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(Thomas) Lane, and widow of Titus Brainerd. He was

Sixth Generation. 215

a mechanic aud resided in Merideu, Couu. Mr. Henry G.
Brainerd d. .

Children :

407. Ellen Adelaide'^ Beaixekd {Henry Maddoch^, William*,
Heber^, James-, DanieV) of Higganum, Middlesex Co.,
Conn. ; m., Dec. 20. 1899, Abbott Wilson Arnold, b. June
1, 1854, son of Luther and Mary (Jacobs) Arnold of Had-
dam iSTeck, Conn. His first wife was Meda Lewis of Jer-
sey City, N. J. Two children by his first marriage. Mrs.
Ellen Adelaide (Brainerd) Arnold d. .

;N'o children.

216 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.


408. Asaiiel" Bii-ViXEUij {Benjamin'^, Asahel'^. Benjamin^, James^,

James'-. Darnel^) of Hartford, Trumbull Co., Ohio; m..
1826, in Willoughby, Ohio. Fanny Pelton, b. Feb., 1786,
in Montgomery Co., N. Y., dau. of Ebenezer and Pru-
dence (Bogart) Pelton. He commenced teaching school
when about 20 years of age. He was a noted instrumental
musician. He afterward studied medicine and practiced
his profession in Willoughby, Lake Co., Ohio. He left the
practice of his profession at that place and entered the
Mexican war as surgeon and officer, where he lost liis hand
by a field piece. Here he received great honors, and was
promoted to a generalship. After the close of the war, he
held various posts and arsenals in the United States service,
and furnished supplies for the Indians. His health fail-
ing, he resigned his position and returned to AVilloughby.
Dr. Asahel Brainerd died in 1850. Mrs. Fanny (Pelton)
Brainerd died Nov., 1878.

The following is from a book entitled " 47 Congress, 3 Ses-

Asahel Brainerd's first service was while quite a youth, as a
militiaman, at Sackett's Harbor, under General Jacob
Brown. His next was as one of Forsyth's riflemen, in
which capacity he was at the taking of York, Upper
Canada, when he was wounded. He afterward was drum
major of a regiment commanded by Colonel Dobbin in
Gen. D. B. Portel's brigade and was engaged at Chippewa,
Lundy's Lane, and Fort Erie. The corps of musicians in
this campaign in 1814 were converted into fighting men.
They were armed with rifles and the command was given
to Brainerd. It was at the head of this company that he
served at Chippewa, Limdy's Lane, and at Fort Erie. He
appears to have been actively engaged, to have displayed
great gallantry, and to have rendered great service.

At the sortie at Fort Erie he was twice wounded and car-
ried from the field. Tlie bill for a pension was favorably

No children.

409. James' Brainard (Benjamin'^. AsaheF, Benjamin*, James^.

Jame^, Daniel^) of : m., Dec. 19. 1821, Naomi

Dean, b. Sept. 10, 1801, near Penn Y"an, Pa., or in New

Seventh Generation. 217

York state, dan. of Richard and Mary ( ) Dean.

Mr. James Brainard d. May 5, 1855, in Huron, Erie Co.,
Ohio. Mrs. Naomi (Dean) Brainard d. Sept. 10, 1876,
in Leonidas, Mich., ae. 72 yrs.

Children :

i. Warken. b. Dec. 27, 1820, in ; d. July 11, 1831. He

was drowned.

837. ii. Cathron, b. Dec. 31. 1822.

838. iii. Mary, b. May 3, 1824.

839. iv. Cordelia, b. May 10, 1825.

840. V. Andrew Jacksox, b. Sept. 14, 1828.
vi. Annie, b. Dec. 9. 1830; d. Feb. 26, 1832.
vji. Alonzo. b. Oct. 1. 1833; d. May 10, 1834.

841. vjii. James Madison, b. Aug. 18, 1835.

842. ix. Freem.^n Jefferson, b. Oct. 8, 1837.

843. X. Francis Asburt, b. Julv 1, 1839.

xi. Alice Naomi, b. Aug. o" 1842 ; d. Oct. 27, 1844.

