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W. Gage of Jlercer, Me.

180. Esther" Brainerd {Church^, Benjamin*^, James'', James",

Daniel^) of Farmington, Franklin Co., Me.; m., June 4,

1824, Eliot or Eliab E. Day, b. • . They lived in

Guilford, Me. Mrs. Esther (Brainerd) Day died Sept. 15,
1830, ae. 55 years, 8 months, 4 days. Mr! Eliab Or Eliot
Day died .

Day child:

i. WiLUAM B., b. ; res. Streator, IlL; ni. . Ch.:

1. Clarence, b. . 2. A daughter, b. .

181. Elanor" Brainerd (Nathaniel-', Benjamin*, James"', James-,

Daniel^) of Mt. Vernon, Kennebec Co., Me.; m., ,

Nathaniel Chapman of Kingfield, Me. He settled in Mer-
cer, Me. Mrs. Elanor (Brainerd) Chapman d. Dec. 25,

1865, or 1866, ae. . ^Ir. Nathaniel Chapman d.

Sept. 29, 1874, ae. .

Chapman children:
i. Mary, b. , in ; m. .John Smith. She was his

second wife,
ii. Susan Brainerd, b. , in ; m. Daniel Hallett;

res. South Boston, Mass. Ch.: 1. Arvilla Chapman, b.

Nov., 1853; m., Jan., 1870, Henry Keeler. He d. July

10, 1872. She d. Dec. 5, 1872. Ch. : 1. Adelia, b.

March, 1872. She lives with Mrs. Hallett, South Boston,


126 Brainerd-Bramard Genealogy.

iii. Sarah, b. ; d. 1861.

iv. Betsey K.. b. July, 1827 ; res. ilt. Vernon. Me.

V. RoxANNA. b. '- — , in ; m. John Smith. She died

Feb.. 1863.
vi. li. ; d. young:.

182. Hannah" Braixekd (NathanieP, Benjamin*, James^,

James-, Daniel^) of Mt. Vernon, Kennebec Co., Me.; m.,
1821. Epliraim Leighton. Jr.. b. 1800, in Mt. Vernon, Me.,
son of Epbraim and Esther (Webber) Leighton. He was
a farmer in Parkman, Me. The last of his life was spent
in Angusta, Me. Mrs. Hannah (Brainerd) Leighton died
April 20, 1870, ae. 74 years. Mr. Ephraim Leighton died
Dee. 28, 1876.

Leighton children :
i. Laura A., b. May, 182.3. in Pnrkman, :\Ie. : m. Xathaniel Na-

son; res. Augusta. Me.
ii. Henry M., b. Xov. 20. 1825. in Parkman. Me.; res. Augusta,

iii. P.oxanna R.. b. Dec. 31. 1827. in Parkman, Me.; m. Greenlief

Cummings; res. Augusta, Me.
iv. EoSETTA or Rosella. b. Dec. 31. 1827, in Parkman, Me.; m.

Nov., 1851. Thomas Conant, b. March 30, 1809. Ch.: 1.

William Henry, b. Sept. 7. 1855, in Wayne, Me. He settled

first in Augusta, then in Wayne, Me.
V. Esther A., b. April. 1830, in Parkman, Me.; m. John Ancho-

lov; res. Manchester, N. H.
vi. Abbie R.. b. .Jan. 10. 1831. in Parkman. Me.; m. Mr. Lowell;

res. Augusta. Me.
vii. Sullivax, b. 1838. in Parkman. ile.: d. 184S. ae. 10 years.

183. Nathaniel Chapman^ Brainerd {Nathaniel^, Benja.nin*,

James^, James-, DanieV-) of Mt. Vernon, Kennebec Co.,
Me.; m., July, 1820, Hannah i\IcGaffev, or McGaffie, b.
July 24. 1793, in Sandown, X. H., dau. of Andrew and
Hannah (Wallace) McGafEey, or McGaffie, of Mt. Vernon,
Me. He was a farmer, living at the old homestead in Mt.
Vernon. Mrs." Hannah (McGaffney, or McGaffie,) Brain-
erd d. June. 18(50. jMr. Xathaniel Chapman Brainerd d.
Feb. 22, 1S82. in Mt. Vernon, ile.

