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of Jeremiah and Julia (Higbee) Love of Chautauqua Co.,
N. Y. He was a farmer. Ch.: 1. Hubert Wells, b. Oct.
19. 1876. in Porter. Rock Co., Wis.

ii. JIary Hamilton, b. March 10, 1850, in Jefferson, Wis.; d. Aug.
6. 1850.

iii. Willie, b. Oct. 4, 1853. in Cooksville, Wis.

468. Julia Sophia' Brainerd {Benjamin^, Isaac", Benjamin*,

James^, James", Daniel^) of Unionville, Lake Co., Ohio;
m., Jan. 10, 1843, Isaiah Munson Smith, b. Sept. 1, 1819,
in Paris, Oneida Co., N". Y, son of Josiah and Chary (Mun-
son) Smith in Naperville, DuPage Co., 111. He was a
merchant and resided, in 1889, in Kansas. Mrs. Julia
Sophia (Brainerd) Smith died Nov. 29, 1864, ae. 44 years,
in Janesville, Wis. Mr. Isaiah Munson Smith died

Seventh Generation. 237

Smitli children :

i. Aethuk, b. April 10, 1844, in Antioch, III.; d. Feb. 1, 1846.

ii. Ella Maria, b. March 31, 1851, in Jonesville. 111.; m., Oct. 20,
1873, Augustus C. Schooley, b. Sept. 6, 1834, in Stillwater,
Sussex Co., N. J. He was of Quaker parentage. He was
a lawj-er, afterwards a publisher of Schooley's Price-list of
Dry Goods, Groceries, Drugs.

iii. Frank Sherwood, b. Oct. 19, 1855. in Jonesville, Il.l.

iv. Cl.\ra May, b. Nov. 24, 1864, in Jonesville, 111.; d. Dec. 14,
1864, ae. 3 weeks.

469. Edward Charles' Brainerd {Benjamin^, Isaac", Benja-

min*, James^, James", Daniel^) of Unionville, Lake Co.,
Ohio; m., June 1, 1870, Mary Chapman, a widow, b. Feb. -1,
1845, in Iowa, dau. of Colonel W. W. Chapman, a lawyer of
Portland, Ore., and his wife Margaret C. (Ingram) Chap-
man from Va. Mr. Chapman was a member from Iowa
to Congress, and was surveyor-general of Oregon. She
had three children by her first marriage — Clara,
Willie, and Xellie. Mr.- Brainerd left his fathers family
in Ohio in 1840, and went to Alabama, remaining
there until 1849, when the gold excitement took him across
the continent to California. He engaged in mining, hunt-
ing, and fighting Indians till 1862, when he went to Union.
Union Co., Ore., where he continued to reside. The nearest
house was at Walla Walla, Wash. Ter., 100 miles distant.
He has occupied the office of county judge in Union Co.,
Ore., for eiffht years (1888), caunt\' treasurer four years,
and at the last nomination received the nominations for
both political parties. Mr. Edward Cliarles Brainerd

d. . Mrs. Marv (Chapman) ( ) Brainerd

d. .

Child :

i. WiNFiELD Charle-s, b. Oct. 17, 1878.

470. Benjamin Austin' Brainerd {Benjamin^, Isaac^, Benja-

min*, James^, James'', Daniel^) of Unionville, Lake Co.,
Ohio; m., March 14, 1852, Mary Frederich, b. 1832, in
Metz, Germany, dau. of Mr. Frederich of Metz, Germany.
Mrs. Brainerd went to Texas during the Civil War and
was married again. Mrs. Mary (Frederich) (Brainerd)

( ) d. . He lived in Kingsbury Co., now

South Dakota. He m. (2), Feb. 13, 1890, Janette Ross
Neil, b. Feb. 25, 1847, in Newburyport, Mass., dau. of
Lawrence and Catherine (Eoss) Neil of Marlboro, Mass.
Catherine Eoss was born in Rothshire, Scotland. Mr.
Benjamin Austin Brainerd d. .

Child :

i. John, b. March 14, 1855, He was in Boston, Mass., in 1888.

