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month, 3 days.

Children :

630. i. Philo B., b. ilaich 20. 1800. in Paris. X. Y.

631. ii. Phede. b. Dec. 23, 1807. in Paris. X. Y.

632. iii. Mark, b. Dec. 8. 1809, in Paris. X. Y.

633. iv. Orrix, b. Aug. 19, 1812, in Paris, X. V.

v. Alexander 8., b. Dec. 8, 1814, in Paris, N^. Y.; d. Sept. 6, 1825,
from a fall from a horse. The horse stepped back upon his
head and the cork of the shoe penetrated his skull, and he
died instantly.

634. vi. George, b. March 12, 1818, in Paris, N. Y.

vii. A daughter, b. Nov. 24. 1820, in Paris, X. Y. : d. Nov, 24, 1820.

Sixth Generation. 175

297. Paudee'^ Braixerd {Seba'\ OthnieI\. Ablja¥. James', Dan-

iel^) of Paris. Oneida Co., N. Y. ; m.. Sept. 3, 1812,
Sally Muzzy, b. March 22, 1796, in Sangerfield, N. Y.,
daughter of Amos and Sarah (Snow) Muzzy. She was of
French desK nt. ^Irs. Sally (Muzzy) Brainerd died June
3, 1834, ac. :;s \vars. 3 months. He m. (3), Sept. 38,
183-4, KoxyaiiiKi (White) Carat. He moved in 1844 to
Oconomowoc. Waukesha Co., Wis. Mrs. Eoxvanna
(White) (Carat) Brainerd d. July 4. 1843. ae. 48 vrs.

He m. (3). . Mr. Pardee Brainerd d. Sept. 33,

1847, ae. 60 yrs., 23 ds.

Children by first marriage:
635. i. Anna, b. April 9, 1814, in Attica, N. Y.

ii. Norman, b. Oct. 23. 1815, in Attica, N. Y. ; d. June 12, 1832,
ae. 16 yrs., 8 mos.
630. iii. Elvira, b. March 2, 1818, in Attica, N. Y.

iv. Amos, b. May 4, 1820, in Attica, N. Y.; d. Aug. 21, 1821. ae.
16 months.
637. V. .John Pardee, b. Sept. 2, 1822, in Attica, N. Y.

vi. George, b. Nov. 27, 1824, in Attica, N. Y.; d. Aug. 30, 1825, ae.
9 months.
038. vii. George M., b. May 26, 1826, in Attica, N. Y.

viii. Marv, b. July 0, 1828, in Attica. N. Y.; d. March 24, 1843, ae.
15 yrs., 8 mos., 12 ds.
639. ix. Editha T.. h. Nov. 27. 1830, in Attica, N. Y.
040. X. .iiDELAiDE L., b. Sept. 16, 1832, in Attica, N. Y.

Children by the second marriage:

xi. Norman, b. Sept. 16. 1835. in Attica. N. Y. ; res. Cramer,

Tulare Co., CaL; a farmer,
xii. Harris, b. Oct. 6. 1837. in Attica. N. Y. : d. March 1, 1840,
■ ae. 2 years.

298. JioRMAN'' Braikeed (Seha^j Othniel*, Abijah^, James',

Daniel'-) of Alexander, Genesee Co., N. Y. ; m., ,

Abigail Andrews. He was a farmer in Alexander. He
was in the War of 1812. Mrs. Abigail (Andrews) Brain-
erd died 1837. Mr. Norman Brainerd died in 18-56 in
Waterville, Lucas Co., Ohio.

. in Alexander. N. Y.; d. in 1841.

, in Alexander, N. Y.

Ii. Jan. 4. 1822, in Alexander, N. Y.

, in Alexander, N. Y.

Oct. 12, 1826, in Alexander, N. Y.
). Dec. 20, 1828, in Alexander, N. Y.
). , in Alexander, N. Y.

299. LucY^ Braixerd {Selcv', Otlmiel*, Abija¥, James", Daniel"^)
of Alexander, Genesee Co., N. Y. ; m., Jan. 4, 1808, Eras-
tus Crosby, b. Jan. 31, 1782, in Litchfield, Conn., son of
Simon and Anna (Pardee) Crosby. He was a farmer in
Attica, N. Y. He moved to Waterville, Ohio, about 1828.

Children :



Lucy, Ii.
Alma, b.



