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70 years, 6 days.

li^i Brainerd-Byainard Genealogy.

Strong children :

i. George Brai.xerd, b. Sept. 2, 1835. in Strongsville, Ohio: m.,
Sept. 2, 1857, Charlotte JIaria Pitlcin, daughter of Richard
Sanford and Delight Carshenia (Miller) Pitkin of Strongs-
ville, Ohio. Ch.: 1. Ida May, b. March 28, 1860.

ii. Jo.NAS Whitney, b. March 16, 1839, in Strongsville, Ohio: d.
Jan. 26, 1861.

iii. Lorenzo, b. May 29, 1842. in Strongsville, Ohio; ni. Lois
Austin, b. April 23. 1846. daughter of Thomas and Han-
nah (French) Austin of Royalton, Ohio. He was a farmer
in Strongsville. Ohio. He enlisted in the United States
Army in the late rebellion .June 8, 1862, in Co. K, S6th
Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and again May 2. 1864.
in Co. C, 150th Regiment Ohio Guards. This regiment
received when mustered out at Cleveland^ Ohio, Aug. 23,
1864, a cei-tificate of thanks and of honorable service,
signed by President Lincoln and Secretary E. M. Stanton.
Ch.: 1. Eugene, b. May 11. 1808.

iv. Mary Delia, b. Feb. 24, 1844. in Strongsville. Ohio; d. May
27, 1865.

343. LucT A." Braixekd {Ahijah', Ahijah*, Ahijah', James-,

Daniel^) of Haddam Xeck, Middlesex Co., Conn.; ni., at
Haddam, Conn., Xov. li, 1824, Benjamin Sykes, Jr.. of
Ludlow, Mass., b. Jan. 2G, 1779, son of Benjamin and
Catherine (Miller) Sykes. He was a farmer in Ludlow,
Mass., and was deacon in the Congregational Church. He
was a very strong man, both physically and mentally.
Mrs. Lucy A. (Brainerd) Sykes d. Oct. 32, 1835, ae. 33
yrs., 3 mos., 21 ds. He afterwards was twice married.
Two children by second marriage. ]Mr. Benjamin Svkes
d. April, 1880. "

Sykes children :

i. OscAK Benjamin, b. Feb. 26, 1826, in Ludlow, Mass.; m.. Feb.
29, 1860, Sally Frances Chandler; res. Indian Orchard,

ii. Otis, b. March 26, 1828, in Ludlow, Mass. ; unm.

iii. Edgae, b. March 29. 1830, in Ludlow, Mass.; m. Sarah Cooper.

iv. LrCY Caroline, b. May 22. 1831. in Ludlow, Mass.; m. .Jack-
son Cady; res. Indian Orchard, Mass.; no children.

v. Nancie B.," b. Oct. 11. 1835, in Ludlow, Mass.; m. Austin

344. Saloma"^* Braineed {Ahijah', Ahijah\. Ahijah^, James',

DanieP) of Haddam Xeck, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m.
Edward Stimson. Mrs. Saloma (Brainerd) Stimson died
Dec, 1858, ae. 53 years, in Xew York city. Mr. Edward
Stimson died March 16, 1885, ae. 55 years, in New York
Stimson child :

* She, later in life, called herself Selina.

Sixth Generation. i''-'J

345. Alvix.V' Bkainkrd (Ahijah'\ Ahijah*, Ahijah^, James".

DaiiicP) of Haddam Xeck, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m., Mav
25,, 1831, Captain Daniel Hubbard, b. July 1, 1803-04.
in Munson, Mass., son of Eussell and Olive (Rood) Hub-
bard of Colchester, Conn. He was Captain of a militia
company in th3 home militia. He was a farmer in Lud-
low, Mass. Captain Daniel Hubbard d. Nov. 20, 1875.
Mrs. Alvina (Brainerd) Hubliard d. .

Hubbard children :

i. Emeii.xe C b. July 18, 1832, in Ludlow, Mass.; m., Dec. 1854.

Wanen L. Collins. Ch.: 1. S. Emma. b. May 25, 1856;

m., April 14, 1881. DeWitt Mowiy; three children. 2.

Lizzie C. b. Feb. U. 18.->R: m.. Sept. 24, 1888, Frederic A.