Children :

i. A>-drew X.. b. May 9, 1821, in Mt. Vernon. Me.; res. same
402. ii. Sarah F.. b. Nov. 12, 1822, in Mt. Vernon, Me.

463. iii. Maky Jake. b. May 23, 1824, in Mt. Vernon, Me.

464. iv. Elizabeth, b. Sept. "6. 1826, in Mt. Vernon, Me.

V. WllxiAM M., b. Dee. 11, 1828, in ISJt. Vernon, Me.; res. same

vi. Albert L., b. Feb. 16, 1331. in Mt. Vernon. Me.; d. March 18.

vii. Melvixa il.. b. Nov. 1. 1836. in Mt. Vernon, Me.; res. Vienna,


184. SrsAN KiNG^ Brainerd (NathanieF, Benjamin*, James^,

James^, Daniel^) of Mt. Vernon, Kennebec Co., Me.; m.,

Sixth Generation. 1^7

Jan. 24, 1834, Asa B. Cook, b. June, 1815, son of Mr. Cook
of North Attleboro, Mass. She went to North Attleboro
in 1832. He deserted his wife and lias not since been
heard from. Mrs. Suban King (Brainerd) Cook d. March
11. 1870, in Augnsta, Me. Mr. Asa B. Cook d. .

Cook child :
i. Amey Ann, b. Jlardi 14, 183."). in ; d. Aug., 1835.

185. Isaac Church* Braixekd (Nalhanicl', Beiijamiii*^ James^,

James^, Daniel^) of Mt. Vernon. Kennebec Co., Me.; m.,
Dec. 8, 1833 (by Eev. J. E. Torljosh, pastor of the Bap-
tist church), Sarah Ann Walcott, b. April 20, 1813, daugh-
ter of Captain William and Lydia (Fuller) Walcott of
North Attleboro, Mass. He went to North Attleboro in
April, 1831, by a packet, and was two weeks on the way,
having a snowstorm during that time. He worked many
years in the jewelry shop, but was afterwards a farmer.
With the exception of two or three years, he has resided at
the old Walcott mansion where their happy union was con-
summated. They celebrated their golden wedding, Dec. 8,
1883. Three cousins of the bride were present, the only
living witnesses of the ceremony. The golden wedding
ended, as it commenced, with hearty wishes for the con-
tinued health and prosperity of the venerable and respected
couple. Mrs. Sarah Ann (Walcott) Brainerd d. Jan. .28,
1891. Mr. Isaac Church Brainerd d. Sept. 13, 1891.

Children :

465. i. William Church, b. Aug. 18, 1837. in Wrentham, Mass.

ii. A daughter, b. April 6, 1840, in North Attleboro, Mass.; d.

April 6, 1840.
iii. Sar.\h LoriSA. b. Mav 30, 1843, in Xorth Attleboro, Mass.; d.

Jan. 24, 1845.
iv. Mary Emogeke, b. July 9, 1846, in North Attleboro, Mass.

186. Benjamin'' Brainerd {Isaac'. Benjamin". .James". James".

Daniel^) of Kandolph, Orange Co., Vt.; m., Sept. 10, 1812.
or March 22, 1813, Sophia Kendall, b. Nov. 18, 1793, in
Deerfield, Mass., daughter of Luke and Mercy (Gunn)
Kendall of Amherst, Mass., and niece and adopted daugh-
ter of General Zebina Montague, an officer in the Eevolu-
tionary War. He graduated at Dartmouth College. He
read law in the office of Squire Dickinson of Amherst,
and was admitted to the bar in the fall of 1814. He
settled in Gill, Franklin Co., Mass., wliere he lived till the
fall of 1836, when he removed to Unionville, Lake Co.,
Ohio. Mrs. Sophia (Kendall) Brainerd died March 14,
1853. Mr. Benjamin Brainerd died Dec. 24, 1864, ae. 79
vears, in Unionville.

128 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

i. JuSTix Montague, b. Dec. 8. 1813, in Randolph, Vt. ; d. March
5, 1837, ae. 23 years, in Unionville, Ohio.

466. ii. Clakissa Fidelia." b. Jan. 28, 1816, in Gill, Mass.

