd (1^^7/iVu»^ Heber, James-, Daniel^) of

Haddam, Middlesex Co., Conu. ; m., , Cotton of

Middletown, Conn. He was a seaman, with his home in

112 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

Middletown. Mr. Ezra Brainerd d. Apr. 18, 1809, in his
27th yr. Mrs. (Cotton) Brainerd d. .

1. A son, b. .

146. SuSANXA= Bkaixekd {William'^, Eeber^, James", Daniel^) of

Haddani, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m., March 26, ISie,
Simon Knowles. b. April 12, 1786, son of Walker and
Elizabeth (Wells) Knowles of Haddam. They settled
first in Meredith, then in Delancey, X. Y. Mrs. Susanna
(Brainard) Knowles d. Sept. 30, 1863, ae. 78 yrs., 3
mos., in Andes, N. Y. Mr. Simon Knowles d. Xov.
16, 1889, ae. 98 yrs., 4 mos.

Knowles children:

i. Ezra B., b. May 28, 1813. A daughter, Jane if., married ilr.
Tuttle and lived in Delancey, N. Y.

ii. Oliver M., b. Oct. 23, 1814; d. May 13, 1829. ae. 1.5 vrs.. 7, mos.

iii. Esther M., b. Nov. 29, 1815.

iv. Ci^RBiA Ann, b. Kov. 17, 1817; d. Nov. 27, 1S81 or 1SS6:
ae. 28 years.

V. Amanda M., b. May 18, 1819.

vi. Sarah P.. b. May 26. 1821; d. June 5. 1821, ae. 10 days.

vii. Wn-UAM F.. b. May 6, 1822.

viii. Rewllo W., b. April 28, 1826; d. Feb. 14, 1883, ae. 56 yrs. 9
mos.. 16 ds. He lived in Mereditii Hollow. N. Y. 'cii.:
1. 3. K. Knowles.

ix. Mtrta M., b. July IS, 1829; m. John Whitlock; res. Daven-
port, N. Y.

147. William^ Brainerd {William*, Heher^, James^, Daniel^) of

Haddam, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m. . He settled in

I^ew York, and followed the sea. Mr. William Brainerd
d. June 27, 1819, at Port au Prince, ae. 29 jts.

403. i. Sarah Amanda, b. .

148. Anna^ Brainerd {^y^llialn*, Heber^, James-, Daniel^) of

Haddam, Middlesex Co., Conn. ; m., Feb. 14, 1820, Alvah
Post, b. Feb. 8. 1797, son of Levi and Lucy (Dennison)
Post of Essex, Conn. He was a sea captain many years, but
at the time of his death was in the cotton iDusiness in
Mobile, Ala. Mr. Alvah Post died Sept. 23, 1839, in Mo-
bile, Ala. Mrs. Anna (Brainerd) Post died Nov. 19, 1880.

Post children:

i. Sarah Ann. b. June 28, 1821; m.. May 1, 1845, Thomas Reid

of Mobile, Ala. He was a baker. He d. Feb. 19, 1876.

Ch.; 1. James. 2. Gracie. 3. Ira. Thev all live in

Mobile. Ala.
ii. Susan Brainerd. b. Sept. 12, 1826; m. Oct. 25, 1856, Ezra

Seldon Mather, b. Nov. 4, 1823, son of E. S. Mather, ]M.D.

He followed the sea many years; res. Essex, Conn.

Fifth Generation. 113

iii. Alvaii T., b. July 20, 1828; m., July 6, 1859, Sophronia Parker
of Essex, Conn. He was captain of a steamboat that ran
up Mobile Bay for several years. He afterwards went to
California, where he died Feb. 25, 1882, in Monterey. Ch.:
Two sons, who died young; a daughter, who married and
settled in California, and died March 1. 1882.

iv. William Braineud, b. Dec. 13, 1830; m., April 27, 1851. Mary
Anselina Onecamo at Monterey, Cal. He settled on a ranch
and still resides there. Four children, two sons and two
daughters. She died April, 1902.

V. Stlvanls Tyleb, b. May 26, 1832; m., July 2, 1861, Eliza
Black at Mobile, Ala. He was master of one of the steam-
boats that ran up Mobile Bay. He died Jan. 27, 1867.

vi. Ezra Curtis, b. July 9. 1S:14: in.. Dec. 2, 1864, Emeline Pratt
of Hartford, Conn, ilny i.'^i.le in Essex, Conn. Two
children, a son and a ihiii'jliU i . He was many years mate
of the Sunshine, that r;ni uii the Connecticut River.

149. Hebek^ Braineed {William*, Heber^, James-, Daniel}) of

Haddam, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m. (by Frederick Wight-
man, pastor of the Baptist chiirch), Oct. 30, 1825, Lois
Graves Hurlburt, b. June '30, 1802, daughter of Daniel, Jr.,
and Mercy (Graves) Hurlburt of Westfield, Conn. He
was a house joiner and lived near iliddletovni. Conn. Mr.
Heber Brainerd died Feb. 19, 1832. Mrs. Lois (Graves)
(Hurlburt) Brainerd died Dec. 31, 1832, ae. 30 years, 6
months, 1 day.

