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V. Edward, b. Feb., 1831.

vi. Fr.'VNCES Ann. b. 1833: d. • .

vii. Caroline L., b. 1835; d. Jan. 12, 1843.

viii. Lavtnia. b. 1837.

ix. Catherixe. b. .

156 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

266. Dkusilla^ Brainerd {Gideon^, Gideon*, Gideon^, James^,

DanieV) of Haddam, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m., Nov. 7,
1834, Sylvester Austin, b. April 14, 1801, son of Joshua
and Esther (Newton) Austin of New Durham, N. Y.
He moved to Windham, N. Y., in 1826, and engaged in
farming. Mrs. Drusilla (Brainerd) Austin died April 30,
1872, ae. 72 years, 4 months, 15 days. Mr. Sylvester Aus-
tin died July 27, 1881, ae. 80 years, 3 months, 13 days.

Austin children:
i. Esther M., b. Dec. 9, 1827, in Windham, X. Y.; m. Hoolis

Flayer, a mechanic,
ii. Ann D., b. July 5, 1831, in Windham, N. Y.; m. Morton S.

Steele, a farmer; res. Windham, N. Y.
ill. Lavinia a., b. Feb. 6, 1834, in Windham, N. Y.; res. Windham

iv. El-LEN S., b. June 22, 1836; m. Hubbard Bump of Binghamton,

N. Y. She died Oct. 14, 1862. Ch.: 1. Austin S. Bump,

ra. Oct. 23, 1889, Miss Maries of Binghamton, N. Y.

267. Gideon^ Brainekd [Gideon', Gideon*, Gideon^, James^, Dan-

ieV) of Haddam, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m., Feb. 22,
1829, Lavinia Smith, b. Dec. 31, 1808, daughter of Simon
and Huldah (Brainerd) Smith of Haddam. Mrs. Lavinia
(Smith) Brainerd died Dec. 18, 1835, ae. 27 years. He
m. (2), Feb. 28, 1838, Elizabeth B. Smith, b. May 20,
1816, in Haddam, sister of his first wife. He was a mer-
chant and farmer in Haddam. He was representative to
the General Assembly in 1838 and 1839. Mr. Gideon
Brainerd died Dec. 8, 1843, ae. 42 years, 4 months, 25 days.
Mrs. Elizabeth B. (Smith) Brainerd died May 6, 1871, ae.
54 years, 11 months, 16 days.

Child by the first marriage:

i. Hepzibah Lavinia, b. May 25, 1831. in Haddam, Conn.; d.
July 22, 1833, ae. 2 yrs., 6 mos.

Children by the second marriage:

ii. Gideon, b. Aug. 20, 1840, in Haddam, Conn.; d. Feb. 14, 1843,

ae. 2 yrs., 6 mos.
iii. Lavinia Elizabeth, b. Sept. 3, 1842, in Haddam, Conn.; d.

March 3, 1843, ae. 6 months.

268. Harvey Edward^ Brainerd (Gideon', Gideon*, Gideon^,

James-, DanieV) of Haddam, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m.
April 6, 1829, Harriet Williams, b. Oct. 15, 1806, dau.
of Gideon Williams of Berlin or Bristol, Conn. Mrs.
Harriet (Williams) Brainerd d. April 3, 1848, ae. 41 yrs.,
5 mos., 18 ds. He m. (2), March 12, 1849, Miriam Maria
Brainerd, b. Dec. 20, 1826, dau. of Alfred and Esther
(Smitli) Brainerd of Haddam, Conn. Mrs. Miriam
Maria (Brainerd) Brainerd d. Dec. 17, 1860, ae. 33 yrs.. 11
mos., 30 ds. He m. (3), Feb. 28, 1863, Amelia Brainerd,
b. Oct. 13, 1830. dau. of Ebenezer and Esther (Smith)

Sixth Generation. 157

Brainerd of Haddam, I'omi. He was three years collector,
ou the board of education six years, judge of probate nine
consecutive years, death removing him from the office, sm -
veyor one year, grand Juror seven years, constable from
18G3 to 1871 inclusive, and member of the legislature in
1848 and 1849. He was a farmer in Haddam, Conn. Mr.
Harvey Edward Brainerd d. Nov. 6, 1870, ae. 63 yrs., 9
mos., 3 ds. Mrs. Amelia (Brainerd) Brainerd d. .

