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* His name was John Mason, and his sister's name was Emma Smith;
their names were changed to John Sylvester and Emma Catherine, and
adopted by their aunt, Mary E. Brainerd.

Seventh Generation. 247

ii. Alice Carrie, b. Oct. 8, 1854, in South Hadley, Mass.; m.,
Oct. 30, 1879, E. D. Severance of Turners Falls, Mass. She
d. April 1, 1885. Children, two.

iii. William Edwakd, b. Sept. 2, 1856, in South Hadley, Mass.

iv. LeRoy Marvin, b. July 12, 1859, in South Hadley, Mass.

V. Charles Edgar, b. Jan. 10, 1863, in South Hadley, Mass.

499. Mercy Ann' Brainerd {Robert^, Robert^, Benjamin^,

James^j James", Daniel^ ) of South Hadley, Hampshire
Co., Mass.; m., Jan. 12, 1853, Edward Hooker Judd, b.
Dec. 27, 1829, son of Salathiel and Laura (Taylor) Judd,
of South Hadle}', Mass. They lived in South Hadley.
Mrs. Mercy Ann (Brainerd) Judd d. Dec. 17, 1866, ae. 31
yrs., 4 mos., 29 ds. Mr. Edward Hooker Judd d. .

Judd children :

i. A child, b. , in South Hadley, Mass. ; d. ae. 2 yrs.

ii. A child, b. , in South Hadley, Mass.; d. ae. 15 yrs.

500. Wells' Brainerd {RoherP, Robert^, Benjamin'^, James^,

James^, DanieV- ) of South Hadley, Hampshire Co., Mass. ;
m., Nov. 29, 1854, Adaline Ada Wilson, b. 1836, in Belch-
ertowTi, Mass., dau. of Porter and Lydia (Pettengill) Wil-
son. He was a farmer in South Hadley Falls, Mass. Mr.

Wells Brainerd died . Mrs. Adaline Ada (Wilson)

Brainerd died .

Children :

i. LiLLA Ada, b. June 27, 1850, in South Hadley, Mass.; d. June

9, 1863.
ii. Willie Irwin, b. Nov. 3, 1860, in South Hadley, Mass.; d.

June 2, 1877. He was drowned while boating on Ashley

iii. EoBEBT Cllfford, b. Aug. 27, 1865, in South Hadley, Mass.; d.

April 12, 1866..
iv. Harry Elwood, b. Dec. 12, 1866, in South Hadley, Ma'ss.
V. Gertrude Evelyn, b. Nov. 8, 1870, in South Hadley, Mass.
vi. Winnie Mat, b. Jan. 3, 1876 or 1877, in South Hadley, Mass.

501. Julia' Brainerd {Robert^, Robert^, Benjamin*, Jame^,

James^, Daniel^ ) of South Hadley, Hampshire Co., Mass. ;
m., Nov. 25, 1874, Theodore P. Palmer, b. Dec. 15, 1830,
in Millers Falls, Mass. He was a blacksmith in Millers

Falls. Mrs. Julia (Brainerd) Palmer d. . Mr.

Theodore P. Palmer d. .

Palmer child :

i. Mabel L., b. Nov. 25, 1875, in Millers Falls, Mass.

502. Mart Elizabeth' Brainerd {Elizur Spencer^, Robert^,

Benjamin*, James^, James^, Daniel'-) of Troy, Eensselaer
Co., N. Y. ; m., Jan. 20, 1863, Charles Hubbard, b. June 26,
1839, in Brunswick, N. Y., son of Francis E. and Jerusha
(Howe) Hubbard. He was a wholesale druggist in Syra-

248 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

cuse, N. Y. Mrs. Mary Elizabeth (Brainerd) Hubbard
died .

Hubbard children :

i. Francis Spencer, b. Aug. 17, 1865, in Syracuse, N. Y.; m.,

Jan. 4, 1888, Emma Louise Gibbe.
ii. Charles Henry, b. July 22, 1867, in Syracuse, N. Y.
iii. Willie Halsey, b. Sept. 30, 1869, in Syracuse, N. Y.; d. Dec.

9, 1889.
iv. Mary Louise, b. March 31, 1872, in Syracuse, N. Y.
V. Ida Florence, b. Jan. 6, 1880, in Syracuse, N. Y.