467. iii. Mary Lucretia, b. Mav 11, 1818, in Gill, Mass.

468. iv. .Julia Sophia, b. May *4, 1820, in Gill, Mass.

469. V. Edwin Columbus, b.'june 13, 1822. in Gill, Mass.

470. vi. Benjamin Austin, b. May 20, 1824, in Gill, Mass.
vii. Ellen Louisa, b. Oct. 22, 1831, in Gill, ]Mass.

471. viii. Hannah, b. April 27, 1834, in Gill, Mass.

472. ix. FBEDERic.'b. May 24, 1836, in Gill, Mass.

187. Elijah* Braineed {Isaac', Beiijamin\ Jaines^, Jamcsr,

DanieV ) of Eandolph, Orange Co., Vt. ; m., , Lucy

Higgins, daughter of Timothy and Lucy (Whittemore)
Higgins of Eandolph, Vt., formerly of Haddam, Conn. He
was a farmer in Eandolph. Mr. Elijah Brainerd died July
0, 1866, ae. 78 years, 8 months, 7 days. Mrs. Lucy (Hig-
gins) Brainerd died in Eandolph.

Children :

473. i. George W., b. Dec. 18, 1816, in Randolph, Vt.

ii. Clarissa Millison, b. ilarch 20, 1819, in Randolph, Vt. ; d.
Dec. 2, 1840: unm.

474. iii. Laura Luscina, b. Oct. 10, 1822, in Randolph, Vt.

475. iv. Norman Elijah, b. Feb. 27, 1827, in Randolph, Vt.

188. Oiux'^ BiuiKERD (Isaac-', Benjamin^, Jame^, Jwmes^, Dan-

iel}) 01 Eandolph, Orange Co., Vt. ; m., about Oct. 1, 1840,
Julia Eoseania Arsula. or Galia, Eogers, b. Dec. 3, 1816,
dau. of Sylvester and Esther Maria (Brown) Eogers, or
Lydia, wife of Sylvester Eogers. Mrs. Julia Eoseania Ar-
sula (Eogers) Brainerd d. Aug. 9, 1842. He was a farmer.
Mr. Orin Brainerd d. June or Sept. 23, 1875, ae. 90 jts.,
in Unionville, Ohio, or Lairdsville, N. Y.

Xo children.

189. Loudon^ Br.\ixaed (Isaa/'', Bcnjainin*, Jamcs^. James-,

Daniel^) of Eandolph, Orange Co., Vt.; m., Feb. 21, 1831,
in Westmoreland, N. Y. (bv Eev. Jolin Dempster), Hetty
Himt, b. April 13. 1801,' dau. of William and Betsey
(Calkins) Hunt of Hillsdale, N". Y. He was a farmer.
]\Ir. Loudon Brainard d. Jan. 16 or 18. 1865, ae. 74 p-s.,
in Westmoreland, X. Y., where his widow continued to
reside. He left Eandolph, Vt., in 1820, and settled in
Lairdsville, X. Y.
From the 5th Congress, 2d session: "Louden Brainard, vol..
at Eandolph. Vt. ; rendered service at the invasion of
Plattsburgh, X. Y.. in the War of 1812. Capt. Lebeus
Edgerton. His wife was allowed a pension of $12 per
month. Feb. 27, 1891." She was aged 89 years, May 4,
1885. She lived in AVestmoreland, X. Y.' Mrs. Hetty
(Hunt) Brainard d. April 9, 1890, ae. 89 yrs.

Sixth Generation.

476. i. Clarissa A., b. Dec. 1, 1821, in Lairdsville. N. Y.

ii. Loudon Wiluam, h. Dec. 6, 1823, in Lairdsville, N. Y. ; unm. ;
d. June 11, 1899.

477. iii. Isaac Milton, b. Aug. 28, 1827, in Lairdsville, N. Y.

iv. Samuel, b. Dec. 22, 1830, in Lairdsville, N. Y.; d. Sept. 10,

V. Elizabeth E., b. Jan. 29, 1835, in Lairdsville, K. Y. : d. Feb.

23, 1862, ae. 27 yrs., 2.5 ds.

478. vi. Julia Ann, b. May G, 1839. in Lairdsville, N. Y.