Warren. 3. Gracr M.. b. .Al:,y 1. 1868; d. May 29. 1872.
ii. Hexby ABI.JA1I, b. Aui;. iTi, 1S3(I. in Ludlow, Mass.; m., Oct..

1861. Annie Booth' .if T.u.lldw. Ma^s. He enlisted in the

27tli :\Iass. Iveginienl, Co. L as Ca]itain, ami went with the

Buniside expedition. He died at linaimki'. l"i>b. 12, 1862.

and liis body was brought home and bvirie.l with military

honors. He was studying law Avitli the Hon. E. D. Beach

when the war broke out.
iii. William Hakrison, b. Jan. 3, 1840, in Ludlow, ilass. He was

a farmer; unni.

346. Martin Brooks^ Brainerd {Abijah', AMjah*, Abijair',

James-, DanieV) of Haddam Neck, Middlesex Co., Conn. ;
m., Nov. 13, 1811. Mary Robertson Baldwin, b. April 'l.
1814, daughter of Eleazer and Harriet (Robertson) Bald-
win of Willimantic, Conn. He was a farmer in Haddam
Neck. Mr. Martin Brooks Brainerd died Sept. 9, 1899.
ae. 88 years, 4 months. Mrs. Mary Robertson (Baldwin )
Brainerd d. Nov. 7, 190.5, ae. 91 yrs., 8 mos.

Children :

i. iloRRis BiRD.SAix. b. Sept. 4. 1842, in Haddam Xeck. Conn.:
He was four years in the Civil War. He served in Co. H.,
21st Reg't Conn. Vol's. He w-as wounded in the battle
at Cold Harbor, Va. On his recovery he returned to hi>
regiment and was mustered out at the close of the war.
He was a proprietor of a hotel in Webster City, Iowa, af-
terwards a jeweler in Port Arthur, Texas, and in Vivian.
La., where he died, March 25, 1905, ae. 63 years.; unm.

750. ii. Eliza Wright, b. Stpt. 24, 1843, in Haddam Neck, Conn.

iii. Lucy Caroline, b. Dec. 3. 1845. in Haddam Neck, Conn.; ha-
been a teacher in Haddam Neck. Conn.

751. iv. Harriet Baldwin, b. Jan. 18, 1849, in Haddam Neck, Conn.

347. Brittaxia^ Brainerd (Abijah', Abijah*, Abijah^, James-.

Daniel'^) of Haddam Neck, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m., Sept.

2, 1845, Henri H. Fenton of New York, b. . Hr

lived in Ludlow and Boston, i\Iass., then in New York city,
where he was a dry goods merchant, and (in 1891) in

Springfield, Mass. Mr. Henri H. Fenton died .

Mrs. Brittania (Brainerd) Fenton died .

1"'"^ Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

Fenton children :

i. Henri H.. b. May 29, 1846, in Boston, Mass.; m. Abbie Barker

of Camden, Me. Ch.: 1. Agnes. 2. Helen.
ii. Minnie B.. b. Feb. 19, 1851, in New York city,
iii. Albert R., b. May 25, 1853, in New York city.

348. James Hamilton^ Brain ard (Abijali^, Abijali*, AUjah^,

James-, Daniel^) of Haddam Xeck, Middlesex Co., Conn. ;
m., Oct. 11, 1854. Eliza Jane (Johnson) Greene, b. March
29, 1826, daughter of William and Sarah Ann (Burdge)
Johnson and widow of Monmouth Greene. In his early
life he lived in Middleto\\Ti, Conn. He was a teacher
in Navesink, N. J., where he resided. Mr. James Hamil-
ton Brainard d. Aug. 15 or 18, 1885, ae. 67 yrs., 4 mos.,
4 ds. His children live at the same place. Mrs. Eliza
Jane (Johnson) (Greene) Brainard d. .

Children :
752. i. James Hamilton, b. May 27, 1857, in Navesink, N. J.

ii. Caroline Martha, b. Sept. 20, 1860, in Navesink, N. J.

349. Samuel T.^ Braikekd (Elon^, Urijah*, Abija¥, James",

Daniel^) of Lempster, Sullivan Co., N. H. ; m., Dec. 3,
1845, A. K. Walker of Claremont, N. H. Mrs. A. E.