503. Charlotte Hajulton' Braixerd {Eliziir Spencer'^, Rob-
ert^, Benjamin*, Jame^, James^, Daniel^) of Troy, Eens-
selaer Co., N. Y. ; m., Jtme 29, 1870, George H. Mitchell,
b. July 9, 1836, in De Euyter, Madison Co., N. Y., son of
Oliver and Annie (Quimby) Mitchell. He was in the dry
goods lnusiness in Jersey City, N. J., where he lived. Mrs.
Charlotte Hamilton (Brainerd) Mitchell died .

No children.

504. Annie S.' Brainerd (Benjamin Chapman^, Robert^, Ben-
jamin*, James^, James', DanieP) of South Hadley, Hamp-
shire Co., Mass.; m., , Asa W. Fay. He lived in

South Deerfield, Mass. Mrs. Annie S. (Brainerd) Fay d.

Fay children :

505. Benjamin Chapman' Brainerd (Benjamin Chapman'^, Rob-

ert^, Benjamin*, James^, James^, Daniel^) of So. Hadley,
Hampshire Co., Mass., m., Oct. 15, 1868, Sarah Abbie Bick-
ford, b. Jan. 24, 1842, in Saco, Me., dau. of Thomas and
Lydia Fanny (Bean) Bickford. He lived in Gloucester
.City, N. J. He was a cotton manufacturer, being Super-
intendent of the Gloucester Manufacturing Co. at that
place. Mr. Benjamin ChajDman Brainerd d. .


i. Florence Atwater, b. June 13, 1870, in Biddeford, Me.

506. James Hazelton'' Brainerd (James Hazelton^, James^,

Benjamin*, James^, James^, Daniel^) of China, Kennebec
Co., Me., m., Sept. 29, 1866, Emma Dodge Craig, b. July
1, 1850, in Plymouth, N. H., dau. of Capt. 0. H. P. and
Mary Jane (Ellison) Craig. Mrs. Emma Dodge (Craig)
Brainerd d. Mav 10, 1875. He m. (2), Nov. 4, 1876, Julia
(Eyan) Stearns, b. Sept. 20, 1836, dau. of James and Eliz-
abeth B. (Ellison) Eyan, of Plymouth, N. H., and widow
of Mr. Stearns. He was a tanner by trade, and a manufac-
turer of glove leather, but afterwards was a cook. He lived

Seventh Generation. 249

in Plymouth, K. H. Mr. James Hazelton Brainerd d.
Apr. 23, 1902, in that place. Mrs. Julia (Eyan) (Steams)
Brainerd d. вАФ .

Children by the first marriage :

914. i. Alvin Craig, b. Aug. 29, 1867, iu Holderness, N. H.
915". ii. An.n'IE Field, b. Dec. IS, 1869, in Holderness, N. H.
iii. James H., b. Apr. 25, 1872, in Holderness, N. H.

Child by the second marriage :

IT. Blanche Estelle, b. July 18, 1877, iu Plymoutli, N. H.

507. Susan Ann' Beaineed (James Hazelton^, James^, Benja-
min*, Jame^, James-, DanieV-) of China, Kennebec Co.,
Me., m., Feb. 5, 1852, in Northfield, Mass., George Field,
M.D., b. Apr. 4, 1820, in Northfield, Mass., son of George
and Phila (Holton) Field, of the same place. He studied
medicine with his brother, C. L. Field, M.D., of Leominster,
Mass. After attending lectures in Boston and ISTew York,
he graduated from the Berkshire Medical School in 1846,
and was admitted to the Mass. Medical Soc. in 1850. After
his marriage he- removed to Troy, N. Y. He afterward
took charge of a sanitarium in Athol, Mass., but was
obliged to relinquish it on account of his health. He re-
moved to Boston in 1859. He was a profound student and
deep thinker. Mr. George Field, M.D., d. Mch. 9, 1861,
in Boston, Mass. She m. (2), May 28, 1867, in Boston,
Myron Dwight Brooks, b. May 9, 1838, in Ashby,
Mass., son of Stephen and Narcissa (Pratt) Brooks. He
lived in Boston, Mass. Mrs. Susan Ann (Brainerd)
(Field) Brooks d. Sept. 5, 1894, in Ashby. Mr. Myron
Dwight Brooks d.