Sereno V









Abxer p.,



Sarah S.

i''6 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

Mrs. Lucy (Brainerd) Crosby died in Lucas, Eichlaud
Co., Ohio. Mr. Erastus Crosby died .

Crosby childreu :

i. Bbainakd, b. Sept. 1. 1S09, in Attica, X. Y.; d. March 22.

ii. Obbis, b. Aug. 27. 1811, in Attica, X. Y.; res. Delta, Fulton

Co., Ohio; Ch. 1. George B.
iii. EVALON, b. March 31, 1814, in Attica. N. Y.
iv. Lucy, b. Sept., 1816. in Attica, N. Y.; d. Feb. 11. 1867.
V. Marcia, b. Dec., 1819, ia Attica, N. Y.; d. June. 1837.
vi. George, b. March 17, 1826, in Attica, N. Y.; d. Jan., 1862.
vii. Henry, b. July 22, 1830, in Waterville, Ohio; d. Sept., 1841.

300. Harris" Braixerd {Sela^, Othniel*, Abija¥, James^, Dan-

leV-) of Alexander, Genesee Co., N. Y. ; m., Jan. 30, 1816,
Lydia Jones Turner, b. Oct. 17, 1799, daughter of Captain

and (Jones) Turner of Floyd, N. Y. He

lived in Alexander and Parma, ?^. Y., where he was dea-
con in 1854. Mr. Harris Brainerd died April 2, 1865, ae.
68 years. Mrs. Lydia Jones (Turner) Brainerd died June
12,"'l881, ae. 81 years, 7 months, 25 days.

Children :

i. Amanda, b. Jan. 17, 1817, in Alexander, X. Y. ; d. June IS.
1837, ae. 19 yrs.. 5 nios., 1 d.

647. ii. Seba, b. Aug. 17, 1821, in Alexander, N. Y.

648. iii. Augusta M., b. Feb. 23, 1822, in Alexander, N. Y.

iv. Editha. b. April 8, 1827, in Alexander, N. Y.; d. July 23,

649. V. Charles Harris, b. Oct. 7, 1832, in Alexander, N. Y.

301. Anna^ Brainerd {Seha', Othniel\ Abijah^, James', Daniel^)

of Alexander, Genesee Co., N^. Y. ; m. Aaron Skinner,

b. . Mrs. Anna (Brainerd) Skinner d. .

Mr. Aaron Skinner d. .

Skinner children.

302. Ansel" Brainerd {AnseP. Othniel*, AhijaW, James-, Dan-

iel^) of Watertown, Jefferson Co.. X. Y. ; m., Jan. 1. 1808,
Edith, Eda or Edie Blal^-esley or Blakeslee,b. April 4, 1790,
in Jefferson Co., N". Y., dau. of Eli and Letticia or Lettice
(Curtis) Blakesley of Medina Co., N. Y., formerly of Litch-
field Co., Conn. He was ordained as a Methodist preacher
in 1828 at Chilicothe, Ohio. He preached for 44 years,
but on account of poor health had no stated location. He
was also a farmer. Mrs. Edith, or Eda (Blakesley, or
Blakeslee) Brainerd d. March 11, 1850, ae. 55 jts., 11
mos., 7 ds. Eey. Ansel Brainerd d. July 22, 1864, ae. 77
yrs., 1 mo., 23 ds.

Children :
050. i. Eliza, b. Dec. 8 or 12, ISOS, in Rodman, N. Y.
6.51. ii. Lorenzo Dow, b. Aug. 21, 1810, in Kodman, N. Y.

Sixth Generation. 17"

652. iii. Lucy, b. Aug. 20, 1S12, in Rodman, N. Y.

iv. LuciNDA, b. July 25, 1814, in Rodman, N. Y. ; d. in infancy.

V. Daniel, b. July 15, 1815, in Rodman, N. Y. ; d. . ae.

about 1 year.
05.^. vi. Daniel E., b. Oct. 28, 1820, in Westfield, Ohio.
JH 0.-)4. vii. Emily Celestia, b. Aug. 5, 1822, in Westfield, Ohio.

303. Luct' Braineed {Ansel^j Othniel'^, Abifah^, James-, Dan-

iel^) of Westfield, Morrow Co., Ohio; m., , Saul or

Solomon Truman, now called Treniaine, b. 1785, in Paris.