(Walker) Brainerd died . He m. (2), ,

Christiana C. Marcy, daughter of A. B. and

( ) Marcy. Mr. Samuel T. Brainerd died June 25,

1856, ae. 35 yrs. She m. (2), C. L. Boyington of
Franklin, N. H. He was a bookbinder, and lived and died

in Claremont, IST. H. Mr. C. L. Boyington d. .

Mrs. Christiana C. (Marcy) (Brainerd) Boyington d.

No children.

350. E. Amelia^ Brainerd {Elon^, Urijah*, AhijaV, James-,

DanieV) of Lempster, Sullivan Co., N. H. ; m.. May 11,
1852, George L. Drury, b. Sept. 12, 1827, in llockingham,

Vt., son of Josiah and Caroline A. ( ) Drury. He

lived at Claremont, N. H. Mr. George L. Drury died
. Mrs. E. Amelia (Brainerd) Drury died .

Drury children:
i. George Edward, b. May 21, 1853, in Winchester, N. H.; d.

Oct. 23, 1876, ae. 23 years, in Paterson, N. J. He waa

studying: law.
ii. Carrie "S., "b. Oct. 9, 1859, in Lebanon, N. H.

351. Nathan L.^ Be^vinerd (Elon', Urijah*, Abija¥, James-,

Daniel^) of Lempster, Sullivan County, N. H. ; m. Frances
E. Hadgeman, h. . H6 was a machinist in Clare-
mont, N. H. Mrs. Frances E. (Hadgeman) Brainerd
died Oct. 12, 1854. ae. 22 years. Mr. Nathan L. Brainerd
died April 3, 1861, ae. 30 years.
No children.

Sixth Generation. 197

352. William Henrt^ Brainerd (Shubael Rosmon^, Shuhael\
AbijaJi^j James-, DanieP) of Middle Haddam, Middlesex
Co., Conn. ; m., Oct. 4, 1830, Emily M. Sparks, b. April
26, 1810, in East Glastonbury, Conn., daughter of Elijah
and Deborah (Hurlburt) Sparks of the same place. He
was a farmer and also a preacher. Mr. William Henry
Brainerd died Feb. 26, 1876, ae. 72 years, 2-4 days, in Boz-
rahville. Conn. Mrs. Emily M. (Sparks) Brainerd died
Jan. 3, 1883, ae. 72 years, 8 months, 7 days, in Willimantic,
Children :

i. RosMON, b. Aug. 21, 1832, in Rindge, Iv. H. ; d. March 11,
1834, in the same place.

753. ii. John William, b. Oct. 17, 1835, in East Windsor, Conn.

754. iii. Hester Antoinette, b. Jan. 12, 1838, in Byron, N. Y.

iv. Henry Newell, b. April 3, 1840, in Byron, N. Y.; d. Aug. 31,

755. V. Olin Nelson, b. Oct. 28, 1842, in East Glastonbury, Conn.

756. vi. Mereitt Allen, b. Aug. 8, 1845, in Chatham, Conn.

757. vii. Heman Bangs, b. Jan. 20, 1848, in Portland, Conn.

viii. Eliza Ellen, b. July 2, 1850, in East Haddam, Conn.; d.
June 12, 1851.
75S. ix. DwiGHT Wesley, b. April 26, 1852, in Haddam Neck, Conn.

363. Calvin Brooks^ Brainerd (Shubael Rosmorv", Shubael*,
Abijah^, James-, Daniel^) of Middle Haddam, Middlesex
Co., Conn.; m., Feb. 8, 1841, Sarah L. Chase, b. Jan. 1,
1822, daughter of Silas and Lydia (Slade) Chase of South-
bridge, Mass. He was a farmer in Haddam Neck, Conn.
Mr. Calvin Brooks Brainerd died Mch. 1, 1882. ae. 70 yrs..
11 mos., 16 ds. Mrs. Sarah L. (Chase) Brainerd d. Oct.
5, 1887, ae. 65 yrs., 9 mos., 4 ds.
Children :

759. i. Sarah Sophia, b. Aug. 18, 1842, in Haddam Neck, Conn.

760. ii. Otis Slade, b. Feb. 22, 1844, in Haddam Neck, Conn.

iii. Merrill Calvin, b. Aug. 9, 1847, in Haddam Neck, Conn.; d.

Aug. 26. 1848, ae. 1 yr., 17 ds.
iv. Lucy Ann, b. Julv 11, 1849, in Haddam Neck, Conn.; d. Sept.

