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vii. Daniel, b. , in Middle Haddam, Conn. ; d. in Middle


viii. Alice, b. May 25, 1819. in Brooklyn. Ohio.

322. Warrex* Brainerd {Si7non', Simon*, Ahijah", James-, Dan-

ieV) of Chatham, Middlesex Co., Conn. ; m., May 9, 1802,
Sally Brainerd, b. Feb. 29, 1786, daughter of Jesse and
Hannah (Cook) Brainerd of Haddam Neck, Conn. He
was a farmer and moved to Brooklyn, now Cleveland, Ohio,
about 1818, where he spent his life. Many of the family
lived in Strongville in 1854. Mr. Warren Brainerd d.
1858-59. Mrs. Sally (Brainerd) Brainerd d. Jan. 1, 1880,
ae. 93 ats., 10 mos., 2 ds.

Sixth Generation. 185

Children :

698. i. Harris, b. Jan. 2, 1804, in Haddam Neck, Oonn.

699. ii. Demi>'g, b. , in Haddam Neck^ Conn.

700. iii. Julia Ann, b. Nov. 13, 18)0, in Middle Haddam, Conn.

701. iv. Sally, b. , in Middle Haddam, Conn.

V. Warren, b. . in Middle Haddam, Conn.

702. vi. Lyman, b. April 17, 1817, in Brooklyn, Ohio.

703. vii. William, b. April 17, 1817, in Bl•oo'klJ^l, Ohio.

323. Newel^ Bil\.ineed {Simon?, Simon*, Ahijah}, James^, Dan-

iel^) of Chatham, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m., Dec. 4, 1804,
Mercy Brainerd, b. June 21, 1783, daughter of Cornelius
and Elizabeth (Higgins) Brainerd of Haddam Neck, Conn.
He was a farmer in Middle Haddam, Conn. Mr. Newel
Br^iinerd died Nov. 23, 1853, ae. 70 years, 7 months, 17
days. Mrs. Mercy (Brainerd) Brainerd died April 11,
1871, ae. 87 years, 9 months, 21 days.

Children :

704. i. .Joseph Lociiland, b. Jlay 22, 180.5, in iliddle Haddam, Conn.

705. ii. Abulia Elizabeth, b. .Jan. 27, 1808, in Middle Haddam, Conn.
iii. Lucy Ann, b. Dec. 11, 1810, in Middle Haddam, Conn.; d. -Tan.

18, 1890, ae. 79 yrs., 1 mo., 7 ds., in Middletown, Conn., unm.
iv. AsAiiEL. b. April 28, 1814, in Middle Haddam, Conn.; d. Ang.

5, 1842, ae. 28 yrs., 3 mos., 7 ds., in Middle Haddam, Conn.;

V. LoviNA Maria, b. July 12, 1817, in Middle Haddam. Conn.: d.

Aug. 22, 1838, ae. 21 yrs., 1 mo., 10 ds. ; unm.
vi. Newel, b. , in Middle Haddam, Conn.; unm.

324. T.iLiTHA*' Braixeed {Simon', Simon*, Ahijali', Jamcs^,

DanieV) of Chatham, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m., Jan. 26,
1806, Alfred Brainerd, b. Dec. 6, 1787, son of Frederick
and Anna (Brainerd) Brainerd of Haddam Neck, Conn.
He was engaged in the feldspar business, quarrying and
grinding for the market, in Haddam Neck. He was Ensign
in 1846-47 in the 20th Regt, 3d Brig. He was justice of
the peace. Mr. Alfred Brainerd d. Oct. 24, 1855. Mrs.
Talitha (Brainerd) Brainerd d. Oct. 7, 1872, ae. 86 yrs.,
4 mos., 10 ds.

Brainerd children :

i. DiODATE, b. May 24, 1807, in Haddam Neck, Conn.

ii. A daughter, b. Feb. 0, 1809, in Haddam Neck, Conn.; d. March

26, 1809.
iii. .Tared Albert, b. Oct. 14. 1810, in Haddam Neck, Conn.: d.