190. Alansox^ Braixebd (Isaac''. Benjamin*. James^, James".

Daniel^) of Bristolville, Trumbull Co., Ohio; m., Nov. 19,
1844, Elizabeth Maria Moseley, b. Au,^. 20, 1813, daughter
of Noah and Crathia (Fowler) Moseley of Trumbull Co..
Ohio. He was a farmer, first in Bristolville, then in Paines-
ville, Ohio. Mr. Alanson Brainerd died Aug. 30, 1870,
in Painesville. Mrs. Elizabeth ilaria (Moseley) Brainerd
died .

Children :

i. Francis Alanson, b. Oct. 24, 184.5. in Bristolville. Ohio, He

lived in Columbus, Platte Co., Nebraska, and was in the

drug business.
ii. Alice Elizabeth, b. Oct. 20. 1848, in Bristolville, Ohio, She

is a vocalist in Cleveland, Ohio, having received her vocal

education in Paris, France.'

191. Martin^ Brainerd (Isaac', Benjamin*, James^, James-.

Daniel^) of Blairsville, Indiana Co., Pa.; m., Nov. 5 or 6,
1830, Nancy Moorhead, b. March 13, 1813, near Blairsville,
Pa., dan. of Judge Samuel and Martha (Bell) Moorhead.
He graduated at Dartmouth College in 1817. studied law
at Utica, N. Y., and was there admitted to the bar. He
practiced in Eochester and Buffalo, N. Y., then removed to
Blairsville, where he continued the practice of law and
teaching till 1858, when he removed with his family to
Beloit, Wis., and engaged in farming. About 1878, he
removed to St. Augustine, Fla. Mr. Martin Brainerd died
at that place, April 27. 1883. and was buried in the old
Huguenot Cemetery of that city. Mrs. Nancy (Moorhead)
Brainerd died Dec' 14, 1893, in St. Augustine, Ela.

Children :

i. Isaac, b. Aug. 16, 1831, in Blairsville, Pa.: d. July 10, 1830.
ii. SAMurEL Moorhead, b. Dec. 16, 1832, in Blairsville, Pa,: d,

July 2, 1836,
iii. DeWitt Clinton, b. Oct. 31, 1834, in Blairsville, Pa,; d, Julv

22, 1836.

479. iv, John McCkea, b. March 30, 1836, in Blairsville, Pa.

480. V. Justin Montague, b. Feb. 16, 1838, in Blairsville, Pa.

481. vi. Mary Alice, b. Feb. 18, 1840. in Blairsville, Pa.

vii. Joseph, b. Jan. 20, 1842, in Blairsville, Pa. He was of the
firm of Walter Lyon & Co., in St. Augustine, Fla,, afterward
in the real estate business; unm.

130 Brainercl-Brainard Genealogy.

482. viii. David W., b. Aug. 7. 1844, in Blairsville, Pa.
48.3. ix. Reginald Heber, b. Jan. 1, 1848, in Blairsville, Pa.

X. William Av.stin, b. June 30, 1849, in Blairsville, Pa. He is
a farmer in St. Augustine, Fla.; unm.

484. xi. iI.\RTHA Elizabeth, b. Sept. 9, 1851, in Blairsville, Pa.

485. xii. Harriet Hill, b. March 15, 1854, in Blairsville. Pa., or

Beloit, Wis.

486. xiii. Henry Martin, b. Nov. 7, 1856, in Blairsville, Pa., or Beloit.


192. Alfred' Beainerd (Isaac", Benjamin'', Jamcr, James-.

DanieV-) of Randolph, Orange Co., Vt; m., Feb. 21, 1825,

Caroline Giinn Dickinson, b. , daughter of Ezekiel

and Perley (Gunn) Dickinson of Amherst, Mass. He
was a farmer at Verona, N. Y. Mrs. Caroline Gunn
(Dickinson) Brainerd died Sept., 184G, at Randolph or
Barre. Vt. Mr. Alfred Brainerd d. Feb. 5, 1868, ac. 68
3'rs. in Vernon, Oneida Co., "X. Y.

Children :

487. i. Caroline, b. Nov. 19. 1820, in Vernon, N. Y.

488. ii. H.«VRIET, b. Dec. 11, 1827, in Vernon, N. Y.

