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Daniel^) of Hartland, Hartford Co., Conn. ; in.. 1 ; so. .1 -ma-
than Emmons, b. Dec. 31, 17G1, in East Haddiiiii, ('(inn.,
son of Jonathan and Desire (Harris) Emmons. Mrs. Mary
(Brainerd) Emmons died July 29, 1801-07, ae. 37 years.
Mr. Jonathan Emmons died .

Emmons children:

i. Bexj.\mix, b. .

ii. Brainerd, b. .

iii. Isaac, b. .

iv. Lydia. 1). .

V. tSAMlET.. b. .

vi. Eli. b. .

vii. Polly, b. .

viii. JONATHAX, b. .

154. .\:«ASA<' Bkaineeb {AsalieP, Benjaniin*, Jaiues^, James-,

Daniel^) of Hartland, Hartford Co., Conn.; m., 1791,
Eunice Phelps. Mr. Amasa Brainerd died jSTov. 36, 180.5,
ae. 37 years. Mrs. Eunice (Phelps) Brainerd died .

Xo children.

155. Statika'^ Bkaixekd* (AsalicP. I'<ciijaiiiin\ Jumcr, James-,

JMnieF) of Hartland, Hartford Co., Conn.; m., 1785,
Liberty Cressy, or Crissey, of ^^'inehester, Conn., son of
David and Hannah (Wilniot) Cressy. He moved to
Chatham, Conn., from Winchester. Mr. Liberty Cressy

d. . She m. (2), Mt. Phelps, b. '-. Mrs.

Statira (Brainerd) (Cressy) Phelps d. Jan. 1, 1858,
Mr. Phelps d. .

Cressy children l)y the first marriage:

i. Xaxcy. b. Oct. 28. 17SS. in ; .1. May 21, 1886.

ii. A .,011. Ii. .July 1, 1790. in ; d. July's. 1700.

iii. .James, b. .May 19, 1791. in .

iv. A daughter, b. March 15. 1794. in : d. ilarch :3(J. 1794.

V. Polly, b. March 13, 179.3, in .

vi. RoBEUT Wadsworth. b. April. 179.S. in .

vii. A daughter, b. April 10. ISOO. in : d. April 20. 1800.

viii. Sexey, b. April :30, 1801, in .

ix. JoHX, b. May 12, 1804, in .

*One letter said that Statira Brainerd niarrieil Mr. ilycrs. He died:

she married (2) Liberty Cressy; he died ; she married (3) Mr.

Phelps. 1 cannot confirm either report from an extended investigation.
I leave the solving of the mystery to those interested.

llfi Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

156. Benjamin'' Brainerd (AsaheP, Benjamin-*, James^', James-,

Daniel^) of Hartland, Hartford Co., Conn.; m. Han-
nah Eowley. Mrs. Hannah (Rowley) Brainerd died soon
after the birth of her child. He m. (2), Abigail Wilson,
in New York state, she having moved there from the state
of Delaware, where she was born. They were divorced.
Mrs. Abigail (Wilson) Brainerd d. Dec." 7, 1850, ae. 73
yrs., in Prairieville, Mich., and was buried in Orangeville
township bnrj'ing ground. He m. (3), Mary E. (Slocum)

Kitman*, b. . He was a blacksmith by trade. He

lived in Hartford, Ohio, going there from Herkimer Co.,
N". Y. Mrs. Mary E. (Slocum) (Kitman) Brainerd d.
Feb. 25, 1848, ae. 65 yrs. Mr. Benjamin Brainerd d.
Aug. 25, 1868, ae. 91 yrs., 2 mos., 12 ds.

Child by the first marriage:

408. i. AsAHEL, b. .

Children by the second marriage :

409. ii. James, b. 1799, in New York state.

410. iii. Ralzey or Rabzet, b. March 16, 1806, in New York state.
iv. Alonzo, b. , in New York state.

Children by the third marriage :

411. V. Benjamin, b. Jan. 28, 1810, in Little Falls, N. Y.

412. vi. Mary Emily, b. Feb. 5, 1812.

413. vii. Harvey H., b. Oct. 22, 1816.

414. viii. Isaac S., b. March 31, 1818.