410. Ealzey or Eabzey' Braikakd {Benjamin^, Asahel^, Benja-

min*, James^, James-, Daniel^) of New York state; m., Dec.
35, 1824, Amelia Anderson, in New York state, b. Aug. 10,
1806, dau. of Hezekiah and Ellen (Updike) Anderson.* He
lived in New York state when married. He was a meclianic
and joiner in all its departments of work. In lii> last
_years he was a farmer. He was justice of tin- juaii- for
two terms, eight years. In liis political affiliatum,- lie was
a Whig from 1844, Anti-Slavery, then Free Soilcr, then
Republican until his death. Mr. Eabzey or Balzey Brain-
ard d. , in Prairicville, Barn^ Co., Mich.

Children :

i. Russell, b. Aug. 21, 1820. in New York state; d. July 13,
1827, in Mich.

844. ii. George, b. Jan. 5, 1828, in New York state.

845. iii. Caroline, b. Jan. 30, 1830, in Boston, Ohio.

iv. Benjamin, b. Feb. 3, 1832, in Boston, Ohio; d. Mch., 1837.
He was drowned in the river Eaison. in Waterford. Wavne
Co., Mich.
840. V. James, b. June 3, 1834, in Boston, Ohio.

411. Benjamin' Beainepo) (Benjamin^, AsaheP, Benjuiniii*,

James^, James-, Daniel^) of Hartford, Trumbull Co.,
Ohio; m., about 1830, Chloette Payne of Vienna, Ohio, b.

. Mrs. Chloette (Payne) Brainerd d. in 1831, a

few days after the birth of her child, one ind one-half years
after marriage. He m. (2), in 1833, Salome Louden, b.

, dau. of Jacob Louden of Willoughby, Lake Co.,

Ohio, formerly from Massachusetts. Mrs. Salome (Louden)
Brainerd d. ^ . He m. (3), Oct. 12, 1867, Sarah

•Ellen (Updike) Anderson was dau. of Burgoon Updike, b. 1708; d.
1820, son of Lawrence Updike, b. 1675; d. 1748; son of Johannes Opdyck,
b. 1651; d. 1729; son of Louris Jansen Opdj'ck, who came from Holland.
He died in 1659.

218 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

Benedict, b. March, 1827, in Otsego Co., X. Y. He lived
in Sandusky, Ohio, and was a cabinet-maker and under-
taker. Mr. Benjamin Brainerd d. March 31, 1892, ae.
82 yrs., 2 raos., 3 ds. Mrs. Sarah (Benedict) Brainerd
d. — .

Child by the first marriage :

i. A daughter, b. 1831; d. the same day.

Children by the second marriage:*

847. ii. Amelia Chloette, b. July 17, 1843, in .

848. iii. Benjamin Arthur, b. July 13, 1856, in .

849. iv. Walter Asahel, b. May 24, 1858 or 18.>0, in Sandusky, Ohio.

Children by the third nianiage:

850. V. Archie Linden, b. JIarch 5, 1869, in Sandusky, Ohio,
vi. Emily Chloette. b. Jan. 6, 1871.

vii. Lulu Pearl, b. March 11, 1873, in Sandusky, Ohio.

412. Mart Emily' Brainerd {Benjamin^, AsaheF, Benjamin*,

James^, James-, Daniel^) of Hartford. Ti-umbull Co.,
Ohio; m., July 8, 1830, David R. PajTie, b. May 23, 1808,
son of Solomon and Polly (Gates) Payne. He was a
mechanic and lived in Indiana. Mr. David E. Payne died
Oct. 27, 1851. She m. (2), Nov. 13, 1853, Abner Clark-
son, b. May 18, 1818, sou of Samuel Clarkson. He was a
farmer. Mr. Abner Clarkson d. April 27, 1881, in Law-
rence Co., Ohio. She lived in Seyms, Lawrence Co., Ohio.
Mrs. Mary Emily (Brainerd) (Payne) Clarkson d. .

Payne children by the first marriage:
, i. Chloette, b. June 25, 1833, in Indiana; in., Nov. 24, 1850.