238 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

471. Hannah' Brainerd {Benjamin^, Isaac'', Benjamin^, James^,

James", DanieV-) of Unionville, Lake Co., Ohio; m., Dec.

17, 1853, Jabez Walter Brass, b. April 22, 1822, in Leeds,
Upper Canada, son of David and Sarah (Eaton) Brass, in
Unionville, Ohio. David Brass was born in Kingston.
Can., and Sarah Eaton in Leeds, TJpi^er Canada. He
resides in Oshkosh, Winnebago Co., Wis. Mrs. Hannah
(Brainerd) Brass d. .

Brass children :

i. Clara, b. July 25, 1858, in Janesville, Wis. : d. July 28. 1858.

ii. Hattie Mat, b. Oct. 20, 1859, in Janesville, Wis.

iii. Julia, b. May 10, 1870, in Oshkosh, Wis.

472. FiJEDEEic' Beainekd {Benjamin^, Isaac'', Benjamin*.

James'', James^, Daniel}) of Unionville, Lake Co., Ohio ;
ni., Sept., 1862, in Wauregan, Lake Co., III., Joanna Kop-
ple. Soon after his marriage he joined the Union army
and was in the battle oi Bull Eiin and the Wilderness.
While in his march with Sherman to the sea, he was killed
in a skirmish, at Eocky Face Bidge, Ga., May 9, 1864, ae.
27 yrs. She m. (2), and moved to California. Mrs. Jo-
anna (Kopple) (Brainerd) d. .

Xo children.

473. George W.' Brainerd {Elijah^, Isaac', Benjamin'^, Jame^,

James^, Daniel^) of Eandolph, Orange Co., Vt. ; m., Sept.
22, 1849, in Unionville, Ohio, Clara Sherwood, b. Jan.

18, 1830. dau. of Dr. Medad P. and Melvinia (Harper)
Sherwood. Mrs. Clara (Sherwood) Brainerd d. Mch. 26,
1854. in Pendleton, Ind. He m. (2), Mch. 1, 1865, Emily
H. Fielding, b. Xov. 23, 1835, in Brockport, N. Y., dau. of
George W. and Abigail (Wood) Fielding, in Greenville,
Ohio. He was a teacher in his earlier years. He lived
(1890) in Thomtown, Ind. Mr. George W. Brainerd d.
Aug. 9, 1904, ae. 87 yrs., 8 mos., 21 ds.. in Thomtown.
Mrs. Emily H. (Fielding) Brainerd d. .

Children by the first marriage:

i. Medad Pj\i!SONS, b. Aug. 10, 1847. He read medicine with his
uncle. Dr. William H. Sherwood, and graduated March 5,
1868. The following year he located in Huntsburgh, Ohio,
where he remained until the spring of 1873, when he lo-
cated in Cleveland, Ohio, continuing his practice. In the
spring of 1874 he recei%-ed an appointment from the board of
health in Cleveland, to treat the poor in a district con-
taining three wards, a place he filled during life. Mr.
Medad Parsons Brainerd d. Nov. 5. 1882, in that city.

ii. George W., b. Dec. 25, 1853; d. Feb. 29, 1854, ae: 8 weeks.

Children by the second marriage:

900. iii. Laura" Belle, b. June 11, 1857, in Mt. Pleasant, la.

901. iv. Cabbie or Clara, b. June 13, 1859, in Frankfort, Ind.

v. Jennie Lilla. b. May 4. 1861, in Thomtown, Ind. She was a
fine scholar and possessed great musical talent. She d.
Jan. 31, ISSl.

Seventh Generation. 280

vi. Willis Elijah, b. Dec. 17, 1862, in Randolpli, Vt. Hi' lived in
Battle Creek, Mich.: unni.
902. vii. Maby Alice, b. Xov. 27, 1865, in Randolph. \'t.

viii. Royal Hebbeet, b. July 17, 1872, in Thorntown. Ind.