N. Y., son of Joseph and Margaret ( ) Tremaine.

He was a farmer. He moved to Eodman, N. Y. Mr.
Saul Tremaine d. 18C7, ae. 84 yrs. Mrs. Lucy (Brainerd)
Tremaine d. 1873, ae. Si jts. Both died in Eodman.

Tremaine children :

i. Daniel Tompkins, b. , in Rodman. X. Y.

ii. Emeline, b. , in Rodman, N. Y.; m. William or Hiram


iii. Abner, b. ' , in Rodman. N. Y.

iv. Ursula, b. . in Rodman, N. Y. : m. Mr. Harna; he d.

She m. (2), William or Hiram Buell.

V. Avaline, b. , in Rodman. N. Y. ; m. Mr. Perkins.

vi. Adaline. b. , in Rodman, N. Y. ; m. Mr. Allport.

vii. Giles W., b. , in Rodman, N. Y. ; m. Eunice or Laura

viii. Warren, b. , in Rodman, N. Y.

304. Wabrex^ Braixerd (AriscP, Othniel*, Abijah^, James-,

Daniel^) of Watertown, Jefferson Co., N. Y. ; m., about
1809. Lura Cook, b. Jan. 25, 1777, in Tolland Co., Conn-
daughter of Thomas and Orjiha (Hawkins) Cook. He
was a farmer in Westfield Township, Ohio. Mr. Warren
Brainerd died Feb. 22, 1848, ae. 58 years in Westfield.
Ohio. Mrs. Lnra (Cook) Brainerd died Feb. 11, 1862,
ae. 85 j'ears, 16 days.

Children :

C55. i. Orpha, b. 1811.

656. ii. Benjamin K., b. .

657. iii. Polly, b. .

658. iv. Nelson, b. .

659. v. Clarissa, b. .

660. vi. Orren, b. .

661. vii. Sarah Ann, b. .

662. viii. Luscina, b. ■ — .

663. ix. Thomas W., b. Jan. 23, 1833, in Westfield Township, Ohio.
X. Abigail,* b. .

xi. James, b. .

305. Othniel" Braixerd (AtiseF, Othniel*, AbijaV, James"^.

Daniel'^) of Paris Hill, Oneida Co., N. Y. ; m., March 10,
1816, in Eodman, Ohio, Asenath Eoss, b. Nov. 16, 1796,

■ Mrs. Louis E. Spencer of Chicago, 111., gave the names of Abigail and
es as children of Warren.

1T8 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

in Rhode Island, daughter of John and Betsey (Henry)
Ross. He was in the War of 1813. He was a farmer. He
went with his father to Oneida Co. when he was about 4
years of age, and from thence to Medina Co., Ohio, in 1818,
and from thence to Wyoming, Jones Co., Iowa. • Mrs.
Asenath (Eoss) Brainerd died Aug. 10, 1867, ae. 70 years,
8 montlis, 24 days. Mr. Othniol Brainerd died April 19,
1872, ae. 79 years, 12 days.

Children :

664. i. Albekt Ross, b. Sept. 3 or 8, 1817, in Jeffeison Co., K. Y.

665. ii. Sterling H., b. May 20, 1819, in Westfield, Ohio.

iii. UKSnLA C. b. Aug. 17, 1821. in Westfield, Ohio; d. .June 1,

666. iv. John F., b. Feb. 21, 1823, in Westfield, Ohio.

667. V. ROXAIANA, b. July 14, 1825, in Westfield, Ohio.

668. vi. Whitney Joshua, b. Sept. 14, 1828, in Westfield, Ohio.

669. vii. Electa D., b. Jan. 12, 1830, in Westfield, Ohio.

viii. Hester Ann, b. June 14, 1835, in Westfield, Ohio; d. March,

1879; unm.
is. Olivee p., b. Aug. 13, 1836, in Westfield, Ohio; d. Bee. 3,


670. X. Luther V., b. Feb. 23, 1838, in Westfield, Oliio.

306. Shaler* Braixeed (AnscF, Othniel*, Abijah^, James'-, Dan-

iel) of Rodman, Jefferson Co., N. Y.; m., Oct. 4, 1819,
Amanda Herrick, b. June 30, 1799. Mrs. Amanda (Her-
rick) Brainerd d. Dec. 26, 1831, ae. 32 vrs., 5 mos., 26 ds.
He m. (2), March 8, 1832, Betsey Maria Warner of Me-
dina, Ohio, b. June 10, 1810, in Litchfield, Conn., dau. of
Reuben and Permelia (Mitehel) Warner. Mr. Shaler
Brainerd d. Aug. 2, 1872, ae. 75 yrs., 7 mos., 15 ds. Mrs.
Betsey Maria (Warner) Brainerd d. Aug. 26, 1886, ae. 87
yrs., 1 mo., 26 ds.