28. 1866, ae. 17 yrs., 2 mos., 11 ds.

761. v. Merrill Llewellyn, b. July 27, 1852, in Haddam Neck, Conn.

762. vi. Rosamond E., b. Nov. 27, 1857, in Haddam Neck, Conn.

354. EuTii Sophia'^ Bkaixkkd (Shuh.trl n„s„n,n\ Shuhael\ Abi-
inh\J,imrs\ l)n„u-P) of Mi, Ml.. lliHlilnm. Middlesex Co.,
Conn.; m., ilarcli 31. ISl-J, Alcxaiidrr .McLean Clark, b.
March 5. 1814, son of Benajah and Abigail (Brooks)
Clark of Haddam Neck, Conn. Mrs. Euth Sophia (Brain-
erd) Clark died Nov. 17, 1855, ae. 42 years, 9 days. His
first wife was Cynthia M. Goff of Haddam Neck, who died
Oct. 15, 1838, ae. 25 yrs., leaving a son, John C, who d ,
ae. 6 mos. He m. (3), Feb., 1856, Mary A. Mack of
Moodus. Conn., and had one dau., Hettie S., b. Dec 25,
1861. He was a farmer in Haddam Neck. Mr. Alexan-
der McLean Clark d. .

*J — 22

198 Brain erd-Brainard Genealogy.

Clark children :

i. Allison Alexander, b. May 5. 1843, in Haddam Neck, Conn.;
d. Jan. 20, 1858, ae. 14 yrs., 8 mos.

ii. Cynthia Bkittania, b. Jan. 30, 1845, in Haddam Neck, Conn.;
m., Dec. 30, 1866, Samuel S. Taylor of Portland, Conn.,
b. Oct. 7, 1841, son of David and Jane B. Taylor of the
same place. He is an inspector in the W. S. P. Co. of
Meriden. Conn. Ch.: 1. Wilton A., b. Dec. 23, 1867; m.,
June 11, 1890, Sarah E. Arnold, daughter of Ephraim P.
and Sarah (Arnold) Arnold of Haddam, Conn. 2. Nellie
S.. b. Oct. 3. 1871: d. .Jan. 30, 1872. 3. Herbert A., b.
Feb. 22, 1874.

355. Washingtok" Brainerd (Shubad Rosmon^, Shubael\. Abi-
jah^, Jmnes", Daniel^) of Haddam Neck, Middlesex Co.,
Conn. ; m., July 12, 1845, Abigail Malinda Clark, b. April
21, 1820, daughter of Benajah and Abigail (Brooks)
Clark of Haddam Neck. He was a stone cutter in the
quarry. Mr. Washington Brainerd died March 27, 1849,
ae. si years, 7 months, 24 days. She m. (2), Anson
Brooks of Lenox. Mass., and was living in Sturgis, Mich.
Mrs. Abigail Malinda (Clark) (Brainerd) Brooks died

Child :

763. i. Ada Abigail, b. July 10, 1840, in Haddam Neck, Conn.

356. Eliza^ Brainakd {Heiinf, Shubael*. Abijah^, James-, Dan-

iel^) of Bergen, Genesee Co., N. Y. ; m. Mr. Ward.
He was from Bergen, X. Y. They went to Lafayette,
Indiana Co., Ohio, then to Genesee, Henry Co., 111., where

she died. Mrs. Eliza (Brainard) Ward d. .

Children :

357. Shubael EosiiON" Bkaixabd (Hcniy, Shubael*, Ahijali"\

James", DanieV-) of ; m. Emily Parker Doty. Mr.

Shubael Rosmon Brainard died in 1889, ae. 75 years, in
Crisp, Tenu. Mrs. Emily Parker (Doty) Brainard d.
1894, ae. 78 years.

Children :

i. S.. R., b. ; res. Waterloo, Iowa.

ii. Philo Eugene, b. ; res. Waterloo, lown.

764. iii. Susan Mabia, b. .

765. iv. Ina, b. .

7G6. V. Ellen Almiea, b. Jtin. 23, 1841, in Medina, Ohio.