4-74. Laura Luscixa' Beainerd (Elijah^, Isaac', Benjamin^,
James^j James^, DanieV) of Eandolph. Orange Co., Yt. ;
m., May, 1850, John B. Steele. She liyed in Eandolph.
Vt., and in Salem, X. Y. At the latter place he was con-
cerned in a furnace. In 1892, he was in ISTational City.
Cal., and afterward in San Diego, Cal. Mrs. Lai^ra Liis-
cina (Brainerd) Steele died .

No childn'ii.

475. XoRJUAX Elijah' Bkaixekd {Elijah'^, Isaac', Benjamin^

James^, James-, DanieF) of Bandolpli, Orange Co., Yt. :
m., Nov. 10, 1852, Mary Ayres, b. Sept. -1. 1S26, in War-
ren, Trumbnll Co., Ohio, clau. of William W. and Lydin
(Norton) Ayres. He lived in Douglas, Marquette Co.,
Wis., and was a hop raiser. He and throe of his children
died in the same month, of black diphtheria. The rertiain-
ing child, two months old, had the same dread disease.
which left her deaf and dumb. She and her mother sur-
vived the disease. Mr. Nomian Elijah Brainerd d. Jan.
19, 1865, ae. 37 yrs., 10 mos., 22ds. The widow lived in
Bristolville. Trumbull Co.. Ohio. ilrs. ]\rarv (Avres)
Brainerd died Mch. 29, 1883.

Children :

i. George E.. b. July 19, 1858, in Douglas, Wis.; d. Jan. 20, 1865.
in the same place.
Albert W.. b. Nov. 2, 1860, in Douglas. Wis.; d. Jan. 9, 1865.
Carrie A., b. .Julv 26. 1862, in Douglas. Wis.; d. Jan. 13, 1865.
Carrie B.. b. Xov. 1. 1864. in Douglas, Wis.

476. Clarissa A.' Braixeud (London'^, Isaac', Benjamin*.

James^, James", Daniel^ ) of Lairdsville, Oneida Co., N.
Y.; m., July 19. 1847, Hiram Thomas Brown of Lairds-
ville, N. Y., son of Jerome and Lucy (Simons) Brown,
formerly from Windham, Conn. He was a farmer in
Lairdsville. Mrs. Clarissa A. (Brainerd) Brown d.
Sept. 19, 1888, ae. 66 vrs.. 9 mos.. IS ds. Mr. Hiram
Thomas Brown d. Jime 4 or 10, 1889.

No children.

477. Isaac Milton' Brainerd {Loudon^, Isaac', Benjamin\.

Jame^, James^, DanieV-) of Lairdsville, Oneida Co., N. Y. ;
m. Harriet E. Calkin, b. Mch. 1. 18.30. dau. of Enssell and
Temperance (Marcy) Calkin, formerly of Sharon, Conn.

240 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

He was a fruit dealer and gardener in Lairdsville. In
1904 he was in Gouvemeur, St. Lawrence Co., N. Y. Mr.
Isaac Milton Brainerd d. . Mrs. Harriet E. (Cal-
kin) Brainerd d. .

i. William G., b. Sept. 5, 1863, in Lairdsville, N. Y.
ii. Emily E., b. March 26, 1867, in Lairdsville, N. Y.

478. Julia Ann' Brainerd {Loudon^, Isaac?, Benjamin^, Jarnes^,

James^, Daniel'^) of Lairdsville, Oneida Co., N. Y. ; m.,
Kov. 7, 1867, Ambrose Hine of Washington, D. C, b.,
Sept. 17, 1825, in Hillsdale, Columbia Co., N. Y., son of
Josiah and Betsey (Dakin) Hine of Onondaga Valley.
N. Y., formerly from Norwalk, Fairfield Co., Conn. He
was a fanner in 1890 i^i Onondaga Valley, or E. Onon-
daga, N. Y. ilrs. Julia Ann (Brainerd) Hine d. .

Hine child :
i. Josi.\H Brainerd, b. Aug. 21. 1871, in .