Children by the first marriage :

671. i. Charles Dwight, b. July 16, 1820, in Medina Co., Ohio.

672. ii. Angeline Polly, b. April 18, 1822. in Medina Co., Ohio.

673. iii. Gilbekt N., b. Jan. 27, 1827, in Medina Co., Ohio.

674. iv. AcHSAH Maria, b. May 10. 1829. in Medina Co.. Ohio.

V. Amanda J., b. Dec. 18," 1831. in iledina Co.. Ohio; d. .June 13.

Children by the second marriage :

675. vi. George Abner, b. Dee. 16. 1832, in Medina Co., Ohio.

676. vii. Orlando Deodatus, b. June 9, 1835, in Medina Co.. Ohio.

677. viii. Amanda Augusta, b. Oct. 12. 1839, in Medina Co.. Ohio.

678. ix. Eli Bronson, b. June I. 1842, in Bureau, 111.

307. Alvah^ Brainerd (AnseF, Othniel*. Ahijah^, James-, Dan-

iel^) of Rodman, Jefferson Co., N. Y.; m., Dec. 30, 1819,
Laflavia. or Fluvia Salina Harris, b, June 14, 1803, in
Canaan ilountain. Conn., dau. of Ebenezer and Lucy
(Lawrence) Harris. He was a farmer in Buda, 111. Mr.
Alvah Brainerd d. May 22 or 27, 1871, ae. 71 jts., 11 mos..

Sixth Generation. i^'

28 ds. Mrs. Laflavia Salina (Harris) Brainerd d. Maj' 27

1877, ae. 7o vrs., 11 mos., 23 ds.

(370. i. Adelia a., b. Dec. 27, 1827, in Medina, Ohio.

080. ii. Wallace, b. Sept. 6, 1829, in Medina, Ohio.

081. iii. LUCT AxN, b. Aug. ?.0, 1831, in Medina, Ohio.

082. iv. DeWitt L., b. .

083. V. Jerome B., b. Aug. -t, 1830, iu Westfield, Ohio.

308. Axxa'^ Braixjckd {Ansd^, OtJuiid^, Abijah^, James-, Uan-

icl^) of Westtield Township. Morrow Co., Ohio; m. Isaac
Bodgcrs, b. Feb. o. 1794, in ConnccticiTt. He was a farmer
in Westfield Township. Oliio. Mr. Isaac Eodgers d.
. Mrs. Anna (Brainerd) Eodgers d. .

Kodgers children :

i. Isaac, b. , in Westfield, Ohio; in. Isabella Chanibi-is.

Ch.: Five.

ii. OscAK, b. , in Westfield, Ohio. Ch.: Four.

iii. Shermas^ B., b. , in Westfield, Ohio; ra. Amelia or Per-

melia E. Dean, dau. of Daniel Dean; res. Lodi, Ohio. Ch.:

1. WiUard.

iv. CoRiDON. b. . in Westfield, Ohio.

V. Amaxda. 1). . in Westfield, Ohio; ni. Eli Luce. Ch.:

1. Cordeli:!.
vi. li. . in Westfield. Ohio; ni. Birdscj' Norton.

Cli.: 1. Ida. ni. Mr. Re3'nolds.

vii. He.nrletta. b. . in Westfield. Ohio.

viii. Adalixe. b. . in Westfield. Oliio: ni. Honrv .Jones: res.


309. Eunice" Braineuu (Ansel', Othniel*, Ahljah', James-, Dan-

iel) of Westfield, Morrow Co., Ohio; m. James Chapman,
or Chatman, son of Levi Chapman. Mrs. Eunice (Brain-
erd) Chapman d. . He m. (2), Mary , and

had six children. He was a fanner at Westfield, Ohio.
Mr. James Chapman d. .