Dec. 27, 1810.
iv. David, b. Aug. 20, 1811, in Haddam Xnk. Conn.
V. SILVINA. b. May 8, 1814, in Haddam X.'.k. Conn.
vi. Maryett Sophia, b. April 6. 1817. in Haddam Neck. Conn.
vii. Sarah, b. May 11, 1819. in Haddam Neck, Conn.
viii. Mary, b. Sept. 27, 1821, in Haddam Neck, Conn.; d. Aug. 10,

i.\. Alfred, b. April 17, 1823, in Haddam Neck, Conn.
-x. Rebecca, b. Sept. 20, 1825, in Haddam Neck, Conn,
xi. William Fisk, b. Feb. 3, 1828, in Haddam Neck, Conn.

186 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

325. Selah^ Brainerd (Siuwie, Simon\. AhijaW^, James-, Dan-

ieV-) of Chatham, Middlesex Co., Conn. : m., , Lucy

Knowles, b. Dec. 6, 1T91, in Portland, Conn., daughter of
John and Silence (Hall) Knowles of the same place. He
lived first in Chatham and afterward in Portland. He
was a farmer and currier. Mr. Selah Brainerd d. May,
1841, or 1842. Mrs. Lucv (Knowles) Brainerd d. March
16, 1884, ae. 92 vrs.. 3 nios.. 10 ds.. in Hartford, Conn.

700. i. George, b. April 4, 1813. in iliddle Haddam. Conn.

ii. A daughter, b. , in Middle Haddam, Conn.; d. young.

707. iii. Giles Knowles, b. Jan. 15, 1815, in Middle Haddam, Conn.

708. iv. Maet, b. , in I\Iiddle Haddam, Conn.

V. Hannah Maria, b. . in Middle Haddam, Conn.

709. vi. Mabla, b. Feb., 1821, in Middle Haddam. Conn.

710. vii. Sabah, b. 1823, in Middle Haddam, Conn.

viii. Eliza Stiart, b. April 8, 1827, in Middle Haddam, Conn.; d.
Feb. 1, 1902, in Hartford, Conn. She was actively en-
gaged in Sunday-school work, and was much esteemed by
her acquaintances and friends.

711. ix. Emilt Augusta, b. 1829, in Middle Haddam. Conn.

712. X. David C, b. April 20. 1835. in Portland. Conn.

713. xi. Ellen Frances, b. Aug. 20, 1837, in Middleto\™, Conn.

326. Deusilla^ Beainerd {Simon?, Simon\. Abijalr. James-,

Daniel'-) of Chatham, Middlesex Co., Conn. ; m., Jan. 8,
1817, Danforth Turner, b. Jan. 3, 1795, of Killingworth.
Conn., son of John and Elizabeth (Chatfiekl) Turner of
Durham. Conn. He was a shoemaker in Haddam, Conn.
He kept the turnpike gate on Walkele)- Hill on the
Middlesex turnpike. Mrs. Drusilla (Brainerd) Turner
died Aug. 25, 1855, ae. 59 Acars, 1 month, 1 da)'. He m.
(2), April 15, 1862. Mrs. Harriet (Cole) Brainerd, daugh-
ter of Hendriek and Phebe (Griffith) Cole, and widow of
Epaphroditus Brainerd of Middle Haddam, Conn. Mr.
Danforth Turner d. Xor. 28 or 30. 1875, ae. 80 yrs., 10
mos., 25 ds.

Turner children :

i. Abigail, b. Dec. 2. 1818, in Haddam, Conn.: m.. May 6, 1841.

George Brooks, son of George Brooks. She died Dec. 30,

1890. Ch.: 1. William Danforth. 2. George Simon,
ii. Delia, b. May 26, 1823, in Haddam. Conn.; d. Dec. 20, 1840.

ae. 17 yrs.. 7 mos.
iii. Emeline. b. July 7. 1825, in Haddam. Conn.; m., Sept. 11.

1840, William Jones Gladwin, son of James Gladwin.

327. Darius" Bkaixkrd {Jephtha?, Simon*, Abijah^, James-.

Daniel^) of Windham. Bradford Co., Pa.; m., in 1806-07,
Tamar Williamson, b. Oct. 30. 1788, or 1789, in New York.

dau. of John and (Chase) Williamson of Oswego.