Henrv E. Stone. She died Dec. 19, 1855. He died Aug. 13.

1871." Ch.: 1. David Albert, d. Oct. 6. 1852. 2. Emma

Cordelia. 3. Chloette.
ii. George W., b. July 7, 1839, in Indiana; m., June 6, 1861, Sarah

Stewart. Ch.: 1. Mary E. 2. Isaac Austin. 3. Chlo-
ette Cordelia,
iii. M.VBY Jane, b. April 26. 1847, in Indiana; m.. Dee. 25, 1866,

John E. Stewart. Ch.: 1. George W. 2. Frederic H.

3. David Edgar. 4. Floyd Belcher. 5. Frank B. 6.

Mary E.
iv. Elizabeth Ellen, b. July 3. 1851, in Indiana; d. May 3. 1852.

413. Haevey H.' Brainerd {Benjamin^, Asahel', Benjamin^,

James", Janes'^, DanieV) of Hartford, Trumbull Co., Ohio ;

m., Oct. 16, 1837, Hannah Durkee, b. . He lived

in Gustavus, Ohio. He was a D.D. Mr. Harvey H. Brain-
erd, D.D., d. Oct. 28, 1872, and was buried in Gustavus.
Mrs. Hannah (Durkee) Brainerd d. .

Children :

851. i. William C, b. .

852. ii. Mart Ellen, b. .

iii. Julia Ann. b. : d. in 1S44.

iv. Bruce, b. ; d. in 1864.

* Dates are as sent me but they do not agree with marriage dates.
There may have been a marriage not reported.

Seventh Generation. 219

414. Isaac S.' Beainerd {Benjamin^, AsaheF Benjamin*, James'',

James', Daniel^) of Hartford, Trumbull Co., Ohio; m., in
Green Township, Gallia Co., Mary Alice Beardsley, b. May
24, 1823, in Cuyahoga Co., Ohio., dau. of Andrew J. and
Alice (Newton) Beardsley of Gallia Co.. Ohio. He went
to Gallia Co. when about 18 yrs. of age. He was a car-
penter by trade. In 1855, he moved to Cleveland, Ohio,
where both he and his wife died and were interred in
Woodlawn Cemeters', Cleveland. Mrs. Mary Alice
(Beardsley) Brainerd d. May 31, 1857. Mr. Isaac S.
Brainerd d. July 7, 1857.

Children :

853. i. Maet Jannett, b. Oct. 18, 1840, in Green Township. Ohio.

854. ii. Alice Amand, b. Dec. 7, 1842, near St. .Joseph, Mo.

855. iii. Charles Asel, b. Oct. 14, 1848, near Rodney, Ohio.

415. Lorenzo D." Beaixekd {Benjamin'^, AsaheP, Benjamin*,

James^, James", Daniel^) of Hartford, Trumbull Co.,

Ohio; m., June 30, 1842, Matilda Frazier, b. r, dau.

of William and Mary (Black) Frazier. Mrs. Matilda
(Frazier) Brainerd died Jan. 21, 1849. He m. (2), June
11, 1849, Margaret Jane Crook, dau. of Eobert and Mary
(Black) Crook. He was a wheelwright and farmer in
Gustavus, Ohio. Mr. Lorenzo D. Brainerd d. .

Children by the first marriage:

856. i. LoBiN B., b. , in Gustavus, Ohio.

ii. Martha Jane, b. — , in Gustavus, Ohio; d. soon after


Children by the second marriage:

857. iii. Martha Maria, b. July 21, 1850, in Gusta\-us. Ohio.

iv. Olive Matilda, b. Jan. 21, 1855. in Gu9ta\, Ohio; d. Sept.
12, 1884 or 1885.

416. BuELL W.' Brainaed {Benjamin^, AsaheV", Benjamin*.

James^, James", DanieV-) of Gustavus, Trumbull Co.,
Ohio; m., June 30, 1847, Lucy J. Cooper, b. Feb. 11, 1838,
dau. of Jesse and Hannah (LeDieu) Cooper of Gustavus.
He was a carriage maker in Gustavus. He enlisted in the
29th Eegt., Ohio Vols., Co. I, Aug. 16, 1861. for a term of

three years. Mr. Buell W. Brainard died . Mrs.