Field children by the first marriage :

i. Annie Maria, b. Dec. 8, 1850, in Athol, Mass.; d. July 4, 1858.

ii. James Brainerd, b. Feb. 16, 1859, in Athol, Mass.; m. Mch.
15, 1885, in Boston, Mass., Emma Louise Snow, b. June
28, 1860, in Boston, dau. of Barna Smith and Emma
Luseina (Grant) Snow of Boston; res. Lowell, Mass.
She d. Sept. 2. 1892 in that place. He m. (2), Sept. 28,

1893, in Lowell, Helen Augusta Ward, b. Oct. 19, 1865,
in Natick, Mass., dau. of William Henry and Augusta
(Brood) Ward. He graduated from Boston Latin School
in 1876, from Harvard University A.B. 1880, and M.D. 1884,
and from Boston City Hospital, 1885, after which he settled
in Lowell. Is surgeon to Lowell and Lowell General Hos-
pitals, and was for several years cliairman of the Board of
Health. He is a member of the Sons of the American Revo-
lution, being great-grandson of George Field, Sergeant
Wright's Mass. Regt. Ch.: 1. Howard Grant, b. Aug. 24,
1892; d. Jan. 12, 1893. 2. Winthrop Brooks, b. Dee. 28,

1894. 3. Helen Ward, b. June 18, 1898 ; all born in Lowell.

Brooks child by the second marriage :

iii. Amt LomsE, b. June 12, 1870, in Boston, Mass.; m., June 12,

250 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

1899, in Lowell, Mass., Dr. Frederick Stedman Snow, b.
May 14, 1873, in Boston, son of Bama Smith and Har-
riet Jackson (Stedman) Snow. Ch.: 1. Ruth, b. Jan.
1, 1901, in Boston, Mass.; d. .Jan. 5, 1901. 2. Ruth Field,
b. Aug. 18, 1902, in Boston, JNIass.

508. Feedus Oldridge' Brainerd {James Eazelton^, James^, Ben-

jamin^, Jame^, James^, Daniel^) of China, Kennebec Co.,
Me.; m.. May 1, 1855, Maria Washburn, b. Jan. 26, 1833,
dau. of Zebah and Susan (Newell) Washburn. He resided
in China, Me., and was engaged in general merchandise.
Mr. Fredus Oldridge Brainerd d. May 10, 1900. Mrs.
Maria (Washburn) Brainerd d. .

Children :

i. ESTELLE M., b. July 2, 18.56, in China, Me.

916. ii. Walter Scott, b. Feb. 2, 18.59, in Black River Falls, Wis.

917. iii. Newell W., b. Ausj. 20, 1860, in Black River Falls, Wis.
iv. Helen N., b. Meh. 31, 1867, in China, Me.

509. Sophia N".' Brainerd (James Ilazelton^, James'. Benjamin*,

James^, James^, Daniel}) of China, Kennebec Co., Me. ; m.,
Nov. G, 1851, in China, Me., Nicholas R. Howe, b. Oct. 2,
1823, in Princeton, Mass., son of Israel and Sally (Rich-
ardson) Howe of Princeton, Mass. He has lived in
Princeton and in Fitchlnirg, Mass. He was a traveling
salesman. "Mrs. Sophia N. (Brainei-d) Howe d. .

Howe children :

1. Fredus N., b. May 2, 1853, in Princeton, Mass.

ii. Ferdinand S., b. Dec. 19, 1854, in Princeton, Mass.

iii. Francena S., b. May 25, 1858. in Princeton, Mass.

iv. Adelaide S., b. Mch. 6, 1860, in Princeton, Mass.

v. Edward B., b. Nov. 17, 1863, in Princeton, Mass.; d. Meh. 6,

1872, in Fitchburof. Mass.
vi. Flobence I., b. May 25, 1868, in Fitchburg, jSIass.
vii. Mabel E., b. July 17, 1870, in Fitchburg, Mass.
viii. Leon S., b. Apr. 22, 187.5, in Fitchburg, Mass.

510. Ellen A.'' Brainerd (James Hazelton^, James^, Benjamin*,

James^, James^, Daniel^) of China, Kennebec Co., Me. ; m.,
May 31, 1857, Dudley W. Howe, b. Jan. 16, 1830, in
Princeton, Mass., son of Israel and Sally (Richardson)
Howe of the same place. He was a paper hanger and has
lived in Princeton and Fitchburg, Mass. Mr. Dudley W.
Howe d. Sept. 3, 1888. Mrs. Ellen A. (Brainerd) Howe
d. .