Chapman children :

i. James or .Jergiie, 1j. .

ii. Caroline, b. .

iii. Orpiia. b. .

iv. Samiel. b. .

310. Jerusha*^ Beaixerd (Ansel^, Oihniel*. Abijak'. Jamer.

Daniel'-) of Westfield, Morrow Co., Ohio; m., Jan. 1, 1821.
Henrv Bnrnham Harris (by Eufus Vaughn, Justice of tin-
peace), b. May 12. 1801, in Canaan, Conn., son of Eben-
ezer and Lucy (Lawrence) Harris of Westfield, Ohio.
He lived in Cleveland, Ohio, and kept the City Hotel.
Mr. Henry Burnham Harris d. Aug. 23. 18.56, in that
place. She m. (3), Mr. Lattimer. Mrs. Jerusha (Brain-
. erd) (Harris) Lattimer d. Apr. 21. 1891. ae. 86 yrs., in
Cleveland. ^Ir. Lattimer d. in Lodi, Ohio.

180 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

Harris children :

i. Lucy C, b. 1822, in Westfield, Ohio; m., 1840, John Jones.
He died 1846. She ra. (2), in 1849, Samuel White of
Wrentham, Mass. He died in 1862. She lives in Cleve-
land, Ohio. Ch. by the first marriage: 1. Henry, b.

; res. near Akron, Ohio, and has five children. He is

a builder and contractor. 2. John, b. ■ — ; d. ,

ae. 28 yrs., 2 mos. 3. Antoinette, b. ; d. , ae.

17 years.

ii. Solon C, b. Dec. 24. 1827, in Harrisville. Ohio; d. March 13,
1855, in Cleveland. Ohio.

iii. Ednice. b. March 21. 1833. in Sharon, Ohio; d. Aug. 17, 1849.
in Cleveland. Ohio.

iv. Abneu J., b. Nov. 4, 1835, in LaFayette. Ohio.

V. Jane, b. ; m. William Hall. He d. She m. (2) William


vi. Antoinette, b. Feb. 11, 1843, in Parma, Ohio; d. March 3,
1843, in the same place.

vii. Albert C, b. Feb. 17, 1845, in Parma, Ohio; d. June 9, 1853,
in Cleveland, Ohio.

311. Deodatus Ensign^ Braineed {Ansel^, Othniel*, AhijaV,

James'-, Daniel^) of Westfield, Morrow Co., Ohio; m., May
20, 1830, Sally Jane Fry, b. July 30, 1812, in Denmark,
N. Y. (by his oldest brother Ansel Brainerd at Lafayette.
Ohio), dan. of Abraham and Mary (Calhoun) Fry. In
1818 he moved with his parents to Westfield, Ohio, from
New York state, and in 1811 he removed to Illinois. He
was a farmer at Buda, Bureati Co.. 111. He was a consistent
member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and possessed
a cheerful and loving disposition down to old age, which
gave him a smile for every one he met, and won him many
friends. He has been called away from the beautiful home
on earth which he and his beloved wife toiled to build, to
the home not made with hands. Mr. Deodatus Ensign
Brainerd d. Nov. 1, 1891, ae. 83 yrs., 3 mos., 2 ds., in Cres-
ton, Iowa, while on a visit at the home of his granddaugh-
ter. He was interred at Buda, 111. Mrs. Sally Jane
(Fry) Brainerd d. .

Children :
684. i. Mahenus Gilbert, b. Nov. 10, 1832. in LaFayette, Ohio.
085. ii. Mart Ann. b. .July 26, 1834, in LaFayette, Oliio.
686. iii. Richard Van Rensselaer, b. April 26, 1836, in LaFavette,

087. iv. William Eli, b. March 28, 1838, in LaFayette, Ohio.

688. V. Henry Burnham, b. Sept. 2, 1840, in LaFayette, Oliio.

689. vi. Aura Adelia, b. Feb. 11, 1850, in Buda, III.