415. ix. Lorenzo D., b. July 30. 1820.

416. X. BuiiXL W., b. Oct. 28, 1822. i

417. xi. Amert E., b. July 4, 1824.

418. xii. Chauncey A., b. Dee. 1, 1826.

157. Candace*' Brainerd (AsaheF, Benjamin*, James^, James-,
DanieP) of Hartlaiid, Hartford Co., Conn.; m., Nov.
10, 1793, in Hartland, Eleazer Ellis of Vernon, Oneida Co..
N. Y. He was a farmer at Verona, N. Y., and afterward

moved to Green Bay, Wis. Mr. Eleazer Ellis died .

After her husband's death she removed to the home of her
brother in Litchfield, Herkimer Co., N. Y. She m. (2),
Mr. Porter. Mrs. Candace (Brainerd) (Ellis) Porter
d. Sept. 19, 1851, or 1853, ae. 77 yrs., 1 mo., 15 ds., in
Green Bay, Wis. Mr. Porter d. in Herkimer Co., N, Y.

Ellis children by the first marriage :

i. Albert Gallatin, b. Aug. 24, 1800, in Verona. N. Y.; m.

Permela Holmes, b. . He had six children. 1.

Soplironia, who d. Sept. 29, 1881, ae. 10 yrs., 11 mos. 2.
Eleazer Holmes, living (1888). Mrs. Permela (Holmes)
Ellis d., and he m. (2), and had the following children.
3. Pamelia. 4. Candace, a music teacher. 5. Lora, m.

* She had two sons, Joseph and Erastus Kitman. Erastus was adopted
by Benjamin Brainerd as his own son, taking the name of Brainerd
Joseph Kitman settled in Minneapolis, Minn.

Sixth Generation. ^'^

Mr. Wadleigh; res. Stevens Point, Wis.; two children. 6.
Verbena. 7. Eliza. 8. May. 9. Albertina, a teacher.

He served his apprenticeship in the office of The Herkimer
American for several years. Thurlow Weed also served his
apprenticeship in that office. At that time Mr. Ellis be-
came intiiiiatply ;icquainted with Frank P. Skinner, since
secie1;iiv "i llii' 1 iiited States treasury, and son of Domi-
nie SkiiuTi, :! iiiiirh loved and revered minister of the
gosptl .;t ll.'ikiiiur. He listened to the earnest solicitation
of Rev. Kleazer Williams, — since famous for his claims for
the Dauphinship, — to join him in the Oneida Castle as a
teacher to the Oneida Indians. In 1819 he engaged to give
instruction to the young Oneidas in English branches and
in singing. Almost every night Mr. Williams taught him
the Mohawk language. During his absence Mr. Ellis read
the church prayers and homilies. He continued in Mr.
Williams employ for nearly three years. In 1822 he was
appointed by the Domestic Foreign Mission Society of the
Protestant Episcopal Church a catechist and lay-reader
to the Oneidas at Green Bay, Wis., which position he held
for nearly five years.

In 1827 Governor Cass made Mr. Ellis Inspector of the Pro-
vision Government Lands, by the Surveyor-General, Ed-
ward Tiffin, in July, 1828. In the fall of 1830 he was
chosen Secretary, and requested to construct a map for a
delegation of the ISIessosinissee Indians visiting Washing-
ton under the charge of their Indian Agent, Col. C. S.

In August, 1832, he was appointed a commissioner to survey
and establish a boundary line between the Menominee and
New York Indians, and in 1833 he was designated by the
Surveyor-General to survey a large district of public lands
near Green Bay, Wis., wliich by renewed appointments in
1834-1835 was extended to neighboring districts. In 1836
he was elected a member from Brown Co. to the legislative
assembly of the territory, and after serving one year
resigned, and in 1837 was appointed by President Van
Buren Sui-veyor-General of Wisconsin and Iowa, which
position he filled till 1841, when he resigned. He again
served in the territorial Legislature, and was afterward
appointed sub-Indian Agent of the District of Green Bay.
serving in that capacity till 1848, when he resigned. In
1853 he was appointed Receiver of the Land Office at
Stevens Point, and reappointed in 1858, filling the position
till 1862.