479. John ilcCREA^ Brainerd (Martin'', Isaac', Benjamin^,

Jaincs^, James-, DanieV-) of Blairsville, Indiana Co., Pa.;
m., Mc.h. 18 or 30, 1856, in Callensbm-gh, Pa., Martha Vale
Wilson, b. Aug. 31, 1838, in Johnstown, Pa., dau. of San-
ford and Letitia (Clark) Wilson of Joluistown or Ligionier,
Westmoreland Co., Pa. After his marriage, he went West,
and July, 1856, he settled in Charles City, Floyd Co., Iowa.
In August, 1858, he removed to Mason City, Cerro Gordo
Co., Iowa, in 1859, to Clear Lake, same county, Iowa,
in the fall of 1863, to Nevada, Stor\' Co., Iowa, in
1878, to Council Bluffs, and in 1879, to Boone, Boone Co.,
where he resides. He taught school in Charles City,
Mason City, and Clear Lake; was elected county superin-
tendent of schools of Cerro Gordo in 1859. and a member
of the State Board of Education about 1860. In the same
year, he entered the newspaper business, and has been, con-
tinuously so engaged. He established The Clear Lalce In-
dependent, owned and edited The Story Co., Aegis, The
Council Bluff's Daily Nonpareil, and The Boone Stand-
ard, of which he was editor and owner. It is the oldest
paper, in the county, having been established in 1865.
His children are all of them practical printers. He
was (1904) curator of the Historical Department of
the " Ericson Library "' at Boone, Iowa, and is Secretary of
the Library Board of Triistees. He was for 16 years a
member of the same Board. This Department is for the
collection and preservation of the local history of Boone
County, the same of the State, and for the procuring and
preservation of museum material, autographs, etc. He
edited The Standard for 33 vears and has been in edi-

Seventh Generation. ^"H

torial work in Iowa since 1859. Mrs. Martha Vale (Wil-
son) Brainerd died July 25, 1903, and is interred in
Boone, Iowa. Mr. John McCrea Brainerd died .

Children :

903. i. Justin, b. May 9, 1858, in Charles City, Iowa. He is a

printer, .and employed in the office of The Boone Standard.

904. ii. Walter Lowbie, b. March 12, 18G0, in Clear Lake, Iowa. He

is a printer in the same office.
iii. Frank, b. Feb. 18, 1802, in Clear Lake, Iowa. He was a loco-
motive fireman on the C. & N. W. R. R. He was (1904)
on the Illinois Central Railway, with home in Centralia;

905. iv. Elmer Ellsworth, b. Jan. 31, 1864, in Nevada, Iowa.

906. V. Mabel Alice, b. Dec. 24, 1805, in Nevada, Iowa. A music

teacher, and resides at home.

907. vi. Emma Vale, b. May 23, 1871, in Boone, Iowa.

vii. A son, b. May 23, 1871, at Boone, Iowa; d. May 25, 1871.

480. Justin Montague' Brainerd {Martin^, Isaac^, Benjamin^,

James^, James", Daniel^) of Beloit, Eock Co., Wis.; m.,
Feb. 11, 1867, Cynthia Olivia Thayer, b. Jan. 22, 1838, in
the town of Wadsworth, Medina Co., Ohio, dan. of Nelson
L. and Jane G. (Tower) Thayer of Beloit, Wis. He re-
sided for a while in Beloit; in 1890 was in Waterloo,
Blaekhawk Co., Iowa. He was a commercial traveler and
agent for the N". W. Paper Mill Co. Mr. Justin Montague
Brainerd d. .

Children :

i. Mart Amber, b. Jan. 22 or 25, 1868, in Beloit, Wis.
ii. Eleanor Agnes, b. Sept. 4, 1869 or 1870, in Beloit, Wis.; d.
Sept. 10, 1886. She was drowned in Cedar River, la.

481 . Mart Alice' Brainerd (Martin^, Isaac^, Benjamin*, James^,

James"', Daniel^) of Beloit, Eock Co., Wis.; m., Sept. 24,

1867, Capt. Sejanour J. McKinley, b. . He served

his country during the war of the Eebellion. and is now
on one-half pension pay, having been several times severely
wounded in battle. He was in the Northwest Paper Mill
Co., and has extensive land interests. He was a farmer
in Beloit, Wis. Mrs. Mary Alice (Brainerd) McKinley
d. .