Lucy J. (Cooper) Brainard died .


858. i. Celia Moret, b. April 28, 1848, in Gustavus, Ohio.

417. Albert E.' Brainard {Benjamin^, AsaheP, Benjamin*,

James^, James", Daniel^) of Gustavus, Trumbull Co.,
Ohio; m., Emma E. Alderman, b. Jan. 21. 1830, in
Windsor, Ohio, dau. of Jesse and Elura (Cook) Alderman

220 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

of the same place. Mrs. Emma E. (Alderman) Brainard
died Jan. 12, 1859. He m. (2), Feb. 24, 1863, Marilla
J. Mosnian, b. May 2, 1842, in Crawford Co., Pa., dau. of

William and (Miller) Mosman. She had a superior

mental attainment, and was a devoted Christian. Mrs.
Marilla J. (Mosman) Brainard died Oct. 31, 1867. He
m. (3), Celia M. (Alderman) Morris, b. Aug. 30, 1832,
dau. of Jesse and Elura (Cook) Alderman of Wind-
sor, Ohio, and widow of George G. Morris. He
enlisted in the 29th Regt., 0. V. I., Co. C, Aug. 16, 1861,
to serve three years, and was transferred to the regimental
band as a second leader soon after his enlistment. He
was discharged May 2, 1862, at Newmarket, Va. He
returned to Gustavus, where he resided. He was in the
battle of Winchester, March 23, 1862. He was a machin-
ist by trade. Mrs. Brainard had two children by her first
husband, Elsie S. and Norman L. Morris. Mr. Albert E.
Brainard died . Mrs. Celia M. (Alderman) (Mor-
ris) Brainard died .

Child by the first marriage :
859. i. Jenette L., b. Jan. 1, 1852, in Gustavus, Ohio.
Child by the second marriage :
ii. LuELLA Viola, b. .July 14. 1864, in Gustavus, Ohio; d. Feb. 14,

418. Chauncey A.' BnAiNAito (Benjamin'^, Asalier', Benjamin*,

James^, James^, DanieV-) of Hartford, Trumbull Co., Ohio;
m., Oct., 1844, Malinda Parks. They were divorced.

He m. (2), Mrs. Mary ( ) Smith, widow of Mr.

Smith. He enlisted in the War of the Eebellion,

in 1861, was discharged and then reenlisted in 1863. He
was a wholesale hardware salesman, living in Warren,
Trunibull Co., Ohio. His second wife had a son, James
Smith, whose name was changed to Brainard. Mr. Chaun-
cey A. Brainard d. . ■

Children by the first marriage :

860. i. Emma, b. Dec, 1845, in Warren. Ohio.

861. ii. Mary, b. Maj', 1849, in Warren, Ohio.

862. iii. Edward, b. , in Warren, Ohio.

Children by the second marriage :

iv. Will, b. . in Warren, Ohio.

V. Belle, b. . in Warren, Ohio.

419. Abigail Experien'ce' Bkainerd {Asahel^, AmheT\ Benja-

min'^, James^, James^, DanieV) of Hartford, Trumbull
Co., Ohio; m., March 24, 1828, in Hartford, Ohio. John
Bushnell, b. Nov. 7, 1804, in Montauk, Suffolk Co., L. I.,
N. Y., son of Alexander and Sarah (Wells) Bushnell,

Seventh Generation. 221

formerly of Hartford, Conn. Mrs. Abigail Experience
(Brainerd) Bushnell died Jan. 2, 1888, aged 78 yrs., 1
mo., 10 ds. Mr. John Bushnell died Jan. 14, 1890, aged
85 yrs., 2 mos., 7 ds., in New Albany, Ind.

Bushnell children :

Alexander, b. Nov., 1829, in New Albany, Ind.
Er.'V.smus, b. July, 1831, in New Albany, Ind.; d. young.

Joseph, b. , in New Albany, Ind.; d. young-.