He served for five years as mayor of Stevens Point, when he
declined to fill the position of honor for any longer period
of time. On Doc. 3, 1833, when there was no white settler
in Milwaukee but Solomon Juneau, he issued the first
newspaper ever published within the boundaries of Wis-
consin, and called The Oreen Bay Intelligencer. Mr.
Albert Gallatin Ellis died Dec. 23. 1885, at Stevens Point.

SOPHRONIA Kelixico, b. Aug. 9. 1803, in Verona, N. Y.

1 58. Asahel" Br.unerd (AsaheP, Benjamin*, James^, James".
Daniel^) of Hartland, Hartford Co., Conn., or Herkimer

Co., N. Y., m., , Mary Matilda Jones, b. Nov. 24,

1787, daughter of Isaac and ( ) Jones. He

went from Herkimer Co., N. Y., with his brother Ben-

118 Braincnl-Brainard Genealogy.

jamin, and settled in Hartford, Trumbull Co., Ohio. He
was the first white man that wintered in that place. He
had one arm. Mr. Asahel Brainerd died Feb. 22, 1826, ae.
48 yrs., 8 mos., 21 ds., in Hartford, Ohio. Mrs. Mary
Matilda (Jones*) Brainerd d. .

Children :

419. i. Abigail Experience, b. May 22, 1809, in Hartford, Ohio.

420. ii. Mary Matilda, b. — , in Hartford, Ohio.

421. iii. Llcy Ackley, b. Jan. 4, 1813, in Hartford, Ohio.

422. iv. Asahel Church, b. June, 1815, in Hartford, Ohio.

423. V. William Jones, b. April 21, 1817, in Hartford, Ohio.

424. vi. Harriet Lavinia, b. , in Hartford, Ohio.

159. Chloett" Bkaixeed (AsaheP, Benjamin*, James^, James",

Daniel^) of Hartland, Hartford Co., Conn.; m., 1801, Ed-
mund Clark, b. March 25, 1780, son of Samuel and Hep-

zibah ( ) Clark of Granville, Mass. Mrs. Chloett

(Brainerd) Clark d. .

Clark children :

i. Marietta, b. .

ii. Andrew, b. .

iii. Austin, b. .

iv. Edmund, b. .

V. Chauncy M., b. : res. Xorth Russell, St. Lawrence

Co.. X. Y.

160. Isaac" Beaineed {Asahel^, Benjamin*, James^, James",

Daniel^) of Hartland, Hartford Co., Conn. ; m., about 1800,
Polly Eaymond. He was a lumberman in Colchester,
Delaware Co., N". Y., and took large rafts of pine lumber
down the river to the Philadelphia market. Mrs. Polly

(Eaymond) Brainerd died . He m. (2),

Kimball. Mr. Isaac Brainerd d. .

b. June 5. 1806. in Colchester, N. Y.

161. SusAX" Beainerd {Asahel^, Benjamin*, James^, James'-.

Daniel^) of Hartland, Hartford Co., Conn.; m., — ,

Moses Bro\i-n. Mrs. Susan (Brainerd) Brown died Jan.
18. 1828. ae. 42 j-ears, 3 months, 15 days. Mr. Mose.';
Brown died .

Children :


i. James, b.


ii. AuRELiA Maria,


iii. .Amasa George.

iv. Polly, b.


V. John, b.

vi. Alice, b.

vii. Antoinette, b. -


viii. Ebenezeb K., b.


ix. Antoinette, b.

* One correspondent gave the name of Abigail Jones as the wife of
Asahel Brainerd with the children's names.

Sixth Generation.

Brown children :

162. Chauncet" Brainekd (AsaheP, Benjarnin*. James^, James-,

Daniel ) of Hai-tland. Hartford Co., Conn.; m.. May 20,
1810, Clarissa Gillett,'b. Oct. 16, 1791, in Sheffield, Mass.,
daughter of Deacon Isaac and Eutli (Harmon) Gillett of
Sheffield. He was a fanner, carpenter, blacksmith, and
tailor by trade. He resided for a while in Utica, N". Y.,
but at the time of his at Cedarville, Herkimer Co.,
N. Y. Mrs. Clarissa (GiUett) Brainerd d. Aug. 25, 1846,
ae. 54 yrs., 10 mos., 9 ds. Mr. Chauncey Brainerd d. Jan.
27, 1869, ac. 80 yrs. 8 mos., 15 ds.