Children by the first marriage :

i. Hebvet Eldridge, b. Jan. 21, 1830, in Haddam, Conn.; d. Sept.

10, 1834, ae. 4 years,
ii. Hepzibah Ann, b. Nov. 28, 1831, in Haddam, Conn.; d. Oct.

16, 1843, ae. 12 years.

586. iii. Heevey Eldkidge, b. May 31, 1836, in Haddam, Conn.

587. iv. Miriam Ellen, b. April 7, 1841, in Haddam, Conn.

Children by the second marriage :

588. V. Harriet Mabia, b. July 7, 1850, in Haddam, Conn.

589. vi. Gideon Franklin, b. May 8, 1854, in Haddam, Conn.

Children by the third marriage :

vii. A daughter, b. Sept., 1863, in Haddam. Conn.

590. viii. WnxiAM Henry, b. April 6, 1865, in Haddam, Conn.

269. Samuel Richardson^ Brainerd {Hchcf", Gideon^, Gideon^,

James-, DanieP) of Haddam, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m.,
Nov. 1, 1826, Philomela Ventres, b. May 23, 1803, daugh-
ter of Samuel and Catharine (Smith) A'ei>tres of Haddam,
Conn. He was a farmer in Haddam. He was treasurer of
the school society in 1851-52-53, justice of the peace in
1848-49, and commissioner on ferries from 1866 to 1875
inclusive. Mrs. Philomela (Ventres) Brainerd died March
20, 1870, ae. 66 years, 9 months, 27 days. Mr. Samuel
Richardson Brainerd died Dec. 16, 1879, ae. 82 years, 1
month, 1 day.
They had an adopted daughter, ilary Russell Emmons,
born Jan. 22, 1832, in East Haddam, Conn., who took the
name of Brainerd. She was an accomplished musician
and foi- more than forty years was organist of the Congre-
gational chiu-ch. For many years the annual meetings of
the County Medical Association were held at her residence.
The members of the legal profession, when the court was
held in Haddam, were entertained at her house. Her
grandmother was Susanna Brainerd of Joshua's line, who
man-ied Daniel Emmons, Jr. She d. Aug. 22, 1896, ae.
64 yrs., 7 mos.

No cliildren.

270. Clarissa*^ Brainerd {Hehei^, Gideon^ Gideon^, James^,

DanieV-) of Haddam, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m., Jan. 6,

158 Brainerd-Brainarcl Genealogy.

1825, Smith Ventres, b. Dec. 10, 1796, son of Samuel and
Catharine (Smith) Ventres of Haddam. She united with
the Congregational church in Haddam in 1819. He was
a farmer and merchant in Haddam. Mr. Smith Ventres
died Sept. 5, 1875, ae. 78 3'ears, 8 months, 25 days. Mrs.
Clarissa (Brainerd) Ventres, died June 22, 1887, ae.
86 years, 8 months, 2 days.

Ventres children :

i. Henry Austin, b. Mav 20. 1826, in Haddam. Conn.: m.. Xov.

28, 1850, Mary Brainerd Smith, b. Sept. 5, 1827, daughter

of Watrous and Sarah Smith of East Haddam. Conn.; res.

Bloomfield, N. J. Ch. : 1. Everett Ersldne, b. Dec. 2. 1852 ;

d. May 1, 1854. 2. Irving Smith, b. July 15. 1855; m..

Nov. 26, 1870. Hettie Dusenberrv, b. Nov., 1855. She d.

Feb. 20, 1800. Ch.: i. Irving Austin, b. Aug. 14, 1880. 3.

Carrie Bell. b. Dee. 19, 1860. 4. Addie Brainerd. b. Jan. 1,

1804. 5. Annie Hill, b. Jan. 19, 1872: ^. July 21. 1872. 0.

William Henry, b. June 28, 1873; d. Aug. 8, 1874.
ii. S.^RAii Elizabeth, b. Jan. 30, 1828, in Haddam. Conn.; d.

June 15, 1874.
iii. Catherine Anne, b. Xov. 5. 1830, in Haddam, Conn.; d. Dec.

16. 1871.
iv. Martha Maria, b. Jan. 21. 1834. in Haddam. Conn.: m., Dec.