N. Y. He was drafted near the close of the War of 181 -2.
and went as far as Wilkesbarre, Pa., when peace was pro-
claimed and he returned to the peaceful pursuits of a

Sixth Generation. 187

home life. He was a moral and industrious man and
accumulated wealth as long as his life lasted. Darius and
Jephtha Brainerd bought, each of them, 400 acres of land
in Bradford Co., Pa.. Oct. 20, 1815. Mr. Darius Brainerd
died April 25. 1834. ae. 44 years. She m. (2), Sept. 10,
1828, Deacon Daniel Gardner, and had three children by
that marriage. Mrs. Tamar (Williamson) (Brainerd)
Gardner died June 6, 1860, ae. 71 years. 7 months. (\ days.

Children :

714. i. Betsey, b. Dee. 30, 180S, in Windham, Penn.

715. ii. Andrew C, b. Sept. 1, 1811. in Windham. Penn.

716. iii. Simon, b. Sept. 29, 1813, in Windham, Penn.
iv. HoBACE. b. 1817. in Windham, Penn.; d. 1821.

V. PHrLO, b. Feb. 18, 1819. in Windham. Penn.; was formerly a
farmer and teacher, but later an architect and builder
in Tonawanda, N. Y.

717. vi. Darius M., b. March 31, 1821, in Windham, Penn.; was a

school teacher in Windham, Penn.

718. vii. Henry Asheb, b. Aug. 29, 1824, in Windham, Penn.

328. Drusilla'^ Br.ainehd {Jeptha^, Simon*. Ahljah?, James^,

DanicV) of Windham, Bradford Co., Pa.; m., June, 1808,
John Dunham, son of Holt and Hannah (Cole) Dunham
of Stillwater, Saratoga Co., N. Y. He resided at Wind-
ham, Pa., and was a farmer. Mr. John Dunham died
May, 1814, ae. . Mrs. Drusilla (Brainerd) Dun-
ham died Sept. 24, or Aug. IS, 1825, ae. 42 years.

Dunham children:

i. Cynthia M.. b. May, 1809, in Windham. Penn.; m., Sept. 16,
1830, John S. Anthony, b. Dec. 25, 1807, son of Samuel
and Marv W. (Russell) x\nthony of Harwinton, Conn.
Ch.: 1." John B., b. Sept. 4. 1831. 2. Drusilla B.. b.
April 4. 18.33. 3. Samuel L., b. April 1, 1835. 4. Mary
M., b. Jan. 14, 1840. 5. Eva M., b. Feb. 10, 1845. 6.
Eliza A., b. Oct. 21. 1847. 7. Edna S., b. May 31, 1850.
8. Charles L.. b. Oct. 21, 1851; res. Milan, Pa.

ii. John L., b. Sept. 11, 1811, in Windham, Pa.; d. 1861, drowned.

iii. Matilda, b. Feb.. 1813. in Windham, Pa.; d. .

329. Jeptha^ Braixard (Jeptha^, Simon*, Abija¥. James^,

DanieP-) of Windham, Bradford Co.. Pa.; m., in 1810,
Betsey Smith, li. June 25, 1792. He owned a sawmill and
was a farmer and hunter in Windham, Pa. He was jus-
■ tice of the peace and often officiated as a local preacher in
that vicinity. He moved to La Salle, 111., about 1837.
Mr. Jeptha'Brainard d. 1842, or Sept. 17, 1845, ae. 58
vrs., 1 mo., 24 ds., in La Salle. Mrs. Betsey (Smith)
Brainard d. Sept. 14, 1860.

Children :

719. i. Julia, b. Dec. 11, 1810, in Windham, Pa.

ii. Nancy, b. Dec. 22. 1811. in Windham, Pa.; d. Dec. 31. 1842.

720. iii. Fanny, b. Julv 19. 1813. in Windham, Pa.

188 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

721. iv. Harriet, b. Nov. 11, 1815, in Windham, Pa.

722. V. Lucia, b. April 21, 1817, in Windham, Pa.

723. vi. Levi, b. June 21, 1821, in Windham, Pa.

vii. Rachel, b. Jan. 19. 1824, in Windham, Pa.; d. Sept. 9, 182G.
She was choked to death with a bean in her windpipe.

724. viii. Silas, b. July 16, 1820, in Windliam, Pa.