Children :

431. i. Hexkietta, b. April 24, 1811, in Litchfield. X. Y.

432. ii. Sarms. b. Aug. 2 or 22, 1813. in Litchfield, X. Y.

433. iii. Van Rensselaer, b. Sept. 25, 1817 or Feb. 24, 1817, in

Litchfield, N. Y.

434. iv. Elizabeth C. b. Dec. 21, 1818, in Litchfield, N. Y.

V. Clarissa G., b. Jan. 18, 1822, in Litchfield, N. Y.; d. June 12,
1844, ae. 21 yrs., 4 mos., 24 ds.

163. Hancy" Brainerd {Asahel^, Benjamin*, James^, James",

Daniel') of Hartland. Hartford Co., Conn.; m., Feb., 1810,

Anson Xelson. 1). . Mrs. Hancy (Brainerd) Nelson

died Aug. 14, 1834. ae. 43 years, 3 months, 29 days. Mr.
Anson Xelson died .

Nelson cliildren:

i. Amasa B., b. .

ii. Amanda, b. .

iii. .Julius, b. .

iv. Irena, b. .

164. James" Brainerd (Benjamin^, Benjamin*, James^, James^,

Daniel') of Winthrop, Kennebec Co., Me.; m., April 8,
1809, Sarah Jamerson, b. April 28, 1781. dau. of William
and Eunice (Packard) Jamerson. He was a farmer in
Wintlirop. ]\Irs. Sarah (Jamerson) Brainerd d. Nov. 29,
1824, ae. 43 \ts., 7 mos., 1 d. He m. (2), Deborah Chat-
man Brainerd, b. Nov. 28, 1791, dau. of Eeuben and Fanny
(Allen) Brainerd of Winthrop. Mr. James Brainerd d.
June 15, 1855, ae. 72 jts., 1 mo., 28 ds. ilrs. Deborah
Chatman (Brainerd) Brainerd d. .

Children by the first marriage :

435. i. Eunice, b. July 8, 1810, in Winthrop, Me.

436. ii. Benjamin Arnold, b. July 26, 1811. in Winthrop, Me.
iii. James, b. Nov. 8, 1815. in Winthrop, Me.; d. young.

437. iv. Sarah Era, b. May 21, 1818, in Winthrop. Me.

438. V. Sylvina, b. April 10, 1821, in Winthrop, Me.

120 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

Children by the second marriage:

439. vi. Mary Louise, b. , in Winthrop, Me.

440. vii. Frances Deborah, b. , in Winthrop, Me.

165. Molly" Brainerd {Benjamin^, Benjamin*, James^, James-,

DanieV-) of Winthrop, Kennebec Co., Me.; m.. ,

Samuel Eichards, b. Jan. 13, 1777, son of William and
Anna (Cummings) Eichards, Jr., of Sharon, Me. Mr.

Samuel Eichards died . Mrs. Molly (Brainerd)

Eichards died .

Eichards children:

i. Caeoune, b. ; m. Jeremiah Hartshorn of South Read-
ing, Vt.

ii. LucEETiA, b. ; ra. C^alvin Delano ; res. Liveimore, Me.

iii. Mary Jane. b. : ni. John or Eben Packard; res. Win-
throp, Me.

iv. Samuel B., b. Jan. 26, 1809; m. Susan M. Talbot of Sharon,
Me.; res. Baltimore, Md. ; a manufacturer.

V. Adeline, b. ; m. Harry Reed; res. Livermore, Me.

vi. Charles Alexander, b. ; d. in Virginia; unm.

vii. Cordelia, b. ; ni. Amos We_yman.

viii. Ruth Ann, b. .

ix. Luther, b. .