11, 1856, Samuel Worthington Shailer, b. Sept. 27. 1832.

son of Samuel Clark and Samantha (Shailer) Shailer. He

died July 17, 1881.
V. Tyrus Brainerd. b. May 21. 1837. in Haddam, Conn.; m., Jan.

25, 1864. Frances A. Smith, b. Feb. 14, 1838, daughter of

Oliver P. and Phebe (Childs) Smith. Res. Brooklyn, N. Y.

She d. about 1891. Ch.: 1. Charles Childs, b. Dec. 19.

1865. 2. Oliver Smith, b. July 14, 1867. 3. Clarissa Hor-

ton. b. Feb. 4, 1871: d. Dec. 8, 1872. 4. Harold Brainerd.

b. Nov. 16, 1879.
vi. Albert Smith, b. April 20. 1842. in Haddam. Conn.: d. Sept.

28, 1847.

271. Hebku"' BR.4.IXEKD {Ilchei^. GidconK Gidcoir, James-. Dan-
icl') of Haddam, Middlesex Co.. Conn.; m., Oct. 16, 1828.
Esther Maria Hubbard, b. Oct. 21, 1807, daughter of
Simeon and Esther (Wheeler) Hubbard. He was a farmer
in Haddam, Beaver Meado^v district. He was several
years justice of the peace. Mr. Heber Brainerd died Oct.
22, 1888, ae. 85 vears. 1 month, 24 days. Mrs. Esther
Maria (Hubbard) "Brainerd died Feb. 2, 1892, ae. 84 years,
in Chicago, 111., at the home of her son, Ezra L. Brainerd.
The remains were brottght to Haddam, Conn., for inter-

Children :

i. Leande,x{, h. Aug. 20, 1829, in Haddam, Conn.: d. Jan. 7. 1834.

ae. 4 yrs., 5 mos.
ii. Davis Smith, b. April 8. IS-U. in Haddam. Conn.: d. Dec. 21.

1862. ae. 31 years,
iii. Leander. b. July 19. 1832. in Haddam. Conn.; d. Jan. 20, 1836.

ae. 4 years. iv. Ezra Leanuee, b. July 14. 1836, in Haddam, Conn.

V. Harrison Asaiiel, b. May 20, 1843. in Haddam. Conn. He

Sixth Generation. 15^

was in the 24tli Regiment Connecticut Volunteers. He en-
listed Aug. 25, 1862; nnisteretl in Nov. 18, 1862; wounded
June 22, 1863. at Fort Hudson. La.: d. June 24, 1863. ae.
20 years.

272. Davis Sjiith'^ Biuixerd {Uehei^, Gideon*, Gideon", James-,
DanieV) of Haddam, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m., May 24,
1842, Ann Maria Chadwick, b. Nov. 7, 1821, daughter of
Captain Daniel and Nancy (Waite) Chadwick of Lyme.
Conn. He pursued his preparatory studies at Munson
Academy, Munson, Mass.; graduated at Yale College in
1834 and received the degree of A.M. He pursued his
theological studies at Andover. Mass., and spent one year
at Princeton, N. J., but graduated at Yale Theological
Seminary in 1S3T. He preached for a while in Acwortli,
near Londonderry, N. H. In Oct., 1840, he was invited
to become pastor of the ancient Congregational Church in
Lyme, Conn., and was ordained and installed over it June
30, 1841. He lived there during his pastorate, thirty-four
j'ears, and imtil his death, during which time he witnessed
several seasons of special religious interest, and became
widely known and esteemed as an exemplary and gentle-
manly man. a thorough scholar, a learned divine, a faithful
and devoted pastor, and an admirable presiding officer in
ecclesiastical bodies. In an unusual degree ho seciired the
confidence and personal regard of the ministerial circle to
which he belonged. He was noted for his high sense of
dignity and usefulness in the Christian ministry, and gave
himself exclusively to its duties with a continuous strain,
which may have shortened his life. In 1861. he was elected
Fellow of Yale College, and from 1867 till his death served
on its prudential committee with great acceptance. AVithin
the last year or two of his life his health visibly declined,
but he continued to fill his pulpit until the 21st of ilarch,
1875, when, after preparing himself for the Sabbath serv-
ices, he was seized with faintness and forced to devolve the
service on his deacons. He never met his people again.
No apparent disease. Great debility without pain, ever
growing till the end. His last days were full of peace.
He was satisfied that whether he lived or died all would be
right. At times his peace rose into high spiritual enjoy-
ment, in anticipation of the rest remaining for the people
of God. His funeral was attended by a very large number
of clergymen. Ex-President Woolsey, Kev. Dr. Bacon,
and President Porter of Yale College spoke in very high
terms of the deceased and particularly of the manner in
which ho met the duties of the responsible trust in which
he was associated with them. He was laid to his rest amid
profuse flowers and evergreens bespeaking the inmiortal life
he had won. He was many years a member of the board of
education and school visitor, both in Lyme and Old Lyme.
He was moderator of the Connecticut Association in 1871.