358. John Clakk*^ Braixaed {Henry^, Shubael*, Abijah"', Janies^,

Daniel'-) of Windfall, Granger Township, Medina Co.,
Ohio; m., Oct. 28, 1841, Lydia Loomis Hatch, at Windfall,
b. Sept. 17, 1821, Bristol, N. Y., dau. of John Seymour
and Parmely (Wilder) Hatch. He was a carriage and
wagon maker. Mr. John Clark Brainard d. Dec. 7, 1903,

Sixth Generation. 1^9

in Medina. Mrs. L3'dia Loomis (Hatch) Brainerd d. Dec.
7, 1903, in the same place.

Children :

767. i. INlARY Adelaide, b. Aug. 18, 1842, in Coddingsville, Ohio.

768. ii. Hubert Henry, b. Aug. 25, 1846, in Geneseo, HI.

769. iii. Elwyn LeClerc, b. Aug. 21, 1851, in Granger, Ohio.

359. Fanny Maria'' Beainard {Henri/, Shuhael*, Ahijdh^,

James-, DanicV-) of ; m. Mr. Green. She and her

sister Eliza lived in Geneva, 111. Mrs. Fanny Maria
(Brainard) Green d. in Geneva.

Green children :

360. Willaed'^ Brainekd {Enos^, ConieJius*, Ahijah^, Jaines^,

Daniel'^) of Eockport, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio; m., ,

Martha Aiken. Mrs. Martha (Aiken) Brainerd d. ,

and he m. (2), . Mr. Willard Brainerd d. about


Children :


Harriet, b.


Lewis, b. .





Albert, b. — ,

in Cleveland,



Beulah, b. .

She lived in



Lucy, b, .

361. Hepzibau'' Brainerd {Enos^, Cornelius*, A.bijah^, James-,

Daniel^) of Eockport, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio; m., ,

John Marsh, b. . Mrs. Hepzibah (Brainerd)

Marsh died . Mr. John Marsh died .

Marsh children:

i. Mary, b. .

ii. Franklin, b. .

iii. Eleazer, b. .

iv. Elmer, b. • — .

362. Hervey Hulet^ Brainerd {Enos^, Cornelius*, Abijah^,

James^, Daniel^) of Eockport, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio; m.
Sarah Millard, b. Aug. 7, 1813. "Mrs. Sarah (Millard)
Braii.erd d. Aug. 31, 1865, ae. 53 vrs. He was a cooper by
trade. Mr. Hervey Hulet Brainerd d. April 11, 1867. '

Children :

i. Amelia, b. .

771. ii. Amanda Druzilla, b. Dec. 12, 1831. in Clevehmd, Ohio.

772. iii. Hervey Hulet, b. Feb. 12. lS:i4. in Roekport. Ohio.

773. iv. Levi S., b. March .3, 1836, in Roekport. Ohio.

774. V. Newell J., b. April 14, 1838 or 1840. in Roekport, Ohio.

775. vi. Alice, b. 1840, in Roekport, Ohio.

776. vii. Reuben W.. li. 1842, in Roekport, Oliio.

200 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

111. viii. Anna, b. 1844^ in Rockportj Ohio.

778. ix. VioLETTA, b. Jan. 27, 1849, in Rockport. Ohio.

779. X. Emily, b. 18.50, in Rockport, Ohio.

780. xi. Alvin, b. Dee. 12, 1853, in Rockport, Ohio.

363. Lydia" Braineed {Enos^, Corneliu^, AbijaJi^, James-, Dan-

ieP) of Brooklyn, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio; m. Loren Grey
\^^iitten.* They lived successively in the following places,
viz. : Brooklyn, Toledo, Vermillion, Toledo, Ohio, and
Detroit, Mich. Mr. Loren Grey Whitten died in 18G3, in
Detroit, Mich. Mrs. Lydia (Brainerd) Whitten died
Aug. 13, 1884, in her 70th year, in Porter, Jnd., and was
interred in the cemetery in Chesterton, Ind.

Whitten children:

i. Abchelaus E.vos, b. , in Brooklyn village, Ohio: res.

Douglas. Mich.: il. Feb. 21. 1897, ae. 65 vears, in Tampa,

ii. John S., b. Aug. 22. 1840. in Vermillion. Ohio; res. Chicago,


364. Alice" BiiAiXEno (Enos^, Cornelius*, Abijah^, James'-, Dan-

iel'-) of Kockport, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio; m., Sept. 11, 1836.
Porter M. Brush, b. Jan. 3, 1815, in Fairfax, Vt, son of
Jonathan and Euth (Belknap) Brush. He settled in Ver-
million, Ohio, in 1840, where he continued to live. He
was a shipbuilder. Mr. Porter M. Brush died June 24,
1858, ae. 43 years, 5 months, 21 days. His widow, in
1892, was in Porter Co., Ind. Mrs. Alice (Brainerd)
Brush d. .