X. Benjamest, b. .

166. Sarah" Brainerd (Benjamin^, Benjamin*, Jamcs^, James".

DanieP) of Winthrop, Kennebec Co., Me.; m., July 12,
1808, Parsons Smith, b. Sept. 35, 1779, in Epping, N. H..
son of Nathaniel and Mary (Parsons) Smith of Mon-
mouth, Me. He was a merchant and trader in Hallowell.
now ]\raneliester, Kennebec Co., Mc. He moved to Bath.
Me., about 1825, and engaged in the same business. Mr.
Parsons Smith d. Dec. 1, 1841:, ae. 65 yrs., 3 mos., 6 ds..
in Bangor, Jle., at the home of his son, Jacob C. Smith.
Mrs. Sarah (Brainerd) Smith d. Oct. 15, 1849, ae. 63 yrs.,
6 mos., 14 ds., at the same place.

Smith children :

i. Jacob Charles, b. Aug. 17. 1809, in Hallowell. Me.; m. Eliza ■
Ann Mitchell of Bath, Me., where he lived. He m. (2).
He d. March 30, 1878.

ii. Mary Ann, b. Jan. 2, 1811, in Hallowell, Me.; d. Oct. 15.
1843, ae. 32 years.

iii. William Wyman, b. May 16. 1813, in Hallowell, Me.; d. March
12, 1814.

iv. Sarah Eliza, b. Sept. 4, 1815, in Hallowell, Me.; ra., Oct. 11.
1836. Mark Langdon Hill, b. Jan, 21, 1799, in Bangor, Me.
He d. .Jan. 3, 1852. She d. Nov. 1. 1856. Ch,: 1.
Thomas Langdon, b. Dec. 3, 1838; d. Aug. 10, 1859, in
Bexar Co., Texas. 2. Mary Ann, b. Dec. 2, 1840; m„ Sept.
8, 1864. Charles G. Brewster of Boston, Mass. Ch.: i.
Alice Langdon, b. Jan. 25, 1868. ii. Charles Warren, b.
Doc. ir,. 1S71. iii. Edith Gilman, b. April 1, 1873. iv.
Hcl.,;. 1.. .T.i]v 22, 1874; d, Aug. 26, 1874. 3. John Wil-
li;!!!), l!. l.l!. L':1. 1842; m.. June 5, 1872, Abbie M. Paul, b.
Aui;. l;). 184.;. in Winterport, Me., daughter of Hosea and

Sixth Generation. 121

Lydia Paul. 4. Sarah Nancy, b. July 23, 1844; m., May

25, 1S70, Louis J. Oilman of Bangor, Me. Ch. : i. Maud
Hill, b. April 20, 1871; d. Aug. 20, 1871. ii. Marion Hill,
b. Jan. 9, 1874. 5. Adelaide Hardy, b. July 9, 1850.

V. Thomas Ripley, b. Mav 29, 1818, in Hallowell, Me.; d. April

26, 1844.

vi. John William, b. 1821. in Hallowell or Bath, Me.; d. Sept.

27, 1840, ae. 19 years.

vii. DoLi-y R., b. March. 1825, in Hallowell, Me.; d. Sept. 10, 1827,
ae. 2 yrs., 6 iiios.

167. Orin^ Bk.vineed {Benjamin^, Benjamin^, Jaines^, James-,

DanieV-) of Winthrop, Kennebec Co., Me. ; m., Feb. 6, 1310,
Sarah Earl,* b. Oct. 6, 1790, dau. of Jolm and Mary (Lord)
Earl of Berwick, Me. Mrs. Sarah (Earl) Brainerd d.
Jan. 29, 1831, ae. 40 yrs., 3 mos., 23 ds. He m. (2). Aug.
16, 1833, Ann Davenport, b. Dec. 13, 1787, in Hallowell,
Me. He was a farmer living in Hallowell. He received
boiintj'- land warrants. Mrs. Ann (Davenport) Brainerd
d. Aug. 25, 1863, ae. 75 yrs., 9 mos., 12 d. Mr. Orin
Brainerd d. April 22, or 23, 1866, ae. 78 yrs., 1 mo., 20 ds.

Children by the first marriage :

441. i. Sarah J., b. May 29, 1811, in Hallowell, ile.

ii. John W., b. March 27, 1814, in Hallowell. Jle. ; d. Sept. 27,
1817, ae. :! vrs.. mos.