330. Nathan" Brainakd {Jabcz', ,'Sunun\, Abijuk'-, James', Dan-

iel^) of Lempster, Sullivan Co., N. H. ; m., Xov. 10, 1810,
in Lempster, N. H., Ms c-onsin, Fanny Bingham, b. Jan.
20, 1790, dau. of James and Mary (Willey) Bingham of
Lempster, N. H., and granddaughter of Elijah Bingham.
He resided in Lempster until 1823, when he moved to
Washington, A'. H., where he engaged in trade, and was
postmaster and selectman. In 1834, he removed to Cleve-
land, Ohio, where he continued in mercantile pursuits.
He was proprietor of a music store. Mrs. Fanny (Bing-
ham) Brainard d. Nov. 17, 1855, ae. 65 yrs., 9 mos., 27
ds. Mr. Nathan Brainard d. July 31, 1869, ae. 82 yrs.,
11 ds., and is buried in the Erie Street Cemetery in Cleve-
land, Ohio.

Children :

i. Fanny Fatima, b. Jan. 24. 1812, in Lempster, N. H. ; d. Aug.
30, 1835.

725. ii. Silas, b. Feb. 14, 1814, in Lempster, N. H.

iii. OziAS, b. March 26, 1816, in Lempster, N. H.; d. March 18,

iv. Harriet, b. Sept. 20, 1818, in Lempster, N. H.; d. April 1,

v. Joseph, b. JIarch 12, 1821, in Lempster, N. H.; d. Sept. 5,


726. vi. Heney Mather, b. June 6 or 8, 1823, in Lempster, N. H.

vii. James, b. Aug. 30, 1825, in Washington. N. H.; d. Sept. 13,

727. viii. George Washington, b. Nov. 9, 1827, in Washington, N. H.

728. ix. Joseph Mather, b. Nov. 17, 1830, in Washington, N. H. Tlie

name Mather was added by himself.
X. ilARY, b. March 13, 1833, in Washington, N. H. ; d, Aug. 13,

331. Haiuuet" Braixaud {Jabrz'\ Simon*. AbijaJi', James". Dan-

iel^) of Lempster, Sullivan Co., N. H.; m., Nov. 3, 1808,
Dr. Ozias Mather, b. Jan. 22, 1787, son of Dr. Augustus
Mather of East Haddam, Conn. He received his education
at the College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York
city. He moved to Lempster, N. H., in 1808 and to Wash-
ington, N. H., in 1810. After a prospecting trip as far
west as Rochester, N. Y.. he returned to Washington. Dr.
Ozias Mather died Oit. ^5. 1813, in Washington, N. H.
She m. (2), Edmund l.awrciue, b. in 1793 in Groton,
Mass., son of William and Sarah (Farwell) Lawrence.
Mrs. Harriet (Brainard) (Mather) Lawrence died Jan.

[1813- 1894.]

Sixth Generation. I'^y

22, 1853, in her 63d year, in Cleveland, Ohio. Mr. E.l-
mund Lawrence died in 1854 in West Dan vers, Mass.
(See Mather Genealogj'.)

Mather children by the first marriage :

i. Henry Brainard, b. Aug. 20, 1809-10, in Lempster, N. H.; m.,

Sept. 3, 1840, Ellen E. Everett, dau. of Charles Everett.

He il. Jan. 30, 1S84, in Boston, Mass. A child, b. Oct.

30, 1850; d. the same day.
ii. Samuel Holmes, b. March 20, 1813, in Washington, N. H. ; m.,

May 9, 1842, Emily Washington Gregoiy, dau. of Dr. U. M.

and Lueretia (Ely) Gregory. He d. Jan. 14, 1894. Slie d.
.Feb. IG, 1900. Ch.: 1. Frederick Gregory, b. Aug. 11,

1844; m.. Oct. 10, 1871, Cornelia B. Olcott. He m. (2),

Nov. 11, 1880, Alice E. Yager. Ch.: I. Cornelia Helen, b.

July 16, 1873. 2. Charles Henry, b. Is'ov. 4, 1845; d. Feb.

4, 1846. 3. Ellen Augusta, b. Apr. 13, 1847; m., March 31,

1881, Rev. Richard Henry Mather, D.D., of Amherst College,

b. Feb. 12, 1835. He d. Apr. 16, 1S90. Ch.: i. Eleanor

Worthing-ton, b. Nov. 20, 1884. ii. Ella Augusta, b. ;

d. May 6, 1898.