McKinley child :

i. Mary or Alice ilAiD. b. Sept. 19, 1S70, in Beloit, Wis.

482. David W.' Brainerd (Martin^, Isaac^, Benjanvin*, James^,

James", Darnel^) of Beloit, Eock Co., Wis.; m., (by Rev.
Bachman) Dec. 23, 1869, Ida Isabell Lyon, b. May 2,
1852, in Port Washington, Wis., dau. of Walter and Hul-
dah E. (Lake) Lyon. He graduated from Beloit College
in 1868. He was a commission merchant in New York, N.
y., and resided in South Orange, N. J. Mr. David W.
Brainerd d. .

Bra ine rcl-Brainard Genealogy.

Children :

SusANXE Lyox. b. Jan. 3. 1871, in St. Augustine, Fla.
David Walter, b. Sept. 4, 1872, in Irvins^on, N. J.
Ida Isabelue, b. Jan. 3, 1874, in South Orange, N. J.
Charles Joseph, b. July 4, 1875. in South Orange, N. J.
Edward Wallace, b. June 2, 1878, in South Orange, N. J.

483. Eeginald Hebeb.' Bilvineed {Martin^, Isaac^, Benjamin*,
James^, James^, BanieV- ) of Beloit, Eock Co., Wis.; m.,
June 20, 1877, at Curwinsville, Pa., Sarah Matilda Thomp-
son, h. Aug. 18, 1845, in (iurwinsville. Pa., dau. of John
D. and Sarah (Hartsack) Thompson. He resided in
Boone in 1870. one of the firm of The Boone Standard.
He was editor of The ClearviUe County Times in 1877, and
was in 1888 editor and publisher of The Curwinsville Re-
view. He resided in Curwinsville. Pa. He was a member
of a Wisconsin Heavy Artillery regiment during the Civil
War, and on duty at the Virginia end of Long Bridge,
Washington, the night President Lincoln was assassinated.
He thinks he saw Booth as he fled across that bridge and
was mistaken by the guards as a Union courier. Mr. Regi-
nald Heber Brainerd died .

Children :

i. William Hebee. b. Sept. 9. 1878, in Curwinsville, Pa.

ii. John Thompson, b. Sept. 5, 1880, in Curwinsville, Pa.

iii. Joseph Sprenkle, b. Nov. 25, 1882, in Curwinsville, Pa.

iv. Charles Blake, b. Oct. 11. 1883, in Curwinsville, Pa.

V. Pall Francis, b. Feb. 1, 1887, in Curwinsville. Pa.

484. Mautha Elizabeth' Braixekd (Martin'^, Isaac^, Benjamin*,
James^, James-, Daniel^ ) of St. Augustine, St. Johns Co.,
Fla.; m., Sept. SB. 1880, in Hartland, Wis., Rev. Samuel
Theodore Kidder, b. Dec. 27, 1848. in Warsaw, N. Y., son
of Corbin and Esther Lorana (Wood) Kidder of Hartland,
Wis. He was gi-aduated at Beloit College, Wis., A.B., in
1876, the title of A.^L was conferred on him; attended Yale
Divinity School 1874-5 ; taught in Beloit Academy, 1875-6 ;
entered Aubiyn Theological Seminary in 1876; graduated
is:; : a ri^ident graduate at Seminary in 1877 and sup-
jiliid till- ('<iiigregational Church at Saugus, Mass.; or-
(hiiiird in )s:s. and remained as pastor till 1879; pastor
of (luircli at Winiietka. 111., from 1879 to '85; of the
cluircli ill Foii(l-(lu-Lac. 1889 to ■92: principal of North
Wisconsin Academv at Ashland, Wis., 1892-3; pastor of
church in Winosha! Wis., 1893-8; in 1898 took the tour of
England and Scotland as a delegate to International Sun-
day School Convention at London, Eng. From 1898,
pastor of the church at Eipon, Wis. He was a member of
the Board of Trustees at Ripon College, and the same year

Seventh Generation. -^3

received a D.D. from the institution. She was a teacher
in Beloit College in Wisconsin in 1877, and previous to
that she was a teacher in the feabody public school. He
resided (1900) in Ripon. Wis. Mrs. Martha Elizabeth
( Brain erd) Kidder died .