Mary, b. April 21, 1837, in New Albany, Ind.; m., Feb. 11 or Iti,
1858, John T. Creed. Ch.: 1. Walter Bushnell. b. Dec. 11.
1858. 2. Ella Mary, b. Sept. 29, 1860. 3. Annie Stewart,
b. Dec. 3, 1864'; d. Deo. 6, 1807. 4. Arthur Herbert, b.
Oct. 28, 1873. 5. Clifford Montgomery, b. Aug. 21, 1874:
res. New Albany, Ind. Mr. John T. Creed d. Aug. 9, 1900.
V. Edward, b. Oct. 8, 1843, in New Albany, Ind.; d. April 9, 1862,

ae. 19 years,
vi. Annis, b. Oct. 8, 1846, in New Albany, Ind.; m. James B.

vii. Daniel W., b. July, 1849, in New Albany, Ind.; res. Indian-
apolis, Ind.

4-20. Mary Matilda" Brainard (Asahel^. Asahel", Benja-iuin\
James'', James", Daniel^) of Hartford, Trumbull Co.,
Ohio ; m., March 19, 1828, David L. Coe of Charlestown,
Ohio. Mrs. Mary Matilda (Brainard) Coe died ac. (iO
yrs. Mr. David L. Coe d. .

Coe children:

421. Lucy Ackley" BRAixEiiD {AgalieP, AsahcP. Benjamin^ ,
James^, James", DanieV-) of Hartford, Trumbull Co.,
Ohio; m., March 8, 1834, Albert G'. Rowe, M.D.. b.

June 7, 1809, in Hartland, Conn., son of . Dr.

Albert G. Rowe d. Sept. 10, 1838, in Congdon. ln<l.
She m. (2), Oct. 28, 1840, Linus Hayes Jones, li.
Feb. 5, 1805, son of Samuel and Deborah (Hayes)
Jones,* formerly of Barkhamsted, or Hartland, Conn. He
lived in Wayne, Ashtabula Co., Ohio. He taught school
eight consecutive winters, then taught singing school win-
ters and worked his farm during the summers. Mr. Linus
Hayes Jones died May 21, 1885, aged 80 yrs., 3 mos.. (i ds.
Mrs. Lucv Acklev (Brainerd) (Rowe) Jones d. Apr. 7,

Rowe children by tlie first marriage:

i. Cornelia A., b. March 25. 1835, in Wayne, Ohio; m.. Feb. 7,
1856. David Smilie. He was a member of Co. I, 105th
Regiment, of Ohio Volunteer Infantiy. He enlisted Aug.,
1862; was wounded June 14. 1864, and died June 16, 1864.

ii. Albert G., b. April 7, 1839, in Wayne, Ohio; was a member
of Co. I, 105th Regiment, of Ohio Volunteer Infantry. He

* Samuel Jones, b. in Litchfield, Conn., .June 29, 1781 ; m. Deborah
Hayes, b. 1782, dau. of Titus Hayes, a Revolutionary soldier. Samuel was
son of Samuel, and he was son of Israel Jones.

222 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

enlisted Aug. 1862; was wounded June 14, 1864, and died
June 16, 1864.

Jones children bj' the second marriage :
iii. Flavel Erasmus, b. Dee. 23, 1841, in Wayne, Ohio; m., Sept.

15, 186.3, Sylvia A. North of Williamsfield, Ohio, b. March

25, 1840. She d. March 13, 1865. He m. (2), Feb. 24, 1869,

Mary A. Hezlep.
iv. Linus Brainard. b. Feb. 26, 1844, in Wayne. Ohio; m., June

20, 1866, Ehoda M. Woodworth; res. Wayne, Ohio.
V. Willie, b. Dec. 1, 1850. in Wayne, Ohio; d. Sept. 11, 1854, ae.