332. P^EASTUs*^ Braixerd {Silas^, Siinoii'', Abijah^j James'-, Dan-
iel^) of Portland, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m., Dec. 25, 1815,
Mary Wells Stancliff, b. Dec. 1, 1792, daughter of James
and Meribah (Wells) Stancliff. He was director in the
Middletown Bank from 1847 to 18G1 inclusive; vice-presi-
dent of the Agricultural Society in 1858 and 1859. He
was representative in th(> Coniieeticut Lc,i;isliitiu-e in the
winter of 1843 and 1S4 1 : he was nun nf the incorporators
of the Union Jlills in Middletuwn, Conn., in ls54; he was
one of the pioneers of the quarry business in Portland,
Conn. Commencing with a capital of a few hundred dol-
lars, the business had grown immensely imtil Portland
quarry vessels found their way into every seaport from Pas-
samaquoddy Bay to Brazos, Tex. For some years seven,
eight, or ten hands were employed, and two yoke of oxen.
The business of this quarry, and of two adjoining quarries,
one north and the other south, increasetl immensely till
twelve or fourteen hundred men were employed. Mrs.
Brainerd was the idol of her children, beloved by her rela-
tives and all who knew her. She lived and died a Christian
woman. She was from her youth a devout and cimpisti'nt
member of the Trinitv' Episcopal church. Slu^ ivtaiiicd lier
faculties unimpaired till death came, fading away and
going peacefully to her rest with a Christian's hope of a
blessed immortality. Mr. Erastus Brainerd d. June 15,
1861, ae. 69 yrs. Mrs. Mar\' Wells (Stancliff) Brainerd
d. Mav 11. 1880, ae. 88 vrs.. 5 mo?.. 10 ds.

Children :

i. Mary. b. Sept. 12, 1817,

1002. in Portland. Coi

). ii. ERA.STUS, b. July 27. 181

). iii. Norman Leslie, b. April

in Portland, Conn.; unni.; d

!i. in Portland, Conn.
10, 1821, in Portland, Conn.

1'^" Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

731. iv. Benjamin Fbanklin, b. Nov. 29, 1823, in Portland, Conn.

732. V. Jake Maria,* b. Oct. 21, 1826, in Portland, Conn.

vi. Catherine Ann. b. March 20, 1820, in Portland, Conn.

733. vii. Jerusha Dickebson, b. April 1, 1831, in Portland, Conn.

734. viii. Adelaide, b. Nov. 6, 1832, in Portland, Conn.
ix. CORINNE L., b. Dec. 29, 1835, in Portland, Conn.

73.5. X. LeRot, b. March 12, 1840, in Portland, Conn.

333. SiLAs^ Beainerd (Silas/ Simon^ Alijah^, James^, Daniel^)

of Portland, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m., Feb. 10, 1823 (in
Christ church, by Eev. B. G. Noble,) Mary Miles, daughter

of Eev. Smith and Mary ( ) Miles. Silas and Eras-

tus Brainerd purchased the quarry of Hurlburt and Rob-
erts, they moving from Middle Haddam to Portland, Conn.
From about 1812 to 18S1 the business was conducted under
a partnership firm, and was managed by Erastus and Silas
during the greater portion of this period, the firm name
being E. & S. Brainerd, till 1857, then Erastus Brainerd &
Co. After the death of Erastus and Silas, the business was
managed by the surviving partners till 1884, when the
" Brainerd Quarry Company "' was organized and incorpo-
rated. The officers of the company were Erastus Brainerd.
president and general manager ; Eobert G. Pike, secretary :
Benjamin F. Brainerd, treasurer. He first settled in Port-
land, Conn., but afterward moved to Brooklyn, IST. Y. Mr.
f Silas Brainerd died in Brooklyn, X. Y.. June 4, 1846 (by
D. D. Field in Brainerd Genealogy). Mrs. Mary (Miles)

Brainerd died .

Child :
73G. i. Mary Ellen, b. May 11, 1823, in Portland, Conn.