Howe cliildren :

i. Nellie B., b. Nov. 26, 1859, in Princeton, Mass.

ii. Edith F., b. Aug. 2, 1872, in Fitchburg, Mass.

511. John C Brainerd (James Hazelton^, Jame^, Benjamin*,

James^, James', Daniel^) of China, Kennebec Co., Me.;

Seventh Generation. 251

m., Feb. 13, 1873, Minnie E. Eowc, b. Nov. 24, 1S53, dau.
of Moses E. and Eose Ann (Morse) Eowe of Boston, Mass.
He was a tinsmith in Boston. Mr. John C. Brain-

erd d. . Mrs. Minnie E. (Eowe) Brainerd

d. .


i. George G., b. Aug. 3, 1874, in Boston, Mass.

512. Kexrt VJ Brainerd {James Hazelton^, James^, Benjamin'^,

James^, James^, Daniel'-) of China, Kennebec Co., Me.; m.,
Aug. 10, 1873, Jessie May Edminster, b. Aug. 9, 1819. dau.
of Dr. Phillip and Maria L. or Mary (Shatter) Edminster
of Vermont. He went to Ware when about 17 years of age,
and learned tlie harness making trade. He enlisted from
Ware, Mass., in the fall of 18G1, in Co. D, 31st Mass.
Eegt., was with the Eegt. about two years, then dis-
charged on account of sickness. The following year he
went to California and engaged in the harness and sad-
dlery business, in which he remained about IT years. He
then engaged in the real estate busiur^s. and \\:is an insur-
ance broker in Petaluma, Cal. Ho was a imiary public.

Mrs. Jessie May (Edminster) Brainerd d. . Mr.

Henry P. Brainerd d. .

Children :

i. Maud Shafter, b. Feb. 14, 1875, in Petaluma, Cal.

ii. Herbert Kitteridge, b. Aug. 18, 1884, in Petaluma, Cal.

513. Mary Abigail' Brainerd (James Uazelton^, James^, Benja-

min*, James^, Jamcs^, DanieV-) of China, Kennebec Co,
Me.; m., July 11, 1865, in Boston, Mass., Joel Gilbert Wil-
son, b. Nov. i, 1840, son of Joel and Elizabeth (Shepherd)
(Miner) Wilson of Coleraine, Mass. He was an organist
and teacher of music. He resided 5 years in Greenfield,
Mass., and 13 years in Springfield, Mass. He was organist
5 years in Trinity Church and 8 years in Christ Episcopal
Church He resided (1890) ' in Springfield. Mr.
Joel Gilbert Wilson d. . 3ilrs. Mary Abigail (Brain-
erd) Wilson d. .

Wilson children :

i. Mary Adelina, b. Aug. 5, 1807, in Greenfield, Mass.; d. Apr.

23, 1868.
ii. Charles GrLBERX, b. June 1, 1870, in Greenfield, Mass.
iii. James Joel, b. July 30, 1875, in Springfield, Mass.; d. Aug.

10, 1876.

514. Harriet A.' Brainerd (James Haaelton^, James^, Benja-

min*, James^, James^, Daniel}) of China, Kennebec Co.,
Me.; m., Oct. 22, 1867, Ezra 0. Harvey, b. May 16, 1839,
son of Simeon and Lucina (Fields) Harvey of Peacham,

252 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

Vt. He formerl}' lived in Boston, and from there moved
to Alma, Mich. In Boston he was clerk in the Hotel
Wilder and the City Hotel. He then lived in Lincoln and
Creek, Neb. He was a hotel-keeper, being proprietor of
the Cosmopolitan Hotel, Creek, Neb. Mrs. Harriet A.
(Brainerd) Harvey d.

Harvey children:

i. Abthue S., b. July 21, 1870, in Boston, Mass.

ii. Clakekce O., b. Aug. 28, 1871, in Boston, Mass.

515. Indiana' Brainerd {Ozias^, Ozias', Jedidiah*, Jaines^,
James-, Daniel^) of Brooklyn, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio; m.,
Dec. 1, 1817, Irad Aiken, b. Sept. 4, 1792, son of George
and Tamson (Clark) Aiken. He lived in Black Eiver,
Ohio, and then in No. Amlierst, Ohio. He was a farmer.
Mr. Irad Aiken d. June 27, 1879, ae. 90 yrs. Mrs. Indiana
(Brainerd) Aiken d. May 23, 1891. ae. 91 yrs., 4 mos., 24
ds., in No. Amherst.