4 years.
vi. Mary Caroline, b. Oct. 18, 1855, in Wavne, Ohio; m., June

15. 1876. Emery F, Treat; res. Ashtabula Co., Ohio. He

died Aug. 8. 1888, interment in Hayes Cemetery, Wayne Co,,


422. AsAHEL Chukcii^ BK.i.iNEiu) (Asaliel\ Asali.cP, Benjamin*,
James^, James", Daniel'-) of Hartford, Trumbull Co.,
Ohio; m., Feb. 14, 1837, Mary Smith. He was a physician
in high standing in Orangeville, Truinbull Co., Ohio, or
in Lindenville, Ashtabula Co., Ohio. Dr. Asahel Church
Brainerd died Sept. 19, 188S,' aged G8 years. Mrs. Mary
(Smith) Brainerd died .

Children :

423. William Jones^ Braixerd {Asahel^, Asahel', Benjamin*,
James^, James", DanieV-) of Hartford, Trumbull Co.,
Ohio; m., Dec. 9, 1841, Mary Ann Barngraves, b. Dec. 18,
1818. in Brown Co.. Ohio. He moved to Greenwood, Ind.,
and in 1857 to Clinton, Dewitt Co.. 111., then to Elkhart,
where one report said they both died. He was a farmer.
Mr. William Jones Brainerd d. Aug. 6, 1877. After her
husband's death she moved to Elkhart, Cook Co., la. Mrs.
Mary Ann (Barngraves) Brainerd d. Jan. 1.5, 1892. ae. 72

Children :

i. Harriet Lavixia. b. Aug, 3, 1842, in Ohio; d. Jan, 31. 1892,

ae, 49 years.

ii. A child, b. • , d. the day of its birth.

iii. Williaji Andrew, b. March 4, 1845, in Greenwood, Iml. He

was a j'ear and 9 mos. in the Civil War.

863. iv, George Albert, b, March 6, 1846, in Greenwood, Ind,

V, Hiram Asahel, b, Nov. 19, 1848, in Greenwood, Ind, : d, July

4, 1889, ae. .40 years,
vi, A child, b. , in Greenwood, Ind.. d. day of its birth.

864. vii. Mart Louisa, b. April 5, 1853. in Greenwood. Ind.

865. viii. Catherine Altgusta, b. Sept. 13. 18.>6, in Clinton, 111,
8(!6, ix, Jessie Agnes, b, Jan, 4. 1861, Albanv, Ind,

Seventh Generation. 223

424. Harriet Lavinia'' Brainerd (Asahel^, Asahel', Benjamin*,

James^, James", Daniel^) of Hartford, Trumbull Co.,
Ohio; m., Nov. 25, 1844, in New Albany, Ind. Edward
Tiirner Kellogg, b. Nov. 17, 1833, in Lewiston, Ohio, son
of James and Eo.xanna (Turner or Camp) Kellogg. Mr.
Edward Turner Kellogg d. Jan. 31, 1856, at Knight's
Ferry, Cal. She m. (3) Mr. Butler. Mrs. Harriet Lavinia
(Brainerd) (Kellogg) Butler d. ae. 40 yrs. Mr. Butler d.
in Brooklyn, N Y.

Kellogg child by the first marriage :

i. Charles Edward, b. Aug. 10, 1846. He lived with his imcle

William Kellogg. He disappeared during the Civil War

and was never heard from afterward.

425. James" Br^uneud (Isauc^, AsaJiel^, Benjamin*, Jamcs^,

James", Daniel^) of Colchester, Delaware Co., N. Y.; m.,
about J 834, Betsey Van Den Bogart, dau. of James and
Mar}' Van Den Bogart of Colchester, N. Y. The Van Deu
is now omitted in their names. He was a farmer and lum-
berman in Colchester, N. Y. Mrs. Betsey (Van Den
Bogart) Brainerd died April 14, 1883. Mr. James Brain-
erd died Nov. 25, 1884.

Children :

Catherine C, b. July 2, 1827, in Colchester, N. Y.
ASEL, b. April 16, 1829 or 1830, in Colchester, N. Y.
Mart A., b. Sept. 22, 1832, in Colchester, N. Y.