442. iii. RUFUS A., b. Jan. 14, ISIO, in Hallowell. ile.
44.3. iv. Julia A., b. April 11. 1819, in Hallowell, Me.

444. V. Elizabeth E., b. .June 3, 1821, in Hallowell. Me.

445. vi. John E., b. Dec. 6, 1823, in Hallowell. Me.

446. vii. Caroline R., b. March 28, 1826, in Hallowell, Me.

viii. David O.. b. Nov. 10, 1828. in Hallowell. Me.: d. Aug. 29, 1829.
ix. Charles W., b. Nov. 10. 1828, in Hallowell. Me.; d. Nov. 10,

168. Susannah*' Br.\inerd (Ecuheii^, Benjamin*, James^,

James'-. DanieV-) of Winthrop, Kennebec Co., Me.; m.,
April 3. 1810. Jonas Packard, b. Dec. 15, 1782, in North
Bridgewater. Me., son of Jonas and Mehitable (Bratt)
Packard of Eeadfield, Me. He moved to Keadfield. Mrs.

Susannah (Brainerd) Packard d. . He m. (2),

. Frances (Brainerd) Douglas, sister to his first

wife, and widow of Mr. Douglas. Mrs. Frances (Brain-
erd) (Douglas) Packard d. .

Packard children :

i. Mary, b. .

ii. Caroline, b. : m. Mr. Dudley, who died leaving a son

and daiighter.

169. Deborah Chatman" Brainerd {Eeuben=, Benjamin*',

James^, James", DanieV) of Winthrop, Kennebec Co., Me.;

m., , James Brainerd, her cousin, b. April 17. 1783,

son of Benjamin and Ruth (Delano) Brainerd of Win-

* In the History of Winthrop, ^le., the name is spelled Hearld.


Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

throp, Me. Mr. James Brainerd d. Jmie 15, 1855, ae. 72
yrs., 1 mo., 28 ds. Mrs. Deborah Chatman (Brainerd)
Brainerd d. .

Brainerd children:

i. Mary Louise, b. , in \Yintlii-op, Me.; in. ilr. Emery.

Ch.: 1. A son.

ii. Frances Deborah, b. , in Wintliiop, Me. ; m. Mr. Dons-
lass. Cli.: 2.

170. Frances*^ Brainerd {Reuben'^, Benjamin*, Jamcs^, James-,

DanieV-) of Winthrop, Kennebec Co., Me.; m., ,

Mr. Douglass. Mr. Douglass d. . She m. (2),

, Jonas Packard, in North Bridgewater, Me., son

of James and Mehitable (Bratt) Packard. Mr. Jonas

Packard d. . Mrs Frances (Brainerd) (Douglass)

Packard d. .

No children.

171. Eeuben^ Brainerd {Reuben^, Benjamin*, James", James",

DanieV) of Winthrop, Kennebec Co., Me.; m., .

Amelia White*, dau. of Major Benjamin and Polly (Fales)
White of Winthrop, Me. Mrs. Amelia (White) Brainerd
d. Sept. 3, 1849. He m. (2), Eliza I'rufunt. He was a
farmer in Monmouth, Me. He d. in Columbia, Cal., hav-
ing gone thither in March previous to his death. Mr. Reu-
ben Brainerd d. Sept., 1856, ae. aliout 61 yrs. Mrs. Eliza
(Prufimt) Brainerd d. .

Children' by the first marriage :

447. i. Bexjamix Mabcellus, b. Oct. 27, 1825, or Nov. 24, by to\vii

records, in Monmouth, Me.
ii. Reuben Augustus, b. May 10, 182S, in Monmouth, Me.; res.

Australia : unni.
iii. Frances A., b. March 26, 1830, in Monmouth, Me.; d. ,

ae. 16 years.

448. iv. Maby Evelyn, b. Dec. 18, 1831, in Monmouth, Jle.

V. Charles A., b. July 7, 1833, in Monmouth. Me.; d. .Jan. or
July 7, 1834.

Children by the second marriage:

vi. EilMA, b. . in Monmouth. Me.; d. , ae. about 2

172. Asahel" BR.A.INERD (Reuben^, Benjamin*, James^, James"
DanieP) of Winthrop, Kennebec Co., Me.;

Nancy Johnson, h. . Mrs. Nancy (Johnson)

Brainerd d. . Mr. Asahel Brainerd d. .