Aiken children :

i. Charles S., b. Oct. 15, 1819, in North Amherst, Ohio; m., Oct.

7, 1846, Lucy Holmes, b. Oct. 7, 1830. He d. Sept. 24, 1893.
Res. North Amherst. A farmer. No children.

ii. William Haktfohd, b. Nov. 12, 1821, in North Amherst, Ohio;
m., Sept. 16, 1844, Hannah Porter, b. Nov. 27, 1824, dau. of
Nathaniel and Hannah (Neland) Porter; res. N. Amherst;
a farmer. Ch.: 1. Irad O., b. Apr. G, 1847; m., May 19,
1807, Rose F. W. Case, b. 24, 1848, dau. of William J.
and Laura (Brainerd) Case^ of N. Amherst, Ohio. In
1904 of Loraine, Ohio. Ch.: 1. David H., b. Dec. 16, 1872;
m., June 10, 1897, Ruble Rogers. He is an attorney at law;
res. Loraine, Ohio. Child, Mildred, b. March 6, 1902. 2.
Hattie, b. Sept. 8, 1849; m., Dec. 17 or 31, 1868, DeWitt Les-
lie, b. June 3, 1840, son of Ira and Julia (Barnes) Leslie;
res. N. Amherst, in 1904, he resided in Loraine, Ohio. Ch.:
i. Alysa, b. Aug. 26, 1873.

iii. Lauba R., b. Nov. 13, 1824, in North Amherst, Ohio; m., Nov.
2.5, 1843, Clark Wheelan, b. Feb. 18, 1820. son of Hobert and
Silvy (Pratt) Wheelan. He lives near Vernon, Mich. Ch.:

I. Francis M., b. Sept. 18, 1844; m., Feb. 19, 1871, Alice
Ching, dau. of Charles and Minerva (Bryant) Ching. A
farmer in Vernon, Mich.; res. in 1904, Durand, Mich. Ch.
i. Edith, b. Jan., 1873. 2. Charles A., b. Jan 6, 1846; m.,
Mch. 24, 1869, Rebecca A. Newberry, b. Apr. 24, 1847, dau.
of William and Rebecca (Parmeter) Newberry. A farmer
in Vernon, Mich. She d. Jan. 19, 1899; res. (1904) Durand,
Mich. Cli.: 1. Edwin Clark, b. July 24, 1870.

iv. Betsey Mariette, b. Aug. 25, 1831, in North Amherst, Ohio;
m., June 10, 1847, Edwin Foster, b. Sept. 1, 1827, son of
Elisha and Ann Maria (Mason) Foster. A farmer in N.
Amherst. Ch.: 1. Orlando E., b. Mch. 23, 1848; m., Aug.

II, 1869, Sophia E. Leslie, b., June 3, 1848. dau. of Ira and
Juliette (Barnes) Leslie. A fanner in N. Amherst. 2.
Noah Frank, b. June 20, 1849; m., Mch. 17, 1872, Lilla A.
Wolcott, b. Sept. 22, 1850, dau. of R. I. and Mary A.
(Garone) Wolcott. 3. Ella Eudora, b. May 22, 1851; m.,

Mav 19. 1869, William Hutton, b. June 1, 1842. A farmer

Seventh Generation. 253

in N. Amherst. 4. Lilla Olinda, b. Nov. 0, 1852; m., Jan. 1,
1873, Frank il. llarbcr, b. June 5, 1851, son of Joseph and
Elvira (Cob'i IVhImi. A farmer in N. Amherst.