312. Aristobulus^ Br.\ineed (Oliver^, Othniel*, Abijah', James^,

DanieP) of Chatham. Middlesex Co., Conn.; m., Feb. 13,
1828, or July 13, 1828 (by record), Karcissa Hunt, b.
June 6, 1807, daughter of Captain George and Jamia
(Hollister) Hunt of East Glastonbury, Conn. He was a
farmer and stone mason, living at East Glastonbury. He

Sixth Generation. 181

was justice of the peace from 1845 to 1867, nearly continu-
ously. He was deacon in the Congregational Church.
Mr. Aristobulus Brainerd died Oct. 29, 1867, ae. 61 years,
6 months, 19 days, and was interred in Neipsic, Conn.
Mrs. Karcissa (Hunt) Brainerd died Aug. 18, 1894, ae.
87 years, 2 months, 12 days, in Buckingham, Conn.


690. i. Edwin SnALOB, b. April 29, 1829, in East Glastonbury, Conn,
ii. Rosalia Fidelia, b. Nov. 28, 1831, in East Glastonbury, Conn.

d. April 25, 1849, ae. 17 yrs., 4 mos., 27 ds. Particularly
amiable by nature and grace, she met death with a peace-
ful Christian hope.

691. iii. JoHK Lazell, b. April 22, 1834, in East Glastonbury, Conn.

692. iv. Ezra Waldo, b. Sept. 20, 1837, in East Glastonbury, Conn.

693. V. Arthur Magill, b. June 12, 1840, in East Glastonbury, Conn,
vi. Aristobulus Abijah, b. March, 1842, in East Glastonbury,

Conn.; d. INIarch 30, 1846.
094. vii. Ella Ann, b. May 28, 1843, in East Glastonbury, Conn.

viii. RuFUS Adgni.jaii, b. March 6. 1844, in East Glastonbury,

Conn.; d. March 29, 1846.
C)^^. ix. Hartwell Nelson, b. March 12, 1847, in/ East Glastonbury,


313. Jerusha Ann'^ Brainerd {OUvei^, OthnicP, AhijaJi',

James-, Daniel'-) of Chatham, now East Hampton, Middle-
sex Co., Conn.; m., Nov. 26, 1834 (or Nov. 27, 1835, by
town records), William Utley of Chatham, b. June 10,
1808, son of Antipas and Mary (Luce) Utley of Hampton,
Conn. He was a farmer and mechanic at East Hampton,
lining near Pocotopaug Lalce, afterwards living in the vil-
lage of East Hampton, Mrs, Jenisha Ann (Brainerd)
Utley d. May 26, 1887, ae. 79 yrs., 9 mos., 9 ds. Captain
William Utley d. Dec. 11, 1893, ae. 85 yrs., 6 mos., 1 d.

Utley children :

i. Maky Annette, b. ISIay 6. 1836, in East Hampton, Conn,
ii. Emeline Roselda, b. March 18, 1838, in East Hampton, Conn.
iii. William Henry, b. Mav 20, 1841, in East Hampton, Conn.;
d. March 10, 1862.

314. Lucy Maria' BR^i-iNEiu) {Olivei^, Othniel*, Abijah^, James-,

DanieV-) of Chatham, now East Hampton, Middlesex Co.,
Conn.; m., March 5, 1840, Erastus Buck, b. June 20, 1796,
son of Sergeant Benoni and Lucretia (Hollister) Buck
of East Glastonbury, Conn. He was a fanner at East
Glastonbury. Mr. Erastus Buck died Dec. 31, 1883, or
1863. Mrs. Lncy Maria (Brainerd) Buck, died .

Buck children:

i. Margaret E., b. Jan. 10. 1841, in East Glastonbury, Conn,
ii. Esteli.a Sakau, b. Dec. 22, 1844, in East Glastonbury, Conn.;
m., Sept. 12, 1864, Merwin H. Perkins; res. Bristol, Conn,
Ch.: Nellie F., b. June 1, 1865.

182 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

315. Adonijaii Strong* Braineed {Oliver^, Olhniel\ Ahijalr,

James'-, Daniel^) of Chatham, now East Hampton, Mid-
dlesex Co., Conn.; m., Maj- 7, 1834, on election day, Liicv
Amelia Dunham, b. March 5, 1810, dau. of Sj'lvester and
Lucy (Cole) Dunham of Marlborough, Conn. He was
divorced from his ^vife. He m. (2), Susan Marilla
(Hopkins) Kneass, b. June 9, 1822, daughter of Elisha
and Susanna (Metcalf) Hopkins. Her first husband was
Mr. Kneass of Philadelphia, Pa., from whom she was
divorced. He was a farmer and resided in East Glaston-
bury, Conn., at the time of his death. Mrs. Lucy Amelia
(Dunham) Brainerd died March 14, 1888. He was select-
man and treasurer in 1848, and commissioner on roads in
1858, and justice of the peace several years, and road agent
in Marlborough in 1856 and 1858. Mr. Adonijah Strong
Brainerd d. March 2, 1894, or Feb. 2, 1889, in East Glas-
tonburj-. Conn. Mrs. Susan Marilla (Hopkins) (Kneass)
Brainerd was, 1895, living in Hartford, Conn., with Mrs.
George T. Griswold, her daughter by her first husband.
Mrs. Susan Marilla (Hopkins) (Kneass) Brainerd d.