Brush children:

i. Perley p., b. Oct. 14, 1840, in Vermillion, Ohio; d. April 2,
1864, in Camp Chase Hospital iii Columbus, Ohio, a soldier
in the Civil War.

ii. Pekry Decatur, b. Aug. 12. 1842, in Vermillion. Ohio; m..
Sept. 29, 1866, Mary Emeline Washburn, b. Sept. 29. 1844.
in Vermillion. Ohio, daughter of David Lewis and Irena
(Beardsley) Washburn. He was a preacher in the Metho-
dist Episcopal Church, N. W., Iowa Conference, having
been admitted Sept. 25-29. 1873. They lived in Vermillion
till Sept. 20, 1875, Newell, Iowa, till April 4, 1878, and
then moved to Fort Dodge, Iowa, where he was in charge
of Fort Dodge circuit. He has been a teacher.

iii. Marcia F.. b. Dec. 26, 1844, in Vermillion. Ohio.

vi. Philo T., b. Mav 22, 1850, in Vermillion, Ohio; d. July 17.

V. Alphonzo. b. Julv 29, 1855. in Vermillion. Ohio; d. Sept. 16.

vi. Irving P.. b. Feb. 1, 1858, in Vermillion, Ohio.

365. Cordelia Lydia* Brainerd {Epaphroditu^ , Cornelius'^, Ahi-

jaJi', James-, BanieV) of Haddam Neck, Middlesex Co..
Conn. ; m., Oct. 3, 1852, John W. Emmons, b. Dec. 2. 1831,
son of William and Hannah (Ely) Emmons. He lived in

* The name has also been given me as Whiting.

Sixth Generation. 201

Higganuni, Conn. Mr. John W. Emmons died Aug. 1,
1862. Mrs. Cordelia Lydia (Brainerd) Emmons died

Emmons child :

i. Frank .J., b. Aug. 20, 1850, in Higganuni, Conn.

366. Lyman Waterman* Braixkkd {E paphroditus^ , Cornelius*.
Abijah^, James-, Daniel^) of Haddam Neck, Middlesex
Co., Conn. ; m. Lncy Prentice, daughter of Benjamin and
Marinda (Beckwith) Prentice. He was a polisher in New
London, Conn. He was a collector in 1874, and council-
man in 1885 in New Ix)ndon. Mr. Lyman Waterman

Brainerd died . Jlrs. Lucy (Prentice) Brainerd

died .

Children :

367. Julia E.'^ Braineed {E papliroditu^ , Cornelius/*, Abijah^,

James^, DanieP) of Haddam Neck, Middlesex Co., Conn.;
m., April 21, 1866, Nathan Howe, or M. House, son of
Samuel and Sarah (Pierson) Howe, or House. Mr.

Nathan Howe, or House, d. . She m. (2). April

12, 1874, Denison Pierson of South Glastonbury, Conn.,
b. , son of Nathan Pierson. He was a farmer liv-
ing in Manchester Green, Conn. Mrs. Julia E. (Brain-
erd) (Howe or House) Pierson d. July 14, 1896. Mr.
Denison Pierson d. Jan. 16, 1898.

No children.

368. Miriam URSUL-i'^ Bkainerd {Epuphroditus^ Cornelius*,

Abijah^, James'-, Daniel^) of Haddam Neck, Middlesex
Co., Conn.; m., Sept. 1, 1858, Henry L. Clark, b. June 7,
1835, in Haddam Neck," Conn., son of George W. and Cyn-
thia (Selden) Clark. He was elected deacon May 8, 1881,
in the Congregational Church. He is a farmer in Had-
dam Neck. Mr. Henry L. Clark died . Mrs.

Miriam Ursula (Brainerd) Clark died .

Clark children:

i. CoiT C, b. Aug. 20, 1865, in Haddam Neck, Conji. ; m. Ella

Manwaring; res. Middletown, Conn,
ii. Cora, b. Feb. 20. 1874, in Haddam Neck, Conn.