334. Chadxcey" Brainerd {^ilas'\. Shnon*, AhijaW-, James".

Daniel^) of Portland, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m., Feb. 5,
1822, Narcissa Post, b. July 13, 1800, daughter of Ward
and Sarah (Buckingham) Post of Essex, Conn. He
resided in East Haddam and Middletown, Conn., then Sau-
gerties, and New York city, N. Y. Mr. Chauncey Brain-
erd died Feb. 23, 1861, ae. 6.5 years, 4 months, 8 days.
Mrs. Narcissa (Post) Brainerd died May 17, 1886, ae. 8o
years, 10 months, 4 days.

Children :

737. i. Edward Chauncey, b. Nov. 17. 1823. in East Haddam, Conn.

738. ii. Nancy Buckingham, b. Nov. 21, 182.5, in East Haddam, Conn.

739. iii. Silas Ward, b. Nov. 27, 1827, in East Haddam, Conn.

740. iv. Augustus .James, b. July 17, 1829, in East Haddam, Conn.

741. v. Augusta Jane, b. July 17, 1829, in East Haddam, Conn.

742. vi. Alanson Post, b. July 24. 1831, in East Haddam, Conn.

vii. John Henry, b. Sept. 10. 1833, in East Haddam, Conn.; d.
Sept, 5, 1835.

743. viii. Sarah Elizadeth, b. JIarch 20, 1830, in East Haddam, Conn.

* A scliooner built was called Jane M. Brainerd.

fBy Middlesex Co, Book a schooner was built and owned 1845 bv E.
& S. Brainerd. Georsje llilUard, Captain. It said Silas Brainerd died in

Sixth Generation. 191

744. ix. JoH>- Henry, b. May 17, 1838. in East Haddam, Conn.

745. X. WiLBUK FiSK, b. Apiil 0. 1S40, in East Haddam, Conn.

746. xi. Edgas Jerome Parker. !>. Dee. 7, 1841, in East Haddam. Conn.

335. Abigail" Braineed {Slla.s'\ Simon\ Ahijah^, James-, Dan-

iel'') of Portland, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m., Aug. 17, 1820,
Enoch S. Brainerd, b. April 2, 1796, son of Enoch and
Esther (Southward) Brainerd of Lebanon, Conn. He
lived in Portland and Glastonbury, Conn., and from thence
moved to Newburgh, Ohio, where he died. Mr. Enoch S.
Brainerd died Nov. 5. 1881, ae. 85 years. 7 months, 3 day.-.
Mrs. Abigail (Brainerd) Brainerd died Feb. 11, 1882, in
Stow, Summit Co., Ohio.

Brainerd children :

i. Elizabeth i;.. 1). July 18. 1821.

ii. George, b. ; bapt. 18.31.

iii. Abda, b. ; d. Oct., 1834.

iv. .TosEPir Leach, b. .

V. Abba Lucixda, b. ; d. Feb. 20. 1848 or 1849, ae. 19 yvs.

vi. John William, b. — -. bapt. Sept. 2. 1832 : d. Oct. 11, 1848-

1849, ae. 16 yrs.

vii. Enoch Southworth, b. .

viii. Henry, b. ; d. .

ix. A child, b. : d. .

336. Faxxy^ Br.AiXEBD (Silas''. Simon*. Ahijalr'. James", Dan-

iel^) of Portland. Middlesex Co., Conn. : m.. Jan. 5, or 15.
1824. George E. Lewis, b. May 1, 1796. in Chatham, now
Portland, Conn., son of Abel and Mary (Crittenden) Lewis
of the same place. He moved to Greenup, 111., where both
died within four days of each other in the last week in
October. Mr. George Lewis died Oct., 1876, ae. 80 years.
Mrs. Fanny (Brainerd) Lewis died Oct., 1876, ae. 71 years.

Lewis children :

i. Frances Brainerd, b. April 16, 1825, in Portland, Conn.; d.

ae. 49 years, in Greenup. 111.
ii. J.\NE Elizabeth, b. June 27, 1S26, in Portland, Conn.; ra..