Children by the first marriage :

Henry, b. , in : les. Bolton, Conn. He was as-
sessor iu 1S52, and of the board of relief 1862 and 1863.
Sullivan, b. June 12, 1835, in Glastonbury, Conn.; d. ^March

2, 1836.
Caklton, b. Sept. 4, 1837, in Glastonbury. Conn.; unin.; d.
March 3, 1902, in the hospital in Washington, D. C. He
was a teacher. He was in the Civil War.
iv. LiNDON. b. Mav 21. 1839, in Glastonbury, Conn.; unm.; d.

June 2. 1839.
v. Sth-lman, b. Oct. 5 or 15, 1840, in Glastonbury, Conn.; unni.
He was of Co. A, 21st Regiment Connecticut Volunteers.
He d. Dec. 11, 1862 and was buried in East Hampton, Conn.

696. vi. Augusta, b. April 13, 1844, in Glastonbury, Conn.

697. vii. Juliette, b. Feb. 19, 1846, in Glastonbury, Conn.

316. Ursula Adelia'^ Braixeud (Oliver, Othniel*, AiijaJi',

James-, DanieF) of Chatham, now East Hampton, Mid-
dlesex Co., Conn. ; m., Oct. 20. 1833, John Gillett Hinck-
ley, b. March 15, 1811, son of Cyprian and Lydia (Bevin)
Hinckley of Chatham. He was a mason and mechanic in
East Hampton, ilr. John Gillett Hincklev d. Mch. 9,
1885, or 1889. :\rr..^. Ursula Adelia (Brainerd) Hincklev
d. Apr. 19, 1893. Both died in East Hampton.

Hinckley child:

i. Amanda Elizabeth, b. July 2, 1834, in East Hampton, Conn.;
m., Oct., 1852, Franklin Dana Strong, b. Aug. 29, 1823, son
of Charles A. and Lucy Brainerd (Hurlburt) Strong. Ch.:
1. Lelia Adela, b. Dec. 1, 1855.

317. Betsey Lovixa'' Braixei{d {Olivet^, OthnieI\ AbijaJi\.

James", DaitieP) of Chatham, now East Hampton, llid-

Sixth Generation. '"^^

dlesex Co., Conn.; m., March 37, 1833 (by Rev. Mr. Cur-
tis), Warren Veasey, b. June 7, 1813, son of Eliezer and
Elizabeth (West) Veasey of East Hampton. He was a
farmer and bell manufacturer in that place, with his son-
in-law, under the firm name of Veasey & Brown. ^Ir.
Warren Veasey d. Dec. 10, 1880, in East Hampton. Mrs.
Betsey Lovina (Brainerd) Veasey d. Jan. 31, 1897.

Veasey children :

i. Ann.\ Eliz.\beth, b. Jan. 27, 1835. in East Hampton, Conn.;
m., Sept. 2, 1862, Capt. Delos D. Brown, b. 1838, son of
Kev. Thomas Gibson and Caroline Maria (Daniels) Brown
of East Hampton. He was commissioned First Lieutenant
in 1862, and promoted to the rank of Captain of Co. F,
21st Regiment Connecticut Volunteers, in the late Civil
War. and lias an elegant sword, presented to him by his
Company. He was bookkeeper in the firm of Veasey &
Brown. He was County Commissioner of Middlesex Co.
He kept a summer hotel on the shore of Lake Poeo-
topaug (1896). He d. Jan. 29, 1907.

ii. Ida Rosalie, b. Xov. 19, 1849. in East Hampton, Conn.; uinn.