426. AuRELiA Maria" Br-unerd (Isaad^, Asaliel', Benjamin*.

James^, James", Daniel*) of Colchester, Delaware Co., N.
Y. ; m. Gilbert Wallworth. Mrs. Aurelia Maria (Brain-
erd) Wallworth died ■. Mr. Gilbert Wallworth died

Wallworth children :

i. Eliza, b. — ; m. Mr. Post. Ch.: 1. Asa.

ii. JoHi; Day. b. ; d. young.

iii. Antoinette, b. •. m. Col. Henry Sisson of Providence,

R. I. No children.
iv. Alice, b. ; m. and went to Sioux City, la. Ch.: Two

427. AiiASA George' Braixekd {Isaac", AsaheV", Benjamin*,
James^, James", Daniel^) of Colchester, Delaware Co.,
N. Y. ; m. Mary Van Den Bogart, b. Aug. 6, 1806, in Col-
chester, N. Y., dau. of James and Mary ( ) Van

Den Bogart. Of late years the Van Den has been dropped
and they only call themselves Bogart. In 1839 he moved
to Hamden, Delaware Co., and kept a hotel. He after-
ward went into the mercantile business. Mr. Amasa
George Brainerd died Jan. 20, 1868, in Hamden, N. Y.

224 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

Mrs. Mary (Van Den Bogart) Brainerd died March 30,
1876, in the same place.

Children :

870. i. Cassandra Amelia, b. July 10, 1829, in Colchester, N. Y.

871. ii. James Myers, b. , in Colchester, N. Y.

872. iii. Mart Jane. b. May 1, 183S, in Colchester, N. Y.

873. iv. Charles Seward, b. , in Hamden, N. Y.

874. V. Kate Augusta, b. June 0, 1844, in Hamden, N. Y.

428. .Toiix' Bkaixeed (Isaac'^, Asaliel', Benjamin*, Jamrs^,

James'-, Daniel^) of Colchester, Delaware Co., N. Y. ; ra.
Fanny Tomj^son, dau. of John Tompson. At a quilting
party at his own home, as he was retiring he took a glass
from the pantry shelf for a drink of water and in drinking
swallowed as he supposed particles of ice; but wliich
proved to be pins and needles, which had been removed
from the quilt and placed in the glass. This completely
undermined his health, no less than twentV-seven pins and
needles coming out of different parts of his body at differ-
ent times. Mr. John Brainerd died . Mrs. Fanny

(Tompson) Brainerd died .

Xo children.

429. Ebexezer R." Bkaixerd {Isaa-c^, AsaheP, Benjamin^

James^, James", Daniel'^) of Colchester, Delaware Co.,
X. y. ; m. Jerusha Pine, dau. of Benjamin Pine. Shortly
after his marriage, he removed to Franklin, Delaware Co.,
X. Y., where he kept a hotel. Xot liking the location he
removed to Elmira, Chemung Co., where he again engaged
in the same business. He was burned out and then built
the house now known as the Kathburn House, being (1892)
the largest hotel in Elmira. Mr. Ebenezer E. Brainerd

died in Elmira, shortly after the completion of the

hotel. She m. (2) . and lives in Brooklyn, N. Y.

Mrs. Jerusha (Pine) (Brainerd) d. .

Child :

i. ilARGARET. 1). .

430. Axtoixette' Beaixekd {Isaac'^, AsaJiel'. BenjaiiiinK Jatiirs^,

James-, Daniel^) of Hamden. Delaware Co., X. Y. : m.
Philo Mallory. Mr. Philo Mallory died in Xewbern. X. C,

. She m. (2), Jasper Wilmont of Owego. X. Y.,

. Mrs. Antoinette (Brainerd) (^Iallor\-) Wilmont

d. .

Mallory child by the first marriage :
i. Kate. b. ; ni. and lives in Chicago, 111.

Seventh Generation. 225

431. Henrietta^ Braixeed (Chaunceif, AsaJid'. Benjain'n*.

James^, James^, Daniel^) of Litchfield, Herkimer Co.,
N. Y.; m., Jan. 15, 18-^9, Orange Holme.s. b. Dec -2:).
1803, in Winfield, N. Y., son of Deacon Elijah and Olive
(Ingalls) Holmes of Conn. He was a farmer and dairy-
man in North Winfield, N. Y. Mr. Orange Holmes died
Dec. 13, 1864, aged 61 years. Mrs. Henrietta (Brainerd)
Holmes died March 28, 1891, aged 79 yrs., 4 taos., 4 ds.