K'O Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

— From Minutes of General Conference, Connecticut,
Rev. Davis Smith Brainerd died April 30, 1875, ae. 66 years,
6 months, 18 daj-s. Mrs. Ann Maria (Chadwick) Brain-
erd died Jan. 15, 1890. She was one of the most interest-
ing and attractive ladies in New London County, and Mon
hosts of friends wherever her lot was cast. Her death lias
caused the sincerest regret in the large circle of friends
which she possessed throughout the state.

Children :

i. Alice Maria, b. June 8. 1843, in Old Lyme, Conn.

ii. Henbt Moerison or Matson Waite, b. Sept. 4, 1845, in Old
Lyme, Conn.; d. Nov. 5, 1887, in Washington, D. C. He
held a government clerkship, being connected with the dead
letter otBce, and had resided in Washington a number of
years. In 1875 he was offered a position in the post-office
department in Washington, which he accepted, and for
twelve years was a resident of that place, holding different
positions in the dead letter bureau of that department, hav-
ing been advanced from one position to another for the abil-
ity and fidelity displayed by him in the discharge of
responsible duties. At the time of his death he was chief of
a division. He was ever courteous in his manner, and by
his kind and genial disposition and pleasant address won ii
great body of warm personal friends.

592. iii. Anna Chadwick, b. Aug. 30, 1848, in Old Lyme, Conn.

iv. Kate Chadwick, b. April IS. 1854. in Old Lvme. Conn.: d.
Jan. 4. 1856.

593. V. Martha Tti-er, b. Sept. 25. 1864, in Old Lyme, Conn.

273. Martha Eugenia^ Brainerd (Heher^, Gideon*. Gideon - ,
James-, Daniel^) of Haddara, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m.,
Sept. 6, 1838, Silas Smith, b. May 19, 1808, son of Hubbard
and Zeruiah or Zerviah (Stewart) Smith of Haddam. In
his early years he was a stone cutter, the}i he went into tlie
bonnet bleaching business, and was afterward a linen
draper. He moved from Haddam to Hartford, Conn.,
about the year 1845, or 184G. Mr. Silas Smith d. March
28, 1878, ae. 69 vrs., 9 mos., 9 ds. Mrs. Martha Eugenia
(Brainerd) Smith d. May 3, 1897, in Hartford, Conn.

Smith children :

i. James Eugene, b. Aug. 10, 1839, in Haddam. Conn. ; m.. Nov.
12, 1868, Celicia Payne, b. Jan. 8, 1842, daughter of Wil-
liam and Adelia (Gillette) Payne of Windsor, Ohio. Ch.:
1. Louise Brainerd, b. Oct. 29, 1869. 2. Clyde Payne, b.
Jan. 20, 1873. 3. Wayne Eugene, b. May 26, 1877: res.
Hartford, Conn. She died June 29, 1901.

ii. Henry Brainerd, b. April 28, 1841, in Haddam. Conn.; d. Feb.
1, 1843.

iii. Amelia Elizabeth, b. Dec. 20. 1843, in Haddam, Conn. : m..
Sept. 8, 1869, John Austin Pease, b. Sept. 27, 1862, son of
Harvey and Martha (Pease) Pease. Ch.: 1. Austin Har-
vey, b. Oct. 26 or 29, 1870. 2. Henry Hadnell, b. Jan. 23,
1873. 3. Charles Avery, b. July 6, 1876.

iv. JcLiA Lathrop, b. March 21, 1850, in Haddam, Conn.: m..

Sixth Generation. 161

Nov. 7, 1888, Frederick Augustus Adkins, b. Jan. 12, 1828,
in Ware, Mass., son of Joel and Phidelia (Smith) Adkins
of Whately, Mass. She was his second wife. He was a
brushraaker in Hartford, Conn. He d. March 29, 1901.