Nov. 4, 1846, James O. Wolcott. She d. Feb. 8, 1850. Ch. :

1. Jane Eliza^ m. Lemuel P. Porter, res. East Saginaw.

Mich. 2. Elizabeth Elvira,
iii. Harriett M.usia. b. Aug. 20. 1827. in Portland, Conn.; m.,

Nov. 4. 1846, Henry Treat of Talhnadge, Iowa, He d. July

1850. She m. (2) Dana R. Tibbals' of Middle Haddam.
Conn. She d. 1863.

iv. Mary Crittenden, b. Dec. 20, 1828, in Portland. Conn.; d.
ae. 20 years, in North Hampton, Ohio; unm.

V. George, b] :May 1, 1830. in Portland, Conn.; m. Irene Wads-
worth of Cuyahoga Falls. Ohio.

vi. Ellen Amelia,' b. A\ig. 16, 1831, in Portland, Conn.; m., June
26, 1850, James 0. Wolcott, Ch.: Three.

vii. David Brainerd. b. Oct. 22. 1833, in Portland. Conn,; m.
Clarissa Dickerson. He d. 1877. Ch. : 1. Judson Eugene,
b. Mav 30, 1852, 2. Waldo Welton, b. Nov. 20, 1858. 3,
Mary Ella, b. Dec. 6, 1860.

viii, Charles Edward, b. 1840. in North Hampton. Ohio; m. Marv
Gaffncv of Cuvahoga Falls, Ohio.


Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

337. LuciXD.v'' Beainerd (SiJas'', Simon*, Abijnlr, Jametr. Dwn-

ieP) of East Haddam, Middlesex Co., Coun.: m., Oct. 7,
1828, Eliznr G. Baldwin, b. June 9, 1802, son of Abiel and
Eunice (Coe) Baldwin. He resided in Boston, Mass. His
business was stone carving for building. Mrs. Lucinda
(Brainerd) Baldwin died Sept. 10, 1876, ae. 75 years, 10
months, 13 days. Mr. Eliznr 6. Baldwin died .

Baldwin children :

i. James Dwight, b. Oct. 20, 1831; d. Sept. 13, 1845.
ii. .JrDSo>f, b. Oct. 18, 1837. He was drowned Sept. 20, 1841.
iii. JrnsoN, b. Sept. 7, 1842; m., June 16, 1870, Clara Fisher, b.
Feb. 25, 18.50.

338. Maria'' Brainkrd {Asa', Simoit.*, Abijah^, James'". Daniel^)

of Middle Haddam, Middlesex Co., Conn. ; m. Jonathan
Fish. Mrs. Maria (Brainerd) Fish died , in Cleve-
land, Ohio. Mr. Jonathan Fish died .

Fish children : ,

i. A child, b. : d. young.

ii. A child, b. ; d. young.

339. Maiivin* Beainerd (Asa', Simoii\ AhijaW, Jarnes^, Daniel^)

of Brooklyn, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio; m. Betsey Brainerd, b.
Jan. 9, 1802, in Brooklyn, Ohio, daughter of Ozias and
Mary (Strong) Brainerd of Cleveland, Ohio. Mr. Marvin
Brainerd d. July 21 or 24, 1853, ae. 53 yrs., 5 mos., 5 ds.
Mrs. Betsey (Brainerd) Brainerd d. May 10, 1864, ae. 63
yrs., 4 mos., 1 d.

Children :

i. jVIary Abbey, b. Sept. 11, 1822, in Brool;Iyn, Oliio; uniii.; d.
Mch. 8, 1847. ae. 25 yrs.

747. ii. Titus Noah, b. July 15, "l825, in Brooklyn, Ohio.

748. iii. Betsey Adelia, b. May 27. 1828, in Brooklyn, Ohio.

749. iv. Jeptha O., b. .Jan. 2, 1831, in Brooklyn, Ohio.

V. JIabvin Bolles, b. Sept. 16, 1833 or 1834, in Brooklyn, Ohio;
d. .July 29, 1856.

340. Marietta'^ Beaixerd {Asa^, Simon*, Ahijah^, James-, Dan-
iel^) of Brooklyn, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio; m., in Brooklyn,
Ohio, Elijah Abell, b. Oct, 10, 1794, in East Hampton,
Conn., son of Abel and Lucy (Hubbard) Abell, who wa^ a
Eevolutionaiy soldier. He was a miller by occupation,
but in the latter part of his life he was a farmer. He
moved from Cleveland, Ohio, and settled in Vinland, Wis.,
in 1848, where he died. He also lived in Union, Wis.
Mr. Elijah Abell d. Oct. 6, 1855, ae. 60 vrs., 11 mos., 26
ds. Mrs. Marietta (Brainerd) Abell d. Aug. 33, 1881,
ae. 79 or 80 yrs., 37 ds., in Winneconne, Wis.