Holmes children:

i. Pamela A., b. March 5, 1831. in Xorth Winfield. X. Y. : m..

June 20, 1848, Henry L. Brace, son of Capt. Asahel Brace.

He was a farmer and dairyman. Two children.
ii. Leonidas B., b. Dec. 0. 1833. in North Winfield, K. Y.; d. Sept.

5, 1836.
iii. Sarah R.. b. June 26, 1837. in North Winfield. X. Y.; m., Dec.

11, 1865, George B. Hill. He is a cheese manufacturer.

his factory being known as Hill's Excelsior Factory of

Chittenango, Madison Co., N. Y. Ch.: 1. Holmes Devero.
iv. Carrie E.. b. April 18, 1839, in North Winfield, N. Y. She

was a dressmaker.
V. Ellen E., b. Sept. 12, 1841, in Xorth Winfield, X^. Y.; m. John

Jay Macomber of Paris, N. Y., a farmer and son of George

Macomber of Utica, N. Y. His first wife was Cynthia

Parker, second wife Nancy Shepard. Four children,
vi. Orange Brainerd, b. April 26, 1849, in North Winfield, N. Y.;

m. Mary J. Hadley. A farmer and dairyman. Two children.

432. Sardis' Brainerd {Chaunceif. Asahel', Benjamin*, James',

James^, Daniel^) of Litchfield, Herkimer Co., N". Y. ; m.
Pamelia Day, b. Feb. 20, 1815, in East Winfield, N. Y.
Mr. Sardis Brainerd died Dec. 10, 1864, ae. 51 years, in
Delevan, Wis. Mrs. Pamelia (Day) Brainerd died June
2, 1889, aged 74 yrs., 3 mos., 12 ds.

Children :

875. i. Carrie E., b. Feb. 13, 1841. in CedarviUe, N. Y.

876. ii. Chables Day, b. June 27. 1843, in CedarviUe, X". Y.

877. iii. Mart E., b. Jan. 4, 184S, in CedarviUe. N. Y.

878. iv. Groveb P., b. Aug. 1, 1850, in CedarviUe, N. Y.

433. Van Eensselaer' Brainerd {Chawncey^, Asahel', Benjamin^

James^, James", Daniel^) of Litchfield, Herkimer Co.,
N. Y.; m., Jan. 15, 1839, in Herkimer Co.. N. Y., Ellen
Maria Eeynolds, b. Sept. 28, 1822, in Herkimer Co., N. Y.,
dau. of John and Abigail (Eaton) Reynolds. He resided
the greater part of his life in Mexico, N. Y., and was a
farmer. Mrs. Ellen Maria (Eevnolds) Brainerd died
Oct. 13, 1869, in Richmond, Wis". Mr. Van Rensselaer
Brainerd d. Jan. 26, 1885. in Oswego, or Mexico, IST. Y.

Children :

i. Leonidas Reynolds, b. June 3. 1840, in Mexico, N. Y. ; d. Dec.

16, 1846, in Herkimer Co., N. Y.
ii. Amelia Maria, b. Sept. 15 or 16, 1842, in Mexico, N. Y. ; d

Dec. 21. 1846.

226 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

879. iii. John Chacncey, b. June 19, 1846, in Mexico, N. Y.

iv. Van Rensselaer Holmes, b. June 18, 1848, in Mexico, N. Y.;
d. May 18, 1849.

880. V. Lenn Obee, b. Oct. 30, 1850 or 1851, in Cedarville, N. Y.

881. vi. Ellen Elizabeth Virginia, b. July 15, 1854, in Cedarville,

N. Y.

882. vii. Abigail Clarissa, b. April 17, 185G, in Cedarville, N. Y.

883. viii. Ada Katharine, b. Dec. 28, 1859, in Cedarville, N. Y.

ix. Charles Clark, b. March 23, 1862, in Cedarville, N. Y. He is
in Chamberlain, S. Dak.

X. Benjamin Franklin, b. Feb. 22, 1864, in Cedarville, N. Y.

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