318. Mart Abigail^ Be-vinerd {Olivei^, OthnieV, Ahijali^,

James", Daniel^) of Chatham, now East Hampton, Mid-
dlesex Co., Conn.; m.. May 7, 1835 (by Samuel J. Curtis),
Francis Gillett, b. May 31, 1813, son of Halph and Sarah
Forsaith or Forsyth) Gillett of Hebron. Conn. He was a
farmer in Hebron. Mrs. Mary Abigail (Brain(?rd) Gil-
lett died June 30, 1837, ae. 18 years, 3 months, 38 davs.
Mr. Francis Gillett died March 33, 1879, ae. GG year^^. 'lO
months, 1 day.

Gillett child :

i. Ralph Revilo, b. June 9. 1837, in Hebron. Conn.; m., June.

1858. Augusta Wright. He died Dec. 20, 1880. Ch.: 1.

Jennie E., b. Jan., 1859.

319. Wealthy Eliz.ibeth" Beainerd (Olivei-^, Othniel*, Alijuli'.

James-, DanieV) of Chatham, now East Hampton, ^lid-
dlesex Co., Conn.; m., Feb. 5, 1819 (by William Eus-^:!!).
Marvin Taft iS'ash, b. Feb. 31, 1810, son of Chester and
Lucretia (Taylor) Nash of Whitingham, Vt. He was a
manufacturer and wholesale dealer in all kinds of wooden
ware in Winchendon, Mass. Mrs. Wealthy Elizabeth
(Brainerd) Nash died Oct. 13, 1863, ae. 41 years, 1
month, 1 days. ^Ir. Marvin Taft Xash died .

Nash children :
i. Chester Brainerd, b. June 15. 18.50. in Winchendon, Mass.;

res. same place,
ii. Marvin Kellogg, b. Nov. 23, 1851. in \\'inchendon, Mass.: d.

April 27, 1853, ae. 17 months.
iii. Oliver Taylor, b. April 28. 1854. in Winchendon, Mass.; res.

fbenev. Kan.

184 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

iv. Henry Strong, b. May 5. 1856, in Winehendon, Mass.; a

law'yer in Silver City, New Mexico.
V. Arthur Magill, b. April 26, 1858, in Winehendon. Mass.; res.

Trinidad, Col.
vi. Charles Waldo, b. April 21, 1800, in Winehendon, Mass.; d.

Feb. 29, 1880.
vii. Mary Ann, b. May 9, 1862, in Winehendon, Mass.; m. Mr.

M. A. Hutchinson ; res. South Coventry, Conn.

320. Amanda Lavixia'' Bkaineud (Oliver^, Othniel*, Ahijah^.

James", Daniel^) of Chatham, now East Hampton, Mid-
dlesex Co., Conn.; m. Nathan Levee. She was his second
wife. Tliey lived and died at South Coventry, Conn.
Mrs. Amanda Lavinia (Brainerd) Levee d. Feb. 24, 188G,
ae. 61 yrs., 7 nios., 10 ds. Mr. Nathan Levee d. July 25,

1886, ae. . She had an adopted daughter, Annie

Nash, h. • — ; m. Albert Hutcliinson ; res. South Coven-
try. She was her niece.

Levee child:

i. A child, b. . ill South Coventry, Conn.; d. young.

321. Sally* Biiainerd {Simon', Simon*, Ahijah^, James-, Dan-

iel^) of Chatham, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m., , Enos

Brainerd, b. July 29, 1781, son of Cornelius and Eliza-
beth (Higgins) Brainerd. He was a cooper. He moved
from Middle Haddam, Conn., to Cleveland, Ohio, about
1816-17. He removed to Kockport, Ohio, in 1835. Mrs.
Sally (Brainerd) Brainerd died July 2, 1844, in Eockport,
Ohio, ae. 65 yrs., 3 mos., 27 ds. Mr. Enos Brainerd d.
Feb. 4, 1848, ae. 66 ats., 6 mos., 5 ds.

Brainerd children:

i. WiLLARD, b. . in Middle Haddam, Conn.

ii. Hepzibaii. b. . in :\Ii.ldl.. Haddam, Conn.

iii. Hervey, b. . in Middle ]l;nldam. Conn.

iv. Lydia. b. . in .Mi.ldlo ILi.Mam, Conn.; d. .

V. Abigail, b. , in Jliddle Haddam, Conn.

vi. LucBETLA. b. June 1, 1815, in Middle Haddam, Conn.

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