489. iii. Daniel Dickinson, b. July 7, 1832, in Vernon, N. Y.

iv. Charles H., b. June 8, 1834, in Vernon, N. Y., d. Sept. 10,
1874, in Jefferson, N. Y. He lived in Oneida. Oneida Co..
N. Y.

V. Angeline, b. Feb. 7, 1842, in Vernon, N. Y. She was killed
in a railroad disaster near Erie^, Pa., about 1866 or 1868.

193. Almon* Brainerd (Isaac^, Benjamin*, James^, James^. Dan-

iel^) of Greenfield, Franklin Co., Mass. ; m., June 19, 1848,
Margucretta E. Langstroth*, b. Jan. 22, 1821, in Philadel-
phia, Pa., dau. of John G. and Eebekah A., or Lorraine,
(Dumi) Langstroth. He was graduated at Hamilion
College in 1825, studied law and was admitted to the
Franklin county bar in 1829. In 1821 he was chosen
school committee. He was secretary of The Franklin
County Mutual Insurance Company. He was pay-
master in tlie infantry — commissioned 1830. discharged
1838. II. JanuaiT, 1830, the Greenfield Lyceum was
organized and he w-as chosen secretary. He was chosen
tithing man Nov. 21. 1842. He was elected coinity
treasurer in 1842 and also registrar of deeds. After
fourteen years of service he was persuaded to resign those
offices and accept an election to the state senate, with pro-
spective advance to a seat in Congress, which honor lie
never realized. He was a trial justice for twenty years.
He met with that success that worth and work always
award and at one time had accumulated a large estate, but
his kindness of heart and obliging ways led him to finan-
cial ruin. Mrs. Margucretta E. (Langstroth) Brainerd
died Dec. 12, 1874. Mr. Almon Brainerd died Jan. 19,
1878, ae. 75 years, 2 months, 26 days, in Greenfield, Mass.

* Her brother was Rev. Lorenzo Lorraine Langstroth of Philadelphia, Pa.

Sixth Generation. l-^i

Children :

i. Almon Lorraine, b. Aii^. 5. 1850, in Greenfield, Mass.

490. ii. Albert n,, b. Jan. IG, 1856, in Greenfield, Mass.

194. Halsey'^ Beaixeed {Eohert^, Benjamin*, James', James-,

DanieV) of South Hadley, Hampshire Co., Mass.; m., Dee.
34, 1810, Lncy Judd, b. Aug. 31, 1791, daughter of Captain
and Deacon Levi and Lucy (Snow) Judd of South Hadley,
Mass. He was a farmer in South Hadley, but afterwards
moved to Geneva, N. Y. Mrs. Lucy (Judd) Brainerd died
Oct. 16, 1835. Mr. Halsey Brainerd died Sept. IT, 1827,
ae. 38 3'ears, 8 months, 34 da3's, at Geneva, IS". Y.


491. i. Abmexia M., b. May 20, 1811, in South Hadley, Mass.

ii. Susan 0., b. Feb. 28. 1813, in South Hadley, Mass.; d. M;irch
20, 1816, ae. .3 years.

492. iii. Lucy Ann, b. March 14, 1815, in South Hadley, Mass.

493. iv. ROBEBT Austin, b. Feb. 21, 1817, in Soutli Hadley, Mass.

494. V. Abigail S., b. Nov. 18, 1818, in South Hadley, Mass.

495. vi. John Wesley, b. Jan. 2, 1821, in South Hadley, Mass.

vii. Halsey Milton, b. March 28, 1823, in South Hadley, Mass.;
(1. Sept. 21, 1844, ae. 21 years, in South Hadley, Mass.

195. Austin'^ Braixeiu) (Robert', Benjamin*, James^, James^,

Daniel^) of South Hadley, Hampshire Co., Mass.; m., Oct.
13, 1824, Emma Smith, b. Oct. 17, 1791. daughter of
Darius and L^-dia (White) Smith of Soutli Hadley, Mass.
He was a farmer in South Hadle}-. ]\Ir. Austin Brainerd
died Aug. 7, 1869, ae. 78 years. 6 months, 12 days. Mrs.
Emma (Smith) Brainerd died Aug. 14, 1876, ae. 84 vears,
8 months, 27 days.