274. Elizabeth" Braineed {Hcbei^, Gideon*, Gideon^, James-,

Daniel^) of Haddam, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m., Feb. 28.
1843, William HoUis Burr, b. July 2, 1817, son of William
and Joanna or Sally (Johnson) Burr. He was a quarry-
man or stone cutter, and farmer in Haddam. Mrs. Eliza-
beth (Brainerd) Burr died April 1, 1875, ae. 57 years, 1
month, 19 days. Mr. William Hollis Burr died March 6.
1875, or '76, ae. 58 years, 8 months, 4 days.

Burr children:

i. Catherine Elizabeth, b. Dec. 23, 1845, in Haddam, Conn.; m..
Dec. 25, 1866, John Henrj' Odber, b. Sept. 12, 1840, son of
John and Harriet (Ely) Odber. Ch.: 1. William Burr,
b. Oct. 5, 1871. 2. John Lewis, b. Jan. 13, 1877; d. Jan.
24, 1877. 3. Harry Worthington. b. Jan. 5, 1884; d. July
29, 1885. He is a farmer in Haddam. For several years
(1894) he and his wife have had chargg of the County
Home for Chiklrcn located at that place.

ii. Martha Clarissa, b. Feb. 29, 1848, in Haddam, Conn.; m..
April 27. 187'0, William Ely Odber. b. Oct. 25, 1842, son of
John and Harriet (Ely) Odber. He was appointed deputy
jailer at Haddam jail May, 1878, and served continuously
xmtil he resigned July, 1891. He is a veteran of the Civil
War, having served in the Sixth New York Volunteers. He
was major of the Moodus Drum and Fife Corps for many
years, but resigned in 1892 on account of ill health. No

iii. Anna Chadwick, b. Sept. 18, 1852, in Haddam, Conn.; d. May
13. 1854.

275. .Jesse" Beaixerd (Jesse', Eliahim*, Gideon^, James-, Daniel^)

of Leyden, Lewis Co., N. Y. ; m._, April 29, 1807, Mary Kel-
sey. He was a farmer in Leyden, N. Y., having moved
there in 1803. The last few years of his life he lived with
his son Lorenzo in Lee, Oneida Co., N. Y. Mrs. Mary
(Kelsey) Brainerd d. about 1846, in Leyden. Mr. Jesse
Brainerd d. Dec. 8, 1854, in Lee.

Children :

i. Carlos, b. June 10, 1816, in Leyden, N. Y. ; d. Sept. 25, 1837,
ae. 21 years, in Cincinnati, Ohio. He fitted for college,
entered, and became a junior, intending when he graduated
to prepare for the ministry.

.^)94. ii. LORKNZO, b. 1818, in Leyden, N. Y.

595. iii. Charles T., b. April, 1820, in Leyden, N. Y.

276. Timothy" Beaixerd (Jessc^, Eliakim*, Gideon^, James-,

Daniel^) of Leyden, Lewis Co., N". Y.; m., March 15, 1817,
Polly Sweet, b. 1805, in Warren, N". Y., daughter of John
and Mary (Briggs) Sweet. He was a farmer in Portage
Co., Ohio. Mrs. Polly (Sweet) Brainerd died July 8,

102 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

185G, ae. about 50 years, in Cuyahoga Falls. Ohio. Mr.
Timothy Brainercl died Juuc 27/18G9, in Mansfit'kl, III.

Children :
5!m;. i. Francis E., b. Sept. IG, 1821-22, in Stow township, Ohio, near

Fish Creek,
ii. Mary J., b. July 27, 1823, in Stow township, Ohio; d. iu Iowa,
iii. Lucy JI., b. IMaich 23, 1827, in Stow township, Ohio; d. May

30, 1850.
iv. Henry, b. April 12, 1829, in Stow township, Ohio. He left

home when about 19 years of age, and was never heard


597. V. Thoma.s. b. March 29, 1831, in Stow township, Ohio.

598. vi. .Tii.iA, b. May 23, 1833, in Stow township, Ohio.

599. vii. Mary Ann, b. Aug. 24, 18.35, in Stow township, Ohio.

600. viii. Jessie, b. March or June 15, 1838, in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.