Kidder children :

Hattie Louisk, b. Aug. 29, 1882. in Winnetka, 111.
Samiel TnEODORE. b. July 3, 1884, in Winnetka, 111.
Mary Agnes, b. Nov. 29, 1886, in Fond-du-Lae, Wis.
Chables Joseph, b. June 3, 1S8S, in Fond-du-Lae, Wis.

485. Harriet Hill' Brainerd (Martin'^, Isaac'^, Benjamin*,

Jame^, James-, Daniel'-) of St. Augustine, St. Johns Co..
Fla.; m., May 31, 1884, Ward Crenelle Foster, b. May G,
1860, in Albion, Orleans Co., N. Y., son of Carlton
Thomas and Charlotte Corda (Crenelle) Foster. He was
a merchant in St. Augustine, Fla. Jlrs. Harriet Hill
(Brainerd) Foster d. .

Xo children.

486. Henry M.-irtin' Brainerd (Martin^, Isaac^, Benjamin*.

Jameb". James-, Daniel^) of St. Augustine, St. Johns Co..
Fla.; m., Aug. 14, 1880, Ada Catherine Mooney, dan. of
Nicholas and Anna Lvicy (DeWyer) Mooney. He was a
printer, living in So. Orange, N. J. Mr. Henry ilartiii
Brainerd d. .

Children :

i. Ralph Arthur, b. July 18, 1881, in Brooklyn, N. Y.

ii. Henrt Percival, b. April 3, 1883, in Brooklyn, N. Y.

iii. Agnes, b. Aug. 3, 1885, in Brooklyn, N. Y.

iv. Pauline, b. Nov. 11, 1888, in South Orange, N. J.

487. Caroline" Brainerd (Alfred^, Isaac', Benjamin*, James-.

James", Daniel^) of Vernon, Oneida Co., N. Y. ; m., May
25, 1845, in Ban-e, Vt., Eev. Jeremiah L. Hanaford. 1).
June 7, 1824, in Northfield, N, H., son of Amos C. and
Hannah (Gavlord) Hanaford. Mrs. Caroline (Brainerd)
Hanaford d. July 11, 1887, in Melrose, Mass., ae. 60 yrs..
7 mos., 22 ds. Eev. Jeremiali L. Hanaford d. .

No children.

488. Harriet' Brainerd (Alfred'^, Isaac^, Benjamin*, Jainr.s"

James^, Daniel* ) of Vernon, Oneida Co., N. Y. ; m..
Mr. Hunt, of Jefferson, Ashtabula Co., Ohio. Mrs. Har-
riet (Brainerd) Hunt died abottt a year after marriaae.
Mr. Hunt d. .

No children.

244 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

489. Daniel Dickixson' Bilyinerd (Alfred^, Isaac', Benjamin*,

James'', James-, Daniel'^) of Vernon, Oneida Co., N. Y.;

m., , a Mexican or Spanisli woman in Monterey,

Mex. He was a merchant in Monterey, from 1850-
1874. Mr. Daniel Dickinson Brainerd d. May 17, 1873,
at the home of his sister Harriet in Jefferson, N. Y.

No children.

490. Albert D.' Brainerd {Almo7i^, Isaa&, Benjamin*, James^,

James^, DanieV-) of Greenfield, Franklin Co., Mass.; m.,
Aug. 30, 1888, in Los Angeles, Cal. Jeannotte Kelley, b.
July 26, 1868, in Beaver Falls, Pa., dau. of Giles Martin
and Martha M. (Caldwell) Kelley. He was a dentist in
Eedland, Cal. Mr. Albert D. Brainerd died .

No children.

491. Armenia" M. Brainerd (Jlalseif, Fobert^, Benjamin*,

James^, James^, Daniel^) of South Hadley, Hampshire Co.,
Mass.; m., Sejit. 8, 1831, Gleason Pepper, b. Sept. 11,
1807, in Ware, Mass., son of Stephen and Sallie (Simonds)
Pepper. He was a farmer in South Hadley Falls, Mass.
Mrs. Armenia M. (Brainerd) Pepper d. Mch. 29, 1891,
ae. 79 yrs., 10 mos., 9 ds. Mr. Gleason Pepper d. .