Children :

i. Mary C b. March 29, or Mav 5. 1827. in South Hadley,
Mass.: d. March 10, 1881.

496. ii. Sylvester S., b. Feb. 6, 1829, in South Hadley, Jlass.

497. iii. Austin, b. .Jan. 17, 1831, in South Hadlev, Mass.

iv. David, b. Aug. 17, 1833, in South Hadlev, Mass.; d. Sept. 24,

196. Sophia" Braixeed (Rohcrf'. Benjamin*, James', James-,

Daniel^) of South Hadley. Hampshire Co., Mass.; m., Oct.
6. 1845. Rodolphus Sheldon, b. 1789 or 1790. in South
Hampton, Mass., son of Stephen and Lydia (Pond) Shel-
don, Jr. He was a farmer in Southam])ton. Mr. Ro-
dolphus Sheldon d. in 1863. Mrs. Sophia (Brainerd)
Sheldon d. about 1884, in South Hadley, l^Iass.

No children.

197. Abigail'' Brainebd (Rolert^, Benjamin*, James", James-,

Daniel^) of South Hadley, Hampshire Co., Mass.; m..

132 . Brainerd-Brainard, Genealogy.

April 10, 1827, William Kellogg, b. March 31, 1792, son
of Eliakim and Lois (Eastman) Kellogg. He lived in
South Hadley. Mr. William Kellogg died Sept. 27, 1834,
in that place. Mrs. Abigail (Braiuerd) Kellogg d. Oct.
28, 1836, in the same place.

No children.

198. Egbert* BE.iiNEED {Robert', Benjamin*, James^, Jamcs^,

DanieV-) of South Hadlev, Hampshij'e Co., Mass. ; m., April
2, 1827 or 1828, Mercy Snow, b. March 16, 1799, in South
Hadley Falls, Mass., dau. of Josiah and Man- (L\Tnan)
Snow of South Hadley, Mass. He was a farmer in that
place. They were both professors of religion. Mrs. Mercy
(Snow) Brainerd d. 1861? Mr. Robert Brainerd d. Feb.
1, 1871, ae. 73 yrs.

Children :

498. i. Olive, b. Jan. 19, 1828 or 1829, in South Hadley, Mass.

499. ii. Meecy Ann, b. July 22, 1831. in South Hadley, Mass.

500. iii. Wells, b. June 19, 1833, in South Hadley, Mass.

iv. William, b. Oct. 7, 1835. in South Hadley, Mass.; d. Sept. 21,

501. V. Julia, b. Aug. 6, 1837, in South Hadley, Mass.

199. Fanny Sdsan^ Brainerd (Rolert^, Benjamin*, Jaine^,

James^, Daniel^) of South Hadlev, Hampshire Co., Mass.;
m., about 1825, Stillman Moody," b. April 4. 1799, son of
Svlvester and Ehoda (Dav) Moody. He was a carpenter
at Soutli Hadley Falls, Mass. Mr. Stillman Moody died
April 24, 1835. Mrs. Fanny Susan (Brainerd) Moody
died Dec. 12 or 15, 1839.

Moody children:

i. Klizur, b. Feb. 13. 1826, in South Hadley Falls, Mass.

ii. Sophia, b, Oct. 2, 1828, in South Hadley Falls, Mass.; m.

Mr. Sheldon.
iii. Stillman, b. Dec. 15, 1830, in South Hadley Falls, Mass.;

d. May IG. 1887.
iv. Julia, b. 1831, in South Hadley Falls, Mass.; d. Sept. 3, 1837,

ae. 6 vears.
V. Abbt, b. 1834, in South Hadley Falls, Mass.; d. Feb. 14, 1888,

ae. 55 years.
vi. Sylvester", b. . in South Hadley Falls. Mass. : d. June

26, 1836, ae. 6 months.

200. Elizur Spencer* Brainerd (Uohcrt'. Benjamin*, James',

James-, DanieP) of South Hadlev, Hampshire Co., Mass.;
m., Jan. 28, 1830, Lyndia Fuller," b. Dec. 21, 1809, in New
York state, daughter of Deacon Jonah Dayton and L^Tidia
(Squire) Fuller of Troy, N. Y. He was a lumber merchant
of that place. Mrs. LjTidia (Fuller) Brainerd died Nov.
7, 1863, in Troy. Mr. Elizur Spencer Brainerd d. April
17, 1874, ae. 72 yrs., 8 ds., in Syracuse, N. Y.