Children: six.
449. i. Augustus, b. .

* The town clerk gave the name as Perraelia White.

Sixth Generation. 123

173. Isaac® Beainerd {Reuhen^, Benjamin^, James', James^,

Daniel^) of Winthrop, Kennebec Co., Me. ; m., Nov. 29.
1829, Harriet Elizabeth Weeks, b. Jan. 1, 1810, daughter

of Captain E. J. and C. A. ( ) Weeks of Hallowell,

Me. He lived at Winthrop. She received a pension of
$8 per month on account of her sons, who were in Com-
pany B, 14th Maine Eegt., Vol. Inf., in the late Civil War,
and were killed or died in service. Mr. Isaac Brainerd
d. March 7, 1863, ae. 63 yrs., 18 ds. Mrs. Harriet Eliza-
Leth (Weeks) Brainerd d. May 20, 1884, ae. 74 yrs., 4
mos., 19 ds.

Children :

i. Helen ]\Iaria, b. March 28, 1831. in Winthrop, Me.; d. Nov. 28,

450. ii. Isaac Llewellyn, b. March 17, 1833, in Winthrop, Me.

451. iii. Helen Maeia, b. April 9, 1834, in Winthrop, Me.; d. Nov. 28,

1863, or Feb. 24, 1864, at Fremont plantation, Aroostook
Co., Me.; ae. 29 yrs., 10 mos.

iv. MiNEBVA Ann Estella, b. Oct. 22, 1837, in Winthrop, Me.

v. Vernon Alexis, b. Dec. 2, 1841, in Winthrop, Me.; d. Feb. 15,
1862, ae. 20 yra., 2 mos., 13 ds., in Manchester, Me.

vi. Charles Everaed, b. Dec. 14, 1843, in Winthrop, Me.; d.
March 30, 1849, ae. 5 yrs., 3 mos., 16 ds.

vii. Herbert Thomas Weeks, b. Feb. 24, 1846, in Winthrop, Me.
A soldier in Co. B, 14th Regiment Maine Volunteer In-
fantry; d. March 23, 1862, ae. 16 yrs, 22 ds.. at Ship Island.

viii. Charles Eveeard, b. April 22, 1849, in Winthrop. Me.; d.
April, 1849.

174. Benjamin" Brainerd {Reuherv", Benjamin'^. James'', James'^,

Daniel^) of Winthrop, Kennebec Co., Me.; m., ,

Mary Ann Judkins. Mr. Benjamin Brainerd d. .

Mrs. Mary Ann (Judkins) Brainerd d. .

Children :

i. A child, b. .

ii. A child, b. .

1 75. David Edmdnd Allen" Brainerd (Reuben", Benjamin*,

James^, James", Daniel'^) of Winthrop, Kennebec Co., Me.;
m., May, 1831, Ruth Weeks, b. Jan. 1. 1811, dau. of
Deacon Daniel and Martha (Taylor) Weeks of Jefferson,
Lincoln Co., Me. He graduated from Bowdoin College in
1828, receiving the degi-ee of M.D. He practiced his pro-
fession at China, Me. Mrs. Ruth (Weeks) Brainerd d.
April 10, 1842. Mr. David Edmund Allen Brainerd
d. '-.

No children.

176. Benjamin" Brainerd (Church', Benjamin*, James^, James'',

Daniel^) oi Farmington. Franklin Co., Me.; m.. March,
1812, Mary Hall. b. '^ . Mrs. Mary (Hall) Brainerd

Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

died . He m. (2), Elvira Hall, b.- . He was

a farmer and treasurer of the Calvin Baptist church, and
was clerk of the church July 26, 1810. He lived in Xew
Sharon, Me., afterwards moved to Wilton, Me. Mr. Ben-
jamin Brainerd d. Feb. 9, 1867, ae. 76 yrs., 10 mos., 28 ds.
Mrs. Elvira (Hall) Brainerd d. March 22, 1870, ae. 58 yrs.

i. Mary, b. May 30, 1814, in New Sharon, Me.; d. Dec. 11. 1853.
ii. .\DELIA A. M., b. April 13, 1838, in New Sharon, Me.; unm.