369. Sophia Abigail* Brainerd {Ejxiphrodiius^, Cornelius*,

Abijah^, James', Daniel'-) of Haddam Neck, Middlesex Co.,
Conn.; m., Sept. 3, 1860, Henry Edwin May, b. Feb. 17,
1839, in Higganum, Conn., son of John and Emma
(Elliott of Washington, D. C.) May. He was captain of

202 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

steamboats for twenty years, and in 1891 was captain of
the steamer " City of Eichmond," plying l^etween Hart-
ford and New York city. His residence was in Higganum.

Mr. Henry Edwin May died . Mrs. Sophia Abigail

(Brainerd) May died .

\ May children:

i. DoKOTHY Catherine, b. June 22, 1861, in Higganum, Conn.

ii. Edwin Selden, b. Nov. 26, 1865, in Higganum, Conn.; m..
.June 15, 1887, Harriett Tarbell of Meriden, Conn. Ch.:
1. Ethel Daisie, b. June 30, 1888, in Higganum, Conn.

iii. Lynde Elliott, b. April 23, 1870. in Higganum, Conn.

iv. Henkt Alexander, b. June 17, 1876, in Higganum, Conn.

370. Albert Seabury^ Brainerd {Epaphrodltu.^, Cornelius*,

AbijaJi^, James", Daniel^) of Haddam Xeck, Middlese.x
Co., Conn. ; m., Nov. 27, 1866, Susan E. Burdick, b. Aug.
19, 1846, in Waterford, Conn.; daughter of Simeon and
Euth (Howard) Burdick. He lived in AVaterford, and was
engasred in sharpening tools for the granite quaTr;\-.
Mrs. Susan E. (Burdick) Brainerd d. March 4, 1901, ae. 55
yrs., 6 mos., 25 ds., in Waterford, Conn. Mr. Albert Sea-
buT}- Brainerd d. .

Child :

781. i. Gertrude W., b. Oct. 27, 1SC7, iu Waterford, Conn.

371. Leicester' Br.unerd {Joel^, Daniel*, Daniel^, James,-, Dan-

iel^) of Haddam Neck, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m., July 4,
1810, Elizabeth Coe, b. March 11, 1790, in New Hartford,

Conn., daughter of Eobert and Triphena ( -) Coe, of

Middle Haddam, Coim. He was a soldier in the War of
1812 and a pensioner. Mr. Leicester Brainerd died Aug.
10, 1871, ae. 82 yrs., 11 mos., 29 ds. Mrs. Elizabeth (Coe)
Brainerd d. 1876. or Sept. 7, 1877, ae. 87 yrs., 5 mos..
28 ds.

Children :

782. i. Esther M.\lantha, b. Aug. 20. 1811, in Haddam Neck, Conn.

783. ii. Harriet Lovixa, b. Oct. 28, 1813, in Haddam Neck, Conn.

784. iii. Fanny Elvira, b. Jan. 18, 1816, in Haddam Neck, Conn.

iv. A.SEL Sherman, b. April 22, 1819, in Haddam Neck, Conn.; d.
Jlav 23. 1826.

785. V. Daniel Brooks, b. March 21, 1821, in Haddam Neck, Conn.
vi. Lydia Sophia, b. July 10, 1823, iu Haddam Neck. Conn.; d.

Dec. 2. 1839.

786. vii. ASAHEL Sherman, b. April 17, 1827, in Haddam Neck, Conn.

787. viii. Tylee Abiel, b. Aug. 28, 1831, in Haddam Neck, Conn.

372. Seth' Brainerd {JoeF, Daniel*, DanieF, James^, Daniel^)

of Haddam Neck, Middlesex Co., Conn. ; m., Aug. 27, 1812,
Delilah Brainerd, b. Dec. 5, 1787. in Middle Haddam,
Conn., daughter of Ozias and Elizabeth (Young) Brain-
erd. He started from Connecticut Sept. 4 and arrived

Sixth Generation. 203

in Brooklyn,, Ohio, Oct. 14, 1815. He, with his wife and
two children, and Sylvanus Brainerd and his wife and
three children went in an ox wagon with two pair of oxen.
He lived in BrooklyTi, Ohio. Mrs. Delilah (Brainerd)
Brainerd d. Jan. 13, 1872, ae. 96 yrs., 1 mo., 8 ds., in
Brooklyn. Mr. Seth Brainerd d. Sept. 13, 1877. ae.
85 yrs., 8 mos., 4 ds.