Sixth Generation. 133

Children :

i. Halset, b. April 27, 1831, in Troy, N. Y.; d. Nov. 2, 1850, in

his 20th year.
ii. Helen, b. Aug. 22, 1835, in Troy, N. Y.; d. Jan. 31, 1838.

502. iii. Mary Elizabeth, b. March 23, 1840, in Troy, N. Y.

503. iv. Chaelotte Hamilton, b. Feb. 5, 1844, in Troy, N. Y.

201. Benjamin Chapman^ Beaineed (Robert^, Benjamin*.

James^, James^, Daniel^) of South Hadley, Hampshire Co.,
Mass.; m., Nov. 21, 1831, Eunice P. Ashley, b. June 17,
1807, in West Springfield, daughter of Pelatiah and Mary
(Jones) Ashley of the same place. He was formerly a
blacksmith, but afterwards a merchant. Mr. Benjamin
Chapman Brainerd died Nov. 19, 1866, in South Hadley,
Mass., where he resided. Mrs. Eunice P. (Ashley) Brain-
erd died .

Children :

i. Joseph, b. Sept. 20, 1832, in South Hadlev, Mass.; d. Aug. 31,

504. ii. Annie S., b. Sept. 9, 1838, in South Hadley, Mass.

505. iii. Benjamin Chapman, b. May 19, 1841, in South Hadley, Mass.
iv. Mary J., b. Feb. 24, 1844, in South Hadley, Mass. She was

principal of Dwight St. School in Holyoke, Mass.

202. James Hazelton' BiLiiNEED (James^, Benjamin*, James^,

James^, Daniel^) of Westminster, Worcester Co., Mass.;
m., Nov. 2, 1820, in Princeton, Mass., Susan Richardson,
b. Nov. 1, 1801, in Princeton, dau. of Samuel and Lucy
(Mirick or M}Tick) Eichardson of Lancaster, Mass. Mrs.
Susan (Richardson) Brainerd d. Nov. 20, 1830, at China,
Me. He m. (2), about 1831, Priscilla H. Chadwick, b.
Sept. 6, 1806, in China, Me., dau. of Ichabod and Priscilla
(Hamlin) Chadwick. He practiced his profession first in
Westminster, then in China, where he had a large practice.
China was then a prominent stage route town. He was
called in consultation for miles around. He held various
town offices and was in the State Legislature. Mr. James
Hazelton Brainerd, M.D., d. Apr. 6, 1857, ae. 68 yrs., in
China. Mrs. Priscilla H. (Chadwick) Brainerd d. July
22, 1890.

Children by the first marriage :

i. William, b. ; d. in infancy.

ii. James Hazelton Spencer, b. April 30, 1821, in Princeton,

Mass.; d. March 15, 1822.
iii. William R., b. Feb. 5, 1823, in Princeton, Mass.; d. ae. about

41 yrs., in Colorado, unm. ; or d. in New Orleans about 1855.

506. iv. James Hazelton, b. April 1, 1827, in Princeton, Mass.

507. V. Susan Ann, b. Nov. 25, 1829, in China, Me.

Children by the second marriage:

508. vi. Fredus Oldridge, b. Dee. 15, 1831, in China, Me.

509. vii. Sophia N., b. Aug. 23, 1833, in China, Me.

134 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

510. viii. Ellen A., b. Jan. 25, 1835. in China, Me.

511. ix. John C, b. Jan. 1, 1837, in China, Me.

512. X. Henbt p., b. March 1, 1839, in China, Me.

xi. Samuel R., b. Feb. 19, 1841, in China, Me.; d. in Baltimore

or California in 1861 ; unm.
xii. Harriet A., b. Aug. 13, 1843, in China, Me.; d. March 9, 1844.

513. xiii. Mary Abigail, b. Aug. 4, 1845, in China, Me.

514. xiv. Harriet A., b. June 20, 1848, in China, Me.