V. Noah B., b. :\lu\- 17, is:; I. in North Amherst, Ohio; m., Feb.
21, 1863, Hutu..' llosMt.r, b. Dec. 27, 1847, dau. of James
and Delilah (Pangburn) Rossiter. She d. Sept. 30, 1880.
He m. (2), Oct. 3, 1883, Hattie Harris, b. Apr. 8, 1858, dau.
of George W. and Almira (Bartlett) Harris. A farmer in
Owosso, Mich. Ch.: 1. Florence il.. b. Jan. 9, 1864; m.,
Feb. 11, 1885, John F. BillHini.i . 1.. Apr. 6, 1849, son of
Joseph and Catherine (Fo\i Killirimn . 2. George I., b.
Aug. 1, 1865; m., July 3, 1SS4, .Jiiuii./ W ilUinson, b. Feb. 14,
1864, dau. of Orlando and Malissa (Ives) Wilkinson. He
was divorced. He m. (2), Dec. 12, 1900, Mamie B. Moss, b.
Aug. 27, 1877, dau. of Isaac and Minerva A. (Gardner) Moss.
Ch.: i. Claud A., b. Aug. 9, 1886. ii. Irene, b. June 30,
1903. 3. Indiana F., b. Sept. 18, 1867; m., Aug. 8, 1888,
Chalmer M. Bilheimer, b. July 25, 1863, son of Daniel and
Margaret (Hill) Bilheimer. A fanner in Owosso, Mich.
4. Clark W., b. Sept. 27, 1870; m., Nov. 25, 1897, Anna A.
Hansman, b. June 14, 1872, dau. of Martin and Barbara
(Gute) Hansman. He d. May 20, 1902. 5. Harrison H.,
b. Dec. 18, 1876: m., June 1, 1896, Cora Cole, b. Sept. 17,
1875, dau. of Allen A. and Sarah E. (Wells) Cole. 6.
Clifford H., b. Nov. 26. 1884; d. Jan. 14, 1895.

vii. N. or H. Edwin, b. July 22, 1336, in North Amherst, Ohio; has
been twice married and has children. Res. N. Amherst,
Ohio. A farmer.

516. Betsey' Beainerd {Ozias^, Ozia^, Jcdidiah*, Jamcs^, James-,

Daniel^) of Brooklyn, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio; m., Dec. 13,
1821, Marvin Brainerd, b. Feb. 9, 1799, in Middle Had-
dam. Conn., son of Asa and Abigail (Fuller) Brainerd of
Brooklyn, Ohio. He was a farmer in Brooklyn. Mr.
Marvin Brainerd d. July 21, 1852, in Cleveland, Ohio.
Mrs. Betsey (Brainerd) Brainerd d. May 10, 1864, ae. 63
yrs., 4 mos., 1 d.

Brainerd children:

i. lilARY Abby, b. Sept. 11, 1822, in BrooklJ^l. Ohio; unm ; d.

Mch. 8, 1847.
ii. Titus Noau, b. .July 15, 1825, in Brooklyn, Ohio.
iii. Betsey Adelia, b. Mav 27, 1828, in Brookhni, Ohio; m., -Jan. 1,

1851, Carlos L. Jones.
iv. Jeptha O., b. Jan. 2, 1831, in Brooklyn, Ohio; ni., Sept. 5, 1853,

Mary H. Poe.
V. Marvin Bolles, b. Sept. 16, 1833 or 1834, in Brooklyn, Ohio;

d. July 9, 1S56.

517. Noah' Beainekd {Ozias'^, Ozias^, J edidiali'^ , James", James",

DanicP) of Brooklyn, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio; m., Feb. 25,
1830, Clarissa A. Ackley,"'b. Mch. 18, 1814, dau. of Asa
and Clarissa (Rowley) (Young) Ackley. She was widow
of Seth Young. Mrs. Clarissa A. (Ackley) Brainerd d.
Aug. 18, 1837, ae. 23 yrs. He m. (2), Jan. 1, or May 9,
1839, Mary Hall. b. Dec. 29, 1816, or Dec. 4, 1818, dau. of
Miles and Polly (Wheelock) Hall of E. Charlemont, Mas^^.
Mrs. Mary (Hall) Brainerd d. March 19, 1839. or March

2-1-i Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

ir, 1840. He m. (3), Aiig. 20, 1840, Betsey Ely, b. Sept.
13, 1820,dau. of Warren and Phoebe (Clark) Ely.^ He
was a farm-er in Painesville, Ohio. He was a pioneer
resident of the Western Reserve. Ho went with his
father's family when he settled in Brooklyn, Ohio, now a
part of the city of Cleveland, Ohio, which consisted at that
time of five or sis families. The journey from Conn, was
made with horses to Buffalo, N. Y., where they were ex-
changed for oxen, with which they continued their journey,
arriving in Cleveland in 1813, where he resided until
1851, or '52, when he moved to Painesville, Ohio. He
has been identified with the Methodist Enisconal church
about 30 years. Mr. Noah Brainerd d. Sept. 10, 1892, ae.
87 yrs., 7"ds. Mrs. Betsey (Ely) Brainerd d. .