452. iii. Obbin, b. March 3, 1847, in New Sharon, Me.

177. Josiah" Brainerd (Church'^, Benjamin^, James', James'',

Daniel'^) of Farniington, Franklin Co., Me.; m., ,

Charlotte Smith. Mrs. Charlotte (Smith) BraiiiL-rJ d.

June 1, 1861. He m. (2), Charlotte Leeman, b. ,

dau. of Jacob and ( ) Leeman of Stark. ]\Ie.

He was a teacher in Fanningtou. He settled in Xew
Sharon, Me. Mr. Josiah Brainerd died Aug. 5, 1858, ae.
68 years. Mrs. Charlotte (Leeman) Brainerd died June
1, 1861, ae. 69 years.

Child by the first marriage :

i. William, b. .

Children by the second marriage :

ii. Church Josiah, b. , in New Sharon, Me.; d. Dec. 1,

1839, ae. 23 yrs.
iii. Miranda, b. .

453. iv. Ltjcikda P., b. .

454. V. Nehemiah Sjiith, b. .

178. William" Brainerd {Church^, Benjamin*. James^, James',

DanieV-) of Farmington, Franklin Co., Me.; m., March 29,
1825, Mary D. Sweet of Whitefield, Lincoln Co., Me., b.
Dec., 1802. He was a teacher in Farmington, Me., and a
staunch temperance man. He was one of two men who
advocated and worked for the abolition of slavery in the
town of New Sharon, Me. He was a farmer. He was a
private in Captain Daniel Beale's company of militia in
Farmington, called out for the defense of the sea-
coast and waiting orders at Hallowell. ile., from Sept. 12
to Sept. 26, 1814, and attached to Lieutenant-Colonel
David McGaifey's or Galtie's, regiment. Mr. William
Brainerd d. Jan. 23, 1867, ae. 74 yrs., 1 mo.. 16 ds. Mrs.
Mary D. (Sweet) Brainerd d. March 23, 1873, ae. 70 yrs.,
3 mos.
Children :

455. i. WnJLlAM .\i,bion, b. Jan. 19, 1826, in New Sharon, Me.

456. ii. James Allen, b. Sept. 10, 1828, in New Sharon, Me.

457. iii. Asa Gould, b. Aug. 11, 1831, in New Sharon, Me.

458. iv. Henrietta Jane. b. Dec. 20, 1833, in New Sharon, Me.

Sixth Generation. 125

459. V. Benjamin Franklin, b. Dec. 16, 1835, in ISTew Sharon, Me.
vi. Claba Anne, b. July 29, 1838, in New Sharon, Me.; d. July

26, 1856, ae. 18 years.

460. vii. Mary Evaline, b. Feb. 8, 1843, in New Sharon, Me.

179. Allen Hall" Brainerd (Church^, Benjamin*, Jamcs^,

James", DanieV) of Farmin2;ton, Franklin Co., Me.; m.,
July 11, 1830, Tamesin Brooks Weeks, b. Feb. 27, 1809,
in New Sharon,- Me., daughter of Ebenezer and Eoxaima
(Brooks) Weeks, formerly of Cape Cod, Mass. Roxanna
Brooks' family name was formerly Broadbrooks. He was a
merchant and o\7ned a sawmill at Guilford, Piscataquis
Co., Me. He had been collecting bills and on his return
was waylaid and mui-dered at ilattawanikeag on tlie bridge
at the mouth of the river. Mr. Allen Hall Brainerd died
July 17, 1835, ae. 32 years, 1 month, 4 days. She m. (2),
April 2. 1839, George Gower of Industry, Me., where he re-
sided. He had two children. Mrs. Tamesin Brooks
(Weeks) (Brainerd) Gower d. June 11, 1883, ae. 74 yrs.,
4 mos., 9 ds., in Farmington. Me.

Children :

i. Franklin Weeks, b. July 11, 1831; d. about 1835. ao. 4

461. ii. Mary Ann, b. July 23, 1833, in Upper Stillwater, Me. Her

name was changed to Gower. She m., Oct. 29, 1878, Jloses

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