203. SusAN^ Brainerd {James^, Benjamin*, James^, James-,

Daniel^) of Hadley, Hampshire Co., Mass.; m., Aug. 12,
1845, in Ware, Mass., Harrison French, b. Sept. 13, 1795,
in Barnard, Vt., son of Eoger and Achsah (Tobey) French
of Ware, Mass. She was his second wife. Mr. Harrison
French d. Sept. 3, 1885, in Ware. Mrs. Susan (Brainerd)
French d. Dec. 30, 1872, ae. 80 yrs.

No children.

204. Dorothy* Brainerd {Jamcs^, Benjamin*, James', James-,

Daniel'^) of Hadley, Hampshire Cp., Mass.; m., ,

Dr. Heiez Alvord, b. March 28, 1791, son of Bezaleel and
Mary (Goodman) Alvord of South Hadley, Mass. He
was a physician. He lived in Greenfield, Mass. Dr. Helez
Alvord d. Dec. 12, 1829. Mrs. Dorothy (Brainerd) xllvord
d. Dec., 1855, in Greenfield.

Alvord children:
i. Azariah Benjamin Brainerd, b. ; m. ; res.

Hazelhurst, Miss.; several children.

ii. Henry Wells, b. . He lived in New York; left a


205. Minerva"^ Brainekd (James', Benjamin*, James^, James-,

Daniel^) of Ware, Hampshire Co., Mass.; m., April 27.
1825, Joseph Eaton, b. May 4, 1799, son of Darius and
Phebe (Foster) Eaton of Ware, Mass. He was a farmer
in Ware. Mrs. Minerva (Brainerd) Eaton died Sept. 23,
1852, ae. 47 years, 2 months, 27 days. Mr. Joseph Eaton
died April 27, 1877, ae. 77 years, 11 months.

Eaton children :

i. Eliza A., b. Aug. 9, 1826, in Ware, Mass. ; m. Lewis Lam-
burton of San Francisco, Cal. Two children,
ii. Catherine B., b. Sept. 30, 1828, in Ware, Mass.; res. Ware,


206. Mary C* Brainerd [Jamcs^, Benjamin*, Janies^, James-,

Daniel'^) of Ware, Hampshire Co., Mass.; m., , Wil-
liam H. Doe of China, Me., then of Fairfield, Me. Mr.
William H. Doe died in 1840, in Fairfield, where he had
lived. Mrs. Mary C. (Brainerd) Doe died April 22, 1881,
ae. 71 years, in China, Me.

Sixth Generation. 135

Doe children:

i. Susan, b. — , in Fairfield, Me.; m. Francis Kendrick of

China, Me.
ii. Feancena, b. , in Fairfield, Me. ; unm.

207. Jemima*^ Beainekd {Ozias^^ Jedidiah*, James^, James' j Dan-

iel^) of Chatham, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m., April 28,
1805, as his second wife, Abel Abell, b. Sept. 14, 1757, in
Norwich, Conn., son of Elijah and Lydia (Lathrop) Abell.
His first wife was Lucy, daughter of Daniel and Susannah
(Spencer) Hubbard, by whom he had eight children. He
was a soldier in the Eevolutionary War. For about six
months he was a prisoner, confined and nearly starved in
the old prison ships. After the war he built a saw and
grist mill in East Hampton, Conn. Mr. Abel Abell died
March 18, 1841, ae. 84 years. Mrs. Jemima (Brainerd)
Abell died Dec. 31, 1851, ae. 85 years.

Abell children :

i. Martha, b. May 1, 180G, in East Hampton, Conn.; m., April
10, 1822, Amos Rich. Ch.: 1. Bernice Bethuel, b. Dec.
24, 1823. 2. Robert Nelson, b. Jan. 11, 1826. 3. Erne-
line Maria, b. June 13, 1828. 4. Dennison Abell, b. Aug.
28, 1830. 5. Elizabeth Ann, b. Dec. 23, 1832. G. Marietta
Jane, b. Sept. 28, 1835. 7. Lorenzo Dow, b. May 30, 1838.
8. Anna Abell, b. Nov. 30, 1840. 9. Herman Elijah, b.
May 15, 1843. 10. Evelyn Leander, b. Jan. 14, 1846. She
has been made a member of the Daughters of the American

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