277. Euxice" BitAixEHD [Jesse', Eliakim*, Gideon^, James-,

Daniel^) of Leyden, Lewis Co., N". Y.; m., July 11, 1814,
Comfort Bailey, b. Aug. 15, 1792, in 'Haddam, Conn., son
of Myjah, or Abijah, and Hannah (Crook) (Cone) Bailey.
Mrs. Eunice (Brainerd) Bailey died March 2G, 1867, in
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. -Mr. Comfort Bailey died Dec. 29,
1877, in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, or Laporte City, Iowa, at
the home of his daughter. They had an adopted son,
Charles P., b. Feb, 6, 1827; d. June 11, 1871, ae. 44 yrs.,
4 nios., 4 ds.

Bailey diild :

i. Mary C. b. Aug. 16. 1810. in Cu\ahoga Falls. Ohio; m. Mills

Edsil, b. . He moved to" Iowa. She d. in 1880. Ch.:

1. Julia. 2. Vincent. 3. Eunice. 4. Mary. 5. Edgar,
res., Parma, Mich. 6. Betsey. 7. Josephine, m. Mr. Lacy ;
res. Waterloo. Iowa. S. Lucv. 9. Henry. Mrs. Edsil d.
in 1S80.

278. Asiiek'^ BiuixEKD [Jesse'; Eliakim*. ii'ulcon', James", Dan-

iel'-) of Leyden, Lewis Co., X. Y.; m., Dec. 15, 1817, Clar-
issa Palmer, b. 1801, in Scoharie Co., X. Y. He was a
farmer in Lewis Co., X. Y. Mrs. Clarissa (Pahner)
Brainerd d. Jan. 27, 1879, ae. 78 yrs. Mr. Ashcr Brain-
erd d. July 7, 1855, in Jefferson, Co., X. Y.

Children :

i. JklARY T.,

ii. J. Maxo:

b. March 27
V. b. May 20,

, 1818,

.Jennette, b. April 20, 1821. in ; d. July 27. 1841,

20 years.

Eunice C, b. Jan. 21, 1823, in .

Melissa D., b. Aug. 24, 1825, in .

Elizabeth, b. Sept. 6, 1827, in .

James, b. Aug. 31, 1830, in .

Anson, b. Oct. 8, 1833, in .

Carlos M., b. Jan. 13, 183S. in .

Edsil Clark, b. Jan. 10, 1840. in Lewis Co.. X. Y.

Sixth Generation. 1*53

279. Hezekiau"^ Brainakd (Jesse', Eliakim*, Gideon^, James-,
Daniel') of Leyden, Lewis Co., N. Y.; m., Sept. 10.
1822, Lovisa Johnson, b. Xov. 19, lv99, in Buckland,
Mass., daughter of Josiah and Martha (Taylor) Johnson.
Mrs. Lovisa (Johnson) Brainerd d. March 16, 1859. in
Tama Co., Iowa. He m. (2), about 1861, Mary A. Tal-
bot, b. Feb. 28, 1821, in Avon, Conn., daughter of John
and Cynthia (Moses) Talbot. He spent his early child-
hood days at the old homestead in Haddam, Conn. When
about 7 years of age he, with his parents, removed to
Lewis Co., X. Y., that being considered as the " extreme
west."' The journey was accomplished by means of oxen
and a cart, most of the family walking the entire distance.
At the age of 13 years he enlisted in the war of 1812, served
at Sacketts Harbor, for which service he was drawing a
pension at the time of his death. He was an honorary
member of the G. A. R. At the age of 21 years he pledged
himself to total abstinence, which pledge he kept inviolate
throughout his long life.
He early united with the church, and was always thei'eafter
a member of the Congregational or Presbyterian Church,
filling the office of deacon in each, and was familiarly
known as " Deacon Brainard." After the death of his
father, Jesse Brainerd, he removed to Geauga Co., Ohio,
going by way of Erie canal from Eome to Buffalo, taking
steamer for Cleveland, Ohio. Here he chopped away the
timber to clear a farm, while his good wife carded wool
and flax, and spun and wove the cloth necessary for the
family raiment. The sale of produce for years was in
" barter." It was considered very fortunate if one occa-
sionally got 25 cents to pay the postage on the not fre-
quent letters from the east, or cash to pay the taxes as they
became due.
He voted at seventeen presidential elections, first as a Whig
and then as a staunch Republican. He took great interest
in current affairs and kept posted on all the leading events
of the day. He resided for a short time in Toledo, Ya.
In 186-1 he returned to his old home in Chester, Ohio, where
he lived until his death, his wife surviving him and
remaining at the old homestead. As a man Jlr. Brainerd
was above reproach, honest, thrifty, and industrious, thus
he was enabled early in life to lay by a sufficiency for old
There is a story told of him that when a young man he was
elected president of the lyceum held in the '"' Deestrict
schulehouse." It devolved upon him, tlie president, to
criticise or point out any errors made by performers. Upon
the conclusion of one young man's debate, young Brain-
erd arose and with great dignity said, " You have done
exceedingly well, but I think you put too much stress on
the verb ' my.' " Such a scoring as he received caused him