Sixth Generation. 193

Abell children :

i. MuETiE Maniukia or Maninaeia, b. Aug. 12, 1821, in Brooklyn,
Ohio; m., June 10, 1848, Joseplius Wakefield, b. Oct. "lO,
1819, in WatertowT), N. Y., .son of Tctcr and Rachel
(Pierce) Wakefield. He is a lawvii, ami cv inember of the
Wisconsin Legislature and district ait..nLi\ ; res. Fremont,
Wis. Ch.: 1. DeWitt Clinton, I.. Inli ]I. |s4!l; m. Annie
Livingston of Beloit, Wis.; a caljiia \ mak.i ; res. Fremont,

ii. Asa, b. , in Brooklyn, Ohio; d. .Jan. 1888, in Hilburn

city, Wis. Two children.

iii. Marvin Brainerd. li. Feb. -2(5, 1831. in Brooklyn. Ohio; m.
Mrs. Elizabeth l,iviiii:-t..n : res. Hunter, 111. Ch.: 1.
Frances, m. Henry; ivs. Hunter, 111. 2. Murtiel,
m. George Seeoy : res. I'ophir Grove, 111. Five children.

iv. Alvin, b. March 28, 183.'j, in Brooklyn, Ohio. He was a
veteran in the War of the Kebellion; Capt. of Co. F, 11th
Regiment Wisconsin Volunteers. He died Oct. 28, 1866,
from disease contracted in the service. He was in four-
teen battles; went thrniioh the siece of Vicksburg, the
taking of Fort Biakeley an.l Spaiii^li i-i.rt. Al.ibile, Ala., and
in other importaiil l>aMI('~. — iir\ri' ie(iivinL; a scratch.
At one place his cantiM n w a . >.pnikd by a bullet, and in
several others he IlmI naiinw e.scapes. He had a fine
physique, being nxer -i\ tVri tail, erect, well jiroportioned,
and weighing ovei Jui) pnuiia^.

V. Lucy M., b. . in Brooklyn. Ohio; m. Lsaac X. Burt, and

lives in Winneconne, Wis.

341.'"' Braineed (Asa^, Simon*. Abijah^, James-, Daniel^)

of Brooklyn, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio : m., Dee. 31, 1829, Sim-
eon Wallace, b. July 29, 1809, in Massachusetts, son of
Daniel and Mary (Aldridge) Wallace. He was a farmer
in Brooklyn village, Ohio. Mr. Simeon Wallace died in
1849 in Brooklyn village, Ohio, where he lived. Mrs.
Lovisa (Brainerd) Wallace died in 1888 in Cleveland,

Wallace children :

i. Simeon, b. 1830, in Brooklyn village, Ohio; d. 1832-1833.

ii. Oren M., b. Aug. 17, 1832,' in Brooklyn village, Ohio.

iii. Martha M., b. Feb. 3. 1836, in Brooklyn village, Ohio; m.,

Oct.. 1853, George Jones,
iv. Simeon H., b. May 17, 1839, in Brooklyn village, Ohio,
v. Frances J., b. April 10, 1842, in Brooklyn village, Ohio; d.

vi. Henry B., b. Dec. 5, 1844. in Brooklyn village, Ohio,
vii. Sarah L., b. April 29. 184G. in Brooklyn village, Ohio; d.


342. Betsey Axx*^ Brainerd (4sa% Simon*, AbijaJi^, James-,

Daniel'^) of Brooklyn, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio; m., Nov. 10,
1832, Franklin Strong, b. Feb. 23, 1807, in Marlboro, Vt.,
son of John Stoughton and Tamar (Whitney) Strong. He
was a farmer in Strongsville. Ohio. Mr. Franklin Strong
died Feb. 5, 1853, ae. -15 years, 11 months, 16 days. Mrs.
Betsey Ann (Brainerd) Strong died Aug. 18, 1887, ae.

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