Children by the first marriage :

918. i. Jennette S., b. Jan. 18, 1831, in Brooklyn, Ohio.

919. ii. Henrietta M., b. Feb. 1, 1833, in Brookljni, Ohio.

920. iii. Mary S., b. June 25, 1835, in Brooklyn, Ohio.

Children by the third marriage:

921. iv. OziAS N., b. Dec. 25, 1842, in Brooklyn, Ohio.

V. Eugenia, b. Jan. 30, 1850, in Brooklyn, Ohio; d. Nov. 18, 1851.
vi. Emily C, b. Dec. 31, 1852, in Painesville, Ohio; d. May 3, 1856.

518. Laura' Buainehd {Ozias^, Ozias^, Jedidiah*, James^, James-,

Daniel^) of Brooklyn, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio; m., Jan. 22,
1829, William J. Case, b. Dec. 22, 1800, son of William
and Phoebe (Hollister) Case. He was a farmer and mer-
chant in Berea, Ohio, afterwards in N. Amherst, Ohio.
Mrs. Laura (Brainerd) Case d. Mch. 17, 1867, ae. 59 yrs.,
2 mos., 13 ds. Mr. AVilliam J. Case d. May 8, 1867, ae.
66 yrs., 4 mos., 16 ds.

Case children :

i. Wn-LIAM OziAS, b. Dec. 13, 1820, in Bevca, Ohio; d. July 16,

ii. A son, b. July 29, 1836, in Berea, Ohio: d. Sept. 12, 1836.
iii. F. Mary, b. Apr. 5, 1838, in Berea, Ohio; d. Deo. 15, 1838 or

June 9, 1846, in the same place,
iv. Laura Helen, b. Sept. 12 or 22, 1840, in Berea, Ohio; m., Aug.

21. 1858, Frank H. Seeley, b. July 13, 1839; res. Lorain,

Ohio. He was a farmer and gardener in N. Amherst, Ohio,
v. Rose F. W., b. Jan. 24, 1848, in Berea, Ohio; m.. May 19, 1867,

Irad O. Aiken, b. Apr. 6, 1847, son of William Hartford

and Hannah (Porter) Aiken. Cliild.

519. David Strong' Brainerd {Ozias^, Ozia^, Jedidiali*, James',

James^, Daniel}) of Brooklyn, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio; m.,
May 6, 1837, Catherine E. Prame, b. Oct. 27, 1815, in
Palatina, N. Y., dau. of Henry and Elizabeth (Stisser)
Prame. She was dau. of Baron Stisser of German birth,
and surgeon-general of Burgo}Tie's army. He lived in
Cleveland, Ohio. He was a farmer. ]\Ir. David Strong
Brainerd d. Apr. 26, 1880, in Cleveland, Ohio, ae. 64 yrs.,

Seventh Generation. 255

8 mos., 99 els. Mrs. Catherine E. (Frame) Brainerd d.
Sept. 21, 1903.

Children :

i. ]\Iary Elizabeth, b. Sept. 14, 1S38, in Avon, Ohio; d. Nov. 16,

ii. David S., b. ; d. .

922. iii. Susie C, b. July 30, 1844, in Brooklyn. Ohio.

iv. JonN H., b. Aug. 1, 1851, in Brooklyn, Ohio; d. Apr. 11, 1853.

520. Ltdia E.' Brainerd (7ra^ Ozias^, Jedidiah*, James^, James^,

Daniel'^) of Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio; m. ,

LjTidon Freeman, b. May 24, 1803, in Sturl3ridgo, Mass.,
son of Samnel and Sarah (Belknap) Freeman. He was a
farmer in Oberlin, Ohio. Mrs. Lydia E. (Brainerd) Free-
man d. Sept. 30, 1853, ae. 43 3TS., 2 mos., 8 ds., in Oberlin.
Mr. Lyndon Freeman d. .