164 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

to pursue the studj' until he was equaled by few as a

His extremely long life was due, perhaps, more to his very
temperate habits than to a particularly robust constitu-
tion. He ceased to live ; quietly, peacefully, like unto the
stopping of some intricate machine whose cogs become so
worn as to fail to work, and motion ceases, he passed away.
He lived and died in the fear of God.

Mr. Hezekiah Brainerd died April 23, 1890, ae. 94 years, 8
months, 21 days, and was interred in the cemetery at Ches-
ter, Ohio. Mrs. Mary A. (Talbot) Brainerd died .

Children by the first marriage:
608. i. Harriet Newel, b. Sept. 20, 1824, in Leyden, N. Y.
(309. ii. Martha J., b. Aug. 24. 1827 or 1828, in Loyden, N. Y.
GIG. iii. Orson- Thomas, b. July 28, 1831, in Leyden, N. Y.

Child by the second marriage:

iv. Mary Lovisa, b. Oct. 12. 1862, in Tama Co., Iowa; d. May 9,

280. Thomas" Brainekd* (Jesse'', Elial-im*, Gideon^, Jame^,
DanieV-) of Levden, Lewis Co., N. Y.; m., Oct. 20,
1831, Sarah J. Langstroth, b. in 1807, in Philadelphia,

Pa., daughter of Thomas, or John, and Rebecca ( )

Langstroth of Trenton, N". J., but at the time of her Inrth
a mercliant in Philadelphia, Pa. Mrs. Sarah J. (Lang-
stroth) Brainerd died June 20, 1835, of cholera, in Cin-
cinnati, Ohio. He m. (2), (bv Eev. Leonard Bacon, D.D.)
Oct. 29, 1836, Mary (Whiting) Whiting, b. Dec. 6, 1806,
daughter of Judge Daniel and Elizabeth (Powers) Whit-
ing of Albany, N. Y., and widow of her cousin Daniel
Wadsworth Whiting of New Haven, Conn. He studied

* The following inscription shows the engagement of Eev. Thomas
Brainerd to a lady whose early death prevented the consummation of
pledged vows :

Thomas Brainerd, Born at Leyden, June 17, 1804.

Huldah Kimball, Born at Leyden, Aug. 1, 1806.

Amabant sincere matrimonium promit-
titur crudalis mors dividit illas. Ilia
quievit in morte Aug. 27, 1827. Pro
ista causa fugia patriam Nov. 16, 1827.
Thomas Brainerd.

The translation is as follows :

Thomas Braixerd, Born at Leyden, June 17, 1804.
Huldah Kimball, Born at Leyden, Aug. 1, 1806.
Loving each other sincerely, and prom-
ised in marriage, cruel death divided
them. She found eternal rest Aug. 27,
1827. For this cause I fled from my
native country, Nov. 16, 1827.
Thomas Brainerd.


Sixth Generation. !•>•>

the classics at Lowville Academy, X. Y., afterwards with
Oliver C. Grovernor at Rome, N". Y., having in view a
learned profession. After graduating from the Academy
at Lowville, N. Y., he left home at the age of seventeen
to earn money for further education by teaching school.
An omnivorous reader with a singularly retentive memory,
most of his knowledge was self-taught, but he secured
competent instructors in classics and mathematics. Event-
ually he began the study of law at Eome, N. Y., at first
with Alanson Burnet, Esq., and later with Hon. Henry
H. Foster and Hon. Chester Hayden, giving much promise
of professional success. He imited with the church in
1825, and two years later the death of his fiancee, whose
affection had been an imceasing stimulus, put a sudden

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