Pepper children :

i. Lucy Maria, b. Aug. 15, 1831. in South Hadley Falls, Mass.;
(1. April 8, 1835.

A son, b. ; d. soon.

A son, b. — ; d. soon.

Edwi.v Gleason, b. Dec. 11, 1830, in South Hadley Falls,
Mass.; res. Meriden, Conn.
V. Laubett a., or LAtntAETT A., b. .July 15, 1838, in South Hadley
Falls, Mass.; m. Mr. Hatch of Chicopee, Mass.: res. Spring-
field, Mass.

492. Lucy Ann^ Beainerd (Halsey^, Rohert^, Benjamin*, James^,

James^, Daniel^) of South Hadle)', Hampshire Co., Mass.;
m., Jan. 1, 1835, Elihu C. Hancock. Mr. Elihu C. Han-
cock died April 13, 1836, aged 25 yrs, 4 mos. She m., (2)
Oct. 31. 1838, Edwin H. Stewart, b. June 11, 1807, in
Wales, Mass., son of Levi and Candice (Hardee) Stewart.
He was a farmer. His first wife was Louisa Wetherell,
to whom he was married Oct. 31, 1832. He had one child
by his first marriage, SaraJi Maria. He moved to Cale-
donia, Houston Co., Minn. Mr. Edwin H. Stewart d. Feb.
17, 1888, ae. 80 yrs., 8 mos., 6 ds., in Caledonia. Mrs.
Lucy Ann (Brainerd) (Hancock) Stewart d. Aug. 17,
189i, ae. 76 yrs., 5 mos., 3 ds., in Caledonia, Minn.

Stewart children by the second marriage:

i. Edwabd Elihtt, b. July 26, 1839, in South Hadley Falls, Mass.;
res. in Caledonia, Minn.

Seventh Generation. 24-5

ii. Thomas Rice. b. Dec. 6, 1841, in South Hadlcy Falls, Mass.;

a. Aug., 1891.
iii. Joiix Hancock, b. Dec. 15, 1843, in South Hadley Falls, Mass.;

d. June 13, 1845.
iv. Lucy Louisa, b. Nov. 20, 184.5, in South Hadley Falls, Mass.;

m. Dr. G. L. Gates of Winona, Wis.

493. Egbert Austin' Braineed (Ilalseif, Robert', Benjamin*,

James^, James-, DanieV-) of South Hadley Falls, Hamp-
shire Co., Mass. ; m., Nov. 28, 1838, Eliza Camp, b. ,

dau. of John and Irene (Cowles) Camp, of South Hadley
Falls, Mass. Mrs. Eliza (Camp) Brainerd d. July 31, 1840,
ae. 21 yrs. He m. (2), Mch. 19, 1814, Sophronia Beck-
with, b. July 18, 1820, in Charlestown, N. H., dau. of Cal-
vin and Elsa ( ) Beckwith. Mrs. Sophronia (Beck-

with) Brainerd d. Nov. 14, 1848, ae. 28 yrs., 3 mos., 36 ds.
He m. (3), Feb. 21, 1849, Mary Allen, b. Nov. 21, 1834, in
Vermont. He was a teamster living in South Hadley

Falls, Mass. Mr. Robert Austin Brainerd d. . Mrs.

Mary (Allen) Brainerd d. .

Child by the first marriage:

i. Eliza Ann. b. July 21, 1840, in South Hadley Falls, Mass.; d.
Sept. 7, 1840, ae. 7 weeks.

Child by the second marriage:

ii. Eliza Alice, b. June 3, 1845, in South Hadley Falls, Mass.
She is married.

Children by the third man-iage:
910. iii. Halset Austin, b. July 31, 1850, in South Hadley Falls, Mass.
iv. Maby Wallace, b. March 11, 1853, in South Hadley Falls,

494. Abigail S.' Brainerd {Halsey^, Robert^, Benjamin*, James^,

James^, Daniel^) of South Hadley, Hampshire Co., Mass.;
m., Dec. 3, 1837, Moses Philbrick, b. 1870, in Topsliam,

Vt., son of Mr. and Lydia ( ) Philbrick.