Children :

788. i. James Nelson, b. Dec. 30, 1812, in Middle Haddam, Conn.

789. ii. Eunice K, b. July 14, 1814, in Middle Haddam, Conn.

790. iii. ASAHEl, b. Jan. 16, 1816, in Brooklyn, Ohio.

iv. Akistarchus, b. , in Brooklyn, Ohio; d. ae. 4 months.

V. Timothy, b. , in Brooklyn. Ohio; d. ae. 2 months.

vi. Samantha, b. May 30, 1820, in Brooklyn, Ohio: unm.

791. vii. MiKiAM.b. May 1,* 1822, in Brooklyn, Ohio.

792. viii. Horace, b. May 6. 182.5, in Brooklyn, Ohio.

793. ix. KiLET, b. Dec. 16, 1831, in Brooklyn, Ohio.

373. Aeistarchds^ Bkaixeed {Joel', Daniel*, DmieF, Jame^,

Daniel^) of Haddam Neck, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m., Dec.
6, 1821 (by Eev. Leonard Bennett) Sarah H. Weir, b.
April 20, 1798, daughter of Gilbert and Lucy (Fox) Weir
of East Glastonbury, Conn. He was a farmer, first in
Connecticut, then in Maytield, Ohio. Mrs. Sarah H.
(Weir) Brainerd d. Jan. 9, 1878, ae. 79 yrs., 8 mos., 19 ds.
Mr. Aristarchus Brainerd d. Dec. 5, 1878. ae. 77 yrs., 10
mos., 2 ds.

Children :

794. 1. Henry Bradford, b. Oct. 17, 1822, in Haddam Neck, Conn.

ii. Narcissa Saxton, b. Jan. 9, 1824, in Haddam Neck, Conn.;

d. unm.
iii. Ona Ann, b. April 8, 1825, in Haddam Neck, Conn.; d. March

5, 1826.

795. iv. Lucy Brooks, b. Jan. 24, 1831, in Haddam Neck, Conn.

V. Fanny Lavinia, b. March 8. 1835, in Haddam Neck, Conn,
vi. G11.BERT Weir, b. Jan. 30, 1841, in Mayfield, Ohio; res. same

vii. Churchhi. Hollister. b. .Jan. 30, 1841, in Mayfield, Ohio; res,

same place.

374. Wellman A.^ Brainerd {Joel', Daniel*, DanieF, James",

DanieV) of Haddam Neck, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m., Aug.
20, 1828 (by H. Brownson), Orra Weir, daughter of Gil-
bert and Lucy (Fox) Weir of East Glastonbury, Conn.
He moved to Mayfield, Ohio, in 1835, where he continued
to reside. He was a minister. Rev. Wellman A. Brain-
erd died Feb. 25, 1890, ae. 82 years, 10 months. 7 days.
Mrs. Orra (Weir) Brainerd d. .

Children :

796. i. Eunice L., b. Feb. 11, 1831, in Haddam Neck, Conn.

797. ii. Elizabeth Mahala, b. April 11, 1832, in Haddam Neck, Conn.

Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

iii. Harriet Susan, b. Sept. 5, 1835, in Haddam Neck, Conn.

iv. Abistabchus, b. , in Mayfleld, Oliio.

V. Sally, b. , in Mayfleld, Ohio.

vi. Julia M., b. , in Mayfleld, Ohio.

vii. Anna, b. , in Mayfleld, Ohio.

viii. A son, b. , in Mayfleld, Ohio; d. March 14, 1843. ae. 3

yrs.. 3 nios.

375. George* BrjVinaed (Elijah^, Daniel*, Daniel^, James'-, Dan-
iel') of Albany, Albany Co., N. Y.; m., Sept. 29, 1831,
Cornelia Shaw, b. April 16, 1812, in Albany, N. Y., daugh-
ter of Mr. and Harriet (Rogers) Shaw. He resided in
Albany, N. Y. Mr. George Brainard died July 25, 1854.

She m. (2), , Benjamin C. Brainerd, son of Asahel

and Lucretia (Whitmore) Brainerd. He was in the
pump and block making business in Albany. He was

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