Children :

i. Ezra Curtis, b. Sept. 12, 1826. near Middletown, Conn.; d. in

404. ii. Clarissa Ann, b. Dec. 31, 1827, near Middletown, Conn.
iii. William M., b. Jlay, 1830, near Middletown. Conn.; d. Aug.

30, 1830, ae. 3 months,
iv. Isaiah, b. Sept., 1832, near Middletown. Conn.; d. Dec. 31,
1832. .

150. Bltnn T.° Brainerd {WilUam% Heher. James-, Daniel'-)

of Haddam, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m., ilay 1, 1830, Cath-
erine H. Foote, b. March 22, 1811, daughter of Doctor
William and Catherine (Picket) Foote of Durham, Conn.
In his earlier years he was a joiner and cabinet maker, but
later in life was a farmer in Haddam. Mr. Blynn T.
Brainerd died Aug. 3, 1882, ae. 79 years. Mrs. Catherine
H. (Foote) Brainerd died Feb. 24, 1895, ae. 83 years,
11 months, 2 days.

Child :

405. i. William Foote, b. Oct. 31, 1832, in Durham. Conn.

151. Henry Maddock" Brainerd {William*, Heber^, James",

Daniel'') of Haddam, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m.. Nov. 6.
1844, Betsey Ann Clark, b. March 10, 1819, or '20, daugh-
ter of Matthew and Hannah (Ransom) Clark of Haddam.
His father died when he was fourteen vears of a2:e.

il* Byaiiierd-Brautard Genealogy.

He joined the Methodist Church at the age of 23 years.
He was captain of the military company in Haddam in
1832, ■33, and "38. He represented the town in the legis-
lature in 1846-4:?, which met that year at Xew Haven,
Conn. He was assessor in 1849 and '50, and for twenty-
four years, from 1855 to 1879 inclusive; grand juror in
1870; notary public in 1873-74; Ijoard of relief in I860,
"61, "62, and '63. He was a farmer, living on Walkley Hill,
Haddam, Conn. His genial nature won for him hosts of
friends. Mr. Henry iladdock Brainerd died March 13,
1883, ae. 71 years, 9 months, 13 days. Mrs. Betsey Ann
(Clark) Brainerd died .

Children :

406. i. Hexry G.. b. Xov. 10. 1S4.5. in Uaddani, Conn.

ii. Louisa JI.. b. June 22, 1847. in Haddam, Conn.; d. Xov. 27,

1853. ae. 6 yrs.. 5 mos., 5 ds.
iii. Alice H., b. April 11, 1849,.in Haddam, Conn.; d. Dec. 5, 1853,

ae. 4 vrs., 7 mos.. 21 ds.
iv. Ella E.."b. Feb. 10. 1851, in Haddam, Conn.; d. Dec. 31, 1853,

ae. 2 yrs.. 10 mos.. 21 ds.
V. \YiLLlE A., b. Jan. 17. 1853. in Haddam, Conn.; d. May 30,

1857, ae. 4 yrs.. 4 mos., 13 ds.
vi. Alice L.. b. Dec. 5. 1854, in Haddam, Conn.; d. May 29, 1857.

All died witb scarlet fever,
vii. A son,* b. April 29, 1857, in Haddam, Conn,
viii. A son, b. Oct. 28, 1858. in Haddam, Conn.

407. ix. Ellex Adelaide, b. Xov. 10, 1860. in Haddam, Conn.

X. William C. b. April 23, 1863, in Haddam, Conn.; d. Sept. 28,
1902. at the Hartford Hospital of typhoid fever. He was a

152. Esther M.^ Brainerd {William*, Heber^, James-, Daniel^)
of Haddam. Middlesex Co.. Conn.; m.. June 15, 1837.
William L. Mitchell, b. Xov. 23. 1815, in Haddam, son
of Erastus and Sarah (Bigelow) Mitchell. He wa.s a
mason by trade. Mr. William L. Mitchell died Dec. 14.
1886, in Rome, X. Y. Mrs. Esther M. (Brainerd)
Mitchell died Arpil 11. 1888. in the same place.

Mitchell children :

i. Sakah Elizabeth, b. Jan. 3, 1838, in Haddam, Conn. : m.

Frank A. Felton. She lives in Ark. He is a master

mechanic. Ch.: 1. Xellie. 2. Gracie. 3. Susie. 4.

Fred. 5. Eleanor,
ii. Susan B.. b. July 5. 1844, in Colchester, Conn.; m. Edwin

Cowper or Cooper. He died . She m. (2). Antle

Xiles. He is a fanuer in Stanwix, Oneida Co.. X. Y. Cli.

by the first marriage: 1. Mabel. Ch. by the second

marriage: 2. T. Eena.
iii. Fred M.. b. Xov. 12, 1846. in Colchester. Conn.; ni. Carrie

Prince. He lives in St. Louis, Mo., and was a bookkeeper

and paymaster on the road. Ch.: 1. Uriah. 2. Hattie.

3. Fleda. 4. Dean. All born in Rome, X^. Y.

A son called Charles was drowned. Aug.. 1000, in Connecticut River.

Sixth Generation.


153. Mary" Buaineed (Asahel/' Benjamin*, Jdims''-. Jmnrs-,

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