Freeman children :

i. Almira L., b. Sept. 23, 1834, in Parma, Ohio; d. July 3, 1866,

in Cal.
ii. LovEBNE E., b. Aug. 17, 1836, in Parma, Ohio,
iii. Martha U., b. Sept. 26, 1837, in Parma, Ohio; d. Oct. 1, 1866,

in Columbus, Ohio.
iv. Catherine A., b. May 5, 1840, in Parma. Ohio,
v. Phebe M., b. Dec. 12, 1842, in Parma, Ohio; d. May 12, 1844,

in Parma, Ohio,
vi. LuCETTA J., b. May 18, 1845, in Parma, Ohio,
vii. Phebe S., b. July 4, 1847. in Parma, Ohio,
viii. Lyndon, b. Sept. 17, 1850, in Parma, Ohio; d. Oct. 27, 1850, in

the same place.
ix. Ella C, b. Oct. 1, 1851, in Parma, Ohio.
X. Lydia E., b. Aug. 31, 1853, in Oberlin, Ohio.

521 . Ira Cole'' Brainard (Ira", Ozia.s^, Jedidiah\ Jaincs\. James-,

Danien) of Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio; m., Oct. 31,
1839. Mary Bushnell Clarke, b. July 25, 1814, dau. of
Zachariah and Hannah (Bushnell) Clarke. He was a
farmer, living near Cleveland. Mrs. Mary Buslinell
(Clarke) Brainard d. Dee. 20. 1871, ae. 57 yrs.", 4 mos., 25
ds. Mr. Ira Cole Brainard d. Dec. 18, 1892, ae. 80 jts.,
5 mos., 11 ds.

Children :

i. James Franklin, b. Nov. 1, 1839, near Cleveland, Ohio; d.

Mch. 10, 1865, in Knoxville, Tenn. He was of Co. I Inf.

Corp. 2d Eegt., O. Vol., H. Art.

923. ii. Emma Frances, b. Apr. 12, 1842, near Cleveland, Oliio.

924. iii. IVUrion A., b. Feb. 3, 1846, near Cleveland, Ohio.

522. Willard' Brainerd {Sylvanus^, Jedidiah", Jedidiah*,

Jame^, James", Daniel^) of Brooklyn, Cuyahoga Co.,

Ohio; m., in 1831, Harriet Maria Young, b. ; dau.

of Warren and Mary (Dean) Young. He lived in Brook-
lyn. Mr. Willard Brainerd d. . Mrs. Harriet

Maria (Young) Brainerd d. .

Braine rd-Braina rd Genealogy.

Children :

Edward, b. 1833, in Brooklyn, Ohio.

Emelike, b. Jan. 9, 1836, in Brooklyn, Ohio.

George M., b. 1838, in Brooklyn, Ohio.

Clarissa A., b. 1842, in Brooklyn, Ohio.
V. A dau., b. , in Brooklyn, Ohio.

927. vi. Cecilia E., b. Jan. 14, 1849, in Brooklyn, Ohio.

523. Jesse K.' Braineed {Cephas^, Jedidiah^, Jedidiah*, James-,

James^, Daniel^) of Brooklyn, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio; m.,
Sept. 24, 1845, Malina Anna Sackett, b. Meh. 2, 1825, in
Turin, N. Y., dau. of Edmund and Ann (Keutner)
Sackett. He has been a farmer. He lived in Cleveland,
Ohio, and was in the real estate business, and a stockholder
in manufacturing interests. Mr. Jesse K. Brainerd
d. .

Children :

i. Lydia Ann, b. Oct. IS, 1847, in Brooklyn, Ohio; <1. Apr. 2.5,

928. ii. Frances .Josephine, b. June 3, 1850, in Brooklj-n, Ohio.

929. iii. Malina Eva, b. Feb. 12, 1854, in Brooklyn, Ohio.

930. iv. Charles Wesley, b. July 31, 1861, in Independence Tomiship,


524. OmuN C' Brainerd {Cephas^, Jedidlalv', JcdidiaV, Jamer.

James^, DanieV-) of BrookhTi, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio; m.,

June 1, 1852, Mary J. Himter, b. . Mr. Orrin C.

Brainerd d. Apr., 1SC2. ilrs. Mary J. (Hunter) Brainerd
d. .

Xo children.

525. Annis C? Bkainerd {Cephas^, Jedidiah', Jcdidiali*, James^,

Jame^, Daniel^) of Brookljoi, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio; m.,
Sept. 1, 1853, John James, b. in County Carlo, Ireland,
son of Anthony and Catherine (James) James. His busi-

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