He was a painter by trade, and lived in South Hadley Falls.
Mrs. Abigail S. (Brainerd) Philbrick d. April 9, 1869, ae.
50 yrs., 4 mos., 21 ds. Mr. Moses Philbrick died in 1880,
in South Hadley, Mass.

Philbrick children :

i. George, b. , in South Hadley Falls, Mass.

ii. Halsey Brainerd, b. , in South Hadley Falls, Mass.;

res. Hartford, Conn.; practical architect and builder,
iii. Sarah, b. , in Whately, Mass.; m. Sydney or George

Avery; res. South Hadley, Mass.

iv. LUELLA, b. , in South Hadley, Mass.

V. Abbie L., b. , in South Hadley, Mass.

495. John Wesley' Brainerd {Halsey^, Robert^, Benjamin*,

Jame^, James^, Daniel^) of South Hadley, Hampshire
Co., Mass.; m.. May 19, 1847, Hannah Church, b. Aug. 2,
*J — 25

246 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

1826, in South Hadley, Mass., oau. of Luther and Hannah
(Ingraham) Church. He lived in Springfield, where he
was a currier by trade. He was a detective officer. They
were both professors of religion. Mr. John Wesley Brain-
erd d. Feb. 19, 1871, ae. 50 yrs., 1 mo., 17 ds. His widow
married Mark Hinckley, and lives in (iranby, Mass. ilrs.
Hannah (Church) (Braincrd) Hinckley died .

Children :

i. Orlin LuTHEii, b. May 20, 1848, in North Woodstock, Conn.;
d. Jan. 25, 1868, in Springfield, Mass.; a telegraph operator.

911. ii. Silas Weight, b. Jan. 7, 1853, in Springfield, Mass.; living in

Topeka, Kan.

496. Sylvester SJ Brainerd {Austin^j Robert', Benjamin*,

Jame^, James-, Daniel^) of South Hadley, Hampshire
Co., Mass.; m., Dec, 1866, Catherine Considine, b. in Ire-
land. He lived in South Hadley Falls, Mass. Mrs. Cath-
erine (Considine) Brainerd d. Aug. 18, 1873. Mr.
Sylvester S. Brainerd d. June 12, 1876, ae. 4:7 yrs., 4 mos.,
6 ds.

Children :

912. i. John Sti-vesteb,* b. Jan. 8, 1868, in South Hadley Falls, Mass.
ii. Emma Catherine, b. April 27, 1869, in South Hadley Falls,


497. Austin' Brainerd {Austin^, Rohert', Benjamin'', James^,

James^, Daniel'-) of South Hadley, Hampshire Co., Mass.;

m., , Susan V. Wells, b. , in Masonville, I^.

Y., dau. of Joel and Nancy (Eobbins) Wells. He was a
farmer in Soutli Hadley Falls, Mass. Mrs. Susan V.
(Wells) Brainerd d. Feb. 28, 1885. Mr. Austin Brainerd
d. July 20, 1889, ae. 58 yrs., 6 mos., 3 ds.

Children :

George D., b. Nov. 25, 1838, in South Hadley Falls, Mass.
Fred W., b. Dec. 7, 1864, in South Hadley Falls, Mass.
Frank A., b. Uaj 6, 1870, in South Hadley Falls, Mass.

498. Olive' Brainerd (Robert^, Robert^, Benjamin*, James^,

James^, DanieV-) of South Hadley, Hampshire Co., Mass. ;
m., Dec. 16, 1851, Edward Lester or Leicester, b.
ISTov. 1, 1828, in Cimiming-ton, Mass., ton of Edward and
Betsey (Rowe) Lester or Leicester. He lived in South

Hadley, Mass. Mr. Edward Lester d. . Mrs. Olive

(Brainerd) Lester d. .

children :
Egbert Brainerd, b. Nov. 15, 1852, in South Hadley, Mass.

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